KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author. Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 4 The Great Day 

After Jerry left for work, I went back into the cabin and started putting my clothes away. Then I remembered. I needed some things from town. The nearest town was about 50 miles away, so I figured I would just make a day of it.

I left the cabin, and headed for the office. I arrived at the office, and Susan was still there. 

I said, "Hi, you must be Susan." 

"I sure am. Can I help you?" 

"Yea, is Chris around?"

"Just a minute, I'll find him."

Chris walked in and said, "Hi Kevin, sorry about last night but I had to take someone to the Airport in town."

"That's OK, don't worry, there will be plenty of time."

"Chad was telling us about your fishing trip yesterday. He had a great time too!"

"Sure did, can hardly wait for another! Chris do you need anything in town?"

"Why, are you going in?" 

"Yea, I need a few things myself."

"Rich said he needed a lift," 

"Who's Rich, anyway?" 

"I told you about him the other day." 

"Oh yea I remember now. OK, where can I find him, I'm leaving now."

"I will get him for you, it won't take a minute."

Chris and Rich met me out in the parking lot. 

Chris spoke, "Kevin, this is Rich, take good care of him, he is our lifeguard, and we need his services around here he winked and grinned." 

"I understand. We should be back by 5 or so!"

We headed out of the parking lot. 

Rich said, "I am staying in town tonight, so you don't have to wait for me. Where do you hail from?

"I live in Utah."

"How long you planning on being at the resort?"

"I'm on my first vacation alone, and I'm planning on spending a couple weeks here."

"I was talking to Chad and heard that you two had quite a time yesterday."

I just started laughing, and said, "News travels fast up here"

"Well among us guys, it sure does!" 

As we headed for town, I was thinking of what was on his mind. Of course, that did not take much thinking. Rich slid down in the seat and pretended to fall asleep. I just kept on driving. I did my best to watch the road, as we drove along. Then I felt something on my leg, rubbing it very softly. 

He said, "You don't mind do you?" 

"Be careful," I murmured "I am driving." 

"OK." He replied, as he slid his hand under the cuff of my shorts, he reached my crotch, took hold of my soft meat, and gave it a tug. Of course, I started getting hard when his hand touched my leg. 

I said, "Why don't we just pull over somewhere out of sight." 

"OK," he said, "sounds good to me" He pulled his hand out of my shorts.

As we pulled off the road, Rich was pulled off his shirt. I spotted a grove of trees and bushes, that I hoped would hide the truck from view. I pulled in behind the trees and stopped the engine.

I said, "There is a mat in the back of the truck that would work well as a bed."

"Quit talking, Kevin, and let's get with it."

I pulled off my shirt, and jumped into the back of the truck, then took off my shoes and socks. Rich jumped in after I did, and pulled off his shoes then started to pull off his shorts. I followed suit and pulled off my shorts as well.

Rich said, "Lets 69 it OK?" 

I lay on my back and Rich reached for my underwear as I reached for his. We both pulled off the others'. As I pulled on his jockeys, his pride started to appear. It was already hard. As the waistband cleared the tip, it sprang out and pointed toward my mouth.

Meanwhile, he was about ready to do the same thing to mine. I felt my wood spring out, as he slipped my shorts off. Then I felt his warm mouth on my manhood and boy did he start sucking. I reached up, grabbed his hot hardon, and began sucking on it. We must have sucked for twenty minutes or more, and all at once Rich started to twitch and grown. He was built like a lifeguard and with a small waist too, but, as I sucked his manhood he was twitching and sucking in his stomach. 

Rich said, as he let my manhood slip out of his mouth, "You sure know how to do this, oh shit, do you, ever! don't stop! Shit, don't stop!" 

As he was shooting his load into my mouth, I could feel myself. Oh, I was ready to pop my cookies. As he was beating my meat as hard as he could, I just couldn't hold back any longer. I shot my load all over his chest and tits. I rose up and licked his tits' one at a time until they both were clean. 

Rich said, "That was sure great, but I must get to town." 

"No problem, get dressed, and we'll get a move on." 

We both got dressed, jumped back into the truck, and headed for town. As we got near the city limits, 

Rich said, "Can you just drop me off at the Post Office. I won't be going back until tomorrow, I'm off until Wednesday." 


I pulled up in front of the building. 

"Thanks for lift, see you Wednesday."

I just drove around town taking in the sites, and looked for a K-Mart or something like it. I found a discount store, so I picked up some more clothes and some beer.

When I stopped for gas and asked the person, what was going on in town today?

He said "not much this time of year."

