Scout Camp with David

My first story. After reading the camping stories I just had to relate how I discovered my lust for guys at scout camp almost 30 years ago. It's one of the defining moments of my life, and it still gets me hard thinking about it!!

David and I had been in scouts together for a couple of years now, we were both 14 and it was the summer before 9th grade. We were off to a great summer camp in the California Sierras for 2 weeks. Our small troop had 2 guys a year older than us and 2 guys 2 years older than us and 8 or 9 guys younger. The 3 pairs of older guys got the larger new tents that could actually fit 3. Lots of room to be comfortable. The younger guys had to pair up in the smaller tents.

We set up camp pretty quickly, us older guys setting our tents up a little farther away from the rest of the guys that were down near the eating/cooking area. We were all pretty tired from hiking in and setting up so everyone was in their tents pretty early. David and I were no exception. There was plenty of room in our tent so we were sitting on our sleeping bags slowly pulling off our clothes, a lantern giving us plenty of light. I was looking at his body when we both got down to our underwear, he was doing the same thing.

"Guess we are gonna see lots of each other for the next two weeks" I giggled.

David laughed, "Sure looks that way!" We both had wide grins. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing that I was thinking. We slipped into our sleeping bags and after some basic chatting we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke early and had the usual morning woody. My hand gently rubbing it as I thought about how a few months back I had started jacking off with my neighbor. At first we sat across from each other stroking our cocks looking at magazines. After a few times it progressed to jacking each others cock, his was nice, at least 7 inches. I was still growing so mine was only a little more than 4. I was hoping that David and I would be trying the same thing!

David woke up with out my noticing, I was playing with my cock and it must have been pretty easy to figure out what I was doing. "You get a big woody every morning too I see."

I pulled my hand out quickly, he was laughing and I was turning red, " ...well...ya I guess so."

"I usually do too" he giggled. "Lets go pee so these things settle down." We both slipped on our shorts and shirts on and went over to the out house. I was so nervous I could hardly piss. I looked over at his cock, he was bigger than me, at least when he was part hard. We wandered back as the rest of the guys were emerging from their tents. The rest of the day was filled with the usual scout camp stuff. But I couldn't get the picture of David's cock out of my mind all day.

After dinner and hanging around the camp fire it was dark, about 9, when people started wandering off to their tents. David had told me earlier that he had brought something for us to check out before we hit the sack. We stripped down to our briefs, I noticed a slight bulge in his before we slid into our sleeping bags. He pulled out two copies of Penthouse! I had only see that magazine once before and I was hard the whole time I looked at it. "Wow" was all I could say. My cock was already starting to get had and he hadn't even opened the cover.

"You ever seen this magazine before?" He put it between us and opened it to the center. The pictures were so much better than Playboy.

"Only seen one before now, it was great." He flipped back a few pages to a part with pictures of a couple where the guys cock was exposed, but only limp. "Wow, his dick is huge, I hope I get that big some day, I'm not even close to that size, even when I get hard!"

David grinned and laughed, "ya, it is a nice one" I agreed and we lingered on that section for quite some time. My cock was now very hard and I had to move onto my side to be more comfortable. David then asked if I had heard about the letters that they print in the front. I said no and he said there was a great one that he liked and we should read it. He knew right where it was and we started reading to ourselves. It was about a guy that got seduced by his girlfriend's brother and loved it! Very detailed descriptions of what they did, I thought I would cum while I was reading it.

When we were done reading we looked at each other and grinned, "did you like that letter?" David asked almost in a whisper. I told him that I thought it was great.

"Ya, it makes me get hard every time I read it "he said, "and I've read it quite a few times!" We were both giggling now and I had slipped a hand under my sleeping bag. He did the same thing as we stared into each others eyes.

"I've got to play with my cock" I finally blurted out, "I hope you don't mind" He opened his sleeping bag and already had his cock out of his underwear. He pulled his underwear off as I was getting out of mine. His cock was bigger, about 6 inches and thicker than mine too. We were both staring at the others cock, and both slowly stroking.

After a couple of minutes I whispered, "your cock is really nice, nice and big!" He grinned and mouthed thanks. I was getting very close to cumming and was breathing a little heavier, we both were stroking a bit faster and after about another minute we started cumming. I squirted all the way up to my tits, 3 big spurts. David came all over his stomach and then oozed more cum on his cock. We both sighed and said `wow' as we kept rubbing our still hard cocks.

"Messy, but fun" David said as he reached for a small towel, wiping the globs of cum from his stomach before handing it to me. "That was great" he continued, "we should do this more, lots more." I agreed on all counts. He then asked if I had ever done anything like this before. I told him about jacking off with my older neighbor quite a few times, even telling him about jacking each others cock.

