KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author. Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 11 A Night on the Town

We were entering town, so I put my hand on Jerry's leg and shook him a little, until he woke up. He stretched; he was still half-asleep.

He said, "Are we here already!"

"You slept all the way in. You shouldn't be tired." I giggled at him.

We stopped at a burger place, one of those fast food types, that toasts the bun, and char broils the meat. We went in to eat.

Jerry said, "I'm hungrier than a bear! I need a couple of big burgers, fries and a Strawberry shake."

"That sounds really good to me." so I ordered the same thing.

Jerry reached into his pocket pulled out a $20, to pay the bill.

"You hang on to your money;" I told him. "I will take care of it."

"No, Kevin, I have to pay my way too!"

"Now don't give me any shit, I'm paying tonight, anyway." Then I paid for the order.

We sat down at the table, and devoured the meal, like there was no tomorrow.

Jerry asked me, "What movie do you want to see, Kevin?"

"I don't know? How many theaters do they have in this town, probably only one!"

"No I think one of the guys at the lake said they had six."

"Holy shit! I am amazed that a place this small would have that many theaters. If that's right, then let's find a paper and see what's playing?"

We drove to a Quick Stop; Jerry ran in, grabbed a local paper, and came back to the truck. He jumped in, and said, "Well let me look and see what's good."

I figured, I'll let him pick the movie. How about "Spring Vacation" its rated R?"

"OK, how do I find it?" He told me, it was south of town on highway 57.

"That must be out toward the rodeo grounds."

"Were you at the rodeo, Kevin?"

"Yeah, I went there, that time I brought Rich into town."

Yeah, I knew how to get out of town on that highway, all right. We found our way onto the highway, and started looking for the theater. Jerry spotted it on the left side of the road, so, I pulled in, and parked the truck; we got out locked it up, and then went over to the window.

"This is on me, you turkey."

Jerry went "Gobble, Gobble."

I told the person in the box office, "1 student, and 1 adult," and handed him a $10; bill. He gave me my change, then we went in and found seats together, in the back row.

I asked Jerry, "Why do you want to sit so far back."

"I don't like folks sitting behind me."

We got there just in time because the movie started with previews. Then the main feature. The movie turned out to be about a couple of guys almost like Jerry and me. The movie should have been rated X.

Jerry said in a whisper, "Sure reminds me of a couple of people I know, HA, Kevin?" He reached over and put his hand on my throbbing grissle.

"Not in here, Jerry!"

"Why not, there's no one sitting around us, and we are in the back row, now you know why I like to sit here."

I didn't say anything; I just reached over and started to unbutton his jeans. Jerry looked at me, and smiled, the biggest smile I think I ever saw. After I got his jeans unbuttoned, he slid them down just enough so his meat was exposed. It sprang up like one of those Jack in the box toys, where you crank it, and it plays music, and just when it gets to the word POP, in Pop goes the weasel, the little clown pops right up. Jerry reached over and unbuttoned my jeans, so I slid them down to free my manhood. It was dark in there, so we couldn't see each other's penises, but we sure could feel them. I then slid my hand over and rested it on Jerry's leg, kind of sliding it into his crotch, then I played with his walnut sized balls. Of course, I was getting a replay of the action on my crotch.

This went on for about a half hour or so, then the movie started getting sexier and Jerry moved in closer, first he grabbed my manhood, squeezed it, then started to stroke it at the same time. I couldn't help but let out a low moan. I slid my hand from his balls up his throbbing hardon and felt the cum squirting out, which made his penis, slick, and easy to stroke. The hotter the action, on the screen, got, the faster we stroked each other's penises. Finally, the two guys on the screen showed signs of cumming. And that did it for us too. Jerry just shook and moaned very softly and shot, load after load, of cum, all over his shirt, and my hand. I licked his cum off my hand, and I started feeling my guts get tighter, then pop, POW! I shot four or five loads all over my shirt. Jerry reached up and found some of it, he put it in his mouth, and sucked his fingers. We slipped our jeans back up. And watched the rest of the movie.

The movie ended somewhat sadly. As someone shot the older guy, and left the younger one alone. In fact, I saw a tear or two in Jerry's eyes. We got up to leave and the lights came on in the theater, I noticed that Jerry's tee shirt had cum spots all over it. I pointed to them and he turned red in the face. Then he pointed to my shirt and laughed. I had probably more cum spots on my shirt than he did.

Both of us left in a hurry, so no one would see us. As soon as we got to the truck Jerry said, "I'm getting out of this dirty thing," and pulled his tee shirt off exposing his bare chest.

I said, `I'm doing the same thing," and off came my shirt too.

We climbed back into the truck, and started back to the cabin. Jerry leaned over and put his head on my shoulder again. He started quietly talking about the movie. He started by saying that he sure hoped nothing ever breaks us up.

"I don't know what I would do without you, Kevin, now that I've found you." He started rubbing my bare chest while I drove. He just couldn't seem to get close enough to me to satisfy himself that I had no intention what so ever, of ever letting him go. I reached my arm around his neck and pulled him close to me, our skin touched and felt warm.

