WARNING!!!! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of sex and a relationship developing between teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, then leave. Those who enjoy this type of story continue to read and enjoy it!!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live (in the U.S. that usually means 18), you have to leave, also. I'm sorry, but those are the laws of the land, not ours.


By Bob Andersen

Steve broke our kiss and began to slide down to the foot of the bed. As he moved down, he licked my nipple and then went for the puddle of cum on my stomach. He licked up the mixture of his seed and mine and moved back toward my mouth. He kissed me and we shared the salty taste that our sperm had produced. It was very exciting and we both kept our tongues moving faster and faster inside each other's mouths.

"Thank you for coming and staying this weekend," Steve said breaking the silence of the moment. I smiled and he smiled and we knew that this was the beginning of something very special.

We lay in each other's arms for what seemed like just a few moments, but when we finally decided to get out of bed, we noticed we were there for almost 45 minutes. At that moment I realized what they meant by time flies when you're having fun.

We were both very sticky from what had happened, so it was time to take a shower. I walked into Steve's private shower and was shocked. There in this huge bathroom was an oversized shower. It was completely surrounded by frosted glass and plenty of room for two if not more.

Steve turned on the water, turned to me and kissed me again. We were communicating without words, but understood each other totally. I tested the water and began to move into the shower. Steve followed, as we never broke an embrace. I took the soap and began to rub Steve's back. It felt so good to be alone in a shower without all the others and able to do what we wanted with no time frame or interruption.

My hands were all over Steve and by this time, he had grabbed another soap and was washing me. As our hands got to our groins, we made sure all the sticky cum was washed off. Of course in the process, our cocks rose to the touch. We began stroking each other, but we both knew we didn't want to go much beyond that.

As we rinsed, we kissed. It was amazing to me how comfortable I felt at that moment. It was as if nothing could disturb the bliss that I felt. I sensed that Steve was feeling the same way as we were kissing and smiling at each other. That is not an easy picture to contemplate in your mind, but was happening to us.

We stepped out of the shower and Steve threw me a towel. As we dried off, he asked me if I were hungry. I had totally lost all track of time, as it was now 3 in the afternoon and we hadn't eaten since breakfast. Well, at least food. We both DID have our protein, after all.

"So, are hamburgers all right with you?" Steve asked.

"Sure, that sounds good, Steve," I answered. I probably could have come up with a better response, but I was feeling to contented at that moment.

"OK! Let's head down to the kitchen," Steve continued. "Oh, by the way, only one rule this weekend that you have to follow."

"Oh, rules, now!" I exclaimed. "What are we, back at camp?

Steve smiled. "No, this rule is for both of us, Bob. There will be no clothing worn when we are together. After all I do have to do laundry," he finished with a big smirk on his face.

"Oh, I think I can follow that rule without ANY problem, Steve. That is one that I like, a lot."

We headed down the stairs, but out of force of habit I wrapped the towel around me. I was following Steve, watching him as he went down the stairs, his rear end moving so nicely. As we turned the corner into the kitchen, he looked back, saw the towel and snatched it from around me.

"I said no clothes! TOTALLY naked this weekend, Bob. See, you're already not following the rules," he said laughing with a big smile.

I put my head down pretending to be ashamed. "I'm sorry Steve. I won't do that again," I said as I moved toward him, put my arms around him and my lips to his. Our bodies met, again.

"That's ok, hunny," Steve said. "You can't do anything wrong for me."

Hunny? Did he call me hunny? I was shocked but pleased. He really did care for me. At that moment I realized that fact and it sent shivers through my body. Good shivers mind you.

Steve pointed to the chair at the table, walked to the refrigerator and pulled out some hamburgers and all the trimmings. He went to the stove, found a frying pan, and began to cook our lunch. This whole time I watched him move. His cock swaying from side to side so gracefully. From the moment I saw Steve he had always turned me on, but this was doing more for me. It wasn't just sexual. It was more. It was much more.

"Bob, I do have one thing I need to do this weekend, so please don't get mad," he said looking a little apprehensive as he told me this.

"Hey, Steve, I understand. After all, you weren't planning on having someone here with you when you went off to camp. I just don't want to ruin any plans you have," I said convincingly. At least I hoped it was convincing.

"I told a buddy of mine that I'd be home alone this weekend and that he should come over for some..."

