KEVIN'S SUMMER VACATION by Tickie copyrighted by the author. Edited by Radio Rancher

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults, and youths.  It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 8 Getting to Know A New Friend 

Jerry sprang to his feet, letting out an "Oh shit I'm late for work." 

I jumped as I sat up in bed, and said, "What the fuck is going on?" Then I calmed down and grinned, "You scared the shit out of me. What's wrong, Jerry?" He was sporting a big hardon already, and mine wasn't much smaller. 

Jerry said, "I'm afraid I'm in deep shit. I was supposed to be at work by seven, and here it is almost eight." He quickly got dressed and headed for the door. 

I yelled at him, "Hurry back lover." 

Jerry turned his head and smiled, then waved. I just lay their for a while thinking about Jerry. Then there was a knock on the door? 

I said, "Who is it"? 

"It's me Jerry." 

"Well come on in squirt!"

He tried the door and it was locked. I got out of bed, naked and opened the door for him. 

Jerry looked at my hardon and said, "Did I catch you in the middle of something." 

"No, just thinking about you, and that's enough to turn anyone on. You get fired or something?"

"No, I forgot I have the day off." 

"Why don't we do something special today, then, since you don't have to work?"

"Why not, that sounds really great. I don't have anything planned." 

I lay down on the bed and Jerry pulled off his T-shirt and trunks, got on the bed reached over and gave my manhood a pull, making it jump at his touch. I didn't say anything; the kid just played with my manmeat, like it was his private toy. After a few minutes, I was having a hard time keeping from blowing my load. I got up and turned around on the bed. Jerry could see that I wanted to suck his shaft, so he slid down the bed and we went into a 69 position.

Jerry's dick was hard and purple; I knew, he had been playing with himself. I reached out and grabbed the kid's boner, guiding it into my mouth; I had no more then started, when he said, "Oh fuck, you suck to good Kevin!" It felt, to me, like he hadn't cum for a week, I felt every load he released. Bang! First one shot then another, blasted from his piss slit, until he was empty. I wasn't far behind him, with my steady release of liquid love, and I popped my cookies, again and again, which made him choke. He coughed up what looked like a quart of creamy juice, spitting my come all over my legs. Then he laughed.

I said, "We need to get a shower and make some plans for the day." We both took showers and left for breakfast. 

He said, "There is a place about 50 miles from here that I visit whenever I get chance. It's a nudist camp. There is a cave there, that I don't think anyone knows about."

"Sure, sounds good to me, let's go!" 

We left, and headed east on a dirt road, that looked like it hadn't been used since pioneer days. This place had to be off the beaten track, if it was a nudist camp, I supposed, but, my God, what a rotten road this was. 

Jerry said, "In case they catch us, we have to join the club Kevin." 

"What's wrong with that? We don't wear many clothes anyway." I laughed.

Shocked by my answer. Jerry said, "This place has girls too."

"That's OK with me, if they have girls then the must have boys too. Or is this a girl's only club?"

"Oh no, the last time I was up here, I beat off, while watching two boys playing with each other. 

So don't worry about anything. We can take in the sights, and see what happens."

We drove along the winding mountain road, for hours. 

Then Jerry said, "Its not far now, just around the next bend." 

Well there was a small sign, "Camp Thunder," and the road forked. 

"Go straight for another half mile or so, and then park the truck off the road, next to the creek." Jerry said.

We parked and locked up the truck. 

Then Jerry said, "Follow me." 

So we started up through some pretty thick timber, after walking about a mile, we came to a small opening, and we stopped. 

Jerry spoke in a whisper saying. "Just over there, next to those rocks, we will be able to see the beach." 

We crawled over there, and looked. No one was there. 

I asked, "Jerry is it possible that the camp is empty?"

"I guess it's possible, but every time I came up here, before, there were folks around." 

So we just lay there for and hour or so, checking the beach, every now and then, to see if anyone showed up. We shot the breeze, figuring no one was at the camp. 

I said, "Let's go down and check it out."

"Sure why not? No one seems to be around." 

He stood up and started toward the pond. The pond had a great man-made beach. A floating dock and diving board that you had to swim out to. 
As we arrived at the pond, you could see the campsite. There were three tents still up. So Jerry and I went over investigating the situation. The tents had clothes, suitcases, and other items in them. 

I said, "It looks like these folks are just away somewhere."

"Shit lets use the place anyway, OK?" 

"Sure why not?" 

We headed back toward the pond. Upon arriving, I kicked off my flip-flops, pulled off my shirt and shorts, and stood naked looking at Jerry. 

Jerry said, "Kevin, I've never gone, skinny dipping in the daytime before. Especially at someone else's campsite." 

"Shed those duds, and come on in!" I told him, as I walked out, into the pond. 

Jerry stripped down to his birthday suit too, then he came out to meet me. I swam out to the dock, pulled myself out of the water, and lay on my stomach. Jerry arrived and pulled himself up onto the dock. He sat there with a hardon breathing hard, looking at me. I wondered if the rapid breathing was due to the swim or his desire to have fun.

