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Chapter 1

By Bob Andersen

I loved going to camp. It was the only thing that I looked forward to during the summers, even more than baseball. I had gone to the same over-night camp since I was 8 years old, and now that I was 15, I looked forward to the Counselor-in-Training program. It meant that I would be away from parents and my little brother for a whole 8-weeks. That in itself should have been enough, but I also knew that a lot of the kids I had met at camp were going to be CIT's.

During my years at camp I learned a lot of neat stuff. I really enjoyed hiking and tenting, archery, water skiing, sailing, and skin diving. I also learned that I was attracted to boys. Being an all-boys camp, a lot of pre-adolescent experimentation happened. I had learned to jack-off from a junior counselor when I was 12. Actually, our entire cabin learned from him. He didn't know he had taught us, but all of us enjoyed when he came in after he thought all of us were asleep and began to masturbate. Seeing what he was doing gave all of us hard-ons for sure. We weren't exactly sure, at that age, what to do but were soon trying what we had seen him doing.

One afternoon during rest hour, a couple of the guys and I snuck out of the cabin. We made our way to a "special spot" that we all had found during an open hike the day previously. Chad, Tom and I were a bit nervous about what we had talked about doing, but we all knew that we had to try. As we got closer I could feel what was happening to me "down there." I was getting hard already. I didn't know why, but the anticipation of doing what we saw our counselor doing was getting to me.

When we arrived we didn't speak a word. Tom was the first to take down his shorts, revealing a bulge in his cotton briefs. Both Chad and I stared at him as he began to rub his cock. I had never seen another boy hard. Well, not this close, at least. As Tom rubbed his crotch, I couldn't take it any longer. I lowered my shorts, but since I had no underwear on, I was the first to show my friends my 12-year-old hard-on. I was just entering puberty, about 4 1/2 inches long and not too thick. My pubic hair was just coming in of which I was very proud.

Chad and Tom gasped, not from the size of my cock, for sure, but from the fact that I was standing there stark naked. I was hard and pointing straight out at both of them as we stood in a circle facing each other. Tom was still rubbing his dick and Chad was just staring at the both of us.

I was the first to begin to mimic what I had seen Skeemer, our counselor, do the entire previous week. I took my cock in my hand and began to slowly stroke back and forth. By this time, Tom was moving his hand up and down his cock, that was still in his underwear, more rapidly. Chad, by this time had dropped his shorts, too. He had a pair of boxers on and the tent that it was making was very provocative to me. I began to stroke even faster.

Here were three pre-pubescent boys learning a thing or two about their manhood. Chad was the next to drop his underwear. That is when I gasped. I had never seen a dick that big. He was about 6" long and very thick. The pubic hair was very bushy, but light, as he was blond. He began to join me, wrapping his hand around that gorgeous dick and stroking.

Finally, Tom realized that he was the only one that had anything covering his cock that was straining to get out, as it was. So, he dropped his underwear and exposed to the both of us his dick. It was about as big as mine, but thicker. The head of his cock was very very red. We each gazed back and forth towards each other's engorged cocks. Every once in a while we looked up and smiled at each other.

I think we all felt a little self-conscious, but I know we were all enjoying this experience. I could sense a feeling like I'd never had before. My cock was "itching," but a very pleasant itch. Seeing Tom and Chad's dicks was very exciting and I wanted to touch another cock, but didn't want to get pounded to the ground. Just seeing them was exciting enough, for now, I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I could hear Tom breathing very hard. I saw his leg muscles tense as he actually was standing on his tiptoes. I didn't know what was happening, but I found my breathing becoming much more intense. Tom was stroking with his right hand and his left made a beeline toward his balls. He cupped them in his hand and began to caress them back and forth. He began to make sounds like I had heard Skeemer do and I had a feeling something was happening.

Tom began to rise farther up on his toes. His left hand found its way to my shoulder, as his stroking became much more rapid. As he leaned back he pulled me toward him, unknowingly. I could tell he was doing this without trying. I watched him intently, as my stroking became slower so I could take in all I was watching. Chad was also watching this entire action with relish.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" is all I heard. Then, I saw something white start to shoot out of the little slit on his cock head. I had no idea what it was, but Tom sure looked like he was enjoying it all. My first thought was that he broke something, but then I realized that it was what we had learned about in human development. It was his sperm shooting out of his dick. Wow!

Chad and I were mesmerized by what was happening to Tom. Our strokes became more intense as he spurted (well, dribbled I guess you'd really say) from his cockhead. Suddenly, I heard the same sounds from Chad and turned to see him shoot his load. It was much more forceful, as his first spurt shot across and landing on Tom's thigh. The look on their faces was pure delight, and I certainly enjoyed see what had happened.

