WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.


Chapter 10

By Bob Andersen

As I lay there feeling like I had never felt before, I realized that the entire day I spent naked from the moment we walked into his house. It seemed so natural. I think Chad would have thought it was very sexy, which it was, of course. But, that wasn't the way I felt at that moment. I just was so happy and felt like Steve and I had known each other our entire lives. We definitely were connected that I knew for a fact.

I fell asleep quickly revealing in Steve's touch. I could feel his cock against my ass, not hard, but semi, maybe. It felt great and also very natural. I couldn't wait to see how our second day home went. If it were half as exciting and pleasurable as today, I would know that the weekend was a beginning of a great relationship.

As dawn approached, the sunlight shone through the window, causing my eyes to open. For a moment, I wasn't sure where I was, but as I began to focus, I remembered that I was with Steve. I was still lying on my side and could feel his body heat next to me. Steve was poking me with his morning hard-on which felt great. I was sporting a bit of wood myself and also knew I had to pee. My bladder was telling me it was time to get out of bed.

As I didn't want to wake Steve, I slowly pulled the covers off of me and placed one foot on the floor. As I did, I could feel Steve rustling behind me, but as I looked back, I was happy that I hadn't awoken him. I made my way to the bathroom and stood there for a moment till my cock began to soften and I could pee.

I walked out of the bathroom and decided to head down stairs to the kitchen. I thought I could make some coffee for us and maybe, as a surprise, make some breakfast. After all, Steve did the cooking the day before, but maybe it was my turn to show him that I too could prepare a tasty meal.

I saw the coffeepot, but didn't exactly know where the coffee was kept. I began to search the counters and cabinets and finally found the grounds. I placed the water in the percolator, the grounds in the basket and plugged it in to begin to brew. As I surveyed the refrigerator, I found the eggs and some bacon. I thought that would be a good start, at least.

Not knowing what kind of eggs Steve liked, I decided I couldn't go wrong with scrambled. I looked in the frig some more for some cheese, thinking I could make cheese eggs for us. I found some American Cheese and decided that would do as well as any other kind.

As I was putting the bread in the toaster and finishing the eggs, I found a tray and thought that I could serve Steve breakfast in bed. I heard the toilet flush and I knew that Steve had awoken.

"Stay up there for a minute," I screamed up the stairs.

"Why?" is all I heard.

"Just do it, Steve, please!"

"Ok, but hurry up, I'm a bit horny," I heard him say. That was great to hear, because I, too, was in that mood.

I buttered the toast, put the scrambled eggs on the plate, and poured two cups of coffee. I wasn't sure how Steve wanted his coffee, so I poured a glass of milk and found the sugar.

All the food placed on the tray, I started up the stairs. "Get back in bed, Steve," I said in a very loud voice.

As I entered the room I saw Steve sitting up in bed. As he saw me, his eyes opened wide. "Breakfast, love?" he said.

He called me `love,' which made my cock stir. I had never had that said to me and it sounded wonderful. As I approached the bed, my cock was now pointing straight toward the ceiling. I saw a huge smile on Steve's face knowing that I was so easy to stimulate.

I placed the tray on the bed between us and handed him his plate. He smiled, grabbed it and placed it on his lap. "I hope that you have more than this for me to enjoy this morning," Steve grinned.

"You bad boy," I replied. "Is that all you have on your mind?"

"Well, actually, yes!" Steve said with a laugh that you could hear probably in the house next door.

As I sat down next to Steve, he took his fork, placed some eggs on it and moved it toward my mouth. He was feeding me, not like yesterday when he fed me his cock, but still a very exciting thought. I reciprocated and we completed our food in this manner.

As we finished, we simultaneously put our coffee cups on the nightstand next to us on each side of the bed, Steve took the tray and placed it on the floor, and scooted himself close to me. He took my head in his hands and pulled my lips close to his. He put his mouth on mine and began to kiss me very gently. His hands roaming through my hair as we kissed was a most sensuous feeling and had the results I am sure he was seeking. My cock stood at attention as we kissed and I could feel he was having the same reaction, as I felt this rock hard piece of steel poking my thigh.