David was grinning and said "that sounds like lots of fun, playing with another guys cock." Before I could say anything he was reaching for my still hard cock, "I wanna try that and lots more things with you." His hand was quickly wrapped around my hard sticky cock and I was tingling all over as he started to stroke me.

I was almost trembling, softly moaning wow as he kept slowly stroking my cock. I was finally able to whisper, "that feels so good" as I reached over for his almost hard cock. It immediately got hard in my hand and I stroked it in unison with his hand going up and down mine. We stopped stroking to move closer together and get more comfortable. Our naked bods were almost touching as we gently stroked each others hard cocks. Between soft moans we whispered compliments to each other about how nice our cocks felt. How hot and horny it was making us feel. How much fun it was! We were both enjoying this more than either of us could imagine, telling each other how his cock felt in our hands and giggling when you could feel the cock throb as you stroked it.

After several minutes of stroking and caressing each others cock David finally said "I really wanna cum all over you and I'm getting close." I looked in his eyes as he pushed me on my back and moved to his knees next to me. I took his big cock in my hand and stroked him faster and tighter as he rubbed and stroked my cock. Pretty soon he was moaning and saying that he was going to cum. He meant it, squirting several streams of warm white cum all over my tits and jerking my little cock faster and faster. I was using some of his cum to softly slide my hand up and down his cock as it started to get soft when I suddenly, with very little warning started to spurt cum all over my stomach. I shot two small spurts and the rest oozed on my cock, which he used to rub all over my cock and balls, just like I was doing to him.

David laid back down next to me and I rolled on my side, our faces just inches apart, our cocks almost touching. We said, almost in unison, "that was great!" We giggled and I felt his hand on my hip, he was caressing my side and ass, looking into my eyes and whispered "that was so much fun." I nodded in agreement and our legs moved together.

I asked if this was the first time he had played with a guy. Of course it wasn't. He told me about a cousin a couple of years older than him that he jacked off with a few times when he came to visit. The last time he was there a few weeks before he sucked his cock a few times, David said that having a mouth on your cock was amazing, the first time his cousin did it he came in about a minute. I was totally in awe hearing this, speechless and very excited! We got our underwear on and slipped into our sleeping bags, drifting off to sleep.

The next day dragged on forever, all I could think about was David's wonderful cock and all the great things I was hopping would happen that night. Dinner was finally over and we all went to the communal campfire for the usual story telling, etc. We sat together in back, in the darkest part we could find. We were playing footsie and putting a hand on each other now and then, it was very arousing! Over 250 kids and leaders and I don't think any one could see what was going on, at least I hope not!

We got back to our camp and hurried to our tent. I was hard before I even had my shorts off, so we he! We got into our sleeping bags and read a couple more Penthouse letters, both dealing with blow jobs. David finally said, "I really wanna try it with you." His hand was on my shoulder, our eyes locked. I reached over and pulled the zipper down on his sleeping bag, he did the same. We were both naked and we moved close together, reaching for the others cock. We stroked each other silently for a few minuets.

It was about 5 minutes before I quietly said, "your gonna make me cum pretty soon." We both giggled and rested our heads together between us as we stroked each other a bit faster. "I would love to suck each other after we cum once, I think I would cum way too quick right now." David agreed and we stroked each other for several more minutes before we both shot cum all over our bods. I came first, shooting 3 globs on my stomach and more oozing into my pubies. David was close behind, I felt his cum welling up in his hard shaft then stroked up just as he was exploding, sending cum all the way to his tits, then two more spurts on his stomach. We laughed as we cleaned up our fun mess. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I love summer camp." We both broke out laughing.

David put his arms around me and said, "me too." Our cocks were still almost hard and we were caressing each others bod all over. He finally leaned down and licked the tip of my cock. I scooted up and spread my legs. He moved between them and I used a duffel bag to prop my head up to watch him. He held my hard cock with two fingers and licked the head as I softly moaned. I felt his hand against my balls at the same time he took my cock head in his mouth. The most wonderful feeling ever! His tongue swirled on the head as he rubbed my balls then his lips slowly slid down my cock, sending me into heaven. "Ohhh god!" I panted.

He had my whole cock in his mouth and stopped for a moment before sliding his lips back to the head. He sucked it tight and stroked my now wet shaft with his fingers. Then he moved his hand to my balls and slipped his mouth all the way down my cock again. Then slowly back up. Then down. Slowly the whole time, sending me a level of enjoyment I had never felt before. After a few wonderful minutes of his sucking he moved his mouth off my throbbing cock looked up at me grinning, "I hope your liking this." We both giggled as I nodded my approval.

