WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.

Steve's Surprise

By Bob Andersen

As we headed toward town, Steve was very quiet. Chad and I were lagging behind the others just talking about what had happened in the shower room. It seemed that Steve had something in mind, we both thought, and wondered what he was thinking. Little did we know, at that time, what Steve had in store for "his boys" that evening.

We were all walking very fast and not knowing where we were headed. Steve mumbled something about a 'secret place' that we could all go to enjoy something to eat and drink and maybe something else. None of us knew much about this town, but suddenly realized that we were headed back in the direction of camp. 

"Hold on Steve," Chad muttered. "We're heading back to camp and my feet are already killing me."

"Ok," Steve answered. "You want to just walk around town all night and then go back to camp, or do you trust me to show us a good time?"

We all agreed that we wanted this to be a great night out and that Steve knew what he was doing. I wasn't sure what it was I was agreeing to, but the look in Steve's eyes told me that it was something that we could all enjoy.

As we turned up a rode marked "Old W", I realized where I was. We were heading for a resort that I had heard of that was close to camp. Many of the counselors had often talked about Green Lake Resort and the great water-skiing and swimming that was available. At this time of night, I thought, there wasn't much water-skiing going on, so why was Steve taking us toward it.

Suddenly from behind I felt Chad grab my shoulders. He didn't stop us, but just wanted to slow me down. His left hand moved from my shoulder and he grabbed my cock. It didn't take much for me to reach back for his, and we began fooling around as we walked. Larry and Chris were walking directly beside Steve, but Dave turned back to see what we were doing. The look on his face let us both know that he approved of what was happening and wanted to join.

As we approached Green Lake Resort, we could see all the cars and activity on our right. I thought we were going to turn into the resort, but Steve took a left and headed for some old cabins. We all just stood on the road waiting for some direction as he turned and asked, "Well, are you just going to stand there or come with me. And I do mean CUM!" he said with a definite emphasis on the last word.

We all followed Steve as he approached the last cabin in the first group. He knocked on the door a couple of times and put his hands on his hips. After about 1 minute, the door began to open. From where I was standing I couldn't see who had answered, but saw that Steve was talking to them quite vividly, using his hand, pointing to us and smiling a lot.

Steve took the screen door and opened it fully. He looked at us and told us to come on in. I was the last to enter and began to look around the cabin. It was a one-room cabin with bunks on both sides. In front of me on the far wall was a refrigerator, small stove and a sink. It reminded me of the old cabins that my parents had rented in the Northwoods.

Suddenly my eyes lay on one of the most gorgeous guys I had ever seen. His flowing dark hair went down to his shoulder blade, his eyes were coal black and he had the body of what you would consider a Greek-god. He only had on a small swimsuit that showed the outline of a very nice hard cock.

I guess my mouth was wide open because the next thing I knew, Chad popped me in the arm to get my attention. As I looked over my eyes immediately went to his crotch and I knew that he was thinking the same thing that I was. Even in this short time, Chad and I had gotten to know each other very well.

"Guys, this is Terry, he is an old friend that is working here at Green Lake," Steve started. "You guys wanted to have a good time, and after the shower, thought you'd enjoy some fun tonight." The big smile on his face told us the type of FUN that he was referring to.

Chad and I looked at each other with a grin so big, it was evident that we up for anything that might happen. And when I say UP, I mean up. Dave, too, had a big smile, but Larry and Chris looked a little apprehensive.

I thought it was time for one of us to say something so I started out. "I'm in for it and I think Chad is as well, Steve."

"Me too," Dave chimed in.

Larry and Chris had never been in this situation that I knew of and I wasn't sure how they were feeling at that moment. As I turned to look at each of them, they didn't seem too nervous. I know that Chris really got into the jack-off shower scene and was probably interested. Larry, on the other hand, I had a feeling was a bit embarrassed about his 'size' and I wondered if he would be up for playing with all of us.

As I turned back to the middle of the room I could see that Terry and Steve were serious as they both were taking off their clothes at that exact moment. Chad, too, was beginning to strip down. My cock knew what I wanted for sure and I decided that it would be each man for himself. If Larry and Chris wanted to join, that was great. I had no doubt that Dave did, as he was stark naked by this time.

Standing there in the middle of this cabin were Steve and Terry, each with the others cocks in their hand. Chad was playing with himself and I couldn't help but reach over and help him. Dave was stroking his cock just watching the rest of us. This was very unusual and something that I had never before experienced. I had been naked and played only with Chad, Dave and many years ago Tom. Now here I was with 6 other guys in a sexual scene.

Terry and Steve moved over towards us and Terry grabbed Chad from me and began to play with him. Steve let go of Terry and took my cock in his hand. I went up the wall it was so exciting. I grabbed his and we began to slowly stroke each other. I could feel the pre-cum that he had oozing out of his gorgeous cockhead. It was so slippery and my hand moved over the head of his cock.

Steve leaned down and kissed me. His tongue made its way into my mouth as he rubbed my cock so expertly. We began to 'French kiss' very passionately as we both had each other's manhood in our hand. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Terry and Chad were in a very passionate kiss as well.

