Summer Camp

It was going to be a long, long summer, I thought as I regarded Camp WaNa K'pea from the bus steps. On one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, the camp was picturesque. But, spending the entire summer there seemed life a life sentence to a 13-year-old. I still couldn't believe my parents had done this to me. None of my friends had to do this. In fact, I wasn't going to know anyone here. Camp WaNa K'pea was a boys camp besides. Just when I was starting to get interested in girls, I'm sent to a place where there aren't any. Supposedly a girls camp is on the other side of the lake, but that doesn't help much. What do they do, have a dance together once of twice a summer. Big deal.

Some college kid, camp-staff guy herded us into the dining hall for registration. We got inspected and detected and given our room and activity group assigments. Camp WaNa K'pea was for boys 12-15 years old only and it appeared that lots of the boys had been there before. All around me old acquaintances were being renewed. Finally the let us go to find our rooms and unpack. We were told to be back in an hour for dinner followed by an orientation meeting at the outdoor amphitheater. I found my room easily enough, relieved that it was a single room meaning no room mate to deal with. The room was small but neat and clean. I unpacked and lay down on the bed to rest.

After dinner which was pretty much what one expects from a camp kitchen, we filed out and took seats in the amphitheater. One staffer after another droned on, first about the rules and then about all the activities and what fun we would have and how our summer here would enrich our lives for ever and ever. I gave up trying to pay attention to all this blather and began to eyeball the other campers hoping for a kindred soul amongst them. Across the theater one boy caught my attention. He was striking in a way I couldn't put in words-handsome but not beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off him until he looked my way and our eyes briefly locked. I averted my eyes instantly. When I hazarded another look, he was staring at me, a speculative look on his face. Quickly he looked away. For the rest of the meeting we traded furtitive glances. After the meeting broke up, they sent us to our rooms with the promise of next day's activities still ringing in our ears. I didn't see the boy any more that night nor for the next couple of days which were a whirlwind of activity. I didn't know what group he was in, but it wasn't mine.

On the third day at breakfast I saw him again. He caught my eye and gave me a slight, knowing smile. That evening we had our first free time and I found him playing volleyball with a bunch of other campers. He finally saw me watching and gave me another brief smile. I had a thought of talking to him but the game dragged on and I finally gave up and went to my building where I showered, read a while and then turned off the light to sleep. I must have just drifted off when something startled me awake. Was it my door shutting? The room was very dark but I sensed someone was there. What was going on? Yes, someone was there. I felt my sheet being pulled back and some one got into my bed. I was getting really scared now. Should I yell out for help?

"My name is Bobby," he said. It was him. The boy I had noticed. "What's yours?" he asked.

"Jimmie," I managed to stammer, still rattled.

"Well, Jimmie, I noticed you and thought I would like to know you," he said.

I thought this was a strange way to go about it, but what the heck.

"I noticed you too," I said.

We were lying close together, the bed wasn't very wide, and I could smell the sweet odor of his freshly washed body.

"I thought I might come here and kiss you. What do you think of that?"

I didn't know what I thought, but it sent a shiver up my spine. I'd never kissed anyone although the thought of kissing a girl crossed my mind more and more these days.

"I mean I only kiss girls," he said, "but there aren't any girls here."

Later I learned that he had, in fact, kissed lots of girls lots of times. He was experienced.

No sooner than he revealed his intentions, he put his lips on mine. Startled, I pulled away but he pursued and his mouth was on mine again. It actually wasn't unpleasant and I tried to return this kiss.

"Relax you lips a little," he said. "Kisses are better when your lips are soft."

I found he was exactly correct. The sensation was much nicer. His lips were warm and soft and his breath sweet. I liked it. Liked it a lot and as we kissed several more times our lips merging lightly. His were full and soft and mine were too, I realized. He began to slide his lips slowly over mine in a circular pattern that sent more shivers up and down my back.

"You learn quickly," he said. "I think this will be fun. I'll pretend you're a girl and you pretend I am."

For several minutes we lost ourselves in more kisses, gradually drawing closer together until our rigid penises touched, abruptly terminating a nice kiss.

