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The Renaissance Faire

by Æros

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Chapter 9

Dear Tom,

A lot has happened since last I wrote. I don't know where to begin, so I shall start at the beginning. Sorry if I wander, there is a lot on my mind. I kind of need to tell someone what is going on to get it off my chest. Maybe if I do that I can get some sleep.

I finished my new costume before ren-faire. I used the two fabrics that we bought in Boston last November for the shirt. I did go with the "pirate" sleeves with the lighter blue and a vest from the heavier darker blue. I hired out for the tights. I went with the harlequin look with four more shades of blue to match the shirt and vest. I went with the vest instead of the doublet since they are so hot to wear in the summer. I may make a second outfit using elements from this ensemble for this winter. George was able to make the shoes that I wanted reproduced from that 15th century painting that I showed you at the library last time you visited. We found some blue suede and they go perfectly with the tights. They are more comfortable then I had hoped, too bad I can't wear them around town without the mundanes looking at them funny. Wouldn't that be hilarious with the pointy toes.

The Renaissance faire was fantastic this year. I didn't want to get tied down to one spot this year for when things get slow, so I got my permit to sell Tarot readings without a booth. The permit turned out to be less then half the price. I did quite well just sitting under this or that tree with my big quilt, the one I used as a wall hanging in my booth last year when you were here. It was a lot cooler away from where the other booths were. I was amazed at how by disappearing once and a while added to the mystery of the soothsayer persona. Word would get about that someone was selling readings under some tree, but since I was not under the same tree for more then an hour there were some arguments about which tree. When I was asked where I have been, or why they couldn't find me; I perpetuated the confusion by answering that I had been doing readings all day. I said that people who don't see me are not ready to hear what I have to say. Believe it or not, it was like free advertising. Sales were great.

Before the gates opened; I set up the tent on the edge of Uncle Randolph's farm where we had set up last year. It was such a convenient place. This time, I drove my car down and unloaded so I didn't have to carry all my stuff across the farm, especially since this time I had three cooler chests and twice the costumes.

Since I went through the expense of getting a period tent, and buying baskets to put each of the cooler chests in; I drove my car back to the barn as to not spoil the renaissance atmosphere at the campsite.

From the campsite, I walked my usual rounds of saying hellos to the other permanent fixtures.

I went up to the front gate office and finished paying my dues. I got there at about the time the front gate opened. There were some new faces too this year. Some very good looking new faces in both the help and visitors.

At noon I was taking a lunch break with my usual turkey leg and I spotted someone else I didn't know selling Tarot readings. I was surprised because the council only issues so many permits for certain things so that there is variety at the Faire. I knew two other guys and one gal that were doing Tarot; not to mention the two women running a palmistry shoppe and one other guy doing astrology.

I went over to see what was going on and saw that this guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. He was telling the poor blond young man wearing jeans and a smashing pumpkins tee shirt that he was going to come into property because the tower was at the center of the Celtic cross spread he was using, and that he was going to meet an actress here since the star was the last card dealt.

Before he had finished; another very angry 4'3" boy with short brown hair wearing blue tights and an embroidered Elizabethan doublet was leading two very big security men over. One of the security guards was dressed as a knight in chain mail, and the other was dressed in a tunic and had a nightstick instead of a sword.

The man gave me the creeps the way he looked at the cute boy.  The security man in the chain mail asked to see his permit. He didn't have one, so they asked him to leave.  As he was picking up his pack, it slipped open and out fell a gun, some handcuffs and a knife.  The security guard in the dark tunic grabbed him in some kind of martial-arts hold that seemed to inflict more pain the more he struggled.  The other guard called the police on a radio he had hiding in his belt pack.

When the police arrived they searched the pack and found an army knife, a gun, three blind folds and three sets of handcuffs.  The gun was loaded. I was so relieved that no one was hurt; relieved that the gun did not go off when it hit the ground. It probably would have shot the short brunette or the tall thin blond boy.

I felt so bad for both the tall skinny teen and the short dark hared boy that I did a reading for them both on the house. The blond was going to make some money by buying something and the brunette was looking for something that he wasn't going to find but he will find a new desire instead.

Late in the afternoon near closing time I was down by the stream. I was approached by a very attractive young man dressed as a court page. He was about five foot two, had short-ish straight sandy blond hair, small smile and the bluest eyes. He was with a quite sexy young man in a blue and green tartan kilt around his waste and he had a very interesting dragon pendant on the part of his kilt that went over his shoulder. He was taller, about five foot nine with brown shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. He was also wearing a silver torque around his neck that looked like a museum reproduction. He wasn't wearing a shirt under the kilt and the outfit really showed off his broad chest. They asked if I would do a privateTarot reading in their tent. It was off the beaten track, but I wasn't too worried about these two.

Like me, their tent was secluded away from the rest of the tents that multi-day revelers sect. There are always a few who get permission to be away from the others so that they don't have to deal with the noise, or so that they don't have to deal with the everyone else asking you to be quiet.

I entered the tent and started to shuffle the cards. I asked who was first and the "page" said "me". I asked if he had any specific questions. He responded, "are we going to get any beer this evening". I laughed and dealt the cards. From the abundance of cups, the three, the nine, the ten, and from the sun and lovers I thought it looked hopeful from their positions. I told them that it appeared that from the way the cards were in the sixteen card spread that the final three cards seemed to indicate that they would have a good time and that some sex would probably be involved.

The guy in the kilt looked at the "page" and said, "Subtle isn't he?" and sat down in front of me and said, "my turn". The "page" got up and sat behind me, at the time I thought it was to get a look at the cards from my perspective. I asked the longhaired Celt before me if he had any specific questions of if he wanted a general reading.

He said, "General". It seemed to me that unlike the Page, this Celt didn't believe in the cards. He seemed to have another reason to be asking for a reading. I shuffled the cards and he split the deck. I think I remember the page of swords being the center card, and his reading had a lot of the major acarna, the Lovers and Sun once again showed their faces, along with the fool, the moon and the magician. There were two other pages as well, the page of cups and of wands. I remember telling him, "it seems that your fate is intertwined with your friend the page, and another intelligent young man and there is going to be some manipulation that would favor him despite a mistake that was being made despite the fact that there is something that he doesn't know about." The "Celt" made a nod towards what I thought was me.

I was starting to look over the cards a second time to say something more when I felt the gentle hand of "the page" reach around from behind me, reach under the apron of my shirt and start to rub my cock through my tights. I couldn't believe it. This Adonis reaching around and stroking me, and in front of this obviously straight teen.

The Celt didn't seem to notice or was ignoring it. He asked in his best Irish accent, "So... Is the outlook for beer good?" I looked intently at the cards. I pointed with one hand at the future cards and started to explain some of the symbolism in what the cards showed. With the other and I reached behind me for the page's crotch and ran my fingernails up his balls and up his already hard prick through his tights.

The Celt seemed to notice the page's hand all of a sudden and said, "I'll let you two take care of business." He got up and left the tent.

I turned around to look at this beautiful fair completed blond boy. He looked like he was about seventeen, but his voice was surprisingly deep. I looked into his mesmerizing blue eyes and he smiled. I reached up under his shirt and ran my nails across his stomach. The "page" gasped partially out of surprise and partially since it tickled.

I motioned him to stand up and he moved in front of me. I unbuckled his belt and removed enough of his costume to reveal a beautiful pink head on a long thin shaft. He had a nice tuft of hair at the base of this museum grade cock. I couldn't tell if he shaved his balls, or if they were naturally bare. I took him into my mouth and he gasped as if he didn't expect it. He ran his fingers into my hair and pulled my head toward him making me deep throat him. I didn't choke, nor did I mind. A moment later he released my head and put his hands to his sides, opening and closing his fists as if he didn't mean to force himself on me, but couldn't help it. He looked like he was straining to not do it again.

As I moved slowly up and down his shaft, each time pausing with his full length in my mouth with my nose buried in his curly blond bush. I took his hands and placed them back on my head. He started to gyrate slowly and rhythmically at the pace that I had started. I reached around him and grabbed his buttocks. I squeezed each time I had his whole prick in my mouth. I sucked on him for what seemed like ten minutes. I started moving my hands up and down his back, some rubbing and lightly scratching with my nails. His pace started going faster and faster.

I could hear a voice from outside the tent that I didn't recognize say, "I can't find either one. I wonder if they ran off together without is or some kinda shit like that."

I then heard someone enter into the tent. The Celt said, "No, I have the card reader right here", and the other voice that I didn't recognize was said, "but that is not him. You got the wrong fag!" The Celt said, "oh fuck!" at about the same time that the Page started to buck forward because he was beginning to cum. I wanted to take it all, but needed to breathe. So I moved back a little so I wouldn't choke and started to make circular motions with my tongue on the underside of his penis at a more comfortable depth.

The Page came so hard I could barely swallow his creamy seed. He made an audible high-pitched "Ahh!" as he finished ejaculating. He withdrew as if his dick was being tickled to the point of pain, but he was smiling at me a grin that looked like he was holding back a dirty secret. It made me smile from the bottom of my toes.

The Celt and another cute red hared young man who was dressed in red tights, black boots, and a white cotton pirate shirt that was ripped up the front showing off a hairless broad chest with matching six pack were standing there looking at us and each other. They seemed to still be arguing yet they were saying nothing. After a moment of silence; the guy in the red tights said to the Celt, "Look, the guy had said in the chat room that he would buy for us if one of us gave him head. He didn't say anything about any other transactions. He said that he would be doing Tarot readings and that you would know him for a gold ring with a large red stone in it. This guy has a silver ring with a blue stone."

I broke into the argument and asked, "was this guy supposed to be kinda big, with a beard?"

Red said, "Yes"

I told them, "He was nailed for not having a permit to sell readings, and when they searched his pack they found a gun, three handcuffs, some blindfolds and a knife. He was held by a `knight' until a policeman came and took him away in a black & white".

The three teens looked at each other with wide eyes and open mouths.

That is all I have time for right now... My phone is ringing.


Vincent --

Got your note.

I read in the paper that the man they caught was arrested on a weapons charge, but when they ran priors he was violating parole for being out of state. He was out of jail after a molestation charge, and was under investigation for seducing minors over the Internet.

He is back in jail, and that makes his third strike. I am so happy that nobody was hurt.

I can't wait for you to write again, and don't leave out any lurid details this time!


Dearest Tom,

Sorry I stopped in the middle of telling you about the Faire. After I got off the phone with my uncle I was so tired I went to bed.

Where was I; the three young men were looking at each other with pale faces, wide eyes and jaws on the ground.

The guy in red tights asked, "Did they find any beer on him?"

I responded, "No, he was probably just going to do what ever he was going to do to you without honoring your deal".

The Celt said, "We still want to party. Will you buy?"

I responded, "Here isn't a good place to have a party. Security patrols out here as much as the rest of the camp sites. The last thing I need right now is to get busted for contributing, and the last thing you need is a minor in possession. The land next door to the faire grounds is owned by my uncle. The acreage used to be a horse farm, and my tent is there at the edge of the property. It is even more secluded, and with no danger of our party getting busted since it is not on the Faire grounds."

"What about the beer?" the Celt asked impatiently.

"Will you settle for wine?" I asked calmly, and added, "I have two cases of Reisling Spätlese from the Mosel valley".

They looked at each other as if they didn't know what to say. The guy in red tights was the first to speak, "What do we have to do? The original deal was that one of us give head to our buyer and Tim the page here was going to do that. We didn't need to do anything. We don't suck head, and we don't bend over." The Celt broke in, "That is Tim's department. Tim does pretty much what we tell him to or we don't let him suck our dicks." At that point, "Tim the page" blushed the color of the other teen's tights. The Celt continued, "So, do we get the same deal with you?"

I looked at the Page and said, "Tim, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I will give your friends some wine with no strings attached. If you want to visit me in my tent later you are more then welcome."

Red and the Celt gave each other a high five.

I helped them strike camp and carry their stuff to the far end of the faire grounds to the spot where the creek bends around funny and almost makes an island.

By the time we got their tent up, it was dusk. I lit the campfire and passed around the foam pillows that I have used in previous years as part of the Tarot booth. I got out crackers, bread and three different kinds of hard cheeses. I also got out the wooden cups that we bought from that nice man at the Phoenix faire last winter. I filled them, passed them around and made a toast, "to new friendships".

I could tell that they were surprised by the taste and quality of the wine. I think they were expecting something stuffy and dry. We talked for a long while about some of the booths and artwork on display at the faire. They had noticed a lot of the same pieces that I had liked, they had mentioned some of the subtleties in some of the paintings and etchings and craftsmanship demonstrated in some of the glasswork and pottery. I was impressed by their keen eye and taste.

I made an awkward realization that none of them had introduced themselves with either their real or fantasy names, and neither had I. Though it felt strange to introduce myself to guys that I had been drinking with for over an hour, I said, "By the way my name is Vincent".

Tim the page lifted his glass in toast, "To Vincent". I was surprised by the hearty "Here! Here!" that the other two gave.

There was another awkward silence while I re-charged their glasses which was broken with the young man in red tights saying, "I am Edward, this is Claude, and this is Tim". He paused, raised his glass and said, "To the ren-faire".

Claude the Celt raised his glass and said, "Here's to security for taking the Internet freak away. This is so much better then the beer would have been". We all drank to that one. Tim added, "May the get what he deserves" we all drank again and I had to open a forth bottle to recharge their glasses. Edward the red made the next toast, "May he get in jail what he planned for us!" We finished our glasses on that one and I charged the glasses once more.

Tim moved his pillow behind me and started rubbing my back. It felt divine. The other boys took this as some kind of a signal, grabbed a fresh bottle, some cheese, a loaf of bread, and went to their tent. Tim reached under my shirt and ran his nails up and down my back. Between the wine and Tim's intoxicating fingernails, I was about to split my tights open.

Tim helped with that too. He unfastened my belts, reached under my shirt, slid his and into my tights and adjusted my cock so that it was free to go where it wanted. Tim whispered in my ear, "I would not have minded doing you for the wine."

"If I had agreed to those terms, I would have never known if you were hanging around for an extension to the agreement or if you really liked my company", I replied. Tim reached his hand around by cock and tugged gently from under my shirt and tights. With his other hand he helped me off with my shirt. I turned around to kiss him and helped him off with his shirt. Through his tights I could clearly see that Tim was enjoying himself.

Tim got up and took me by the hand and let me into my tent. I sat down and Tim sat down facing me offset to one side. He leaned down and pealed my tights down with his hands while took the head of my member into his mouth. He balanced himself by moving his hands back and forth over my legs up to my chest as he slid my cock into his mouth slowly. He deep-throated it like a sword swallower. He seemed totally entranced in the act. I leaned back and relaxed. I liked watching his pretty face suck on my cock.

I must admit that I wasn't going to last long with Tim's consummate felatio. He was a real expert and I could tell that he genuinely liked giving head. I reached out and stroked his hair and whispered that I was about to cum. He just made an "mmm" sound and continued while looking me straight in the eyes. I think he was watching the expressions on my face, like I was watching him. For me, there is nothing more erotic then the look on someone's face when they are having sex.

