Tag-Alongs Chapter 2 - Almost Again

by Cemokemo

Not long after our trip to the cabin, Kent and I started high school. The incident that happened late at night at the cabin might as well have never happened as far as it concerned our friendship. We had two classes together, which it a lot considering we only have 4 classes all day. We both had Geometry 3rd period, and we were in the same PE class for 4th period.

Kent and I became very good friends, catching up on the fact that we never went to school together before. We had quite a few things in common, well... what two 14 year old boys DON'T have a lot in common? We liked video games, pizza, and we shared the same worries about being cool, as every person does when they are freshmen.

We really didn't have to worry about being cool too much though... Our brothers were very popular kids, and we got along well with them, and all of their friends knew us and talked to us. That made us popular, because as freshmen, to be able to talk to the popular seniors is a big thing. After a few weeks of school, Josh and Kyle were going to throw a party, and of course we were going to go. We were even going to ride with Josh and Kyle.

The evening before the party, I was at home finishing up my homework, but I couldn't concentrate. Although, technically, this was our first `party'... I was still reminded of the cabin. I wondered if he remembered what we did... I wonder if he was ashamed about it... or if he, like me... thought of it every time he jacked off. I wanted to know what he thought about it, but I don't want to bring it up, and even though I think about it all the time... I don't really want it to happen again. Well, I do... but I don't... which is confusing me to no end. I wasn't sure what I was even feeling... much less what I really want. I didn't have time to think about it much longer, Josh came up to my room.

"You ready bro? It's our party, so we got to get there early." He said.

"Yeah, hold on..."

"You grab your sleeping bag and pillow?" He asked.

"Huh?" I didn't know why I needed a sleeping bag.

"We're camping out after the party, unless you want to drive us home. Grab your shit, come on let's go!". He said, and then walked off towards his room.

I grabbed my sleeping bag and pillow, and stuffed a small bag with some clothes. I guess I didn't think about what we were doing after the party... having never been to one of these kind of parties. Josh came back from his room carrying his sleeping bag, a pillow and a bag of clothes. I followed him out to the garage where we put our stuff in the backseat of his buick. He grabbed a tent from the garage wall, threw it back there too. "Hop in." He said as he did the same. I got in the passenger seat, and no sooner then I heard the click from my seat belt, Josh was spinning tires out of our driveway.

"Where is the party at?" I asked.

"Kyle's... you know all that land they've got?" Kyle and Josh's parents had a lot of land... used to be a huge farm, but only a little bit of it is farmed now.


"Well, it's back there... next to the pond. That's where we always have parties when we throw them."


"We have to meet Kyle and Kent about 2 minutes ago... they hopefully got the kegs."

"Kegs? How many?" I asked.

"3... that's something else I need to talk to you about... you and Kent are a very important part of this party." What the hell is this about?

"What's that?"

"You guys are going to take up the money and give out the cups. It's 5 bucks a cup. Don't give anybody a cup unless they give you 5 bucks."

"What do I get out of this?" I asked. What is this? Work at a party? That makes no sense.

"You get to drink for free."

"Oh thanks... that's what I always wanted."

"Hey man... we're doing you a favor! You don't have to go if you don't want to. We took you up to the cabin with us, and we chill with you at school. You are cool because of us. We are taking you to this party for two reasons. Number one... So that you `network' and meet other people, and become more a part of the scene that you need to be in to be successful in high school. Second... So that you can take up money while me and Kyle get hammered with our friends. Is that not acceptable? Does that not sound like a good deal to you?"

How can I argue with that? I hate it when Josh does that... "Yeah, that fine."

"Damn straight it's fine..." He said, angrily turning down a dirt road near Kyle's house. We twisted in and around the dirt paths in silence, until we went through a thick grove of trees, and saw Kent, Kyle and three kegs in the middle of a clearing. We parked near Kyle's Blazer, and got out... Josh had calmed down a little, but Kyle noticed something had gotten him agitated.

"What's up man?" Kyle asked.

"Man... old kick in the crotch over there was giving me crap about having to take up the money." Josh said, pointing at me.

"Aww... be nicer to him... he's the only little brother you've got." Kyle said. He looked over at Kent. "Remember what we talked about... about taking up the money?" Kent nodded. "Good... tell Jim, we've go to get these kegs on ice."

Kent walked over to me, and we started walking away from the other two, we walked down to the edge of the pond and sat down.

"So what'd Kyle tell ya?" I asked.

"He said that if anybody gave us shit, to go find Greg, and he would take care of it."

"Who's Greg?" I asked.

"He's that HUGE guy... the really big one that went to the cabin with us." Kent said.

"Oh... he seems real nice though... Like he wouldn't fight anyone." I said, being reminded again of what happened at the cabin.

"Kyle mentioned that. He said that Greg couldn't hurt a fly, but he real intimidating. Nobody is going to tell him to kiss their ass."

"What if someone does?" I asked.

"Ha... I asked the same thing... Kyle said `Then Greg flips', and apparently nobody want to be around Greg when he flips."

"I hope he doesn't flip on us."

"He won't... he's a real easy going guy, it takes a lot to push his button."Kent said.

