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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Chapter #8

"What did you bring for us, Henry?" I asked.

I was totally starved from all the afternoon activity. Being on the swim team, I noticed that there was something about being in the water that always stimulates the appetite.

Henry pulled out four bottles of drinking water and four individually wrapped items from his backpack.

"Tacos," Henry beamed as he handed one to each of us. "Spaghetti Tacos."

"Spaghetti Tacos?" I questioned. "You've got to be kidding."

"Don't knock it, Seth," Wes said. "It's something I invented to make cold leftover pasta taste great and you don't even need plates, spoons or forks to eat it. You just put a slice of American cheese inside a crispy taco shell. Then you put some sliced meatballs across the bottom and then fill the rest with cold leftover spaghetti. It's meaty and crispy and cheesy and chewy, all wrapped up together in one delicious package! Go ahead, try it."

I thought that Wes was describing his own package for a second until I realized he was being serious. Wes watched me as I removed the wrapper and stared at the concoction for a moment. Then I gently lifted Wes's invention upright and tilted my head to take a modest bite.

"Oh, cool!" I declared. "That's awesome." I leaned over and gave Wes a kiss. "You're the best!"

Wes's face turned red and I suddenly realized why. I had gotten so comfortable being around our dads all afternoon that I forgot they were there and I totally had forgotten that we were all naked. I embarrassingly pulled away from Wes and our dads just laughed at us.

"Getting a little too comfortable are we?" My dad accused.

Henry saved the day by leaning into my dad and giving him a kiss, square on the lips. My dad was shocked at first, but then melted into Henry's offering.

"Way to go, you two!" Wes encouraged as we all laughed.

"I think all of us should start getting comfortable seeing that kind of affection going on. If we're going to live together, I know I plan on kissing the man I love on a regular basis wherever I can, but especially around the house," Henry declared after his kiss.

Once we finished our taco snacks and had time to relax and digest our food, we reluctantly got dressed. Putting our clothes back on was almost as awkward as taking them off. I was amazed at how quickly we had gotten used to being naked and I already started to look forward to when we could do it all over again. I think even my dad felt the same way, which surprised me. I was proud of the huge step my dad had taken to try and please me. There was no doubt that I saw my dad in a completely different light now, and not just because he was naked. As we headed back to camp, I made sure to let him know how much I enjoyed and appreciated having a dad who was willing to go the extra mile for his son. The compliment caught him so completely off guard that he choked up a bit. I totally left him speechless and he just smiled in appreciation. I think we were all better off from the experience. Not only did I feel closer to my dad, I felt closer to Henry too as I started to accept him as a real part of my future family. I felt so strongly about it that I decided I was going to do something about it. When we got back to camp, I enlisted Wes's help and took action.

"Hey Wes," I said. "Would you help me with something?"

"Sure," Wes said. "What do you need?"

"I want to move my tent closer to my dad's," I told him.

"Wow!" Wes reacted. "Okay. Cool!"

Without having to explain things to him, Wes understood completely and realized I was taking one more step closer to becoming a family.

First, Wes helped me pack up my stuff, roll my sleeping bag up and tote it all over to my dad's camp. Both our dads were, once again, chatting in their folding chairs at their usual spot in front of my dad's tent.

"Hey boys," Henry said. "What are you up to?"

"I'm making a change," I said. "Are you guys going anywhere in the next half hour?"

"No, I don't think so," my dad said. "Henry, are we going anywhere?"

"No!" he chirped.

"Would you watch my stuff until we get back?"

"Okay, sure!" Henry offered.

I looked around nearby and claimed my spot close to my dad's tent. Then, Wes and I set my stuff down in that spot and then headed back.

"That was strange," we heard my dad say to Henry as we walked away. "What do you think that was about?"

"I guess we'll know in a half hour," Henry joked.

Wes and I returned to take down my tent. Once we did, we folded it up loosely since we were going to pitch it right back up again. Then we headed back to my dad's camp with our arms full.

"Do you see what I see?" I heard my dad say to Henry as we approached them.

"Everything is going to be all right now," Henry smiled.