Tim didn't slow down when I started ejaculating either, he stayed with the rhythm he had been working with all along. I think I must have cum for five minutes straight the way he was milking me.

When I finished, Tim whispered, "Can I fuck you?"

I nodded.

Eyes wide, Tim whispered, "I've always wanted to do this."

He spat some saliva on his hand and began to lube up his erect cock. I continued to lay on my back with my legs parted a little. He was still kneeling as he moved over closer to me. He guided himself to my anus with his hands. I relaxed and prepared to be entered. Though it took a few minutes to get that fist three inches in, the last five inches went in easy in one slow steady thrust. I wasn't too sure how fast he was going to try being inexperienced and all, but he was patient and started slow and was pumping nicely in minutes.

Tim picked up the pace over the next several minutes. Tim watched the expressions on my face and was doing his best balance his pleasure against any discomforts I was having with the force and speed of his gyrations. I hadn't been fucked in months, and he had a pretty big cock for someone his age.  I think he also could sense what I liked. I admired his self control. For his first time, many boys his age would have rammed it in too fast, too hard, and many would have came too early and only shot a quarter of their load.

After a few minutes Tim seemed more confident in his strokes. He was continuing to speed up and fuck me harder. He would close his eyes and arch his back and look down and smile while he rhythmically pumped. He was breathing and sweating heavily. I was myself ready to cum from the almost constant rubbing of his smooth torso on my cock and the pounding I was receiving.

All of a sudden, he placed his arms under my legs and lifted my knees to my chest with the crooks of his elbows. He folded me into a squeezed pretzel while he rammed his eight inch cock deep into my ass, closed his eyes, arched his back, tilted his head back and then remained motionless. Several seconds later I felt him explode inside me. Without taking another stroke his dick throbbed and throbbed. A minute or so later my own cock started ejaculating without any further manipulation too. It moved up and down while it flexed and spewed semen across my chest all the way to my chin.

Tim started to relax his hold on my legs. All I could say was, "Wow!" in a low whisper. Tim, still inside me, smiled, reached into my pack, grabbed a towel and began to clean the semen off my chest.

Suddenly the other two other guys entered the tent. Both looked like they had several dirty jokes on their mind as they saw what was going on. Claude looked almost proud when he whispered loud enough for me to hear into Tim's ear, "There's hope for you yet." Claude was inebriated enough to not judge how loud or obnoxious he was being.

Claude moved over toward me, squatted down on his toes and asked in his Irish accent, "Scottish tube steak anyone?" Yep, He was pretty toasted and wasn't balancing very well as he lifted is kilt to reveal an erect, thick, nine inch wonder inches from my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Edward pulling down his red tights, and Tim was beginning to go down on him.

Edward looked kind of toasted too. I felt Tim withdraw and watched him wipe off his cock while he was giving Edward head. I turned my face toward Claude and touched the tip of his cock with my tongue. Claude reached out and put his hand in my hair as I rolled over on my stomach and got up on all fours. Edward lost his balance and fell back on his tail. I just crawled forward and began giving him head.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Edward reach around Tim's head to prompt him to deep throat him. Tim ignored Edward and continued to move back and forth across Edward's cock in a hypnotic rhythm. Edward held Tim's head tighter and began to face fuck him. I expected Tim to choke or resist, but he seemed used to it.

I continued to go down on Claude who was removing his broach and belt from the kilt. Without stopping the blow-job, I helped unravel the cloth that was covering a beautiful six pack with a light dusting of hair from his cock to his navel. He was strong, slender, and had a very gentle touch as he stroked my hair and cheek. He spoke softly, "I hope you like that as much as I do."

I could hear Edward was about to cum from his breathing. I looked over and saw Edward bend his knees and his thighs tense up. Tim continued to bob his head up and down as Edward released the grip on Tim's head. Edward withdrew his cock from Tim's hungry mouth and spewed semen across Tim's chest and left shoulder which dripped down his stomach and back.

I could tell that Edward's orgasm excited Claude from the fact that Claude's cock stiffened and seemed to get even longer and thicker. Edward sat down next to Claude to watch what was going on. Tim got on all fours next to me and started to give Edward's half hard cock head. Claude began to try to buck his pelvis into my face urgently, but couldn't do so very well the way he was sitting. I obliged by speeding up and making each thrust go as deep as I could take him.

Claude took a deep breath and started ejaculating. I think he was trying to hold his breath. He came rather hard, and vigorously. After a minute or so, the light petting of my hair changed to a firm grasp on my head. He wasn't trying to deep throat me, just stopping me from bobbing up and down. He let out a long steady breath and ejaculated four or five more times and let go of my head.

Edward was intently watching Tim and I, but Claude looked as if he were drifting off to sleep. I rolled over onto my back and stuck my head under Tim and started to suck his three quarters hard cock. Two licks and it was a rock again. Five licks and he was no longer sucking on Edward. Ten licks and we were in a sixty-nine position.

I gently wrapped my arms around Tim's torso and rolled us over on our sides. I could see that Edward liked what he saw even if it was robbing  him of a second blow-job. I watched him out of the corner of my eye stroking himself slowly.  I removed my mouth from Tim long enough to say, "Fuck me Edward".

Edward moved over and started to move one leg to the side and positioned himself to enter me kind of sideways. Tim kept up the good work, but I had to pause as I felt Edward cock begin to press against my anus. He was still slick from the blow-job that Tim just gave him. Edward expertly slid his cock inside of me slowly in one motion all the way to it's red harry hilt. I think it helped that I had just been fucked by Tim. He held it there for a while until he felt me relax and saw me begin to work on Tim again.

Edward's cock had to have been ten or eleven inches long. I swear! It was not as thick as Claude's cock, but for what it lacked in girth, it made up for in length. Edward started by moving back an inch or so and then moving it all the way back in and waiting. Edward then repeated several times each time taking a bit longer a stroke, and each time pausing a bit less.

I could hear Claude get up from the cushion he had been sitting on, and move over toward Tim's ass. I continued to suck on Tim's dick as I watched Claude slowly lift Tim's leg and position himself for fucking Tim sideways. However; Claude's technique was quite different from Edward. Claude began by pressing gently against Tim's anus, then relaxing, and pressing again. With each slight push I could see Claude's penis gain a little more depth. I don't think I had ever been so close to someone's ass when it was getting fucked. I had never done a three way, much less a four way.

Like Edward, when Claude reached the full depth, he paused with a smile of triumph. Tim continued to suck; Edward continued to slowly fuck. Claude then pulled back two or three inches and made two quick thrusts, and paused with his cock buried in Tim's ass. At that motion, Tim deep throated my cock and held it there for a second.

Claude withdrew again, this time three or four inches and then made three quick thrusts. Tim seemed to mimic this action with his mouth on my cock. Edward was now getting a bit faster while continuing a steady rhythm.

Claude withdrew a third time, this time a full seven inches, and then made five quick thrusts. It was almost all I could handle watching this inches from my face while Tim almost simultaneously repeated Claude's actions on me; much less with Edward fucking me with consummate skill.

The fourth time, Claude paused a bit longer, tightened his grip on Tim's leg, withdrew all but the head of his cock and thrust it in and out mercilessly. Tim mimicked this in both depth and rhythm on my dick. It didn't take but two or three strokes before Edward began to also match Claude's pace. I tried to keep up, and found that it wasn't as difficult as you would think. It was a fucking frenzy.

I watched as Claude took long, deep, fast strokes. Every two or three strokes, he actually withdrew his nine inch cock all the way and penetrated Tim's anus with precision. A few moments later, I could feel Edward doing the same to me. It was very intense. Without a doubt they had done this often with Tim.

I felt a tenseness move down from my solar plexus into my balls and my cock get hard, but I didn't cum right then. It felt like my first time, like it had not felt since I was thirteen. I heard a low moan from Tim's throat and felt the vibration of his voice on my cock. I moaned back.

I could tell that Claude was about to cum too since he was taking deeper breaths and was starting to hold his breath once every so many strokes, much like he had done when I was giving him head.

I felt a second tingly sensation start below my heart and move slowly down my chest and torso to my testicles. I actually felt them withdraw up tight to my body. Just then I felt Edward's cock begin to throb violently, vigorously within me as my own cock began to spasm uncontrollably. I next felt the sensation of Tim's cock stiffen and begin to jerk and spew sweet hot cum to the back of my throat. I began to move my tongue in circular motions around his head and slowed my pace to milk him for all he was worth. I tightened my ass mussels as much as I could.

Claude let out an audible "Ahh" and caught his breath to hold it once more. Claude's rhythm a bit more labored and a bit more slow. My face inches away from Claude's huge member; I could see his cock pulsing as it was filling Tim. I could feel Edward still throbbing within me as he slowed his pace still further. Tim still feverishly moved up and down on my cock taking the very last drop before he stopped and released my dick.

We all collapsed in a heap, and when I turned to look ad Edward, I was surprised by a kiss on the lips. I didn't expect it from such an adamantly straight individual. I think it startled him too, because he shot a look over at Claude and Tim to see if they were looking. Claude was laying face down behind Tim, and Tim was asleep, or at least pretending to be.  Who knows if he saw it.

I smiled at Edward, and he back at me as if he had gotten away with something. I blew out the candle and moved close to Edward. He kissed me again, this time deeply. Our tongues rolled feverishly around one another. I couldn't believe that I was aroused once more after such an all-encompassing and tiring sexual act. I couldn't believe that this straight eighteen or nineteen year old was moving down and taking my cock into his mouth.

After I shot a load down Edward's willing throat, he slowed down, then stopped. He rolled over onto his back and quickly drifted off to sleep. I lied awake for a while wondering why Edward didn't want the others to know. He obviously wanted more then to be sucked on, and to fuck. Why then did he want to keep his desires a secret from friends he was already sexually involved with and who would enjoy what he had to offer in other ways. The only things I could think of is that he had a good thing going and didn't want to change it too much. Maybe he was afraid of what Claude would think. Who knows?

I drifted off to sleep.

I need to run out to my uncle's farm. I will write more later.


Vincent --

Sounds like you really did have quite a time at ren-faire. I am kicking myself REALLY hard for not going this year. I would really like to bend over for Claude the way you describe him. Fuck, I'd do any of them.

It is all I can do to read your letters without getting the computer all sticky.


Thomas --

Well, Claude isn't really your type. You would love his body, but his attitude wouldn't sit well with you. Edward or Tim would be a bit more your speed I think.

Anyway, the next thing that happened was that I woke up the next morning with a warm moist sensation on my cock. Tim was giving me head and smiled when he saw my eyes open. I could hear the other two outside rekindling the fire, and the clang that could only be something against my cast iron skillet.

Tim moved up and straddled me. He leaned forward and kissed me as he guided my wet rod into his soft ass. I couldn't believe how tight it felt after the workout it got from Claude the night before. It was so hot and I was so ready from the blow job that had lubricated my dick moments before.

Tim changed his pace from slow to fast, and then to slow again. If it wasn't for the grin on his face I would have thought he couldn't handle me, but I knew he didn't want me to cum just yet. I watched as his cock bobbed up and down with each movement. I could tell that he was close too, and was making himself wait too.

I sat up to change the angle a bit and to give Tim a kiss. I couldn't take much more. I felt my cock stiffen and begin to explode.

Tim started to lean back and I leaned forward to change positions so he was on his back and I was on top. I could tell he wanted, no, needed me to pound him hard for him to cum without manual intervention. I sped up which interrupted my orgasm, and intensified that longing feeling. My balls were slapping Tim's ass as I slammed my whole length in and out of him. This time, Tim started to cum before me. As he did so, his anus clenched my cock which sent me over the edge. I felt a tingly sensation over my back.  I don't think I have ever been that relieved to shoot my load.

We lied there sweaty for a moment or two before Edward threw two warm damp washcloths and a towel in the door. I could smell bacon and eggs as the tent flap closed. I couldn't help but laugh; Edward must have been listening close enough to know just when we were finished.  Then it dawned on me; Tim was such a nymphomaniac he had probably done the same thing to the other two before I was awake.

At breakfast, Edward told me that close friends that they had not seen in over a year from another town were going to meet them today at the faire. Claude said that they had been planning to do stuff with them all day, and that they had to leave for home mid afternoon. Tim asked me for my e-mail address so that we could keep in touch.

I wrote my personal e-mail address on my business card that has my phone number on it and gave it to him. Tim stared at it a moment and said thank you and Claude and Edward said almost in unison, "thanks for the Entertainment last night!" which seemed to be an inside joke the way they said 'entertainment'. I could tell that Edward wanted to say something else, but didn't.  Claude seemed as if he were about to burst out with laughter.

I didn't want to seem hurt after them telling me without so many words that I was not invited to their reunion;  I said, "Yes, I enjoyed it so very much. Maybe we can do it sometime again soon. I do have to make some money today and won't have time to run around with you and your friends. We can meet at other events, or we don't have to wait even that long. Just call or e-mail me".

After breakfast, I went and got a fresh pail of water from the pump that was twenty feet up the hill from the campsite that used to be for watering horses. I heated the water for a better "sponge bath" and changed into the garb that I had made for Rick and Lisa's wedding at a post-revel at last years' faire. I don't think you made it to the wedding. The outfit was a fifteenth century Italian white doublet with sky, azure and gold embroidery. The matching cloak was white with a sky blue lining. One leg of the tights was blue and white harlequin pattern, and the other leg was blue. I chose it because the white would be cooler in the sun, that is, if I took off the cloak.

I figured that maybe it would be better to wear the cloak since most of my shirts don't cover my front parts, and I figured I'd have a hard-on for days thinking about the events the previous evening.

I went to walk my normal hello rounds and spotted the short brunette I had given the free Tarot reading the day before. He was brushing a magnificent black horse with a white spot on his forehead.

He was wearing tights with one leg blue and the other yellow.  He had a yellow shirt with flared sleeves that was open in the front which revealed that he wasn't as young as I thought. His smooth chest was strong and he had a six pack, both of which were hidden by the Elizabethan doublet the day before. For that matter, the doublet had hidden a pretty nice bulge between his legs that was now outlined by the boarder between the blue and the yellow.

He seemed very focused on brushing the horse, and very happy. Suddenly he said a loud "Good Morning Oracle!" I think I may have been caught staring. Startled, the "Good morning" I returned cracked like my voice was changing. I quickly cleared my throat and repeated, "Good morning Squire". He smiled and continued to brush the horse smiling even bigger.

I started to walk again, but chose a direction that could appear as if I was either going toward him and the horse, or past them since I could not read this charming young man. He spoke again, "Your reading yesterday was very accurate. I would like to purchase a reading from you later today".

I altered my bearing and walked directly towards him and said, "I'll be around".

He responded, "So will I when I am done with this. He is on stand-by."

"On stand-by ?" I responded.

"Yes, if one of the other horses in the joust is injured, my horse is trained to do the job. That is why I am here," he said with a proud smile.

