Scout Camp Wakpominee
Chapter 1

Parts of this story is true and others are made up. No names have been changed but if know the last name I will initial it. There will be some gay stuff later not yet. A few chapters in though. Feel free to tell me if you would like to hear more

Boy Scout camp always starts on Sundays. For me this was a new camp to attend. Although this is my fifth year in Scouts, it is my first year at Camp Wakpominee. I will say this is an unwanted change for me but life isn't fair, right? My troop was to be at camp at one o'clock. We were definitely not organized at all. Most of my troop shows up when they want anyway, so it didn't make a difference to me about when we finished setting up. After most of the troop had arrived we headed down to the waterfront. To me this is the best place to scope out the potentials for the week at scout camp. You see, I am bisexual but only a select few know.

"Hey, Tim! Can you come hear for a minute?" I heard my scoutmaster shout. I walked over as I was now at his beckoning call. I was elected to be the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the week.

"Yeah, what's up Mr. Trew?" I asked. I still hadn't liked him nor did he like me.

"I need you to pass out these Buddy tags to all the scouts."

"Not a problem, Mr. Trew," I answered. I noticed that there weren't too many troops down here yet so I decided to take as long as I needed to pass them out. As I began more people began walking down the trail. I was excited on the spot. The first troop I see at camp and there hot tanned bodies appear. I made an effort to force my thoughts elsewhere before I showed a tent.

"All scouts who are ready to take there swim test, front and center!" I heard the waterfront director. I went to the middle of the group so I could stare at the gorgeous bodies undressing before me. Most had a nice athletic build and perfectly tanned bodies.

"NEXT!" I heard the waterfront staff yell at me. I was the last one waiting for a swim test. I began my swim test and passed with flying colors. I passed a lot of people and finished in the while most of my troop was in the water still. This gave me plenty of time to dry off and watch the other troop stand waiting to take there test. Now with there shirts off I was really able to admire the beauty they truly showed. But it wasn't long before I was awakened by the presence of most of my troop preparing to leave. I knew that I would have to get another opportunity to get closer to these guys if I wanted any chance.

That night I spotted some of the kids in there troop with the patch on. It read Troop 405 Long Island, NY. Something about the number clicked in my head. They would be the troop I was staying with the next week. I had signed up for a two week camping program with one week staying with my troop and then moving to another troop's site that was also staying for two weeks. This was going to be a two weeks I guessed.

That night for the merit badge sign ups, I noticed a lot of them were signing up for a class that I was in line for that only took 9 people. I was really taking advantage now because this meant being able to really get to know them before I stay with them.