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To start at the beginning, I first met Mikey when his scout troop came to my summer camp. I discovered the troop was both open and different than most troops were. For one thing, the boys knew they were only going to be neighbors while their dads attended a military training course. Friendships were going to be temporary. Then there was the bonding that only the military dependants can understand. Living in a close military housing project can mean a lot of peer pressure to do as the others do. Sometimes it also brings out personality traits that you wouldn’t share otherwise.

Mikey was a thirteen year old that had been a scout for over a year before his dad was assigned as a Chaplain at the base chapel. He had a strict dad that felt his son needed to be a model for good Christian boys to follow. Not only did Mikey have feelings that dad would condemn, but he found himself in a troop that would bring out his curiosity, his rebellion, and his need to be loved and accepted.

My part in Mikey’s education began when I watched him get initiated in a secret group within his troop, but I never got openly involved until I was asked to show Mikey how to be a bottom for boys and young leaders in the troop. He turned out to be such a natural at this that I would start a friendship with him that would last more than two years.

I keep telling myself that Mikey and I were never really lovers because both of us had other sex friends from the beginning. Yet, there were times when I was totally infatuated with Mikey. I simply couldn’t get enough of him. At other times, I hated the way Mikey accepted the love of others. That kind of love/hate relationship can drive you insane. Mikey was so good looking that boys and men alike were lined up to meet him. A photographer convinced him to pose for pictures - lots of pictures. Even the photographer fell for him.

At thirteen, Mikey was just plain cute. He was about average height and weight for his age. He had brown hair. And I think brown eyes. He didn’t look much like an athlete, but he did look like a boy you could hug and cuddle up to. That may have been his downfall. It’s hard to be macho when your buddies find you sexually attractive. But then being macho wasn’t what Mikey was interested in. He chose to hang with a friend, Jimmy, who was known to play gay games. Jimmy taught Mikey how to enjoy having sex with other guys. It was Jimmy who asked if I would help educate Mikey.

The two of us took Mikey to a secret area at camp where Jimmy and I had spent some quality time having sex. After Jimmy had encouraged us to share some three way sex with him, he suggested I could show Mikey how to really love having sex. He didn’t have to ask twice. I spent a couple hours having sex with Mikey, showing him how to perform in a way that would make any lover want to come back for more. Not only was Mikey a quick learner, he and I loved making out. We knew we would see a lot more of each other.

Our next opportunity came just after summer camp had closed for the season. We had to put the equipment away for the winter. We also needed to remove some trees and store firewood to season for future use.

Mikey was among a dozen volunteers that arrived to help out. He asked if the two of us could work together. Since I was handling the work assignments, I had no problem with that. Mikey and I would work on sawing up a downed tree and haul it to the axe yard for fire wood. That would allow me to disappear with him long enough to saw the tree. That would take hours.

It was still summer. The weather was hot. Mikey was wearing a pair of those sweat pants that can get pretty warm when you’re working. Shortly after we arrived at the site, Mikey had removed his tee shirt. I did the same. Thirty minutes later, Mikey and I were getting out of our clothes to take a break. He looked so good I broke out my camera to get some photos. Mikey liked the attention. I soon had him posing for dozens of outdoor pictures. He had turned fourteen, and was beginning to show some definition. Mikey looked gorgeous. The pictures alone would make this day one to remember. He had developed a lot. His dick was now longer and heavier. He still didn’t have a lot of pubic hair, but he claimed he was grooming it.

After I had my pictures, I got out of my clothes. No one knew which tree we had gone after, so I knew I had plenty of time to play. Mikey’s uncut dick showed he was ready. I threw a sleeping bag over the tree trunk, lifted Mikey up to sit on it, and buried my face in his crotch. I had no problem covering his five inch shaft with my mouth. I took my time licking and sucking his dick and balls. Mikey held my head in place, moaning in pleasure as I worked him over. After only a short time, he arched up and held my mouth in place as he shot a small but tasty load for me to enjoy.

No sooner was he done than he changed places with me. Mikey was anxious to return the favor. He wanted to show me how much he had improved since our first blow job just a few weeks before. He had definitely had practice. He brought me to the brink several times, then backed off leaving me straining to finish shooting my load. Only when I held his head in place, refusing to let him back off did he give in taking all I had to offer. Even then, he did not back off until he had swallowed every drop, and sucked it clean.

Knowing we needed to load the truck with wood before heading back to the axe yard, I made Mikey comfortable over a tree trunk. Using some K-Y, I had no problem loosening him up. He had been practicing. He admitted he had made out with several leaders, including Jim, their scout leader.