I told him that his horse was very beautiful and there was an odd silence between us before he said, "I want you to do the Jacob's ladder for me".

I told him that it takes me some time to get ready to do the Jacob's ladder and a long time to do it. He said, "I have the money". Then I had to explain my policy about the Jacob's ladder, "I don't take money for the ladder. You have to give me something. Usually all I ask is for a bottle of wine. If you are rich you can afford to bring me some expensive wine, if you aren't there are plenty that you can purchase that are palatable."

He said, "But I'm not twenty one, what can I give you?"

I said, "You'll have to think about that. There is plenty of artwork and pottery here, plenty of things you can buy. It just has to be a gift of your choosing. You could even give me a ride on your horse. I haven't actually been on a horse in a few years and I miss it very much."

He asked, "Would you like a ride and a picnic supper after the last joust?" I nodded and started to go. He said, "I'm sorry, My name is Wade. What is yours?"

"My name is Vincent, but you can call me Vince" I told him. "Can I meet you here after the last joust?" He nodded.

The day was very long. I gave so many readings I had to buy another leather belt purse to keep all of the cash. Though that sounds like a lot, it was mostly small bills. However; it would pay for the permit, all the food & wine for the long weekend for me & anyone I would want to entertain, and a new hard drive with enough left over for some new garb.

Before the last joust, I went to my campsite and hid the money in a sandwich bag in cooler under the cheese and washed up a second time. I put the cloak away since I was tired of carrying it around all day once it got hot, and it would be warm at the joust.

I'm gonna have to cut this letter short again. My cell phone is ringing.



Got your last letter. I have to buy a new keyboard now, this hasn't worked the same since you told me about what happened the first night of ren-faire. Telling me about the next morning didn't help much either. I think you owe me a new keyboard!

I hope that you are going to tell me that you got the three guys numbers before they left that afternoon, or that you have been e-mailing back and forth at least.

I REALLY want to meet them next time I am in your town.


P.S. I am not kidding, I want to suck each of them at least once!


Sorry to hear about your keyboard, you're gonna have to learn to point before you shoot.

Sorry I didn't finish telling you what happened with Wade last night, but after the phone call with Fred, I had lost my train of thought and wanted to get in the shower.

After the joust I made my way back to the tree where Wade's Tent was. He was there waiting for me with his horse saddled. He was wearing the same blue and yellow tights, but had closed the yellow balloon sleeved shirt and put on an Italian blue velvet doublet. He smiled when he saw me coming and said "Hello" loudly when I was the equivalent of a city block away.

I smiled back and quickened my pace but didn't yell back.

Wade seemed a bit timid as he began to speak, "I couldn't get a second horse, I hope you don't mind riding double".

I looked at the horse, and said, "If Xena and Gabrielle can, why can't we?" Wade laughed.

He got on and gave me instructions on the best way to mount. As I got in the saddle, he said, "You'll have to put your arms around my waist." Thinking about that rige-board stomach, my heart almost stopped.

We rode through the edge of the faire where people were allowed to ride horses to get from one end to the other of the grounds quickly. We rode through the grounds where most people set up their tents and Wade asked, "Where do you want to go next".

I told him, "My uncle owns the property next door. It has acres of trees and paths for riding. There are nice open places for picnics too. People used to come from the city to go riding and for riding lessons and such. He retired a few years ago. I would have a horse, but I live in town and don't have time to come out here and take care of a horse, and I am gone to different fairs so much too. My uncle doesn't have any stable hands anymore and he is too old to do it himself. I think he is going to move into assisted living facility this winter. Last year he didn't like being snowed in very much."

As we rode, we went slowly through some parts, and had a moderate gallop in some of the open areas. When we were going fast, it was almost erotic with his ass rubbing up against my cock. It was all I could do to keep my hands from reaching down to see if Wade had an erection too, but I did not because I could get no impression from him if he were gay or straight.

When we arrived at a secluded clearing, I told him that here was a good place to eat. I was self-conscious about my hard-on when I dismounted. I wasn't wearing the cloak and my doublet and shirt didn't cover anything up.

I'm not sure Wade saw anything from horse back as he handed me a blanket and a small basket and rode the horse back to the edge of the clearing. By the time Wade had tied the horse to a tree and walked back me, I couldn't tell if he had been aroused or not.

While he as tying the horse to a tree, I spread out the blanket. The basket contained two turkey legs and two small bottles of apple juice and a loaf of Italian bread. He timidly said, "I hope this meets the requirements".

"I have a soft spot for legs, they are my favorite". I told him.

After we ate, I handed him a moist towelette that I had kept from some restaurant. Wade made some joke about the "anachronism" as we wiped our hands.

I produced the deck of cards and started to shuffle. I told him "think of things you want and things you fear, think of your goals, think of your past, think of your plans." I told him, "think of places you want to go, and places you have been." I continued to shuffle while Wade meditated a bit.

I handed him the cards, and said, "shuffle three times and cut the deck". As he began to do so, I added, "Think of what you want to know". He cut the deck and handed me back the cards. "Since you asked me do to the Jacob's ladder you know something about the cards, but I'll tell you the `rules' about this reading anyway: Listen carefully to what I have to say. I can not repeat it. Don't ask me any questions until I ask if you have any. If you have a pencil write your questions down because I can only answer questions for a limited time after I complete the reading, and it is frustrating if you forget to ask something you wanted to".

He evidently knew a bit about the ladder because he had a pen and paper in his belt purse, which he got out.

I dealt the cards slowly looking at the cards as I went. I started to concentrate on patterns of the cards and looked for the positions of key cards and where they were located and what was next to them. I said, "I will speak from the past to the present and then to the future. You will have to listen for key events in your past and present to know when I am talking about what has gone before and what may happen next. The future I speak of is roughly as far ahead as the past I speak of is behind, and it is not written in stone. You can work to create a future that you want. The cards show you a way of looking at what is going on around you. You need to decide what to do about what they tell you. It is advice from a friend, take it or leave it."

I then relaxed and meditate for a moment before I started to tell him what the cards said.

Normally I immediately know when a person is gay or straight. When I don't, the cards tell me, but this time I found myself being more ambiguous by using words like "mate" or "lover" instead of "girlfriend" or "boyfriend". I held back when I Saw the Magician in the middle of the reading followed by the lovers and the two of cups. I wanted to say, "The magician looks upon you fondly and you become lovers", but I was afraid to. I said, "You are helped by a someone whom you believe to know much about emotions, intellect, the will, possessions and the spirit. He will help you find a lover".

I normally don't hold back, but I felt that my own desires were clouding my judgment. I didn't change the meaning.  I interpreted the cards more at face value and less from my heart. For the Jacob's ladder, you are supposed to speak from the heart though. The reader is supposed to act as an oracle. I felt a little guilty.

When we had finished he didn't have any questions. He just smiled and said, "You're good". He paused and said, "do you want to ride some more?

I told him that I needed to rest for a minute, and I did. The reading had exhausted me mentally and emotionally, even more then normal. Partly because it was an intense reading, but partly because I was fighting the urge to reach out to Wade.

Wade nodded.

I picked up the cards and Wade laid back on the blanket and stared at the clouds. He was beautiful to look at and I found it hard not to stare. The illusion that he was thirteen or fourteen was partly back in place, but I was starting to be able to see through it even with his shirt closed. Elements of his face looked a bit older, and he was well endowed. His musculature that I had seen that morning also said he was older, and now that I had spoken with him, his maturity indicated he had to have graduated high school and been out on his own for a while.

He suddenly spoke. "I could spend all summer out here".

I responded, "I used to when my cousin was alive."

He looked over at me and smiled a gentle knowing smile.

I said, "I'd like to ride some more if you want to".

Wade got up and started to walk toward the horse. I gathered up the blanket and basket and followed.

We both mounted this time without a word. I put my arms around his torso and we started a moderate gallop around the edge of the large clearing we were in several times, each time faster.

Wade suddenly asked, "you wanna do something really fun?"

But before I could answer we were at a gallop and heading for the woods. We were going straight for a downed tree that we had passed on the way there. I could tell he was going to do something like a steeplechase.

I was petrified as we took to the air and I let out an audible shaky, "whoa!" Wade laughed as we landed safely. My left hand was jarred from its position in the center of his torso down to his crotch. I thought I felt a hard on, but I quickly returned my hand back to its original position.

Wade then rode toward a low fence we had passed earlier. I held him tight. Even though I could tell he knew what he as doing, even though we had just successfully cleared the tree, I was scared shitless.

This time Wade was laughing as we took air. When we landed that time my right hand was jarred from his belly button down to his cock.  Just as I started to move my hand back, Wade changed directions which caused my hand to grip his erection on the way up.  When I regained my balance, I removed my hand and placed it back on Wade's stomach and managed to mumble a barely audible "sorry".

Wade kept going deeper into the woods, but started to slow the horse a bit. Then Wade put his hand on mine and gently urged it back to his cock. My eyes wide, I started to grope it's length and softly caressed his balls through his tights.

Wade let out a low moan and stopped the horse. With my left hand I reached under his doublet and down his tights,  wrapping my fingers around his erection whilst continuing to gently massage his balls with my right hand. Wade turned around and we peered deeply into one an others eyes. Wade seemed to look both satisfied and surprised.

Wade moved closer and kissed me gently on the mouth. I kissed him gently back. The kiss became deeper and Wade closed his soft brown eyes. First our tongues twirled around each other slowly, then I sucked his tongue, then he sucked mine. All the wile I pulled at his cock and caressed his scrotum. Oh, how I wanted to see him necked and taste him.

Wade was the first to break the kiss. He opened his eyes and stared a moment into my eyes again. He asked, "where do you want to go?"

I responded, "Where ever you like. We can go back to the clearing or to my tent or wherever you are most comfortable." Wade turned back around, grabbed the reigns and made the horse start to walk back toward the clearing. I had to move my right hand back to his chest to keep my balance, but kept my left hand wrapped around his cock firmly, gently tugging his penis under his tights.

It took a while to get back to the clearing since we were going at a bit slower pace. Wade didn't jump the fence on the way back either, instead he paralleled the fence back to the place we had gone through the first time we went to the clearing where the wooden fence had fallen down.

A few times along the way, Wade would begin to breathe more heavily and lean backwards into me. Each time I masturbated him slower so that he would not cum before we got back.

When we arrived at the clearing I let him go and I dismounted. Once again he handed me a blanket and he rode the horse back to the edge of the clearing. I spread out the blanket while he tied the horse.

I was sitting on the edge of the blanket when Wade walked over. I looked up into his smiling face as I reached up to undo his belt. Wade looked like he was mesmerized as I started to undo his buckle. I then nuzzled his cock with my nose through his tights.

Wade said, "I thought you had a thing for legs".  We both laughed.

"I do, especially that third one."  I returned playfully.

Wade lied down and I helped him off with his doublet and shirt, and he with mine. I took off his shoes and peeled off his tights to reveal a seven or eight inch cock with a nice dark patch above it. It looked huge on this four foot three inch body.

I bent over and began to lick his stiff circumcised shaft without bothering to remove my tights or shoes. Wade half sat up resting on his elbows watching me as I tongued every inch of his cock. He had a grin from ear to ear as I took extra time on the sensitive spot under his head. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back when I took him into my mouth. A few strokes later and he leaned back the rest of the way.

I stopped for a moment to admire his stomach. I grasped his manhood and began to masturbate him as I licked his balls and the tender skin where the scrotum meets the body. He gently stroked my hair with his left hand.

When I finished doing both sides a second time. I paused and decided to lick his torso. I started on the left pelvis and made a semicircle around the bottom of the rib cage and back down to his right pelvis; all the while slowly stroking his cock. Wade writhed under the sensation and was still kind of twitching when I took his whole length back into my mouth.

I slowly performed felatio while rubbing his legs, chest and torso with my hands. Wade lifted his head and ran the back of his hand gently down my face. I could tell that he was in ecstasy as he put his head back and began to breathe even more heavily.

I continued to rub his body with my left hand and started to lightly scratch his scrotum with the fingernails of my left hand. Wade let out a low moan as he lifted his right leg slowly and put it over on my left shoulder. I continued going down on him as he lifted his left leg slowly and placed it on my right shoulder. Since both legs were on my shoulders I could not easily reach around to his chest any longer, so I started caressing his ass and thighs with my right hand.

Wade's breathing became heavier and he arched his back. Only his shoulders and head were left on the blanket. I lightly ran my fingernails down his back to his ass. I could feel his prick getting thicker and his dick-head becoming more engorged. I continued bobbing my head up and down as quickly as I could and running my nails repeatedly down his back slowly.

Wade took a deep breath and spurted hot cum down my throat. His whole body seemed to spasm a half beat before his cock ejaculated. I stopped scratching his back for fear that when his whole body stiffened that he would cause me to draw blood. He ejaculated virulently over and over before he relaxed his back. I could barely keep up with the volume of his creamy load.

He gently grasped my head by the hair, and said in a whisper, "don't move". I was still for a moment as his body still twitched a few more times. I couldn't help it, I made a circular motion again with my tongue on the most sensitive place on his dick causing him to ejaculate two more times.  Since he was holding my head by the hair, the aftershock of his body twitching pulled my hair hard.  It hurt a bit, but I deserved it.  He continued to twitch for a few minutes.

He let go while saying, "that was the most intense..." and I let his still-hard cock out of my mouth.

I moved up beside him and snuggled close. Wade said sadly, "it is getting dark and I don't know these woods enough to get back if we don't leave soon".

I asked softly, "do you want to spend the night in my tent?"

"Yes, I do. But do you mind coming to a post-revel first? There are some friends there that I only get to see at the faire, and I would like you to meet them," he asked.

I said okay, and Wade timidly added, "They don't know about me. You look and act straight. Can you not say anything?"

"I will be discrete," I said stroking my hand across his chest. I lightly kissed his ear as I got up and started to straighten out my tights.

"Cool", Wade said almost relieved, as he followed suit and started to wiggle back into his doublet. I helped him tighten the strings up his back, and he helped me with mine.

I folded the blanket as Wade went to get the horse.


Vince --

Oh, god. I wish I could have seen that. Fuck, oh fuck I wish I had a guy like that.

I'll take any of your three leftovers tough.... lol....

God, I'm gonna read that one over again...


Thomas --

Don't wear your self out. The story isn't over yet.

We mounted and started to go slowly back toward my camp site. Wade asked, "so, what do you do when you aren't doing Tarot readings ?"  So, I told him how I was a freelance writer that writes for everything from plays at the local theater, to naughty stories for a few magazines. I told him about my contract with a local restaurant that does murder mysteries, that also caters out for murder mystery parties which is where I make most of my money. I also told him that I have been wanting to set up something that is kind of a cross between live role playing and a murder mystery in a renaissance setting.

We dismounted when we got back to the water pump near my camp to freshen up, and I retrieved my cloak from the tent making some joke about it helping me to keep discrete. Wade tied the horse to a tree near the brook.