I was the last one stroking my cock. I began to loose my balance and put my left hand on Chad's shoulder. He helped stabilize me, but what happened next made me hit the same pinnacle as they had. Tom, to help me balance, he later said, put his hand on my balls, manipulating them as I had seen him do to himself. It was at that point, I felt myself tighten. My legs felt like they were so stiff that I could never walk again.

Then it happened. I shot my first load. Well, to be honest I leaked my first load. I would come to find out later that I could shoot a lot further, but this, after all, was the first time I had ever had an orgasm. I was totally unaware of either Tom or Chad. I was in my own world of ecstasy, totally enjoying the feelings that I was experiencing. I arched my back and thrust my hips toward Tom as he was holding my balls.

The cum that fell on my toes felt warm. My eyes rolled back into my head and I realized just what this was all about. I remember thinking that Skeemer always sighed when he finished and found myself doing the same. I was finally regaining reality as I pumped the last bit of sperm from my young balls.

The three of us now were standing there, our cocks going back down to the soft flaccid state of normality, just looking at each other. Our hands were still on our genitals, shaking our cocks slightly to get the last drop of cum out. We smiled at each other, A LOT. Like a cat that had just caught the mouse, we were proud and giddy of what had happened.

For the next two weeks of camp, the three of us went to our "special spot" many times. Each time, the feelings that we got from the orgasms we had became more intense. They say practice makes perfect, and I think all of us wanted to practice as much as possible. Each time we went, the same thing happened. We jacked-off ourselves in front of each other. That's all! I did want to touch Chad's dick because it was so big. But, I never got the chance, that summer, to do anything but learn to please myself.

I know, also, that I joined Skeemer many evenings from that point on. As he came back into the cabin each night, lay in his bunk, removed his underwear and began to stroke his big cock, I did the same. I also think that Tom and Chad joined in as well. A couple of evenings, I heard stirring from other bunks, so I think that Skeemer, unknowingly, brought 10 adolescent boys into the world of fun and frolic.

When I got home that summer, a lot had changed. My experiences at camp definitely made bedtime a whole new experience. I had found a new "hobby" and bedtime ritual that I wasn't about to give up. As I began to shoot heavier loads I had to find ways of hiding them so my mother wouldn't know what I was doing. That took a lot of imagination, but I believe that I fooled them for many years (yea, right!)

I continued to go to camp the next two summers as a camper. Spending 3 weeks with friends that I had been there with previously and making new friends. Tom always came to camp at the same time I did each summer and we did relive many of our first experiences together. Our "special spot" was still there and we did take advantage of it many times. Also, we tented together on campouts, which gave us the opportunity to enjoy that time together.

But this summer would be different. As a CIT, I would be there the entire summer. I was dating at home as a freshman in High School, but only because I was on the football team and a wrestler. The girls were cool, but I really didn't have any interest in them. I did, however, find myself attracted to many of my teammates throughout the school year. It was then, I think, I began to realize that I was more attracted to boys than girls.

My first day at camp was exciting. The moment I got off the bus I knew that I was going to have a great summer. I was going to learn to be a counselor so that I could work in future years at a place I really enjoyed coming to. It was different than the city, but it was more than that. I felt at home, here, and that made me happy.

When the second bus unloaded, I noticed a boy, about 6' tall with long black hair. He was very cute and I could feel a stirring in my groin. I thought he might have been a counselor, but when he headed toward the area that all the CIT's were holding their gear prior to going to the cabin area, I realized he was going to join us. He too was a CIT. Oh, how I hoped we would be in the same cabin.

As he got closer I heard him yell my name. I didn't know this guy, did I? Then it hit me. It was Chad. I hadn't seen him in two years. Boy, did he grow up to be a great looking guy. I felt my cock begin to get hard thinking back to our times together at our "special spot."

He dropped all his gear down and came rushing over to me. He put his hand out and we shook hands and exchanged hellos. As we sat there waiting to go up to the cabin area, he told me he hoped that I would be a CIT this year. He hadn't been able to come to camp the last couple of years because of baseball, but was sick of it and wanted to come back to camp. The only thing, at his age, was the CIT program, so he decided that would be cool.

We had a lot to talk over but I definitely wanted to see if Chad was still interested in playing like we had when I last was with him at camp. I remembered his big cock, how it made me feel, and how I wanted to touch it. Oh, well, now was not the time, I thought, but maybe sometime this summer. After all, it was going to be the ENTIRE summer and a chance might present itself.

We all packed up our gear and headed to the CIT cabins. When the counselor began to assign cabins, Chad and I were pleased when we were both placed in Cabin 2. This was a 1st year CIT cabin, so it made sense. As we all headed in, everyone was rushing to grab the best bunks. Chad got into the cabin before me, threw his gear on a top bunk in the back corner signifying his claim. He then sat on the top bunk directly next to it and motioned for me to come over. I was one of the last in the cabin, but he had saved me a bunk right next to him. That was very promising, I remember thinking to myself.