When we started to kiss, we were both sitting up against the bed's headboard. However, as we were more involved in our passions, I could feel us both sliding down toward the foot of the bed. Soon, we were both prone and Steve was halfway on top of me, our manhood pressing against each other. Steve slowly began to move down, his tongue licking my nipples, his hand caressing my balls. He continued to move down, his tongue guiding him to my pubic hair. He twirled it for a while and then began to lick up and down the underside of my shaft. As he continued to stimulate me, I couldn't take it much longer. I almost was about to cum when Steve took my cock in his hand and placed his mouth over the head to assure himself to catch any load that I might shoot.

My hips began to thrust pushing my cock deeper into Steve's mouth. I held his head still and stopped him from moving up and down my shaft. I didn't want to cum right away as I wanted to enjoy the moments we were sharing to the fullest. I tugged at his gorgeous hair and pulled him up off my cock. My hands went under his armpits and pulled him up to my mouth so that we could again join in a tongue battle. He was so passionate --- so loving that I couldn't believe this was happening to me after just a week of knowing each other.

As we kissed, I knew it was my turn to please him. My hand went to cup his balls and hold his hard tool, but he stopped me. He looked into my eyes and I knew what he was telling me. He wanted me to just lay back, relax, and let him do what he wanted, without reciprocation. We both knew the day was young, so I succumbed to his wishes, stopped my advances and relaxed.

Again, Steve began to use his tongue to travel to his interest at that moment. As he arrived at my cock, I shivered, knowing what was in store for me. My heart was pounding which of course explained the rush of blood to my groin region. His mouth was so warm; his hands so smooth on the shaft of my cock, I was in heaven.

As Steve bobbed his head up and down, paying particular attention to the underside of the head of my penis, I began to wiggle in satisfaction and enjoyment. Not only were my hips moving in motion with his mouth, my hands which lay on top of his head seemed to guide his motions. I now knew that I had to provide him with what he was seeking so vigilantly. I could feel my balls becoming tight ready to unleash what I had built up overnight. I knew he would take everything, not spilling a drop, that I could supply.

The head of my cock became tingly. The shaft I could feel was filling with more blood as he continued to suck and draw my liquid up. It was a matter of seconds before I would explode into my lover's mouth. His hands were now massaging my balls assisting in his attempts to bring me off.

My head fell back, my hips thrust forward and I could feel the release. I was cumming and there was nothing that either Steve nor I could do now to stop it. I could hear him swallow with the first explosion that I could feel was immense. The feeling he was giving me was pure pleasure; you know that orgasmic rush that you get as you shoot that first heavy glob of cum. My breathing, as well as his, was shallow and quick.

As I began to come down from the high that Steve had provided me, I suddenly felt something warm and sticky on my leg. Unbeknownst to me, Steve had been stroking his gorgeous cock along with his sucking and had cum all over my leg. At fist I was upset, because he hadn't allowed me to provide him with the pleasure that he had given me. But, I also knew that this was not the last time we would be together before going back to camp the next morning.

Steve began to move up my body to my mouth. He kissed me with what would become a ritual that we shared. My cum, still held in his mouth, was being shared with me. As I said, a ritual was beginning with us sharing ourselves with each other. We kissed long and hard as I could feel both us of rising again.

Suddenly, Steve rose up from the bed, straddled me and held me by the shoulders. As he sat there, straddling my thighs, our cocks, both beginning to harden again, touched. It was like electricity for a moment as I felt us both pulsating because of the blood rushing through the veins. Our balls were touching as well, lightly, but I could feel the globes of his testicles against mine.

Steve took his hand, grabbed his cock and placed my penis against his. Both now in his hands, he began to slowly stroke them. I looked into his eyes and saw the lust that he was feeling. It was funny to think, not more than 2 minutes previous to this, we had both cum and now he was going to try to get us to cum again. I had masturbated multiple times in a day, but never had I tried to make myself cum this close together. It was exciting; especially to know that he appeared as stimulated as I was at that moment.

