WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.


By Bob Andersen

That night I dreamt about our evening together. I relived it throughout the night as I can attest to as my hand was on my hard cock as I awoke the following morning. I looked forward to our next night out, but hoped that it didn't take that long before I could enjoy some of the things that we had learned.

As we all woke up there were many tired boys in our tent. Our normal lights-out was at 10, but we didn't get back from our night out until about 11 and back to our cabin at about 11:30. Or course, most of the guys kept talking about their night out well till after midnight. Except our group that was. We certainly weren't going to share our times with the others.

As we all got dressed, headed for Chapel (something we had to do each morning before we went to breakfast), Chad and I relived a few of our memories of the night before. I asked him how it was sucking Larry, who as I have told you wasn't quite as physically developed as the rest of us. He told me although Larry's dick was small, he enjoyed playing with him. Chad said that Larry definitely knew how to suck though and, with a smile, said that I should give him a try.

After breakfast we all headed for the "program tree" to get our work detail assignments. It was already a very hot, muggy day and none of us looked forward to the grueling details that lay ahead. Each day, detail groups changed, so I knew that I wasn't going to be with Chad that day. I could only hope for Dave, Larry or Chris, since we all shared some very special relationships.

Gaylord began to tell us all where we were headed for detail. Chad and a couple of the other guys were going to wood chopping detail. Oh, how I was glad I wasn't with Chad at that moment. Dave, Larry and three other guys were assigned to the challenge course that Chad and I had worked on the previous day. Chris and the remaining CIT's were assigned to general clean up, which included raking, sweeping, and washing windows around camp.

As Gaylord read off the assignments I realized that I was the only one that was not called. As he finished, he said that I was to go with Steve up to the CIT area and organize it and prepare the "ridge" for a camp-out to be held that evening by the youngest group of campers.

I must have looked too happy at that announcement as all of our night out group gave me a very sly look. They anticipated what might happen and were a bit jealous, I think. As for me, I was very pleased with the assignment that day.

As we headed out for our details, Chad came running up to me. He told me to behave and save some for him for our next work detail together. We laughed and made our way to our assigned groups. Steve was at the corner of the lodge waiting for me. He looked very stern at the moment, however.

"Ok, Bob, get in the back of the truck and let's get going," he said with his Junior Counselor voice.

I leaped into the bed of the old pick-up and he got into the passenger's side. Gaylord started up the truck and we headed toward the CIT area. Once there we unloaded the equipment. Gaylord gave Steve a few instructions and headed back to the main camp. Without a word, Steve picked up some of the things and headed up toward "Spider Ridge."

As I followed, the silence scared me. I didn't know if Steve was upset or not interested in me. I thought he was the night before on the bus, but this was work, so I imagined that business would go on as usual.

Spider Ridge was a very secluded area of camp. It was totally surrounded by trees and you could only get there on foot. At the far end was the KYBO, which was nothing more than a small outhouse, with plumbing. Steve continued to the far end of the ridge and put down what he was carrying. I got there a couple of second later and placed all I had down on the ground.

"So, here is what we have to do," he began. He laid out the project and told me to begin pitching some of the pup tents that were piled up under a tree. Without too much conversation, we went about our business. I began to put up the tents. They were very easy to assemble and in a matter of about 20 minutes I had completed that task.

As I was putting up the tents, Steve was building a large bon-fire for that evening's campout. He would disappear for a moment to get kindling and then head to the pile of wood next to the tents that I was using. Only once did we get to that area at the same time. Steve smiled at me and I realized that he was not mad at all, but had a job to do.


As I finished with the last tent, I saw that Steve was standing looking at the fire he had built. I knew he was pleased at his efforts by the look on his face. As I started to head toward him he put up his hand to tell me to stop. I did as he requested by stopping dead in my tracks.

"Bob, do me a favor and go into each tents and smooth out the flooring, ok?" he said.

I started at the far end and crawled into the first tent, using my hands to make sure that the bottom of the tent was smooth and clear of any twigs or rocks. I went from tent to tent and did the same thing to each. It was very tedious, but part of my responsibility.

After the fourth tent I looked for Steve, but didn't see him. I thought to myself that he had gone for more kindling for his fire. I entered the next tent and smoothed the floor. I was getting very warm as these were canvas tents and the heat of the day was beginning to make them very warm. As I exited I took off my shirt, since I was sweating really bad by that time.

