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     Chapter Four: Adding Friends

The confrontation between Jack and I had not destroyed our friendship, but it did strain it for awhile. He decided to cool it with me while expanding his influence with other sources and scout localities in the U. S. I decided to do the same. I had been in contact with other scout groups both in the U. S. And in Canada. As luck would have it, a friend had expressed a desire to financially help support the program by sponsoring boys who took part in the exchange. Another scouter in Peterborough, Canada wanted to host a group of scouts. We agreed to meet the next summer. I notified Jack, who took it well. We agreed to meet in Canada when I met with the new host sponsor.

A short time before I was to fly to Canada, I became infatuated with a doll named John. He was a twelve year old outgoing energetic boy with a big curiosity about sex. He and I loved to cuddle and tease each other while alone. I had “accidentally” fondled him on a few occasions, and couldn’t wait to get him to myself. That finally happened on a weekend camping trip when John and I found ourselves wrestling in the woods. It was hot. Both of us were in our shorts. Neither was wearing underwear. No one else was there. It was an opportunity we had hoped for.

I made my move when I had him pinned to the ground. Leaning forward, I gave him a quick peck on the forehead, then smiled, waiting to see how John would react. Like most boys his age, he wrinkled his nose to show his displeasure at being kissed, then returned the favor. We hugged, and he relaxed, giving me his permission to go further. John was well aware I wanted to fool around. He had fooled around with an older cousin, but only to the point that they had touched each other. Other than that, he had only rubbed himself down there. It felt good, but he let it go at that. He had only recently heard about such things as jerking off and blowjobs. Older scouts had talked about such things.

He totally trusted me, and remained relaxed when I gently cuddled his dick and balls through the shorts. Knowing I wanted to play, he unsnapped the waist, then unzipped and slid the shorts down below his hips giving access to his privates. His bare crotch and stiff little shaft about three inches and cut were exposed. Below the shaft was a ball sac just starting to drop, and grow. Just the way I loved it. John was just starting puberty. He had never experienced an orgasm, or played the games boys play when they learn what puberty is all about.

I responded by letting him loose so he could stop me if I was going too far or too fast. This had to be something John felt comfortable with. He was still smiling up at me as I backed off to look him over. He jumped a little when my hands felt him up. I had now crossed the line. So had he. Together, we had decided to fool around. It was something boys rarely did with an adult. When they did, it was a show of curiousity and trust. They knew instinctivey that you would not hurt them. They also knew they were going to learn something new about growing up. They also understood this was something they should not discuss with others. It was a secret between us. The only exception was maybe with someone else you trusted with matters of sex.

John watched curiously as I moved down to look him over and to stroke his dick using three of my fingers to make it feel good. He moaned softly to let me know he was liking what I was doing to him. He had gotten the same feeling when he played with it.

That changed when I leaned in, kissed his stiffy, then licked on it. I was tasting the hole where he peed from. It felt great, but that was confusing. Why would anyone want to lick your thingy. For whatever the reason, John was sure liking the feelings his dick was giving him as I slid the thingy into my mouth. It felt warm and really good as I began sucking on it and bobbing up and down. He instinctively responded by pumping it in and out, pushing it all the way in repeatedly. Soon, we were vigorously playing a new game. I did the sucking. He did the humping. It was a great new thing he wanted more of. It sure beat stroking it. There was no comparison. This was the way to go. He moaned softly, and held my head in place by placing his hands behind it so I wouldn’t stop. He wasn’t sure why I was doing this, but he was all for it.

For some reason, his dick was telling him to speed it up, and pump harder. His dick was in charge now so he complied. It didn’t take long for him to discover why. An electric charge ran up and down his spine. Although it felt like nothing he had ever felt before, he had an urgent need to pee. It was strange. He felt an urgent need, but somehow it felt different. He desperately wanted to continue pumping, but mumbled out a warning that he was going to pee. Almost immediately his shaft began throbbing violently, and uncontrollably. At the same time, he felt the need to hold my head in place . His entire waist felt out of control. Then a huge volt of electrical charge vibrated and rocked his whole being. Something entirely new. He raised his hips pushing his dick as far in as it would go, and held it in place for what seemed like forever. Nothing came out, but he knew his balls were trying hard to do something. Finally, the new weird feeling began to recede. It was going away. He didn’t want it to, but it was suddenly gone. His hips relaxed and his shaft almost instantly went soft. The end of his shaft felt very sensitive - almost painful, forcing him to pull out of the warm mouth that had caused him so much pleasure.