I paid him, when decided to take a spin around town. I was wondering what action might be in store for tonight. I sure hoped that Jerry would come by, or maybe Chris. I arrived back at the lake at about 5:30 and went to the office to see if Chris was there. Sure enough, there he was working on some books. 

I said, "Hi, what the hell are you up to?" 

He turned around and laughed, "Mostly I was just waiting for you to get back; how was your trip"? 

"Oh, I suppose, it was OK!"

"Don't sound like you had a productive day." 

"Well, I dropped Rich off and picked up some beer, and that's about it. Chris are you coming by tonight?"

"No sorry, I have too much work to do, tomorrow night for sure. OK?"

"No problem, business is business!" 

I left and headed for my cabin with an armload of beer & clothes. Figuring someone would probably stop by later. I had just put everything away, When someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." I yelled, and, no surprise, their stood Jerry. 

He said, "I just got off, and saw you come home. I didn't see you around today." 

"Oh, that's logical since I went to town and picked up a few things and, some beer! No sodas tonight, good ha? What are your plans tonight?"

"Nothing special, unless you want to give me some more lessons,"

"Are you going to spend the night?"

"I don't want to be a pest!"

"I told you anytime didn't I."

"Yea but?"

"No buts about it, if you want to stay, stay!"

"Well this swim suit is so dirty; I need to get a change from my cabin."

"You can wash them out here if you want to."

"No. I'll just run back to my cabin and clean up and come back over."

I told him, as he left, "Don't ware yourself out, if you want more lessons"! 

He yelled back saying; "OK, I will see you later!" 

I went up to the cafe and grabbed a bite to eat, figuring, it would take Jerry and hour or so to get back. I finished my meal and headed back to my cabin to wait for Jerry.

Back at the cabin Jerry was sitting on the front step, wearing a pair of cutoffs and a T-shirt, waiting for me. I opened the door and said "you beat me; I just went up to grab a bite." 

He said, "I figured that's what you were doing, I grabbed a snack at my cabin."

I offered him a beer. 

"Thanks, what are you going to teach me tonight?"

"We'll see what pops up," I couldn't help grinning like a mad man. For some reason, Jerry really turned me on.

Jerry looked at me and opened his cutoffs exposing his ample man muscle. Saying, "This is what popped up!" 

I smiled at him and said, "Just hold on, and give me a chance to get cleaned up."

"OK, are you going to take a shower?"

"Yea, once I get out of these clothes."

I started taking off my shoes and socks, then my shirt. I unbuckled my belt and started to pull off my shorts. Jerry came up and grabbed them. He helped me take them off. He then pulled my underwear off, I turned around, and he was taking off his clothes. 

I said, "What are you doing?"

"Well, I figured we could shower together if you don't mind."

"Oh, God, Gerry, That is no problem at all!"

We both got in the shower, and Jerry's pleasure pointer was already pointed at the ceiling. I said hold on; don't get so excited we have plenty of time. I picked up the soap and started washing myself. He grabbed it out of my hand, and started washing my back, working his way down to my ass. Then he reached between my legs and soaped up my crack and balls. This turned me on, and my hangin' organ hit some happy notes in no time. Then I turned around and let him soap up my front. He grabbed my boy toy first and lathered it up good. Of course, he stroked it! It felt great! Then he started lathering up, my stomach. He paid special attention to my tits. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I told him to do the same to my belly button, since that makes me so very horny! He lathered up both his hands, and started working me over with his soft loving hands. First he cleaned my manhood, then my belly button. He really did a good job on my belly button. I couldn't believe I could be that turned on just from his touch like that. My legs acted as if they were made of rubber, and my penis felt like it was going to burst, it was so hard. My muscles began twitching.

Jerry said, "You are about ready to pop, aren't you?" 

"I sure am, you learn fast don't you? Oh shit I can't stop, here it comes!" It took me a minute or so to recuperate.

Then I grabbed the soap and told Jerry to turn around, I lathered up his back and butt working my way between his legs grabbing his balls, he jumped, then I turned him around. When I got him facing me I began washing his balls and manhood; he was already twitching, so I moved my hand up to his stomach. Paying special attention to his belly button, which was deep set like mine. I took my other hand and grabbed his back pulling him against me. Then I kissed him passionately. I stuck my tongue in his mouth. He almost passed out. I then pushed him back and worked on his meat again. I then told him to fuck me in the ass. 

He said, "I can't there's not enough room." 

"Don't worry, we will do that later." 

