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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Chapter #9

My eyes fluttered open to the familiar blue tinted aura of the morning sun as it illuminated the interior of my tent. The foliage of a nearby tree cast an amusing shadow dance on the surface of the walls and ceiling as a gentle breeze brought them to life. The usual questions rapidly fired through my mind such as, where was I, what day was it, what time was it and most importantly, which way was the bathroom?

Morning had arrived far too soon for me, and I knew that Dad's little Father-Son camping trip was nearing its end. I also knew that, in the next few hours, we would all be returning home to our own respective lives, albeit, with a totally renewed purpose.

I tried to ignore my complaining bladder and remained quiet and motionless for a few more minutes as everyone around me continued to sleep through the quiet and lazy morning. If it weren't for my urgent need to pee, I could easily have spent the entire day in this comfortable position, with Wes's naked body spooned up behind me and his morning wood planted firmly between my ass cheeks.

My mind started to wander as I imagined what was in store for us in the next few days. Not only did Dad and I enjoy our trip together, we had a whole lot of fun too. We managed to grow closer to each other as we also grew closer to our new partners. We both enjoyed a fair amount of lovemaking with our new lovers, but we also experienced an equal amount of drama as well. As amazing as everything turned out, our new lives together was still only halfway resolved and there were many foreseeable issues blocking our path, issues that could place everything we'd worked so hard for in the past few days, into total jeopardy.

The bulk of the remaining possible complications rested on Mom, and boy was that going to be a wild card. Any number of things could happen once she became involved. Anyhow, there was no sense in worrying about that at the moment.

Then I heard our dads begin to stir in the next tent over and I decided it was time to get up. I reluctantly woke Wes, and the two of us dressed and headed out to the bathrooms.

"How did you sleep?" I asked Wes as we walked side by side across the grounds towards our mutually urgent destination.

"Heavenly!" Wes answered. "I dreamt that our dads pooled their finances together and bought a house for the four of us to live in."

"Wicked," I responded.

"It had two huge bedrooms upstairs, one for our dads to share and one for us to share. Each bedroom had its own dedicated bathroom attached and the master bathroom had a hot tub, big enough for six people. There was a huge fireplace in the living room and it had a good sized guestroom that was big enough to throw a slumber party in. Oh yeah, and it had a built in, Olympic sized swimming pool in the backyard."

"That's way cool," I said. "I wish something like that could really happen."

"It can," Wes said. "Didn't I tell you that I can be psychic sometimes?"

"More like psychotic, I think," I teased.

"Hey! Why'd you say that?" Wes whined.

"Just kidding. My first lame joke of the day," I answered. "Actually, you're my magical little gnome."

"What do you mean by that?" Wes pouted, still not sure if my comment was meant as a compliment or not.

"I mean, you never cease to amaze me, Wesley Hauser!" I laughed and took a quick look around. Since no one seemed to be looking directly at us, I gave Wes a slap on the ass and darted out ahead of him, disappearing into the men's restroom, leaving him momentarily stunned, both physically and mentally.

Wes finally picked up his pace a little and followed me inside. I dashed into a totally random stall to answer Mother Nature's call. There just happened to be another stall open next to mine but Wes was too late to see which stall I had disappeared into. The place was alive and buzzing with early morning risers, all needing to pee and freshen up for the day. A few moments later, I heard Wes, or at least I assumed it must have been him, enter the empty stall next to mine and lock the door just as I began to unleash the floodgates of my own aching bladder. I heard Wes's forceful urine stream splatter the toilet bowl in the next stall as he relieved himself. Then things went quiet in both our stalls. Even though I was fairly certain that Wes was in the next stall, I chose not to talk to him through the walls since there was so much noisy activity going on all around us.

"I've got a tasty appetizer for you before breakfast," Wes said.

I strained to hear Wes's voice as he spoke in a near whisper. At first, I had no idea who Wes was talking to until the voice of a stranger yelled out.

"What the hell," bellowed the voice of a gruff old man!

"Seth?" I heard Wes beckon my name.

"Over here!" I answered as my voice bounded from the opposite direction he was expecting.

"Oh my god," Wes cried out.

I heard Wes scurry about as he panicked and pulled his shorts up. I didn't know what was going on over there, but I was pretty sure that Wes had gotten himself in some kind of trouble. I shook the last drops of urine off my dick and pulled my shorts up as well. Then, I heard Wes unlock the bolt of his stall door and hastily push his way out.

