March, 2001

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage please leave immediately....

Thanks all you guys.... and sorry for the delay. This is it, the final chapter, the end of Kurt's 'discovery'...

Hope you enjoy this too!


  I shuddered under the hulking form of the quarterback as he climbed over me and taking a deep breath tried to hold still.... my whole body trembling, my ass hole quaking and fluttering with desire. And as Eric fitted the tip of his rigid cock to my virgin portal and applied pressure I felt it twitch and clam shut. A dull ache engulfed the whole area, radiating out from my spread bottom to the pit of my stomach, the ass mouth pulsing furiously. And as the eager penis, insistent on its pursuit of penetrating me, pressed harder against the wrinkled mouth, I groaned and gripped Stefano's thighs tighter, lifting my ass higher, offering Eric a better target. Finally, with a yelp I felt the tiny slit yield to the relentless pressure and snap open, the broad head sinking in. I threw my head back and howled at the white hot pain ripping through me before lowering my face back into Stefano's steaming groin, my ass pushing back at Eric...

  I gasped for breath barely believing the awesome feeling of being gradually filled full.... the immense bulk of that teen cock slowly inching its way into me... opening more and more of my constricted channel.... going deep and deeper still. I felt the air being pushed out of my lungs and my stomach heave and retch as the heat traveled higher into my belly.... Closing my eyes I chewed on Stefano's thigh, my nails digging into his solid calves, groaning and gurgling as Eric continued to push harder, forcing himself into me, grunting with the effort all the while.

  And as I felt the scorching heat fill me completely, fill my belly, I raised my head off the groin and wailed, feeling Eric's pubes crush into my bottom, his coarse pubic hair scratch my smooth cheeks. It was a weird feeling, that throbbing bulk within me, like nothing that I had ever felt before... yet so incredibly beautiful, so fulfilling! And as he paused in his assault, catching his breath and giving me time to adjust to his man meat, I gradually became aware of the soothing caress of Stefano's hands on my taut ass mounds, his wet tongue licking the pain away from my grossly stretched slit.... Tears of pain filled my eyes and rolled down the flushed cheeks, wetting the thigh on which my face rested but my ass danced in joy, squirming and gyrating with pleasure, the inner membranes flexing, as if testing the rigidity of the buried flesh spear.

  Eric remained still, holding his pelvis pressed hard against my buggered bottom, the cock pulsating erotically within me.... his loaded balls squeezed in the deep valley of my ass. I moaned and felt my sphincter finally dilate and the shooting pain gradually ebbing to become a dull throb... The immense fuck pole throbbing and twitching deep within my belly, pulsing with a regular beat, sending jolts up my spine, the heat unbearably pleasurable....

  And then he moved.... and as he began to pull back I heard a whimper, a cry of need, of desire rip through me, imploring! It was a throaty cry of both surrender and a maddening yearning to be fucked and as I gurgled my need Eric was more than happy to comply. With a quick lift and a powerful thrust he rammed his hips forward giving me back his complete hardness, to the very base, filling me up again!

  "OH! Yea... fuck me.... fuck me!" I gurgled into the groin in front of me, arching my body back and slamming at Eric's hammering pelvis in an attempt for a deeper penetration, totally crazed.

  And he grunted in reply, beginning the luxurious hunching, sliding his solid manhood in and out of my churning bottom, his hips rising and falling between my splayed thighs in the steady beat of fucking.... his cock tearing into me with each gut wrenching plunge, awakening new and incredible feelings in my young body.... my soul.

  I went back to Stefano's groin and took his stiff cock in my mouth, sucking on it like a giant pacifier.... my fingers gripping his thighs for support as my body was rocked back and forth by Eric's powerful hunching. Stefano filled my throat with the salty discharge of his ball juice.... making me gulp down the appetizer fast as more and more gushed out of the twitching tip flooding my mouth, filling my nostrils with it's musky aroma... awaking an impossible new desire to taste the real thing, his rich cock cream.... And I worked hard towards that goal, flogging his stiff shaft with my soft hand while my tongue lashed at the bloated head, tickling the tiny eye, the flared rim.... taking him even deeper down my throat, gagging and spluttering in my attempt at hurrying the process....

  Blabbering incoherently around the embedded cock I grunted and groaned asking Eric for more yet at the same time telling him to slow down.... I didn't know if I really wanted the almost brutal fuck that I was getting yet at the same time thrilling at the stretching my ass hole was getting... somehow loving the incredible upheaval that my stomach was being put through.... thrilling at the churning in my rectum...

