Nowhere In Particular

Chapter Three

Once again, we engaged in idle chatter as we sipped on the steaming hot tea, this time reminiscing on our school days. He eventually squeezed the fact that I went to a private "Prep" school before secondary school out of me, and his face lit up when I informed him I used to be a boarder. The questions came thick and fast about nearly every aspect of being twelve years old and away from home and, inevitably, the questions about the sleeping arrangements soon followed.

"So is it true?" he asked as I handed him his mug of tea.

"Is what true?"

"That umm..." - he blushed a rather deep shade of red. "Never mind."

He said that in the kind of tone that begged you to say 'No - go on' and give permission to ask what was obviously a slightly more probing question. I crossed my fingers.

"No - go on,"

"Well, my mates are always saying that prep school lads would always fool around together."

'YES!' my mind leapt. I simply raised my eyebrows, wanting him to earn the answer.

"You know, like... likewankeachotheroffatnight." He exhaled quickly as if it had been a real physical exertion to say it. Obviously embarrased, he then tried to hide his entire head in the mug of tea, his hair flopping down either side of the mug.

"We might have done," I grinned back. He flicked his hair back behind his ears and turned to look at me in one fluid movement.

"Really? No shit?!" His eyes were now more alive than I'd ever seen them, yearning for more information.

"No shit."

"Did you get sucked?" He asked eagerly, shuffling around to face me more directly. I nodded in the affirmative.

"Did you ever suck anyone?" I hesitated slightly, then nodded again.

"Far out," he whispered, his eyes going vacant as he tried to visualise the scene. "Did you ever fuck anyone?"

"Uh huh." Now it was his turn to pause before asking the ultimate one.

"Did you ever get fucked?" he quickly buried his nose into his mug again as if to shield him from the "NO WAY!" he felt he was sure to recieve. I was intregued as to the reaction I was going to get.

"Yeah, lots."

It didn't disappoint: Tea sprayed from his mouth leaving a near perfect arc of expelled liquid around him on the groundsheet.

"L...  <cough> Lots?" he spluttered, wiping his lips on the sleeve of his fleece. I decided that I may as well go for broke - I didn't really have anything to loose.

"It was great fun. Felt wondeful."

"You liked it?" He asked, sounding completely stunned at this revelation.

"Oh yeah," I grinned back, trying to swallow my nerves and sound as casual as I could possibly be. "Looks like you don't particularly object to the idea either,"

The tracksuit bottoms he was now wearing were tented significantly over his crotch - he had been so focused on his questionning he had obviously failed to notice he was quite blatantly displaying his state of arousal to me.

He followed my gaze down to his crotch and suddenly slammed his legs together and lent forward, doing his best to hide his hardon, then looked up at me and saw my jeans tented out in just the same way. He grinned at me sheepishly and leant back again, this time shifting his hips so the bulge was more exaggerated.

"Can I ask a personal question?" he asked, voice barely more than a whisper.

"Sure," As if i would have said 'no'...

"Promise not to laugh?"

"I promise."

"Is seven and a bit short for a guy's dick?"

"If it is, I'm short." My mind was reeling with the possibilities that were on the horizon.


"Uh huh. So how long have you known you were gay?"

"I'm n..." He began to answer on reflex then stopped, frowning. "Uh... For ages." He smiled back shyly. "First time I've actually admitted it. You?"

"Since I was about eight I guess. First time I've told someone, too."

I simply couldn't take my eyes off of the huge lump in his lap - it was all I could do to stop myself from drooling. An awkward silence fell over us as we sat there, both staring at each others hardons, neither of us having the courage to initiate something. Chris saved the day.

"Uh, to coin a phrase: 'I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours',"

I smiled back at him and patted the sleeping bag next to me. He put his mug down and shuffled over to me on all fours, coming to rest as close to me as he dared. Just his very proximity caused me to shudder with delight. I had nearly forgotten how good it felt to have someone close to you, the warmth, the scent...

Gently, I lifted a hand to his hair and ran my fingers through the silky-smooth strands. I felt him move under my touch and draw breath whilst smiling shyly back at me. Continuing to gaze into my eyes, I felt his hand touch my thigh and then move gradually upwards towards my crotch.

I somehow expected him to stop when he got there but instead he simply ran his hand over by straining dick and squeezed it gently. As he kneaded my hardon, he brought his other hand to the nape of my neck and pulled me closer to him. As our lips met, he gradually transferred his weight on to me, pushing me backwards onto the sleeping bag.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him against me as his tongue began fighting its way into my mouth. I suddenly realised I had yet to take a breath from the moment he kissed me and gasped round his lips, the lack of oxygen somehow heightening the sensation. I began to reciprocate more and kissed back, breathing hard through my nose so as not to break this wonderful event. I let my hands pull his shirt up so I could touch his back: His skin was so hot under my fingers if felt as if they were being burned.

After a moment, he gently pulled back from the kiss and flicked his hair from his face. He looked at me and smiled hopefully, almost as if asking permission to continue. I couldn't help but grin back as I brought my hand down from his back and under the waistband of his boxers, feeling the smooth flesh of his arse. I pulled his hips harder down on to me and he immediately got the message, slowly thrusting against me. I could feel his hardon now, desperately trying to find a crack to nestle against.

