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By:  Roman Genesis

Day 8
It Falls Apart

       "Holy shit," Philip screamed.  I awoke instantly to see that Philip was at the door of our shelter looking in.  He suddenly backed away and it was only after he was gone that I noticed that my arms were still wrapped around Austin from the night before.  I instantly began to panic.  I sat and looked out of the front of the shelter.  I saw Philip running back over to the older boy's side of the beach.  Philip had seen us and I can only imagine what he thought this meant!

     "Austin, wake up," I said pushing him.  How he had managed to sleep through Philip screaming was really beyond me.  He rolled over and looked at me groggily and began to go back to sleep.  "Wake up," I said again.

     "What's wrong?" he asked rubbing his eyes and sitting up.

     "I think we're going to have a problem."  I looked like that had been an understatement.  I looked out the front of the shelter and saw that Philip was coming back with all of the older boys.  They weren't wasting any time coming across the beach either.  "Get up," I said to Austin.

     I crawled out of the tent and stood up, but Philip was upon me and he pushed me backward into the sand.  I must have been weak from no food because he had pushed me over with very little effort at all.  "You fags," he yelled.

     "What the fuck is going on?" Kyle demanded.  Austin was crawling out of the shelter to see what was going on, but Kevin grabbed him instantly.

     "Look Kyle.  This is a huge misunderstanding," I started to say.  I didn't even know how to explain this.

     "Yeah right you fag," Philip said.  He reached down and grabbed me and lifted me up.  I suddenly noticed that Randy wasn't with them.  I thought Philip was going to just throw me back down into the sand and it took me totally off guard when he punched me in the stomach as hard as he could.

     I gasped and fell to the ground as the wind was knocked out of me.  I felt like I was going to be sick.  I looked up at Philip in shock and realized that he was looking at me with the same shocked expression.  Everyone fell silent as they stared at us.  Even Kyle had fallen silent.  Philip had done something that had never been done in the troop before.  They could mess with us all they wanted, but the moment one of them hit a younger boy, it was all over.

     No one knew what to do, but as I watched in horror, Philip's look of disbelief at his own behavior turned into one of sick pleasure.  "You stupid queer," he muttered.  He reached down and pulled me up by the arm and started dragging me across the sand toward the water.  The others just stood there.  None of them realized what was going on.  I did though.  There were no adults around and Philip was finally learning how much freedom he really had.  Nothing good could come from this.

     "Stop Philip," I screamed as he drug me closer to the water.  "Someone help me."  The rest of the older boys were just standing there watching helplessly as this played out in front of them.  My cries were waking up the younger boys though and I saw them coming out of their shelters to see what was happening.

     Before I knew it, we were in the water and Philip was pushing me down underwater.  I struggled uselessly against him.  I felt so weak.  I don't know how long he held me down.  Everything was spinning.  He would pull me out once in a while and I could hear him screaming "queer" and "fag" at the top of his lungs.  This couldn't be happening!

     He pushed me down one last time and I felt him holding strong.  He was going to kill me!  Suddenly, he let go of me and I jumped out of the water gasping for air.  I looked over and saw that Jack had pushed him off of me.  "What the fuck is your problem?" Jack yelled to Philip.  I couldn't believe this.  Jack had never stood up to Philip in his life.

     Philip picked himself out of the water and he look in his eye was one of complete rage.  He was going to kill both of us if he could.  He lunged at Jack and punched him in the face, sending Jack tumbling over and landing on the shore.  Philip was still moving toward him and I knew I had to do something.  I rushed over and helped Jack out of the water and we both stood there holding our ground against Philip.  There was no way he could take both of us.

     "Why are you defending this fag?" Philip said, heaving for breath.

     Jack looked over at me and said, "What are you talking about?"

     "I caught him in his shelter making out with Austin."  I looked at Philip in disbelief.  It was absolutely not true!  Jack suddenly took a step back.

     "It's not true," I pleaded.

     "Yeah right queer," Philip said.  He stepped right up to me and whispered something that I would never forget.  "I'm going to kill you."  And then, he walked up the beach toward the growing group of boys.  Jack was still standing by me looking at me strangely.

     "It's not true, Jack," I said as sincerely as I could.  Kevin must have let go of Austin because he ran down the beach toward me.  He grabbed onto my arm when he got to me and he was shaking and crying.  Jack took another step back.  "Jack," I started to say.

     It was too late though.  He turned away from me and began walking up the beach toward the group of boys.  Austin and I stood there, staring back at the troop.  It was over.  We were outcasts.

     I walked through the woods away from the beach trying desperately to figure out what was going on.  I was still weak from Philips's attack and my mind was darting from thought to thought.  Austin had fallen back a while ago and was now following from a distance.  The poor kid probably thought it was his fault we were in trouble.

