WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.

Our First Weekend Home

By Bob Andersen

We both heard the truck coming up the ridge and headed out to meet Gaylord. It was shower time and then lunch. I hoped into the back of the truck as Steve entered the cab. Gaylord and he were discussing the afternoon sessions as we drove down the road to main camp. I was still flying high as we got to the parking area. I hoped that I didn't come across too happy when I met the guys, but I knew that the rest of the summer things at camp would be more than I ever anticipated.

As we road into camp, Chad was waiting with my towel for the showers. I jumped out of the truck bed and walked toward him. I guess he could tell something happened, because the first words out of his mouth were "Ok, what happened?"

"Well, we set up the tents and built one hell of a bonfire," was my retort.

"Oh, come on Bob, you know what I mean," he emphasized.

"No, Chad, that's all that happened, honest," I tried to say with a convincing tone.

"You're kidding! Nothing happened?" he said with a very disbelieving voice.

"Got it, buddy. Nothing!"

We all headed toward the showers and the `five musketeers' -- Chad, Larry, Chris, Dave and I -- as we became known, waited until we could all go in the shower room together. We took our familiar showers and soaped up. I could see Larry and Dave stroking their semi-hard cocks. Chad to was rising and looked over at me. It must have been apparent to him that something really did happen, as I was soft as could be and not participating in the normal ritual that we had begun.

As we entered the drying room, Chad asked me in a whisper what really happened. Why wasn't I hard like everyone else, was actually what he said. I told him that I'd tell him later, but right now wasn't the time. That seemed to satisfy him as he smiled wide and said all right.

After lunch we all headed for the tents for a rest hour. Gaylord said that it looked like all of us needed some rest after a wild night out and said that our classes would start in an hour. As we walked back to the tents, Chad and I held back from the rest of the guys.

"Chad, you can't say anything, understand?" I asked.

He agreed, so I told him that Steve and I did play and got off together in one of the tents. I told him that we seemed to connect and enjoyed the sex. I didn't go into any of the details, as I had told Steve I wouldn't let ANYONE know what had happened. Oh, how I wanted to tell Chad, though. I felt that this was a turning point in my life and wanted to share it with my friend. Before Steve and I were together on Spider Ridge, I would have said Chad was my BEST friend, but I thought that Steve had taken over that position in my life.

"Man, Bob, you are lucky," Chad said. "I can't believe that Steve and you are playing, that is so cool."

"Yea, I think so to," I said with a very big smile.

We all got back to the tents and I saw Larry and Chris head for the KYBO. When they didn't return for 15 minutes, both Chad and I knew what had happened. Chris's bunk was below mine and when he lay down, I leaned over and asked if he felt good after his `bathroom' break. He laughed and told me that he indeed released some fluids.

After classes we all headed to assist in guarding for the General Swim period for all campers. The counselors were going to do a lost bathers drill and we were supposed to watch the campers while it was going on. It was pretty routine, from the classes that we had taken on the procedure and appeared to be a successful drill. After G-Swim we all showered and headed for dinner.

That night we were to observe the campout on Spider Ridge. We were broken up into 3 groups and I was assigned to Gaylord's group. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't with Steve, but knew that I couldn't be with him all the time. As we watched the counselor working with the campers in songs and activities, my eyes roamed over to the tent where Steve and I spent some of our work detail. As I was turning from this gaze, I caught Steve's eyes and he was smiling. I knew that he, also, was remembering what happened earlier in the day.

I found my cock beginning to stir in my pants. I couldn't believe that only 8 hours earlier I fucked my first man. That would be a very embedded memory in my mind for my life and I was savoring the thought at that moment. I was daydreaming when I had this hand grab my shoulder. As I tried to see who it was, I was held back from turning. Instead, my hand was taken and placed in a very strategic position, on a hard, huge cock. Without even having to see who it was, I knew it was Steve by the feel of that gorgeous dick.

"I know what you're thinking," I heard whispered in my ear. "And I am too, in case you're interested. What are you doing on the weekend home?" Steve asked.

On my weekend home? I had totally forgotten that on Saturday morning we were home for our first weekend. I didn't know how to answer except to say I didn't know.

"Well, we'll talk later. I think I have an idea," I heard Steve say. All through this entire couple of minutes I hadn't turned from watching the campout activities, but I could tell that Steve was as excited as I was at that moment.

He let go of my shoulder and walked back over to his group. I could see Chad looking at me and I have to say that he didn't look happy. Suddenly, I realized that he was jealous of Steve. Although he wasn't my boyfriend, Chad was a good friend and we had shared a lot together over the past two-weeks.

