Robert Bayden-Powell Rolls Over In His Grave
by Doc

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John Walden tossed in his sleep on his camp cot. This weekend he had brought two boys from his scout troop to camp, like he had done numerous weekends before. The two boys, Darryl Green and Tim Cubberson, were the two oldest boys in his troop, both seventeen, and both working on finishing up what they had to do to achieve the rank of eagle scout. The camp was John's father’s deer hunting camp. It consisted merely of a one room cabin in the middle of eighty wooded acres at the edge of a small lake.There was no running water or electricity, but all the boys loved coming up here. He tossed again and muttered in his sleep, his cot squeaking as he rolled over under his blanket.

Something was irritating him and causing him to toss and turn. He awoke, but only partially and rubbed his leg through his pajama pants. The boys always slept in their underwear, but John always wore pajamas when out with his troop, more or less as a sense of decorum. Still more asleep than awake he thought his pajamas were tickling his leg as they brushed against his skin, but then the pinchy little bites began and he was out of his cot like a shot. The disturbance of his voice and his motions awoke the two boys.

“Ow! Ohhh! Dammit! Ouch!!!!” he shouted and danced as the tiny red ants ran a muck in his PJ's.

“Huh? what's wrong?” Tim asked groggily.

“Ants!” John exclaimed, “Oww! I have ants on me!!” As he writhed and danced the two boys hopped out of their cots.

By the time Darryl had reached the kerosene lamp on the table and turned it up for more light, John had already stripped out of his pajamas and was brushing the biting insects off his now naked body.

“Geez Mr. Walden” Tim said “I wonder where those came from?” And with his question he began brushing them from his troop leaders back.

Darryl stepped over and in no time they had all the ants brushed off their troop leader. Tim retrieved another lamp from the counter and striking a match he lit it and replaced the glass globe.

“Gosh, you're just covered in bites,” he commented, like the man didn't realize.

“Go back to bed boys; it'll be alright, “John said as he shuddered. That had been a terrible way to wake up.

“Mr. Walden” Darryl said in an almost scolding tone,” What kind of eagle scouts would we be if we didn't render first aide?”.

“First aid? That's ok boys, it's just a few bites no need...”

He didn't even finish his statement and the boys were already in motion. John figured it wouldn't hurt. After all, they could use the practice and the bites were beginning to become a bit itchy. Darryl went to the ice chest and Tim moved the lantern to the table.

“Come over here into the light,” John moved over to the table as Darryl placed a stick of butter on it and cut it in half with a knife.

“Butter?” John queried” I'm not sure that's the right thing for ant bites...”

Darryl handed half to Tim

“We have to improvise with what’s at hand. That's what you taught us,“ the boy said matter-of-factly as he moved towards John.

He had to admit to himself that the cold butter did help a bit as the two boys dabbed it on his arms and back. John, thirty seven, had always tried to stay fit. He was five foot nine and one hundred and sixty pounds. He had a “middleweights” physique and carried most of his weight in his lags and shoulders. He now held his arms straight out at the side, stark naked, as the two boys dabbed cold butter on his bites. Tim was now behind him and he could feel the dabbing moving steadily down his back towards his buttocks.

He was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but was reluctant to say anything; he didn't want to insult the boys’ helpfulness by insinuating it was something improper. But he quickly became even more uncomfortable as Darryl knelt down in front of him and began slowly dabbing and smearing butter on his thighs.

“Uh, that should be good boys” He stammer as he started to put his arms down.

“Just stand still” Darryl said “We're almost finished.”

Tim, on the other hand, had moved even lower, slowly dabbing John’s hip. He just stared into the darkness and tried to concentrate on anything but what was happening. He then felt Darryl brush the half stick of butter on his inner thigh, high enough that the back of the boys hand brushed his penis.

“Ok, that’s really good boys, thanks,” John said and stepped away from the table.

“What?” Darryl looked up at him, “We’re not finished. Didn't you always teach us one of the fundamental rules of first aide was to be thorough?”

John began to stammer “Well yes, but in this cas...”

Tim then chimed in “Are we not doing it right then?”

John turned to him “No no, you're doing fine it's just...”

Darryl spoke up then “Well then why won't you let us help you? It's the least we can do for all the stuff you've done for us. We're almost finished then we can all turn in”. John almost felt like a heel. Here the boys were trying to genuinely help and he was getting all weirded out over nothing.