Our dads watched us intently and talked between themselves as Wes and I worked together to set up my tent, which I started to refer to as our tent. Wes helped me bring in all my stuff and settle in. Then he helped me re-arrange everything inside to accommodate both of us this time. Wes went over to his tent and grabbed up the few personal things he had and brought them over. It was totally unspoken, but in our minds, we were already moving in together. Once Wes and I were finished, we got comfortable with each other and took a short nap until dusk when the nightlife would come alive.

The next thing we knew, our dads were waking us up.

"Come on you sleepy heads," my dad called out. "You're missing all the fun."

"All the fire rings are getting taken," Henry said. "We better stake our claim soon before they're all taken up."

Wes and I groggily stumbled out of the tent and looked around. We both noticed that something was wrong.

"Where's our tents dad?" Wes said in a panic. "What happened?"

"While you two were asleep, Frank and I broke down our tents and cleared camp. Frank already helped me pack up the car so we'll be ready to go bright and early in the morning."

"How are we...?" Wes began.

"For tonight only," Henry interrupted. "You and Seth will share his tent and Frank and I will share his. In the morning, we'll help Frank and Seth break and clear their camp here. That way, with everybody's help, we can all be on our way nice and early."

"Seth," my dad said. "For right now, you and Wesley reserve us a fire ring and we'll join you in a few minutes."

Like last time, Wes and I picked out a fire ring and I sat there to reserve it while Wes collected enough fire wood from the bin to create a nice bon fire. A few minutes later, they arrived and helped us get things started. My dad brought two large blankets and Henry brought his backpack. This time, Henry packed the barbeque lighter and two packages of Hebrew National hot dogs for roasting since we'd kind of skipped dinner. Wes fished out four twigs of the appropriate size and length to roast our hot dogs with and then got a nice fire going in the pit. Wes and I shared one of the blankets and wrapped it around the two of us and our dads did the same with the other. Soon, we were all warm and comfy as we snuggled close together with our sweethearts. The wonderful smell of roasting hot dogs filled the air and got our appetites roaring and our conversation flowing.

"Man, these hot dogs are huge," I noticed.

"Dad always buys the `Hebrew National quarter pound all beef franks'," Wes proudly explained.

"Oh, that explains a lot," I said, and then turned red from letting my horny innuendo slip out in front of our dads.

"You're right, Seth. It does explain a lot." Henry began. "The plumpness and fullness they offer make them not only longer in length, but also fatter in girth than any ordinary kind. They have more firmness too because they are endowed with solid meat that makes them swell and bulge when you roast them like this. Then you can really tell when they're cooked to perfection when they start leaking and dripping at the tip. That's when you can't resist taking it into your mouth and..."

"Dad, knock it off!" Wes said.

"What?" Wes's dad feigned ignorance. "What did I say?"

I was absolutely mortified. Everyone suddenly went silent and froze. Then Henry couldn't keep a straight face anymore and we all started laughing.

"You asked for that one, Son," my dad joked. "You should've seen your face!"

We all laughed some more as we slowly turned our meaty phallic symbols over the flames and watched them grow into full sized boners dripping with sizzling pre-cum.

As our laughter died down, I pulled mine from the crackling embers and studied the tip of it.

"So," I began slowly, getting everyone's attention. "I suppose they're uncircumcised since they're HEBREW Nationals, huh?"

Everyone erupted into another fit of laughter. When I was done studying it, I hung my meal back over the flames to see how much more leaking I could coax out of it. Wes extended his arm to shake hands with me.

"Good one," Wes complemented. "I think that was your first un-lame joke of the entire weekend."

When our meal was as boned up as it was going to get, we pulled our prizes out of the fire.

"I don't think I can eat mine anymore now," I said. "Eating my own wiener seems kind of cannibalistic."

"Here, pass it this way," Wes said. "I don't have any issues totally devouring your wiener, dude."

"Boys!" My dad sighed and then turned to Wes's dad. "Were we ever that horny when we were that age, Frank?"

"What do you mean, `Were we'?" Henry said with all seriousness. "We still are!"

"Now that we are going to be a family," Wes said, trying to get our dads away from the subject of sex, which was starting to get a little weird. "Seth and I really can't call both of you "Dad". That would be way confusing. Calling you Henry or Frank seems disrespectful too. What do you want us to call you?"