I walked over to the next tent, pulled back the flaps and gasped. There laying down totally naked was Steve. He had his cock in his hand and a very inviting smile on his face. I was taken aback, but certainly was not upset with what I saw lying in front of me at that moment.

"I told you that there were ways around things, didn't I?" Steve said with a bit of excitement in his voice. As he tapped the area next to him he said, "Join me, if you want."

If I want? Oh, he knew that I wanted to and would without hesitation. As I climbed into the tent he told me to tie the flaps shut, which I did without question. I found it very difficult to tie the small threads, but I guess that was because I couldn't take my eyes off the hard cock that was there in front of me. Steve giggled a bit and pulled me down toward him when I finished the last tie.

As I tumbled on top of him, our mouths met and he kissed me very deep. Our tongues were entwined more than I had ever had happen in a passionate kiss. Hell, it was the first real kiss that I had with a guy like Steve. As we kissed, his hand was sliding my shorts down from my hips, exposing my not hard penis. He grabbed it and began to rub me, making me even more excited.

My hand had found his cock as well. As we lay there kissing and playing, I could remember what I fantasized about the night before. Seeing him fucking Dave was so hot, I hoped that he had the same thing in mind for us at that moment.

Steve was aggressively working my dick in his hand. I found it difficult to do the same with him as my arm was wedged between us and I couldn't get a good motion started. However, he didn't seem to mind and I thought to myself that he had already planned what was going to take place and I should just let him set the stage.

Steve took his hand off my dick when it was as hard as it was going to get, pushed me onto my back and went down on me in one easy motion. He was sucking so hard I didn't think I could last too long.

"Don't cum on me, Bob," he said. "We have about a half hour and I think we can have some fun."

He stopped sucking me and began to spit on the head of my cock and spread it all over the shaft. I didn't really know what was happening, but it was very erotic. He then lifted himself up and straddled me, one leg on each side of my hips. He brought his cock up to my chin. I didn't need a program to know what he wanted and lifted my head and took his huge cock in my mouth. I began to roll the head of his cock with my tongue and then lunged forward to take him all the way down my throat.

I could see the pleasure that I was giving him on his face. He had that "don't stop" look and I certainly hadn't planned on stopping. He filled my mouth up with his manhood more than anyone I had ever had there before did. I was in a world to myself only wanting to do what made Steve feel good.

He continued to spit on his hand and rub it on my cock. I had no idea why he was doing that, but it felt so very good. I was naïve when it came to sex, I knew, but this man that I was with knew how to take control. Steve suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and sat on my stomach.

"I saw the way you were looking at Terry and me doing Dave last night, Bob. Was that hot for you?" he asked.

I shook my head yes as I was attempting to get his cock back in my mouth. He kept moving it back, teasing me I was sure.

"Have you ever fucked anyone? Guy or girl?" he asked.

"No, Steve I haven't," I answered with a bit of questioning in my voice. I didn't know what he had in mind, but I was suddenly catching up to his thoughts.

"Well, you have a great cock for fucking," he said. "Would you like to fuck me?"

With that question I about shot my load right then and there. This was something out of a fairy-tale (excuse the pun) that was being presented to me. I was so excited all I could do was shake my head yes, For some reason, my vocal chords didn't work at that moment.

As Steve laughed, he said, "Ok, then, just relax and let me guide you into me."

I couldn't believe what was happening, but just did as Steve told me. He wrapped his hand around and grabbed hold of my cock. He lifted his hips and placed the head of my cock at his manhole. Slowly, Steve began to sit back onto my cock. I could feel the head slide slowly into his ass. He didn't go fast, but allowed himself to get used to me, inch by inch. What seemed like an eternity, but was probably only second, I feel my balls touching his ass and knew I was all the way in him. The sensations that I was having were beyond description.

Steve sat on my cock for a moment. He looked into my eyes and smiled. He began to move up and down my cock as I felt the moist warm insides of him. Instinctively I began to move my hips in rhythm with his movements. It wasn't long before we had synchronized our efforts and I was at last no longer a virgin. I was fucking one hot guy and loving every moment of it.

Steve had his cock in his hand as we were moving faster and faster. I reached up and moved his hand and replaced it with mine. His head began to move back and forth, his eyes closed with each thrust I was providing. I knew it wouldn't be long until I came and had the same feeling about Steve.

