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Chapter 14 A Special Day at the Hot Springs

We drove a short while until we found a cute little ma and pa diner where we enjoyed one of the most delicious breakfasts either of us had ever had, and then we headed on down the road. After we took turns driving a while, I saw a sign that read, "Hot Springs."

I asked, "Jerry would you like to go see them?"

"Sure, why not, it might be a lot of fun" then he started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Well you know we have not had any fun yet today."

"Oh! You need a little attention, do ya?"

"Well, I think, I heard somewhere, that hot water makes you cum stronger and faster."

"OK, are you in a hurry?"

"No, not really, I just wanted to find out, if what they say is true, that's all."

We drove for a long time, then we saw a large washout in the road, so, we figured we had better stop and lock in the hubs, use low range, and put the old truck into 4 wheel drive, so we could get into this incredibly tiny, out of the way, place. We finally managed to coax our truck to make the trek and we had finally arrived. We took plenty of time, and looked around, chorally. It really looked like there hadn't been anyone here, in a long time, the last rainstorm to pour down on this road, had washed out the old tire tracks. The only ones here were ours. "It's exciting, isn't it," Gerry said,

So Jerry jumped out of the truck, pulled off his shirt, slipped out of his shoes, slid down his jeans, ran like hell and jumped into the hot water, without even checking to see what its temperature registered on the thermometer.

He yelled out, "Geeze man, It's hot but it feels damn great, come on in, slow poke."

I just looked at Jerry's sweet beautiful face, and I was thinking what a nice young man he is. "OK" I shouted then I pulled off my shoes, pants, and shirt.

Then jumped in, as Jerry came over toward me. The Hot Springs wasn't very deep, maybe four feet or so. Jerry came up behind me, and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me under water, then he started playing with my rosebud, under my shorts.

He said, "There is no one around, lets get out of these, OK?"

Of course, while he was saying that, he was pulling my shorts off. So I just reached out, grabbed his, and pulled them down. There we both were, standing in the steamy water, naked as newborn babies. I reached out and grabbed Jerry's tool. It was as hard as a steel pipe, and so was mine, and I hadn't even touched it yet. I started pumping Jerry's meat.

He let out with a loud groan, "Let's get out on the beach so I can make love to you, good and long."

"No, not yet, I want to mount you here in the water,"

So I grabbed Jerry and pulled him toward me, sticking my hardon up his butt. It slid in so easy. I started pumping in and out, as fast as I could, but the feeling was so great, that, I couldn't hold back, and I just pulled Jerry up tight against my manhood and let it fly. Oh, fuck Jerry, this feels so fucking good, I could just squeeze you to death.

Jerry said, "It feels like you are!"

My knees buckled with the pleasure of making love to him.

Jerry said, "Now it's my turn."

He pulled me to shore, and then he lay on his back on top of some moss with his manhood pointing at his chin. He told me to straddle him and sit on his steel rod. Just as I straddled, his stomach and had his rock hard manhood up my ass, we heard the sound of a dirt bike, heading our way; I jumped off Jerry so fast that his manhood slid out of my rosebud hitting him in the stomach, Jerry jumped into the pond at the same time I did. We were in about three feet of water when the dirt bike came over the hill. The bike and rider pulled up by the truck and shut down.

The rider got off the bike, and looked at Jerry and me.

Jerry spoke first, "Hi there, you come here often?"

The rider spoke, "Oh yes almost every day during the summer."

I asked, "Why do you come here?"

"I usually go swimming here,"

"What's your name? I'm Kevin and he is Jerry." I pointed to Jerry.

"I'm Robert" He had to be at the most pushing 16 years old if he was a year.

Jerry said, "well come on in and join us."

Robert spoke, "I normally go swimming alone, and didn't bring any swimming trunks."

Before I could open my mouth Jerry jumped up saying, "we didn't ether."

There stood Jerry, naked, with his stiff prong, pointing straight up.

I yelled at Jerry, "Get down stupid, you've got a hardon!"

The hot water had not let his hardon go down. Jerry said, "Sorry about that."

Robert said, "Well I sure wanted to go for a swim today, now that I'm all dusty from the trip over the back country."

So I said, "That's why there were no tire tracks on the road coming up here."

Robert said, "Well I never use the road, it's more fun coming in though the back country. And no one comes up here in the summer time, well almost no one."

"Well great then, so what are you waiting for, a special invitation! Get those duds off and come on in."

Robert pulled off his shirt, boots, and Levi's.

He jumped in and came over towards us, he said, I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous, being in here with you guys, not knowing you two."

"No need to be nervous, we were just having a little fun, messing around."

Robert didn't get the hint, "Why don't you get out of your underwear and join the messing around."

Robert said, "What do you mean by messing around."

Jerry said, "Let Kevin and I just show you what we mean."

Jerry looked at me, motioned me toward the beach, and said, "I still have my problem, can you take care of it, Kevin."

"Sure anything for a friend,"

I just started walking toward the moss-covered beach. As I came out of the water naked, and of course with a roaring hardon, Robert looked over at me, and as Jerry came into view with his hardon.

Robert spoke, "Fuck those cocks are monsters; mine is nice, but not like those."

Jerry yelled out, "Let's us see for ourselves."

So Robert stood up and pulled off his shorts.

"That dick of yours isn't bad, and might even look better when it's hard." Jerry said.

So Jerry lay down on his back, and I straddled him like before, only this time we had a little admirer. I started lowering my butt, down on Jerry's pole, and then I started going up and down. Jerry started to pump my rosebud as hard as he could. We both looked over to see what Robert was doing, and, unbelievably, the little fucker had a six-inch hardon, and was playing with it. Well, I looked down at Jerry and said, "Might as well ask him to join us, ha?" Jerry was moaning and just nodded yes.

I yelled to Robert, "Don't waist it, come join the fun."

Robert stopped playing with himself and walked over and said, "what do I do?"

"Have you ever done anything like this before?"


"Well then, just come over here and let Jerry stroke your tool, while you stroke Kevin's hot rod." He did as he was told, and Jerry grabbed the kid's manhood, and stroked it for him, Robert moaned and jumped with excitement, wiggling like a dog being fucked. I didn't say anything, but just kept moving up and down on Jerry's manhood. This action made my dick bounce around, and Robert had a hard time keeping hold of it. Then Jerry returned to Robert's hardon, working it over, pretty well by now. The kid reached up and really got the action going on my meat, which was ready to explode by now, with all the attention my butt was getting. Robert's hand was a blur working my hot meat and I told him that he was about to get a hand full and that little fuck started shooting his load all over Jerry. I shot my load all over the kid's front.

Jerry let out with a groan and said, "Kevin I hope you enjoy this", as he shot load after load up my ass.

We all got up and headed into the pond again, to wash off. We all were swimming around and Jerry started talking to Robert. He found out that, the kid was just 17, and lived about 25 miles south of here, and that the kid never had fucked around like this before with anyone. Robert told us that he came up to the hot springs, to jack off, because the hot water felt so good, and the daring of being outside, always turned him on. Well the day was moving on. Jerry and I had to get on the road so we could make it home by nightfall; of course, if we needed another day we could take it. We said good-bye to Robert, and I gave him my address, phone number, and told him, if he was ever in town to look us up.

Robert smiled and said, "Sure will." He started his bike, and took off, over the hill.

We stopped about 25 miles down the road, at a McDonald's for lunch then we headed on down the road.

To be continued...