The old man had piqued everyone's attention inside the facility as they undoubtedly watched Wes flee from his cubicle in a flurry of confusion. When I came out next, the excitement hadn't yet settled down as everyone then looked in my direction to try to figure out how I might be part of the disturbance. As I looked around for Wes, he had already run out through the vestibule. I tried to walk out of the facility at a slow, deliberate pace, to try and detour all the attention away from me. I had to make it look like I had nothing to do with what had just happened, what ever it was.

"Damn pervert," I heard the old man bellow even louder as I neared the exit.

As scared as I suddenly became, I maintained my casual stride out of the facility. Fortunately for both Wes and I, the old man must have been occupied with something much more urgent that kept him from pursuing us. My slower pace caused me to lag behind so much that once I got outside, I looked all around for Wes to no avail. He had successfully dropped out of sight.

I asked myself where I might go if I were looking to evade an uncomfortable situation. Then the answer came to me in a flash. There was a certain tree that Wes had found me hiding under, more than once, so I made my way there without delay.

"I thought I might find you here," I said as I approached the very spot that had now become `The Tree of Solace' for the both of us.

"You weren't followed here, were you?" Wes asked as he nervously looked around.

"Relax," I said in a calm and reassuring manner. "We're safe here. What the hell happened back there anyway?" Wes's face turned red and he went totally silent.

"Come on, you know you can tell me anything. What happened?"

"I... I didn't see which stall you went into," Wes began. "I thought you were in the stall that we stepped into last time with the hole in the partition.

"Yeah, so..." I said.

"So, I looked down into that stall and saw a guy wearing shoes just like yours." Wes confessed.

"Yeah, so you got a little confused," I acknowledged. "What caused all the commotion?"

"Well you know how we discovered the hole in the wall yesterday between our two stalls?" Wes froze up again and looked at me with his lower lip quivering in embarrassment.

"Yeah, I remember," I said. "What about it? Wait a minute. You didn't... Did you... Oh My God... You..."

I unintentionally burst out laughing.

"You thought that was me in that stall? You put your dick through that hole, didn't you? Holy crap! I heard you say something about an appetizer, but at the time, I had no idea what you were talking about. Can you imagine the look that old man must have had on his face when he looked up to see you sticking your big old hot boner into his space?"

I instantly felt bad for laughing at Wes as I watched a flood of tears roll down his face.

"Oh no, I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to laugh at you, but you do have to stop being such an exhibitionist, at least when we're out in public together!"

I reached over to hug Wes, but he pushed me away. I was quite hurt at first, but I realized, I had it coming. I doubled my efforts and reached over to hug him a second time. He resisted again, but much less forcefully. When I finally got a good hold of him, I held him tightly until he stopped struggling against me.

"I wish I had been in the right stall," I whispered as I gently rocked Wes in my arms. "Your beautiful offering was wasted on that old fart!"

I felt Wes's chest jiggle and bounce as he tried to suppress a good hearty laugh, which put both of us back into a much better mood. Once I got Wes settled down, I tried to get him to put the incident behind him.

"I'm glad to know that you are capable of feeling some embarrassment. At least you have some limits," I said. I was glad to know that, too. I was a little worried that he would do or say anything to anyone. Then I added, "Let's go check-in with our dads and figure out what's up for today."

We made our way back to our tents where our dads had just woken up. They were just crawling out of their tent, looking like they had just gone ten rounds with Bigfoot. Their faces were stubble ridden and their hair was a jumbled mess. Their eyes were droopy as they began squinting from having just emerged from their darkened tent.

We said our `Good Mornings' to each other as they politely excused themselves and quickly hurried to the restrooms in very much the same way that Wes and I had just done. At least I didn't have to worry about our dads getting into any trouble over there, even though they were starting to act like a couple of teenagers again.

"I thought it was only the women who woke up in the morning looking like that," Wes said.

"Gee Wes, that was a totally sexist thing to say," I scolded.

"Oh, sorry," he apologized.

"It's okay, I was thinking the same thing myself," I said as we both laughed. "I think we're going to be leaving soon, so let's start taking down our tent."

Just as I said that, our mood suddenly turned sullen and quiet. The reality that we were about to be apart for the first time since we laid eyes on each other, hit home like a sledgehammer. We hadn't voiced it to each other, but there was a real possibility that we might not see each other again, at least not in the brotherly way we had planned.

