WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.


By Bob Andersen

As we sat there, Steve asked if everyone enjoyed the beginning of their first night out at camp. We all burst into laughter. None of us expected anything like what had happened, but were not upset with the direction that things were taking.

We all talked awhile about a number of things. Steve looked at his watch and announced that we still had about 2 hours before we had to report back to camp. He asked us if we wanted to head into town or stay here and see what other fun we could have. To the boy, no one wanted to go back to town!

We all were exhausted from what had just happened, but were certainly not ready to end this exciting evening. Terry and Steve were sitting there with each other just surveying the young guys that they just enjoyed. We talked a while as Terry told us he was 18 and had been working at Green Lake Resort for the past 3 years. He was a lifeguard and also taught water skiing to the guests. He told us that he and Steve had met on Steve's first night out as a junior counselor the year before. Steve interrupted and said that it was more than a meeting. It was more like a seduction and that he loved every minute of it. We all laughed.

As we sat there it was evident from looking at everyone that we weren't finished. As Terry was talking, Steve was playing with his cock and both were very hard. Larry and Chad were also next to each other and Larry had Chad's cock straight up in the air. I wasn't doing to poorly either, as Chris had my cock in his hand slowly stroking it. Dave was in the middle putting on a show as he was getting himself ready for the next session, which we all were sure was going to take place.

The conversation got less and the sex began to take over. Terry leaned over and grabbed Dave and brought him into the fold with Steve. They began to work on Dave. Steve took Dave's cock in his mouth and began to suck him. Terry did something that I had never seen, nor thought of, as he turned Dave and began to lick his ass. I found out after questioning Steve later, that this was called rimming. It seemed to drive Dave crazy, as he was moaning and groaning very loudly.

In the meantime, I looked over at Chad and saw that he and Larry were in a 69 position. I wondered how it was sucking a small cock like Larry had. I knew I loved to suck, but I also liked the filling feeling in my mouth that a bigger dick presented. But, it seemed like Chad was really enjoying what he was doing, which was the important thing.

Chris looked at me with his brown eyes as he lay in front of me with my cock in his mouth. I was enjoying just sitting back and letting him work on me. I had never just "taken" from a guy, but each time I made a move to move into a 69 position, or even take Chris' cock in my hand, he stopped me. He told me, without words, that he just wanted to please me. Eventually I stopped trying and let him do what he wanted.

As Chris was licking the head of my cock and playing with my balls, I was remembering the fun I had just moments earlier with Steve and Terry. I had enjoyed all the sex I had before this evening, but being with the two of them was amazing to me. I could still taste each of them and wanted more. Having Steve in my mouth was especially memorable. His cock was not only big, but also seemed to be the right fit for my mouth. Oh, Chad was great, as was Dave. But for some reason, Steve was the one I wanted at that moment.

I soon stopped thinking about Steve as Chris began to make my balls stir. I could feel that I was about to unload, but didn't know if I could provide him what he was looking for, having just cum. But, I really didn't have control, as Chris was very good at what he was doing. I could feel my balls rising, knowing that I was going to present a load of "something" to Chris very soon. He was hard as a rock as I could see, but was concentrating ONLY on my cock and balls. His tongue worked the head so slowly it drove me crazy until I ejaculated. The force of this second, well fourth for that day actually now that I think of it, was greater than I imagined.

You could see the smile on Chris' face as I exploded into his mouth. He had a big smile as he continued to take spurt after spurt of my cum into his mouth. He swallowed and swallowed so quickly; not a drop was lost. It seemed that all he wanted was for me to enjoy myself. And, that I did, for sure!

After I unloaded all the cum I had stored up, Chris continued to just suck my cock and play with my balls. I was very sensitive after I came and didn't think I could take much more, but I did, as he was very adept at what he was doing. When he had had enough, he took his tongue and licked up my body to my lips. He put his lips on mine and began to kiss. Our tongues met and I tasted my own sperm in his mouth. It was fantastic.

As he finished kissing, he went to my ear and whispered, "Will you lick my balls as I jack-off on you?" Of course I said yes.


He turned and knelt above my head. His balls were right there and I began to work on them with my tongue. I managed to get one hand and pressed and rubbed that spot between a guys balls and anus to help with the pleasure. Chris was stroking his cock very quickly and I knew that he wouldn't last too long. It was a very cool site to see this big cock above my eyes, the foreskin moving quickly over the head and his hand gaining speed with every stroke.

I took both balls into my mouth, which wasn't easy as he was rocking back and forth. However, I managed and rolled them with my tongue. This seemed to work, as I suddenly felt his first shot land on my own cock. Each successive explosion was less, but I had a river of cum from my cock to my chest. It felt so wonderful and was so exciting that I again could feel my dick get hard.

As Chris finished he actually collapsed on top of me. You could sense the relaxation that he had achieved with his ejaculation. I, too, was very relaxed, until I looked over and became aware of what else was happening in the room. Throughout what was happening between Chris and me, I had forgotten that we weren't alone.

With Chris on top of me, his face in my groin and mine in his, I looked over toward Steve, Terry, and Dave. What I saw amazed me!

Dave was on his hands and knees with Terry in front of him with his cock deep in Dave's mouth. Behind Dave was Steve. I wasn't prepared to see what I did, but it really turned me on. I had heard about guys fucking, but I never pictured it, nor did I consider it.

