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Chapter 12 Saying good-bye

Waking up together for the first time, as lovers felt great. Just knowing we had a little more then a week to spend together, without the worry of going to work, filled me with pure unadulterated joy. Jerry looked over and saw that I had my hand on my dick, scratching it.

"Got a hardon 'ha'."

I reached over under the sheet and got a hold of Jerry's hardon and said, "What's this a stick."

Jerry laughed, as he reached over, taking hold of my hardon. He said, "Let's do something about it, OK?"

I then tossed the sheet off the bed, exposing both of our rock hard penises. I got up, not saying anything.

Jerry said, "What's wrong."

I just went to the foot of the bed and grabbed Jerry's feet and pulled him down until his knees bent, feet touching the floor. I then jumped back on the bed. I got over Jerry in a 69 position.

Jerry spoke up; "I guess nothing's wrong then. Now, I see what you've got on your mind,"

He reached up and grabbed a hold of my manhood, pulling it down. Then he started sucking it, like it was a thick rich chocolate milkshake. I was on my hands and knees, so I moved my head down and took his tube steak into my mouth and pulled it in. I guess we couldn't control ourselves. Well that isn't really true. We didn't want to control ourselves. We both sucked on each other's penises for a half-hour. It felt so wonderful to be there with Jerry. I rolled Jerry over so we were on our sides, to free my hands. We never stopped sucking. I reached over and poked a finger into Jerry's belly button, then I played with his balls, with my other hand. Jerry jerked and twitched, his muscles got really tight. I knew it was about time for breakfast. Of course, everything I did to Jerry, he returned the favor, measure for measure and maybe a little more. I am not sure who got more pleasure him, or me. Maybe it was about equal, I was starting to feel that tingling sensation, deep down inside of my stomach, and my stomach muscles were twitching. Then pop! Jerry shot his load, full force, into my mouth, I swallowed, and swallowed, I didn't want to lose a drop of his wonderful nectar. I started shooting my load into Jerry's mouth, then. He was sucking, at least as hard, as I had. I knew he was trying not to lose anything either. I turned around on the bed, while Jerry slid back up.

Jerry said, "Now that's the way to say Good-Morning to someone you love, as much as I love you, Kevin."

"Well maybe we'll make it a habit, then, OK?"

Jerry smiled and told me "you bet, lover, I like that idea a lot!"

We just lay there on the bed naked, and we started talking. I said, "Well have you thought about, what I asked you last night, about leaving today."

"Not really, we've been making love too much for me to think about anything but this." He was flipping my soft manhood up and down.

"Well then, how about it?"

"OK, I've seen enough of this place."

"OK, love, lets get packed, and take off."

So Jerry got up, walked into the bathroom, and took a piss. He came back out; then I made a beeline for the bathroom myself, and I took a piss. When I got back into the room, Jerry was starting to put his things into one of his two suitcases. He was still naked. Damn he was so beautiful!

"Don't you think we had better get dressed?"

"OH shit, yeah, I guess we should, I'm getting use to running around naked, I bet it will take me a week to get it through my thick skull that I need to put clothes on when I am going to go out. I guess we have to score some points for this place, in that we can do what ever the heck we want to here." He reached for his underwear, put them on, then he slipped on his jeans. I got dressed and started packing my things. We both finished packing and headed for the truck. After putting everything in the bed of the truck, I said, "I'll have to check-out now, Jerry, why don't you run down to the cabin and make sure we're not forgetting anything."

Jerry started running to the cabin and I went to the office.

I saw Chris standing there, I said, "Good-morning guy."

Chris said, "What's going on, I see you guys are all packed up."

"Well Chris, we decided to head home and spend next week getting settled, and start looking for a job for Jerry, while I'm still off on my vacation."

"Good Idea. Well Kevin, lets settle up, how much we need to give you back," then he started figuring, on the calculator, "how about hundred, twenty five bucks."

Then he counted out the money, and handed it to me.

"Chris this has been the best vacation anyone could even think of having!"

Chris said as I was leaving, "You two guys have a good time, and come back and see us again."

I saw Jerry running back up the trail. He said, "No Kevin, we got everything OK, I want to just say good-bye to Chris, It will only take a minute, OK?"

I said, "Sure" as I unlocked the truck.

Jerry came out of the office smiling, looking happy as hell. He jumped into the truck and said, "Let's go!"

I looked over at him and said, "What's going on, you look like you just swallowed a canary!"

"Well you won't believe what just happened to me? Chris gave me a $300 bonus"

"Boy that was sure nice of him."

"He told me that he wanted to give it to me yesterday, but he had to get the OK from the owner."

I started the truck, pulled out onto the highway, and started the trip home. I told Jerry it would take about 16 hours, maybe a little more to get to my place, if we don't fuck around somewhere.

"By the way, Kevin, I've got a drivers license too, so if you need a break, just let me know, I can drive for you if you want me to."

"Great, it is a long drive, to make in one day; of course we will probably spend the night in a motel or two."

"This is great!"

I drove for about two hours and saw a cafe coming up.

"How about some real food for breakfast." Jerry looked at me and smiled.

To be continued...