     I broke through the foliage and found that we had come up on the watering hole I had been at yesterday.  "What is it," Austin asked when he saw that I had stopped.  He came up next to me and looked out over the calm water.  "Oh cool," he said.  He walked over to the water's edge and kneeled down, cupping water to drink.  I followed him out and kneeled down next to him.

     When I was done I sat back up and looked around.  It didn't appear that anyone was coming.  The woods were alive with noises and things running through the brush only a few yards away.  I listened to the birds far overheard for a while before sitting down in the shade.  Austin turned around and stared at me finally.  "What are we going to do?"

     I shook my head slowly, staring off into the distance.  The only thing that could save us now was the adults.  With Philip's newly found sense of freedom, it was only a matter of time before things quickly broke down.  Austin came up the embankment and sat down next to me.  "I'm really sorry," he said slowly.

     "It's not your fault," I said.  "They just didn't understand."

     "Yeah," Austin quickly said.  "We're not fags."  He looked over at me for encouragement, but I sat motionless, staring out at the water like before.  "Eric, did you hear me?"

     "I heard you Austin.  I wish you wouldn't use that word though."

     "Sorry," he said again softly.  We sat there a long time not saying anything.  The sun was moving far across the sky and I realized that I was getting hungry.

     "Let's look for some food," I told Austin.

     After we found some wild fruit and gorged ourselves, we made our way back to the watering hole to lie down.  Austin had been worrying the whole time, but I looked over and saw that he was falling asleep in the shade.  I smiled as I watched him.  He looked so peaceful and content here.

     I laid down next to him and closed my eyes as it became all to apparent that I was tired as well.  I wasn't sure how long I laid there, but I awoke to the sound of something coming through the woods.  I sat up and looked around, but I couldn't see anything.  I looked up at the sky and saw that it was turning red and pink and that the sun was going down.  I laid back down, but I instantly heard the same sound again.

     I sat up quickly and listened intently.  The sound seemed to be coming from further down the watering hole shore.  As I watched, I saw Randy step out of the woods and go straight for the water.  He was wearing his surfer shorts and nothing else.  I sat perfectly still as I watched him begin to fill up a bottle.  If he saw us over here...

     He suddenly looked over at me and froze.  I had no idea what to do.  I just sat motionless as the horror of the situation dawned on me.  If he told Philip where we were... He looked back into the woods the way he had come and then looked back at me.  To my surprise, he got up and began to make his way over to us.

     I looked down at Austin and saw that he was still fast asleep.  I got up and began walking toward Randy so I wouldn't wake Austin up.  I was so scared though.  I had no idea what Randy was going to do.  We finally reached each other half way and we just stopped and stared.  "Eric..." he said slowly.  "Philip has been saying..."

     "It's not true," I said quickly, cutting him off.  He looked over at Austin and then back at me.  I just stared into his eyes helplessly.  I wouldn't be able to handle losing Randy.

     He continued to stare into my eyes, probably determining from them whether I was telling the truth.  I wasn't thinking about any of it though.  I was only inches from Randy and finally I couldn't contain my eyes and I shot a glance down at his firm, tan chest.  I looked back up into his eyes and for some reason, it appeared that his breathing had become quicker.  Was there more going on here than I imagined...

     I couldn't contain myself anymore if I tried.  Philip was already going to beat my ass or worse anyway, so what the hell.  I reached my hand over and ran it down Randy's chest as fast as I could.  He didn't need another hint.  He stepped right up to me and wrapped his arms around me and he brought his mouth down to mine.

     I couldn't believe this was happening!  I put my arms around him and ran my hands down his powerful back as I thrust my hips against his.  I wasn't imagining things... He was hard as a rock under his shorts and he was ready to go!

     I got down on one knee, and Randy followed me to the floor.  I could see the excitement burning in his eyes.  He leaned over and ripped my shirt off and began making out with me right there on the shore.  I suddenly remembered Austin and looked over at him.  He was still fast asleep, only a few yards away.

     Randy was moving his body all over mine and I saw his package creating a tent in his shorts, dying to be set free.  I reached over and began to pull his pants off, and he laid down on his back right on the shore and I pulled them down, exposing Randy's huge erection.  It was bigger than I ever thought possible.  It was straining straight up, his enormous, mature sack pulling up tight against him.  It throbbed, anticipating my hand as I reached out and grabbed his dick.  It felt so big in my hand.  I could barely get my hand around it.  He lifted his hips into the air as I grabbed further toward the base of his shaft and ran my hand toward the tip.

     Randy suddenly sat up and pushed me down on the bank and moved over me.  He tore my shorts off in one quickly thrust, my dick springing to life.  He returned the favor by grabbing it in his two hands and working up and down quickly.  My whole body began to tingle as he did this.  I couldn't believe this was really happening.  I looked over at Austin and saw him roll over, still asleep.