Jerry started to twitch and jerk, and I knew he was about to give out his load. So I pushed my finger deep into his belly button, and, my other hand, sped up its stroking of him. His knees gave way, and I had to hold him up by his tool. He started to moan, saying. "Oh fuck, its here, don't stop!" He just kept coming and coming.

Finally, he stopped shooting; we both washed the white sticky cum off us, and stepped out of the shower to dry off.

Jerry picked up his underwear, and put them on. I asked him, "Why in the world are you putting those back on?" 

"If I don't, I'll have another hardon in no time."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Ok then. I guess you have a point there," with that he pulled them back off, and tossed them on top of the other clothes. "I'll just stay naked for the rest of the night. What do you think?"

About that time, there was a knock on the door. Jerry ran for the bathroom, but forgot to take his clothes. 

I asked, "Who is it." 

"It's me Chad" 

"Just a minute, I have to put something on."

"Why? You ain't got anything I haven't seen already."

Jerry leaned out of the bathroom and said, "Give me something to put on, please?"

I whispered to him, "Just stay in there for about 10 minutes, and then sneak out and see what is going on, and join in if you want."


I then unlocked the door. I told Chad to come in. The door opened and Chad said, as he closed and locked the door behind him, "I see I caught you coming out of the shower Ha?" 

"Well sort of, what brings you by?"
"Well, I missed you today, and I figured that the bed was softer than the beach."

Then Chad started taking off his clothes, first his T-shirt, then his trunks; his manhood was soft, like mine, at least for a little while, but we both realized that wouldn't last too long. 

I looked at him and grinned. I said, "You aren't even ready yet?"

"We can take care of that can't we?" 

"Sure can!" With that said, Chad jumped on the bed and grabbed his prong, stroked it several times until he had a roaring hardon.

I started to play with mine, trying to get it rise to the occasion. Chad got up and, walked over to where I was, then he pushed me backward onto the bed. My legs were bent at the knees. He spread my legs, and started sucking on my tube steak and meat balls. It didn't take long for my wiener to get as hard as a rock. We fucked around for a couple of minutes then I rolled him over. I told him, "it's your turn to get fucked in the ass." 

Chad said, "Have at it. I can take it." He had a grin a mile wide plastered all over his face.

"Boy, do I ever have a surprise for you?"

I spread his legs, to expose his rosebud. His petals began to bloom. I held my prong, and and slowly inserted it into his hole, I pushed hard, his hole gave way and I shoved my manhood inside his love tunnel, until my balls were banging his butt. Chad gave out a sigh and twitched. Then I started fucking him slowly.

Jerry had herd everything, so he slipped out of the bathroom, I looked at him, shit that little fucker had a roaring fucking hardon again. Chad had is head turned away from the bathroom, so he didn't see Jerry yet. I was still fucking Chad's ass; I nodded for Jerry to come over. He sat down in the chair, with a clear view of my crotch, and Chad's rosebud. I just kept pumping.

Chad said, "That sure feels good can you speed it up a little."

"Just a second, I have to catch my breath." I lay down on top of his back so my hands were free, waved Jerry over to the bed, and pointed to my rosebud. Jerry had been playing with himself, so he was ready for action. 

Jerry just mouthed "OK," And started to get on the bed with Chad and me.

I said, "Are you ready for the surprise I promised you?"

"Sure, what is it?"

Jerry jumped on the bed and pushed his manhood into my rosebud. It went in easily, all the way to the hilt. Chad slid up the bed, as Jerry forced his manhood into my rosebud, which of course forced my manhood deeper into Chad's rosebud. 

Chad moaned out loud, saying, "who the fuck is that?"

"It's the shy kid!"

"You mean Jerry?"

"Yea, he ain't shy now!"

I had a hard time getting Jerry in sequence with my fucking, finally, though, he caught on and we all were banging away on Chad. I felt that old thrill building up inside my gut.

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, and I could feel Jerry's stomach muscles twitching again, so I knew that we both were ready. I think Chad had already shot his load.

I herd Jerry start gasping for air. He let out with a groan and said, "Oh, Kevin, I can't hold back any longer, I'm going to pump my load up your ass, OK?"

"Why ask me, just do it like you did yesterday!"

Jerry yelled, "fuck here it is, what a feeling! This is the first time I ever fucked someone." As soon as Jerry's hot cum shot up my ass, my legs gave out, and I fell on Chad's back. I started filling his ass with my cum. Oh, fuck! It feels, so, dam good! I had to lie there on top of Chad, and, Jerry was still on top of me, for a minute or so. Finally, we all became disconnected and rolled around on the bed; sure glad it was a Double.

To be continued...