We walked back the rest of the way to the edge of the main campground of vendors where the crazy folk that perform the jousts all have their tents. When we got there everyone knew Wade and greeted him raising a glass here or there. A few recognized me too. I had done readings for about half of them at one time or another. "Geez you know a lot of people," I said.

Wade said quietly, "I help with their horses: grooming, exercising, training."

We made our way over to the bond fire where there were some wooden plates with something between a kabob and beef jerky was on them with some bread. It was very good. It had a strong garlic and pepper taste to it.

We then made our way over to a group of revelers who were for the most part college age guys and a few girls. A few said "Fare thee well Wade?" and other common Ren-faire greetings. A young lady jumped up and hugged him and her boyfriend stood up and gave him a hardy handshake saying, "I bet you thought we wouldn't make it".

He introduced me to everyone. Some I had seen earlier, some looked as if they had just got there and were ready for a day tomorrow. Most looked like they were extra help or people here for the fair and not vendors. It was a very fun evening.

Later we went back to Wade's tent and grabbed a bag of oats and headed for my tent.

It was a long day, and I wanted to collapse, but at the same time, I hoped that Wade had other plans.

When we arrived at my tent it was so nice and quiet with only the chirping of the crickets. Though it was a fine evening with conversation and singing, it was nice to hear the quiet.

I took off my cloak before I entered the tent. Wade picked up on the fact that I was beat and began to unlace my back. After my shirt and doublet were off, Wade beckoned me to lie down on my stomach without saying a word. He started massaging my neck and shoulders with his small but very strong hands. I thought a massage like that would have put me to sleep as tired as I was, but instead it refreshed me.

Wade bent my left leg at the knee and removed my shoe. He tickled my foot for a second before taking off my right shoe in the same manner. He then started to massage my feet and then my legs. By the time he was getting to getting to my ass, I was pretty horny. Wade suddenly said, "Turn over".

I complied. He started again at my right foot and worked his way up my leg, but stopped short of my erection now quite visible through my tights. He switched to my left foot and worked his way up my leg, this time when he was getting close to my cock he started rubbing around both sides of my pelvis. He slowly worked his way up and down in concentric semicircles getting closer and closer to my dick.

Once again, instead of touching my cock, he stopped and ran his hands over my bare chest. He lightly rubbed all over and worked his way back to my torso and grabbed at the top of my tights and peeled them off. My dick was throbbing for attention. I sat up and reached to untie Wade's doublet. Wade leaned forward and kissed me as I undid the strings and pulled off his doublet.

When we broke off the deep kiss, Wade playfully placed his hand on my forehead and pushed me back. He took off his shirt like a stripper as he moved his hips side to side. I watched as he stood up and continued with the strip tease with his shoes and tights. As he pulled down his tights, his erection was caught in the waistband and made an audible slap against his six-pack, which made me laugh.

Wade got down on his knees in front of me and leaned forward on top of me. I could feel our cocks touch as we moved our mouths closer together in a playful kiss. Wade started to kiss below my mouth onto my chin. Then he playfully gnawed across my jaw and nibbled at my ear before lightly kissing the side of my neck. He then started, I guess you would call it, "French kissing my nipple".

After a few moments he stopped and moved down a little lower. He kissed me on the right side of my pelvis and ran is tongue in small circles forming a semicircle from my right pelvis around to my ribcage and down to my left pelvis, just as I had done him earlier that day. He then started to make a smaller semicircle, but made a few circular trails around my belly button and them moved down my light trail of hair toward s the base of my cock.

He made his way around the edge of my pubic hair to the edge of my balls and licked that spot for a while on the left and then on the right. When he moved back to the left my cock got stiff like I was about to cum. It was actually starting to ache.

Wade then moved a bit and ran his tongue up my cock and took my head into his mouth. I could have cum right there I was so horny. He took a few inches into his mouth and wrapped his hands around me and started to masturbate me with his mouth on the end of my cock. He made circular motions with his tongue around the head of my cock and down the front side.

As I came he ran a finger around my anus which sent chills up and down my spine. I said in a low voice, "Take me".

I lifted my legs. He got up on his knees, and hugged my legs.  He started to push forward slowly and gently made his way inside of me.  When he was buried all the way inside of me he left it there and asked in a low voice, "ready ?"

I nodded and he started to push harder against me in short strokes even though he was all the way in. Each stroke was at a fast even pace and was touching me in a way inside that made me want to cum again. Without speeding up or slowing down, he started to take longer strokes backwards, each stroke a little longer. It took several long minutes, but after a while he was pulling out completely and expertly driving it all the way back in.

A few more minutes was all I could take. My dick started throbbing and spewing cum over my chest. My sphincter tightened which sent Wade over the edge. I could feel him tighten his grip on my legs, hear him take a deep breath and felt his cock begin to pulse deep within me.  His stopped pulling out all the way with his strokes and started to pause when he was all the way in.  I could feel the extra lubrication too.  After a few long minutes I could no longer feel him pulsing inside of me, though Wade's body was jerking a bit wildly in kind of aftershocks like it did earlier when I sucked him off.  Even though he came hard, his cock was still stiff and he was still going at it.

Wade loosened his hug on my legs and I folded my knees to my chest and parted them slightly.  I felt a slight relief and a tingling sensation in my feet from them being in the air so long. Wade leaned forward and balanced himself my placing a hand on either side of my head.

He was a beauty to watch in action.  With such a large cock and a small body, for him to take a full stroke requires more movement of the rest of the body then someone with the same sized dick and a larger body. It looked like a real work out. I could watch him fuck for hours.

He was once again pulling all the way out and plunging all the way back in.  With this slightly new position his ridge-board stomach started to rub my cock each time he plunged into me and I could tell that It wouldn't be too long before we would both came again.

The extra lubrication inside of me allowed Wade to speed up even more without fear of hurting me, and he took full advantage of it.  He re-balanced himself and started to fuck me like a rabbit.  He was taking two or three strokes a second maybe even more. I didn't know my ass could take such a strong pounding, but I was relaxed and well lubricated.  Wade went at it mercilessly and I started to feel lightheaded.  I felt his cock getting harder and so I tried to tighten my sphincter.  Wade suddenly stopped with his cock in at full depth  as his dick started to explode.

A week ago I would have never dreamed that someone could come that way. I would have never imagined that someone could cum that long without additional coaxing. And to experience it twice in two days? My God, I was in heaven. It was like I had discovered sex for the first time.

Wade came for a long time. His only movement was the tremors his body had each time he ejaculated, and the ejaculation itself.  I couldn't believe it when he started fucking some more.  He could tell I was surprised.  Wade said in a low voice, "I gotta make you cum again".  With each stroke he changed his angle slightly.  Soon he had my legs resting on his, he was grasping my cock with both hands and gently stroking me with the same rhythm he was fucking me.  He was going in and out of me with just a slight motion of his torso.  It wasn't going all the way in and out like before, but It was still moving back and forth a few inches and the friction was driving me crazy.  Wade leaned forward and took my aching cock into his warm moist mouth.

I was feeling euphoric, light headed, and exhausted, but there was no pain.  I guess that is the euphoria a marathon runner feels.  I could feel my balls starting to tingle and my scrotum contract.  Wade sensed it too and started to quicken both the pace of the blow job and the fuck.  I could feel my dick stiffen and Wade's tongue starting to coax me to cum.

Cum I did.  I shot such a load that Wade didn't keep up.  If it weren't for Wade's hands on my cock I don't think it would have stayed in his mouth, kind of like a fire hose without a fireman.  Half way through the orgasm, I could feel Wade start to pulse within me one last time that night.  One last time to watch the aftershocks.  Lord have mercy, I had a stud.

I think that is all I can write for now. I am beat after moving hay bails all afternoon. And, before you ask; I will explain later why I was moving hay bails today. I really got to get some sleep.

Once again, gotta go.



You lucky mother-fucker. I want's a stud like that. I wish they would hurry up on that cloning business.


Thomas --

So... the next morning we woke up late.

Wade had a stash of cake donuts in the saddlebag he had taken off the horse the night before. He gave a feed back to the horse before he ate his doughnuts. I lit a small fire to heat some water for cocoa.

"So what do you do for a living Wade ?" I asked.

"Well, besides working with other peoples horses, I am a retired jockey." he said with a slight laugh.

"Retired?" I asked.

"Yep, that's me. " he said still smiling.

After breakfast, we parted our ways.  Wade had to take care of his horse, and I had to do some more readings.  Not only did I need the money since the catering is slow during the summer, since the faire only grants so many permits, you kinda have the obligation to provide the service that you have a permit for.

After the joust, I went to look for Wade again, but his tent was gone.

I went back to my tent hoping he was there, but no horse, no extra tent and no Wade.  Where could he be? I think I actually started to panic.

I started back toward the faire and started to walk all around.  I bumped into some of his friends I had met at the post-revel and they didn't know where he was.  I walked all around the grounds in the same pattern that I take with my "hello route" so that I traversed the whole park.  He was nowhere to be found.  On the way back to my tent I ran into some of the men who do the joust.  They said that he had got a phone call on a cell phone and said something about an emergency and left in a hurry.

I wanted to cry.

I did the rest of the fair worried that I wouldn't ever see him again.  I made inquires about where he lived, but the people who know him said that they know what stables he worked with but didn't know his address or phone number.

I worked the rest of the fair and made enough money to pay my permits and gas for some of the fall fairs in other parts of the country and to pay some bills.  Though I was distracted by not knowing where to find Wade, my readings were sharper then ever.  I started to get more and more comments that what I was telling them was hitting home.  The funny thing was, I seemed to feel that I actually knew less about the person when I finished then normal.

I turned toward my deck and asked, "How will I see Wade again?"  The cards showed me a lot of turmoil, like the Tower and the ten of swords and the ten of clubs.  Mixed with cards like the high priestess and the moon.  My emotions were getting in the way.  The cards were seeming to tell me that I wouldn't see him again.

I packed up and left for home Sunday. I didn't stick around for the post-revel.

I arrived home late and watched the local news.  The stable that Wade worked for had burnt to the ground.  Two horses were dead.

Maybe this was the tragedy the Tower Card spoke of; would I see him in dire straits? Then my heart sank, what if he had returned too soon. I worried some more and hopped on line to see if there was any e-mail from Tim or anyone else for that matter.

I was expecting to see Wade again, so I had not given him my card. I needed something to get my mind off of how I was going to find Wade, so I wrote you the first of these letters about the Ren-Faire until the phone rang.

The call was from my Uncle.  He wanted to see me about something and wouldn't discuss it over the phone.

The next morning when I got up, I remembered that I kind of left you hanging in the middle of the first evening of ren-faire, so I sent you the second letter.

Then I made some phone calls to touch base with the Restaurant to find out if they needed any writing done.  There were no new parties and they were planning to recycle one of my old scripts for the weekly mystery.  So I got dressed and drove up to the farm.

I drove up to the large mansion at the center of the property.  I always loved that house, it appeared to be "L" shaped from the front and done in kind of a Tudor style.  It was actually "Z" shaped. There was another wing on the backside that you couldn't see from the front.  There was also a separate guesthouse that was tied to the main structure through a two-story breezeway.  Well, actually it is a breezeway on the lower half and a covered hallway on the upper level with a balcony.  There is also a separate workers' quarters half way to the horse barn which sits up wind from the rest of the estate.  The horse barn has an office and yet another set of quarters that was made when they needed more hired hands then what would fit in the workers' quarters.  Since Uncle Randolph had shut down the stable operations, the estate was like a ghost town.

My uncle was waiting for me in the great room that overlooked a small 'C' - shaped lake on the property that the brook runs into and out of.  He was sitting in his electric wheel chair and looking out the window.  As I entered the room he said, "I'm glad you could come." Without turning around, he continued, "I just had a conversation with my lawyer and he said that if I willed this estate to you that you have no means to pay the probate taxes."  He turned his chair to face me.  "He has some scheme where if I were to sell it to you now that we could avoid the farm being split up."  I was so stunned and said nothing.

He continued, "in the winter, you can stay here or come with me to a resort in Florida.  I don't want to be here in the winter anymore, and I don't expect you to sit around while you are snowed in either if you don't want to."

I was still in shock.

He turned around and asked, "Are you listing to me boy?" he said with a funny smile on his face.

I responded, "yes sir".

He tilted his head forward to look at me over the top of his glasses and continued, "You can even have the master suite.  I have moved down to the first floor so I don't have to deal with the stairs.  I still have hired help to do the cleaning and other stuff.  You can continue writing and disappearing on those crazy trips you take back in time."  still looking at me, "are you still with me ?" he asked.

I nodded.

"You aren't having a stroke or heart attack on me?"  he said in the most melodramatic panicked tone he could muster, but with look on his face anyone could tell he was kidding.

"You can't know what kind of shock this comes to me as."  I said.

"Shock.... Who'd you think I was going to give it to, the government?  My son died years ago, and I don't like any of my other nieces or nephews.  You and James were best of friends and you have always been like a son to me. You did such a find job finding all of those jobs for my workers before I closed down, you have always been here for me.  I can't think of a reason to give any of them any of the estate." he paused for a moment, "Can you stay for lunch?"

My mind was a buzz.  I had no appetite because of the worry that I would never see Wade again. I felt needed to continue my efforts to find Wade.  "Can I come back for dinner?" I asked half timidly.

"Why sure.  But if you do, I want you to bring an overnight bag and stay the night" he said with a smile. "We have some business to discuss."

I nodded.

On the drive home, I decided that I wasn't going to be able to find Wade through his residence. It wasn't anywhere to be found on the net last night, but I didn't search for information on the stables where he worked that burnt down. I couldn't think of how to get a message to an employee of a business that was temporarily closed.

When I arrived home, I logged onto the computer to look to see additional information on the stables and to look for any clues as to where I might be able to find Wade.  I was online ten minutes before I noticed that my answering machine program had messages on it when I was switching between different Netscape windows.

The first message was Wade.  I could tell that he had been crying, the message said, "Vince, If I wasn't at the fair when I was with you my horse would be dead.  They got all the horses out but the ones in the last four stalls.  His stall is the last one.  I've lost my job because there is some insurance mix up and they are not going to rebuild.  Almost all the other stables are at capacity due to the horses that, thank God, made it out all right.  Those that have room have quadrupled their rates.  I don't know what to do.  I think I'm gonna have to sell Ben.  I really need someone to talk to.  Please call", and he left his number.

I called him.  "Hello?" he said in a shaky voice.

"Wade?" I asked.

"Vincent!" he exclaimed, "I am so glad that I caught you before you went to the next faire." he sounded some relieved, but still rather upset.

"Meet me at Simon's for lunch?"

"I can't afford..." I cut him off.  "on me silly" I said softly and added, "do you need me to pick you up?"

"No" he said.

"Everything is going to be okay,"  I assured him. "See you in fifteen minutes."

Wade answered, "okay, Good bye."