That whole day, we did the normal first day at camp thing. We all took our swim tests, but being CIT's all knew we were in the advanced group anyway. Since all the counselors were working with the kids, there were no guards for the camper tests, so the Waterfront Director told us we were going to guard for them that day. He went over some of the basics or guarding and showed us all how to use the poles in the event one of the campers couldn't swim. We all took our spots around the pier and Chad and I were opposite each other in the intermediate test area.

The large 10' aluminum poles that we held were supposed to be for saving someone, but we all used them as extensions of ourselves when the campers weren't there. We would pretend that they were poles like Robin Hood used to fight Little John in the Robin Hood movies. The Director would yell, but not a lot, knowing that we were just playing around. During one group's tests, I looked over at Chad. He was looking directly at me and smiled. He took his hand and moved it up and down the pole, while placing it between his legs. I returned the action, hoping it meant what I thought he was telling me.

The CIT cabin area was about 1/2 mile from the main part of camp. We were very secluded but that also meant that we needed to bring all our gear for the day down each and every morning. Today was no different. After the swim tests, we went to a special area to change out of our suits into our clothes because we didn't have the time before dinner to go back to the cabins.

We had some free time and the counselor told us we could shower before dinner if we wanted. So, a couple of us went to the showers to do just that. Chad and I walked together and continued to catch up on what happened to each of us over the past two years. We asked each other the normal questions like if we played sports, what we were doing in school and if we had girlfriends and sex. Of course, sex. After all, we were 15!

As we showered in the gang showers (this was long before partitions were being put in shower rooms) we continued to talk. My mind, however, was not on the discussion. I was looking over Chad from head to foot. He had grown ALL OVER since I last saw him naked. He was very muscular. Much more muscular than I was, although I was in pretty good shape. But, what really caught my eye was his dick. I thought it was the biggest I had ever seen before, but it seemed to be even bigger than it was then. And at this moment he wasn't even hard! I drooled a bit, I think, hoping I could see it get erect again.

I really didn't have to wait long. As we soaped ourselves all over, I saw it begin to fill with blood and it was rising. Oh, how I wanted to reach over and touch it. I wanted to stroke his cock so much, that I began to get hard also. The two other CIT's that came to the showers with us were now in the drying room around the corner. They couldn't see what was happening, fortunately, I thought.

Chad saw me watching him and turned toward me so I could get a better look. He smiled at me and asked if I remembered what we used to do together. I said yes, of course, because it was the only thing I had thought about all day. He started to rub his cock and I followed his actions, rubbing mine. Soon, we were both totally hard, our cocks laying on our stomachs as we stimulated them.

I was a bit nervous about the other guys in the drying room, and I guess it showed. Chad told me not to worry about it, that they were probably gone. To reassure me, he reached over and grabbed my cock and squeezed it a little. OH, what a feeling! I had never had another person, much less another guy, touch me there. Oh, I had pushed my hard cock against a girl when we were dancing and that felt great, but this was out of this world.

I stood there frozen with Chad's had squeezing and stroking my cock, not knowing what to do. As if he sensed that, he took my hand with his other hand, never releasing my dick, and placed it on his hard-on. As if it were a natural thing, I wrapped my hand around this super hard 8" cock I had suddenly been presented, and began to squeeze and stroke him as well. My cock, too, had grown since the last time we were together. Although now as big as his, I sported a nice 7" rod that I think he enjoyed.

For what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only seconds, the two of us jacked-off each other's hard cocks. We didn't care, I believe at that moment, who walked in the shower room. We were caught up in a very enjoyable activity with each other. Suddenly, for the first time ever, I felt his cock harden even more and the cum rising in the shaft. His body tensed like it had 2 years previously, and he shot a load like I had never seen before.

His first spurt hit my chin and the next three my stomach. I too, was exploding for the very first time because another person was pleasing me. I shot and matched his first one, but hitting him in the nose, actually. The remaining ejaculations weren't as intense for me, but very pleasurable.

As we finished, we both continued to hold each other's dick until they began to loose their stiffness. This was also a lot of fun, as we each were rolling the heads in our fingers maintaining the great orgasmic feeling. I was very sensitive and this was driving me wild, but I enjoyed it as much as I believe that Chad did.

We both looked at each other, without saying a word, and smiled. Chad and I finished our shower, soaping ourselves again to get the cum off of us, and went into the drying room. The two CIT's that were with us looked as we exited with semi-hard cocks. They both were looking at them and I thought I caught a bit of a smile on both of their faces.

At this point, I realized that this was going to be a great summer. Chad and I were back together, more than just jack-off buddies. We had moved to a different level, and now, more than ever, I realized what I enjoyed, sexually. Time would tell, I thought, if anything else would happen, but for now, I knew that it was going to be a summer filled with a lot of fun and, hopefully, a lot of sex.

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