We disassembled my tent in record time. It came apart quite easily but gave us a bit a trouble as we struggled to get it back into the compact box it came in. We set the box and all our belongings inside my dad's tent and then waited for our dads to return from the restrooms.

Upon our dads return, my dad's tent was the only one left standing.

"Look, Henry," my dad pointed out as the two of them returned from the restrooms. "The boys packed up Seth's tent already."

"Wow, you guys are masters at that," my dad complemented. "Say, how about the four of us pack up my tent right now while we're all still here together? Then we could pick up and leave whenever we're ready."

"Sounds great," Henry answered. "Then we could all hit the showers and be fresh for our long drive home."

"Let's do it then," my dad replied.

Between the four of us, we had dad's tent taken down and packed away in its backpack style carrying case in record time. Then we gathered up all of our stuff that was scattered around our campsite and organized it into two piles. What was ours, and what was theirs. Wes and I continued to stay quiet as the reality of going home to our separate lives drew imminent.

"Shall we hit the showers?" Frank called out as he gathered up a few things we'd need.

Even though none of us gave a definitive answer, everyone seemed excited at the prospect, everyone except me that is.

"What about our stuff?" I pointed out. We can't just leave it here unattended."

"Sure we can," Henry sang out. "Look around. Practically everyone's gone. The place is literally abandoned. Everything will be perfectly fine for the few minutes we'll be away."

"I suppose you two could wait here until we come back," my dad suggested.

"No!" Wes exclaimed. "It'll be fine. Let's go!"

Henry handed each one of us a fresh towel that he and my dad had washed and dried the day before at the camp's modest facility. Then he handed us each a travel size bottle of shampoo. We then began our trek to the `Men's Shower Hall' behind the lifeguard station, with me lagging well behind.

As I looked around, the majority of the campers had in fact left for home and the area was becoming virtually deserted. In fact, the entire campground, lake and facilities were quiet and empty, which gave the illusion that the entire place was shutting down. Wes must have wondered why I had fallen so far behind because he came back out of the shower building to come find me.

"Hey Seth, what are you waiting for, man?" Wes asked with enthusiasm as he walked beside me in my intentionally slow pace toward the building. "I just watched our dads go into a shower stall together, and I know which one it was too. Maybe we'll get to watch another show, do you wanna?"

Now I knew why Wes didn't want to wait to take turns in the shower. I understood, but at the moment, I was rather distracted.

"I don't know. I don't think its right," I said.

"Why not?" Wes asked. "I wouldn't care if they watched us. Hey, that would be pretty hot, wouldn't it? Our dads watching us get all hot and steamy..."

"Wes, stop already."

"What's the matter Seth?" Wes asked with a worried look on his face. "Am I being too weird for you again?"

"No, it's not you, it's me!" I answered.

"Oh no!" Wes said as he stopped the two of us just short of entering the shower room. "Nothing good ever came from the phrase `It's not you, it's me'. I know. I saw it in a movie once."

I just looked at Wes as I rolled my eyes. "Can we just forget about it? Please!"

By way of an answer, Wes took me by the hand and ushered me into the building and into an empty shower stall. He nudged me in and quietly closed the door behind him. He then put his finger to my lips to keep me quiet.

Unlike the restrooms that were bustling with activity earlier that morning, the entire shower building was virtually abandoned, so no one was around to see us enter the single stall together.

Wes and I stripped out of our clothes in front of each other as if we'd been doing it all of our lives. We hung our clothes on the hooks provided on the inside of the stall door and turned to face the shower. Wes turned on the water and adjusted it to a pleasant temperature. Then, Wes stepped up on the bench and held out his hand for me to join him. I recoiled away at first and Wes pushed his hand out further to get me to comply. I reluctantly did and let Wes pull me up. We both looked over the top like we had done before and saw our dads below. They were casually washing themselves, quite normally. While one of them was soaping up, the other was rinsing off. We watched them for a little while until I finally lost interest and we both stepped down from the bench and began our own regular shower, following the example our dads had set, soaping up and rinsing off.

I was starting to feel better again and decided that I would give Wes a big kiss.

"Wow, what was that for?" Wes asked after I had surprised him with my gesture.

"I love you," I answered.

"I love you too, Seth." Wes softly said in return.

Then we heard our dads talking in the next stall as they turned off their water, dried off, got dressed and exited the facility. Other than the sound of our own shower softly running, it got deathly quiet in a frighteningly, eerie way. It was too quiet to do any messing around anymore now. Anyone just coming in would immediately recognize even the softest moans. Shortly after that, we too turned off our water, dried off and re-dressed in the clothes we had come in with.