I began to pull his tracksuit bottoms down, exposing his orb-like arse cheeks to the chilly air in the tent. Immediately, Chris lifted his hips away from me, encouraging me to continue. I carefully pushed his waistband down, having to pull it a fair few inches away from his tummy to clear his hardon, which presented itself proudly to me as I pushed the garment down to his knees. Chris broke off the kiss and looked at me in a manner that can only be described as predatory, yet there was a fair amount of uncertainty mixed in there too.

"Uh, Harry, this is the first time I've ever done this kind of thing... I mean ever..."

I swallowed. "It's been so long for me it may as well be my first time,"

Holding my breath, I traced my hand along his powerful thigh that was adorned only by the slightest dusting of light blonde hairs and then gently cupped his equally spartan testicles. His dick throbbed at this, the head flaring an even deeper purple than it already was. Chris whimpered into my ear, encouraging me to go on by pressing his balls into the palm of my hand.

"If you want me to stop, just say, OK? The last thing I want to do is force..."

"Believe me, you ain't forcing!" he smiled, eyes still closed.

I moved my hand up from his testicles to the base of his dick. To my eyes, it was absolutely perfect: As Chris had said, just over 7" long with a proportional girth and a slight upward curve. The skin covering it had that wonderful velvety texture that seemed to absorb moisture yet clad a core that seemed harder than stone itself, the whole arrangement pulsing in time with his rapid heartbeat.

I let my fingers trace along its entire length, spreading the copious amounts of precum he was producing all over the head. The smell it emitted was something else, too. No, smell is the wrong word - it cheapens what I was experiencing: If I could call it an aroma, that too would be a misnomer. It was a sensory battery that simply could not be named. Not being able to withstand the extreme lust that had overcome me, I eased myself away from Chris and shuffled round so his dick was directly infront of my face. Cautiously, I extended my tongue and tasted his wonderfully sweet precum. Wanting more, I threw caution to the wind and began to avidly devour his meat, remembering my schoolboy lessons of how to keep my teeth well out of harm's way.

Chris, in the mean time, was going beserk. It seemed as if he was beyond vocalisation, but was thrashing around almost uncontrolably as he began to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth in time with my own actions. Within moments, his body stiffened and with a silent scream that was audible to me without actually hearing it, I was trated to a drink of the warmest, sweetest cum that to my mind I had the pleasure of tasting. It was in no short supply either: I had only just enough time to clear one mouthfull before the next came squirting against my tonsils.

After the fifth or sixth burst, the throbs lessened and Chris gradually setteled down, his breathing returning to a quieter, more measured pattern than the extreme panting and gasping he had been performing just moments earlier. As his mind gradually returned to him too, he propped himself up on one arm and looked down at me.

"..." He tried to speak, but not a lot happened. He sighed and tried again.

"..." No good. Third time lucky:


I kissed his dick one more time, inducing another shudder from him.

"That was soooo cool,"

I shuffled round again so we were face to face. "Good?"

"Oh yeah," he smiled, and kissed me hard on the lips. "Shit, I can taste me!"

"Well what do you expect? You just pumped the contents of your balls down my throat!"

"Yeah, sorry about that... I just couldn't help it..."

"No problem - you taste really great."



"Well, I guess it's only fair that I get to see what you tast like, ain't it?" he grinned, squeezing the bulge of my dick through by jeans. I was in no position to argue.

Without further ado, he shed his remaining clothes and began to attack my belt, ripping it off and hurling it over his shoulder. He wrenched my zip down, unbuttoned the top and dragged my jeans and boxers all the way off my legs, then in a complete contrast of mood, gently squeezed my dick.

"Is there anything I should know before I start?" he smiled. "Remember I haven't done this before,"

"Just mind your teeth, they can hurt quite a bit!"

"Oh yeah... Anything I should do in particular?"

I was finding it increasingly difficult to talk as the sight of this georgeous blonde gently wanking me off was getting me closer than I'd have liked to shooting.

"Uh, just imaging what feels good to you and then do it to me."

Not exactly specific, but it would have to do for now. And do it did: with a quick shrug of his shoulders, he plunged as much of my dick as he could muster into my mouth and began licking, sucking and slurping for all he was worth. It was all I could do to stop myself from cumming immediately. His mouth felt so good as his lips clamped down around my dick and his tongue felt like a mini tornado as it whipped around my dickhead, rubbing the top side and tickling the sensitive underneath.

As if that wasn't enough, his hands seemed to get bored doing nothing and began roaming around my pubic region, rubbing my legs, then up to my abdomen and chest before descending again to wreak havoc with my testicles, kneading them firmly but gently.

I would have dared anyone in that situation to try and hold themselves back from the inevitable - it just simply wasn't possible. With extatic anticipation, orgasm hit me with the force a of a juggernaut. I felt my balls explode as my cum rocketed up my dick and into Chris' teasing mouth, squirt following squirt with no sign of it stopping. My self-induced orgasms paled in comparason with this - hell, they couldn't really be compared. I lost all concept of reality and, for how long I'm not sure, I existed simply on the orgasmic plane. If I had died then and there, I wouldn't have given a damn.

All too soon though the feelings began to fade, reality clawing my mind back to normality. However, with a naked Chris grinning up at me, face covered in my cum, reality was fine by me.

Well, there's part three: As ever, let me know what you think!

ATB, Harry