KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author. Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 5 A Lasting Friendships Begins

After we rested, Chad said, "I know what a pancake feels like after the two of you tried to smash me into the bed." 

I said. "You had a surprise coming."

Chad smiled at Jerry and I, "well kid you sure ain't a virgin anymore. Kevin you must be a great guy, getting Jerry to open up."

We were all hot and sweaty from our little romp. 

Chad said, "I think I'll jump in the shower." 

Jerry said, "Me next, OK Kevin?" 

I told them, "Just make, yourselves at home."

So Chad went to shower.

Jerry said, "Well Kevin, I sure am happy I decided to spend the night. Or I may have missed the fun, Is Chad going to spend the night?"

"I don't know, he didn't say." 

Jerry headed for the cooler to get another beer, came back and sat in the chair, then started watching TV, some cop show. I lay back on the bed, and watched too. Chad came out of the shower and said, "Jerry, you little stud, it's your turn." 

"Okay," was Jerry's reply. Then Jerry headed for the shower. 

Chad got a beer from the cooler and asked? "Do you need one Kevin?" 

"Sure." Chad walked over with a beer in each hand, and handed me one.

"Kevin, it's getting late and I have some things I have to do before morning. One of the guests wants to go fishing at 4 AM." 

"Well thanks for stopping by, and stop by again, whenever you can." 

"Sure, you don't think I've finished with you or Jerry do you?" 

"OK Chad, your welcome back anytime."

Chad put his clothes on, then he left. A few minutes later I heard Jerry turn off the shower. 

Jerry asked, as he came out of the bathroom, "What happened to Chad?" 

"He had to leave. He's taking somebody fishing' at 4 AM." 

Jerry shook is head, and said, "too bad I would have liked playing with the big monster of his."

"Don't worry there is still plenty of time for that."

We both fell asleep watching TV. I woke up feeling something warm on my dick; I looked down and saw Jerry's head bobbing up and down on it. So I pretended I was still asleep, taking a quick glimpse every few seconds. In a few moments, I saw Jerry take hold of his own tool. He stroked it slowly. It was hard as rock, with a silky smooth skin, and I was getting horny as hell again. I glanced over to see what Jerry was doing. He was still stroking away. So I let out a groan.

"You little sneak." 

"I woke up and you had a big old hardon so I figured I'd just take care of it for yea." 

"Get up so I can show you a new trick. What time is it anyway?"


"I thought you had to work tomorrow, and need your sleep." 

"It's my day off," He smiled at me. "So we can go at it all night if you want to."

I slid to the center of the bed, and told him to straddle me and slide his feet up under my arms and sit on my dong, facing the head of the bed. 

Jerry said, "What are we going to do now?" 

"I'm going to fuck your cute butt, for one thing, and while I'm doing that, I'll jack you off. I think you might like it."
I grinned.
"I ain't never had a penis up my ass before, will it hurt me?" 

It might the first time, but to help make it more comfortable, go get that tube of KY out of the top desk drawer."

He hopped off the bed his manhood bouncing, and got the KY. 

"Now put some of that around your rosebud." He did and got back on the bed straddling me. "Now put some on my manhood too." 

He grabbed it pulling it towards him and started greasing it, stroking it up and down slowly. "That's enough or I will pop before I can fuck you." 

He slid around on the bed to get back into position, leaning back on his elbows raising his waist so I could guide my missile into his silo. Then he raised himself onto his hands, and lowered himself until the tip of my dick just started in. He stopped with and groaned, 

"That hurts, Kevin." 

I grabbed his manhood and started stroking it; he started to jerk around settling down on my meat, forcing it in, and inch. 

He yelled, "Shit Kevin! That hurts, but feels good too." 

"Wait till you get it all up your ass, you'll pop off before I can fuck you." 

I kept on stroking his manhood very slowly, to keep him horny, but not fast enough to shoot a load. He twitched and jerked again, lowering himself an inch more, moaning something about loving it. Then he couldn't hold himself up anymore, so he sat down on my tool, in one fast move all the way to the hilt. He jumped back up, just for a second, and then sat down full force. 

Jerry said, "Feels like I got to take a shit, but it sure feels good."