As we left the facility, it was so quiet that the only sounds that could be heard were two randomly dripping faucets as they echoed off the concrete walls. It felt as if we had been left behind. We met back up together at our camp and our dads were already saying their goodbyes as the two of them were busying themselves, separating our belongings and gathering up what was ours that we would be hauling back to the car.

As we walked up closer, we heard the tail end of their conversation.

"I'll call you when there's any good news to tell," my dad said to Henry.

"I don't think we should make any plans to get together again like this until we know more," Henry said to my dad. Then they turned to us as we walked up.

"Boys, you better say your goodbyes now," my dad said. "We've got to get going."

I looked at Wes and saw a kind of confidence in his beautiful bright eyes. I, on the other hand, was on the verge of tears. I saw nothing but obstacles in our path and Wes, bless his heart, apparently saw nothing but hope. I needed to take Wes's example and try to look at the positive side or I was going to get sucked into a bottomless pit of deep despair.

"Don't worry Seth," Wes assured me. "Everything is going to be okay. We've got both our dads working on the details for us, you'll see."

He reached out to hug me, and I thought I was going to die. I grabbed onto him and didn't want to let go. A dozen thoughts rushed through my mind as I became desperate to hold on to my lover.

First I thought that if I just didn't let go of Wes, we wouldn't be able to leave and we'd have to stay, but I quickly realized, that was a childish idea. Then I thought that maybe we could spend another day camping, but I knew that dad had to return to work and I had to begin another week of school. Then I thought that maybe Henry might let Wes come home with us, but I knew that was totally out of the question and a lot of details were going to have to be worked out first before anything like that were to happen.

I was out of ideas and I just crawled inside myself and hid. My body went into auto pilot and I began to go through the motions of gathering up our belongings, strapping on our backpacks and getting ready to leave. Then I waited for dad to grab the other end of our cooler. Once he did, we lifted it up together and started to walk in the direction of our parked car, listlessly moving like the walking dead, silent and despondent, not even able to look back.

Dad and I trudged on in a seemingly endless march until we finally came across our parked car, as if it were in quarantine, standing alone in lot C-12 amongst all the other vacant lots. The area that was previously full of life and activity now seemed barren and lifeless. As I looked around, I felt abandoned and forlorn. It was like I had left a part of me behind and I found it increasingly hard to even breath. I don't even remember doing so, but I helped Dad load up the car and then got in. As we drove out of the park, we passed the unattended toll booth where we had entered and our weekend, Father and Son camping trip was now officially over.

"You're being awfully quiet, Seth," my dad said. "What's on your mind?"

"I miss Wes," I said.

"Yeah, I feel the same way about Henry."

"You do?"

"Of course I do! When you care about someone as much as I do for Henry, and you do for Wes, it doesn't matter how old you are, it's just as painful when we can't be together."

I suddenly felt a different kind of bond starting to form for my dad. I had been watching him and Henry mess around all weekend, acting like teenagers, not thinking much of it beyond the fact that they were two horny men, just screwing around. But now, I was beginning to understand that Dad had fallen in love with Henry in the same way I had fallen hard for Wes. I hadn't realized it until now that my dad was being silent and despondent, just like I was. I was being too self-absorbed to see it. I started feeling bad for Dad, but better about my own situation. With Dad being in love with Henry, I knew he was going to do everything in his power to see to it that our mutual desires to live together, would work out for all of us. Wes was right. Our dads were going to work together to make things work out, for their sake as well as for ours.

"Well," I said.

"Well, what?"

"Well, what's the plan?" I wondered out loud. "How are we going to tell Mom about this? What do you think she'll say? What do you think she'll do?"

"Well, it depends on what her own situation is," he began. "I started to tell you a little bit about it before, but now that we're on our way home, you're going to be finding out about it soon enough. I suppose it would be better if you knew a little bit about it ahead of time. Just like I found Henry, your mother has found herself a man. His name is Gordon Léger, and he's got a son your age named Carey. They've been seeing each other for a while now and I think they're getting pretty serious."

I was actually stunned. I mean yeah, Dad did say something about Mom finding someone else, but if she's been seeing this Gordon guy for a while, how could I have not known it? Then again, Dad knew Henry long before this weekend's camping trip, and I didn't know about that either. I was beginning to feel left out of the loop.

"Your getting quiet again, Seth," Dad said. "Are you okay?"