As David licked and kissed my cock, even licking down on my balls, I asked if we could move so I could play with his cock. He smiled and turned around so his hard 6 incher was about a foot from me. I reached out and caressed his beautiful cock just as his lips slid down mine. I was slowly stroking and playing with his cock as he sucked mine, dreaming of having it in my mouth when he was done. It was a pretty long time but my pleasure made it seem like it was too fast, I didn't have to tell him I was cumming, but I did anyway. Stroking his cock tightly then releasing it just as I quietly said, "ohhhh god, I'm cumming!"

He had just the head in his mouth when my body tensed and I shot a burst of hot cum in his mouth. His head jerked back some just as the next spurt came out. He took my cock in his hand and moved his mouth off as a third spurt of cum and then another came out. I grabbed his cock and stroked it as he purred `yummy'.

We quickly traded places, I took the same position so he could play with my still hard cock, maybe even keep me hard for more! I kissed his cock up and down then held it up and licked it all over before taking the big head in my mouth. David moaned with sheer pleasure as I took his big cock farther into my mouth. I was only able to get about half of it in my mouth so I used a couple of fingers to stroke the bottom of his big cock. I sucked him tightly with my lips slowly sliding up and down his cock. He tasted so good! I stopped after a few minutes and looked over at him, while stroking his hot wet cock with my hand I asked, "am I doing this right?"

David moaned "oh fuck yes, your great!" I giggled and put his cock back in my mouth, sliding my lips up and down, tasting his seeping precum. He started to moan and his body tensed some after a few more minutes, I could feel his cock throbbing and then he sighed and filled my mouth with cum. I gagged after two quick spurts and took his cock out of my mouth, I swallowed his tasty cum and another spurt landed on my cheek as I stroked his cock in my hand. As more cum oozed out he panted,"wow, oh wow that was great."

"Well, I sure enjoyed it too" giggling as I played with his quickly softening cock. "and it tasted lots better than I thought."

David leaned over and kissed my half hard cock then looked up at me and said,"I could do this all night, this is better than anything I ever dreamed about!" We chatted for a while about how we had both been thinking about playing around together and we both were so glad when we got paired together in the same tent. We also both wondered why we had never done this before on any of the many campouts we hand been on together. We finally fell asleep, still naked and I still had cum on my face!

The next morning we immediately went to the shower house a few campsites away. There were several guys there and all we could do was smile at each other! Another very long day of horny thoughts awaited us.

It was really hot that day and we all just wilted in the sun and heat. Everyone was a little more tired than usual after dinner that evening, most of us were heading to our tents as soon as it was getting dark, David and I included. We stretched out on top of our sleeping bags and looked at the other Penthouse he had brought. This one had a long section with two women playing, there were a bunch of really hot pictures of them making love in all kinds of different ways. "Looks like they are having lots of fun" I commented after going thru the pictures several times.

David looked over at me smiling, "ya, they are having lots of fun." I felt his hand on my shirtless back, and I turned so I was laying on my side. We looked at each other, "wanna have some fun just like them?"

"Ya" I answered, putting a hand on his chest. We pulled our bods closer, hands caressing all over each other. We were both smiling, our arms were around each other, we leaned into each other and our lips came together. We kissed!!!

My cock was instantly hard as our tongues played between our mouths. We pulled apart and both mumbled `wow'. We closed the tent flap and quickly pulled our shorts off so we were naked. Our bods came together and we kissed again. I could feel his cock growing against me and my already hard cock was pressed against him. David rolled on his back and pulled me on top of him. I pushed up and positioned our cocks together before laying back on him. His hands were all over my bod, epically on my ass. Then his legs were around me and we were slowly moving our bods together while we kissed. Non stop kissing. Softly moaning while we kissed.

Our cocks rubbing together, gently humping each other. It wasn't long before I realized that I was going to cum pretty soon. I told David and he seemed quite happy. I started to rub against him harder and faster, moaning and kissing, and then I started to cum. It felt so good, cum spurting between out bods. It made David hump against me even faster as my cum spread between us. Then I felt his cock start pumping out cum he was going wild humping against me as he spurted out cum between us.

We were sweaty and covered with cum when I rolled off him a few minutes later. I leaned over and kissed him before saying, "that was so much fun! I wanna do this with you again!" We both giggled and started to wipe the cum off our bods. We laid there, talking about kissing girls and how much better this was. It wasn't long before we were both getting hard again, I reached for his cock and kissed him before I told him that I wanted to suck him just like we did last night. David looked very happy that I suggested it!

I was first this time, getting between his legs and licking and kissing his big, almost hard cock. It only took a few seconds for him to get completely hard and I took it in my mouth. My hand was playing with his balls as I slid my lips down his cock, then slowly back up to the head. David moaned quietly as I kept sliding my mouth up and down his cock, getting a little more of his big cock in my mouth with every stroke. He was throbbing in my mouth after just a few minutes and I moved around so he could play with my stiff cock while I sucked. He immediately started rubbing my cock and moaning with pleasure. I was tasting his pre cum as he stroked my cock, the he suddenly moaned and said,"oh fuck, I'm cumming!!!" This time I swallowed every drop of his tasty cum and kept sucking him for a few minutes too, letting him start to get soft in my mouth.