"Fun?" I completed his thought.

"Well, yes, to be honest," he continued. "You see, Geoff and I are what you would say, I guess, fuck buddies. He and I have been playing around for a few years and every weekend my parents go to the cabin and I'm home alone, well, he comes over for some good times."

"You don't have to explain, Steve. I understand," I said, feeling a bit rejected at the moment.

"I need to at least see him, Bob, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes I do, Steve. I totally understand. I can just hang out in my room while you two get together," I said trying to assure him that it was all right.

"Actually, I thought something else, Bob," Steve stated. "I know how much fun you had with Terry and the guys the other night and I just thought.." He smiled as he let his statement just hang there.

"Oh, you thought that I could be used by you and your fuck buddy today, huh?" I asked jokingly.

"Well, not really," he continued. "Actually I thought that you and I could use Geoff!"

With that we both broke out into laughter. As in the shower, we were communicating without words, just knowing what each other was thinking at the moment. We smiled and I nodded my head assuring him that I understood what he was saying.

I had to ask a question at that moment though. It had to be asked. "Are you and he boyfriends, Steve?"

"Hell no, Bob! Just fuck buddies trust me. Besides, I thought you filled that role for me now."

"You and me? Boyfriends?" I queried with amazement.

"Yes, Bob. Bob and Steve; as in a couple. You and me, boyfriends, that is if you want."

I had thought about this since he first asked me to stay at his house, but now that it was out in the open, I was afraid. I knew what my answer was seconds before it came out, but I just couldn't say it. Instead, I got up off the chair, slowly and provocatively, I might add, walked toward Steve. He stood there silent and looking confused. I put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. I slowly leaned in toward him, kissed him a gentle quick kiss, and backed off.

"Steve, there is nothing in the world I would like than for you and me to be boyfriends, I started. "But, let's take it slow. OK? After all, you are my boss and business and pleasure don't mix I have heard my father say many times." I was smiling and I think he saw through what I was doing, but I continued.

After what seemed to be a long pause, I simply said, "Of Course!"

He smiled and actually lunged toward me and grabbed me and held me close. His strong arms were really wrapped tightly and were cutting off my breathing. But it was so erotic, so pleasant, that I didn't mind.

We broke our embrace and Steve went back to the stove and flipped the burgers. I just stood there; naked as a jay-bird with my cock plastered against my stomach it was so hard. He would turn and look at it every so often, smile and giggle, and as he did, it seemed to engorge even more, if that were possible.

We sat at the kitchen table and just talked for the next half-hour or better. We talked about camp, my likes and dislikes, his thoughts, and just general conversation. All this while, as we sat naked, I couldn't help but contemplate what living with Steve would be like. Not just for a weekend, but forever. Of course, that was a dream, but dreaming was what the teen years were for, wasn't it?

As we finished, he asked if I'd clear the table while he called Geoff. He said that Geoff was probably wondering why he hadn't called since it was close to 4 o'clock. So I said I would and he went up to his room to call Geoff.

As I finished clearing the table, I decided I would wash the dishes. I wanted to be a good guest, after all, and this was just one way I could accomplish that. Actually, it was exciting, `playing house' with Steve like we were. He and I had a bond, I thought, that was unlike any other I had ever had. As I wiped the last dish, I decided to go to the family room and watch some TV until Steve returned.

I turned on the TV and sat back in the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in. I was shocked as it reclined, not ever having been in that type of chair before. It wasn't long until I must have dozed off, because I don't remember seeing much of what was on the tube.

As I lay there in a state of rest, I was dreaming. Before me, kneeling on the floor, was Steve. He was speaking softly as he was slowly stroking my cock and tickling my balls. He moved forward, licked the shaft of my cock very gently. His tongue was moving from the base of the shaft to the head and back down. Every once in a while, he would roll the head of my cock with his tongue, causing chills in my entire body. Finally, as he cupped my testicles and rolled them gently in his hand, he surrounded the head of my cock with his lips. He softly sucked and then with one swift motion, my cock was deep in his throat. He began to move up and down causing me to allow even more blood to enter the veins of my cock, making it harder, but at the same time, bringing me to the pinnacle of sensations. I felt my legs tighten, my balls rise, and my hips thrust as I unloaded with great power.