One thing was for sure, he knew this was part of growing up. It was something that would get better. It was something he wanted a lot more of. He had lots of questions, but for now, he felt exhausted. As his thingy slid out of my mouth, John went completely relaxed again. This time, he just lay back smiling as I moved up and kissed him again, on the lips. He didn’t open up, but didn’t resist. Something had changed. This new game was really complicated. It was more than fun. It rocked the whole body. It felt great, but there was something more than good feelings. Whatever it was, John knew this was just the beginning. He was sold. We could do this all day. Never had he wanted anything more than he wanted to do it again - and again. But for now, there was a need to rest.

As I pulled his shorts back up, I reminded him that this was something good friends did - not something we could talk about. It was agreed. We did it again after dark not far from camp. This time, there was no wrestling involved. John asked if we could do it again, and had his shorts down by the time I had agreed. If there was any guilt involved, he would think about that later. All John knew was that he liked me a lot, and trusted me, and he sure liked learning new stuff. He had quickly realized that the new game was what his friends called “ a blowjob”. They had said it felt great. If it was gay, they didn’t care. They had done it too. And John had figured out that they weren’t doing it with girls. Not on a boys camping trip.

It was John who figured out that we could have a great time if we went to Canada together. I was surprised when he “wondered if he could go with me.” In fact, I questioned if that was even possible. Knowing how over protective his mom was, I doubted she would agree to let her son go on a week long trip with me - especially one that left the country. No way would his mother sign a permit allowing me to take her son to Canada. Besides, no other boys were going with me. It would be just me and John.

Nontheless, John told his mom how much he could learn about Canada and Scouts if he could go on the trip. I couldn’t believe it when I got a call from his mom asking about my trip. She said John had asked if she would allow it, and had said it was all right with me, but John had said I wouldn’t ask her because it would look like I was improperly showing favoritism in her son. That would immediately raise red flags. I admitted I had said that. And added that John didn’t know what he was asking. She claimed that her and John’s father had agreed this was a big opportunity for John. And John had made it clear that he couldn’t think of anyone he would rather go with. Was I really sure I could put up with John for a whole week? She knew about the exchange program, and thought this was an educational boost for John. Cost was no object. They were sure John was a good judge of people. He loved the program because of me. They would really like for him to go if I didn’t object.

And that is how I wound up living a dream. John and I flew to Canada. From the airport, we were taken by the sponsor to a dock. There, we left the car and took his boat to a private island with several beautiful homes lining a beach. Behind the beach was a large wooded area that we found out was a private camp ground. There were lots of families camping there, but they were out of sight to the homes. The sponsor turned out to be a very wealthy business investor. I was stunned. His name was very well known. He was impressed that I had brought John with me, and treated both of us well.

We were shown to a cabin near his home where we would have our privacy. Meals and activities would be taken care of at his home, but he would chat with us by visiting our cabin. It seemed like he was always entertaining guests at his home. He was active in Scouting, especially in Canada, and our appointed valet let us know he donated generously to the program. We would spend lots of time on his beautiful cruiser fishing and chatting. He confessed at one point that he loved the lake, and taking boys out on the boat. He also had a huge swimming pool on the island covered by a glass sunroom. It stayed warm even when the weather was cool. Of course, the pool was heated, but he was like me, a lover of conservation and nature. We would discover we had many common interests. He was much older than me, and insisted that he was not that much into sex any more, but I noticed he had boys who liked spending time on the island. He admitted that he paid to send boys to college, and they would visit him when they had time.

After John and I had settled in, we had the first evening to relax and get some rest. Then came my next surprise. John kicked off his shoes, his shirt, and stripped down to just a pair of white tighty- whiteys. Taking the hint, I did the same. He was watching as I got down to my own tighty- whiteys, taking special interest in the bulge that told him I was hoping to go further. He knew this day was coming, and from the look on his face, he wasn’t worried about it. It was time to go to the next step. John knew that meant he would need to return the favor. I would want him to play the same game, but would not insist on it. The choice was still his.

I had no sooner got down to my briefs than he led me to the sofa, and pushed me backwards until I fell back half sitting and half laying on the cushions. I had my arms back to break my fall as he rode me down. After a brief scuffle, John wound up sitting across my waist, his butt pressing my dick flat against my stomach. His smile said the rest. He could feel the stiff hard rod nestled in the crack of his buns. He wiggled his butt, teasing me by moving the shaft back and forth.

I quickly pulled him forward, sliding my thumbs under the waistband of his briefs and sliding all the way down to his knees. His stiffy bounced forward slapping his tummy. He glanced down to look it over and leaned forward. He only had time for a giggle as my mouth quickly covered both his dick and his balls lapping at his crotch greedily. As I once again sent that special feeling all over his body, he slid his briefs off. Placing my hands behind his butt, I turned him over so I could could get my cotton briefs down and off as well.