"God!" He said, "that feels great."

And I agreed, it did feel wonderful.

He pushed harder against me sending outrageous sensations through my penis.

"Let's try this," he said, first pulling down his shorts and then tugging at mine. I helped him free myself of clothing and then our naked, hot flesh came together searing like steak in a hot skillet. I'd never felt anything like it before. Then he kissed me again, harder this time. I returned it eagerly twisting my lips over his just like he had shown me. I've jacked off lots of times so I knew the sensation--I was going to ejaculate. An instant before I came, I felt his semen, warm, on my stomach.

We lay there in each other's arms for some time without speaking. Finally he said, "Sorry about your bed. Did you do it too?"


"Do you jack off?"

"Yes, I answered."

"That felt a lot better than jacking off," he said.

"Yes it did."

"Have you ever had sex?" He asked

"With a girl?"


"No. Not a boy either," I answered.

"I haven't either. I thought I would this summer. You know, somehow get into the girls camp and get laid. I hear some guys have managed that but it isn't easy, and if you get caught, you're out of here. But, I think we might have something going here that could be pretty good.

I mean, if you think so too."

I was blown away by this sudden happening, but I managed to make some noise that sounded like an affirmative.

"Well, I better get back to my room," he said. "Shall we try this again? Say tomorrow night, same place, same time?"

"Yes, ok," I managed to say when I wanted to shout out Yes, of course. I can't wait until tomorrow night.

The next day seemed to last for two, and I saw him only once, across the room at breakfast. When bed time finally came, I lay down anticipating a repeat of last night. This time I left one window blind up a little to let in light from the pole light nearby. I lay with my eyes on the door and waited and waited. Minutes went by and pretty soon 30 minutes had passed after lights out. Wasn't he going to come? Didn't he like it after all? Had he found someone else? Just as I was about to give up and go to sleep, the door opened and shut quickly. He was by my bed slipping out of his shorts in one motion and into the bed in the next.

"Hey," he said.


His hand immediately went to my waist.

"Good, you're ready," he said, finding only bare skin.

Then his hand slid off and onto my hard penis, untouched by anyone until that moment. Fingers circling the eager organ, he stroked it very slowly and gently. As if with a mind of its own, my hand found his hardon and I mimicked his motion. It was weird feeling someone else's hard cock. His felt pretty much like mine and yet not quite. As we stroked each other our bodies came together and we kissed, tentatively at first, but quickly picking up where we left off last night. For several minutes we kissed, and then he said,

"Get on top of me. When we get it off, it won't be on your sheets."

I did as he suggested, supporting myself on elbows and knees over his prone body. We kissed again--a really good one--and again and again, restraint vanishing. My cock feeling like it would explode, sought his in the dark bed. When they found each other, I let my weight down crushing the two phalli together. His hands grasped my buttocks and we instinctively thrust at each other. I couldn't hold it more than a few thrusts. The friction between the two hot organs mashed so tightly was too much and I lost it, gushing forth. I sensed he was doing the same and we continued to buck together for several more seconds as the orgasms gradually ran their course and died off.

After a few minutes, he said.

"That was fabulous. Tomorrow I get to be on top."

"Ok," was all I could manage to get out at that moment.

And so it went for the next three weeks. Every night we met in either his room or mine for a short, sweet, intense sex act. During the day, we were careful to stay apart. No sense in letting anyone suspect something. It wasn't hard to do though, since we were in different activity groups and our schedules really didn't overlap much. However, we finally decided to take a hike together on one of our free days. Surrounding the camp were miles of forest riddled with hiking trails and I had scouted several with the thought that we might sneak off to a private spot during in daylight some time. I had found the perfect spot-a little grassy clearing not far off a trail but well screened by dense shrubs. We could take towels with us as if we intended to go for a swim and use them as ground cover. So equipped, we set off, me leading the way. As we approached the place I had reconnoitered, a soft sound caught me ear.

"Wait," I whispered. "I'll check."