Dave was watching all of this stroking his cock faster and faster. I also saw that both Chris and Larry by this time were naked and playing with their own dick, just watching all that was happening. Again, I saw that Larry was well endowed and could see a glisten of liquid forming on his cockhead. Chris, although small from what I had seen, grew to a decent size, as he became hard. It wouldn't be long before he matured fully, I remember thinking.

The feeling going through my body with Steve kissing me and playing with my cock was indescribable. I always had a lot of fun with Chad, but this was different. It was exciting, having my counselor play with me and me with him. His cock was so big, so hard, that I could barely get my hand totally around the shaft. Oh, I did, and much more eventually.

I saw Chad lower himself down to his knees and take Terry's cock in his mouth. Chad was a great cocksucker so I knew Terry would enjoy what was happening. Steve broke our kiss and began to lower himself down my body. His tongue, making a pathway to my cock, stopped at my nipples and licked around each. He bit one and when he did, my cock, now out of his hand, jumped and hit his chest. He looked up at me and gave me a look of pleasure.

Steve continued down my stomach to my belly button. He moved his tongue in and out of it and this was the first time I had that feeling. It was weird, but very sensuous. His hand had found my balls by this time and he was rolling them very gently. My cock, now harder than I ever remember it being, was bouncing up and down in enjoyment. When he left my stomach I knew where he was headed and I was waiting in anticipation.

By this time, Dave had moved over toward Chris and Larry. His cock in his hand was the invitation that Larry needed. He reached over and took Dave's cock in his hand and began to slowly stroke it. Dave grabbed both Larry and Chris, one with each hand, and reciprocated what Larry was doing with him. It wasn't long before Dave was on his knees with Larry's cock in his mouth.

As Steve took the head of my cock in his mouth, my head flung back in excitement. He rolled his tongue around and around the head and made me ooze even more pre-cum than I had been dripping. He slowly opened his mouth and took the shaft of my cock deep into his throat. I had been sucked by Chad and Dave before, but, never the way Steve was taking my cock into his mouth. I remember beginning to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth and hearing the moans that Steve was making. It really turned me on and I think it did for the rest also.

As I looked over at Terry and Chad, I could see Terry had his eyes closed while Chad furiously was sucking his cock. Terry wasn't as big as I thought at first, being about the same size as me. As Chad kept Terry in his mouth, the two of them lowered to the floor. Chad turned so that his cock was at mouth level and Terry began to lick the head. I could see Chad's cock jumping and waiting for Terry to take it into his mouth. Terry did and I could see that look on Chad's face. I knew it wouldn't be long before he blew his load.

Meanwhile, Dave was moving back and forth from Larry and Chris's cock. I could tell that he was enjoying each second of this. I could also tell that this was the first time either Larry or Chris had received head. The look on their faces was pure ecstasy. If Chris could have shot a load, I think he would have by this time, but he couldn't yet, so just enjoyed what was happening. Larry on the other hand was about ready to shoot and I knew that was what Dave was waiting for.

Steve, with my cock in his mouth, looked up at me. Our eyes met and I knew what he wanted, so I lowered myself to the floor until we were right next to Chad and Terry. I took his huge dick in my mouth, savoring the taste, texture and size of it. Oh, was it sweet to the taste. It was different from the other cocks I had. It was the same size as Chad's, but much thicker. I had a difficult time with the girth at first, but soon adapted my naïve sucking style to please him.

From my vantagepoint I could see that Chris was really getting into this situation. He had gone down on the floor and now had Dave's cock in his mouth. As I watched, I saw Larry begin to lower himself and soon, there was a three-way suck going on. It was super hot and made me even more excited.

Suddenly, Steve took his mouth off of my cock and began to swing over toward Chad and Larry. He tapped Terry on the ass and like they knew what they were doing, Larry released Chad's cock. Like this was a common event, we positioned ourselves so that Steve was on Chad, Chad had my cock in his mouth, I had Terry's in mine, and Steve was being sucked by Terry. It was quiet a scene, if you could imagine.

For the next 10 to 15 minutes, the four of us repositioned ourselves numerous times. Finally, it happened! I was sucking Steve again and he unloaded a massive amount deep in my throat. I couldn't hold any longer and released my load deep into Terry's mouth. That brought on a chain reaction as Terry took all that Chad could offer and Chad moaned and groaned as he released his sperm and shared it with Steve.

We all were very exhausted and to be honest, didn't even realize what was happening just next to us with the other three that were in the room. They were standing over us, each with their own cock in their hand, just watching the events on the floor. Afterward, we found out that Larry and Dave had unloaded with each other as Chris played with their balls. Oh, what an evening! So Far!

We all just lay on the floor for about 5 minutes catching our breath. Terry, our host, broke the silence and offered us all something to drink. Even though we had a lot of liquid, we all said yes, and he went to the fridge and pulled out a beer for all of us. You can imagine our excitement at this. Here were five 15/16 year olds being offered a beer after one hell of a sexual experience. None refused, needless to say.

As we sat there, Steve asked if everyone enjoyed the beginning of their first night out at camp. We all burst into laughter. None of us expected anything like what had happened, but were not upset with the direction that things were taking.

We all talked awhile about a number of things. Steve looked at his watch and announced that we still had about 2 hours before we had to report back to camp. He asked us if we wanted to head into town or stay here and see what other fun we could have. To the boy, no one wanted to go back to town!



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