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I picked up my clothes and headed back to the office. "Well!" I thought to myself, "This crew is going to do all right if they stick to the task at hand." As I walked by the work site, they were back to work -- serious in what they were doing. The manager glanced my way as I walked by, smiled, and gave me the thumbs up. I did the same back to him and walked into the registration building. Brad was at his location as usual -- at the registration desk wearing just a jockstrap.

"I see the crew is here and working hard," he said as he looked out the window. "Do you think they will handle working at a gay nude campground ok?"

I smiled and chuckled, "I don't think that will be a problem at all."

Brad looked at me and then realized what I meant. Smiling, he said, "I guess we've got ourselves an amenable work crew." He then groped the pouch in his jockstrap and licked his lips.

"Now Brad! They are here to get the work done. I told them that they were free to do what they want on their 15 minute breaks and half hour lunches and evenings. All the other times they are to keep working. Remember that! You leave them alone to their work!"

"I hear ya, boss." Brad replied a little downcast, but then excitedly asked, "But when do they take a lunch break?"

I laughed, "I don't know. You'll just have to keep an eye out on them and find out for yourself."

Just then, two campers walked in to get registered and I walked into my office to get more work done.

Close to lunch time, I stepped out of my office and noticed Brad standing at the window watching the work crew across the driveway. His legs were slightly apart and he was stroking his hard cock which was sticking out of his jock pouch. I watched him for a minute, then said, "You're not getting much done doing that!"

Startled, Brad turned around and stuffed his cock back into his pouch. "Believe it or not, the campers out there are sort of distracting the work crew," he said. The crew just isn't use to seeing nude guys walking around with hard cocks. Within sight of the crew there was a 3-way going on. Golly, they couldn't help but notice."

"You're being distracted too. I've got to nip this problem in the bud before some major mistakes are made." Looking at the clock, I continued, "It's almost lunch time. Go out to the crew, tell them it's lunchtime, to get their lunches and get in here. I've got to talk to them."

"Right boss," said Brad as he headed out the door. I watched through the window as he talked to the manager and motioned toward me. He shut his machine off, called out to the guys to get their lunches and join him. Meanwhile I got on the speaker and called out for Randy to come to the registration building.

In a few minutes everyone was present. I immediately took over the proceedings, "Guys, we've already got a problem. You're gawking at the campers and not paying attention to what you're doing. So this is the plan." I then turned to the manager, "I presume you're staying at the motel in town since you came from two hours away, right?"

The manger shook his head in agreement, "Yeah, we stay all week and go home on weekends until we get this project done."

"Have you checked in yet?"

"No, not till this evening when we quit for the day."

"Ok then," I said and then turned to Brad, "Brad, this afternoon, you call up to the motel and cancel the reservations. Randy, in the storage building I saw several tents in the attic. Get them out and set up in the primitive camping area. Get it done this afternoon. Guys, you are going to be camping here this week. You are going to get use to seeing naked guys running around here because you are going to be one of them. You will be dressed in your work clothes while you work, but any other time, you stay naked. Once you get use to this, you will better concentrate on your work. Is that understood?"

The guys looked at each other sheepishly, then at me and nodded. Then one of them said, "We will because we have to because we don't want to lose our jobs. We're straight, ya know."

"Oh shut the fuck up!" I said with disgust, "Let's not go down that road. Who you are and what happens outside of this campground is none of my business. My business is to run this place, keep the campers happy, and for you to get your job done. Nothing else said. Am I understood now?"

They all agreed. "Good!" I said looking at the clock. "That was short. We've got 25 minutes left. Now what do we do?"

Brad immediately spoke up, "I know what to do." He then stood in the middle of the group and shucked off his jockstrap and began stroking his already hard cock. Being already naked, my cock began to grow and stick straight out.

Smiling, Randy spoke out, "Hey Brad, since I first got here to work, you and I haven't gotten it on. Ever done it with a black guy?"

"Believe it or not," Brad replied, "I haven't. And ya know, I think you're hot and I wanna do it with you right now -- right here."

"You got it good buddy!" said Randy with a smile as he took off his work clothes. Once he was stripped naked, he laid on his back on the registration counter with his legs draped over the edge. He began stroking his black cock and almost immediately it got hard. When it did, Randy crawled up on the counter on top of Randy, turned around facing the group and quickly engulfed Randy's cock down to the base. As Brad's cock was right above Randy's face, Randy reached up and pulled Brad down on top of him. Doing so, Brad's cock easily slipped into Randy's open mouth.