I took my hand, squeezed it between our bodies and cupped our balls together. Steve continued to slowly move his hand up and down our cocks. The underside of the heads rubbing together still lubricated with the semen that we had released moments ago. To my surprise I could feel the shafts of our two male tools filling with blood very distinctly. My hand was working feverishly manipulating our testicles helping to stir the juices that we again wanted to release.

I could tell Steve was close to an orgasm again as he began to bounce his ass on my thighs while he stroked. I didn't know what would happen when he came, but knowing Steve, I would again be bathed in his fluids. That wasn't any problem as I had come to enjoy that with him.

Then it happened! Steve began to moan loudly, louder than I had ever heard him previously. It was only seconds later that he shot a load that I would have never imagined a guy could do within a few minutes of cumming. His first spurt hit my forehead, the second my mouth and the third my chest. He continued to release his sperm over my pubic hair and I could see by the look on his face that he was totally satisfied.

I expected him to stop, because I knew that he became very sensitive after he came. To my surprise, he continued to stroke our cocks together. Mine was now covered with his cum and very stimulated. He didn't slow his hands down at all, as he was intent upon making me follow what he had just accomplished. The warmth of his sperm and the lubrication that it provided was really helping him bring me to orgasm. My hips suddenly began to thrust and we both knew what that meant. My head fell back, one last thrust and I joined Steve's ecstasy.

My first ejaculation was strong, hitting Steve's chin as he sat above me. The next two or three weren't as strong, but did cover us both in my juices. His hand milked both of our cocks, but slowed down until he knew everything was released. I rose my head and looked into his eyes. I knew what I wanted to do and sat up, licking his chest, up to his chin, then placed my mouth onto his. We kissed, again sharing our fluids with each other.

As we held a very passionate tight kiss, Steve began to lower to the bed so that we were both prone. We kissed, our hands roamed each others body, and we held each other for what seemed like an eternity. We were both very content and happy at that moment and I couldn't imagine any place I would rather have been.

"I think we need to shower," Steve said with a little laugh.

We rose out of the bed, headed for the bathroom. Steve turned on the shower and again turned to kiss me. I was taking a piss at the time and as he took my head, I have to admit I missed the toilet. We both laughed at my awkwardness at that moment, but he understood. We cleaned up the mess and stepped into the shower.

We quickly showered, soaping and washing each other. I don't think, a couple weeks earlier, I could have even fantasized about what I had experienced over the last two days. At my age, fantasy is your sex life, not reality. But, here I was, showering with a boy that I really liked, having sex with him, and, I thought as he was rolling my cock in his hand, being with someone that I felt, at that moment, I would love the rest of my life.

We dried off, headed down to the family room and turned on the TV. On a Sunday morning, not much was on and we decided to go to the local mall and just hang for a while.

For the first time since I entered Steve's house the previous day, we put our clothes on. We both had clean clothes, since Steve had been doing the laundry so we had our things ready to go back to camp on Monday. We headed out the door, but before we exited, I grabbed Steve and kissed him. I thanked him for having me over for the weekend and told him how much it meant to me. He shrugged his shoulders and told me that he wasn't sure how I would react, but was happy that I took him up on his offer.

Steve drove to the mall. It was an indoor mall, the first in our area. It was huge, but not very busy. It really didn't open until noon that day, but we decided just to head there and see what was happening. We parked the car and before we got out, Steve grabbed me and kissed me. I was a little scared, not knowing who might be around. I knew that my parents might go shopping at the mall and certainly didn't want them to see me kissing someone, certainly not kissing another guy.

As we entered the main doors of the mall, I heard someone yell Steve's name. We both turned and I saw this very pretty girl down the hallway. She was running toward us still screaming Steve's name. I looked at him and saw this look of terror on his face. I could see him tighten up, but then that smile that I loved so much appeared on his face. As she approached, he opened his arms and they hugged.

I heard them exchange some things that included how each had been, how their summer was going and when were they going to get together. I took a few steps back, not wanting to cause any problems.

