This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.

Summer Escapades - Chapter 3

Who Joined us?

By Bob Andersen

My dreams that night were very erotic. Over and over I dreamt about what Dave had shown me. Masturbation with Chad was great, but the blowjobs that Dave and I exchanged could not be put into words. I knew that I wanted to do that again and again, and I believe that was truly the point in my life that I knew I was a homosexual.

As the night progressed, the dreams became more vivid. At one point, it was so real that I felt a hand on my hard-again cock. It felt moist and warm. It was so very realistic.

As I turned from my side, my eyes opened and I realized that I wasn't dreaming. Kneeling over me was Chad with my cock in his right hand and his hard dick out of his pants in his left. He had come into the tent in the early morning and was jacking me off. Wow! What a night!

As I began to say something, he took his hand off of his cock and put it to my mouth. He bent over and whispered. "Shhh. Just lay back and let's now wake up Dave."

I was in such lust at that time that I did just what he asked. I let him continue to stroke my cock and reached over to grab his. We were both stroking when I heard Dave turn over. Chad quickly took his hand off my cock. I reached and placed it back on me. I knew that even if Dave did wake up, it would be an experience that Chad had never had and that was exciting to me.

As Chad was pulling up and down the shaft of my cock, I pulled him closer. My hand was moving in unison with his and I hoped it felt as good as what he were doing to me. I pulled him up toward my head so that he was perpendicular to me. His cock was directly in front of my mouth. He was very focused on jacking me off and was looking intently at my dick.

Without even thinking, I licked the head of his penis. His entire body tightened as I did. I enjoyed so very much what Dave and I had done that I wanted to show Chad the great feeling. As I placed my lips around the head of his cock he actually moaned. I hoped it was because it felt good, but I wasn't sure.

He stopped stroking my cock for a second and I saw his head tilt back as he looked up to the top of the tent. I knew his eyes were closed and I also figured that he was enjoying what I was doing. I used my tongue to roll the head of his cock in my mouth. I could sense that he was a bit apprehensive about what was happening, but wanted me to continue.

As I sucked slowly on the head of his cock, he rose slightly up on his knees. I too moved up to get a better angle on his dick. I took my mouth and moved down the shaft of his 8" rock hard member till I reached the root. I never thought I could take that big of a cock down my throat and was very surprised, yet pleased, with myself. The muscles of my throat almost instinctively began to tighten around his cock as I sucked up and down the shaft.

Suddenly, I felt something bouncing on my hand that was holding Chad close to me. As I attempted to look to see what it was, it wasn't really necessary. Dave had woken up from what was happening (which wasn't a surprise since we weren't exactly being super quiet) and had knelt behind Chad. He had placed his cock in my hand and was thrusting back and forth as I was sucking Chad. It was a super HOT experience and I was enjoying every feel of this newfound lust.

Chad hadn't yet noticed Dave behind him, he was so involved in, what I found out later, first blow job. His cock was hitting the back of my throat. I gagged a few times, not being used to something this big in my mouth. I enjoyed deep throating Dave the night before, but Chad was so much bigger it was a different experience.

After a couple of minutes, Chad realized what was behind him. The look on his face was astonishment, but he never missed a thrust down my throat. I heard Dave whisper to Chad that is was cool and to just enjoy what was happening. Dave's cock was now very slippery as his pre-cum was lubricating my hand. And Chad's cock was swelling even more and I could sense something was close to happening.

Unconsciously my other hand had found its way to my cock that was so hard that it hurt. I had been paying so much attention to the two of them, I didn't even mind, but I had instinctively grabbed onto it and began stroking. You could feel the heat of the three of us permeating the area around us.

I heard a moan and soon felt a rush of cum shoot into my mouth. I wanted to make Chad feel as good as Dave had made me feel earlier. I kept sucking hard as shot after shot spurted out of the head of Chad's enormously hard cock. I could taste that he was a lot saltier than Dave was, and it was ambrosia to my pallet. Simultaneously I could feel Dave thrusting faster in my hand and he was shooting all over Chad's back. Two newfound friends were releasing their man fluids and I had made that happen. I was so pleased with myself that I could allow them to experience that sensation.

As I knelt there with Chad' cock still in my mouth and Dave's in my hand, I couldn't help but feel very excited. I was still pumping my own member as this was all transpiring. As I concentrated on my cock, I felt a pressure on my shoulders guiding me down onto my sleeping bag. Chad was guiding me down and at the same time, taking my own hand off my cock and replacing it with his. I was oozing pre-cum and he rolled the palm of his hand around the slit of my cockhead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dave step over me and kneel on the other side of my body staring to play with my balls.

Here I was, after servicing my friends being controlled by them. As I lay back, Dave told me to just enjoy what was happening. He knelt closer and took the head of my cock in his mouth. It glided into his mouth till I could feel my cockhead at the back of his throat. Chad's hand had moved to my balls and he was watching Dave work up and down the shaft.

Chad was now kneeling on the opposite side of me and took my balls into his mouth. First my left testicle was rolled back and forth as Dave was sucking hard on my cock. Chad's finger found the perineum between my balls and my asshole. He began to massage it, which drove me wild. My head was thrown back and I was oblivious to anything but my two friends working on my groin.

I could feel myself reaching orgasm. As I raised my head to look at what was happening I noticed that my cock was between the lips of both Dave and Chad. They were kissing with the head of my dick between their tongues. It was an unusual sensation and I knew it was going to make me cum very quickly. As they kissed, one would hit the piss hole and the other the underside of my head. I was in a state of bliss having two hot guys having my cock between their mouths.

As the build up began, my hips thrust up. Dave held them down with his hands as Chad opened his mouth wide and took my entire cock in. I felt Dave playing with my manhole which had never been done before. I began to thrust in and out of Chad's mouth as Dave kept flicking my hole with his wet finger. I felt the urge to pee, but knew it was the fact that I had to come so bad with all this work that they were doing on me.

The time was near as Dave continued to play with my manhole. He began to slowly stick his finger inside me. For a second, it hurt. But it was a pleasant pain. I didn't now why at that time, but he was in deep enough to hit, what I now know, was the prostate. And, but doing this, he pushed that ultimate spot that made me shoot a load into Chad's mouth that was more than I had ever shot before. It felt as if I came for over a minute. I know I didn't, but the volume of cum that I released was the most that I had ever done in my life.

Although this was the first time that Chad had ever had a cock in his mouth, he took it like I did the night before. He swallowed everything I had to give him and more. I could hear him moan in pleasure as my cum hit the back of his throat. Dave, still working on my manhole knew that I had cum and pulled out his finger and leaned down to give me a kiss. His tongue met mine and I began a second wave of sperm into Chad's mouth.

I was exhausted, as was Chad. He came up off my cock and lay next to me. He looked over and saw Dave with his tongue deep in my mouth and put his hand ontop of Dave's head. He stroked his hair like a mother would her child. Dave came up off my mouth and as Chad leaned over my face, they kissed.

After what seemed like an eternity, they both lay back as the three of us cuddled close together. This "campout" was unlike any either of us had had at camp before. It would be one we would remember and I know we all hoped that it wouldn't be the last.

Soon we heard reveille and knew it was time to get moving. All of the CIT's had slept outside with the exception of the three of us. A two-man tent with three inhabitants were sure to cause some questions, but fortunately as we exited the tent, everyone was to involved with getting their things together to notice. AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT WE THOUGHT!

NEXT: A Day in Town

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