I opened my eyes with this rush to discover that this was not a dream, but was really happening to me. There, with my cock in his mouth and my cum dripping from each side was Steve. My hands were around his head, holding him in place as my head, instinctively flew back with my last thrust. I couldn't believe what was happening. I never, ever, thought anything like this could happen to me.

"Umm...," he said, as he looked me deep in the eyes. "You taste better than before, hun."

"Oh, Steve, I thought I was dreaming," I responded.

"Ah, no dream Bob," he laughed as he worked his way to my mouth and kissed me. I could taste the cum on his tongue and was in extreme pleasure.

"I guess I do, Steve. But, it's because of you, you know!"

We hugged for a moment and he pushed himself up onto his feet. There he was, naked as we said we would, with his cock plastered against his flat stomach. I started to lean forward to return the favor to him, but he stopped me.

"Nope, not now, Bob. Let's wait till Geoff gets here."

I nodded with obvious disappointment, as I really wanted him in my mouth. I knew though that he had made some arrangements, obviously, with Geoff so I wasn't going to argue.

"Oh, he is okay with this?" I asked.

"Honestly, I didn't tell him totally about us, Bob. I did tell him I had a guy here for the weekend that would be a lot of fun to play with and he was up for that."

"Steve, honestly now. Am I coming between you and him?" I asked not really wanting a positive answer.

"No way, Bob, not at all," he answered quickly. "Geoff and I are good friends and that is it. He isn't my boyfriend and he knows that."

I was relieved at what Steve said, but I was still a bit concerned, not knowing this guy that was coming over. I hoped he didn't see me as interfering with a good friend, or if he might have thought of Steve as more than a friend, like I did at the moment. But, I had become involved with Steve more than I had ever thought possible and I knew that this was something he needed to do, so I would go along with whatever was going to happen.

"So," Steve started, "let me tell you about Geoff and what to expect when he gets here, ok?"

I agreed as he started to tell me about their involvement together. Geoff and Steve had gone through grade school together and started to play when they were both in 7th grade. Geoff was a nice kid, Steve said, and very sexual. He was well endowed, he told me, much bigger than either of us. But, he enjoyed being fucked and Steve said he always was willing to do that with Geoff.

When they entered High School, they both dated girls, but would spend the weekends together to enjoy each other. Geoff liked being submissive and enjoyed more than one guy fucking him, so they found a couple of guys at their school that enjoyed male sex. Geoff was always up for any type of play and even was into the bondage scene. This was all a bit foreign to me with my straight-laced background, but I did find it stimulating as Steve told me the story.

"As you can see, Bob," Steve finished, "we will have a good time when Geoff gets here. Don't be afraid of him, at all and just go along with me. I also want to tell you that I want you tonight again, just the two of us later."

I smiled at Steve acknowledging what he had said. It made me happy that he wanted me anyway that we could spend time together. He was a great looking guy and I wondered why it was me he wanted. It certainly wasn't because of my looks, or my cock for that matter. I wasn't that big, although I was growing. I realized I was bigger this summer than last, so I knew there was still hope.

"When is Geoff coming, Steve?"

At that moment the doorbell rang and I knew it answered my question. I froze where I was standing, not knowing what to expect. Steve and I were both naked and I was a bit afraid of that fact. I watched as he started toward the door and motioned me to come with him.

Steve looked out the side window and smiled. I knew that it must be Geoff and stood behind Steve as he opened the door. I was stunned when this Adonis with golden hair walked into the hallway. I thought Steve was great looking, and his friend was just as gorgeous, if not more so, I was ashamed to admit. I could see why Steve enjoyed being with him so much.

Steve and Geoff hugged and then broke their embrace. Geoff took a step back, looked me up and down and smiled. "You have found yourself one cute kid, Steve," he stated.

I blushed of course, offering my hand to his. Instead, Geoff moved forward and hugged me. As he was stepping back, he grabbed my now hard cock and gave a tug. I was not used to this type of attention by anyone; much less two great looking guys like this.

"I told you he was hot, didn't I, Geoff?"

"Oh, yes you did, sweetheart. He is all that you said. But, does he fuck like you?" Geoff added with a big laugh.

"How would I know, Geoff?" Steve asked. "You know I only fuck."