Steve must have sensed my apprehension at this meeting and the fact that I had distanced myself from him and his friend. He reached over, grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards them.

"Sheila, this is Bob, from camp," he began. "He's one of my C.I.T.'s and is staying with me this weekend."

Sheila said hello and she moved over and hugged me.

"A friend?" she asked, as she looked Steve directly in the eyes, "or boyfriend?"

Steve smiled at her and winked. I was shocked. Was he admitting that we were boyfriends to this girl? We had begun to walk toward the center of the mall at this time and I was beginning to turn beet red.

Sheila looked at me. "Got yourself one hell of a catch here, Bob," she said. "Been trying to catch him for a couple of years myself, but I guess I don't have what he wants!"

Steve and Sheila laughed very loudly. Me? I was still in a state of shock and amazement that this was being discussed in the mall with anyone, much less a girl.

"Hey, you guys have a great time here and the rest of the weekend. You don't get paroled from that place too often, I know," Sheila added as she began to walk away. "Gotta catch up to Margi. Sure she has bought too much already."

I guess my shock, my concern, and my questions were very evident on my face. Steve turned to me, smiled, and said, "She is cool, Bob, and has known about me for a long long time."

Like air out of a balloon, I sighed with relief. "Well, thanks for the warning!" I said, somewhat mad, but kidding as well.

Steve went on to tell me that Sheila and he had been a neighbor for many years. She lived a couple of doors from him and they had been best friends since they were 10 years old. She and he had `experimented' when they were 11 but that was the extent of their physical contact. Steve said they both thought that it was gross at the time. Sheila and Margi, he said, were lovers, lesbians, so we had nothing to worry about.

I have to admit that relieved me quite a bit. I knew Steve wouldn't do anything that would hurt either of us but I was wondering about what had just happened. It was the first time I really felt I was doing something wrong. I knew I wasn't, but I also knew what people thought about `faggots' and how everyone treated them.

We continued to cruise the mall. Steve would wave now and then to some guys he knew but never encouraged them to come to talk or anything. We looked at a lot of things. Neither of us had much money at the time and weren't planning on buying anything anyway. We just went to kill time.

"Bob! Steve!"

We both stopped in our tracks. We looked around trying to find out who was calling OUR names in the mall. I spotted him first and my heart sank. It was Chad, standing over by the sports store waving at us. Next to him were adults who I assumed were his parents and another boy.

I looked at Steve and he at me. We smiled, knowing that this wasn't a problem, but were surprised to see him. Chad began to walk over to us, the boy with him close at his heels. As they got closer, I could see that the guy with him was probably his brother, as they looked so much alike.

"Hey guys, I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow," Chad said as he got within normal talking range.

"Hey Chad," Steve said. "Shopping too, huh?"

"Hey buddy," I began. "Who's this, Mark?" I asked, remembering his brother's name.

"Yep, my little brother. We were just getting him a glove for little league. His birthday is tomorrow and that's mom and dad's present to him. So, how are things going?" he asked as he gave me a wink.

"Oh, been a great weekend so far, Chad. Yours?"

"Dull and boring," he said with a sad look on his face. "No action, if you know what I mean."

We talked a bit as we walked toward his parents. Chad introduced us and we all exchanged pleasantries. His parents and brother went into the store leaving the three of us at the door.

"So, what you guys been doing?" Chad asked, as if he didn't know.

"Not too much, Chad," Steve said. "Just getting to know each other a bit better."

With that, Steve and I looked at each other and smiled. Steve grabbed me by the shoulder and took me aside. "Excuse us for a moment, Chad."

"Are you and Chad a thing?" Steve asked.

"A thing?" I repeated.

"Yea, are you two friends, or is there more?"

"Steve, the MORE is you. You should know that."

"Ok, I sure don't want to get in between you two, Bob," he said. "But, I know you two play, right?"

"Well, we have, but we don't have to if you don't want us to," I said, very rapidly and with a very nervous tone in my voice.

