Part 2.

Due to the huge response I will finish the story.

Rider Cabin Part 2

There I was on my knees with Al's cum running down my chin when his buddy Dave grabbed me by the side of the head and pulled me toward his crotch. My eyes focused on a cock the size of my wrist. This sucker was at least 11 inches and the size of a beer can. I wondered if Dave got dizzy when hard cause it must take a half gallon of blood to fill that horse cock. I started to pull back as I started to realize that I had been in cock lust with Al's but this was getting too much. Dave on the other hand would hear nothing of the sort and firmly pulled my head into crotch and stated for me suck it proper. I definitely got the message that he was in charge now and open my mouth to accept his cock. Dave let out a groan as he drove it down my throat not so much as even letting me adjust to his size. He rammed it down my throat for a good 2 minutes before letting up so I could catch my breath. He then ordered me to lick his plum sized balls at which I didn't hesitate as I was back into cock lust. I went down on each ball and licked his sweaty crack and then climbed my way back up that tower of flesh to its bulbed head and swirled my tongue around the rim for a while. This started Dave to thrust his cock into my mouth again.

Suddenly I felt cool breeze on my ass and looked back to see Al standing at attention behind me. He was naked except his chaps and that mighty cock jutting out the opening. I was then forced back onto Dave's monster and lost all thought of Al until I felt his tongue rimming my tight hole. This put me into turbo cock sucking frenzy. I went wild on Dave's huge cock while Al gave me a rim job of the century. Little did I know he was prepping me for some hot ass play. While feeding on the big cock I felt a finger up my ass, then 2 and then 3, oh my that did feel good. Then suddenly something bigger and I felt hands on my shoulder and the unmistakable feel of a cock head sliding into my tight ass. Well not having much ass experience I was afraid but Al whispered in my ear to relax, and enjoy. There I was cock in mouth, cock in my ass, 50 miles from civilization what the hell was I too do. I relaxed and felt my ass opening up a bit. Al taking this clue slid about 2 inches in. It burned but let up as Al reached over a pumped my hard cock. Then 2 more inches and then all of it. wow the burning stopped and a new feeling took over as Al rubbed my prostate. Dave now was wanting to pump a load into my mouth real bad, he started to pump my face as I banged back on Al's big cock. Al then thrust forward driving me down deep on Dave's meat. This went on for about 20 mins, when Dave let out a moan and pulled my face down driving his cock deep down my throat and he started to pump a huge load of cum, I pulled up a got the second blast on my tongue and the thirds hitting my mustached. This must have put Al over the edge as his pace quickened and his started to long dick me, I could feel his heavy ball hitting mine, causing me to finally go over a shoot a huge load on the ground also causing me clench down on Al, he let out a growl and I felt his cock swell in my ass and then the first shot of hot cum deep , followed by 5 more huge blasts deep into me.

We all collapsed in a heap panting. Al finally said "that was fucking hot lets have a beer to celebrate our new friendship". After a few more brew I jumped on my horse and trotted off into the sunset one happy cum filled ranger. I sure love the perks of the job.

We have hooked up a few time since, once was really interesting with five-way (really hot and another story) but nothing compares to the first time.

Hope you enjoyed it

Ranger Joe