"I don't know," my dad said. "We'll have to discuss it and let you know later. Do you have any ideas Henry?"

"No," he said. "I'm sure there's a simple solution though. I do know one thing. I don't want to be addressed as `The Old Man', and most definitely not `The Old Fart'."

"Dad," Wes said with pleading eyes. "Have you given some more thought about letting me go with Seth when it's his turn to be with his mom?"

Henry looked at his son with apprehension. Then he looked at me and I gave him the same pleading eyes as Wes had.

"I'm sure you know how I feel about that Wesley," his dad lamented. "I don't even approve of you spending the night away at a friend's house."

"I know, I know, but this is different," Wes tried to explain. "This is with Seth and his mom. It's safe."

"Well I don't know that," his dad argued. "I don't know what kind of attention to safety she gives. I also don't know what level of supervision she maintains. Two teenage boys can find themselves in a shit load of danger very quickly if they aren't closely monitored. I understand that Seth needs to be with his mother from time to time, but you can be separated from him during those short periods. It won't kill you."

"What you're saying is; you don't trust me!" Wes glared. "You're still treating me like a child. I hate that. It sucks! I don't do stuff that's dangerous or stupid, whether you're around or not. You think I want to get hurt or in trouble? Do you think I just wait around until you're gone so I can screw up? Give me some credit. Besides, how am I ever going to learn to be independent if you never give me any freedom? You can't baby me forever."

"He's right, Henry," my dad interjected. "You have to let him grow up and trust him to follow the things you've taught him. You are a good father and teacher. Wesley is a good son and pupil. You shouldn't smother him. You'll put out his fire if you do."

Henry glared at my father and then turned to lose his thoughts in the dancing flames of the fire ring. He began to imagine it was the symbolic fire within his son's soul that my dad's comment had just unknowingly imparted in his mind.

"Okay, I'll think about it," he said in a trancelike manner.

"Not good enough," Wes said firmly and boldly. "I know what that means. I've heard it a thousand times. It means, you're going to say `no' later just so you can end the discussion for now. Not this time. Look at me Dad."

Wes's father remained transfixed as his eyes stared deeply into the fire.

"Look at me!" Wes insisted harshly.

This time, his father complied. I looked at my dad, and we both exchanged worried looks over where this was headed.

"I love you," Wes began, "with all my heart. You are the best dad I could ever hope for. Mom's dead and gone and she's not coming back. Now you have Frank to love and I love Seth. I want to be with him every day. It doesn't mean I love you less and it doesn't mean I'll get hurt or die if you're not with me every minute. You have to let me go. I mean it! You have to. I have to live my own life now. Do you get it Dad? Not our life, my life! Please, Dad. If you love me, you have to let me live my life."

Henry bit his lips and with tears streaming down his face, he nodded his agreement. Wes wiggled out of the blanket that we were both wrapped in and walked over to him. His father did the same and they met each other half way and embraced. I stood up as well and my dad took my cue and stood as well. We joined into a group hug. All of us were crying tears of joy. We had forged ahead and jumped another hurdle as our new lives together took one more step closer to reality. From here on out, even if we find ourselves physically apart, we would always be together as one. One heart, joined in love and respect.

Finally, we broke our embrace, and after one more long hug between Wes and his father, we began roasting S'mores. Our conversation turned to discussing the practicalities of sharing time at both places. It was hard for Henry, but he was true to his word and was reasonable in his expectations. Dad was adamant about me attending school at their place and I was totally good with that. I had no strong ties to my school and I really had no more desire for sex play with Ruben, one on one. On the other hand, Ruben and Wes might both be up for a little threesome action. I was pretty sure that Wes would be. As for my other friends, I was sure Wes would fit in just fine.

Wes was smiling more than usual and his eyes were lit up like candles. I suspected he felt liberated from the invisible prison he'd been held in since his mother's death. As we devoured the last of the S'mores, Wes tested his father's new commitment.

"Dad," he began in that tone that all fathers recognize when their kids are about to say something they don't want to hear. "Seth and I want to go back to the hidden lake and have a moonlight swim."

Henry swallowed hard and immediately began to object, but Wes cut him off.