He said, "why are you lying on your stomach Kevin, you got something to hide". 

I just rolled over and let my sweet meat come into view; it was hard, and definitely needed some loving attention. I didn't say anything. I just grinned at him.

Jerry said, "You think we can screw around now, without getting caught?" 

"Fuck! Who cares?" 

I grabbed his woody, and started playing with it. In turn, Jerry grabbed my manmeat, and started pumping away on it. It didn't take long, before we both were shooting cum, all over each other. We both rolled off the dock, splashed into the water, and swam around to get the jizz off of us. Jerry went up to the diving board and did a great cannon ball. I followed him with a dick flop (belly flop) and boy did it sting. Jerry just laughed at me. We must have carried on for the better part of three hours. Then we heard someone driving in. We both headed for shore grabbing our junk, and into the woods, we ran, like two naked bucks. We got to the rocks, and stopped to see what was going on, back at the pond. We waited for almost a half hour, before anything started. Then two naked girls came out onto the beach. They swam out to the docks, and lay down, taking sunbaths. They both looked to be maybe 17 or 18, "nice tits and snatches." I whispered to Jerry. Then two naked boys, about the same age came into view. They jumped in the pond and swam out to the dock. They got up onto the dock and lay down, next to the girls. We were too far away to hear what they were saying. Then they started kissing and making out. 

Jerry whispered saying, "reminds me of us last night." 

I giggled quietly, and kept watching the action on the dock. After a little while, the kids on the dock began fucking. The girls wiggled under the boys' dicks, which were rammed into the girls up the hilt. They all must have cummed, because the guys rolled off the gals and the gals jumped into the pond. Now another pair of guys arrived, both about the same age. Only these two were wearing a pair of hardons. They just lay down on the beach, and started playing with each other.

Jerry said, "Those two look like the ones I beat off to, a couple of week's ago." 

"They might be gay, or bisexual, and the other kids didn't care one bit."

"I'm going to go down and see what happens." 

Then, naked, Jerry started walking down toward them. He surprised them, and they both stopped, jumping to their feet.

One of them asked Jerry, "Where the fuck did you come from?!"

Jerry said, "A friend of mine and I were watching you from up behind those rocks." He pointed at me, "Why don't you guys come up and join us?" 

The one, who asked the question, spoke, "Why don't you two come down here?"

Jerry waved at me to join them. So I went down to join the crowd. When I got down there, Jerry said, "Kevin, these two invited us to join them. He pointed at the redhead, this is Don, then he pointed to the blond. This is Eric."

"Nice to meet you both, sorry to interrupt you."

Eric spoke, "no problem, Jerry there, told us all about you two. That's why we didn't mind getting interrupted; you two can join the action, if you want to?"

"Sure! Why not?" 

Jerry already had a hardon, just watching Eric and Don with theirs. Mine wasn't exactly soft ether. 

Jerry said, "Why don't we form a daisy chain, guys." 

Eric smiled broadly and said, "Sure, Kevin, you and Jerry lie down on your backs, head to toe, I'll suck Jerry, Kevin, you suck me, and Don, you suck Kevin. Jerry, you take care of Don. I didn't leave any one loose, did I?" He grinned at us toothily.

"No I don't think so?" 

Then all hell broke loose and the fun started in earnest. We sucked, and we sucked, not even stopping to catch our breath. The next thing we knew, bang! Zoom! There was cum, cum, cum, and more cum! There must have been plenty for everyone, because we all had our share of it. I told them we had a blast, and I wasn't exaggerating. It felt like we blasted enough to make butter, with all that cream that flew around.

Don asked, "By the way, where are you guys staying?"

I told them. I figured, maybe they might want to come over sometime and join us. It was getting late, though, and we needed to start back, so we shook hands with Don and Eric, said our good-bye's, got dressed, and headed back to the truck. We got back to the cabin about 3:30 in the afternoon. We hadn't eaten since breakfast, well nothing but protein, anyway, and we were famished, so we stopped to eat at the cafe.

At the cabin, Jerry lay on the bed, for what seemed like less than a minute before he fell asleep. So I joined him for a nap. I must have fallen asleep, as soon as I hit the bed, because the next thing I knew, I was awakened by a knock on the door.

I asked who was there, the answer came, "Jerry." 

I opened the door and Jerry had changed his clothes. He had woken up and gone to his cabin, to change. It was 8 o'clock and time to get something to eat. After dinner, we went back to the cabin, and turned on the TV. 

Jerry said, "Sure was a nice day, but I have to leave now, see you tomorrow, Kevin. I love you." 

I asked, "why the hell do you have the go now, you have already changed clothes. Why not spend the night?" 

"Well you have done so much for me now; I just don't want to be a nuisance." 

"Nonsense, my hairy ass, you just stay here, OK?" 

"OK then, I'll stay the night."

"Good!" I smiled, "I really want you to stay here with me."

He kicked off his shoes and lay back down on the bed. I got up, taking off my duds and got into bed naked. Jerry got undressed too and crawled in, beside me. He fell asleep rather quickly, and so did I.

He is so sweet. I like him more every day.

To be continued...