Without any encouragement, Randy lifted his legs in the air, giving me the sign that he wanted me to eat out his ass. Without a moment's hesitation, I got on my knees in front of his ass, parted his cheeks with both hands and began eating him out.

Meanwhile, the crew just stood there and watched all that was going on. "My god!" I thought, "Are they so stupid as to just stand there and watch?" I then decided to give them some encouragement. I pulled my face from out of Randy's ass.

"Guys, don't waste time just standing there. Do what comes naturally -- Just do what ya wanna do!"

As I resumed eating out Randy's ass, I heard some quiet mumbling and then some rustling around. I wasn't going to waste my time to turn around and look when I've got a mighty fine ass in front of me that I love tongue fucking.

I felt a hand on my ass crack and then a finger probing my hole. I knew then that someone in the group behind me wanted to fuck my ass. Continuing to eat out Randy's ass I raised up my own giving the sign and easy access to the fucker behind me to go at it.

As I continued tongue fucking, the fucker parted my ass cheeks and then spit on my hole. He rubbed the spit around on it and pushed some of it in. I had a feeling this was gonna be good! I then felt the head of a cock massage my winking asshole. It began to push in and to welcome it, I pushed my ass back. The head popped in easily. Slowly, but surely, the rest of the cock slid in. I never let up from my eating out ass.

Once the fucking started, with my free hand, I reached under the counter to the drawer, pulled it open and reached for the bottle of poppers. I didn't look the whole time. I knew exactly where it was.

With my face still in Randy's ass, I opened the bottle, then pulled out my face and took a couple of deep huffs in each nostril. As I put the lid back on, I buried my face back in Randy's ass and resumed eating him out. I handed the bottle behind me, not knowing if the guys would take it or not. Sure enough, someone did. I heard the bottle cap being unscrewed, some huffs and then a pause. Then I heard more huffs and another pause. I knew then that the bottle was being passed around.

As I was getting euphoric from the aroma, I could hear the crew getting that way to by the sounds of their moaning. Then Brad spoke up, "Hand that over here. Randy and I want some too."

Hearing some more rustling around I sensed a guy standing on either side of me. I pulled back and immediately the guy on the right pushed his cock into my open mouth. The guy on my left stepped in and shoved his cock into Randy's ass which was wet and loose from my spit and tongue fucking. All the while, the fucker behind me kept fucking away at my ass. Where did the fourth guy go? As I continued to suck cock, I looked around as best I could to see what was happening.

There he was! He had gone around on the other side of the registration counter, crawled up on it behind Brad's ass and slid his cock in. So now everyone was occupied. One crew guy was fucking my ass while another crew guy was fucking my mouth. Randy and Brad were doing a 69 while the third crew guy was fucking Randy's ass and the fourth crew guy was fucking Brad's. What a scene!

The frenzied pace of sucking and fucking was picking up as the bottle continued to be passed around. Everyone was now on a sexual high and were ready to explode. And it almost happened all at once!

The two crew guys fucking my mouth and ass exploded at the same time. Wow! Talk about synchronized cumming! The loads were shot so hard down my throat and up my ass, I wondered if they met in the middle of me!

The two crew guys fucking Randy and Brad came just seconds after my guys did -- right into their asses. As the guy pulled out of Brad's ass, Brad got up, moved down to Randy's cock, facing me and sat on it. As Brad was riding Randy's cock, his cock began flopping up and down right in front of my face. I immediately leaned over and slid my mouth over it and began sucking furiously.

Just as Randy shot his load up Brad's ass, I felt Brad's load shoot in my mouth. When he was done, I swished his load around in my mouth, then swallowed it all in one gulp. Randy then stood up, turned around and set his ass right on top of Randy's now limp cock.

Now before me were two asses, one on top of the other. Brad's asshole winked at me a couple of times and then the two cumloads began oozing out. They slid down to the top of Randy's ass crack and I got to it with my tongue before it went any further. I licked it all up and then slid my tongue inside Randy's hole to get what was left.

