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Chapter 15 A New Buddy is Found

About fifteen minutes after lunch, we spotted a hitchhiker heading our way. I asked Jerry whether he thought we should pick him up.

"Sure, why not, he might be a lot of fun."

So we pulled over, Jerry asked the dude. "What's your name and where are you headed?"

He said, "My name is Corey, and I'll go as far as you can take me."

Jerry slid over to the center and Corey tossed his bag into the back of the truck, climbed in, and sat next to Jerry, and slammed the door closed.

Jerry said, "Where you coming from?"

"Camp Rivers."

"Did you work there?"

"Yep, I was a lifeguard and this was my first job out of high school."

He was just traveling and was looking for a winter job. He seamed a like nice enough guy. I drove for about two hours, and stopped at a Stuckey's for some drinks, and we all took a piss.

Jerry said, "Let me drive for a while?"

I said, "Ok, Corey you get in the middle and I'll climb in next to you."

Corey fell asleep, and lay his head on my shoulder. Jerry asked me if that reminded me of anything. Of course, it did, and I lifted my arm over Corey's head and rested it on his shoulder.

I was not paying much attention to Jerry, when Corey started to smile in his sleep, and then started to hump a little. So I looked down at his trousers and saw Jerry's hand resting on Corey's crotch, of course Corey was straddling the gearshift.

I asked Jerry, "Does it feel good"

Jerry replied, "It feels like he has a hardon, it keeps jerking every time I rest my hand on it."

About that time, Corey woke up with a jerk. He said, "I'm sorry about falling asleep on you guys, but had a rough night last night."

Jerry was still half resting his hand on Corey's crotch, when Corey realized that he had a hardon, his face turned red and he tried to fix it so it didn't show.

I said, "Don't worry about things like that around us. That was nothing new; every guy gets a hardon, when they go to sleep. You should see Jerry and me in the mornings."

Corey looked at Jerry then at me, with a dumbfounded look and asked a pointed question. "Do you two share an apartment?"

"Sure, even the same bed." I said, jokingly.

Corey just smiled, and said, "You guys aren't gay, are you?"

Jerry spoke up, "why of course not." with a huge shit eating grin on his face.

Then he reached over Corey, and grabbed my crotch, which surprised me, and I jumped about 6 inches. We drove about another ten miles, and no one said a word, not even a whisper.

Finally, Corey broke the silence, and asked, "Were you guys just joking with him or not?"

"Well what do you think?" Jerry said.

"Well if you guys aren't, then I just fell into a shit house and came out smelling like a rose."

"What do you mean by that?" Jerry asked.

Corey told us, "All this summer he had a problem that no one at camp could help him with, so old lady thumb and her four daughters had to do!"

I spoke up saying, "well do you want to stop here somewhere or wait till later, at a motel?"

Corey said, "I'm all sweaty and need a shower first, so let's make it a motel, unless you can find a stream or lake somewhere secluded. I don't want to put on a show for strangers."

"Well Corey we're strangers, aren't we?" smiling at him

He said, "That's OK, you know what I meant."

I said, "How old are you anyway?"

"Nineteen" came the answer, "and you guys?"

I told Corey, Jerry is 17, and I'm 19."

We drove for quite a long way, and finally, we found a motel, not much, it only had ten cabins, and no pool. I went to check in, and found out, they only had one room available, and it was a double, they said they could put a cot in if we needed it. I went back to the truck, and told Jerry and Corey about the room.

Corey said, "Just get it without the cot; I have an air mattress and sleeping bag with me."

I said, "OK!"

I went back in, and registered, they only charged me for two people, without the cot. We went to the cabin; it was much nicer inside than out. Corey started to get his bag out. I told him to wait awhile, just go on in, and get yourself cleaned up for dinner. So Corey went in and took a quick shower, then, Jerry and I each took one, separately. Corey went to the office to check on a place to eat. We met him outside; he got into the truck and told me where the restaurant was. We ate dinner and Corey picked up the tab. We went straight back to the cabin.

Jerry opened the cabin and we finished unloading the truck. After a few minutes passed,

Corey said, "Well I think I'll get my bed together."

I told Corey, "Why do that this is a queen size bed, and I think we can all fit, don't you?"

Jerry said, "Sure, come on, Corey lets see."