Wow, was that a lie, but I didn't want to say anything. Steve was a great fuck. I really wasn't that experienced having only done that once with him, or anyone, but I knew it was the best sexual experience I ever had.

As my mind wandered, I felt warmth on my cock. I knew what it was, but not who, as both Steve and Geoff had knelt down in front of me. It was a different technique, so I knew it must have been Geoff that was sucking me at that moment. I looked down, and sure enough, Geoff had my cock deep in his throat and Steve had Geoff's in his mouth and was licking it round and round the head. As I was pinned to the back of the couch, I couldn't move to enjoy Steve at that moment, so I decided to let things happen as they might progress.

Geoff was good, but not as good as Steve. I still couldn't see what Steve was talking about by `well endowed' as he had Geoff covered from my view. Steve's hand was on Geoff's butt and I could imagine what was happening. The look on Geoff's face was one of pleasure and pain, so I knew he was being probed at that moment.

Since I had cum twice that afternoon already, I knew I could last a long time. Even at 15 it takes a while to rebuild what your testicles produce. I was definitely enjoying what Geoff was doing but was fascinated at the boldness of Steve and his reaction to Geoff.

After a few minutes, Steve stood up and brought Geoff up with him. As we all stood there our hard cocks seemed to gravitate toward each other. The three of us were touching and you could feel the heat of the flesh. I looked down and my mouth opened I guess as Steve laughingly asked, "Didn't I tell you he was hung?"

Steve wasn't small at 8 inches, that is for sure. But next to Geoff he looked small. Some foreskin covered the head of Geoff's cock. A large bright read head was peeking out. The shaft seemed like a rocket, slim at the top as it flowed to a larger base. His balls were close to his body, not as big or hanging as low as either Steve or me. They seemed like two grapes packaged tightly in a smooth plastic sack. He wasn't pointing up toward his stomach like either my lovers or me, but sticking straight out from his body, but obviously hard as steel.

"Let's head to the playroom," Steve said, breaking the silence and my inspection of Geoff.

Geoff turned and led the way. It was apparent that this wasn't the first time that he was at Steve's to play. He began up the stairs and Steve got close behind him, grabbed his shoulders and lunged his hips into Geoff. The moan was loud and at that time I was aware of what Steve meant by Geoff being a submissive boy. His head went back as Steve's cock was gliding along the crack of his ass. Just the touch appeared to make Geoff's cock jump. I followed, still not knowing the course that this experience would take me.

"Oh, I see that someone was playing already," Geoff said as we entered Steve's bedroom.

"Of course, you didn't think I was going to let that cock there (pointing at me) go to waste too long, did you," Steve joked.

"Does he have enough for me, Steve?"

"He's 15, Geoff, what do you think?"

I turned beat red at that point. My cock, bobbing up and down in front of me ready for some action. Each took me by one arm, led me to the bed and we all lay down with me in the middle.

Both of them slowly bent over and began working on me as I lay there. Steve was sucking my cock as Geoff had my balls in his mouth, working them round and round. Steve's hand was rubbing me up and down my chest as Geoff was doing the same, except on my leg. I was totally being used. I was being a boi toy at the moment and loving the attention. My cock was still growing as I could feel the pulsing of the blood flowing into its shaft.

They changed positions and Geoff turned his body so that his cock was directly at the level of my face. It was then that I got my first good look at it. He must have been at least 10 inches long and now was harder than when I first saw him. I immediately turned my face and took him into my mouth as much as I could. Not only was he huge, but the position I was in didn't allow me to get him all the way down my throat. He and I were in a 69 as Steve was now working on my balls.

The next 5 or so minutes were spent in this position, with Steve and Geoff trading off sucking my dick. I could sense that Steve was stroking his cock as he watched and sucked. Geoff's hips began to thrust and I had finally turned enough to be able to work on his cock the right way. I was amazed at myself as I took him all the way to the base of his cock. I didn't know I could deep throat a cock that large, but I did and was actually proud of that fact.

I could feel Steve get up and heard him walk to the other side of the bed. As my eyes looked toward him, I could see him stroking his cock slowly as he was walking. He had something in his other hand as he got behind Geoff, I couldn't see what it was at first, but as he stood next to Geoff, I could see his hand reach over and begin to apply the lube that he had somehow managed to bring with him.