"Here it comes!" said Randy. I looked at his ass and sure enough there was a load sliding out of his. I quickly got on my knees to lap it all up. Now, if I counted correctly, I swallowed the loads of three crew members by taking two out of Brad's and Randy's assholes and one shot in my mouth. Then I took Randy's load out of Brad's asshole. Then another load was shot up my ass by the fourth crew member and finally, Brad gave me his dessert. That makes a total of six loads I took.

I immediately stood up and said very business like, "OK guys, time to get back to work!" They laughed, got dressed and walked out the door.

Randy walked out the door with them and called back, "See ya tonight after work!"

That left Brad and I alone in the office. "What the hell just happened here?!?" he said in amazement.

I laughed, "We just had a suck-fuck fest all in 25 minutes. Can you say `suck-fuck fest' ten times real fast?"

Brad tried, but only broke down laughing. At that moment, two campers walked in to register and pay their camping fee. As Brad was getting them signed in and taking their payment, they kept looking at Brad and his crotch, smiling and smirking. Brad caught on to what they were doing and said, "Hey guys, thanks, but sorry. Just before you got here Boss and I just finished a suck-fuck fest with five other guys. I'm just washed out right now." He paused, looked at me and said, "Hey, wait a minute! You didn't shoot your load. How about YOU being `the gracious host' to these guys? You used me up for now. I need to get my second wind."

"Be glad to oblige," I said as I stood there facing them, stroking my cock, "Are you guys willing?"

"Fuck," one said excitedly, "That's what we came here for!"

"OK, you guys strip down and put your clothes out in your trailer and come back in here. I'll be waiting for you. Brad, let them in my office when they get back."

When they left, I went in my office, pulled out my poppers, got some good huffs, then laid back on top of my desk and stuck both my legs in the air with my ass facing the door. I was ready for whatever they wanted.

When they opened the door and walked in, I lifted my head and looked between my legs at them. There they stood with their mouths open looking at me. "Fuck-amazing!" one of them said, "Will ya look at that!"

I chuckled, "Hey, we're bound to make you feel welcome here and want to come back. Like what ya see?"

"Fuck!" the other one said, "Depends on what we do with what we see!"

"Well then," I replied, let's see what you do with this." I reached around and pulled my ass cheeks apart. My asshole winked at them. "My ass isn't the only thing welcoming you!" as I took my hard cock and flagged it in front of them. "My cock-sucking mouth is the best around here too." (My! The poppers sure get me intense and daring in what I do and say!)

They just stood there looking at me until I said, "Are you guys going to stand there just gawking at me or are you going to do something about all this? I'm yours for whatever you want."

They immediately came to me. One guy got on his knees in front of my winking asshole and began to lick up and down my ass-crack and tongue fucking my hole. The other guy hopped up on the desk, straddled my neck and lowered his cock into my open mouth.

I handed my bottle of poppers to the guy above me and he continued to fuck my mouth as he took a couple of huffs. Then I noticed he handed the bottle back to his partner who also took some huffs. With all three of us intoxicated, our sexual adventure got intense.

The guy over me leaned over for easier straddling and began fucking my mouth harder -- all the way to the base. The guy as my ass stood up, gave his cock a couple of strokes, then aimed it for my ass. It slid in quickly and easily. Then I heard him exclaim, "Fuck! I feel another load in there!"

I, for a moment, popped the cock out of my mouth and called out to him, "Of course! I just got fucked before you guys got here!" The guy above me then slid his cock back in. Here I was, in my office, on my desk, furiously getting fucked in both ends. I couldn't help but grab my own cock and begin jacking hard.

With the popper juice heightening our experience, we couldn't help but cum right away. These two guys must have been partners for quite a while for they knew each other well enough to shoot their loads at the same time. I swallowed the cumload down my throat the same time my ass took the load out of the cock that was rammed into it. I love experiences like this for I couldn't help but also shoot my load. In fact I shot so hard, it went all over the back of the guy who was still straddling above me.

The guy who fucked my mouth, couldn't help but collapse on top of me, breathing hard. I enjoyed the closeness of his body pressed against mine. The guy who fucked my ass pulled his cock out of me and crawled onto the desk with the rest of us. He then licked off all the cum that I had shot on his partner's back. "Mmm!" he said, "That is one great-tasting cumload!"

"Thanks!" I replied, "Your partner's cumload tastes pretty good too! Welcome to this place, I hope you enjoy yourselves."

"No doubt about it," the other exclaimed as they crawled off me and the desk, "We definitely will."

I winked at them as they walked out of my office.