KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 7 The Four Way Stop

Chris came back with the pizzas and we all sat down, wherever we could find a place to sit. The conversation started getting sexy and of course, both Jerry and I had on jocks, so Chris couldn't see if were being turned on. However, Jerry and I could see the bulge in Chris trunks. 

I said, "I am getting horny, why don't we get out of these clothes!" 

Chris looked at me, and said, "You don't look horny to me."

I just started pulling off my shirt, then my swimsuit, exposing my jock strap. 

Chris said, "You sneak, you've got a hardon and no one could tell, that's not fair." 

Jerry took off his shirt and cutoffs, exposing his jock strap. Chris laughed and pulled off his shirt, then his trunks, exposing his shorts and a hardon that was pulling the waistband away from his stomach.

We all just stood there for a minute looking at each other's crotch. 

Jerry said, "Chris that man meat of yours is a monster." 

Chris said, "It's not that big, I'm sure the two of you can handle it." 

We all went over to the bed; I got in the middle, Jerry on the left side, and Chris on the right side. I took the lead, reached over and slid my hands under both of there waist bands, first I started stroking Chris's rock hard love log, under his shorts, then I started stroking Jerry's pertuberence, under his jock strap. Then they both reached over at the same time and grabbed my dong, under my jockstrap. Chris had the tip and Jerry had the base. We all started pounding away on each other's penises.

Then Chris said, "Shit lets get out of things," and started to pull my jock strap off from his side, Jerry then started to help him. My dick sprang up, like one of those punching bag dolls, that bounce back as soon as you knock them over, while they pulled my jock off. Then Chris pulled his shorts off in one quick move. Chris grabbed Jerry, pulled him off the bed, and yanked his jock strap off, so fast that his manhood came down between his legs then snapped back up against his stomach with a pop.

Chris told Jerry, "You get up on his chest and let him suck you."

So Jerry got up on the bed straddling my chest, sitting on my tits. Then I could feel Chris grabbed my legs, pulling them apart. Then Chris started sucking my sausage, so I grabbed Jerry's manhood, and stuffed it in my mouth. I started sucking it with enormous gusto. I reached up and started playing with Jerry's tits. Chris then stopped sucking my cock, and got on the bed; straddling me, facing Jerry's butt. Chris then guided my dick, up his cute, hot, ass. Chris sat down on top of my meat, so fast that, I thought he was going to break it off. This made Chris's manhood bounce against Jerry's lower back, So Jerry reached around, grabbed Chris's manhood, and started stroking it very slowly.

Here we all were I was sucking Jerry off and fucking Chris in the ass, Jerry was beating Chris off, and Chris was jumping up and down on my manmeat, then unexpectedly, I heard Chris let out a loud groan, then Jerry started twitching and his stomach muscles were getting tight. I was about ready to shoot my load. 

Then Chris said, "Fuck! you guys, I'm coming; shit! I'm coming; oh man!" 

Chris shot his load all over Jerry's back and my stomach. About this time, I shot my wad up Chris ass.

I said, "Chris I Hope your ready?"

I must have shot three or four full shots up his ass. Then Jerry started jumping and twitching, and groaning.

Jerry moaned out, "Oh; shit I'm coming." 

He shot his load down into my stomach, because his manhood was all the way down my throat. His balls were bouncing on my chin. It was dark outside now, so we all pulled off each other, and headed for the lake. 

Chris was the first one in, then Jerry, I jumped in next. We all fucked around for about 20 minutes or so. 

Chris yelled out, "There's Rich!"

Rich yelled back, "Hay guys what the hell are you up to." 

Chris yelled back again, "Looking for you!"

I thought to myself, now what's Chris up to? We all were naked as Jaybirds, and Chris was drawing attention to us, of course, it was dark and I already knew about Rich, but the moon was full. Rich was a cute kid, pretty well built too. Jerry didn't know about Rich and I going into town. Chris just headed for the beach, and walked right up to Rich, they started talking. Then Rich started taking his clothes off. I watched him, from out in the lake.

Jerry looked at me and said, "What's up, Kevin? Are we turning into a four-some?"

"Well it kind of looks that way from here." 

I could tell from the trip, Rich was pretty well hung too. Then Rich jumped in, followed by Chris. They both started swimming out toward us. Rich said to me, "Hi Kevin, never had a chance to thank you for the ride, the other day.

When I heard that Chris was visiting you tonight, I figured I'd join you." 

I said. "Thanks," then I started swimming in.

Chris spoke up saying, "where are you heading."

I told him, "I've had enough swimming for a while."

Jerry started in too, so Chris said, "We'll join you two in a few minutes."

I was standing on the beach when Jerry got in; he walked over to me, patting me on the ass. Saying. "Looks like we may have our hands full tonight"! 

I said, "The more the merrier."

Jerry and I shot the breeze for a few minutes. I felt funny, just standing there naked, in the moonlight. Jerry wanted to go inside anyway, he was afraid someone would see us. So we went inside to wait for Rich and Chris. Jerry and I both grabbed a towel and finished drying off as Chris and Rich walked in. Rich was carrying his clothes, so I couldn't get a look at his big monster. 

Chris said, "Why don't we make a daisy chain guys." 

I Said "OK, by me!"

Jerry sheepishly looked at me asking, "What's a daisy chain Kevin?" 

"When everyone gets on the floor, and sucks someone else's dick." I told him.
"Sounds like fun!"

Chris said, "I want to suck Jerry's." 