I raced to Simon's and got a table for two over by the window overlooking the lake. I ordered a bottle of wine and two glasses, but didn't wait for Wade to have a drink.  I was nervous because I didn't know how Wade would react to what I was thinking.   Wade arrived twenty minutes later.  He had washed his face, but his eyes were red and anyone could tell that he had been crying.

He didn't even say hello.  "I don't know what I am going to do.  I raised Ben since he was a colt.  Do you think that your Uncle would let him stay in his stables?"

"Of course.  In fact I think I can do one better."

Wade looked at me with wide eyes.

"If you can help manage it, we can turn this situation around.  If we reopen the stable, we can get business from most of the other horses that were displaced by the fire.  You said that the other stables were taking advantage of the situation.  We can have our stables running in full force and in the black just by doing the right thing and charging a normal price."

Wade started to smile.  There was a short pause while he pondered it.  "I like the idea of helping all of those horse owners.  There may be others that couldn't find room, and many more that don't like the price gouging"

I continued, "I want you to come out and meet my uncle.  I can't do this without you.  Though I used to spend some summers on the farm, my time was spent playing with my cousin and being lazy.  I have no idea how to run a stable.  You just tell me how many people we need, and I will make some phone calls to former employees that may prefer to work out on the estate to where they are now."

Wade was glowing now.  He looked a lot better.  He leaned forward across the small table and kissed me. The waiter that was approaching pretended not to see it, and paused before coming to the table.

I think we were both blushing when the waiter took the order.  I know it wasn't like Wade to show affection publicly, and for that matter, I seldom do myself.  When I do, it isn't a kiss on the lips.

Later that afternoon Wade arrived at my house with his truck and trailer.  I had packed more then an overnight bag, and Wade had some suitcases in the back of the truck as I had instructed him to bring.  There looked like there were a few straw bails and some oats in the back of the trailer with the horse.  I threw my bags in the back of the truck, got in and we headed for the farm.

I had called ahead to ask my uncle if I could bring Wade and Ben over today?  He said, "It's your house now.  You can do with it what you like even though all the paper work is not signed."

When we arrived we went to the dining room.  There were plates for my Uncle, Wade, myself and one extra.

"I thought you were bringing two guys"  he said.

I laughed, "I did.  But the other 'guy'  isn't going to eat in here"

Wade shot me a slightly uncomfortable look and then he looked like he was about to laugh.  My uncle just looked confused.

I made the introductions.  "Wade this is my uncle Randolph.  Uncle Randolph, this is Wade, and I have a proposition for you."

My uncle leaned forward as if to pay closer attention.  Wade and I sat down as I began, "Wade here worked for the stable that burned down.  The other stables in town are taking advantage of the situation, and I would like to do something about it.  If we can use the stables and office here, and if you can give some sage advice on how to start up the business.  Wade and I will do the work until we can hire enough hands to take care of business."

My uncle was smiling when he began to speak, "It would do my heart good to know that the farm was going to be used again.  To know that this place wouldn't become just a vacation home for you Vincent.  That would assure me that you wouldn't want to sell it off after I'm gone.  I am also glad to hear that you not only want to do the right thing, but that you have the balls to do it."  He grabbed the bottle of wine that was on ice beside him, charged our three glasses and made a toast, "To reopening the business".

We each took a sip, or gulp in my case.  I wasn't sure how he would react, and was relieved that he liked the idea.  I asked, "Can you call your lawyer out this week to set up the legal entity so we can do everything by the book?"  My uncle answered, "Don't have to.  I never legally dissolved the business.  I kept the funds separate and have done the property maintenance from those funds.  There is enough in the accounts to get the straw and feed, as well as the first few paychecks and any equipment that we need, but who is the other person you were bringing."

I laughed, "not a person, Ben is a horse.  Wade's horse was spared from the fire because he was at the faire with us, but since Wade was at the faire, he didn't get a place for Ben in any other stables. Not to mention, he doesn't have a job to pay for a place in another stable since they aren't going to rebuild."

My uncle smiled and nodded his head toward Wade.  I wondered if my uncle could tell that Wade and I were lovers.

After a large meal that had a lot of discussion about what we were in for, but before we got to desert, Wade and I excused ourselves to move the horse from the trailer into the barn.  The barn was in good condition even though it had not been used in several years.  Things were a bit dusty, but for the most part it was like I remembered it.  Wade and I carried in some straw and a feedbag of oats from the trailer and led Ben to his new home.

When we went inside some strawberry shortcake was waiting with a side of brandy.  When we had finished desert my uncle said, "good night" and went to bed.  Wade and I stayed up a bit longer deciding if it would be better to keep up appearances and sleep in two different rooms or if we should both be in the master bedroom.

"It'll be a lot of sneaking around if we are going to hide it," I said.

"But if we don't we run the risk of your uncle freaking out and letting the whole deal go" Wade pleaded.

"Somehow I don't think that would be his reaction, and it would be better to get an explosion like that out of the way now before we are up to our knees in horse manure"  I argued.

Wade thought for a moment and said, "Here's a compromise; you put your bags in the master bedroom, I unpack my bags in the room next to it.  We both sleep in the master suite".


I helped Wade with his luggage.  He didn't need it.  Hell, he is stronger then I am.  When we got upstairs, I saw that both rooms had been recently cleaned and that the beds had been turned down in both rooms as well.

While Wade took a shower, I set up my laptop on the desk in the sitting area and plugged in the phone line.  I wanted to check my voice mail and e-mail.  There were several messages pertaining to some permits for fairs later in the fall, and some e-mail from some people that took my card that wanted to know if I had a store front where I did readings besides the ones I do at the ren-fairs.  There was even one from Tim and one from Edward.

Tim wrote, "That was some evening at the ren-faire.  The rest of the summer is going to suck.  My parents want me to get a job and make some money.  Geez.  I kind of wanted to go on a road trip to some more fairs.  From what I hear, my parents, Edward parents and Claude's parents all had a bar-b-queue when we were at the faire and collectively decided that they didn't want us getting into trouble like we did last summer.  We all need to get jobs. Let me know when we can get together and I will let you know if Edward and Claude can make it.  See you."

Edward wrote, "I can't believe all the fun I had this week end.  Thank you for being you.  I haven't stopped thinking about what you and I did and I want to do it again.  Hell, I even want to do Claude and Tim, but I can't let Claude find out.  I don't want Claude to treat me like he does Tim.  I know he doesn't mean it.  Hell, I know he loves us both to death.  I have seen him personally beat the shit out of someone for hinting that Tim was gay.  Anyway, drop me a line so we can talk about it.  I don't know how much time I will have if I get this job I have an interview for.  God I hate fast food."

This is when I wrote you the third letter. As I said before, I was interrupted by a phone call on my cell phone from an editor on the West coast, that still hasn't got down the concept of time zones.

After reading a few more e-mails and writing to you, I decided to join Wade.  The bathroom was very large.  It had a two sinks and a huge mirror.  A raised area with a Jacuzzi tub and a large shower stall that had two bench seats and water jets that could spray you with water from every side.

Wade was in the shower and still lathering up when I stepped in the bath room.  The smell a jasmine soap filled the bathroom.  His hair was already done.  I disrobed quietly and tried to step in the shower stall without Wade noticing.  I am sure he felt the temperature change when I opened the door. I could tell that he knew I was there though he was pretending to not notice.  I guess that he wanted to see what I would do.

Wade's back was toward me and he was covered from head to toe with soap because he was standing just outside the stream of hot water.  I reached around him without touching him and grabbed his cock with my right hand and his right nipple with my left.  Wade backed into me so that my cock was in the small of his back and my balls rested on his cute butt.  I started to stroke his soapy rod.

We slowly turned around so that I was under the shower head.  I started to wash my hair as Wade soaped me all over, taking special care to lather up my cock.  We hugged and kissed in the shower turning around and around.  I pushed the button to turn on the water jets, and soon could barely see as we were being pelted with warm water from all sides and the steam was thick.  It felt wonderful.

A few moments later I groped for the off valve and felt for the door through the steam.  I handed Wade a bath sheet and grabbed one for myself.  He was so beautiful standing there, every muscle in his body toned.  I watched as he dried himself off and followed him into the bedroom.

I dimmed the lights and moved over to the bed.  Wade walked towards the bed, dropped the towel on the floor and jumped into the air landing in the center of the bed face down.  He then rolled onto his side propping his head up with one arm.  His smile made me want to take a picture, no a whole role of film.  He just looked so nice there on the bed.  Suddenly he spoke, "what you waiting for.  Coming to bed?"

I did a once over one more time with my towel and hopped into bed.  It was a little hop, unlike Wade's demonstration of gymnastics.  The bed was a king size, with a large mirror inset into a row of cabinets and shelves that covered one whole wall of the room.

I rolled onto my side and propped my head up mirroring Wade.  With my other hand I reached out and stroked his soft skin starting at his shoulder and moving down his arm as far as my hand would reach.  On the return trip my hand went up his waste and chest and to his neck.  Wade then rolled over one hundred and eighty degrees so that his back was in my chest.  I ran my hand over his chest down to his stiff prick.  Wade reached up onto the headboard and grabbed a tube of lubricant that he had unpacked from my suitcase.  He reached behind his back and started putting the cold wet jelly on my hard member. After he was done he guided my prick down to his anus and placed the head on target.  I pushed gently forward and the head went in.  I stopped pushing and waited for him to relax more.

Wade pushed back into me firmly and slowly and I slid in further and Wade let out a low, "mmm".  He paused for a moment and pushed again going a couple more inches and he let out an "oh".  He didn't pause as long the next time.  He pushed harder and faster and let out an, "Ah" as it slid all the way in.  I left it planted there for about a minute before I started to move.

I decided to do to him what he did to me, that is, push deeper before pulling back.  I figured that if he did it, he probably likes it that way.  I didn't go as fast as he did, nor did I take as long of strokes, partly because I didn't want to hurt him, partly because one hip was on the bed preventing me from going at it full force even if he were ready.

I continued gently pushing forward and pulling back until I felt like he was relaxed. I placed my hands on Wades hips and slowly started to roll him over on his stomach.  I got on my knees with my legs spread and Wade put his legs together and butted up against my prick.  I watched Wade and myself in the mirror and stayed stationary for a few moments while we adjusted our heights and angle, then I started the process over again; pushing before pulling back over and over again until I was thrusting most of my prick in and out of Wade.  With the aid of the mirror I was able to use the expressions on Wade's face to gauge if I was going at it too hard or fast. It also helped me know what types of thrusts he liked.

His ass was so tight, but it let me in.  I didn't know how long I'd last as hot as he felt, but I didn't care.  I was in unbridled passion tempered only by what I thought that Wade could take.  With reckless abandon I let loose a volley of ejaculations up Wade's ass and let out a deep guttural , "Ahhh!".  I came strong and hard, for a couple of minutes while I took shorter fast strokes.  During the orgasm, Wade leaned back into me and  turned his head to kiss me.  We kissed deeply as I reached around to masturbate his extremely hard cock.  It felt like it were made of steel as I stroked it.  Just as I had spewed my last drop, Wade started to cum.  He shot a load that arched from his penis for about four feet in the air, hitting half way up the mirror to the left of our images.  His sphincter clenched my cock tightly, but released before his second ejaculation.  As Wade's body spasmed a second time, his sphincter clenched my penis a second time, and his cum once again shot higher then our heads this time arching even higher and hitting the top of the mirror.  By Wade's third ejaculation my balls were beginning to tingle.  Wade's body continued to convulse wildly as he continued to vault loads of cum onto the mirror.  Wade's sphincter continued to clench and relax around my engorged rod.  I came harder the second time then the first, and with the additional lubrication was able to thrust deeper so I came longer as well.  We both finished at about the same time and collapsed back onto the bed.  Wade made a few more aftershocks even after I withdrew my now softening cock.  Once again, All I could say was, "Wow" and stare blissfully into Wade's soft brown eyes and smiling face.

After a very long moment, I asked, "do you always cum like that?"

Wade smiled even wider and said, "only with you".

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to, but I had to know, "What is it like with other guys?" I pressed.

Wade rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling as he began to answer, "I have had multiple orgasms before, and I have had 'after shocks' as you call them before, but I have never had multiple orgasms and aftershocks at the same time.  And it has been a long time since I have felt either.  I was sixteen and a virgin when it happened.  I hope all of this works out, 'cause you are the best lover I have ever had!"

I was dazed.  Me, a good lover?  Sure, I have a above average penis and can do it pretty good.  I have pretty good stamina, but Wade blew me out of the water as far as I was concerned.  Shit, he blew Edmund, Tim and Claude out of the water.  It was nice to hear and I wanted to believe him, but I couldn't help but think he was flattering a new lover.

After laying there for a few moments more, I toweled Wade and myself off and led him by the hand to his room.  It was a queen sized bed instead of a king sized bed, but we didn't mind that as much as we would have changing the sheets after such an exhausting day.

Exhausting days is all I have had recently, not just sexually. I need to hit the hay.



Vince --

Good lord, where can I get one like that!


Thomas --

The next morning I woke up with rose pedals all over the bed, and a rose on the pillow next to me.  Wade wasn't there.  Just handfuls of rose pedals and rose blossoms all over the bed and over my three quarters hard cock that was stiffening thinking about the night before.  Shit, how long could sex like that last?  To try to stretch it out by trying not to do it every night, or to drink it up like an addict until it is gone.  No, I decided it would be best to do neither and take things as they come.

I got up and got another shower, this one not as long as the one last night, since there was nobody to share it with.  I dried off and found a bowl of fruit on ice next to my computer.  I sat down and got online while eating the fruit.  I looked up some copies of old personnel files from my uncle's farm and started to compile an updated list of phone numbers from Internet resources for the workers that I thought would work out best.

From the conversation the night before, I knew that we would need four hired hands to make things run smoothly.  I wanted at least part of a crew before starting to call any horse owners.  The first person I called was Kirk.  Kirk was a friend of my cousin and me when I used to visit here.  He was about my age, and the son of another horse wrangler which is how he got his job at such a young age.  He was taller then me last I saw him, about 6'2" with broad chest and muscular arms and torso.  He had brown hair and blue eyes, and his nose was a little big for a model, but for a horse wrangler, it fit him just right. As I remember he had a nice butt too, and a bulge to match.

Kirk was home when I called.  Apparently he worked at the same stable as Wade and was excited at the possibility of working out on the estate again. He could be out that afternoon.

Kirk also gave me some information on others that worked in that stable had already been solicited by the other stables in town.  My heart sank, because several of the names on my list of people to call were the ones that Kirk had indicated were already taken.

I crossed those off my list and went back to dialing.  I made three calls, got several answering machines, and left a discrete message.

In-between calls, I wrote the fourth letter to you and sent it before lunch.

It was lunchtime before I had completed my calling.  During lunch I got two call backs on my cell phone, after explaining the situation, I had one "yes, but not for two months", and a "no".  After lunch I made one more phone call and after a short conversation I had my second, "yes, but not for six weeks". Three down and one to go.