"No, not at all Bob." Steve was also a bit nervous I sensed. "Just that I was thinking..." he continued in his devilish tone.

"Ok, what are you thinking?"

"Well, I'm sure we could take Chad up to camp with us tomorrow. But, he'd have to spend the night."

"Oh you devil. I forgot you have had Chad and you liked him, huh?" I said with a grin but knowing that Steve knew what he was suggesting. "Better than me, too, I bet," I added, this time with a frown.

Steve leaned over and whispered in my ear. "No fuckin way!"

We decided to see if Chad's parents minded if Steve took him to camp the next day. Chad could stay with us and we could all just spend some time together.

"Chad," Steve began as we went back over to him. "Do you think your parents would mind if you rode to camp with us tomorrow?"

A smile, a big smile, surfaced on Chad at that moment. "Hell, no!" he exclaimed. Before any of us could say anything else, he was off into the store.

He came back out with his dad. Steve talked to Chad's father, explaining that he'd be happy to make sure that Chad got to camp the next day and that we were all going to stay at Steve'' and just hang. His dad asked all the proper parental questions and agreed to let Chad join us. He asked Chad about his clothes and how he was going to get them. Chad said he was packed and he could take us to the house and pick them up. His dad agreed, making sure that Chad had his key.

After all the conversation, Chad's dad turned and returned into the store. Chad turned to us, smiled and said, "Thank you guys, I needed that!"

We all headed toward the exit. We talked about different things on the way to Chad's house. One subject that was not mentioned was sex. I'm sure that Chad wasn't exactly sure if that was on our minds, nor were we sure about if it was something he was thinking about. I think Steve and I just figured what happens, happens!

Chad gave us directions to his house. As we pulled into the driveway, he jumped from the car, ran to the door, and in seconds was back with his duffel bag. He threw it in the back seat with him and we were off.

Most campers lived in a general area around the city, so it didn't take us too long to get to Steve's house. Steve opened the garage door with the remote control, something that neither Chad nor my parents had. It was funny to see the garage door open by itself, but I have to admit, it made sure the neighbors didn't see Steve bring two guys into his house.

As we entered the house through the garage, Steve turned to us and asked us if we were hungry. We both were famished, so of course we said we were. "Oh, by the way," Steve said as he was heading toward the kitchen. "Explain to Chad the house dress rules!"

Steve and I laughed loudly. Chad had a confused look on his face. I turned to him and began to take off my clothes. Steve, at the top of the stairs by the kitchen entrance, was doing the same. "There is a no clothes rule in Steve's house when we are here," I began to explain to Chad. However, by the time I started to talk, he had figured out what was happening and was removing his pants.

Steve and I looked at each other, smiled, and he headed into the kitchen. I stood there, stark naked. I didn't have a lot to take off, as I was free ballin that day. Chad stood there in his underwear. I could see he was excited as his huge cock, pointing to the right, made a beautiful outline in his white briefs.

"You going to keep those on?" I asked.

He began to pull them down when he was suddenly stopped from behind. Steve, grabbing his arms held him close to himself. Steve's cock, rock hard from what I could see, again, was pressed against Chad's butt. He looked at me and nodded. I knew what he meant and immediately went to my knees in front of Chad.

With his cock still outlined in his briefs, I began to nibble on him. I started at the middle where his balls were protruding as Steve was playing with Chad's nipples. I hadn't noticed, but as I was sucking on Chad's cock through his underwear, Steve hadn't quite finished getting naked. I reached over, rubbed his leg as I could feel him moving his hard cock, up and down the crack of Chad's butt.

Chad was in a state of euphoria as both Steve and I were working on him. I could see, as I looked up toward his face, that his eyes were closed, enjoying all that was happening. I stood up, grabbed his cock in my hand and began to lead him into the family room. As we reached the couch, I turned Chad around and sat him down. I then took Steve's arm and sat him next to Chad. Here were my lover and my best friend, together. What else could I ask for?

I unbuckled Steve's belt and opened his pants. By this time, Steve had Chad's cock in his hand and was slowly stroking him. With Steve between us, I sat down and began to suck him, slowly. I knew that both he and I would take a lot longer to cum than Chad, or at least I thought so since we had cum twice earlier in the day.