He knew enough to remain relaxed as I gently lined up with his butt and began sliding my seven inch shaft inside. He grunted a little, but it was a far cry from the grunts he made when I introduced him to anal sex. He also pushed back as I entered and tried to stay relaxed. Once I had found his prostate, he was as relaxed as I was. Mikey had mastered the art of being a bottom. The two of us were once more having fun. He loved having me in him. I loved the way he made me feel so good. We both tried to make our love session last as long as possible. Neither of us wanted it to finish. But all good things have to end. Mikey shot off causing his butt to twist and turn. My balls took the hint and I vigorously humped his buns until my shaft shot a massive load deep inside him. Even then, I did not want to quit. It had been weeks since I had enjoyed playing with Mikey.

The two of us reluctantly dressed and rested before loading the wood. Then we headed back to unload. Several of our friends gave us impish smiles as if knowing what we had been doing. A few had been doing pretty much the same. Work details gave boys and adults alike the opportunity to have fun.

After a hot shower with other campers who ogled each other as did we, we got dressed and enjoyed a great dinner. Dinners always taste a lot better after a great day at work.

Then we enjoyed a fun camp fire singing and joking. Also grabbing a quick smooch when the others weren’t watching. It was all in fun. Mikey had discovered how to have lots of fun at camp. When some one gave him a funny look, Mikey just returned it. If you didn’t want to be questioned about your idea of fun, don’t start something that might backfire on you. Gaydar can be deadly.

That was also the night Mikey introduced me to his friend, Alex. Alex was a tall slender seventeen year old that seemed to be a little shy at first. Mikey explained that Alex liked to play games too. I had not met Alex before, so I was cautious about fooling around with Mikey in front of him.

Mikey would have none of that. He was spending the night with Alex. The two of them pitched their tent just outside my cabin so they could visit. Shortly after I had offered them a drink and sat down, Mikey joined me on the sofa making sure that Alex was between us. Before I could get upset that Alex was separating us, Mikey had opened Alex’s fly. He then grabbed my hand and placed it at the open zipper urging me to slip it inside. Alex looked as surprised as I was, but when I asked if I could, he nodded. Boy, was I in for a surprise. As soon as my hand made contact with Alex’s pride, I was amazed. He had a long thin shaft that I knew was going to be huge for his size.

After feeling it through his white underwear, I had to have a look. He was already hard though a little nervous. He seemed to like having me feel him, but just didn’t know me. When I asked if I could see it, Mikey quickly opened the button, then tugged at the shorts. Alex lifted up so Mikey could slide them down. Mikey took hold of the briefs and pulled both down at the same time.

Alex’s shaft popped out showing he was not all that thick, and that he was cut. That’s where the surprise came in. To begin with, his shaft was more than eight inches long. It was also slightly curved upward, almost like a banana. He had a normal set of balls and a regular amount of brown hair at the base. Mikey took the shorts to his ankles. I helped Alex get his tee shirt off. He got out of his shoes and sat back completely nude.

As I played with and admired Alex’s trim body and long slender shaft, Mikey was already busy getting out of his clothes. Realizing where this was leading, I shucked off my own clothing.

Alex seemed to relax a little. It was obvious Mikey was in charge at least for now. Alex gave me a quick scan. He commented that my dick was pretty thick. I reached over and guessed he had about eight inches. He confirmed it was a little longer. Mikey added he had discovered it during a swim at the base pool. Alex had been wearing a speedo. Mikey had managed somehow to rub it in the pool. It had gotten hard, and the head of it had actually pushed through the waist band allowing Mikey to touch and play with it. He and Mikey had retreated to the bathroom where Mikey demonstrated the fine art of deep throating. Alex had had blow jobs before, but no one had been able to handle all of it. Not until Mikey. And when Mikey was done, Alex was in love. He and Mikey had sneaked off whenever possible to enjoy a few minutes alone. Since Alex was older, he did not hang with the same crowd and saw Mikey mostly during scout activities. Going with Mikey on camping service week ends meant they could be tent mates (and spend the night having fun).

I explained to Alex that I had met Mikey at summer camp and had taught him the fine points of sex games.

I admired Alex’s beautiful endowment asked if I could try it out for size. Alex was more than willing to allow me to suck on it, and was very pleased that I had no problem deep throating him. The three of us wound up going down on each other. Although Alex claimed he did not swallow, I noticed that when he sucked off Mikey, he did not back off. (He did not suck me off.) Mikey was still not shooting off all that much. Probably just a few drops of watery cum. Maybe Alex thought Mikey was just mostly orgasm. At any rate, I was impressed that Alex was coming on as a top.