I slowly, quietly crept to where I could see through some bushes into the clearing. I was amazed at what I saw--two boys were in the clearing, naked, their bodies intertwined, and they were kissing passionately. I didn't know either of them but recognized them as older boys from the camp. I barely breathed as I watched in fascination. They were good. Their mouths moved over each other's continually, an erotic massage of lips by lips. And then...Wow! Their mouths opened slightly and their tongues came out and started licking each other. Then their mouths were wide open, the tongues, pink and wet, writhing around each other. I couldn't believe my eyes and I was about to back carefully away and get Bobby. On the first step back I bumped into Bobby. I hadn't realized that he was standing right behind me. His finger leapt to his lips signaling silence and he pointed at the two boys. I looked back and now one of them was sucking the other one's long tongue, the slick organ sliding in out through his eager pursed lips. Then they traded off and the other tongue got sucked. Things were getting pretty hot and it was clear to me that they were pretty excited. Suddenly, they broke off and sat up. Damn, I thought, they heard us. But no, they were just changing positions. They weren't hearing anything, so totally were they engrossed in their love making. They sat with legs outstretched facing each other, one's legs over the other's bringing them balls to balls with their erect penises meeting at the base. One of them grasped the two eager organs and began rubbing them together with a slow motion, twisting them back and forth. His partner threw his head back in obvious ecstacy. Then he began to rub the cocks together, shafts sliding back and forth. Faster and faster he stroked and very soon, semen shot at least a foot straight up from one and then both cocks. Two or three weaker spurts followed and even though the dicks kept pulsing without issue, he kept rubbing the swollen puds for several more seconds.

I motioned to Bobby to back up and we carefully back-tracked until we were out of ear shot. We hurried down to the trail before risking any conversation.

"How about that," Bobby said.

"Yeah, how about that," I said. "I think those guys have practiced that a lot. They were good."

"Yeah, but their dicks weren't as big as ours," he said.

"No, I guess not, but they knew what to do with them."

"Don't we too?" He asked.

"Yeah, we do it pretty well."

"Was that French kissing?" I asked.

"It sure was."

"Have you ever done it?" I asked.

"I tried to once but the chick wouldn't let me."

"It was actually pretty sexy. I mean it seemed to be pretty exciting to them," I said.

"Yeah, I guess so."

By that time we were quite a ways down the trail and coming to another place I had scouted out--a secluded place near the trail. Suddenly I pulled him off the trail and through the brush to a little clearing at the base of a huge leaning tree. As soon as he saw the place he pushed me against the big tree trunk and pressed his body on mine, our hardons grinding. Our mouths clamped together; we had the same thing in mind. Tentatively, timidly at first, our tongues met, the tips flicking together. I liked the feel. The tongue is so sensitive. More of our tongues came into contact and it was even better. The texture of his tongue was completely unlike anything I had ever encountered in my mouth--warm, slick, muscular, alive. We learned quickly, instinctively letting the two organs mutually arouse each other, sliding smoothly up and down, around and around, probing ever deeper. His whole tongue was in my mouth, my lips locked around it sucking like it was a mother's tit. My tongue raced over his. I was completely mesmerized by the sensualness of the two wet glossa locked together in my mouth.

Suddenly, I was coming. Nothing was going to stop it. We humped hard, banging our clothed cocks together for an brief, intense orgasm.

"We'd better get back to camp," I said, uncomfortable with the sticky wetness in my underpants.

"Yeah, it's about time," he said.

As we were about to get back to the trail, we heard voices and crouched in the undergrowth. Down the trail came the two guys we had watched, looking pleased with themselves, unaware they were being watched again. We gave them a head start and then hiked on down to camp.

As we parted to go to our own rooms, Bobby said, "My room tonight?" I think we might have an especially good time."

"See you there," I said, my dick stiffening at the mere thought, and went off to shower before dinner. Having the shower to myself at that hour, I let the water stream over my body for a moment before soaping up. Scrubbing the dried semen off my belly, my soapy hand strayed onto my limp dick. A few quick strokes brought it to attention, and for a moment I considered jacking off. Too risky--someone could come in at any moment. Instead, I toweled off and got dressed. Better to save that orgasm for tonight anyway. We were going to have a good time. I could still feel his tongue on mine as I went off to dinner.