With Steve relaxed, hard, and horny, we played for a long time. I sucked Steve and he me. Chad, knelt in front of the both of us going from my cock to Steve's. I could tell that Chad was close. He had been sucking us and stroking his own gorgeous cock bringing himself to the point of no return. I knew, also, that sweet taste of his cum and wanted to make sure that I took him.

I quickly scooted down to the floor and placed my mouth over the head of his cock as he began to unload. Oh, I was not wrong! He was so sweet and had a load like I had never taken from him before. I was sure he hadn't gotten off since camp with what he was providing.

As I slowed down, making sure that each drop of sperm that he had was out of him, I could hear the moans from my lover. Chad had accomplished his task as well, getting Steve to shoot his load into his mouth. I pulled myself back onto the couch, moved toward Steve and kissed him. I gave him what was left of Chad's load and I almost could `hear' Steve smile. It wasn't mine, which I knew he loved, but it was sweet and as I mentioned earlier, had become a ritual.

Seeing this, Chad began to move up towards us. He placed his mouth between ours and began to kiss us both. I tasted that oh, so familiar taste of Steve. Chad, having more experience than I had had with boys, knew what he was doing and was very good at it.

We all collapsed at this point, in each other's arms. We told Chad about our morning lovemaking and that turned him on again. Suddenly, Steve realized that he and Chad had cum, but I hadn't. He winked at Chad and threw me to the couch. They both began to work on my cock. Steve, licking my balls and taking them each in his mouth one by one. Chad, in the mean time, had my cock deep down his throat.

In a matter of a few minutes they had accomplished what they had intended to accomplish. I shot deep in Chad's mouth, as Steve was working my manhole with his cock. I knew we weren't going to go much beyond what was happening, but it felt very sensual.

After our playtime, we had lunch and spent the rest of the day watching the ball games and packing. We were nude and every once in a while, we would grope each other. Maybe more than a grope, but we all enjoyed our nakedness together. We didn't play again that afternoon, knowing that the evening was still ahead.

About 8:00 that evening, Steve told us to grab our stuff and to pack the car. He had to get an early start, since he had to be at camp before any of the busses arrived. We took our duffels bags to the car, put them in and started back to the house. Instead, Steve blocked the door. He had a very unusual look on his face.

"You know, guys, this is a lot like the KYBO near the tents," he said with a smile. "And, I know you two have had some fun there!"

Chad and I looked at Steve. I guess our secret was out, or Steve was fishing for something. "Oh, yea?" I asked. "And what makes you think that?"

"Well, if you haven't," he continued, "then you have missed something. It can be hot to get off in the KYBO."

Pheww! I thought to myself. He was fishing, which of course didn't matter. Even if he had known, I was surprised that he didn't join.

I moved toward Steve, my hand grabbing his cock and my mouth joining his. We tongue battled for a while as Chad moved along side. Steve was playing with Chad's cock, rolling it in his hand and taking my cock with his other and placing them together. He began to stroke Chad and me as I was jacking his cock as well.

For the next few minutes we just played that way. Oh, we moved from cock to cock, but we didn't do much than that. Steve managed to open the door to the house and began to move up the stairs. I wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do, but realized he had something in mind.

We turned the corner and headed toward the bedroom. Chad looked around in amazement. The large king bed, the private bathroom, everything was something that Chad had not seen before. By the time he had taken it all in, he was laying on the bed, between Steve and me.

"Chad," Steve began. "What would you like?"

Chad looked a bit confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we've sucked and enjoyed that. Is there anything else you have done or want to do?"

I knew where Steve was going, but I wasn't sure that Chad did. Steve and I had been one together a few times. I was almost positive that Chad had never been fucked and wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to be.

"Oh, you mean do I want to fuck?" Chad asked.

"Well, that or be fucked," Steve said laughing.

"Ah, I don't know about being fucked," Chad stuttered. "Nothing has ever happened like that to me."