Well Rich finally put his clothes on the desk and turned around. He had a nice big dick, about 7 inches, with a lot of blond hair around it. Everyone was still soft because of the cold water. Chris got on the floor first, then Rich lay down, and started sucking on Chris's manhood. Then I got down and started sucking Rich's manhood; I stopped and told Jerry,

"Come on and complete the chain." 

So Jerry got down between Chris and me, Jerry started sucking my manhood and Chris completed the chain by sucking Jerry's manhood, which was getting hard, watching everyone else sucking a dick.

I was sucking faster and faster on Rich, when I felt a hand on my ass poking a finger into the hole, it was Jerry. That cute little fucker was learning fast. I then started playing with Rich's ass and balls; he jumped and started to jerk as if he was trying to fuck my mouth. Rich reached up and grabbed Chris's manhood and balls, giving them a good working over. Chris completed the action by grabbing Jerry's cock and balls.

We all kept sucking, and playing for several minutes, then, all of a sudden, I felt Jerry bite my manhood and groan, I knew he was cumming. This got me turned on, big time, and I felt myself building up pressure inside. I sucked Rich faster, until he started to twitch and jerk, letting out a groan. Rich started shooting his load, into my mouth, and that did it. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I shot my load into Jerry's warm, beautiful, loving mouth. I glanced over and saw Chris twitching, groaning, and swallowing at the same time, I knew he was coming into Rich's mouth and Jerry was shooting his load at the same time. We all just lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

Chris was the first to speak saying, "Shit! guys, that was great." 

Jerry was next, "Fuck I never knew that guys could have so much fun." 

Rich looked at me and said, "Kevin, you must be a vacuum cleaner, with all that suction." 

I just said, "What a great trip this is."

It seems as thought everybody enjoyed themselves. 

Chris said, "Sorry guys, but I have to split," as he put on his clothes, 

Rich jumped up and said, "Me too." 

I said, "Come back anytime, guys. It was really a lot of fun."

They both said "sure" as they left.

Jerry said, "Kevin, the more I'm with you, the more I like you, I really think I'm in love with you!" 

"I really enjoy being with you too, more than you think!"

My dick was so sore. "I'm putting my jock strap back on, it helps the soreness."
"Does that really help?"

"Sure does"

So Jerry slipped back into his. We just watched a little TV for an hour or so, I was sitting in the easy chair and, Jerry was lying on the bed. Jerry got up to take a piss. I got a beer, and when Jerry finished, I went in and grabbed one too. I finished and came back into the room; Jerry was back on the bed with a beer in his hand.

Then Jerry said, "Man we look funny in these jock straps."

I laughed saying, "They may look funny, but they sure help things get better faster."

It was a little after mid-night and the TV station signed off the air.

Jerry said, "well I guess we should hit the sack, I got to work tomorrow."

I said, "Sure, why not."

Jerry started to get into bed still wearing his jock strap. 

I told him, "No-No if you sleep with me, you got to be in your birthday suit." 

Jerry smiled, and took off the jock strap, and to my surprise, he had a roaring hardon again. 

I said, "Does that thing ever get soft!"

"Well, when I'm with you, No." 

I started to pull my jock strap off and Jerry stopped me. 

Saying "let me do that," 

He pulled me over to the bedside, reached out, and pulled Mr. Meathead, out the side of the strap. He opened his mouth and started sucking on my soft meat, which didn't stay soft, long. I reached over, grabbed that hard nightstick of his, and started stroking it gently. 

Jerry moaned saying, "come on get in bed."

He pulled my jock strap off, then smelled it for a second, then, he tossed it on the floor. I got on the bed and Jerry got up on his knees, telling me to slide into the center. I did, and then he straddled me, telling me that he was going to ride the horse again. He positioned himself over my now hard manhood, grabbing it, and then he started lowering his ass onto my shaft. I felt the tip entered his rosebud, he jerked a little. I grabbed a hold of that purple shaft of his and started stroking it fast.

Then Jerry just sat down on my pole, forcing it all the way in to the hilt. He let out a loud groan "God that feels good this time." So I started raising and lowering my hips slowly at first.

He said, "Fuck me hard, show me no mercy, fuck me, OH! Fuck me! Kevin." 

So I started fucking him faster, then he got in time with me, as I raised my hips he came down fast, as I lowered my hips he raised. I was stroking his joystick so fast, my hand was a blur. Jerry than started twitching and his stomach muscles got so tight; about this time; I reached up and pinched his tit. 

He squealed like a stuck pig and said "Oh, Kevin! I'm cumming, shit! I'm cumming! I don't think I can stop!" 

He was shooting load after load of cum splattered all over my chest. I couldn't hold out, I just tightened my stomach muscles to make the feeling last as long as I could. Then I just let it go. Shooting load after load up Jerry's sweet, beautiful, young ass, as he wiggled on my meat, sending flashes from the tip of my dick, into my stomach. Jerry just stayed a straddle my hips sitting on my dong for a few minutes.

Jerry said, "I love that love muscle, of yours; I think I'll just sit here forever."

I told him. "That's just fine with me, but I think you will have a hard time sleeping like that."

Jerry finally stood up on the bed. He stepped over me, and slid under the sheets. So did I, then I reached over and grabbed him, pulling us face to face, chest to chest, manhood to manhood and squeezed him very tight.

He returned the hug, saying, "goodnight Kevin, sweet dreams." 

We both fell asleep in each other's arms, and our legs joined, like two snakes.

To be continued...