As we headed back to the tents as the campers were put to sleep, Chad came running up to me. "What was that all about?" he questioned.

"Steve just told me a couple things about the campout," I said. I knew I was lying, but I also knew that Chad was upset.

"Is that why your hand was on his cock?"

"Well, I thought I'd take advantage of the situation," I laughed. I tried to break the tension, but it didn't seem to work. "Come-on, Chad, cool it," I continued. "Hey, you as horny as I am?"

That did break the moment and he smiled. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a jerk," he said. "I know that you like Steve which is cool, but I sorta thought we were that type of friend."

"Chad, we are, you know that. You're my best buddy here at camp. That can't change," I ended.

"Ok, I guess I'm acting jealous and I don't know why. I guess I thought we could be more than just friends, is all," he continued.

"We are much more than friends, Chad. It isn't everyone that I enjoy taking in my mouth," I said, trying to convince him and myself that we were more than Steve and I were. I knew it wasn't working for me, but I think it was for Chad.

"Yea, I know, Bob," he giggled. "And it is always fun when I'm there."

We all got ready for bed and Gaylord declared lights-out. I lay awake for about an hour thinking about what had happened that day. I knew that I really enjoyed Steve and found myself thinking about more than just the sex. I liked Steve a lot. He seemed to like me as well for more than just what we did that day.

Suddenly I found my hand on my cock, which was harder than I thought it could get by just thinking. I knew I had to do something. I decided I couldn't jack off in bed because of the squeaky springs. Although it wasn't unusual for the guys to beat-off at night, I wasn't about to let the guys talk about me like we did about others. I swung my legs over the top of the bunk and was about to jump down to go to the KYBO when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"So, where ya going?" Chad asked.

"To the KYBO, buddy. Want to join me?" I questioned him.

We both hopped out of bed and headed out of the tent. As we walked toward the KYBO, both in our underwear, Chad's hand grabbed my hard dick. He smiled when he felt me and took my hand and led it to his crotch to show me that he was also in the same condition.

We entered the KYBO and locked the door behind us. We knew that the campers were asleep, but didn't want to take the chance that one would walk in on us. In one motion, Chad turned to me, slid my underwear down as he went to his knees and took my cock, which jumped straightforward at him, in his mouth. I rested against the side of the KYBO and just let him do what he wanted at that moment.

I could see in the dimly lit room that he had his hard dick in his hand and feverishly stroking it. As his head bobbed up and down the shaft of my cock, his strokes became quicker. I could tell that he hadn't cum since the night before and that he was about ready to shoot his load. I, too, knew that I was about ready to feed him what he was seeking.

I had to admit that Chad knew how to suck a cock. His tongue was rolling the head of my dick in his mouth and driving me wild. As he took me deep down his throat, the muscles would contract giving me one heck of a great feeling. As he took me deep, his tongue would lick my balls, then he would slide my cock to the tip, roll it again, and dive down to the root.

I was about ready to cum and noticed that he too was tightening up and about ready to unload. We heard a noise outside the KYBO and he stopped suddenly. That really put a damper on what was happening. Chad stood up and pulled up my underwear as he did. He looked at me with not only sad eyes but concerned eyes, not knowing who was outside.

We heard someone trying to open the door and since we were both dressed, I leaned over to open the door. As it opened, in walked Chris with his cock out of his underwear and in his hand. As he closed the door, he re-locked it while Chad and I just laughed.

I pulled down my underwear as did Chad and he resumed sucking my cock. Chris didn't take long to get down on the floor and take Chad in his mouth as he continued to stroke his dick. No one had to say a word, as we all knew what we wanted at that point.

As I looked down, Chris had Chad deep in his mouth, sucking him with great speed and suction. Chad was again doing what he did so well for me. Taking my cock deep and working the head of my dick so well that he knew I would unload all I had deep into his gullet. He also knew by this time all the signs. And when I was just about to cum, he would slow down to make me almost beg for more.

My head was back against the wall with the feeling that I was getting from Chad. Suddenly, I felt something splatter on my calf. As I looked down, I knew that Chris had cum and shot all the way up to my knee. It was erotic watching his hand slow the rapid strokes.

I could also tell by the suction and the speed at which Chad was working on my cock that he was also ready to cum into Chris' throat. I knew I wasn't far from doing the same for him. My hips were starting to thrust back and forth to assist Chad in his fellatio. My balls were rising to provide a force with which to unload all of the semen that they had stored. I could tell that I was right there and suddenly felt the muscles of my body tighten.