"I know the way and there's no chance of getting lost with the light of the full moon. We'll stay together and not do anything dangerous. We won't stay long and we won't go anywhere else."

It seemed to me like he'd taken away every possible argument. Then he threw in the zinger.

"Thanks for trusting me."

Henry closed his mouth and grinned. "Whew. This is going to be hard. Okay, have fun and be safe."

"Sweet!" Wes exclaimed. "I love you!"

Wes wrapped his father in his arms and planted a big kiss on his cheek.

"So, don't just stand there," he said to us. "Go get your towels."

I looked at my dad for approval and he nodded with a smile. I gave an enthusiastic `thumbs up' and run for my tent.

As we walked to the lake, I told Wes how proud I was of him for standing up to his father.

"I love you, Wes," I said. "I love you more every minute."

He smiled widely and answered, "I love you too. It's so awesome to be in love. This day has been so great, and it's not over yet. It still might get better."

The rest of the hike was silent as we both fell into our own thoughts. As we entered the clearing of the lake and saw the moon shining on the still water, we both sighed. We faced each other and pulled our clothes off. Then we pulled each other into a sweet embrace and kissed. I don't know for sure how long we stood there, naked and kissing, but it was a long time. Then we walked hand in hand into the still, cool water. We slowly waded up to our thighs and then paused, knowing the next steps would subject our manhood to the brisk chilly water. I looked at Wes with wide eyes and counted.

"One Two Three!"

We launched ourselves into the water and began swimming. It was actually more like thrashing, but it was exhilarating. We laughed and giggled and squealed with delight. The longer we were in the water, the more comfortable we got.

I grabbed at Wes's balls and said, "Tag, you're it," then swam away. He pursued me and I let him catch me with little effort.

He grabbed my foot to pull me closer and then grabbed hold of my waist from behind until he was able to wrap his arms around me. His limp dick slipped between my butt cheeks as he reached between my legs to grab my balls.

"Gotcha," Wes exclaimed.

Then he turned me around so I was facing him, took a deep breath and dove. Wes seemed to have a fondness for sucking dick under water, not that I minded. I just went with it. I threw my head back and let my body relax in the water. I moaned in delight as he engulfed my dick in the warmth of his mouth.

When he came up for air, I thanked him with a big kiss. I took his hand and pulled him to shore and we tenderly dried each other off. I laid my towel down on the grass and we snuggled up together. I moved in between his thighs and returned Wes's underwater favor. I drew in his soft member into my mouth and manipulated it into an erection, willing myself to swallow it whole as it made its way down my throat. Each time the tip of his dick touched the back of my throat, he moaned in ecstasy. He closed his eyes and gripped me with both hands as he used my head to pump his dick like a human Fleshjack. It felt good to be able to give him such pleasure. I loved satisfying the boy I loved. Then he lifted me off his pulsing shaft and squeezed my head between his knees so I couldn't move. I watched as his swollen dick jumped and twitched before me. His breathing was ragged as he tried to speak.

"That was so dope!" Wes declared. "Damn, you're so good at that. No one's ever swallowed me whole like that before. I almost lost it, but I don't want to cum yet. I have a few ideas I want to try out in the tent tonight."

After he'd calmed down a bit and his dick started to droop, we got dressed, kissed one last time under the moonlight overlooking our `Lake of Ecstasy' and then made our way back to camp, each of us silently lost in thought. My mind fell into a wild fantasy world as I began to speculate about the kinds of ideas that Wes had mentioned about wanting to try later. Before I knew it, we were already back.

"We're back!" Wes exclaimed as we approached our camp.

The sight of our dads sitting together in their lawn chairs, holding hands and chatting, gave me a warm feeling that I began to associate with family.

"Great. Thanks for not being too long," Henry said appreciatively. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, we did. Thanks," Wes said, acknowledging his dad's genuine interest.

"I agree," I added. "It was sucking awesome."

Wes punched me in the arm.

"What?" I grinned then whispered, "I didn't say fucking awesome!"

"I know dog," Wes whispered back. "Heel."

"Well, we're ready for bed," Henry said. "How about you two?"

"Definitely!" I answered. "We need to get warmed up. The lake was a little colder than we were expecting."