It didn’t take long for Mikey to ask for my Vaseline tube. I got it for him. He went to work greasing up Alex, who didn’t even bother loosening him up. He put Mikey in the doggy position on the bed, then looked at me as he got in place behind him. I nodded for him to go ahead. Alex didn’t hesitate. He placed his bullet shaped dick head against Mikey’s butt hole and firmly pressed it inside. He paused just a moment to see if Mikey was all right, then slowly eased the curved shaft inside. He paused a couple of times, but Mikey would push back against him. I watched the two of them grin and grunt in pleasure as that eight inch rod disappeared. Alex had leaned forward, straddling Mikey until he was covering his back. Once he was totally in, Alex gave Mikey a peck on the back of his neck. Mikey returned the affection by wiggling his butt. Alex moaned in pleasure, then began to slowly hump Mikey. As Alex increased the rhythm, Mikey swayed forward and back.

The two of them were hardly even aware I was watching. Both were intent on making this a fun time. I watched amazed as Alex’s rod pulled back until he was almost out, then plunged in again until it was gone. The arc in Alex’s dick was sliding his dick head over Mikey’s prostate. Mikey was feeling each and every stroke cause new electric charges streak from his toes to his hair. Alex was feeling each stroke draw his balls up for a terrific orgasm. Neither could wait. Neither did.

In a matter of minutes, Alex was plunging energetically. Mikey was well aware that he was about to receive another load. Alex was in charge now. His arms were wrapped around Mikey’s waist. No way could Mikey stop him now. No way would he want to. Alex paused, reared up and held Mikey tight as his dick swelled and pumped several loads of cum inside him. He knew Alex was done. He waited patiently as Alex finished breeding him. Both remained still as they waited for their body to recover from the thrill.

Once it was over, the two of them uncoupled and laid on their side resting and returning to earth. Both were covered with sweat from having worked up so much energy. Their breathing slowly returned to normal. It was over.

Knowing this was my chance to get better acquainted with Alex’s big banana, I was not going to miss out. I knew he would not do much with me as long as Mikey laid next to him in bed. Once I was sure they were both sleeping, I had no problem moving Mikey to the sofa.

When I returned to the bed, Alex had rolled over on his stomach still sleeping soundly. After greasing up my shaft, I slowly laid next to him, then gently turned him back on his side. He was still soundly asleep when I pressed my dick against his butt hole and popped the head inside. His eyes opened and he half-heartedly attempted to squeeze the intruder out. Still groggy and not sure he knew what was happening, Alex grunted. Knowing he would probably try again to push me out, I rolled on top of his back and held tightly around his waist as my shaft continued to ease inside him. By the time Alex realized he was being screwed, I was securely inside. He grunted that it burned and felt like a log. He continued to squeeze his buns, but now held tightly to a pillow for support. Both of us knew when my balls were pressed against his buns. I was in. We paused to let him adjust to the feeling.

Finally, Alex looked around at me. He did not appear to be angry. He saw Mikey sleeping on the sofa. He told me he had never been “cornholed”. He had always been the one to do it. It didn’t hurt once it was in, but it felt strange.

Alex tried to relax as I moved around to find his prostate. Once I did, he seemed to relax more. I explained to him how to use his banana to work the prostate and which moves to use to make his lover feel good. Once he felt relaxed, I turned him over and reentered, showinh him how to screw face to face so you could kiss and cuddle. He had not done any kissing, but sure took to it quickly once we had practiced. I also showed him how to slow or change his rhythm to prolong and enhance the orgasm for both partners. Then I proceeded to hump him until I had pumped my load. He was O K with it by now, but still amazed that he liked it.

My next move caught him off guard again. I greased up his dick and my butt, then let him take his turn. Of course, I instructed him again in the way to be a good top. Then I relaxed and let him do his thing. We both agreed this was between us. Neither of us wanted to admit we had been a bottom. But I had loved having that big banana work me over. Alex had already admitted he now knew what it felt like to be a bottom. We would both sneak off to do it again.

The next day, Mikey, Alex, and I went off together to cut wood. After the truck was loaded, I got some good shots of Alex and Mikey giving each other a blow job. Then Mikey got down on a foam rubber pad doggy style while Alex showed me how a dog does it. Two tired but happy boys returned to the axe yard to unload wood. Who knows how many happy boys enjoyed camping at that camp that winter staying warm by the camp fire while learning new camping skills?

Alex, Mikey, and I would share other unbelievable trips with many other boys. Contact me at ovdoc@yahoo.com if you remember camping trips or scout fun you want to share.