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Chapter 16 The End of a Great Vacation

We drove almost all day getting home, as we approached my place, I stopped at a main intersection, so we could drop off Corey. He thanked us for being so nice to him. I gave him my phone number and told him to give us a call when he got settled.

He said, "I sure will guys, take care."

Jerry was taking in the sights, and smiling at me, every so often.

Jerry said, "This neighborhood looks nice enough."

We pulled up into my garage and got out.

Jerry said, "You've even got a garage, and the outside of this place looks great, it must cost a bundle?"

I said, "Not bad, actually, it's only 300 a month, and that includes utilities."

We unloaded the gear and carried it up to the apartment. I opened the door, we entered, and I opened the windows to air out the place. Jerry looked around the apartment from room to room, not saying much.

I said, "Well what do you think, not bad is it?"

"Shit, it's great and the bed is just right, small so you can't get away from me."

I said, "Well, you didn't have much of a problem finding me, at the cabin, did you?" I laughed, then I said, "Make yourself at home. You can put your things away; you can have the bottom two drawers. As soon as we're done, we can hit the store for food." We finished stowing our gear.

Jerry said, "It's late, and there's a store open now?"

"Oh yea!"

We took off and headed for the Food Mart. We shopped for enough groceries to last a couple of days. I figured we might be in bed making love for most of those days, anyway.

Jerry asked me, "Can we just drive around a while and see some of the town?"

So I started down Main Street, then Jerry spotted a sex shop and said, "Let's go in!"

"I have a false ID. But I don't think you'll get in, you look too young."

He said, "Let me try, sometimes those guys don't care."


I parked; we put the food inside the cab and locked it. Then entered the shop, the old guy running the place asked for ID. I showed him mine; he said "OK, but not him." Pointing at Jerry.

I asked the guy, "Would you please let me bring my brother in as a favor to me, kind of looks the other way?" He nodded yes! We both entered, and looked around until Jerry found a sex aid that was labeled belly button probe. He bought it without telling me. I looked over at Jerry and he was sporting a hardon. I moved over to him and said, "You've had enough fun, looking at these fuck books for tonight, it's getting late."

"Sure, I just never saw a place like this before."

We got home; I turned on the TV and started flipping the channels.

Jerry said, "Got cable too, great!"

"Oh yea, couldn't do without it."

"That was before I moved in.," Jerry said. He started pulling off his shirt, and said, "It's hot down here," then he ditched his shoes and socks, followed by his jeans; standing there in his shorts, he looked great. I pulled my clothes off, down to my shorts. We sat watching TV for a while. Jerry got up to take a piss, and get a beer for each of us, when he came back he handed me one.

Then he tossed his new toy over to me and said, "I think we can try it out tonight."

I looked at it and read the instructions. This thing straps on like a belt, the person wearing it inserts one end of the shaft into his own belly button, than walks around looking like he has two penises.

Jerry said, "Let's try it out."

Standing up and pulling off his shorts. I went into the bedroom and pulled off my shorts. Jerry reached out and took the belt, and strapped it around his waist. You look funny standing there, with two dicks sticking out. He laughed, and got on the bed. I lay down next to him and started playing with his dick, and his balls. He started flipping my manhood around, and worked it hard. We played around with each other until our penises were as hard as rocks. Jerry then told me to get on top and lie down on the other end of the shaft. I rolled over onto Jerry guiding the shaft into my belly button. As it entered he jumped, and said, "Shit that feels good." We couldn't find a position where we could touch our penises. So we humped away on our stomachs rubbing our manhood together, which felt great. That extra shaft was doing its job, because we were getting really turned on, and I started kissing Jerry. God, I love him so much. Then he stuck his tongue into my mouth. Suddenly I felt him flinch and wiggle, driving the stick deeper into both of us.

He grunted, groaned, and said, "God! I'm coming!"

He gushed his whole load between us and I ground my manhood harder against his. "I popped my cookies, oh shit! Oh fuck!" he exclaimed,

"Jerry," I said, "I love you, so very much. I don't know if I told you this, but you really do mean the world to me." I shot my load up between us.

I rolled over and Jerry took off the belt laying it on the floor. He was sticky, and so was I. He leaned over and started licking the mixed cum off my stomach and chest. I put my hand on his head and stopped him. Let us do this right, now, let's get into a 69 position, and clean each other. He moved around and licked my chest and nipples, while I did the same to him.

We worked from the nipples to the belly button. Then I felt him stick the tip of this tongue in mine, and work it over, it felt really great. Therefore, I returned the favor, but Jerry didn't stop there, the next thing I felt was his warm mouth on my semi-soft dick, he sucked it. I looked up; Jerry's manhood was hard again, so I started sucking it. It took a little longer this time. But Jerry's stomach began to twitch, his muscles quivered and he let out with grunt `oh, don't stop, Kevin, please don't stop. I'm cumming." Then Jerry started sucking my manhood again. I shot my load deep into his mouth. Jerry just fell on top of me. We lay on top of the sheets naked. I turned out the lights.

Jerry rolled me over towards him so we lay there face to face, I wrapped my arms around him, and he wrapped his arms around me. We curled up together.

Jerry said, "Sweet dreams, Kevin, I love you so much!"

I said, "Jerry you have got to be the best thing that has ever happened to me, we did the right thing, goodnight Jerry, I love you."

Jerry and I kissed each other until we fell asleep on top of the bed with the warm air flowing over us.

We slept the night through, and woke up in each other's arms. It took awhile to stretch out of our embrace. When we did separate, I looked down, and Jerry had his morning hardon and I had mine.

I gently reached over, rubbed my lover's manhood, and gently circled my finger around each of his nipples. Jerry reached my manhood, played with my balls, and gently stroked my pole. We didn't say a word to each other. We just moved around on the bed, until Jerry got up and straddled my hips, sitting down on my manhood letting it slide up his butt to the hilt. I started fucking him slowly while I stroked his purple manhood. I felt myself explode, shooting several loads of cum up his ass.

Then his stomach got tight, I rose up and put his throbbing manhood into my mouth, just as he shot his load, I sucked him dry.

We lay on the bed and talked about the great vacation that turned into a beautiful friendship of two guys that found each other.

Jerry had tears in his eyes.

I asked, "What's wrong Jerry?"

"Love, can we do something that's important to me?"

"What, love?"

"I hear that so many gay lovers have gotten sick, and I am afraid that... Well you know what I am saying."

"Jerry are you afraid of us getting sick?"

"Love, can we just make sure we are ok."

"Of course, my love, God, I don't want to loose you, ever, now that I have found you. We will get a check up as soon as we can get it arranged. I will call the clinic in the morning, and make an appointment. Nothing in the world should ever keep us apart, or cause problems for us. Make sure we are healthy and happy together, forever."

Jerry threw his arms around me and squeezed me so tight, I could hardly breath, He kissed me deeply and said, "I want this to last forever. I'm in love with you Kevin. I want us to be together for a long long time."

I told Jerry, "This relationship will last forever, because I love you more than life itself. You know what else we can do?"

"What's that love?"

"We need to go shopping for rings, so we can commit to each other too."

"That would be so cool, love."

Saying, "Next year we will celebrate our anniversary, with a vacation, back at the lake again."

So ends A Great Vacation! There's always next year, and the next, and...