"Here, take this lantern in the tent with you," my dad suggested. "It will warm up your tent in no time."

I appreciated my dad's sensible solution for getting warm but I was looking to get warm in a more personal way.

"But not for too long," Henry added, interrupting my horny reverie. "And leave the flaps open a little bit for air. And set it back outside after you shut it off. And be careful not to touch it except on the handle. And..."

"Dad!" Wes shouted.

"Oh... right. Sorry," Henry said, realizing he was slipping back into his old habits again. "Just be careful with it."

"Thanks, dad," Wes stated. "We will."

We took the lantern into the tent with us and straightened around inside. We zipped together our sleeping bags and prepared to implement Wes's ideas he'd been keeping to himself.

As we settled in, I heard our dads do some smooching outside.

"Are you ready to retire?" My dad asked Henry.

"Yeah, we can definitely continue this inside," Frank suggested.

"Okay, let's do it!" My dad said.

"After you, Frank," Henry said as he held the door flap open for my dad to enter.

Henry intently watched my dad bend over as he entered the tent.

When Henry didn't immediately follow him in, my dad asked, "Henry, are you coming?"

"Not yet," Henry answered, "But if you keep wiggling that cute ass of yours like you're doing, I just might."

Wes and I broke into a fit of giggles over our dads' childlike innocence that was sprinkled with innuendo.

The tent and our bodies were quickly warmed by the lantern. Wes responsibly shut it off and then set it safely outside the tent as instructed. Without the light from the lantern, my tent plunged into darkness. We snuggled together some more until our eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. Soon, we were able to see each other from the full moon that was casting a dull blue hue on everything inside.

"Let's use that Headjack thing again," Wes suggested.

"It's called a Fleshjack," I corrected.

"Yeah, that," Wes said. "I've been thinking about it and I have some ideas I want to try out."

"That sounds hot," I said. "I love how creative and adventurous you are."

"As long as we're not fucking, let's not use a condom," Wes said. "I want to feel the real you touching me. I don't want anything coming between us, not even a thin transparent piece of latex."

"Okay then," I said, a little disappointed that his idea didn't include fucking. It was just as well, I was still a bit sore from the night before anyway. "Let's get started."

Wes's reasoning for staying natural made my cock start to plump up. It was as if he was reading my mind. I reached over and pulled Wes's shirt off over his head and Wes did the same to me. Before we got any further, my partially erected cock stiffened up to a full boner. Wes let his hands roam freely over my chest and he even tweaked my protruding nipples a bit. Just having Wes randomly touch me was causing me to get so horny that I was starting to feel my orgasm creep up and I wasn't even completely undressed yet. We continued tugging and pulling at our clothes until we had totally undressed each other. Then we sat on our sleeping bags across from each other, our legs crossed and our knees touching, staring lustfully at one another and holding hands. I was mesmerized by his beautiful, stiff dick as I watched it twitch ever so slightly with each beat of his heart.

At last, our eyes met and we stared deep into each other's souls. No words were exchanged, but never had a message been more forcefully communicated. We were hopelessly in love with each other. We both grew misty eyed as our emotions overtook us. I released our grip and I got my Fleshjack out as well as my DVD player. It was time to embark on our adventure that Wes had planned for us.

I set my player on top of my suitcase like I had done the last time and pressed play. Once my player started, the inside of my tent began to glow, further illuminating Wes's hot body.

"Oh look," Wes commented. "The movie picked right up from where it left off." Then Wes looked into my eyes and said, "Come over here."

Wes pulled me into a kiss and a rush of adrenaline shot through my body. Wes had kissed me many times before and even more passionately than this, but it had never affected me this way before. I had been horny, off and on, ever since Wes and I shaved each other earlier. I was so wound up at this moment, I was ready to burst.