“Oh ok” he said with a big sigh and held his arms out again. Eagerly the boys went back to work, but his easiness wouldn't last long. At the same instant Tim was sliding the butter across the top of his butt cheeks, Darryl slide the butter along his penis. John stepped back

“Whoa now, that really is enough now?”

Darryl looked innocently perplexed “What? You had bites there. Skin is skin right? Besides, I thought we almost like brothers. Remember the time I got the thorn stuck in my butt? Who spent twenty minutes digging that out? I didn't think you were a perv. It was one brother helping another. But if this is too weird just say so and we'll just call it a night”.

John felt really low now. Darryl was right about everything. While he couldn't see Tim he could sense he was nodding in agreement. John let out another big sigh and held his arms out and the two doctors went back to work. John just gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and tried to think about fishing or baseball or anything and hoped this would all be soon over. He felt a shudder run the length of his spine and the stick of butter slide the length of his penis. He thought to himself quickly that he didn't recall being bitten there but he must've been of Darryl wouldn't be doing what he's doing.

John gritted his teeth harder as he felt the boy place his fingertips under the head of John's phallus and lift it and smear butter on the underside. Slowly back and forth the cool butter slides from the head back to his balls. Beads of sweat began to form on John’s upper lip.

“Please Please Please” he thought to himself “Don’t get hard”. How would he ever explain that or live with himself if he became aroused from this boys innocent actions.

Tim and abandoned the dabbing and was just smearing the butter around with his finger tips. Slow small circles on his buttocks, John was fighting the urge to tremble, this was going to have to stop before he embarrassed himself and the two scouts. His mind was so occupied with distracting thoughts that he wasn't really aware of the fact that he was now half erect. A split second before he opened his mouth to tell the boys to stop, Darryl opened his mouth, and slowly slid it over the head of John's cock. John gave a little gasp but was frozen in shock. This was the most surreal thing he had ever been witness to.

John put his hands on the boy’s shoulders, initially to push him back, but as he did, Darryl rolled his eyes up to meet John's. It was almost as if he was hypnotized. Staring into the boys wide, dark brown eyes, John froze as he watched his ever stiffening cock disappear into the boy’s mouth. Darryl never broke eye contact with John as he slowly pulled his head back; his tongue dragging against the underside of John’s shaft, gently sucking, and then slowly moving his head forward again, John felt his throbbing cock slide down the boy’s throat. Tim pressed his body against John's; wrapping an arm around the older man he gently hugged him as he pressed his hard on against John’s bottom. John felt Tim's soft mouth against his neck and he could feel a stirring deep inside, something he had never felt or even knew he could feel.

Fighting to maintain composure John protested weakly, “Boys we have to stop. This is wrong,” but his protests fell on deaf ears.

Putting his finger tips on John's chin, Tim turned the older mans face to face his.

“Didn't you always tell us there's nothing more important than being ourselves?”

John remembered that very statement, “Well yes I did but...”

Whatever else he was going to say was lost in his first male kiss. Tim soft put his mouth on John's, gently caressing his scout master's lips with his own. John was lost now; there was no more protest or argument left in him as he totally succumbed to the two boys there in the dim lamplight of the cabin. Tim slid his tongue into John’s mouth and John willing accepted it. Darryl continued to expertly rub, manipulate and suck John’s turgid member, then gently kissing it he stood up and quickly slipped out of his boxers and under shirt. pressing his body to John's as he licked the man's chest. Tim softly kissed John's lips once more then pulled away and stepped back and stripped off too. Darryl then deeply kissed John mouth, swirling his tongue against John's.

John was helpless to any advance now, he could feel his own cock throb ad slightly rise and fall as it rubbed against Darryl’s swollen young manhood. Placing his palms on John's sweat dampened chest Darryl pulled back and took a deep breath then smiled.

“You need to turn around and put your hands on the table, but no matter what, you have to trust us ok? We'd never do anything to hurt you.”

John weakly nodded and turned placing his hands flat on the table behind him. Tim picked up the kerosene lamp and moved it back to the counter, then picking up the remainder of the now soft butter and stepped behind John. The scout master tightly closed his eyes and trembling, waited for what was to happen next. He could hear the muffled sighs and pants of the boys as they kissed just inches behind him. His body instantly stiffened and his back arched as he felt slender fingers smearing the butter in his nether regions. A hand gently lay on his left shoulder and he heard Darryl whisper in his ear

“Just relax, relax your muscles, it's going to be nice I promise”

John did his best to relax but instinctively he clenched his buttocks muscles as he felt the tip of the boys penis press against his virgin hole.

