February, 2001

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage please leave immediately....


  I was deep in the woods, walking silently, still fuming after the fight with Jerry when suddenly I thought I heard some noise and paused. Standing still I tried to listen.... make out what the noise was all about, make out the direction it was coming from. And as I listened I heard it again... something like a rustling sound and a voice.... But it sounded kinda funny, like a human voice yet somehow different... like someone in pain maybe.... yet it wasn't the sound of pain either! It didn't sound quite right and being young and curious I went to investigate.

  Getting off the path and into the thick undergrowth I slowly walked in the direction of the sound and realized that I was right, it was indeed a human voice.... or was that voices, more than one person? And as I approached, the sounds got louder and I could now hear it more clearly, make out each word....

  "GOD!" I exclaimed under my breath, my heart starting to pound wildly....

=== *** ===

  OK, before you guys get too curious let me tell you a little about myself and what I was doing in the woods.... I'm Kurt, 15 and in high school and we were out camping, on a nature trip organized by the school. It was the second day and we would be there for another two. Mornings we went out for excursions but the afternoons we were free. I was happy and enjoying myself when Jerry goes and spoils everything for me... or, in hindsight, did he???

  Well, Jerry's my best friend, maybe the only real friend I have, though at times he did get on my nerves and made me wonder as to how I put up with him.... but then, he IS my best pal, my buddy since childhood. We have lived practically all our young life together, same neighborhood, same school, on the same teams.... but he's also a very obstinate little bastard and at times can be a real ass hole!

  It was late afternoon and as we, that's Jerry and me, sat under a tree on the edge of the camping ground, talking, he made one of his silly observations... And me, having very strong feelings about a lot of things, I just snapped at him.... One thing led to another and the stubborn fool didn't let up.... going on with his senseless argument and that made me even more mad until I got up and just wandered off in a huff.... No point in arguing if he refused to see reason. So there I was, walking alone, deep in the woods, trying to work out the rage that boiled inside of me and that's how I chanced upon the scene that was about to change my whole life.

  OK, that's about enough background I guess, now back to my story....

=== *** ===

  I was so deep in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed in which direction I was headed or how far I had gone, when suddenly I heard the sounds.... And as I got closer I heard the words too....

  "O yeah, fuck me.... ah, fuck me hard...!" shouted a lusty male voice.

  "Mmmmnnnnnnnn...." moaned the other, positively masculine!

  "GOD!" I exclaimed under my breath as I heard the words, my heart pounding and my pulse racing with excitement.... It was obvious to my young mind as to what was going on and I also realized that I should be leaving immediately.... but curiosity getting the better of me I inched ahead, drawn irresistibly towards the source of the lurid sounds.

  I heard some more rustling and some heavy grunts with lots of 'slapping' sound.... like flesh smacking flesh. And then some wet slurping sound and again the obscenities renting the silent air.

  "Oooooooo.... YEAH!" said the first voice, "That's it.... ah, that's the way I like it. Yea, hard.... Uuugghhhh, harder...." it yelled, "Fuck the shit out of me!" he screamed and "AAAhhhhhhhhhh.... fuck that ass wide open!".

  "Oh yeah, tear me apart!" On and on he ranted while the other voice just grunted, the 'slapping' sound never stopping.

  I shook as I cautiously moved closer, careful not to make a sound and pushing away a low hanging branch I stopped, standing rooted to the spot.... scarcely breathing, hardly believing the scene before my eyes. Slowly crouching behind a thick bush I looked out, staring wide-eyed, my heart thumping, the veins throbbing on my temple, my young cock nearly bursting out of my tight jeans... unbelieving yet totally inflamed!

  There, right in front of me, barely a few yards away, under the shade of a large tree were two guys... stark naked and FUCKING!!! This one guy lay on a fallen log, on his stomach, his ass raised high while the other guy was over him - fucking his ass hole!!!! God, I shook like some dead leaf in the autumn wind, my head dizzy at the sight.

  I couldn't see their face as they had their back towards me, but I could see all the action.... and that's the reason I can give you all the graphic details that I'm about to narrate. I saw the cock clearly, large, ruddy and throbbing as it moved rapidly in and out of the raised buttock of the guy on the log. The huge balls swinging between his spread thighs, smacking the parted ass with each entry. I saw the ass cheeks flex and hollow as he pushed in and the thigh muscles tense as he withdrew. The guy being fucked rotated and heaved his ass back at the other guy, hollering his desires out loud.