"Umm, yeah," I began in a sarcastic tone. "Anything else I should know? Like, was I adopted or maybe you found me on the doorstep. Maybe aliens abducted Mom and I'm only half human? Or how about we're all moving to Antarctica next month? Wait, I know, I actually have a dozen brothers and sisters I've never met? Stuff like that."

"Yeah, I get it," admitted Dad. "A lot of bombshells got dropped on you this weekend."

"I'll say," Seth growled. "Atomic bombs!"

"I'm sorry your mother and I did that to you. I really am. In hindsight, it was not the best approach. But there are no other shocking surprises that I'm aware of. No aliens and I certainly hope no secret siblings."

"Okay, so what happens now?" I asked.

"I'm considering splitting the house with your mother," Dad said. "Perhaps Gordon will consent to buy my half. That way, your mother, Gordon and Carey could live there together and it would officially be their home. Then, if Henry sells his house, then he and I could pool our resources together and find something nice for the four of us."

"That would be so cool, Dad!" I said. "But why not just move in with them in their house? That way, at least Wes wouldn't have to change schools or friends and stuff."

"We talked about that," dad said. "Henry and I both agree that it would be healthier for Wes and even for me to not stay in the house where they all lived with Wes's mother. I'm sure that everywhere they look, they're reminded of her, which is not a bad thing, but it would definitely work against their closure and make starting a new life more difficult. We need a fresh start where you both make new friends together and both go to a new school together. A good clean start where everything is ours together and we're not invading their space, so to speak."

"Good point," I quickly agreed.

I thought about that and realized I didn't want to try and fit in with Wes's other friends, although I didn't think he had all that many. I also definitely preferred not feeling like a guest in someone else's house.

"Having a cool new place would be pretty awesome," Seth continued. "Could we have a pool?"

"Awesome is the word, and a pool would be great, if we can find one," he agreed. "The problem is complicated though. It's a lot harder to do than you would think. But anyway, that's the plan, at least for now."

"Great, but you didn't answer my question," I said. "How do we explain all this to Mom?"

"I suggest the truth," he said. "It's always best."

"You mean like, `Hey Mom, while we were camping, we met these two guys and fell in love so we're going to go live together, is that all right with you?'," I mocked.

"Well, not as crude as all that, but yeah," he said. "Besides, your mom already knows about Henry, just like I already know about Gordon. I don't think it will be as much of a shock to her as you might think. She knows that you and I went on this camping trip so you could meet and get to know Henry and Wes. She's probably counting on you to bond with them. Most likely, your mother will have her hands full with Gordon and Carey and allow you to come live with Henry and me. A whole new arrangement of visitations will have to be worked out though. Maybe something where a certain number of days, you and Wes visit her and then Carey comes to visit us."

"Carey?" I asked. "He's not even related to us. I don't even know him. Why wouldn't he go visit his real mom instead?"

"Sadly, like with Wes, there isn't a mom in Carey's life. She got heavily into drugs and then one day just ran off, leaving a note saying she wasn't coming back. So, visitations are just as much for us adults as they are for you guys," he indicated. "You both can go to her, so you can spend some quality time with her, giving Henry and I some alone time together. Then you, Wes, and Carey can spend some quality time with us, giving Gordon and your Mother some alone time with each other. That would be the fairest way for everyone. Of course, that would be the ideal way to do it. However, things don't always work out the way you plan. So, don't expect all this to work out perfectly, especially right away."

"Well, it's gotta work out," I said. "It's just gotta! Wes and I have to be together just like you and Henry need to be together. But I really don't like this whole Carey thing. I really don't. It's true that I don't even know him yet, but Wes and I are different. We love each other, Dad. Carey's gonna be like a third testicle!"

"Good grief, Seth. You could have used a less crude expression. How about `third wheel'?" I snickered.

I'd been intentionally crude to make the point perfectly clear about why I didn't want Carey sharing space with me and Wes.

"Look, I understand what you're saying, Seth," Dad continued. "But don't push things. Let your wishes and desires be known, but don't force anything. We can always try and negotiate the terms later. Okay?"

"Yeah... Okay," I relented.

"Good, we're almost home," he said. "Let me do the talking. If your mom or Gordon should ask you any questions directly, just tell them the truth, but nothing more."

As we drove up to our house, a strange car was parked in front of our house. It looked like Mom might have a visitor. I guessed that Dad knew Gordon was going to be there to greet us, and probably that Carey critter too.

End of Chapter #9

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