I told Wade and he started to throw his arms around me in front of my uncle, then he stopped himself awkwardly.  He tried to make it look like a hand gesture with limited success.  My uncle said, "you two can work with Kirk and may keep up, but you'll burn yourselves out if you aren't careful.  It is harder work then you think Vincent".

I turned toward him and responded, "I never thought of it as easy.  I know I was lazy when I used to visit here.  I can brush a horse, and throw a few hay bails, but know damn well that I couldn't do it without advice from you both. I know that I'll be sore for weeks, but this needs to happen!"

Uncle Randolph seemed satisfied with my answer and said, "Well, looks like you boys have some more phone calls to the horse owners that were displaced."

I grabbed the printouts from my computer that I had compiled that morning with the phone numbers of the owners that Wade had listed over dinner the night before.  I separated the list between Wade and I and started to reach for my cell phone.  Uncle Randolph said, "give me part of the list, I'll help".  I redistributed the pages and we all grabbed a phone.

It was dinner time before we had completed the calls.  We had gotten through to more owners then I thought we would and had a 95% acceptance rate which was well beyond my wildest expectations.

I also got a call back from one more wrangler that was available in two weeks. That makes four of four.

Through dinner and on into the night the phones rang off the hook.  The list of takers on our offer was enough to run the business, even though the rate of yes' per no had dropped to 85%.  We even had some unsolicited calls of people who used to keep their horses here when Uncle Randolph had run the farm.  They had heard from some of the other owners and wanted to move their horses out to our farm before the stable was full.

When the phones let up I had an idea.  I wrote to Edward & Tim, "I have a job opportunity for you that will make more money then any fast food.  It will be hard work, but I think you will enjoy it.  Please invite Claude too.  Please meet me out front of the mall tomorrow at 10AM, with clothing for the a week.  It may be fun for you to bring some garb too.  I'll bring you back home if you choose not to accept my offer, but plan on being gone all day and late into the evening even if you say no."

Later that night, I wrote the fifth letter, which got me so hot that I went looking for Wade.

He could tell I was horny even before my jeans were off. We undressed each other in the master bedroom. I hadn't noticed before then that someone had cleaned off the mirror and changed the bedding. I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn't cleaned it up before the maid.

Wade grabbed my erection, tugged gently, and let me to the Jacuzzi in the master bath. He turned on the water with his free hand and then turned his full attention to me.

We kissed passionately as we moved into the filling tub. The water felt so good as did our embrace. When the water was high enough the jets came on. I couldn't help but think of how good this will feel after a long day of taking care of horses.

After a while, I was feeling hot and sat up out of the tub on the ledge. Wade moved over and began to suck my cock slowly and methodically. He started rubbing his thumb around my anus in a circular motion which was driving me crazy.

"Rabbit fuck me!" I begged. A smile shot across Wade's face, and he stood up between my legs and positioned his steely prick. Wade slowly pushed forward. I wasn't as relaxed as I thought, his dick felt much thicker then before.

I relaxed as best as I could as he slowly pushed forward in short easy strokes. It took a while, but before long he was in all the way and was starting to pump faster and faster.

I raised my legs and wrapped them around Wade. He continued speeding up faster and faster. It felt great. Wade was really working it good, but said, "I can't do it that fast in this position."

I responded, "It feels to good to stop." Wade then made his best attempt to speed up, and was doing about two strokes a second. It wasn't as deep as when he had done it before, but it felt wonderful.

I loved watching Wade, and his reflection in the mirror. He fucked me fast for about ten or fifteen minutes before Wade slammed it in all the way and began to ejaculate which sent me over the edge. Wade stopped moving and continued to cum really hard. I thought he might loose his balance with the intensity of which his body was stiffening and relaxing. I think my ass clenching with each of my own ejaculations was milking Wade pretty good.

A couple of minutes later Wade took a few more strokes so that he could ejaculate a few more times. After he was done, we were both pretty spent. We cleaned each other off with a couple of washcloths and got back in the tub for a while before going to bed.

The next morning I borrowed one of my Uncle's cars and drove back to town. All three young men were hanging out near the front of the mall when I arrived.  They looked quite different not wearing garb, still cute, but not as cute as when they were in tights & kilts.  They spotted me and headed for the car. They all said "hello" as they piled in, Tim up front and Edward and Claude in back.

As I took off, there was a cacophony of, "what is this all about?", "how much ?" and I just started to drive.  They settled down in a few minutes when they realized that I couldn't answer over them even if I tried.

When they were quiet I simply said, "I have a surprise and won't tell till we get there".

On that note, Tim commandeered the CD player and put in a custom mix of Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, Korn and some other bands I didn't even know the name of.  I liked it, but it seemed to be a matter of a joke to Claude and Edward in back.  I think they had bets to my reaction to the music and they both had lost.  They were cracking up.

Tim reached over and started to fondle my cock as we were driving.  It was a little uncomfortable since I felt close to Wade, but we hadn't even begun to discuss views on monogamy and so forth.

It soon became uncomfortable for another reason.  My cock was kind of twisted funny in my underwear and jeans.  I kind of shifted a bit and Tim just smiled.  He unbuttoned my 501's and freed my cock.  Edward leaned forward to see what was going on, and continued to watch as Tim started to go down on me.  I had never attempted to keep a car on the road while someone performed felatio on me.  Steering wasn't too hard, but maintaining a steady pace was difficult.  I kept going faster and faster.  I decided it would be better to set the cruise control before I got a ticket for speeding and indecent exposure.

I came in Tim's mouth and he drank it to the last drop.  He sat back up and smiled at the other two boys in the back seat who were smiling back.  Tim waited until my cock was fairly soft before tucking it back into my shorts and attempting to button my pants.  As we turned into the driveway to the estate, I stopped for a second and adjusted myself and re-buttoned my jeans.

When we arrived, a large truck was there, Kirk and Wade were unloading bails of straw with another man that I did not know.  Kirk hadn't changed a bit, other then he looked a bit broader in the chest.  He still had that nice boyish face.

Wade stopped and came over.  I started to introduce Wade to Edward, Tim and Claude, but I was cut off with "How you been man," and "I looked for ya at the fair and we couldn't find ya".  I was embarrassed for some reason that both groups of my new lovers knew each other.

Then Edward turned towards me and asked, "So, what the hell is this all about?"

I smiled, "well, you need temp jobs, I need temp workers.  One of the stables in town burned down, and people need a place to keep their horses.  Kirk is the only hand I could get on short notice, and so I need some or all of you until the other hands get here.  After that it is up to you.  You can stay on if you like because I am sure there will be enough work to go around.  I plan to purchase horses and start up the riding-lesson business again and we can always use help with that."

The three boys looked at each other and then back to me, Tim asked, "Will you be picking us up and driving the forty minutes into town every day?"

"No.  Since you won't be an official Wrangler, and you are doing this as a favor, you can stay in the guest wing or the guesthouse.  You can also stay in the hired hands house if you like.  In the guest wing, there is maid service daily.  In the guesthouse, it is weekly or on request.  In the hired hand house, you clean up after yourself.  Food will also be provided anywhere you decide to crash."

Claude asked, "and booze ?"

I laughed, "I don't think it wise to party every night, but yes, we can do some drinking once and a while."

Tim asked, "Money ?"

I responded, "as I said in the e-mail, I will double your best offer out of the three of you, and if that isn't good enough we'll negotiate.  I know that there will be more hours, and maybe even some overtime".

They looked at each other and at Wade who still had a funny smile on his face.  We'll take it they seemed to say in unison.  Tim asked, "Can I use your phone?"  I handed him my cell.  Tim called is parents, and I could tell from Tim's reaction that they were happy about it, and he was happy about not having to go on some family trip.  The phone made it's rounds to the other two and they also had their parent's blessing.

Kirk moved into the hired hands quarters, since he was a permanent hired hand, unlike the other guys that were here for a few weeks.

After a short discussion Tim, Claude and Edward opted to stay in the guest house instead of the guest wing.  I think they felt that they would have more privacy there.  Kirk and I gave the three boys a tour of the grounds, the common areas of the house, and of their rooms in the guesthouse.  Kirk then took them to the barn to start giving them an orientation on what they would be doing.

Wade and I walked back to the house arm-in-arm since there was no one else around.  Wade suddenly said, "I don't care if you fool around with those three, but you had better not wear yourself out.  I want you fresh, horny and ready to go at a moment's notice. "  I laughed. I didn't know what to say.  I opened to door for Wade and we went in single file.  Uncle Randolph greeted us and congratulated us on getting things underway so quickly.

I went upstairs and almost caught you up to date by writing the sixth letter. After that short break, I went to the barn to help move the remaining straw bails and sweep out a few stalls.

The whole group met in the main dining room for dinner.  Even Kirk was there.  We had a large meal, and it was a good thing too because Kirk had put Edward, Tim and Claude to work, not to mention all the work that Wade had done before we had got back from town.

After the meal we all headed for the guesthouse family room which was set up as home theater, except for Kirk who worked the hardest and was beat and Uncle Randolph who needed his rest.  The guesthouse afforded some privacy because the cleaning people only came there once a week or so, and that was in the daytime.  Kirk wasn't going to walk in on us, and Uncle Randolph would have to go outside to get over to the other building, since he didn't like climbing stairs to get to the second level which connected the two buildings.  We started to watch the Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wade, Tim, Edward and I sat on the long couch and Claude sat in the oversized chair off to the side.  Part way through the movie I felt Wade's hand making it's way up my right leg.  Then I felt Tim's hand moving up my left leg.  I could see that Tim was running his hand up Edward's leg at the same time.

I was once again in pain from my 501's binding my cock in an un-natural position. It wasn't too long before Wade's hand met Tim's hand just below my navel.  They both ripped my jeans open which was quite a relief to my cock that was being bent funny. They continued with their teasing massage.  Claude seemed to be engrossed in the movie and for that matter, I continued to attempt to watch the movie and only glance at Wade and glance at Tim.  I wasn't really watching them.  However; out of the corner of my eye, I caught Edward's hand sneak a grab at Tim's crotch.  Tim immediately noticed that it wasn't me or Wade and looked at Edward, and then, as if to call attention away from the act bent down and took my head into his mouth.  Wade followed suit and moved his head to my pelvic area.  I watched as Wade and Tim French kissed with my dick in-between them.  They moved in tandem back and forth up and down my cock.  I was feeling very lucky as I felt two of the most gorgeous young men I have ever seen were sucking on my cock at the same time, with two other examples of stud-hood in the room as well to look at.

I started watching Wade and Tim more then the movie.  They were going at a pace that wasn't going to make me cum for a while, but I could tell that if they kept it up, I was going to cum really hard.  Edward got up and moved behind Tim and pulled down his shorts and underwear.  He then moved over to Wade and reached around him and undid his buckle and pulled his belt from Wade's jeans.  Wade and Tim continued sucking my cock as if nothing had happened.  Edward removed Wade's jeans.

Tim removed his mouth from my penis, and Wade started to go down on me while Tim removed his shirt.  Tim moved his face back to my cock and Wade surrendered my cock to Tim so Wade could remove his shirt.  I removed my shirt and watched Edward disrobe as Wade and Tim went back into an equilibrium on my dick.

Edward kind of danced behind the two necked beauties with his erect dick bobbing up and down.  He moved closer and slapped Edward's ass with his cock in a playful manner.  Then he danced over to Wade's ass and hit it with his cock.  Tim and Wade continued sliding their lips and tongues back and forth on my penis in such a way that it felt like the deepest blowjob one could ever have, and with no teeth no less.

Edward maneuvered behind Tim and started to penetrate him.  He took his time making several even strokes and withdrew.  He then moved behind Wade.  He gently maneuvered behind Wade and started to penetrate him.  Wade let out a, 'Hmmm" indicating that maybe Edward was being a bit rough, and Edward slowed down.

This got Claude's attention.

Claude walked over to the entertainment center and turned the sound source from the movie to a satellite channel that plays nothing but dance music, but he left the television on.  Claude then moved behind Tim and rammed his cock deep within him in one rather merciless thrust.  Tim closed his eyes and tilted his head back letting out an audible, "Ohh!".  Wade wrapped his lips around my cock and started to go down on me at about the same pace as they were doing the other thing, but not as deep.  Claude started pumping Tim as Tim resumed his duet with Wade on my instrument.  Claude said in a low voice to Edward, "Thanks for loosening him up for me".

I watched as the menagerie of flesh moved in front of me.  Claude's balls hitting Tim's buttocks to the tempo of the thumping of the drums.  Edward gently sliding in and out of Wade's anus about a quarter of the speed that Claude was taking.  Tim and Wade would take turns going down on me two or three times, and would slide their wet mouths down the length of my cock a few times before the other would go down on me.  Their pace was right in-between Claude's and Edward's, about two beats to the stroke.

I felt my cock tense and start to ejaculate.  Cum spurted across my chest all the way up to my chin. Tim and Wade didn't change their pace.  They continued to take turns placing their mouth over my penis and licking my balls.  It tickled so much I felt it hard to continue cumming, but I did.  Spurt after spurt went down their hungry throats.

All of a sudden Wade withdrew his mouth from my cock and backed into Edward and held his cock as it volleyed cum in an arch that landed in Tim's hair and on my chest.  He breathed deeply and ejaculated a few more times each time successively a smaller arches making a small mess on the wood floor.  Edward withdrew his cock from Wade's ass as Wade leaned back forward to lick my cock and came over Wade's back in an angle that the harder ejaculations spurted onto Tim's back as well.

Claude actually made a growling sound as Tim withdrew from my cock and backed into him.  Tim started to stroke his prick as Claude started to push all the way in quickly, hold it there for a second, withdraw it and then slam it back in without pausing. Tim got up from being on all fours to a kneeling position as he backed further into Claude who wrapped one arm around his chest and the other around his waist.  Claude held Tim tightly as they both started to cum. Tim made a loud "Ahhgh" and Claude growled at the same time  Tim spurted cum across the floor that landed on my leg and dick.

It then dawned on me that Wade didn't go through the aftershocks.  I felt a warm admiration for Wade and maybe even felt a bit guilty that I had not believed Wade when he said that I made him cum harder them his other lovers.  I took Wade by the hands and guided him closer to me.  He stepped up onto the couch where I was sitting and I took his three quarters hard prick into my mouth.

I softly rolled my tongue around the head as it became immediately stiff again.  Wade steadied himself by placing his hands on the wall behind the couch and I started a moving my head up and down on Wade steely prick.  My motions were soon met by Wade thrusting his torso forward and back.

Suddenly it seemed that Wade and I were in a world all our own.  I barely noticed the slurping sounds and the sound of Edward's balls slapping in and out of Tim's well lubed ass.  All I focused on was this stiff  prick that felt like it was made for my mouth.  How it's length felt soft and smooth.  How the head felt spongy.  How the bottom of his prick was flexing.  How sweet the hot cum was when it entered my mouth.  All I sensed Wade's legs tense up as he bucked against my face.  All I knew was that Wade's whole body was jerking forward in aftershocks confirming that I turned him on more then the others.  I was in love.