I was already on the bed, Jerry got in the middle, and Corey got on next. Everyone was touching each other, but there was enough room.

I said, "If we get out of these clothes we will have more room."

Jerry laughed, got up and pulled off his clothes; leaving only his shorts on, then he jumped back in the middle of the bed.

I got up and did the same.

Then Corey asked again, "Were you guy joking or not about being gay?"

We both said in unison, "does this look like joking".

We both raised our butt's and pulled off our shorts revealing our soft penises to Corey.

Corey said, "Great then, I'll give you two a striptease, turn on the radio."

Jerry turned on the radio, and found a good station. Corey started to do the striptease, first went his shirt, I looked at Jerry, and my little imp had a hardon, already. And the site of Jerry's erection started getting me horny. My meat started to really cook. Corey then shed his socks, one at a time, then started rubbing his tits with one hand, and he unbuckled his trousers with the other. I reached over and took hold of Jerry's hard cock, and Jerry reached for mine. Corey watched us for a minute or so, and then slowly started dropping his pants, and as his blue shorts came into view, you could see, he had a throbbing hardon too. Jerry and I were slowly working each other over, as we watched Corey's dance. Corey was now dancing around, in his shorts with a flagpole standing straight up and the head of his mast was sticking out of the waistband of his shorts. Then Corey slipped his hands under the waistband and slowly pulled down his shorts. He pulled his hardon down with them, then his manhood was free and what a nice looker, it was, too.

Corey said, "Have some fun together, OK!"

So we all moved about on the bed. I realized I needed to let Corey know that we would only go so far and no farther since Jerry and I were a couple and intended to remain devoted to one another. , I told Corey that Jerry and I would be glad to take turns jacking him, and he could jack either of us, but that anything more than that would not be part of the plan. And Corey understood where we stood. The next thing we knew we all started jerking each other around, playing with balls and pulling on penises until we all started cumming.

Corey said, "This is the most fun I have had all summer."

Corey just wouldn't go soft, so Jerry got on top straddling that pole of Corey's after he had slicked himself up with lube, he slowly guided it between his legs. Corey slid it in and out. Jerry reached out, fondled Corey's ball sack, and began to manipulate his balls. This got Jerry all hot again, and Corey reached, with one hand, and grabbed Jerry's tool. With the other hand, he waved at me, to come over. I obliged him and went over. I saw Jerry wrap his legs around Corey's. This made Jerry's manhood totally hard, and pokes its way out at me. Therefore, I just got up, on top of both of them, I lubed the area between Corey's legs like Jerry had done, lowered my dick between them. We lay there, all in a huge pile of horny guys. Corey reached up, touched my pole, and started pumping away. I reached down and played with Jerry's rock hard meat.

Corey said, "God you two must weigh a ton. This feels so damn good I could do this all night."

About that time, my gut felt like I was ready to explode, I just kept trying to hold back from shooting my load, but the feeling was too much, and I unloaded all my juice between Corey's legs. Some of it got on Jerry, and some of it got on the bedspread. Then Corey was gasping for air, as he pumped hard between Jerry's legs, and let loose his love juice. That triggered Jerry and he started spraying out from under Corey's stomach and all over the bedspread. God, what a mess we made. I knew the maid would have a mess to clean up the next day, but hey, that was her job wasn't it? I put a 20 dollar bill under the phone sticking out so the maid would be sure to see it, when she came in to clean the room.

After that, we all took showers and jumped into bed. We wiped up as much cum as we could from the bedspread and the floor where we found gobs of it. Then, together we curled up under the blankets with our arms laying over each other and legs entwined. It felt great with all of us, naked and curled up like worms. I woke up first, and it felt like the bed was soaked with cum.

Someone had a wet dream a guess. Therefore, I got up to take a shower.

Corey said, "god what a night, I played with you, and had to jack off twice to make up for the come you guys let fly during the night."

I said, "Great! I'm glad you had fun all night, and we were your toys, ha!"

Jerry woke up stretched and shucked the covers. He was soft as the both of us were. He said, "that's funny this is the first morning without a hardon!"

I said, "That's because we were Corey's play things, all night."

Jerry said, "That's why I don't have one?"

"OK, let's get cleaned up and split from this place."

So we all got cleaned up, loaded the truck and left.

To be continued...