Just Between Friends ovdoc@yahoo.com Sept. 2011

The next time I headed for Canada it would be another first. Chuck called. He had lined up a new host for me in Canada. It was man named Bill, out of Peterborough. Chuck was excited. First, he exclaimed, you will spend a few days at a camp called Oshara. It is near Hamilton. Then you and your guests will proceed to Bill’s home, where you will join a new group. All of you will travel to a town near the Arctic Cicle called Andersonville. You will also visit some sites you have never heard of.

With not much time to get a group together, I called a friend, Doug, who wanted to make the trip. Doug had a mini-van.He was also gay. We had known each other for years.

 We found two boys anxious to make the trip with us. My friend, Roy, had agreed to sponsor the trip.

Stephen was a tall thin fourteen year old who had been with my troop since he was eleven. He loved the outdoors, and loved to travel. His parents liked the idea. Stephen and I had racked up a lot of camping trips. Many of them were service trips or local camp work groups. Stephen was a skater boy, who hung with a skateboard gang. He and I had became sexual when we showered together at camp. He had already fooled around with some older skaters, and was cool when I wound up lathering him up and jerking him off during the shower. I was there when Stephen shot off his first load. I took his cherry on his thirteenth birthday. Stephen knew what was expected on the trip. I explained we would all four be having a good time.

Roger was the big surprise. He was a thirteen year old, who had brown hair, an athletic build, and brown eyes. He was not that much bigger than any other boy his age except for one thing. Roger had a big healthy six inch dick that was thick. He had been called a stud by most older boys in the troop. Stephen and I knew that.

Doug was not in our troop, and did not know the boys.

As usual, the trip was scheduled for July. We traveled for a day and a half, heading for the border at Niagara Falls. We chose to stop before crossing over to have dinner, then get a good nights sleep at a motel. The boys had held up well; we had made good time, but we were tired. It had been hot all day. We would cross the border in the morning.

We picked a motel that looked clean and had a nice restaurant. After checking in, we decided to have dinner, then retire after a good hot shower. The boys seemed to like the idea. We were soon well fed, tired, and ready for that shower. The room was one with two queen sized beds. There was an awkward moment. Stephen quickly solved that problem. The boys would take one bed. Doug and I the other. He tossed his bag on the bed. Roger tossed his bag on the same bed.

Doug and I looked at each other disappointed, but it was the first night together, and we were tired anyway. We had done all the driving. We decided to settle for a good nights sleep.

“You guys go first.” I nodded to Stephen and Roger. “Just don’t use all the hot water. “

Doug and I turned on the TV, settled back on our bed, and watched as the boys quickly got out of the uniforms, keeping on their briefs, and got out a change of underwear for after the shower. The boys looked a little uncomfortable. They would glance up at us. It was obvious we were looking them over. I suspect they also noticed the bulge in our shorts. We definitely noticed the bulge in theirs. As soon as they were ready, they smiled at us and disappeared into the bathroom.

Doug and I looked at each other and smiled. We paid little attention to what was on the tube. Both boys had shown a nice package. They had left their clean undies on their bed. Maybe we would even get to see more when they came out.

When they did come out, they had a towel wrapped around their waist. Both of us were now drooling. They both had bare chests. Nice. They waited for us to take our turns in the shower.

Doug and I had no interest in sex with each other, so we each showered, then came out to another surprise. The boys undies were still on top of the covers. The towels lay on the floor. The boys were under a sheet, laying on their side facing each other.

Doug and I were wearing only our briefs. We stared confused at the bed and the boys. They were smiling back. Tired or not, I was too horny to go to bed with a hardon that needed some relief. Doug seemed to feel the same. We both knew it was our move. The boys had already became acquainted with each other. They couldn’t have gone very far, but they knew we were more than willing to play, given an excuse.

Doug was not shy. He reached over quickly and grabbed the top of the sheet. He yanked it down. Sure nuff, there were two well developed teen boys laying there. Both had huge hardons. Roger’s was the longest. Both had ball sacs that had dropped. Both had a bush around their dick. And both were cuddling the others privates.