  Suddenly Eric speeded up and began slamming into me with a surprising ferocity, taking my breath away and I heard myself yelp, as the tender inner membranes got rubbed raw. Pain, pleasure.... pain, pleasure ripped through my young body and made me numb.... but my hips rocked away on its own, pushing back at the virile quarterback with its own amazing rapacity.... matching slam for slam, smacking into his pumping groin and humping the face that lay below, still licking lovingly at my agonizingly stretched ass slit....

  And as the engorged cock repeatedly prodded and poked my bulging prostate in it's mindless rampaging I felt the stirring and the slow tightening of my stomach muscles and then there was just a blinding flash as the first spurt of cum shot out of me.

  And at that very moment I felt Eric shudder and lunge deeper into my convulsing depth, nearly pushing me off Stefano, the cock mercilessly wrenched out of my hungry mouth.... He kinda slumped forward, covering my back and gripped my hips tighter before going still for a moment, panting and I felt the flaming dick twitch and expand further! Then almost immediately he pulled back and shoved in again, savagely, digging his nails into my waist and grunting furiously. His cock nearly leaped into my belly and I felt a scorching heat flood my rectum as his cock burst. His pelvis was like a jackhammer gone crazy as he rapped my sore bottom raw in the throes of his climax.

  My cock meanwhile felt like it had been ripped off me and my insides were just gushing out of my dissolved middle.... I bit into the solid thigh in front of me to stiffle the savage cry that rose from deep within me and slammed my hips into the face below, splattering Stefano's face and chest with the sticky discharge of my exploding balls...

  And as the buzzing in my ears slowed and the thumping of my heart lessened I heard the faint squishing of the liquid cream being churned up in my ass hole as Eric continued to hump me and finally with one last violent jerk he fell over me and went still, gasping for air.

  I too went limp, totally languid.... wallowing in the magnificent after glow that seemed to surround me... My young heart still thumping wildly in the aftermath of my first fuck as my ass hole gradually relaxed, still the holder of the athlete's quickly softening dick...

  Slowly he lifted off and pulled out of me, rolling over to one side and almost immediately I felt Stefano spread my cheeks wider and lunge up to glue his mouth to my still open and fluttering ass slit, his tongue probing.... sucking loudly, drawing out the jizz that had been just deposited in my rectum, gulping audibly!!

  This was absolutely incredible to my young mind and I felt my head spin like a top... I lay slumped, totally numb.... letting him indulge in the gross action, my body almost suspended in ether.... my mind floating away in space, totally detached.... yet jolted continuously by the incredible stimulation my ass hole was receiving.... and thrilling at the soothing caress of the wet tongue, licking away at the soreness...

** ** ** **

  I must have passed out or blacked out.... or maybe just fell asleep, for the next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing the room totally dark and as I remembered where I was and all the things that had just happened I reached out and felt the two bodies on either side.

  "Welcome back to the living!" I heard Stefano say before pulling me into his tight embrace, his mouth covering mine, the tongue sliding in. And I tasted Eric's cum in his mouth, my first taste of the stuff (I hadn't been able to suckle him to ejaculation), that he had earlier extracted from my own ravished bottom!

  I felt Eric move in behind me and press his body to mine, his burning erection settling between my still sore ass cheeks.

  "Wanna fuck him?" I heard him ask as he lightly bit my shoulders.

  "Yea," Stefano said, pulling his mouth away.... "I want to feel your cock inside me!"

  I could hardly say or think a thing.... this was absolutely wild for me! I had come here to watch them fuck and maybe beat my boy meat... but had ended up not only seeing it happen but also getting fucked and blown! And now this offer, of getting to fuck, of putting my own raging cock inside a hole!!! It was beyond my wildest dream... could I have possibly asked for anything more?!

  They pulled away and scrambled about, getting into position....

  "Kurt, get over him." I heard Eric say.

  And as I looked on Stefano rolled over and spread his legs wide, holding them at the ankle and I slowly crawled between them, guided by Eric, trembling all over with anticipation, with wonder.... hardly a sound coming out of me.

  And as I got into position I felt Eric grab my dick and guide it to the gaping anus, holding it there as his other hand pushed my ass down.... With a groan I felt myself slip in, the incredibly hot clutch of Stefano's ass hole surround my cock.... With a whimper I thrust forward and felt him swallow me completely... the tight ring snapping around the base of my young cock!