"Well, then, would you like to top then?" Steve continued. "I'm sure one of us would love that cock in us."

I gave Steve a very dirty look. I really felt that that was something that he and I shared. I also knew that I wanted Steve very badly that moment inside of me, not Chad. I wasn't upset with Steve, just shocked.

"Excuse us for a moment, Chad," Steve said as he stood up, grabbed my hands and walked toward the bathroom. When we got there he asked what was wrong. I told him that nothing was wrong, but I was a bit surprised at what he had said. He asked me if I wanted to fuck me, but I told him I wanted him. He smiled, said to let him handle it, and we headed back to the bed.

Without going into too much detail, we all had a fabulous time. For the next two hours, Steve, Chad and I played to the ultimate. We had a chain going, with Chad inside Steve and Steve providing me with his masterful thrusts. Steve, teaching Chad how to please a man did an excellent job in his training. Chad, exploding 3 times that night, twice inside of Steve and once in me. His 8" cock felt so natural, as it was very close to the same feel as what Steve provided for me.

Chad, too, learned what it was like to take a man. Steve convinced him to allow me to enter him so that he knew what it was like, so he knew the buttons to push and the areas to stimulate. My cock fit so well in him and he was so tight that I had a difficult time not cumming the minute I entered him. With my cock moving in and out of him was so fantastic. I know that Chad, too, enjoyed each minute. I hit his prostate in just the right manner, as Chad shot a load without touching himself.

As I was fucking Chad, doggie-style, Steve was straddling his back. I was rimming him as my cock was moving in and out of my best friend. Steve, stroking himself as I was lapping him up and down, exploded all over the back of Chad's head, onto his hair and down his back. As soon as I saw his load splatter onto Chad, I came with great power into Chad.

We all fell to the bed entangled with each other. Exhaustion was evident among us all, but also was the exhilaration of the time we spent being part of each other. I know that Chad wasn't expecting half of what happened that evening. Actually, neither was I. But remembering that night, I can truly say it was the best time of my life, being part of my lover and my friend at the same time.

We all fell asleep in each other's arms. When the alarm sounded the next morning, Steve was already in the shower. I turned off the alarm, not wanting to wake Chad just yet. I made my way to the shower, stepped in, and hugged Steve. We played a bit, just enjoying some private time together, knowing that we wouldn't have much in the next two weeks.

After we dried off, Steve and I woke Chad up and hustled him into the shower. We dressed and made a quick breakfast. Chad joined us, gobbled down some toast and eggs that we had made him and headed to the garage. Before we got into the car, Steve grabbed me and kissed me. I returned his kiss and grabbed for Chad to join us in a big hug. I know that this is very sentimental, but it made a big impression on Chad and one that also has left a lifelong imprint on me.

As we drove to camp, little was said. Both Chad and I napped during the hour and a half trip, waking as we entered the main gate. We pulled into the parking lot as the fist bus arrived, so didn't have much time to talk. Steve rushed to meet the bus as Chad and I took our things out from his car and threw them on the truck for transport.

Chad and I went to the old program tree and sat waiting for the rest of the C.I.T.'s to arrive. As we sat, we talked about the weekend and what he and I had shared. He told me he was happy for me and that he really could tell that Steve and I were in love. In love? Did he really say that? It made me feel so good that he understood and was pleased that I was enjoying, not only my life, but my new found sexuality.

When we hit the tents, it was camp all over again. Steve, now my supervisor, played the role well. We went about our day as if nothing had happened, but in our hearts and in our minds we knew what we had shared. All of us knew, as well, that for the rest of the summer, at the very least, we would be the closest of friends. For Steve and me, we knew that no matter what the end of the summer brought that we would forever be in each other's hearts.

But, the summer wasn't over yet and a lot of time to share was ahead of us. For the day however, we had a job to do and we guarded the new campers during their swim tests. Steve, every once in a while, would look at me, wink and smile. I knew what was behind each of those actions and something stirred within me. Well, to be honest, something stirred in my swimsuit, but that is a different story.


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