As if we were ONE, Chad and I came at the same time. I could hear Chris attempting to swallow all that Chad was shooting. I could also feel Chad gulping down my seed. The "swishing" sounds were very loud, I thought, but in reality probably couldn't be heard more than a couple feet away.

In what seemed like an eternity, we all finally came and were heading back to the tents. Dave was on his way to the KYBO and slyly said that he was sorry he was late for the fun. We all laughed as he continued to do his business. Once we got back to the tents, we all climbed into our bunks and were soon asleep. At least I was, having been content with all that had happened in the past 24 hours.

The next day was totally uneventful. I was on a work detail with Gaylord and a couple of 2nd year CIT's. I was the "rookie" of the group so did what I was told. We were on the beach replenishing some sand as Chad and Chris were in the other work group cleaning the canoes and rowboats. Every once in a while, Chad and I made eye contact. He still seemed to be upset that Steve and I had been together the day before, but I think he was happy with our time in the KYBO.

That evening we had the closing campfire for the first camp session. It was always a very exciting time for the campers, but for the CIT's who had probably been through the campfire a dozen of more times, it was just another evening. We would all sit on the top of the hill behind all the campers and usually just fooled around.

I hadn't had contact with Steve the entire day. I was a little bit upset, but realized that we just didn't have the opportunity to be alone or even in the same detail. During the class sessions, Steve was teaching classes so we never did see him.

Half-way through the campfire, Gaylord tapped me on the shoulder and motioned me toward the top of the hill. I was sitting next to Chad and he began to get up too, but Gaylord told him to stay where he was. As he led me to the opposite side of the hill, there was Steve waiting with the truck.

"Bob, I want you to go with Steve back to camp," he started. "We need to bring up supplies for the tents and this is a good time to do that and it won't interfere with anything at this time."

For the first time I climbed into the cab of the truck. Gaylord shut the door and Steve started to drive toward main-camp. After a few feet, I felt Steve's hand on my thigh. Immediately, my cock did a dance. He knew what effect he was having on me and smiled that gorgeous smile that he had. He didn't take to long to move his hand up my thigh to my crotch and squeeze my hardening cock. As he did I moved my hand towards his and he was just as hard as I was getting. That wasn't a surprise to me, either, since I knew that he was thinking about his move long before I got into the cab of the truck.

"When I saw you come over the hill with Gay I was very happy," Steve said. "I didn't know who he was going to get, but am glad he chose you."

As we drove to camp we played with each other's cocks through our pants. We both knew that this was just a quick feel, but were having a good time. We stopped at the lodge and got out of the truck.

As we headed down the stairs, Steve turned to me. "So, what are you doing this weekend?" he asked.

"I don't have anything special to do. Why?" I asked.

"You know we don't live that far from each other and it would be cool if we could hang," he said. "My parents aren't home and I have the house for the weekend."

I didn't know how to respond to him, but I do know that my heart started to beat faster. I could only imagine what we could do all alone for an entire weekend. I had a hundred things going through my mind before he interrupted my thoughts.

"Or we could just hang for the day and you could go home at night," he said. I thought he was giving me an `out' if I didn't want to stay with him.

"Steve, I'd love to stay with you, but I'd have to check with my parents," I replied. "I don't' think that they would have a problem with it, but you never know with them."

"Hey, I understand. I just thought that it would be cool to spend some time with you."

"Time?" I questioned with a smirk.

"Well, that too," he said with a huge smile on his face.

"I'll call you tomorrow if it is okay with my parents, if that is all right?" I questioned.

"Well, are they awake tonight?" Steve asked.

"Oh, I'm sure that they are."

"Well, let's use the office phone and you can call tonight, if you really want to," he said with a bit of apprehension. I took his hand, for the first time, and felt the electricity that was between us. I knew then that this was more than just a sexual friend. We seemed to be connected in some way. I led Steve back up the stairs and he knew that I had just agreed to call my parents.

As we entered the office, which was totally empty due to the campout, Steve picked up the phone receiver. I dialed my home and the phone rang.

"Hello," was the answer.

"Hey mom," I said.

"Bob, how are you? Anything wrong?" she asked.

"No, nothing, just have a question for you. Are we doing anything special this weekend, cause I have a friend that would like me to go home with him over the break," I said all in one breath.

