KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author. Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 10 New Friend, New Vacation 

We were heading back toward my cabin, and Jerry said, "Are we really going out on the lake today Kevin." 

"Yeah of course; unless you can think of something better to do!" 

He just sat there, in a daze. I parked the truck; we both got out and gathered his things, and went to my cabin. 

Jerry asked, "Where do you want me to put this stuff?"

"Just find an empty drawer," so he did, putting his few things neatly away. "I should have carried you over the threshold like newlyweds."

He laughed and said, "I still can't believe it, I'm really here to stay. Kevin, I want to thank you for being so nice to me." 

We just looked at each other for a little while, not saying anything, then Jerry stood up and headed for the door.

"I think I'll take my keys back to the office and see Chris."

"OK, mind if I join you?"

"Me! Mind? Never!"

We left the cabin and walked up to the office. We entered the office. Chris was working behind the counter. 

Jerry said, "Hi Chris, here are my keys to the cabin." 

Chris replied, "You don't have to turn them in right away, or do you have all your things out already?" 

"Yeah got everything out!" 

"Did you already move in with Kevin?"

"I sure did, and I'm going to enjoy the rest of the summer, as a guest of this place."

"Well, I hope everything works out great, for the two of you. Oh yeah, let me pay you Jerry. You did a great job for us."

Chris counted out some money then handed it to Jerry. 

"Thanks, Chris, for everything you did for me." 

"Well, we'll see you around Mr. Logan." Jerry and I left the office. 

I hugged Jerry when we got outside, and said, "I didn't even know your last name until just now. That shows how much you mean to me!"

"Well I don't know yours either and I can't tell you, how much you mean to me." 


"So it's Kevin Baron?"

"Yep, that's little OLE me, so what do you want to do now?"

"Can we just go make love?"

"Oh gee, I'm so sorry, but I think we need to take a break, for a little while. Do you mind? My dick was kind of sore earlier, from all the attention it's been getting lately."

"I don't mind, I'm feeling quite rough around the edges too," He said, laughing.

We went down to the docks. I saw Rich standing by the boathouse, we walked up to him. Jerry spoke first.

"Rich, we need a boat and motor for the rest of the day." 

Rich said, "OK, I hear you are a guest around here now, I hope you enjoy your day on the lake." He started getting life jackets, ores, and a can of gas out. We all walked to the boat. Jerry and I got in and Rich pushed us off.

I said, "Jerry, you run this dam thing, you know this lake better than I do." 

"OK, We'll just motor boat around the lake and I'll show you the best sights."

We screwed around on the lake for three or four hours, then Jerry headed for the North Cove, saying, "Kevin, let's go to a more private part of the lake, OK?" 

"Sure, Chad and I were up there that day I went fishing."

"Fishing for what, a 7 inch-ER," and laughed. 

I told him it started out being a fishing trip, until Chad turned it into something else. As we entered the cove, we both saw Chad's boat, with no one in it. 

Jerry said, "He is probability fucking someone, somewhere." 

"Do you know who?"

"I think Bill went with him this morning, but I don't know if Bill is gay or not?" 

So we shut off the motor and rowed the boat over toward Chad's boat. As we approached, I saw a naked butt bouncing up and down. I told Jerry "reach out and grab that rope." I pointed to the rope hanging off the bow of Chad's boat, he grabbed it, then I rowed very easily toward the beach. I whispered to Jerry, "Be quiet, and we will see what happens, OK." Jerry shook his head, up and down. The two guys in the other boat didn't even know we were pulling them. Jerry was watching them as I rowed. I noticed Jerry's crotch. He had one hell of a hardon, and I wasn't any different, my snake wanted out of my trunks real badly.

We got to the beach in just a few minutes and got out of the boat. I slipped on some moss making a hell of a noise. Chad jumped up looking right at me. 

He said, "You fuckers what the fuck are you doing." 

About this time, the other guy got up and looked at Jerry. 

Jerry said, "Hi Bill, what's up." 

Bill could see Jerry had a hardon by the way it pointed straight up and the tip of Jerry's dick was sticking out above the waistband of this swimsuit. 

Bill replied, "Looks like that thing between your legs should be telling you!" 

Well, Bill's wasn't exactly soft, either. His tool was pointing at the sun, and about 7 inches from where it connected to his crotch.

Chad said, "Fuck the bullshit, let's have some fun, now that we have a foursome."

He reached under the seat and grabbed that same old' blanket, laying it out on the beach. 

Jerry said, "I suppose you think will all fit on that postage stamp." 

Chad replied, "Don't take much room if we do it right. Bill you get on your back." Than he asked us, "Are you guys going to join us?" 