“Relax...” Darryl cooed and massaged John's shoulder. John tried relaxing again and as he did Darryl slid into him. He groaned and gritted his teeth as it hurt a bit but as Darryl slid in and out a couple times pleasure quickly replaced any pain he had. John pushed his hips back into the boy. Darryl placed a hand on John's hip.

“Hold up a sec, let Timmy get in.”

Following orders John became aware what Darryl meant. Tim was preparing to do to Darryl what he was doing to John. Feeling Darryl tense up then let out a shuddering sigh, John felt him start the slow rhythmic motion again of fucking John's ass. John grasped the edges of the table as he groaned and almost whimpered as Darryl entered and exited him. John had always been the leader, the adult, the Alpha Male. But now as he was in the submissive position. What he had always been taught was the worst of all taboos, the very thing he had taught these very boys was the worst of all taboos, was now the most real thing he had ever experienced. Something primeval awakened in him. Something more animalistic than he could ever imagine. Half opening his eyes John almost gasped at what he saw.

The shadows cast on the wall in front of him formed a sort of weird, surreal puppet show. It looked like the silhouettes of wild beasts in some sort of frenzied ritual. The groaning and moans from all three participants in this orgy of lust were growing louder. John couldn't take his eyes off the shadows. It was like a glimpse back into prehistoric. Ancestors, half men half beast, writhing in carnal debauchery, unabashed pleasure. John throbbing cock was on fire as it bounced up and down with the rhythm of Darryl’s thrusting. He just couldn't stand it anymore, he had to have release. The dark excitement was more than he could bear, the excitement mixed with the humiliation of his subservient position and the fact that he was being fucked by a boy, not fully yet a man, was too much.

John grasped his stiff member and began masturbating, when he felt a hand grab his wrist.

“Not *huff huff*...yet....not...*huff huff* not...yet” Darryl said.

John groaned his disapproval, in his mind he was begging Darryl to let him cum, but in his submissive role he just accepted the boys direction. He felt Darryl’s head rest on his back; he could feel the boy’s hot breath panting against his burning skin.

Just then Tim began to moan loudly “I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!” and he half shrieked and half groaned as he emptied himself into Darryl.

John now felt Darryl’s hand grasp his cock and bean stroking him, very quickly and very lightly as he pounded faster into John's bum. Suddenly John felt Darryl tense and groan through clenched teeth as he spent his own seed deep into John. John then in turn exploded in a huge gusher of semen as Darryl continued stroking John’s large, hot cock. All the release of the ages rushed out of John, the wild primeval beast satisfied. The feeling of release was so strong John actually bit into his knuckle for fear he would cry.

Screaming against his hand John had an orgasm that was almost mystic in proportion, as the shadows all slowed into slow motion, John's knees buckled and he slid to the floor. The last thing he remembered seeing before he went to sleep was the two boys looking down at him smiling, then turning to each other and embracing, kissed.

John awoke to the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon. Slowly he opened his eyes and groggily looked towards the wood burning cook stove. Smiling back at him was Tim with a metal spatula in hand

“There's the boy!” Tim chimed, “Sleep well, Mr. Walden?”

Confused john looked around the small sunlight, streaked cabin.

“Huh?” was all John managed to reply.

“I said, did you sleep well? You acted like you were dreaming for a bit there so we didn't wake you”.

John sat up, rubbing his head. “A dream” he wondered. It was all so real.

He searched the walls for the shadows, as if the heat of passion would've permanently emblazoned them on the walls, but all that was there was peeling paint and a gas station calendar from twenty years ago. John sat sipping his coffee after breakfast, still in a daze from such a realistic dream. The boys had planned to go fishing as soon as they cleared the table and asked John if he was up for it, but he declined. He was still trying to clear his head. It had to have been a dream, for the boys made no mention of it, there was no reaction, no comments, and no references at all. the boys busied themselves clearing the breakfast dishes as John sat in his chair, sipping coffee and contemplating calling a psychiatrist on Monday, as the pair announced they'd be back shortly.

Grabbing their gear from the corner of the cabin they started out. As Darryl passed John, he paused, and bending down he gave the confused man a quick kiss on the mouth, John's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. then Tim paused and placing his hand on John’s cheek, he caressed John’s bottom lip between his own. As he pulled away Tim paused again.

Leaning closer to John's ear he whispered “You might think about a shave while we're out” then he rubbed John’s cheek, gave him another quick peck, he hurried out the door to catch up with Darryl.

John just sat there once again in a daze, rubbing his cheek and wondering if he had even packed a razor.