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Chapter 8: Jamboree II

Each country taking part in the jamboree was asked to host a day. They were to hold displays of cultures and traditions in the central area. They would also provide the menu and cook for a day. Finally, they would put on the campfire at night. Of course, every camp site was open to guests all week.

As hosts, the Canadians took the limelight the first day. They did a fantastic job. They showed the different cultures spread over Canada, including the Eskimos from the Arctic regions and the French from Quebec.

Breakfast included thick slices of Canadian bacon. Of course, I had the pleasure of being served by Erique. He served both me and Jack. His smile was precious, and he made sure I knew he had asked to serve my table. Jack couldn’t figure out why a French Canadian boy was so interested in serving me, but one look at Erique answered the question. What he really wanted to know was when and how did I find the boy, and how well did I know him. I simply teased that it was my duty to make the campers feel welcome. Not only did Jack not accept my answer, but his jealousy was very obvious. It was made worse because Jack knew that David and Stephen were sharing my tent. He had chosen to join several leaders in a tent. Not putting me in that tent had proven to be his mistake. Just knowing I was having a great time while he was trying to look cool and influential was irritating him. When I told him, he was doing a great job, he growled “Not as good as you.”

A couple days later, Paul cornered me. He said he had seen Erique, who wanted to see us again. Knowing Jack was watching me, I explained the problem to Paul. He simply grinned knowingly and added “We’ll go canoeing. Leave the rest to me.”

We met that afternoon shortly after lunch. This is the time when the boys had free time to do things they liked to do. We had a half dozen canoes at the camp. We got a three man canoe, and headed out on the lake to explore.( So I thought.) About fifteen minutes after we left camp. Paul pointed our canoe toward a small island. He explained that the island was sometimes used for a small camping group, but was not being used at the time.

As we approached the island, I noticed it had a small wooded area on one side. On the side we were headed to, it had a nice sandy beach. We beached the canoe, and pulled it ashore. Paul had brought a backpack with snacks so we could spend some time there. The weather was warm. We were wearing swim suits for swimming, and had towels. We laid the towels out in the white sandy beach to take advantage of the sun. As we did so Paul explained that not many canoes passed this way, and few would stop if they noticed the canoe. They would think campers were on the island.

No sooner had we set up our stuff than the three of us had slid out of our swim suits, and laid back on the beach towels. We could easily see if anyone was near the island, so we felt pretty much safe. We also had been nude with each other before, so it didn’t take long to move close together, and start fondling. All of us had a hardon by the time we were undressed. All of us knew we were going to resume our sex play.

Just who groped who first, I don’t recall. I was so amazed that I had two great looking boys nude on an open beach that I couldn’t wait to get started having fun. Paul was fifteen, and was well endowed. His six inch cut dick was sticking straight out. His balls were well developed, and his buns were too. My own dick was not much longer than Paul’s, but maybe a little thicker. Both Paul and I considered ourselves gay, but not homosexual since homos are not permitted in the scouts. Gay scouts simply like to play strange games that involve sex. While these games may be of a homosexual nature, they are not to replace normal, natural reproductive duties as that would be unacceptable conduct.

Erique was thirteen. He had a four inch uncut dick. His balls were still growing, but were dropping. He had only a little peach fuzz around the base. He had buns that would make you cream off just watching them swing and sway in front of you. His family was nudist, so he was not all that afraid of seeing us nude. He had also played around with us, and with some of his friends. He was relaxed around Paul. I found out they had played around at camp. Paul loved sucking on Erique’s dick. That’s as far as they had gone.

With that in mind, we had no problem blowing each other. Erique also showed us that he had started shooting off. It wasn’t much, and it was clear, but Paul and I complimented him on his contribution. I even cleaned it up for him, causing him to giggle. He pulled away when I licked his dickhead saying it was so ticklish, it hurt.

After we had blown each other, I reminded Paul I had not fucked him yet. He also knew where I was going with this, and had wanted me to fuck him anyway, so he reached into the backpack coming back with a tube of K-Y. Then he laid on the towels on his stomach. Legs spread open. Paul had lots of experience with this. He wasn’t worried. He remained relaxed as I greased up his butt, and my dick. Then I gently slid in my middle finger. Paul took in a deep breath, and looked back at me as I moved the finger around looking for his prostate. He smiled when I found it. I slid the second finger in. I could tell he was ready. Paul was cooing. He also pushed back to show he was at ease with the stretching.

It was time. I removed the fingers. Paul felt the cold air and the empty feeling. He looked back as I moved in between his legs, leaning forward to place my shaft at his entrance. He clasped the towel and took in another deep breath as I pressed forward putting my weight on him and pressing the mushroom shaped head inside him. Once the head was in, I held up. Paul was ready. He pushed back as I resumed pushing forward. The shaft slowly eased it’s way in. We repeated this until I felt my pubes pressed against Paul’s butt. He felt it too. He looked up at me saying “It’s in. I’m all yours.” I let it rest awhile.