     Randy moved up and straddled my midsection so that his giant dick was right next to mine.  He reached down and grabbed both with his powerful hand and began jerking us off together.  His cock looked so much more massive and mature next to mine as he tilted his head back and moaned softly.  I ran my hands up his thighs until I could grab our dicks as well.  Just holding this guy's cock in my hand made me want to cum right there.

     He let out a loud sigh before bringing his face down to mine.  "Fuck me," he whispered.  I froze when he said it.  There was no way this could be happening.  Without a moment's hesitation he brought one of this hands up to his mouth and began to lick it, still holding both of our cocks with his other hand.

     When his hand was dripping with saliva, he reached down and began to lather up my dick with it.  It felt so good.  I couldn't even concentrate.  I looked up at Austin as Randy continued to stroke his saliva all over my dick.  Austin was still asleep, peaceful and content.

     Randy suddenly sat up until he was hovering right over my cock.  I grabbed it by the base and made it stick straight out toward his ass and he began to move his crack across the head of my now slippery cock.

     I felt the head go in and a look of bitter pleasure passed across Randy's face before he smiled and began to sit down on my erection.  I felt the tight warmth slowly enveloping my entire dick and I thought I was going to explode right then.  When Randy had put it all in, holding himself up with one arm that rippled with power, he began to move up and down.  I moaned uncontrollably as I lifted my hips up and fucked him.

     With his free hand he started to stroke up and down his shaft, which was leaking with precum.  It dripped down onto my smooth stomach and he put the head of his cock down in it and stroked faster.  My hips were moving like crazy and I knew I was going to cum.  I watched every muscle in this Greek god strain and bulge as he finally gripped his dick as hard as he could.  His ass contracted as he began to shoot load after load onto my stomach and chest.  The sensation put me over the edge and my mind was thrown into overdrive as my entire body shivered with pleasure and I shot my load into his ass.

     He pulled himself off of me and collapsed on the bank next to me.  I sat there, trying desperately to figure out what just happened.  My mind was racing and trying to catch up after the frenzy of what just happened.  I looked up at Austin and saw that he was still asleep.  Only then did I look over at Randy.  He was staring up at the sky nonchalantly, like nothing had just happened.

     "Randy," I started to say.

     "I had a boyfriend once," he cut me off, still looking up at the sky.  I couldn't believe I was hearing this.  He was quiet for a while before saying, "He was the most perfect guy I had ever met.  I only knew him for a week because me and my family were on vacation up north."

     I looked up at the sky and saw that it was a dark blue.  The sun had set and it was only a matter of time before the stars began to peek through at us.  "I told my friend Jeff what happened and he was disgusted to no end.  I eventually told him that it was the other boy who had convinced me to have sex with him.  I was so ashamed of myself."

     Randy was once again telling me things that he would never tell another person and it was scaring me.  There was no logical reason for him to tell me these things.  "What happened?" I asked finally when I found that he had become quiet.

     "I'll never forget," he answered.  "I saw the boy again, and I couldn't even bring myself to look at him.  I was so ashamed of my feelings for him.  His father came out to drag him away because he was hysterical.  He was screaming how much he loved me and all I could do was look away.  Lord knows I had been searching for someone like him my whole life and the first time I found him, it was too late.  I couldn't forget my pride."

     I was suddenly very exhausted and found myself falling asleep during Randy's story.  I snapped back to consciousness and looked over at him.  He was still staring up at the sky.  "I'm so glad Austin didn't wake up," I said, not making too much of a deal about it.

     Randy suddenly sat up and looked over at Austin as if he hadn't seen him there before.  "Oh my god," he muttered.

     "What's wrong?" I asked, sitting up as well.  He was looking at Austin with a complete sense of dread.

     "Nothing," he said, laying back down and trying to act like there was nothing bothering him.  I could really tell though that something was still upsetting him to no end.  I tried to forget about it as I laid down and wiggled over next to Randy.  He made no attempt to move as I moved up next to his naked body.  Something about the way he was acting seemed so reclusive and unresponsive.  It scared me, but I found that I was too tired to think about it.  I slowly slipped off to sleep and woke up several times during the night because I thought I heard Randy talking.

     Perhaps he was talking in his sleep, but I could never figure out what he was saying.  Early in the morning though, I distinctly remember him uttering a single word.  It was a name that I will never forget.  I'm not really sure what it's significance is and maybe I'll never know.  As he rolled over toward me in his sleep, a look of worry crossed his face as if he was dealing with something to great to handle.  His face contorted one last time into one of sympathy and he muttered, "Sebastian."