Here was Steve, with his huge cock moving in and out of Dave's ass. My cock, had it been soft, would have risen quickly. But since it was already hard, I could feel the blood rushing even more fervently. The site of Steve's cock thrusting in and out of Dave, his hands on Dave's hips drawing him closer with each thrust made me wish that it were me in Steve's place. I suddenly realized that I had a lot to learn and was anxious to learn it all.

As if planned, I saw Steve and Terry's heads lay back and I knew what was happening. Dave was taking a load from each of them at the same time. The rapidity of the thrusts for each of them was exactly the same as was the slowing down of each when they shot spurt after spurt into Dave. I looked at Dave's face and I saw a "glow" as I had never seen before. He was definitely enjoying what they were giving him.

I hadn't realized at my first glance that Dave was stroking his own cock through this process. He, too, had reached a climax as he shot stream after stream of his own cum all over the floor beneath him. I couldn't believe that there was that much he had left.


As the three of them subsided in their lust, I looked to see if I could find Chad somewhere. At first, I couldn't find him till I looked to my left. There he was, Larry on his knees before him, finishing what I imagined was a face fucking as Chad was now slowly moving his cock in and out of Larry's mouth. Chad's head was in that "release" position and the look on his face was all I needed to know that he had just cum again.

Chris, I'm sure was looking at the same thing as his mouth was now on my cock. His dick had hardened and was pressing on my cheek, so I turned and took him. We began sucking each other, again. I was enjoying it, no doubt, but I lifted up on Chris and he knew that I meant we needed to stop. We were both "spent" so there wasn't much resistance on his part to let my cock go.

As had happened before, we all just lay over the floor having just completed another sexual moment. Without words, we all were speaking of the fun that we had just had. I saw that Dave was very pleased with what Steve and Terry had taught him, as was Larry.

After about 10 minutes, Steve broke the silence.

"Hey, guys," he began. "I think it's time we head back to camp. Don't think we need to be late our first night out," he added with a big smile.

With that, Terry offered his shower to us to clean up. Unfortunately, it was a one-person shower, but that was probably good, because if I had to shower with any one of the guys there, I think it would have definitely led us being late for our check-in time.

As each showered, the rest of us talked. Most of it was about camp and things that had not happened that night. We didn't need to talk about that, since each of us felt that we had a night out that probably couldn't be topped on our next night out.

"Well," Terry added. "You know where I am and you each are welcome here anytime."

"Oh, I'm sure they are," Steve said with a bit of sarcasm. "You would love a night of sex any night, Terry. And, my friend, you know that MY night out is tomorrow, so rest up," he quipped.

We all laughed, but I think we all knew what kind of a night out Steve would have. I know they weren't boyfriends, but we all knew that they shared something very special. We found out later that both Steve and Terry lived close to each other, so knew that this wasn't just a summer thing.

After the last of us showered, we were all dressed and thanked Terry for his hospitality. As we headed out the door, Steve turned and kissed Terry and thanked him for the use of his cottage. He then led us down the road to our meeting place with the rest of the CIT's.

We moved at a more rapid pace toward town than we did going to Green Lake Resort. We didn't want to be late and face a lot of questions. As we walked, Dave and Steve walked as a pair. I could see in Dave's attitude that he was very attracted to Steve. It was no wonder since they had been "coupled" and I could tell that Dave enjoyed that completely.

Chad and I weren't by ourselves this time. Both Larry and Chris were right next to us. We talked about a lot of things, but most of all the fun that we had just had. As we approached the meeting area, we could see we were the first group back, which made Steve feel very comfortable.

As we got onto the bus, everyone grabbed a seat. I happened to be alone, for some reason in mine. As Gaylord and Steve entered the bus, they counted heads and told the driver to head toward camp. Steve made his way to the back of the bus and sat down next to me.

"So, what did you think?" he asked.

"It was great, Steve. Just great."

"Well, you know next time I'd like you and me to see if we can have some fun alone," he continued.

I was shocked. He was telling me that he wanted to be with me. I know that it excited me as I had had some of the same thoughts about being with Steve.

"Oh, I'd like that, but we all have to be together and that wouldn't be fair to the others," I answered.

"There are ways around that Bob, believe me!"

I looked at him and smiled. I'm sure that he knew that I would like his suggestion and he smiled. His right hand found my crotch and felt it. I'm sure that my reaction showed him that I wasn't adverse to his advances. His smile became larger as he rubbed my cock under my jeans.

When we got back to camp, we got off of the bus and headed toward our cabin area. All the CIT's were asking about the other groups' night. It was a foregone conclusion that Steve's group wasn't going to tell much. We hadn't even thought about the questioning that might go on when we got back, so we stuck together so we all had about the same story.

As I lay in bed I reviewed what had happened that night. I knew before then that I was attracted to guys and that I was probably queer. That night, obviously, solidified that part of my life. I also began to fantasize about what I had seen Steve and Dave doing. I didn't know if I would be able to take Steve's cock like Dave did, but it did excite me. I knew I would have loved to be in Steve's position, fucking another guy that is. I wondered if that would happen to me soon. I was hoping.

I fell asleep very contented, as I'm sure that all of us did. As I look back today, I wonder if that evening was one of just experimentation for all of the guys, or one that has had an impact on their lives. I know that it has for Chris, Steve, and me, as I have kept in contact with them over the years. However, I don't know about the others. I can only assume that it had some impact on them.

That night I dreamt about our evening together. I relived it throughout the night as I can attest to as my hand was on my hard cock as I awoke the following morning. I looked forward to our next night out, but hoped that it didn't take that long before I could enjoy some of the things that we had learned.


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