Wrapped in each other's arms in his bed that night, our first kiss turned French. The two tongues having met earlier and liking it, raced frantically over each other delighting in the variety of delectable textures-kind of rough on the top, deliciously smooth on the bottom. Our cocks, pinned together side by side between our clinched bodies, were neglected for the moment, but the orgasms we had that afternoon weren't enough to keep us from shooting very long. The intensity intensity of this encounter wasn't going to let things go on but a moment. Our tongues were all over each other, pressing, rubbing, sliding, and suddenly our groins were thrusting wildly, our cocks attacking until the spurts of semen stopped coming. I slowly, regretfully let his tongue slip out my mouth and we were done.

And so things went. Summer camp had turned out to be something totally unexpected and wildly gratifying, fuckiing our brains out every night. It was baffling how we could bring forth amazing climaxes every day, day after day.

Too soon, way too soon, the summer was over and tomorrow we were to pack up and go home, homes that were hundreds of miles apart. That last night we made love most of the night, managing to come to the edge of an orgasm, back off, relax and then come to the verge again, over and over. Our lips were locked for hours, warm, wet tongues entangled, never tiring of the feel of lips on lips. We ground our cocks in every possible position-side by side, one on top, the other on top, two in one hand, two hands on both cocks until finally, some time late that night, we couldn't hold it or didn't want to and the most humongous orgasm of the summer shattered the night. Afterwards we slept, exhausted, and almost blew it. I didn't wake up until early in the morning, just before first light. I beat it back to my room in a big hurry.

That day, the last day of camp, we were all supposed to gather at the amphitheater for a end of camp ceremony. I was all packed and had my bags at headquarters where the buses would pick us up around noon. Walking to the amphitheater, I kept looking for Bobby. Finally, at the gate to the theater, he appeared and grabbed my arm.

"You don't want to listen to all that crap do you?" he asked.

"No, I really don't" I said.

"Let's go to my room instead."

"Haven't you checked out yet?" I asked.

"No, I wanted to check you out one more time," he said with a lear on his face.

"I get it, let's go," I said.

Amazingly, we had had sex exactly 86 times so far and we hadn't seen each other naked once. We had always done it in the dark. Strangely, despite all that intimacy, I was a little nervous about taking my clothes off in front of him in the daylight, but it didn't hold me back long. With the door firmly locked, even though everyone else was at the amphitheater, we stripped and stood looking at each other's naked body for the first time.

"Have you ever seen an uncircumsized dick? He asked.

"I don't know. What does that mean," I said.

"You know, the ones where the head is covered up with skin and the end is a little shriveled up thing. They're ugly," he said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I've seen a few in the locker room. I wonder what they look like hard?"

But, we weren't there to talk about uncircumsized dicks. He stepped toward me and we both watched the tips of our erect organs touch and prop each other up even more erect. It was exciting. We pressed together firmly compressing the eager penises full length, tip to base. I could feel his balls softly swing against mine and then we kissed, hard. For several minutes, an observer would think we were trying to swallow each other, but then I pulled him to the bed and we thrashed there, lips, tongues, cocks, and balls inter-digitating in a wild lecherous frenzy. This wasn't going to be an drawn out session like last night. We had too much lust and too little time for that. I got on top and began to drive my dick back and forth on his as he forced his tongue deep in my mouth. He arched his back up sacrificing his long, hard cock to the attack mine was mounting. The two big phalli ground together, frenulum to frenulum as our faces were locked in mouth-to-mouth combat. The orgasm was bittersweet--it was gut-wrenchingly wonderful--but we both knew it was the last for a long time, and maybe forever.

Later, on the bus, I reflected on the summer. What I had thought would be the worst, most boring summer of my life had become the mirror image of that notion. I had learned things I only vaguely thought were possible. Experienced emotions and sensations I never even dreamed were possible. Now the upcoming school year looked to be the longest, most boring time of my life in comparison. Well, there's next summer. Maybe, just maybe...