Geoff continued to suck my cock as I watched Steve apply the lubricant to his cock and to Geoff's rear end. Steve knelt next to Geoff and placed the head of his cock at Geoff's manhole. He pushed slightly. I could feel Geoff tighten up, but he never lost his rhythm on my cock. I was sucking Geoff and could feel his cock jump and begin to harden even more.

Steve slowly began working his cock into Geoff. I couldn't see too much from looking over him, but my view from under his balls as I had him in my mouth was what you would call `ring-side.' Between his legs I saw Steve's cock disappear as he entered Geoff. I could see Steve's balls hit Geoff's ass as he reached the furthest possible point inside him.

Thrusting slowly, the sound that Steve's balls made slapping Geoff's ass was almost an aphrodisiac. I could feel the cum rising in my balls ready to explode into Geoff's mouth. Geoff, too, must have sensed this and stopped sucking me to prevent an orgasm. I realized he didn't want me to cum, just yet, but had other plans for where I would explode.

I began to stop sucking Geoff when he slowed his pace on me. He put his hand on my head and started pushing, making me realize that he not only wanted Steve to fuck him, but wanted me to suck him at the same time. Who was I not to oblige? So, I began to work on him in the best way I knew how, in my amateur status in a situation like this.

For the next 10 minutes it was sheer lust. Steve was thrusting faster and faster and I was sucking trying to keep time with him. Geoff was not doing more than playing with my balls. That was pleasant, but to be honest, I don't think that even mattered, as I was lost in the lust that Steve and I were involved with together.

Then it happened! I could see Steve's balls begin to rise as he began to fuck Geoff harder and harder. I realized that it was a matter of seconds before he would cum and release all of himself into Geoff. At the same time, I could feel Geoff's thrusts, which were provided mostly by Steve, in my mouth. Steve grabbed Geoff's hips and gave one huge lunge into him. At the same time, I could feel Geoff's first gigantic spurt of cum in my mouth. The two of them, in synchronization were spewing forth their man juices.

I had tasted cum before, of course. But the volume that Geoff was providing me I had never experienced. I couldn't swallow fast enough to keep it all in my mouth and a lot of it came flowing out the corners of my mouth. I also saw Steve's sperm dribbling out of Geoff's butt, dribbling down Steve's balls and the cheeks of Geoff's ass. It was an amazing site, one that I will always remember.

Finally, Geoff was finished cumming and I could feel the blood being released by the veins of his cock. He was softening, but still was a huge mouthful. I kept him in my mouth as this happened, not wanting to end this experience. I could also see Steve collapse on top of Geoff; having had what I knew was a very pleasurable orgasm.

Steve rolled off of Geoff and I could see his shrinking dick flop against his body. Geoff moved back, taking his cock out of my mouth. I just lay there, still hard, still horny. I knew how Geoff felt, having been fucked by Steve. It was fantastic and I'm sure he enjoyed it as much as I had. Steve scooted up the bed and gave me a kiss. I shared Geoff's cum with him and he automatically had a big grin as he licked his lips.

Without a word, Steve knelt on the bed, took the lubricant, and began to apply some to his hand. He then leaned over and began to put it on my hard cock. Stroking slowly as he got my dick fully lubed, I thought I was going to shoot my load right then and there. He cocked his head in the direction of Geoff and I knew what he was trying to tell me. I slid down to the end of the bed and positioned myself behind Geoff. As if a mentor, Steve grabbed my dick and placed the head of it at the opening of Geoff's rosebud. I smiled at Steve; not only in pleasure, but actually telling him I knew what to do now.

I pressed forward and heard the pop created as I entered Geoff's ass. He was warm and moist, having not only the lubricant there, but also the remainder of Steve's seed. I slowly thrust forward, easily putting my cock into Geoff. I began to move my hips back and forth, basking in the sensations that I was experiencing. This, being my second anal experience, was easier than my first. I at least knew what I was supposed to do and how to control my own pace.

Steve got up off the bed, but I kept myself in Geoff. I could feel Steve's hand, now, on my balls, massaging them as I fucked Geoff. It was new and exciting. I was pleased with myself the way I had learned to please another guy.

Suddenly I felt something cold at my rear. As I turned, I could see Steve applying some lubricant to my butt. What was he doing? I didn't need any lube there.