Wade came longer in my mouth then he had when Edward fucked him.  I drank every drop, rubbed his legs, and squeezed his ass.  When he was done he crouched down and kissed me on the lips.  He then straddled my legs and started to position himself on my cock.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Tim was getting it from both ends.  I think that Edward had liked Wade's show because from the expression on his face, He was shooting his load into Tim's ass before the other two were ready to cum.

Wade started to move up and down on my cock as I sat there staring into his brown eyes.  I could tell Edward had came inside of Wade before he had shot his load onto his back because he was well lubed, but he was still very tight. Wade rode me like a jockey.  He was bucking forward and back, up and down.  It felt so good.

After a while I wanted to change position, so I kissed him passionately on the lips.  I then placed my hands around Wade's torso and slowly stood up.  Wade wrapped his legs around my hips as I bucked in and out of his ass.   I knew that even if I was strong enough to hold him through the whole love act, I wouldn't be able to keep from dropping him when I orgasmed. So I slowly turned around and laid his back on the couch.  I started to thrust even harder as Wade yelled, "uh, Yes!".  A few strokes more and his sphincter was clenching my dick, I was cumming, and Wade was spasming and ejaculating cum uncontrollably over his chest, throat and underside of his jaw and onto the leather couch.  I leaned forward and kissed Wade on the mouth. I waited a few moments before withdrawing.

I think that Wade's second orgasm must have excited Tim, because I heard him start to jack off while on all fours with Claude's huge prick in his mouth.  Edward was still pumping him from behind going faster and faster.  Tim withdrew his lips from Claude's cock and backed into Edward has he and backed into Claude earlier.  Claude stood up and moved forward and  re-inserted his prick in Tim's mouth.

Wade and I watched as Edward reached around Tim and began to masturbate him.  It didn't take too many strokes before Edward and Tim both were having an orgasm.  Edward was holding Tim's prick in such a way that cum spurted up at an angle that it hit Claude's balls first, Tim's chest second, Claude's balls third, Claude's ass fourth and the fifth arched a couple of feet away on the floor.

Who knows if it was the sounds that Edward and Tim were making or if was the wet and worm sensation of cum on his balls.  Hell, maybe it was just his time, but something sent Claude over the edge at that moment. When Claude shot his load Tim couldn't keep up.  Not that he didn't try, but when Claude leaned back, tilted his head back and went "Ahhh" it wasn't but a second or two before Tim had cum dripping down his chin.

Wade and I got up and went upstairs to cross over to the main house.  We didn't bother to dress and went directly to the shower.  The water felt so warm, and the soap smelled so good. It was so nice to feel clean after being so sweaty.

After that the bed felt nice too, as it did the night before after a fuck and a shower. As it will again after a shower and a fuck tonight.




I want to come and help too. I'll quit my job if you let me.


Thomas --

The next morning we woke up together early.  The sky from the windows was on fire, and to see the reflections of the azure and pink reflected in the small like wanted me to get out my camera.  Wade looked so nice bathed in the yellow light of the sunrise.  He reached out and stroked my bare chest with his hand, and I reciprocated.  His body was like chiseled marble, and his prick as hard.

I started to move down to give him a blow job and there was a knock at the door. Begrudgingly I grabbed my robe and answered the door. It was Edward standing there looking kind of upset.

Edward was also wearing a robe around his shoulders that opened as he walked into the room to reveal his slim sleek body and his red bush above his very own work of art that even Michelangelo would have been proud of. He sat on the bed and sighed. Wade sat up and put a hand on his shoulder as I closed the door. Edward kind of looked like he as going to cry as he said in a small voice, "Claude called me a fag this morning".

I looked at Wade and Wade looked back at me.

Edward continued, "Claude not only saw me jack Tim off last night, but he saw me grab Tim as the action was just starting. I think he may even know I sucked Vince's dick the first night of ren-faire". Wade looked at me and raised one eyebrow.

I asked, "Well, many people would call him a fag for fucking other guys. What do you care?"

Claude looked up at me and said, "Well, I like to mess around. I like to know that the relationship is going to continue. I don't like the way that Claude treats Tim, and I don't want to be treated that way. I want to suck them both off, but I don't want to hear Claude taunting me with 'suck my dick faggot'. I don't know what to do."

Wade ran his hand up and down Edward's back in comfort. I walked across to the nightstand and took a sip from a cup of water that was there. My own robe opened as I walked to reveal that I was still aroused by Wade, and that Edward's body didn't help make my erection go away. It made me a bit self conscious having a hard-on when I was supposed to be giving advise to Edward.

Then it dawned on me. I give advise. I grabbed my deck of cards off the nightstand and began to shuffle them.

I sat at the head of the bed as Edward and Wade turned around to see what I was doing. I asked out loud, "I want to know the elements that surround Claude's attitude toward gay men". I dealt the cards in my standard 16 card layout. The three cards to the lower right that signify one's friends were the page of cups, the page of wands and the page of coins. The center card was the page of swords. It dawned on me as I was reading that each of these young men in their own way resembled the four pages. Tim was emotional. Claude was willful and emotional, Edward was emotional and a thinker, and Wade was practical and emotional. I looked at the three cards to the lower left that signify the recent past and saw the Devil, the magician and the three of cups. If the Devil was an apt description of the man who had done the deal with Edward. Not just because he was evil, but because the thing that Claude and the others wanted, namely booze, had strings attached. I guess the magician was me, and the three of cups was the party we had. The card to the center's left which signifies the subconscious was the lovers; so his subconscious had a desire. What was on his right was judgment in reverse, which told me that he was worried about going against what he was taught was normal. What stood against him was the hanged man, his tendency to not do something that would free himself to control others. I suppose in a way that was what he was doing by not giving into his passions he was maintaining control of the others. His future had the knight of coins, the two of cups and the sun. He would meet a practical and creative man, who he will become involved with, and be happy. His other future had the fool, the three of swords, and the tower. If he didn't learn what he was doing, he would be in for pain and a reckoning.

"Well, who was this knight of Pentacles?" I asked.

The other two looked at me confused and I realized that I hadn't said a word since I asked the question. I looked up at Edward and said, "never mind, things are going to be okay. I don't want to tell you everything because if you know too much it will upset the balance of what I see may happen". I picked up the cards and continued, "I believe that he will eventually turn around his attitude, and if he doesn't there will be far reaching consequences to his life".

I turned around and stretched out on my stomach to place the cards on the nightstand without crawling. Before I could turn over I felt four hands moving their way up my legs under my robe and grabbing my ass and running up my back. I felt Edward grab my robe and get up off the bed pulling it off of me like a shirt. He then moved toward me with his prick in my face. I rolled onto my back and opened my mouth. Edward moved forward gently placing his erect tool in my mouth and continued to crawl on top of me onto the bed into the sixty nine position.

We rolled diagonally onto the bed so that we were both on our sides. Wade maneuvered behind me and started to press his rock hard prick against my anus. I braced myself, and continued to slurp against Edward's beautiful cock. I think that Wade was enjoying what he saw because it didn't take him long before he was pounding my ass rather hard and rather uncontrollably. Wade's pounding was going to send me over the edge before Edward's blow-job was.

Edward seemed to enjoy sucking on my dick. He kept stopping and looking at it, playing with it a while and then sucking it again. If this was the second time he had ever sucked on someone, this would have been the first time he did it in a well lit room. Each time Edward started, he attempted to get it deeper within his throat.

Wade let out a loud "ah" that he cut off during his first spasm. Upon feeling Wade pulsing within, I just let loose and came all over Edward's face, who promptly deep throated me and started to suck fast and furious, drinking me dry. It must have really turned him on because his cock immediately began to pulse and spew hot semen down the back of my throat. I milked his sweet tasting cream for all he was worth.

Wade was the first to stop. He withdrew and collapsed on the bed, shaking the whole bed with a few more aftershocks. Edward and I continued to suck each other for a few minutes after we had finished our orgasms. Both of us were three quarters hard when we quit. The alarm went off and Wade said, "Shit, we gotta get ready. Some of the horse owners are going to be here soon".

We all got up and went to the shower. There were several times I was tempted to bend Wade or Edward over and fuck them while in the shower, especially when they were leaned over lathering up their legs, but I maintained self control since we had a lot of work to do today.

We had enough time to grab some breakfast before the first horse trailer pulled up. Wade and Kirk handled most of the dealings with the owners, while Edward, Claude, Tim and I worked moving the second load of hay into the haymow. The barn was constructed on the edge of a small hill. It was nice because you could drive up to the second level with your trailer and unload it without any problems.

During a lunch break, I took a sandwich, some chips and a coke up to my room to write you yesterday's escapades in the seventh letter. I always get so turned on when writing these. When I got done, all I wanted to do was fuck & suck all afternoon, but there was once again too much to do. God I hate blue balls.

After lunch we all went back to the trailer to move hay and straw into the top of the horse barn. I think we worked about ten minutes before Kirk came by and asked if Claude and Tim could sweep out some of the stalls below. Claude said respectfully, "Yes sir, you can count on me to do it".

Kirk asked, "do you think you can get 10 more stalls ready before six?"

Claude didn't give it a second thought and said, "yes".

Kirk looked skeptical, "Are you sure?"

Claude seemed like his pride had been hurt as he responded, "what I say, I mean. " Claude almost marched as he walked over to the ladder and began to climb down to the first floor. Tim followed.

Wade, Edward and I continued to move the straw, while Tim and Claude worked below. Kirk went outside to do some work, but I don't what it was.

We were already at half capacity in a few days time. I was so excited to see the farm ramping up again. As we moved the bails, I told Wade that I wanted him to locate some horses suitable for giving towns people rides in the woods. I wanted to start up the riding lessons in the fall if not sooner.

Wade, Edward and I took a break when were almost finished, and sat on some straw bails that overlooked the indoor exercise area. We could see what Tim and Claude were doing. Tim and Claude were done with the ten stalls and were sweeping a pile of dust and old straw to the center of the exercise area. I think that since they didn't hear us moving hay that we were finished and had left, because it wasn't too long before Claude stood up and unzipped his pants and said aloud to Tim, "Suck my dick little man." Tim hesitated a second, and started to set down his broom.

Claude boomed, "I said suck my dick, and what the biggest guy says goes." Tim obediently started to get down on his knees to take Claude's large three-quarter hard cock into his mouth. What they didn't see was that Kirk was coming in the side door, and had heard everything. Kirk watched for a few minutes as Tim brought Claude's dick to full mast.

Kirk unzipped his pants to reveal one of the largest pieces of meat I have seen in real life. I've seen photos and videos, but until you see something that obscenely large in real life, you don't really appreciate it.

Claude let out a loud, "Ummm, it is good to be the biggest guy and always get what you want!" Kirk let his pants fall to the floor and removed his tee shirt as he walked over to the two young men and announced, "So, since I am bigger then you, I can order you to suck this!" he said to Claude.

Claude's cock dropped out of Tim's mouth as his jaw dropped open. Both Claude and Tim's eyes were wide as they stared at the huge thirteen or fourteen inch cock that was throbbing before them. How Kirk could have that much blood flow to his prick without passing out, I'll never know. Tim started to reach for Kirk's member, but Kirk swayed his hips away from Tim's hands and said, "you'll get your turn, but I want Claude to do it first."

Claude stood there wide eyed. He glanced at Tim and then back at Kirk and said, "but..."

Kirk cut him off, "you said that what you say you mean, and you said that the biggest guy always gets what he wants. Now, suck my dick little man." he said gruffly.

Claude reluctantly kneeled down on his knees, stuck his tongue out, leaned forward and touched it to the tip of Kirk's giant appendage. Kirk placed a hand on Claude's shoulder and on his head. Kirk moved his head forward and placed his lips to the head of Kirk's dick as his tongue lashed in and out on the underside of Kirk's penis.

Claude eased his way forward, and attempted to wrap his mouth around the giant cock. Tim sat there almost drooling. Claude could only get about the first three or four inches into his mouth before he pulled his face off of it and began to lick Kirk's cock from tip to balls. Few minutes later Kirk extended his hand to Tim to indicate that he could now join in.

Tim got up on his knees and started licking the almost horse sized member opposite Claude. Instead of moving back and forth in tandem like Tim and Wade had done on me, they were always at opposite ends of Kirk's penis. Each time one of the boys got to the head, they would attempt to suck it. Tim was able to get more in his mouth then Claude, which made Kirk moan a bit. After a few times Claude was making more and more valiant attempts at sucking. It became a contest between Claude and Tim on who could make Kirk moan louder.

Suddenly Kirk said, "I wanna see you suck Tim's dick"

Tim started to suck Kirk full time as Claude looked up into Kirk's face with a look that I couldn't decide if it were betrayal or if it were embarrassment that he had to suck someone that normally sucks him. Claude bent over and began to suck on Tim's cute erection that looked like a boy's meat in comparison to Kirk's fence post. Claude could more easily suck on Tim's prick, and before long was going to town on it as if he liked it. Kirk said, "that's it, you are turning Tim on. I can tell from the way he is sucking me". >From where I sat, he was right too. Kirk added, "Yeah, that's it Claude, make Tim hot!"

It was a sight to see Tim taking that much of the cock down his throat and stroking with both hands. I heard Edward whisper to Wade, "When Kirk comes, Tim is going to be shot across the room." Wade and I bit our tongues, because we knew that if Claude heard us laughing he would think we were laughing at him and maybe never suck dick again.

The show as turning us in the haymow on too. Edward was starting to unbutton Wade's 501's to reveal a pretty erection. I couldn't help but unbutton my jeans also. Edward began to suck on Wade, as Wade raised his hand and gestured for me go stand up. I stood up and straddled Edward who was on the floor sucking Wade's cock much like Claude was sucking Tim's. Wade took my hard-on into his mouth and stroked it with both hands much like Tim was doing to Kirk.

I was so turned on. I looked down ad Wade and Edward beneath me, and then at Kirk, Tim and Claude down below. It seemed like there were a connection between all of us. I could imagine having a cock that huge, and having it sucked. As I watched, It looked as if Wade and Tim were going at the same pace, and that Claude and Edward were going at the same pace. I felt a strange connection between Kirk and I, then Kirk's eyes met mine. Then I knew there was a connection. I could feel him getting turned on by what he saw above him, and it was turning me on all the more.

I started to feel the familiar tingle in my balls and my cock start shooting cum into Wade's mouth. Below I could see that Tim was drinking down what Kirk was feeding him. I knew that Wade was starting to cum into Edward's mouth and so I looked down to see Tim start to buck against Claude's mouth and fill it to overflow. I looked back and Edward wasn't keeping up with Wade either. I reached down and started to stroke Edward's prick to get him off, and oddly out of the corner of my eye I saw Kirk doing the same to Claude. I was starting to trip on it. It didn't take Edward or Claude long to cum they were both so excited.

Afterward Claude turned bright red when he saw Wade, Edward and I looking down at them. I wanted to apologize for the voyeurism, but thought it better to remain silent.