She told me that there was nothing planned. She asked a series of questions about where and who and all the typical parental concerns. I answered her questions the right way I guess because she told me that it was fine with her if I spent time with my new friend. She did ask about if his parents would be home. Of course, being the true teenager I was I told her yes, even though I knew that they weren't.

All this time Steve was eagerly waiting for my answer. I could tell he understood everything by the way his smile became very evident as I answered the questions and responded to my mother. She asked about my laundry and Steve whispered that he could do all of it for the both of us.

I thanked my mother for letting me stay with Steve. I gave her his phone number in the event that she wanted to contact me for any reason. I knew that on Monday, my brothers were going to come to camp and asked if that was a problem that I didn't take the bus. Steve had his car at camp and I would be coming back with him.

As I hung up Steve came over and gave me a hug. He said we would have a great weekend, but right now we had to complete what Gaylord wanted us to do. We headed back to the basement, picked up all the supplies and tossed them into the bed of the truck.

As we headed back Steve said that he couldn't talk much when we got back to the campfire, but said I should put all my gear the next day to the car riders section. We would leave after all of the busses and probably stop for lunch before we got to his home. I told him I was looking forward to our time together and he looked at me and told me that he was excited about the weekend.

We got back to the campfire and Steve stopped to let me out of the cab. Gaylord was there and questioned him about what took so long, but I didn't hear Steve's answer as I just headed back to the other side of the hill.

That night I couldn't sleep. I had running through my mind what the weekend would be like with Steve. I knew that we would more than likely have some sex (well I hoped A LOT of sex) but also thought about the many things we could share together. Of course, through all this mental imagery, my dick had a mind of its own and got very hard. At that point -- it was about 3 in the morning -- I didn't care who was awake to hear me beat my cock off. All I wanted was to enjoy playing with my own cock and making my self feel very good. After all, starting tomorrow, I'd have Steve to do that for me and me for him.

Reveille sounded an hour earlier than normal and we all started to get out of bed. We knew we had responsibilities today to help the campers get all their gear in the right place so that it got onto the right bus. The tent was abuzz with action and motion. Guys were throwing their clothes into the duffel bags. For the first time, most of the guys didn't care if they were in their underwear with others watching. Too many were excited to go home. Chad, Chris and I were actually nude through all of this. We all noticed some of the other guys looking, as both Chris and I were semi-hard. We also saw that some were more than just looking, but were getting hard themselves.

One guy, in particular, was staring at Chris for a very long time. His cock was actually peeking out of the waistband of his underwear. When Chris saw this he smiled and cocked his head toward the door. I realized he was asking Keith to follow him when he headed out the door up to the KYBO. Keith, not knowing that I had seen what had happened, followed Chris. I could only imagine what was going to happen, but knowing Chris, he was about to get off that morning.

We all threw our gear into the back of the truck as it headed toward main-camp. We followed, not stopping this particular morning at the Chapel for our normal morning devotion. Instead, we all headed to various cabins and carried camper's gear to the appropriate areas. Our gear was still in the truck as breakfast started. Gaylord indicated that we should eat and we would be dismissed to put our gear where it belonged before everyone else was to leave the main lodge.

Our table included the `five musketeers' and three other CIT's along with the Don, the other CIT counselor. I wished I was at the same table with Steve, but these were our assigned areas. Throughout breakfast I kept looking at Steve, who was in view. Our eyes met many times and I knew that he was looking forward, as was I to the weekend ahead.

Gaylord came over to each table and told us to head out to the truck to get our gear. As we left, I saw Steve saying something to Don. They both looked at me and I felt a bit self-conscious at that moment. I knew that Steve wasn't telling him about us, but wondered what the conversation was about.

As I took my gear out of the truck, Don came over to me and said that Steve told him about the change in my rider status and that I was to put my gear directly into Steve's car. He pointed toward the parking area where I saw Steve. He had the trunk of his car open and was waving me toward him.

Chad saw this and questioned me. "Is Steve giving you a ride home?"

I told Chad that he was and saw a very disappointed look on his face. "So are you two planning a big weekend?" he asked very sarcastically.

"Actually I'm staying at Steve's house if you really need to know," I answered in the same tone. "And, Chad, don't read anything into that," I continued.

"Actually, Bob, I'm happy for you," he said more calmly now. "I had a feeling that Steve had this thing for you the night we went out, to be honest. You could see it as he was fucking Dave, his eyes were glued to you, in case you didn't know."

Apparently I had this shocked look on my face. Chad continued.

