This is my first attempt a writing a bi story. This is a true story which happened last year, Please let me know what you think at

I spend a lot of time in the mountains checking out open range. This one particular time I came across a couple of range riders. The one guy I recognized from a few years back. Anyways I knew the one guy and suspected that he had bi tendencies. We started chatting about the usual and next thing they invited me back to their riders cabin for a beer. It was hotter than hell out so I figured " lets see where this ends up" We get to their cabin and down a few brews and when I look a across to see the guy I knew, Al, was stretched back on the stool. I glanced down to check his tight jeans ( he was in chaps also). Wow I just about choked on my beer. Snaking down his leg was a mighty cobra. I mean I have seen thick ones but his was freaking huge, crips I could see his fat cock head through the tight jeans. My mouth just dropped open and I guess my gaze lasted there a bit too long as he let out a cough and caught my attention. I startled and looked directly into his eyes.

He then says: "See anything that needs inspecting, officer?"

Well I must have turned a thousand shades of red but managed to stammer out "I might but it is my duty to conduct a closer evaluation."

Al then, opening his legs wider states "Well, if it your duty then you should come hear and evaluate the evidence."

My brains went from my big head down to the rapidly hardening one in my pants. All sense of proper form left me and in a trance I was on my knees pulling down his fly.

There I was on my knees facing that outline of Al's cock directly in front of me. I reached up and pulled the fly of his jeans down and pulled his jeans off, leaving his chaps on. As he doesn't wear shorts his huge cock sprang right up from the crotch opening of the chaps. It was a real nice size about 9" and thick. There I lost all reason and engulfed that juices head right there. I could smell his sweat from riding all day and it drove me cock crazy. Soon I deep throated him all the way feeling his pubes hit me and that musky sweaty manly smell. AHHH . Al then took control of the situation and held my head , as if there were reins, and started to fuck my face with long hard thrusts. This went on for about 5 min, not too sure as I was lost in my cock slut haze, his paces quickened and then I swirling my tongue around the head and piss slit, he lets out a moan , his cock got thicker and soon began to pulse, I then tasted the first salty signs of his hot cum and seconds later cock blasted my throat with 5 or 6 volleys of his jizz. Cum was running down my lips, oh what a sight.

After a few minutes, things came back into focus and that when I felt a hand on my head and something hard slapping along my face. Oh man I had forgot about the other rider Dave, and turned to face what maybe the biggest cock this side of the Rockies.

If you like this let me know and I will finish it. And it was hot!!