Without speaking any further, Wes gently pulled and guided me right to where he wanted me. He moved me closer to him until our butts, balls and cocks were touching each other. Since Wes's cock was an inch bigger than mine, he had me put my legs over the top of his so I was raised up slightly higher to compensate. I handed Wes my Fleshjack and then I leaned back on my elbows between his outstretched legs and watched as Wes continued. In this position, our cock heads were perfectly lined up and even with each other. Every now and then, one of us would glance over at the DVD screen to take in the action, but we mostly were glued to our own personal porno scene. Watching Wes take control and manhandle both our rods together, lulled me into a deep trance. Wes had my Fleshjack in one hand and was gently stroking our two cocks together with his other hand until we were both as solid as stone. It didn't take long for either of us to reach that point. The added pressure from leaning back while my cock stiffened to its fullest potential created an erotic, pleasure-pain sensation just beneath my balls. When he was ready, Wes held our cocks together with one hand as he slipped them both into the Fleshjack with his other hand. It was a tight fit but it felt so wicked to have our cocks pressed so firmly against each other. The fantasies I had dreamed up about what Wes was going to do to us were nothing compared to the real deal.

"Oh my god, Wes!" I exclaimed. "That's so unbelievably hot. I love how it presses our dicks so tightly together like that. You have the most amazing cock. I love it."

"Just wait," he grinned. "I'm just getting started."

In this position, any movement at all had us both on the verge of eruption. He slowly lowered the Fleshjack down onto our two boners until they were both engulfed as far inside the device as possible. Then, slowly at first, he started driving our combined boners together. Even though Wes was new to the world of Fleshjacks, he still found a completely original and outrageously erotic way to use it. If that wasn't enough, Wes started twisting and turning the thing as he continued to pump it up and down.

"Holy crap Wes, that's freakin' outrageous," I cried out. "Keep doing that. Don't ever stop!"

Next, he began a gyrating motion with his hips to create a third movement that made his cock slide up and down against my stationary cock within the interior of the Fleshjack. Wes's inventive genius was driving me, as well as himself, to the brink of insanity. I began panting and swallowing hard between moans as I gripped and released the sleeping bag below me. I opened and closed my eyes, over and over again. The sight of our dicks being ground together was too intense to watch yet too erotic to miss. It was an intensely wild sensation, like none I'd ever experienced before. I knew this combination would get repeated in the future as it was now my favorite way to jack together. Here I was, with one of the hottest guys I'd ever known, and he was using my favorite sex toy to slam our two boners together as one, causing our lovemaking session to escalate beyond our earthly bonds. As Wes put my Fleshjack through its paces, pumping it up and down like a piston, we both responded in an alternating rhythm. Wes was groaning deeply as he pulled the Fleshjack up and I wailed fervently as he pushed it back down. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, Wes suddenly tossed my Fleshjack aside to take matters into his own hands. As Wes vigorously stroked our dicks in tandem, both of our balls were bouncing feverishly, adding another small bit of seductive pain as they bumped and knocked against each other, turning the pain into an elusively sensuous sensation. This indescribable phenomenon had me crying out in rhythm with each driving down stroke that Wes was relentlessly dispensing.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes Wes, yes. Hell yes. Oh my god, yes, yes, yes!" I was totally out of control. "I -- totally -- love --you, Seth. I totally -- freakin' -- love you!"

Just then, the three ridiculously endowed porn stars on the screen splattered their massive cum loads onto each other's faces with exaggerated groans of their own. It reminded me of what our dads had done together and suddenly, their shower scene started replaying in my head as Wes continued stroking the two of us with his bare hands, one placed over the other to achieve the maximum amount of pressure possible. Then, I began to relive all the erotic encounters I'd had with Wes, from `The Lake of Ecstasy' to our underwater blowjob and finally, to the full body grinding session during the consummation of our declaration of love. Wes was in total control of my orgasm and was going full speed ahead. I had no way of holding it back, nor did I have any desire to do so. I was being rapidly whirled into a cataclysmic climax and began to approach the point of no return when something got my attention.

After I thought the sex scene on the video had climaxed, I heard more groans that clearly were not Wes. I opened my eyes to look at the DVD player and the actors on screen were finished cumming and were busy licking and slurping each other's offerings. In fact, the moaning I was hearing was coming from somewhere outside my tent. Suddenly, Wes stopped jacking us but continued to hold our dicks pressed tightly together.

"Listen, you hear that?" Wes asked.

"Yeah, I hear it all right." I answered.

Wes smiled and said, "It's our dads. They're doing it right now!"

I snorted out a laugh. "Oh man, you're right."

"That is so cool!" Wes said. "I wonder if they've been listening to us like we're listening to them right now."