  Like a hot poker lust stabbed my loins.... and I shrieked, nearly passing out with ecstasy as I felt the liquid heat envelop my teen dick, the hot membranes clutching and fluttering around my embedded shaft.. I felt the passage swell and hollow, ballooning out.... my cock seeming to float in the void and then it flexed and the super hot linings rushed in to squeeze my impaled shaft in it's stifling embrace, hot and tight, forcing my hips to jerk uncontrollably and the air to whoosh out of my spasming lungs!

  "AAAhhhhhhh...!" with a half moan, half cry, I surrendered to that molten heat of his ass hole, my prick sliding in and out, swelling and jerking, stretching his slippery passage into a constricted, spasming chute that touched every inch of my prick from pulsating tip to throbbing base.

  I was like lost... caught up in the mindless swell of passion. Nothing seemed clear anymore, nothing real.... My eyes could see nothing, my ears hear nothing... everything seemed so surreal... hazy.... All that I could feel and sense was the impossible arousal in my groin, an awesome lecherous craving. All my senses seemed to be just concentrated in that tiny region and all my feelings, all sensations, every stimulation came from that part alone!

  I huffed and puffed over my teacher's prone body, letting him set the rhythm as he rotated and flexed his bottom, forcing my pelvis to jerk in response. And through a haze I felt Eric mount me once more and fitting his tool to my already ravished anus, slam in.

  I threw my head back and hollered in renewed pain and the discomfort as the swollen shaft popped in. But soon it was replaced with a tremendous wave of joy as he started the delicious stroking reawakening all the pleasurable feelings. The hole was still amazingly tight, but much slicker now from the previously deposited semen.... and as Eric's cock slithered deeper into me, opening me up further, my own hips followed his example and I lunged forward sinking in completely, once again resuming the humping of my teacher's bottom....

  Eric pulled back, sliding his cock out of my gripping anal passage and with just the flared rim still imprisoned by the clutching sphincter, he shoved right in, beginning the delicious hunching of mating. And in fucking me he forced me to fuck Stefano, making my own hips to rise and fall, causing my pubescent cock to repeatedly pull out and then plunge into the seething inferno of my teacher's bottom, both hips working in perfect unison.

  I gripped Stefano's shoulder and fucked away.... surrendering to the agonizingly exquisite feel of the liquid heat surrounding my young dick. It felt absolutely incredible, awesome... forcing my hips to strut uncontrollably, rapping in and out of the fluid haven, as much as Eric's huching was making them.... I felt Stefano flex his ass and grunted as the strong inner muscles massaged my penis.... like a million tiny fingers... frigging the living daylight out of me!

  And then he pulled my face down and plastered his mouth to my gasping face, shoving his tongue deep down my throat... his hands back to my ass mounds, caressing. Like a raging sea lust roared at me, blasting me with its sensuous spray.... carrying me over the crest and in what seemed minutes I felt my balls crawl higher and close to the base of my pumping dick and even before I could utter a sound the semen shot through my shaft and forced its way along the narrow corridor expanding it further to burst forth in a shower of liquid heat filling Stefano's rectum with the glorious ejaculation, flowing through his insides, to slosh around before finally oozing out of the stretched mouth, around my pistoning cock.

  Forcing myself deeper into him my hips slammed away and I screamed my passion into his sucking mouth, my muscles flexing in the numbing throes of orgasm. And at that moment Eric let loose another volley of his hum cum deep within my belly.... We rocked in unison, our only aim seeming to be pushing the burning dick further into the soothing grip of the haven that embraced it and as the spurts got weaker and our movements less violent we slumped forward, over Stefano, in a sweaty heap, limbs entwined.... gasping!

** ** ** **

  Despite the night long sexual orgy we woke up early the next morning and slowly, almost reluctantly, I pulled on my clothes, glancing longingly at the two naked bodies that still adorned the narrow bed. Finally, after numerous sloppy kisses and warm hugs I limped out to return to my own cabin, my ass aching mighty but my heart filled with joy.... ecstatic!


  Though biology wasn't my bÍte noire, I never did too well in that subject. But since returning from that field trip I have been doing exceptionally well, my grades nearly skyrocketing to the upper reaches! I really don't know if I've improved that much in the subject or if it's the regular 'assignments' I perform between Stefano's legs that gets me the A plus'.... But then, who cares, everybody seems happy - Stefano's happy, I'm happy and so are the folks! What more can I ask for....


* FINI *

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