All this time, I was getting so hot and so horny trying not to pop. Jerry's shlong looked like a big purple balloon, ready to burst. I slowly started to raise and lower my crotch, in a fucking motion, which drove him crazy, he jumped, twitched, jerked, and moaned.

"God, Kevin, this feels so dammed good! I don't think I can hang on much longer." 

I then reached up with my other hand, and started playing with his belly button. He went completely wild, like I'd never seen anyone do before. He reached over and pushed a finger into my belly button, and with his other hand, he pinched my tit. Then I started to fuck him as fast as I could. I felt myself building up, until I let out a loud moan.

"Fuck!!! Jerry, I am coming!!!" 

As I shot my load up Jerry's cute, tight, ass, he just exploded. He shot his come all over my chest. While he was cumming, he was jerking so hard, it fel as if he broke my dick off, and I moaned, in grunts and groans.

Jerry, leaned over, slid down the bed enough that he could lick his come out of my belly button, and off my chest, tits and neck. While he was so close to my face, I grabbed him in a bear hug, and pulled him up my body, until his manhood touched mine. Then I started kissing him, from his manhood up, all over. I kept it up for a minute or so, then pulled him up again. 

"Get on you knees, Jerry." Up he came; I put my hands on his ass pulling up at the same time, until his manhood was in position for me to suck it. He was semi-hard, so I just opened my mouth, and moved my head around until I could get the tip. I sucked it in fast. Jerry started to groan again saying, 

"It's sensitive, and it tickles." 

I just sucked on his dick,a and played with his balls and belly button. He started jerking again, as he squeaked. His stomach muscles were getting so tight that I could see every abb and muscle in his stomach. Then he just about fell over backwards; again, he shot a load. I swallowed shot after shot of his hot cum until he was empty.

"Gee, Kevin, that was the greatest lesson I have ever had. You are a really good teacher. I feel like I could use another shower, how about you." 

"Why don't we just go swimming?"

"That's a great Idea, but someone might see us?"

"At 1:30 in the morning."

"I guess not."

We both got off the bed, and on the way to the door, he reached over and slapped me on the ass. 

I laughed and said, "Trying to get fresh ha!" 

We both hit the water at the same time. Jerry started swimming straight out into the lake. I followed him, and then he turned around and stopped. He waited for me, and then whispered.

"Kevin, you know, I really like you, I think I might be falling in love with you." Jerry was thinking "God I know I'm falling in love with him."

"I am flattered, Jerry, do you really mean it?" 

"I sure do, Kevin."

We swam around for a while, the water was cold, then Jerry headed in, got out, and stood there, looking so beautiful, nude in the moonlight. He waited for me; we then went inside the cabin. In the light, we both looked funny. His tool was about an inch long and mine wasn't much longer. 

He said, while he flipped his up and down, "That cold water makes these things shrivel up a little, 'ha' Kevin?" 

I pulled mine out and let it snap back, "Sure did, didn't it." 

We each took a towel and dried off. Jerry was talking about not knowing what he was going to do this winter after this place closed. 

I asked, "What kind of work would you like after this?"

"I hope maybe to find a job somewhere in Utah."

I told him that I might be able to help him; my boss was always looking for a good man. 

"You would do that for me!"

"Sure bud. I always look out for my friends, and shit, if you get a job with me, you could stay with me at my place."

"Shoot that would be great, how big is your place!" 

"It's big enough for us." I smiled broadly at him "It only has one small bedroom with a double bed, but the living room is pretty good sized, and it has a small kitchen."

"Well that must mean we would have to sleep together?"

"Well, you don't have to live with me, if you don't want to, Jerry."

"Oh Kevin, I was just kidding around, I just meant that we really would be lovers right?"

"It's OK by me, I really like you Jerry!"

Jerry just smiled and got on the bed, closing his eyes. I will join you; maybe we'll make it, until morning. As I got on the bed, Jerry grabbed me around the waist, and pulled us against one another, so that the full length of our bodies were touching, face to face, legs rapped together, and our groins pushed together.

"Good night Kevin." 

We both fell asleep locked together, in a lover's embrace.

To be continued...