I soon found out what was happening as Steve placed the head of his now hard again cock at my hole. He grabbed my hips and pushed. He entered me very easily this time and it didn't hurt as much as it did the first time he fucked me. So, I thought to myself, this is what they call a `chain.' He leaned down to my ear and simply told me to let him guide what was happening with his thrusts. He said it would be easier and I wouldn't slip out of Geoff.

I complied with him and let him move in and out of me, pushing me into Geoff. Thrusting slowly at first the three of us became one. Geoff obviously could tell what was happening and he turned his head slightly with a big grin on his face. Steve's cock was moving quicker and I could feel him hit "the spot" many times. It was making my cock harder and I could feel myself moving closer to an orgasm. At the same time, my dick was moving in and out of Geoff and he was lost in the moment. I could hear the moans and the pleasure that he was having. I was feeling the same; I was sure as Steve began to move faster and faster.

Finally I couldn't hold it any longer. I began to take over my own thrusts, ready to shoot my load into Geoff. As with any good orgasm, I wasn't exactly coherent, nor was I really conscious of what was going on. I was lost in the moment and it was fantastic. I could feel my balls churning as the cum began to rise. My cock seemed to get harder wanting to release all into Geoff. At the same time, Steve was providing a sensation that split my pleasure between me in Geoff and Steve in me. I was cumming and no matter what, nothing could stop that.

I could feel Steve bury his cock in me as he came. At the same moment, I thrust into Geoff and pulled him back toward me. I held my cock deep in Geoff as I could feel the spurts shooting out of me. I could also sense the juices that Steve was giving me. It wasn't a lot, after all, since he had just given Geoff most of what he had. However, it was enough to let me know that he had reached what we all were trying to attain.

I collapsed onto Geoff and Steve followed, pressing me down even further on Geoff. My hand was resting next to Geoff's hips and I could feel a puddle. Obviously, Geoff had cum again as he was pressed against the bed. I didn't realize that three guys could enjoy something so much.

We lay there for a long time. We were all breathing very heavily, which of course was understandable. Steve finally rolled off of me and I did the same. We lay there not saying a word, but basking in the pleasure we had shared.

Finally, Geoff broke the silence. "You're right, Steve, he does know what he is doing."

We all laughed. I said thank you and Steve grabbed my hand and we headed toward the shower. Geoff told us he'd be along shortly as we walked through the door in to the bathroom.

Steve didn't say a word, turned on the shower and turned toward me. He grabbed my head, kissed me and stepped into the stall. He still had my hand, so I followed, well, I was guided into the shower, let's say.

Still kissing me, Steve took the soap and began to wash me. As previously, I returned the favor. I could feel the emotions flow between us without words. We were definitely connected and didn't need anything but each other to feel complete.

"Did you enjoy it?" Steve finally asked.

"Yes, I did, actually. It was hot, for sure," I replied. I realized it sounded a bit juvenile, but it was all I could think of saying at that moment.

"I did too Bob, but I'd much rather it was just the two of us," he continued. "Don't get me wrong, I like the multiple thing as you know, but since I met you, I seem to really only want to spend time, make love to you."

I didn't know how to respond. It almost seemed that Steve was saying he didn't just like me, but had deeper feelings for me. That actually scared me. Being 15, I wasn't sure if he meant love or not. And at that age, well, love is hard to really know.

"You're very quiet," Steve said sounding very hurt. "Don't you feel the same?"

"Oh, yes, Steve, I do, believe me. I like you more than anyone and feel very secure and happy when I am with you."

"Oh, that's, all," Steve said as he hung his head.

"Steve, tell me what you mean, alright? Tell me if you're saying you, ahh you ..."

"Love you?" he completed my sentence. "Yes, Bob, I think I do. But, I understand if you don't feel that way."

"It's not that I don't, Steve. But I don't know what love is. If it is the way I feel toward you, which I think it is, then yes, I love you."

That seemed to please Steve. He got this big smile and wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. His hands were on my ass as he pulled me toward him. Our cocks, again, getting a bit harder than normal, were pressed against each other. However, neither of us, at that time, wanted sex. It was just the normal reaction of the body as the warm flesh touched.

"Ok, then, I understand," he finally said. "I guess love is hard to explain and if you feel a special way toward me, I can live with that," he said matter-of-factly.

"Thanks for understanding. It's not that I don't, it's just that I don't know if I do, if that makes sense," I rambled on.