John got his first look at my privates. He smiled at me, then wrapped a hand around the hardon pointing at his face. I leaned back, resting on my knees to let him touch and cuddle the shaft and my balls. He took his time holding first one, then the other. I could almost hear his mind wondering if he was ready for this. He had made a decision. He slid forward, closing the distance, and opened up. His tongue stretched forward. He took his first lick slowly covering the end of the head, already wet with my precum. He paused. It didn’t taste great. It didn’t taste bad. He tried it again, taking more this time. Without pausing or looking up at me, he went for it. It stretched his lips and his mouth. He filled it full, backing off when it gagged him, but holding part of it to lick on. Satisfied that I was going to let him decide, he wanted to return the great feelings I had gave him. I had to teach him to cover his teeth, but he learned fast. Soon, he was bobbing gently. It hadn’t tasted as badly as he thought. John had decided he could do this for me. He would give me the great feelings he got when I did it for him.

I knew he was not ready for the explosion I could feel coming on quickly. As much as I hated to do it, I pulled back as the shaft began to expand and throb. Just as I pulled out, the shaft shot it’s first string of cum over John’s chest. He stared curiously at the white stream of warm slimy stuff that came out of the shaft as another joined it. Then another. More was oozing out and running down the shaft. John seemed to sense that this was not pee, and was what grown-ups do when they get that really great feeling. Without thinking about what it was, he leaned forward and once again licked at the slit. Not all that impressed with the taste, he swallowed some of it, then looked up to see if I was watching. Sensitive, I pulled back. Then I pulled John up and gave him a long affectionate hug, telling him how good that felt. Soon, I was explaining what had happened to a very curious boy.

After sucking him off, I carried him to the shower. There, we felt and played with just about every part of our body. We soaped and rinsed each other; we hugged and played with each other. Finally, tired and hungry, we grabbed a bite still in the nude, and climbed in a huge soft king sized bed. Almost instantly, we were asleep.

In the morning, we once again played with each other. This time, John wanted to jerk me off so he could watch me shoot off again. He seemed to get excited being the one that caused me to orgasm. This time, he didn’t hesitate to once again cover the shaft with his mouth and clean off the white stuff.

We decided to do breakfast at the cabin in the nude. I had just finished making a pot of coffee when the front door opened and Chuck, our host stepped in. I apologized, embarrassed that we were still nude. Chuck was all smiles, looking over John as if he was a hair free candy bar. He ignored the apology, asking if he could get a black cup of coffee. After a few sips, he asked if I was into nudity. When I answered yes, he smiled that he would pass that on to the guests at the camp. He went on to explain that the island was a clothing optional resort. John listened amazed at what he was hearing. I explained that I had been to a nudist camp with a friend. Again John looked surprised. Chuck and I had bonded again. Nothing sexual. We just liked seeing people being au natural.

After a boat ride with Chuck and an older teen in the nude, John had decided he loved it. I was surprised how quickly he had dismissed the need for clothing. Nudity was naughty to him, but a fun game. I’m sure Chuck and the teen had sex, but it was in their cabin. John and I did the same. No one grabbed or made out openly. Chuck liked watching John, but never once made a move to do him. Chuck’s teen lover was well endowed, but not huge, and was very polite. He did show a stiff once, but I guess we all did. No one made a big deal about it. Chuck took a few photos of John, but that was it.

John and I were treated to several tours and trips to introduce us to other friends of Chuck. We had dinner at the Tower in Toronto, and went to a major league baseball game featuring the Blue Jays. John got spoiled by Chuck, who really loved buying anything John wanted. I worried how I was going to explain this stuff to John’s parents. Chuck solved that quickly by telling John he could tell them where the stuff came from. John did not take advantage of his host. I was so proud of him.

It was the third night that I made my final move on John. We were in the shower. I had been lathering him with shampoo. John knew again that I wanted something more from him. He had not heard of anal sex, and was worried it would hurt him. Despite his fear, he was willing to try it. We spent a long time working him up. First with one finger, then two. Three fingers hurt him so I didn’t push it. Thinking he wasn’t ready, I was ready to let it go. John wasn’t. I had worked up his prostate with my finger. He had loved that. He insisted on two fingers again. Then as I withdrew the fingers, he grabbed my dick, placed it against his hole, and told me to go easy. As I pushed in, he pushed hard against the monster stretching his tiny hole open. With a painful grunt, he held on as the head suddenly popped inside. I held him still for a few minutes to let him adjust. Again, he pushed back. Again, it slid in. It took a few grunts and pushes, but it finally slid all the way in. John was sure it was sticking all the way through his stomach and maybe up his throat. After the pain eased, I started long slow strokes until I found the love spot again. After that, he was pushing back again trying to get more of it. By this time, I was charging in fast and furious. I came way too soon, blowing my load and trying to start all over again, but I knew John was sore. I let him go. I had just taken his cherry.