Erique had already guessed what we wanted. He had watched quietly as Paul gave in. He had heard about boys getting screwed like girls. No one had used him that way. He knew it would hurt. He now watched as his friend Paul lay quietly on the towel, smiling as I started moving my dick around inside him, finding his love button. Erique looked a little confused when Paul whispered to me. “Feels good now. Fuck me good.”

Erique watched curiously as I began a slow shallow humping rhythm on Paul’s butt. As he watched, I increased the speed and the vigor, pulling back far enough that Erique could see my shaft ease almost all the way out, then slam back in. Paul rocked back and forth easily taking the shaft. He even started cooing in pleasure as I plunged inside. We both knew I wouldn’t last long. Paul knew how to work the shaft in such a way as to make it impossible for me to hold out for long. He also let Erique know how much he liked getting screwed. Paul would push up to meet my balls as I tried desperately to push my entire body inside his hole. He would even move his thighs back and forth or squeeze my shaft causing me to utter strange sounds in pleasure. When I could hold back no more, I grabbed Paul’s waist, and held on tight. My hips were jerking vigorously. Holding his butt in the air, I shot a huge load. Paul let go a load of his own. Both of us were making loud urgent sounds. That went on for a few minutes. Then I let Paul drop flat on the towels. I went down with him, laying exhausted on his back.

The two of us rested as we returned to earth and to our normal state of being. My dick had gone to a semi-hardon, and I lifted up to let it slide out. Paul rolled over on his back, facing me. We hugged, and I planted a long passionate kiss that he responded too. After a few minutes, I rolled off him. Paul closed his eyes to catch a quick nap before resuming our play.

Erique had watched all this with much interest. It was the first time he had actually seen how it was done. I asked if he was ready to give it a try. He openly admitted he wanted to try it, and wanted to please me. He had heard it hurt a lot, but had not seen that from Paul. He was nervous and confused. I told him that if it hurt him I would stop, but also told him it would hurt when I entered because it would stretch him open. I also told him to push back at me when he felt me enter even though it seemed like the wrong thing to do. By pushing back, he would relax the muscle and allow me in. Once I was in, the pain would start to pass, but he would still feel full simply because he has an adult dick filling his butt. And once I found his “love spot”, he would like the new feelings, and would want to keep going.

He thought about what I had said, Then he thought over what he had seen, and the way Paul had acted as he gave in. I guess it made sense because he finally repeated “You’ll stop if I want you too.?” I nodded, but added “Once I am in.” He looked intently at the shaft in question.

Then, following Paul’s example, Erique rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs allowing me to see his pretty pink hole. He looked back to watch as I moved behind him. Still looking nervous and maybe a little confused that his butt could be used for sex.

I Greased up my finger, and slowly worked it inside him. He flinched a little, but tried to relax. After my finger slid in and began working his muscles, he began to enjoy having it in there. I found his prostate, causing him to feel strong electric -like pulses spread throughout his body. He squirmed a little, but cooed that he liked that. When the second finger went in, he simply accepted it. It made him feel fuller, but didn’t hurt. I moved the fingers around until he felt at ease again. He was ready now.

Moving up so my dickhead was pressed against his hole, I reminded him to push back at me even though it didn’t make sense. Then I pressed the well greased mushroom shaped head against the tiny hole. It didn’t work the first time. Erique couldn’t bring himself to push back or to open up. We tried it again. This time, he took a deep breath, then pushed back against it. He let out a little cry of pain, and then clamped down hard on my shaft. The head was in. I held it in place until I felt him relax a little. Then I eased it in a little more. Again, he clamped down, but not as hard or as long. It was obvious to both of us that the worst was over. I was in. It was just a matter of allowing the rest of the warm hard shaft to slide inside. After what seemed like forever, but was probably just a few more minutes, I felt my pubes resting against the cutest butt in town. Erique felt it too. Both of us were hot and sweaty even though it was cool. Both of us wanted to pause and enjoy the moment. He was not hurting, but my dick felt huge, and deep to him.

After a brief rest, I started moving my dick around inside him. At first, he was nervous and curious, holding still as I explored his bottom. Then he turned to look up at me and told me it didn’t hurt any more, just felt strange. When it touched his love spot, he would look back at me and wiggle a ltttle, perhaps trying to feel more pleasure. After a while, he announced he liked knowing it felt good, and was making me feel good too. I didn’t want to finish off any time soon. I knew if I started my rhythm, it wouldn’t take long before I would finish, but I loved being a part of Erique, and didn’t want to let him go.