So much for a good nights sleep. We might be a little late getting up in the morning. Doug shucked off his briefs and crawled in bed with Stephen. I moved Roger over to my bed. Both boys were treated to a sixty nine right away. Both were familiar with sucking. Neither appeared to have any trouble with size or technique. Both exploded as did we. And before the night was over, I had taken Roger’s cherry. Roger, in turn, screwed Stephen, who was dying to try that dick up his butt. Doug couldn’t wait to try Roger’s dick in his mouth. It was late in the morning when we had a huge breakfast, and headed on our way, but we now knew this trip was another one for the books.

We contacted Bill about noon the next day. I found out I had already met Bill’s oldest son, David, the year before. He was a fourteen year old husky lad that was tickled to be on a trip to the states, and on his own. David was not shy. He had known about Kevin, and knew that I had fooled around with Kevin. We never discussed that, but I found out later from David that the boys knew. After a dinner, Stephen, Roger, and Doug went off to host homes. I would stay with Bill.

When it was getting late, Bill told his two sons, David and Steve, to shower for bed. Steve was just eleven at the time, but cute as a button. He had rustic hair, a small thin frame, and adorable blue eyes. Like any boys, they grumbled about going to bed. Bill insisted.

Bill and I had hit it off, and were exchanging travel stories. To my surprise, as Bill, his wife, and I drank coffee, chatted, and teased the boys about getting off to a good start the next day, the boys simply stripped down to their briefs, tossing their clothes into a hamper. They stood about in their briefs, finally giving in and heading off to shower. Bill explained that they were close. This part of the country was subject to long periods of freezing weather in the winter. They didn’t consider themselves nudists, but were often nude around each other. Although their home faced the lake, and they spent lots of time on the water in the summer, the lake also became a huge ice skating pond during the winter.

When the boys finished their shower, they came back into the den for hot chocolate before heading off to bed. Both were wearing boxer short pjs with open slots. Neither cared that when they sat down, I could make out that David had about a five inch dick, nice teen balls, and brown pubes. At times, I got a nice view of part or all of his goodies. Steve’s was a lot smaller and bare, but still cute. I’m sure all of them knew I had seen what they had. No one seemed to mind. I tried to ignore it by not staring. I also let them know I had been a part of a nudist club back home. We discussed our views on nudism. Bill and I pretty much agreed that sex and nudism were way overated. He had a laid back attitude on it. I was doing my best not to show any sign of my erection.

As the hour grew late, we decided to turn in. To my surprise,after my shower, I was shown to David’s bedroom. David had already turned in. We were sharing a large double bed. David was already asleep. Bill explained that the nights get pretty chilly, and they don’t use the furnace in the summer. He thought I might not be used to that, so David had volunteered to sleep with me. If I felt cold, I could snuggle up next to him. Nothing was said about sex. Not believing my luck, I wondered just how far I could go the first night, or any other night. The other bedrooms were separated from David’s room by the living room. We had our privacy.

As Bill left, I shucked off my clothes except for my briefs, and crawled in next to David. He didn’t move much; just changed his breathing pattern briefly, then continued his normal soft breathing pattern. At first, I felt chilly and wondered if I should move closer. They were right. It did turn suddenly cooler there after dark. A blanket helped. David must have sensed I was cold. He had woke up as I crawled in next to him. Without hesitation, he slid his warm body back against me. Two things became apparent. The first was that David was nude. The second was that he felt warm.

“You’re cold.”, he whispered, giggling.

“You feel good”, I answered.

I reached around his chest and snuggled up close. He pushed back into me quietly. His husky warm body reminded me of the husky they kept outside. Like a warm teddy bear without the hair, he had me feeling a lot warmer all over. I stroked his chest, taking time to feel the quarter size nipples that responded by getting firm and puffy. Then I let one hand work down to his tight tummy, making circles and playing with the outie belly button. David responded like any young teen who knew he was about to warm me up a lot more.