  And the ass slit looked an angry red, stretched wide, clinging to the rampaging cock like a tight band. I could see the mouth fold in as the engorged cock rammed deep and pull out high, all pink and tender, clinging to the thick shaft as it withdrew! I watched, almost mesmerized, my own pubescent cock throbbing painfully.... I had never seen anyone fuck.... and still a virgin myself, the closest I had ever gotten to sex was the whispers and giggles in the school grounds and locker room and the frantic jack-offs under the duvet, late at night, in the darkened bedroom. This was absolutely out of the world for me.... mind boggling!

  Unzipping, I slowly extracted my young dick, all wet and sticky from the leaked juices and proceeded to pump it as I sat there behind the bush filling my eyes with the most awesome sight of my young life, inhaling the rank scent of sex. The guys went on and on, fucking and yelling when suddenly the one on top seemed to go stiff and shudder, he shoved in savagely, emitting a roar and then remained still for a moment, his ass flexing as he rotated his pelvis against the other guy's spread bottom....

  "Ah, YES! Fill me up.... fill up the fuckin' hole.... make me take it all.... OH YEAH!" the guy under him bellowed, grinding back furiously at him.

  The guy moved again and I saw his swollen cock pull out, all slimy and glistening and as he resumed his pumping, the air was filled with an obscene squishy sound.... the creamy white fluid frothing and oozing out, all thick and rich, rolling down the crack and over the balls. I closed my eyes and exploded. And as the cum spewed out of my teen dick, making my body convulse, I lost balance and fell back, on some dry leaves and twigs! The loud 'crunch' froze them, like deer caught in the light of an oncoming car. The one on top stopped in mid stroke, both guys remaining still and then he pulled out of the sopping ass hole and both turned, looking over their shoulders towards the bush where I hid.

  JESUS, that was Eric, the 18-year-old star quarterback and the guy under him was Mr. Stefano Carlucci, our young botany teacher! I was shocked and also scared.... Throwing all caution to the winds I jumped up and raced out.... running at top speed, my fly still undone, my fast wilting prick flopping as I ran!

  I must have broken a few sprint records that afternoon running in the woods as I raced back to the camping ground, chased as if by the devil himself. I went straight to my cabin and threw myself on the bed, panting. I was shaking from exhaustion and also the excitement of having witnessed the scene of blatant sexual indulgence in the woods. My young mind enflamed by the sight and sound of what my teacher and a senior schoolmate were indulging in. I was also scared, about being 'caught' in the act of peeping.... what would they do? But the fright was a faint counterpoint to the frightening arousal I was experiencing. My cock having hardened again, the pubes all wet and sticky!

  My balls felt like they were on fire, ready to explode any moment. I pushed my hand inside the cotton briefs and gripped the smooth sac in my palm, squeezing them gently, but nothing seemed to soothe them as the twin globe rolled, the young sperms wriggling inside them, impatient to get out. I pulled the rigid cock and the balls out and gasped as the cool air caressed my flaming genitals, making the heat more acute. I groaned wrapping my fingers around the throbbing shaft and started to stroke.... I was consumed by the raging flames of naked passion, my mind intent only on release, unable to think of anything else.

  I closed my eyes and the scene in the woods flashed before me, sharp and clear, the loud obscenities reverberating in my head....'fuck.... fuck ....fuck' ! I pumped my raging cock harder, my hips lifting off the bed, pushing it further into the tight grip of my fist, making my stomach screw up into a knot, the muscles taut and ready to snap.... And as I moaned loud, my head rolling from side to side, the legs stretched straight, tense, the toes curling and uncurling.... My other hand grabbed the balls, pulling at the loose skin, squeezing the tingling globes. I was crazy with lust.... my whole body and mind in the grip of the most amazing sexual arousal, wallowing in lascivious wantonness....

  I heard Mr. Carlucci's voice yelling to be fucked harder and again heard the gross squishy sound as Eric's cock pumped in and out of his gripping ass hole and I saw the picture of the rampant cock invading that tight bottom stare back at me. I ground up and shoved harder into my fist, my hand a mere blur as it rapidly beat my teen meat... and I felt my heart thump furiously as it pumped the boiling blood from my gasping lungs to my flaying hand and the sizzling cock.... It was absolutely incredible, like nothing I had ever felt or experienced before and soon the whole lower half of my body seemed to just melt and float away.... I screamed and nearly passed out as my cock twitched and the bubbling cum burst forth, it was so intense. The first few spurts must have shot high enough to hit the ceiling and as my hips sank back into the mattress, the rest of the sticky goo hit my face and neck, filling my nostrils with the rank smell of sex, of semen.... I was sweating and panting as it finally stopped and my muscles relaxed.... I just groan and went numb - totally exhausted!