As we began to breathe harder and harder, I could feel his cock swelling in my hand. I could also feel the blood rushing to my own cock. The intense sexual activity that we were involved in was the most pleasurable experience I had had in my entire life. My balls slapping his ass and his balls crunching onto my groin provided some sounds that I remember to this day.

It was orgasm time for both of us. Steve's moans were louder than I had ever heard as he unloaded shot after shot of warm cum onto my fact, my chin, and my chest.

He wasn't the only one at that moment that was enjoying the ultimate male sensations. I was unloading everything I had into Steve. I had had some intense orgasms over the past few days, but what I was experiencing at that moment I had never felt in my life. My sperm shooting into him and then returning over my cock was unbelievable. It felt so warm.

It was only seconds that this lasted, but I wanted to relish it for my life. I never wanted what was happening to end, but alas, as always, it did. Steve collapsed on top of me. My cock was still in him and his was still in my hand. He finally opened his eyes and looked into mine. Without a word, he moved toward my lips and we kissed again. This time, however, it wasn't one of lust as before. It was very gentle and loving. I remember thinking at that moment that we had both just become one with each other and our relationship would never be the same.

Steve put his hands to each side of my head and pushed himself up off of me. He took his right leg and scooted it over my body and lay back on his side of the tent. We both lay there for a few minutes catching our breath.

"So, did you enjoy it, Bob?" he asked.

"Oh, yes, Steve, I did. I couldn't believe it but it was great."

"Well, I have to admit something, if you don't mind," he asked.

He went on to tell me that I was the first guy ever to fuck him. That he had never wanted to be entered, but that when we played the night before he knew that I was the one that he wanted. Needless to say I was shocked and felt very special at that moment.

We talked for a long time and he told me that he had been queer for a long time, but had always been the aggressor and the `top.' I reminded him that he was still the aggressor as what he did to me wasn't exactly that of a submissive person. He laughed when he realized that.

"You may not know, but I have wanted you since I first saw you when you got to camp last week," he continued. "I don't know why, to be honest, but I was attracted to you that first moment."

"You're gonna make me blush, Steve," I said shyly. "But, I will say that I was attracted to you, too, but didn't even know that I would do anything like this, to be honest."

"Well, I watched you and Chad yesterday at work detail and when I realized that you enjoyed guys, I knew what we had to do last night," he admitted. "I didn't know about the other guys, though until the shower. After we did what we did in the shower I called Terry to make sure he would be home and knew where we were going to spend our night-out."

In one way I was a little taken aback by that admission. However, I wasn't going to say that I wasn't happy that things progressed the way they did; last night or today. We continued to lie there so that we could calm down after a very hot sex session.

"So, is Terry your boyfriend?" I asked.

Steve laughed. "No, just a fuck buddy," he answered. "He and I enjoy sex together, is all. I don't have a boyfriend. YET!"

He emphasized the YET and I knew that he wanted someone special, but hadn't found one. "You gonna fuck him tonight?" I asked teasingly.

"Well, if I recover, probably," he giggled back. "We better get dressed and finish, don't you think?"

With that, I searched for my shorts. Steve stopped me, for a second and kissed me again. He had my clothes in his hands and began to dress me. I suddenly had a very strange feeling that this was not going to be a one-time session with Steve. Actually, I was hoping it would last beyond camp, but that was my youthful naivete, I thought.

After he had my clothes on me, I found his shorts and did the same for him. We kissed now and then, not a deep passionate kiss, but small pecks that were very pleasant. When I finished zipping up his zipper, I untied the strings to the tent. Steve looked at his watch and said that Gaylord would be up with the truck in about 10 minutes. He told me what we had to finish and as we exited the tent, we both went about our chores as if nothing had happened.

We both knew, I think at that moment, that things had changed between us. Although he was my junior counselor, we had just shared something that would definitely change how we related to each other. I knew I had to say something to assure him that I would not let anything out to anyone.

"Steve, I just want to know that no one will know what happened here today. And, I want you to know that I will listen to you when it comes to CIT things."

"Thanks, Bob, but I knew all that already," he confided in me.

We both heard the truck coming up the ridge and headed out to meet Gaylord. It was shower time and then lunch. I hoped into the back of the truck as Steve entered the cab. Gaylord and he were discussing the afternoon sessions as we drove down the road to main camp. I was still flying high as we got to the parking area. I hoped that I didn't come across too happy when I met the guys, but I knew that the rest of the summer things at camp would be more than I ever anticipated.


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