A hand came back behind his back to feel for the big hard shaft that was pushing tightly against his round firm buns. He felt it through the cotton cloth that still had it trapped inside. I paused long enough to remove them. David had made the right move. We weren’t ready to go off to sleep yet. As I slid back into place, his hand was back. This time, he was feeling for size and checking out the pubes and the balls. I did the same for him. Both of us noticed something new. He had skin. I was circumsized. He was maybe about five inches hard, and was slender. I was seven inches hard, and was bigger around.

After feeling around until we were comfortable with what we were doing, I made the first move. Sliding down underneath the covers, I took David’s treasure totally insde my mouth, and proceeded to nurse on it. David placed his hands behind my head, and began humping me. It wasn’t his first, but that don’t mean he wasn’t loving it. I felt warm as toast under the covers. I was in no hurry to finish, But David was. Teens know they can do it again, so they have no patience when it comes to holding off. David felt his load building. He loved the feeling he got when he exploded. He showed no mercy. He pushed his dick hard and fast, holding my head in place. Then he moaned and froze. His dick shot it’s watery load several times into my throat. It was still oozing cum as he slowly relaxed and pulled out.

I had hoped he would return the favor, and later he would, but truth be known, when a young teen spews his load, he gets an exhausted feeling, and just wants to sleep. David was no different. He yawned and returned my hug as I slid up to hold him. Laying face to face on our side, we kept each other warm as we quickly slipped off to dreamland.

I woke up early the next morning to a warm wonderful feeling. David had slid down to return that favor. He did a great job. He also took the load. David had done this before. He would later explain he was not gay, but had played with buddies and leaders before. He saw no harm in sex with guys he liked. Most of his friends felt the same way. For the night, we were just friends who liked each other. His family would not question that. Boys do boy things. It don’t make them gay. Those that are gay, or choose to be gay, do so on their own. It’s simply accepted.

We ere awoke the next morning by an extremely energetic young boy, Steve, who must have got up with the sun, Seems like both of them announced the amazing beginning of a new day. Steve had caught us tangled in bed nude by first bouncing onto the bed as only a young boy can. He rolled over his big brother placing himself between us laughing. As I awoke, I tried to figure out if we were being attacked about the same time Steve was pulling the cover down to slide underneath. He was not the least bit shy about this. Nor was he surprised to reach down under the covers to feel his brothers morning hardon. In fact, he giggled and snuggled in as David protested that his hands were cold.

Still not sure I was a part of this dream, I could feel Steve’s butt pressing back against my own morning hardon. Steve had both hands in front of him at first. He still had his briefs on, so my shaft was pressed into his cotton covered crack. His wiggling made him aware of the fact that I was getting a good feel of his backside. He slowed down enough to look over his shoulder and smile at me as he tried to make more room between us. Now aware of the new person in bed with us, I gently pushed his briefs down below his waist so I could feel his goodies, and stroke his buns. Steve’s hands quickly grabbed for his briefs, but took the time to feel my shaft.

“Moms cooking breakfast.” He announced. “I got to get you guys up.”

With that said, the little imp was throwing the covers off us, and jumping out of bed as fast as he had jumped in. He stood next to us staring first at me, then at his brother. The cold air brought both of us back to the real word. David came out of bed first, grabbing for Steve, who was out the door running. We grabbed some clothes to get ready for breakfast.

The others were all ready seated at the table as David and I came in. His mom got up to serve our coffee. We greeted them quietly. Steve smiled at me with an evil grin. I felt like cat that ate the canary, wondering how much they knew. Neither indicated they suspected anything. Bill asked if we slept well, explaining that nights get chilly up north. I admitted that I was surprised that it had been warm during the day, but turned cold at night. They chatted that this was summer. I needed to come back for a winter visit.

Bill had families dropping off boys after breakfast. He was very busy getting ready for a troop bus due to pick us up soon. Stephen and Roger were back along with their host scouts. By the time the bus arrived, there were some forty scouts and parents collected outside Bill’s home. We were loaded onto the bus.