=== *** ===

  Over dinner I noticed Eric sneaking glances at me, nervous, but I avoided making eye contact as I sat two tables away. I could hardly eat as I sat there in silence, not interested in anything, even avoiding talking to Jerry. The boys chattered and laughed all around me but I was lost to everything, my mind in turmoil.... my heart beating fast, the sound constantly echoing in my ears, the picture playing repeatedly in front of me...

  I got up, leaving the unfinished food and walked out into the night, seeing Eric eye me as I left the room. The cool breeze felt nice on my burning flesh but the fire that raged within, consuming me, remained untouched... I walked a little distance away and sat down on a rock near the tiny stream that passed through our camping site. I just couldn't calm myself, I was hot, very hot and horny. The scene in the woods playing endlessly in my fevered brain, keeping my teen cock hard and throbbing. The groans and grunts, the graphic conversations reverberating like an echo.... I wanted to see it happening again. Maybe even be a part of it, hold a stiff cock in my hands, feel one in my.... well, ass! Hear the moans.... touch naked skin.... inhale the strong scent of male musk.... Oh, I was wild with lust!

  Throwing pebbles in the gurgling waters I heard a slight sound behind me and turned.... I saw Eric approaching me, Stefano, standing a little further away, in the shadows.

  'Uh, oh!' I groaned, 'now what...?'

  My pulse picked up as my heart shifted to top gear.... He came and stood beside me, silent.

  "Kurt, can we talk...?" he asked softy.

  "Shoot!" I replied, acting nonchalant but my hands already shaking.

  "Mmmnn.... ah, well... You see.... um, I... we...." he was so nervous.

  "If you think I'm going to tell, don't worry, I'm not..." I announced.

  "Oh, thanks Kurt," he exclaimed, relief writ large on his face and he broke out in a smile.

  "But.... but, you have to pay a price for that!" I added, my mind made up.

  His grin froze, as he looked at me, confused.

  "Price?" he finally asked.

  "Yea, a price for my silence...."

  "Wh.... what do you mean...?" he asked, clearly agitated, turning to look at Mr. Carlucci.

  "Well, I want you two to do it while I watch." I surprised myself with the request.

  "WHAT!" he shouted and immediately lowered his voice, "What do you mean?" he hissed.

  "Wasn't I clear enough?" I asked, suddenly feeling very bold. "I want you two to make out (I was unable to use the word 'fuck'), while I watch!" I repeated.

  "Are you crazy?" he spat the words through clenched teeth. "Now see here Kurt.... it was.... it was just....ah, we were.... Be reasonable!" he said throwing up his arms.


  "This is crazy.... insane!" he said and turning to Mr. Carlucci signaled him to come over.

  Stefano approached cautiously and stood beside Eric, eyes questioning.

  "He.... he wants us.... us to.... um.... Well, Kurt will keep quite if we will allow him to.... ah, watch us making love!" he finally blurted out.

  Mr. Carlucci seemed to go a bit pale for a moment then immediately I saw his eyes twinkle and he grinned.

  "Cool, lets go then." he said, a glint in his awesome green eyes.

  "Stef, what do you mean...?" asked a confused Eric.

  "Relax!" he said to Eric and turning to me smiled, stretching his right hand towards me.

  I stood up and as we turned to head back to his cabin, Stefano came close and placed his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. We walked in silence, Eric following behind us. And as we reached his cabin he opened the door and we entered, me suddenly not very sure about my 'bright' idea and surely no longer as confident.

  "Take off your clothes Eric." he said and then turning hugged me, "Thanks, Kurt."

  His open mouth crushed against mine and the tongue pushed my lips apart, entering.... I gasped and shook. This was my first real kiss, male or female.... and I felt faint as I clung to his broad shoulders, my body going numb. I felt Eric get behind me and start to nibble my ears, his hands working my belt open. I could feel the hot slab of his man meat pressed against my ass.... nearly singeing my butt cheeks even through the thick material. I tried to push them away.... tell them that this wasn't it, this wasn't what I had been thinking of... but I just couldn't move as I remained sandwiched between the two hot bodies, shaking, an incredible erotic pleasure filling every inch of my being.

  Eric soon had my pants undone and pulled them off, standing up once again to wrap his strong arms around my slim waist… pulling my bare ass against his aroused groin, the fat cock settling between the cleft of my plump cheeks. Our young biology teacher meanwhile continued to probe my throat with his amazingly long tongue, licking and ticking every corner of my mouth. And the two pair of hands never ceased running all over me, caressing me, tweaking me, making my flesh tingle and the light hair bristle.

  I was breathless when he finally pulled away and smiled at me.

  "You sure will get to watch us fuck.... but for that you must join us!" smiled Stefano.

  "Now I get you." grinned Eric, taking me by my throbbing prick and leading me to the narrow bed.


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