While David was getting limp, he was licking and kissing my hard cock. When I finally finished with his cock I rolled on my back and he moved between my legs. He was sucking me fast and tight, my cock instantly throbbing as he took it all the way into his hot wet mouth. My legs spread very wide for him to play with my balls that were hanging looser than usual that night. His hand went under my sagging nuts and I felt his finger touch my ass hole, I moaned with pleasure as he rubbed it and sucked my cock. I had lasted several minutes, but couldn't hold my cum back any longer, tensing my ass and rising up, I exploded in his mouth. He took most of it and then licked the rest off the head of my cock after he swallowed. We fell into each others arms and kissed some before drifting off to sleep.

The next day we went on an overnight hike, no tents, but David and I were able to get away and jack each other off while we were making out. It was really fun doing it outside in the hot sun. When we got back the next day we were too tired to do any more than jack each other off that night before falling asleep in each others arms.

The first week was drawing to a close and there was a big all camp gathering that night that lasted until pretty late. The good part was that there was really nothing going on the next day so David and I decided to take advantage of this and stay up late enjoying each other. We started out kissing and undressing each other, slowly, very sensual. Then we were kissing and licking all over each others body, taking turns exploring with our mouths and tongues. David pulled me on top of him and whispered, "I love cumming like this" just before our lips came together. We spent a long time moving together, bod to bod, kissing passionately and caressing each other all over. We finally came, almost together, it was fantastic!

We laid together for several minutes, talking and touching each other, giggling and kissing now and then. After a while I noticed that his cock was getting hard, just like mine and said,"lets suck together, like the chicks in Penthouse were doing." David grinned and we kissed before moving into our first 69!

David immediately swallowed my cock, his hand on my balls. I was kissing and licking his cock, taking his balls in my mouth and rubbing his cock with my hand. Then I held his cock up and took him in my mouth. I could feel his hand slip past my balls a finger between my ass cheeks. He pushed my cheeks apart and rubbed my hole with his finger. I took his cock from my mouth and said, "that feels so nice David, keep going." He did, getting his finger wet and sliding it into my tight ass. I jumped at first but it felt so good I thought I might cum right then.

His finger sliding in and out of my tight ass made me cum sooner than I wanted, but it was a huge one, filling his mouth and squirting some on his face too. I had to stop sucking on him while I was cumming, but went right back to work on his beautiful cock a few seconds later.

I was able to get all but the last inch or so of his cock in my mouth now and he was loving it, moaning and saying how great it felt. I was going to return the favor and play with his ass too. I used both hands to spread his legs and immediately started rubbing his hole with a finger. He was enjoying it so I got the finger wet and slipped in all the way in. His cock jumped in my mouth and I could taste lots of pre cum. It didn't take very long before I felt his ass tighten and his cock throb. He shot two big loads of cum in my mouth before I moved and let him shoot cum on my face and then I took his cock back in my mouth to swallow all the cum that oozed from his big cock.

We cuddled together and kissed some before going to sleep. We woke up the next morning and jacked each other off before going to the showers. The second week of camp was just like the first, all the fun scout camp activities and all the fun two guys could have together. Sucking, playing, and making each other cum every night. We never fucked that week but really got into fingering each others ass almost every night, we even got two fingers in a few times!

Camp was over way too soon for us. We got together for a few sleepovers that summer and played just like we did at camp. Once when my parents and brothers were gone for the day we got together and spent the day in bed, I fucked him for the first time that day. He loved my small cock in his ass, he was a little too big for me and he ended up getting just the tip in my ass and jacking off. I still love having a guy shoot his cum in my ass like that!

We both dropped out of scouts that winter and got together less and less since we went to different schools. We ended up spending a day playing just before Christmas that year, it was our last time together. I did bump into him about a year later, he was with a hot looking girl, we just smiled and said hi to each other. It's true, you always remember your first one!

Hope everyone liked the story, I enjoyed writing it, I had to stop and jack off a couple of times.

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BTW...After my sophomore year I was at a friend's graduation party and ran into one of the guys from summer camp that year. He was two years older than me and David. He asked if I ever saw him these days, I replied that I hadn't seen him in over a year. He seemed surprised. He said that since we were such hot lovers that summer, he thought we would still be playing together. I was a little shocked that he knew. Then he told me how some of the younger guys would sneak up by our tent to listen to us playing around. I asked if he ever did. No, he was too busy fucking and sucking his tent mate! Needless to say we spent quite a few nights playing that summer, until he went off to college.