"We probably got them started." I grinned.

We listened intently to our fathers' moans of ecstasy a little longer as they shared their love together, not twenty feet away. I was so happy for my dad. I knew in my heart that he'd made the right decision and my cock gave a small twitch of approval. I got seriously horny all over again as my cock reminded me that we were in the middle of something.

"Finish it Wes. Take us to the finish line."

He nodded and renewed his effort, moving slightly faster than before.

I know that logically, we all know the difference between real sex and jacking off, but I read an online article that biologically, our brains know the difference between genuine intercourse and artificial masturbation and it calls upon different bodily assets and cognitive functions according to which one it is. I wasn't sure that I believed it was possible, but the sensation of Wes's real skin stroking my boner, versus the artificial skin of the Fleshjack, sent an alternate set of signals to my brain that changed the message being received from one of `artificial masturbation' to one of `genuine lovemaking'. Everything started to feel different in a radically erotic way. Everything got supercharged. My brain reacted as if I was cuming, but amazingly, I still hadn't begun to shoot my load yet.

We both had been moaning and didn't even realize it until Wes and I started getting louder. Suddenly, my orgasm had gripped me so hard that my moaning turned into growling. My ball sack tightened up and squeezed my balls, causing them to bulge and throb under my newly shaved skin. The smoothness of my balls rubbing against Wes's equally smooth and contracted balls enhanced the experience. My cock swelled and began to pulsate and I could feel Wes's cock doing the same as he gripped and rubbed us together. I felt an odd sensation, as if our bodies were being lifted off the ground as the pressure rose up from deep inside my balls.

As I approached the pivotal moment before falling off the orgasmic precipice, Wes licked his middle finger of his free hand and reached around to find my twitching anal ring. He slipped it in, just past the first knuckle. That was as far as he could reach but it was sufficient. The slight intrusion was just enough to send me hurtling off the edge and my anal muscle clenched down upon his finger as I shuddered hard from the center of my body outward.

Suddenly, my massive orgasm burst forth and shot a blast of adrenaline up my spine. As it traveled through my body with electrifying tingles, it also engulfed Wes's body and made him unexpectedly explode right along with me.

Our hot splattering loads gushed and spewed past Wes's hand and down again, coating both our cocks and balls with our home crafted boy brew. The sensations were so intense that my elbows couldn't hold me up any longer and I fell backward to the floor, twitching and jerking as Wes finally slowed down and eventually stopped. A few seconds later, Wes dropped backwards to the floor as well and we spent the next several minutes floating down to earth as our two cocks deflated and flopped against one another, covered in our creamy broth. The smell of sex and cum was heavy in the air within the small enclosure of our tent. We had timed it just right with the move and the credits began to scroll on the DVD screen, bringing everything to an appropriate close.

Once we both recovered, I turned off the DVD player and we both sat back up. Our cocks were still touching as we wrapped our arms around each other, hugging in the dark. We sat that way until our eyes adjusted to the eerie, blue glow within our tent from the available full moonlight. Once we could see well enough again, we sweetly cleaned each other up. We both got comfortable and I spooned into Wes with my arm draped over his waist. At that moment, I wished I had kept the heart that Wes had shaved into my pubes. When the time is right to do it again, it'll mean so much more to both of us. It was heavenly to know that the person I loved was right there next to me. I felt safe and secure knowing that, at that moment at least, Wes was all mine and I was all his. It was such a wonderful feeling. It felt so right, so good, so peaceful, the way it's supposed to feel. That soothing thought allowed me to relax completely and soon, I was asleep.

I've read some interesting things about love. One thing is that, when you're in love, everything in your life comes alive. For me, it's like I'd been asleep all my life until I met Wes and then suddenly, I woke up from out of a fog and could see, hear, taste and feel the world for the first time in my life with absolute clarity. The angst and the inhibitions disappeared. Food tasted better, flowers smelled sweeter, people seemed friendlier and sex, well that became indescribable. I've come to believe that there is no greater experience a boy can have that comes even close to the heavenly bliss of making love with that One special person. As it turned out, Henry was `The One' for my dad and Wes truly is `The One' for me.

End of Chapter #8

The End


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