We wiped each other with our tee-shirts and sat around staring at each other for a few moments. Another Truck with a horse trailer was pulling into the yard, which snapped us out of our blissful state. We each got up and went back to work.

Which is where I must go now. I will write more later tonight. I stole a few minutes to keep you up to date and write this chapter on a break in-between clients arriving.


Vincent --

I can't wait.


Thomas --

Later that night I was sure to ring up Kirk and invite him up to the main house for dinner. After calling Kirk's room I relaxed a bit, read some e-mail and wrote the next letter to you.

Later that evening; Uncle Randolph looked ten years younger and seemed proud to have a full table of workers. The meal was a large four course meal. The wine was good, and we all had our fill of gourmet food before retiring to the house media room.

After dinner we decided to go into the Jacuzzi room that is attached to the guest house's small gym facility. The sound system is connected to the media room, and Edward put the stereo onto the same channel that Claude had used the night before as he passed it on the way to the gym.

As we entered the gym, we kind of paired off, Claude & Kirk, Tim & Edward and Wade & I and stripped each others clothing. We all got into the eight-man Jacuzzi and started making out. I kissed Wade, Edward started sucking Tim's nipples, and Claude straddled Kirk's lap and slowly jacked his cock as he started to French kiss him. The hot bubbling water felt so good on my back after the long and hard days work, as did Wade's tongue in my mouth, his arms around me and him snuggling up to me with our cocks pressing into each others stomachs. It as so hot seeing Claude and Kirk go at it, not to mention the fact that Tim was sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi and that Edward was methodically worshipping Tim's cock as he was going down on him.

Wade slowly started to jack my cock and lick my nipples. Suddenly Kirk said in a low voice, "I want to see you suck Edward's dick." Without hesitation, Claude pushed backward and half swam in-between Tim and Edward and started to suck on Edward's beautiful erection inches above the water.. Kirk and I watched as Claude deep throated Edward and Edward rhythmically bobbed his head up and down on Tim's prick.

Tim was breathing heavily when he said, "Not yet, I wanna suck on Kirk first." Claude took Tim into his throat deeply two or three more times before letting him go. Tim moved over to Kirk as Edward and Claude spun around each other so that Edward was sitting where Tim had been. Claude was going to town on Edward's cock and Edward was leaning back and moaning in ecstasy. Kirk sat in a higher seat to give Tim un-submerged access to his huge cock, and Tim immediately laid stomach down in the water with his face inches from Kirk's lap. Kirk smiled as he watched Tim wrap his tongue, lips and both hands around Kirk's enormous cock.

Kirk asked, "Wade, do you think you could loosen up Claude for Tim, so he can loosen him up for Edward or Vince, then I'll have a go at him once he is well lubricated?" Wade sat up and looked in my face to see my reaction. I gave him a small nod and Wade slid off my lap and moved in behind Claude. I couldn't help but slowly stroke myself as I watched Wade placed his hands on Claude's hips and push forward gently against Claude's anus. With each push Claude would grunt and either hesitate for a few seconds, or hungrily deep-throat Edward. It wasn't too long before Wade started pumping Claude's ass like a little sex god. Watching him fuck is a thing to see, his tight abs, his strong legs, proportionately broad smooth chest and his disproportionately large prick moving in and out of Claude's virgin ass. Wade folded his hands behind the small of his back and continued to increase his speed causing Claude continue is irregular blow job on Edward.

There were only two things going through my head, "god that is too sexy", and "I hope he doesn't get too tired, I want some too".

A few minutes later Wade's pace became a constant, which allowed Claude to resume a more regular rhythm on Edward's cock. Once this occurred, it wasn't too many more minutes before Edward started to come into Claude's inexperienced mouth. Claude was not ready and seamen dripped down the sides of his mouth and off his chin. After watching that, I had to force myself to place my hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi, because I didn't want to cum yet.

Claude continued to lick Edward's now softening cock. I could see Wade's stomach muscles start to tighten as he tilted his head back. Old Faithful was about to blow. Wade rammed it in all the way and held it there. Claude took his mouth off Edward's cock and said, "Uhh, I feel it". Tim pulled is face off from Kirk's jock and turned around to see. It was beautiful to watch Wade's ass cheeks tense and relax with each ejaculation. Wade took a few more strokes toward the end of his orgasm to coax a few more ejaculations out.

Tim moved over beside Wade as he was slowing down. When Wade pulled out, he did it in one backwards motion and Claude cried, "Don't stop, fuck me more". Tim compiled by moving behind him and without so much as a 'hello', rammed his whole prick into Claude's ass in one stroke. Claude let out a slight whimper and tightened his grip on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Tim didn't stop there though; he continued with full strokes as if he had been fucking already for ten minutes. I couldn't help but wonder if this was some sort of pay-back for all the abuse Tim took from Claude, or if he truly thought that this is what Claude needed.

Edward moved over to me and began to fondle my engorged penis as he continued to watch Tim's performance.

Wade hesitated for a few minutes and watched Tim's merciless pounding of Claude's ass. He ran his hands up and down Tim's back and sides, which seemed to calm Tim's furry, but not his resolve. As the massage continued, each thrust became more focused yet more needful. The change in rhythm was very erotic. Yes, I think Wade is some sort of love god.

Wade looked over at Kirk and stared a moment at his colossal erection that wasn't much smaller the Wade's forearm. Kirk smiled at him in genuine admiration. What Wade lacked in size, he more then made up for in strength and stamina. Wade shook his head slightly, smiled, and moved over where Edward and I were and sat down on my lap. Edward let my penis go and moved over toward Kirk stopping briefly in the middle of the Jacuzzi to get a closer look at Tim's cock penetrating Claude's anus. As he stood there, he too put his arms around Tim. Edward kissed Tim deeply on the mouth and squeezed his ass. I think this put Tim over the edge, because he let out a loud, "uh" and quickened his pace. It was a good thing that Edward was there. Each powerful ejaculation caused Tim to wobble like a person does when he is being tickled. Edward's embrace allowed Tim to continue thrusting at full force, torturing himself into making each ejaculation as powerful, if not more powerful then the first one. Edward passionately kissed Tim in the final stages of Tim's orgasm.

As Tim slowed down, Edward grabbed his own cock pointing it out at a ninty degree angle, parallel to the water targeting Claude's hole. When Tim withdrew, he did it in several successive strokes, one inch in, two inches out, one inch in, two inches out until it was fully out. Without missing a beat, Edward moved forward and put the head of his prick inside of Claude. He then started working his way in: one inch in, half inch back, one and a half inches in, one inch back. He pushed it in as far as Claude's until recently virgin ass would let him. With the workout that Claude had already had along with the semen acting as lubricant, it didn't take long at all before Edward was smiling a devilish smile that meant that he was about to go to town.

As Edward pounded Claude, each thrust pushed Claude forward with each successive stroke until Claude's torso was out of the tub. Claude's legs were against the Jacuzzi and his knees were in one of its seats and he rested is stomach on the area outside of the tub. Edward slowed and stopped and when Claude turned around slightly to see what was wrong, Edward reached down and started to lift one of Claude's legs out of the water. Claude slowly rolled over onto his back while making a loud moan as he felt himself spinning around Edward's cock. As Claude was carefully rolling over, Tim moved back a little to allow the couple some room. Claude scooted back so that his ass was on the edge of the Jacuzzi and Edward was standing on the seat. They did this maneuver without Edward's prick falling out of Claude.

As soon as Claude relaxed, Edward resumed his relentless thrusting. He sped up faster and faster. I don't think I have ever seen rabbits go that fast. Claude started moaning loudly and his dick started to get really hard. It started to lift itself off Claude's abdomen at a thirty degree angle. It remained arched there for about a minute and a half before it started jerking violently and spewed semen across Claude's chest, past his shoulders and for a few more feet onto the wall. Claude started going into aftershocks the way that Wade does, which sent Edward over the edge. He started to loose his balance the way that Tim did, but Tim wasn't close enough to catch Edward. He fell forward on top of Claude, but continued is fast pounding while he let out a loud, short "ah...ah.... ah ..... ah!" and then a long final "ahhhhhhh!" while thrusting it in all the way and collapsing on top of him completely.

Claude rolled them both over so that he was on top and started to ride Edward's tired, but still erect cock. Tim started to move in from behind. Wade and I watched in amazement as Tim started to place his prick near Claude's ass. Claude stopped moving up and down and turned around. He looked first into Tim's face, then at his prick and then he looked over at Kirk who was watching them and stroking his colossal cock slowly.

Tim reached around and wiped semen off of Claude's chest and started to rub it onto his prick. Claude raised is ass so that only the head and first inch of Edward's cock was still inside. Tim moved in closer and placed his dick next to Edward's and held both dicks tightly as Claude slowly lowered himself onto them. Wade held my cock tightly in sort of anticipation of what we were watching. Tim continued to hold tightly as Claude let out a low moan and slowly took on both young men. Kirk got up to get a closer look and knelt down beside the three teens.

Claude let out a low, "oooh!" and Kirk began to run his hands down Tim's back, up Claude's side, and down Edward's stomach. Claude started to move up and down very slowly as Kirk started to lightly run both hands over all three boys. Claude leaned forward and kissed Edward on the mouth for a few moments. He seemed like he were drunk, but he had not had much to drink. It was like he were under some kind of spell, or under the influence of some kind of drug. He seemed out of breath has he slightly turned around to kiss Tim. He kissed him for a shorter time the Edward, and then he leaned back forward. Kirk kissed Claude as he started to move up and down on Edward's and Tim's cocks a little faster.

Tim and Edward started to thrust a little on Claude's down stroke, and pull back a little on when Claude raised his ass. They were starting to move in tandem, and it was a very erotic sight to see. Kirk broke the kiss and started to lick Claude's nipples, his stomach, his belly button, and finally his half-hard cock. Claude's dick didn't take long to get hard though, it sprang to life before Kirk to take it into his mouth. Claude was starting to moan louder and louder.

Tim suddenly pushed forward when Claude was moving upward, and then pulled back as Claude pushed down on Edward's raising cock. Tim made several strokes in syncopation against the movements of the other two, which started to drive Claude crazy. Claude moaned louder and louder, "Oh, god.... Oh... Oh god!".

Tim then pushed again in tandem with Edward making Claude "ah!" loudly. Tim would take eight or nine strokes in tandem with Edward, then five or six strokes in syncopation and then repeat. Several long minutes passed as Wade and I watched the menagerie of flesh in front of us begin to move faster and faster. All four young men made low moaning and "mmm" sounds at different intervals. Suddenly Edward said, "Oh yeah! Cum Tim, cum!". Tim let out an, "Ohhh, Yeeeeesssss!!!" Edward added, "Fuck I feel your dick pulsing, your cum is so hot! I can't hold out. Ahhh!" Claude let out a low moan, his eyes were glazing over.

After a few more minutes Claude said, "I can't.... stop." Tim slowly withdrew, and Edward pulled out shortly after that. A couple of seconds later Claude said, "oh, fuck.... Fuck me. NOW! I feel, I need someone inside me". Kirk moved in between Claude's legs and slowly began to drive his obscenely huge member slowly within Claude's abused ass. It went in rather easily after the workout that Claude just had, but since Kirk was much longer, the Claude began to squirm a bit with those last five inches or so. Kirk left it all the way in to give Claude time to adjust, then he started to slowly pull it out and push it back in long even thrusts. A few strokes later, Claude was looking like he was enjoying it, but that he was too tired to remain on his knees. He first leaned forward, then onto his stomach, then moved one leg up. Claude rolled slightly onto his side as Kirk held his leg in place and they were able to reverse the move that Edward and Claude had done earlier. They made it look easy, but I guess it was since Kirk's dick is so long, they didn't have to worry as much about it falling out. After the maneuver, Kirk resumed his firm but gentle love making.

A few minutes passed and Claude started to "mmm" softly with each thrust. Edward walked over to me and took me by the hand and let me over to Claude and Kirk. Tim walked over to Wade. Edward got down on all fours and started to kiss Claude on the mouth. I got the hint and moved in behind him on my knees and positioned my raging hard-on between his ass cheeks and gently pushed until just the head was buried. Being a virgin, his ass was tight and he let out a short but loud "mmm", but he continued to kiss Claude. Tim and Wade came over. Tim laid down on his back and slid under Edward the way a mechanic slides under a car, and began to give head to Edward. The blow job helped take Edward's mind off of the fact that I was pushing two or three inches in deeper.

Wade moved in between Tim's legs, and lifted them up so that Tim formed an 'L' shape. Without hands, Wade positioned his prick and pushed forward half the way in. From under Edward, I heard Tim make an enthusiastic, "hummmm". I pushed forward a little past half way and Edward raised his head and let out an "ahh", but he was well relaxed, so I continued till it was buried all the way. Edward began to kiss Claude wildly, like he were being driven crazy.

I started to pull back and push forward in short strokes and allowed him to get used to the sensation. Edward continued to alternate between kissing Claude, raising his head, and moaning. Wade started to pump faster and faster, and I could tell that Tim liked it because his hands started to rub Edward's thighs, ass and back. Tim also reached around and fondled my balls as I started to take slower, longer strokes. It was really erotic, I don't have someone play with my scrotum much when I am fucking someone.

I sensed that Edward was ready for slow long strokes. I began to withdraw and push at a slow and steady pace. Edward moved is torso slightly and started to go down on Claude, who was still getting slowly reamed by Kirk. Claude let out a low pitched moan that almost sounded like he was purring. The whole scene was so awesome to look at; it was all I could do to not cum right then and there.

Wade was smiling at me from in-between Tim's legs which Wade still hugged tightly as he pounded Tim's ass. I leaned over and French-kissed Wade while we both continued fucking. I couldn't help but speed up a bit as Wade and my tongue danced in each other's mouths. I could feel Edward's sphincter start to contract as Edward started to blow his load into Tim's mouth. That totally put me over the edge. With the extra lubrication in Edward's ass, I was able to start giving him a real pounding. Wade sped up at about the same time and Tim began to spew semen across his stomach, chest and onto Edward's side. Claude and Kirk both let out a loud moan and came simultaneously. I sped up even faster, I wanted to cum again before everyone else finished. Wade let out a short "Ah!" and started thrusting harder then he had been. Then I let loose for a second time.

We all slowed down and stopped at about the same time. Wade and I got up and headed for the showers, while Tim and Edward got back into the Jacuzzi and Claude and Kirk lay there cuddling. Before Wade and I were done with our shower, Tim and Edward walked in arm and arm, they looked so sexy, but we were all too tired to do anything about it.

The next morning I wrote this ninth letter, which once again brings us to the present time.

And Thomas; you can come up next weekend. There is plenty of room in the guesthouse or the guest wing of the mansion, but I may put you to work in the office if you stay for more then the weekend.


Vincent --

Wow! Great!

I have already scheduled next week off so that I could go and relax on the beach for a few days, but working out on the farm with all of those studs sounds much more fun.

I know where the estate is, I will arrive late Friday night.

God, I can't wait!


There will be more to follow.... Work is in progress!!  --Æros