John gave me lots more before we left. In fact, at Chuck’s invite, he called home and got permission to stay a few more days. Chuck took that opportunity to take him shopping again. He sent some of his stuff ahead since I was worried about luggage. Of course, Chuck paid to ship it home. I explained to his mother that John was a big hit with our host. She was flattered, but didn’t want John asking for stuff or getting spoiled. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wasn’t Chuck that was spoiling her son. I knew things would never be the same for John, but told her he was really learning a lot. She was pleased that she had been right about the trip.

We only saw Jack a few hours that trip. He didn’t seem happy about bringing Chuck in on the program. I would find out later that Jack was also upset that I had made plans to share the program with friends in other states. Mexico had also expressed an interest in the program. Donations from Chuck would make it possible to expand and include many more boys. I was disappointed in Jack’s response about Chuck. Chuck had been not only an excellent host, but again repeated he would help pay to bring more boys into the program. Jack didn’t say no, but wanted to direct the program by deciding who did what. I objected that we were supposed to co-host. Jack accidentally let it slip that he had set up exchange trips on his own. I responded that I would do the same. Not all the trips would be to Toronto, and I would invite other scout troops to take part. We agreed to keep in touch, but would expand on our own.

After Jack left, I explained to Chuck that I would accept his invitation to send an exchange group to a camp in Quebec. I also wanted to send a combined U. S. - Canadian group to a camp near Mexico City. He would help arrange the trips and we agreed to work through the Canadian Scout office in Ottawa.

After the business end was finished, John and I spent several days on the island with Chuck and his guests. John still amazed me with his unquenchable desire for sex. Not only was he perfectly at ease with nudity, he tried hard to keep me pleased. We spent loads of time enjoying each other. In the cabin, John would simply lay down beside me on the sofa to suck on my dick, or to offer me his cute little stiff toy. He sometimes just wanted to watch me shoot off. He was soon cleaning up by licking up my cum, or by sucking until he had all of it. He had voluntarily taught himself to push his throat down on my dick until he had the whole shaft inside his mouth. It had meant learning to get over the gag reflex, but he took it as a challenge.

He knew I loved the shape of his buns, and lusted for his boy cunt. He liked teasing me by showing it to me whenever we were alone. Without warning, he would lean over the arm of my easy chair, watching to see if I was aware that his buns were wide open, his hole exposed and waiting. He even placed KY tubes on the table by the chair. Sometimes, he would kneel over the cushions of the sofa. He liked the dogie style when we were in bed. He would roll over on his back and raise his legs whenever he wanted to watch me slide the shaft inside him. As I humped him, he would urge me to go deep, or to hold it in while we played with his. When he had his dry orgasm, he would thrash wildly causing me to go over the edge plunging my load deep inside him. The two of us would collapse in a pool of sweat. The smell of sex filled the room.

Chuck and his guest boys would sometimes get excited if they came to visit just after we had sex. The smell of sex was still fresh. Chuck would pick up a tube of the KY and ask if we had enough. John would just grin, then look at me. I joked that it was just there for convenience. Chuck would laugh and let it go, but on a few occasions his guests would pick it up and head for the bedroom. I think they used the cabin sometimes because Chuck would ask, then head for the room too. John and I were both surprised to discover that Chuck was the bottom. We should have known. John had peaked in on them. Chuck didn’t mind. He let John watch. Nothing John did was wrong to Chuck. The teens liked John, and would put on a show when he watched.

For a couple of years, John and I were house guests at Chucks. Johntold his parents that Chuck was just an adopted uncle who loved it when we came to visit. Of course, they were impressed that John had made a Canadian friend. As long as I went along, they were satisfied. Oddly, John never offered to sleep with Chuck. Chuck was sure it was because of his age. Maybe so. It certainly wasn’t because John didn’t like sex. Sex between me and John eased up as he grew older, but I was there when he shot his first load. He was tickled that he was now old enough to make babies. I think that was when John realized what sex was about. He was really an expert lover as a young teen.

 Then John suddenly discovered girls. He explained to me that he was dating. I understood. Sadly I began to realize I was losing another lover. It was over. The calls became few. He was busy with sports and school activities when I called. I knew the day was coming when I had to give him up. Another heartbreak. I explained to Chuck. I even flew to Chucks to cry on his shoulder. In time, I got over it. But the program went on. There were other trips to plan, and carry out. And there would be other boys to befriend.