"As you and Chris were sucking each other, I watched Steve and Terry with Dave. They were having a great time, but Steve just kept looking over at you and Chris. I didn't know if it was you or Chris he was watching, but since then, from what I've seen, I know it was you. He really like you a lot, Bob," he finished.

"Yea, and I like him Chad. Don't be upset, ok?" I responded.

"Not at all, it's cool," Chad answered. "Just be my friend, okay?"

"Always, Chad. And more if you'll let me," I told him hoping he would agree.

He nodded his head in agreement and we both headed with our gear to get it ready for loading. As we walked in opposite directions we both looked over our shoulders and smiled. I knew that Chad was truly happy for me, and as I turned and looked at Steve, I was glad that he was.

I threw my gear into Steve's trunk and he shut it. We both headed back to lodge area hip to hip. "So, what did Chad say?" Steve questioned.

"Well, he told me that you like me," I said with a smile. "And, told me it was cool with him."

"Well, I'm glad it's cool with him, because he is right. I really do like you, Bob. I like you a lot.

"And I like you Steve. Very much," I answered as we got to the old Program Tree. We didn't say much more at that time, knowing that others were around the area that we didn't want to hear what we were talking about.

With the busses loaded they began to pull out of camp. In the back seat of the last bus was Chad. He turned and looked out the window, smiled, and waved to me. His look told me that what he had said earlier was a fact. He was happy for both Steve and me. That is all I could ask for from a true friend.

I headed for Steve's car. He was still busy with dismissing the car riders and had told me to just wait for him by his car. When he finished, he shook Gaylord's hand and headed toward me. His smile told me that he was free now for the weekend and that we could start to enjoy our time together.

As we headed out from camp, Steve turned to me. "Are you sure about this weekend? I can always drop you at your house, you know," he said with a bit of apprehension in his voice.

"Oh, Steve, I am very sure that I want to spend this time with you. It's going to be a lot of fun with a great friend," I said as my hand clasped upon his upper thigh.

"Ah, I wouldn't do that, Bob. If you continue with that we may have to stop for a while so you can finish what you may be about to start."

We both laughed as I took my hand off his thigh. The two-hour drive seemed like an eternity until we reached Steve's house. He lived about 15 miles from me but was more in the country. His house was huge compared to mine. I wasn't scared, but I did have some concerns about everything just because it was new.

Silly things ran through my head as we were unpacking the trunk -- like where would I put my clothes, where would I sleep, who might drop in. I knew the answer to them all, at least I thought I did. I hoped I would sleep in Steve's arms, actually. But, time would definitely tell if that was going to happen.

We got into the house, Steve closed the door and immediately grabbed my arm. He turned me toward him and kissed me, a deep passionate kiss. I returned his kiss with the same passion that he was showing me. Our hips began to move toward each other as our hard cocks met between us. It didn't take long until we were undressing each other and were standing in his hallway totally naked.

During the entire time we were taking our clothes off, we never broke our kiss. I had never felt this way, ever. I had enjoyed sex with the guys at camp, but with Steve it seemed like more than just the physical feelings I was experiencing. He was tender yet extremely passionate. Our cocks seemed to be `fencing' as we stood there, flopping against each other. The pre-cum that we both were emitting was providing a feeling on our cock-heads that I had never known.

As we dropped the last article of clothing Steve broke the kiss we shared. He took my hand and led me up the stairway and to his bedroom. As we stood at the foot of the bed he hugged me.

"Bob, are you all right with this weekend?" he asked. I nodded my head yes, as I couldn't speak I was so worked up. "Good, because I have never done this before and I really want to with you," he explained.

"Steve, I do too," I finally managed to blurt out. As I finished that sentence I found myself being drawn to the bed by Steve. I lay there with him on top of me and our mouths suctioned together. Our cocks were grinding together, leaking pre-cum and lubing us both up for a great feeling.

Suddenly I couldn't hold it any longer. I could feel the cum gushing out of the pee-slit of my cock all over Steve and myself. At the same time, I could tell that he, too, had reached his climax. I had never had so much cum all over my body.

Steve broke our kiss and began to slide down to the foot of the bed. As he moved down, he licked my nipple and then went for the puddle of cum on my stomach. He licked up the mixture of his seed and mine and moved back toward my mouth. He kissed me and we shared the salty taste that our sperm had produced. It was very exciting and we both kept our tongues moving faster and faster inside each other's mouths.

"Thank you for coming and staying this weekend," Steve said breaking the silence of the moment. I smiled and he smiled and we knew that this was the beginning of something very special.


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