"Hell Yea!" we both said in unisons.

"You need to shed them clothes then?"

Shit in the anticipation of what was coming neither one of us thought about it. So Jerry and I started getting stripped. Jerry pulled his trunks down so fast that his manhood pointed at the ground until his trunks released it, then it popped out slapping his stomach with a pop. I was naked and ready for action.

Chad said, "OK Jerry, you lay down beside Bill facing the other way." So Jerry got down beside Bill with his head next to Bill's waist, and his waist next to Bill's head.

"Kevin which one do you want to suck, I'll take the other one!" 

I told Chad, "I'll take Jerry, from now on as far as I am concerned the only person that I am going to have any sex acts with is going to be Jerry. I am hoping he feels the same way, but this is the first time we have had any reason to think about how we are going to play the sex game. Is that ok with you, Jerry?" Jerry seemed to think about it for just a second, before he answered, "Kevin and I are a couple now, so I think we should just enjoy each other. We can give other people hand jobs or have someone give one or both of us that kind of help, any sex that involves putting our dicks into someone whether it is in a mouth or a butt, it will be just Kevin and I. So I got down on my hands and knees straddling Bill's head and took Jerry's manmeat, and put it in my mouth. Bill reached up grabbing my manhood and started jacking me off. Then Chad got down, straddled Jerry's head, took Bill's manhood, and started sucking it. Jerry reached up, grabbed Chad's manhood, and started jacking him. There we were all having a great time, I was hoping Jerry was enjoying himself. I sure was, and by the looks of things so were Bill and Chad. We all kept it up for awhile and all of a sudden, Jerry exploded, shot after shot of cum sprayed into my mouth, until it dripped out the sides and onto his balls. Shit I couldn't hold out any longer ether and shot my load into all over bill. He jerked and I knew he was blowing his cum, into Chad's mouth. I looked over and Chad's stomach muscles looked like they were ready to pop. He started jerking and Jerry slowed his jacking of Chad till he was completely drained. I knew Chad had shot his load of cum, and Jerry enjoyed it. We all just kind of fell apart, but were still lying there together. An outsider would think we were a pile of worms, arms, legs and penises all tangled together. After a few minutes lapsed, we started breaking apart. I was first and then Chad. 

We all got dressed and headed for our boats. Chad yelled over at us, "Great time guys, maybe again sometime." 

Jerry said, "Sure anytime."

We started heading back to the dock; Bill and Chad stayed in the cove. As we got closer to the dock.

Jerry said, "That was a lot of fun, wasn't it Kevin!" 

"Yes but I'm starting to get jealous when other guys mess around with your equipment."

"I don't know what you mean, but I was feeling like I wanted to get Bill out of the way too. Is that what you mean by; jealous?" 

"You got it buddy," and I smiled at him. 

We docked the boat and Rich came over to get the gear, he said, "Today was on the house, by order of Chris." 

"Thank Chris for us, please?"

Then we headed for the cabin. I opened the door and we both went in. 

I said, "I'm going to take a shower, how about you Jerry." 

"I'll join you if you don't mind."


So we both stripped down and went into the shower together. I started washing Jerry from back to front, paying special attention to his meat and balls, hmmm meatballs, I love meatballs. He got a roaring hardon, but I left it alone. I said, "We'll leave that for later, OK?"


Then he grabbed the soap and started working me over; he played with my dick and balls too. And I got a big ol' hardon, and I knew he was going to leave it too. We both got out of the shower and dried off. I said, "Jerry how would you like to go see a movie tonight, to celebrate our new arrangement?"

"That sounds great; we need to do something special."

Jerry put on a pair of jeans and a red tee shirt. I figured I would ware the same outfit. I just happened to have bought, a red tee shirt that was just like his, when I was in town. 

Jerry said, "We look like twins!" 

"I want us to be just like twins, forever love."

We locked up the cabin, and headed up to the parking lot, jumped in the pick-up, and started for town. While I was driving, Jerry reached over and rested his hand on my leg, then started working his way up to my crotch, rubbing it. 

"Shit man that feels good, but I think you'd better back off, or I'll end up driving this damn thing off the fucking road, and I don't want anything happening to you. Now that I have found you, there is no way that I ever want to lose you. Geeze we were made for each other."

"I just thought guys liked being played with while they drive."

"That only happens in books or movies."

"OK, Kevin I don't want anything to happen to you either. I love you to much."

"Is it OK if I slide over and rest my head on your shoulder?"

"Sure, that won't interfere with my driving."

Jerry lay his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I just kept on heading for town.

To be continued...