But all good things must come to an end. Reluctantly, I started a slow, short stroke, moving around to stretch him open a little more before humping him vigorously. It seemed like all too soon I was doing just that. Having just shot a load inside Paul, it took a little longer to get off, although it just didn’t seem like long enough. As I pulled back to start the long swift strokes, I saw Paul sitting up watching. I let Erique know I was getting close. His body rocked back and forth on the towel as I strongly plowed his butt. By now, he was pushing back just as Paul had done to allow me to flatten out smacking his buns. He was also making sounds of pleasure. The big shaft was no longer a problem to him. Once again, I grabbed another waist pulling it to me and holding tight as I blasted shot after shot deep inside.

Happy, but exhausted, I gently let Erique slide to the towel. Not wanting to smother him, I pulled out once I was done. Rolling aside, I planted a tender kiss on his lips. He didn’t open up, but he wasn’t into that yet. He did give me a hug to let me know he had enjoyed our fun game. The two of us laid side by side embracing each other until we were rested.

Paul noticed Erique still had a hardon. I don’t think he had shot off during our fun. Not a problem though. Paul quickly and happily took back his friend by blowing him. It didn’t take long. Erique was already close. I suspect it was a dry cum since he had already shot off once. Still, he and Paul enjoyed it.

After a brief rest, and a cleanup, the three of us noticed that time had not waited for us. It was getting late. We did take the time to talk about what we had done. No one regretted it. It had been fun. Paul explained to Erique that he had just lost his cherry, and what that meant. Erique giggled that he wasn’t worried about it. It had been his decision to have fun with us. He felt he had made two good friends from the States. We made plans to meet again before the camp was done. Paul had plans to see Erique lots. I knew I couldn’t compete with that. I had duties to take care of. And I giggled that Jack would be furious if he found out I had once again been out with Erique.

The canoe trip back to camp was both happy and sad for me. I had a crush on Erique that I knew was hopeless. For one thing, Paul also wanted him. For another, both me and Paul would be heading back to the States soon. We would probably both be heartbroken. And Erique, he would find another friend, probably one closer to his own age, to play with. Still, it was a day I would not soon forget.

I was not lucky enough to meet with Erique again, but I was still sleeping with Stephen every night, so I was not going without a lot of loving. Paul and David had hit it off. We could hear them making out as we were busy doing our own thing. Paul admitted he was slipping off with Erique whenever he could. David took that in stride. We understood this was just a summer fling.

Stephen did take me back to Gumby’s tent to play with Gumby and the twins again. Not only did I screw Gumby, I was used as a suck toy by both the twins. They weren’t ready to get screwed yet, but enjoyed watching Gumby lay on his back with his legs over my shoulder as I plowed him vigorously. Of course, Stephen also got in the act. Both of us exchanged blow jobs with the three boys, and Stephen also screwed Gumby. We had gone to their tent at night. We left after the fun was over, went back to our own tent, and slept together all night.

We would see each other from time to time at activities or at the dining area. Nothing was said about our secret meetings in front of other campers. That was the code. We chatted openly about everything else though. Staff members and leaders were addressed as “Sir” as a matter of courtesy. Discretion was expected at all times. A quick wink or pat on the butt was exchanged, but only when no one was looking. I have to admit the Canadians were much better at that than I was. There were times when I wanted to sneak off with Erique or the other boys just for a hug (or maybe more), but it seemed like Jack was always there to remind me of my place as staff.

Perhaps the hardest part of the jamboree was the last couple of days. That was when the equipment was being loaded once again on the flat boats to be returned to the loading area. That last day when the tents came down and boys were carrying their back packs to the dock was heart breaking. By that time, I had learned the names of so many boys and leaders that I was just beginning to feel at home. There had been so many things I had learned about cultures from other countries, so many customs that showed me my own country was way behind the others in many things, nudity was not taken as seriously in most countries.

Erique was the first to say good-bye to me. His group was off to Quebec. He did not hesitate to give me a hug and a peck on the cheek. The French had no problem with that. He would remind me one last time that the French were the best lovers. A short time later, the twins and Gumby said their farewells. This time, I shook hands, got a hug, and they were gone. Stephen and david were joined by their father. He was adamant about seeing me later when I came to visit them at home. Paul was as sad as I was. This trip had meant so much to him. He was going to spend more time in Canada.

Finally, every thing was done. I had rejoined my troop for the return trip home. I paid my respects to Jack. He reminded me we would meet again soon also. He teased that I should consider moving to Canada. Things were so different there. With that, I lined up my small convoy and left. I had enough material from this trip to write a book. This article is only a small part of the many events that would make up this trip. But there was much more to come.