Bill explained to me that we were heading to a train station. There, we transferred to the Polar Bear Express. Not only were we heading inside the Arctic Circle, we were going to visit an Indian village that was covered by ice most of the year. During the trip, he point out areas of interest like the Dwarf Forrest. The trees in the forest grew only about six feet high because the growing season was only a few weeks a year. Of course, we wore jackets. To my surprise, the temperature only got up to about fifty degrees during the day. Most of the local boys wore shorts, and made fun of us. It was their summer. The train we were on was also their only source of supplies. The train only made regular trips in July and August. Snow and ice prevented supplies most of the year.

Once back to the bus, we were taken to a town to visit the local troop. They were on the Ontario/Quebec line which meant they had to speak both French and English fluently. There were a lot of people there that chose to speach only French. They were really nice to us. Bill explained they rarely got to meet guests from outside Canada. Their town was to far north, and not that big. They had a big meeting hall, which was also their town’s rec center. The parents had prepared a dinner for us. After the dinner, they cleared the hall. We would spend the night there. Cots were set up. We didn’t fool around much since it was so cold at night. We did have a great time chatting around a big fireplace, but I was quick to retreat to a floor mat with an extra warm quilt for the night.

The next day, we returned to Bill’s town, where the group disbanded for the most part. The boys remaining were going to join us for the week at a camp on a private island on the lake in front of Bill’s house. There were about a dozeb boys from Bill’s troop, plus me, Doug, Stephen, and Roger. Of course, David and Steve were part of the troop.

The island was not that big. It might have been a half mile long, and was narrow. It had a really nice beach ans a wooded area behind that. The camping area had been well used. It alredy had a fire ring and several camp sites for patrols. Bill told me it could handle about thirty boys. After we had set up camp, we were given a tour of the island. They even had a small boat dock near the camp for canoes, row boats, and sail boats. During the winter, they came to the island by ice sails. The water was very clear. It was fed by snow and ice sheets, so the water was also good for drinking and cooking. They treated it simply by adding a few drops of chlorine to the water. The lake was far enough south that it got warm and comfortable during the day although the water remained cold.

We stayed at the island for about five days. During that time, I spent lots of time fishing, sailing, and swimming with the boys.

 I got my first time alone with Steve on a sail boat. We sailed far enough out to be alone on the lake. I led the way by stripping off my clothes to coax Steve to do the same. He was anything but shy, and had already talked to his brother David. He knew what I wanted, and allowed me to blow his little three inch dick and to lay him on the foredeck of the boat where I slid my seven inches up his butt, and proceeded to enjoy him. He had already spent more than one night with David and Kevin. Most all the boys in the troop had slept with each other. He and I would also go out on the boat with David. It would be the first time Steve got to see his big brother get screwed. In return, he would give his butt to both of us. He returned to the camp rubbing his buns as his buddies snickered at him. He had lots to tell them about in the tent.

Doug had no complaints. He would spend lots of time with all the boys at camp. Bill was busy cooking and teaching the boys cammping skills. He also shared a tent with David and Steve. I shared a large dome tent with Doug, Stephen, and Roger. Stephen spent most of his time sleeping with Doug. Stephen was also amazed at the size of Roger’s dick, and could not get enough of it. I was surprised at times that every kid in camp didn’t know that Roger was humping Stephen a lot (and I’m not sure they didn’t). The two of them would slip off together for long walks in the woods. All the kids knew where to go for privacy, so I suspect they knew where Stephen was (and probably what he was doing). Surprisingly, the boys did not discuss such things openly, but David would tell me that they talked about it among themselves.

The time in Canada ended way too soon. I made a lot of new friends among Bill’s group. I also made plans to visit Bill and his family on other occasions. When we did leave, Doug had to be back at work. We had little time to spare. He and I drove straight through to get home. Stephen, Roger, and I saw lots of each other.