"Jerry, I give you my solemn promise, that you will never, ever, have to worry anymore, I'll never leave you!"

I felt something warm, drop onto my shoulder. I glanced over at Jerry, when the next car passed us; I was shocked, he was crying,

"What's wrong?" I asked, I wondered if I had done something to upset him.

Then he sniffed and said in a choked voice, "Kevin, I love you so much, it hurt me, so much, when I think about those guys in that movie, and how I would feel if anything happened to us. I think if something were to happen, I would just go out and jump in front of a truck or something."

I hugged him as tight as I could and still drive. "Don't worry about ever having to do some stupid thing like that."

The rest of the way back to the cabin Jerry never said a word. I figured he was asleep until his hand started pressing and rubbing my bare chest again. I just kept on driving. I pulled into the parking lot, stopped the engine, and said, "We're home sweetheart."

Jerry sat up, not saying anything. So I got out of the truck, Jerry did too.

We walked, side by side. He had a hold of my hand so tight, that I had to clench my teeth to keep from whimpering. We got to the cabin, I opened the door and walked in and turned on the lights. Jerry headed for the bathroom, still not saying anything. I turned on the TV and started watching it, I felt bad about the way Jerry was feeling, but I didn't know how to bring him out of it.

Jerry came out of the bathroom with nothing on except his shorts.

"Jerry," I said to him as I looked into his beautiful sad eyes, "no more movies, if this is what they do to you!"

"Kevin, my love, I normally don't act like this, but that movie really got to me."

"Just wait here, I have to take a piss too."

While I was in the bathroom, I took off everything, except my shorts, and went back into the living room. Jerry was lying there, on the bed. About that time, the TV station signed off the air, so I reached over and flicked it off.

Jerry looked at me and said, "God you are a good looking guy, you know that."

"Now that's starting to sound more like the guy I'm in love with."

I pulled out one of the magazines; Jerry brought over and opened it up. Jerry looked over and didn't say anything. He just watched me.

I started turning the pages, not thinking of what was happening. My manhood sprang up pushing my shorts away from my belly. I glanced over and Jerry was showing some signs of being turned on too, so I slowly moved a little closer to the bed. Jerry reached up and rubbed my crotch. I put the magazine down, and slid onto the bed next to Jerry. I reached over and played with his crotch.

Jerry spoke up, finally, "Kevin, I want you to sit on my pole, tonight, OK."

"Now that's more like it." I said, as I grinned broadly.

Jerry raised his butt up and I slipped his shorts off, exposing that beautiful piece of meat, of his. Then I raised my butt and slid my shorts off, letting my power tool jump free.

I got up and straddled Jerry's slim perfectly proportioned hips. I reached down, pulled his dick up off his belly, and pointed it at my rosebud. I started lowering myself onto his pole, until the tip pushed its way in. Then Jerry shoved his hips up fast and that hard drivin' manhood of his drove home. It caught me off guard and I fell on him, driving his manhood even deeper up my puckered hole. He reached up and pinched both of my nipples, I let out groan. I wanted him to start working on my throbbing hardon soon. The kid then reached out and barely touched the tip of my prick He leaned over and tentatively tasted the precome oozing from my piss slit. Which made my penis even more hard, and then it jerked up and down at each touch. Jerry was fucking my hole faster and faster, so I reached down and poked a finger into his belly button, twisting it. And digging my finger just enough to bury my finger up to the first knuckle. He had the cutest little inny you could ever imagine, of course I didn't have to imagine. I couldn't believe the reaction I got from him. His stomach muscles got so tight they pushed my finger almost out. He let out a loud moan. I knew he was ready to pop.

Then he started moaning, "oh, I can't hold on any longer." I told him.

He shot another volley of jizz, He pumped load after load of hot cum up my ass. I thought it was going to shoot out my nose; he had his dick up there pretty far. God, it felt so dam good, I twisted my body around which drove Jerry nuts. I then tightened every muscle I knew and quite a few that I never suspected I had. I kept trying to hold back. This, of course squeezed Jerry's drill bit, and he jerked... That was it. I was through holding it back. I let out a loud groan and started shaking like a leaf. "Oh, Jerry I'm cumming, fuck I'm cumming, hard." I watched myself shoot load after load of come all over his chest. I just sat there on his meat, wiping my come all over Jerry's chest and nipples.

I started talking to him, but I didn't get up. I kept his meat inside of my puckered hole. "You know I think that we should leave for home tomorrow, Jerry. There are a lot more things we can do together there. And I will have another week off, to spend with you at home."

"Oh man, I'll go along with whatever you want, Kevin. I will follow you to the end of the Earth, if you ask me to."

"All I wanted was for us to be happy together, forever"

It was getting late so I got up. His manhood slid out of my ass; it was blood red, and soft. We showered together once more, and hit the sack. Jerry wrapped his arms around me again, and pulled me against him, so we were facing each other again. Then he kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth. Are penises were kissing too. We both fell asleep, holding each other tightly, tangled together in each other's arms.

To be continued...