He put his lips to mine to shut me up. Of course he took the opportunity to place his tongue in my mouth so the both of us could enjoy a deep kiss.

"Ah hmmm," we both heard as we turned to see Geoff standing outside the shower. "Do you think I could get in?"

Steve opened the door and motioned Geoff in. At the same time, he cocked his head toward the bathroom, which I took as an invitation to get out of the shower. I did. I closed the door behind me, grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom.

I lay on the bed where we had all just had a very exciting experience and began thinking about love. Did I love Steve? Was I in love? Was I old enough to be in love with just one boy? You think a lot when you are confused.

Steve and Geoff exited the bathroom together. Steve walked over and sat next to me as Geoff began to get dressed. Both had a smile on their faces. I was glad about that, since I didn't want to come between the two of them.

"Bob," Geoff said, "It's was great fun and I hope we all can get together next time you are here for a second round." He smiled and continued. "You take good care of Steve, will you. He has gone over that point of no return, you realize." He came over, gave me a kiss and walked out of the room.

Now, I was more confused than ever. I turned to Steve. "What was that all about?"

"I told him how I felt about you, Bob. Geoff knows me better than any other person, is a great friend, and wants nothing but the best for me. He agreed that you and I have something special and wants me to make sure before I get hurt."

"I won't hurt you, Steve, you know that."

"Yes, I do, but he still cares about me and just wanted to make sure. He thinks you're a great fuck, by the way," Steve said laughing.

"Oh, great!" I said. "A great fuck, but a potential heart-breaker, I guess."

"Oh, don't take it the wrong way. He is happy for me and as long as he is, he is fine with anything."

We hugged and Steve held me close. I loved being in his arms and having him in mine. If this is what people talk about as love, then I am pleased that I found Steve. I did have a very special feeling toward him and I was much different than just friendship. Perhaps it was love and I would soon realize that difference.

"I think I better get our clothes washed and we should have dinner, hun," Steve said breaking the mood of the moment.

"Hey, I can help, Steve."

"Ok, then let's just spend a quiet evening together, ok?"

I was all for that and told him as much. We both headed into the laundry room and emptied our duffel bags in a clump on the floor. We separated our own clothes into two piles, white and colored clothes. I told Steve he could do his first, and he laughed.

"Why don't we mix our clothes and get them done quicker. After all we have mixed more than clothes."

I giggled and agreed. We put in the first load of clothes and started the washer. We then walked up to the family room, watched the end of the Cubs-Reds game as we held each other on the couch.

The rest of the evening was very quiet. We had dinner, which Steve fixed. His parents must have known he was having a friend for dinner, as the two steaks he prepared were ready and waiting for us. We watched TV until about 10 and Steve suggested we head for bed.

As we entered his room he again turned toward me and kissed me. "I am so glad you decided to spend the weekend here, Bob."

"So am I, Steve. There's only one problem. I have never slept with another guy before," I said with a kidding tone, but was serious about what I said.

"Don't worry, hun. It will come naturally," Steve responded with a smile and a kiss.

We both went to the bathroom brushed our teeth and headed for bed. Steve got in first and patted the bed telling me to lie next to him. For about 15 minutes I lay there, resting my head on his chest, his arm around me as mine was around him. I began to play with his cock a bit, but we both knew that sex wasn't necessary at this time. I just enjoyed feeling his manhood, knowing that I could anytime I wanted.

We were both falling asleep. I moved up, gave Steve a big deep kiss and turned over into the fetal position. It wasn't long until I could feel Steve scoot next to me, his chest on my back, his legs wrapped around me and his arm holding me close. I felt so secure at that moment. I actually think I felt loved.

As I lay there feeling like I had never felt before, I realized that the entire day I spent naked from the moment we walked into his house. It seemed so natural. I think Chad would have thought it was very sexy, which it was, of course. But, that wasn't the way I felt at that moment. I just was so happy and felt like Steve and I had known each other our entire lives. We definitely were connected that I knew for a fact.

I fell asleep quickly revealing in Steve's touch. I could feel his cock against my ass, not hard, but semi, maybe. It felt great and also very natural. I couldn't wait to see how our second day home went. If it were half as exciting and pleasurable as today, I would know that the weekend was a beginning of a great relationship.


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