We sat there for a few moments, just listening to the sounds of the pond. It was quite relaxing. Josh and I lived in town, a small town, but a town nonetheless. Kent and Kyle lived in the country... the REAL country. All this land, the great outdoors and all... I envied them. Our silence was broken by the high pitched sound of a four wheeler, one was riding the trails around here. I looked over at Kent. "Who's that?"

"Mike, Mike Tucker. He's in 8th grade at my old middle school." I knew Kent had a bunch of friends around his house, ones that had gone to his middle school. I saw him talking to some of them at the high school.

"How do you know it's him? I can't see him anywhere." I asked.

"Listen to the engine... how high pitched it is? That's a two stroke. Mike is the one one around here besides me who has a two stroke."

"Oh." Soon enough, the noise became louder, and the four wheeler rolled into the clearing on a trail I didn't even notice before. Kent stood up, waiting for Mike to pull up to where we were. Mike put the four-wheeler on the two right wheels, and it looked like he was going to fall, but he didn't and he fell back onto all four and sputtered up to us.

Mike was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off so that the shirt was real open, and you could see his flat, skinny stomach through the hole. His shorts were black mesh basketball shorts, with his boxers pulled up just above the waistband of the shorts. There were little splatters of mud on the shorts that matched the big spots of mud that adorned the plastic body of the four wheeler. I have to admit... I was attracted to Mike when i first saw him. Then he took off his helmet, and I fell in love with him. His hair was short and blonde, dyed blonde it looked like. He had a very cute face... but the thing about him that drew my attention most... were his eyes. He had big, deep blue eyes that had thick black eye lashes wrapped around them. They looked like a girls, but those and the rest of him almost made my knees buckle.

"Hey Mike." Kent said after Mike's helmet was off.

"Sup Kent... who your friend?" He asked looking in my direction.

"This is Jim, Josh's brother. He's in the 9th grade with me at the high school."

"Sup Jim." He nodded towards me.


"What's with the kegs? You guys having a party?"

"Well... really it's Josh and Kyle's." Kent said.

"What about us?" Just as Kent had finished speaking, Josh and Kyle walked up. Looking over at the kegs, I saw that they were both in big trash cans with ice all over them.

"Mike was asking about the party." I said.

"You gonna come? The kids here are camping out, your more than welcome to join them." There was Josh... being an ass again.

"I gotta go ask my mom then. I'll be back." Mike said, firing up his four-wheeler.

"You better be back." Kent said.

"I will... promise." He said, popped a wheelie, set it down and peeled off.

"Hey Josh... what did you mean by `the kids are camping out'?" I asked.

"I meant that the kids, being you two are camping out tonight."

"So what are you two doing?" Kent asked.

"We are camping out too... but our tent is over by Grayson's pond." Kyle answered his brother's question.

"Why is it all the way over there?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it... does it matter why our tent is over there?" Josh said, starting to get irritated.

"No but..."

"Then don't worry about it."

"OK." I said. Kyle and Josh walked off leaving Kent and I there in silence.

"I wonder when people are going to start getting here." I asked.

"Hopefully pretty soon... this is kinda boring... just waiting around." Kent said, and I nodded my head in agreement. "Want to set our tent and stuff now? That way, if we get drunk, we won't have to do it in the dark."

"Good idea." I said. So we got Kent and Kyle's tent out of Kyle's Blazer (Josh and Kyle were using ours) and grabbed our respective sleeping bags and stuff.

"Where do you want to set it up?" Kent asked.

"I don't know... it's your land... where's a good place?"

"There is a trail to the other side of the pond, there's room over there for a tent, and we'll be away from the party, so nobody will mess with it, or us." He gave me some kind of strange look when he said `us', and sort of emphasized the word... but not so much that it was obvious. I think he was hinting at something...

"That sounds good." I said. We hoofed all our stuff through the trail to the other side of the pond. We set up the tent, rolled our sleeping bags out, and even setting up a fire, so that all we'd have to do it light it later on. We chit chatted all the while, and I looked for more hints, or just looks that gave away exactly what he had been hinting at earlier. He gave no more though. I was not as dissapointed as I was mad that I didn't know what he was trying to get at earlier.

When we walked back some people had started showing up, and more and more were on the way. When Kent and I settled in with our cups, ready to take up money, a big blue van pulled up, and a huge guy, who must have been Greg got out. He walked up to us, a very intimidating thing to happen to a skinny 9th grader, and smiled.

"How's it going guys?" He sure seemed nice, he didn't call us `kids' or `boys'. Kyle walked up to greet him.

"Greg! What's up?" Kyle said.

"Nothing much man... just talking to the cup guardians here."

Kyle looked over at us. "Greg here drinks for free." He said, matter of factly.

"You guys have that funnel again?" Greg asked.

"Man! If we had that funnel this time you would just kill one of these kegs by yourself. We can't afford for you to be drinking away the party." Kyle said. Greg just laughed at it, he did seem easy going.

"Well, I guess I am going to have to start drinking the old fashioned way then." He said while moving his bulky frame towards the keg.

Kyle turned and looked at us. "If anybody gives you any shit about paying for the beer... you let Greg know... he'll take care of it."

"Alright." We both responded in unison.

The next few hours of the party went by pretty quickly. Lot's of people showed up, they paid their 5 bucks, got a cup, and joined in on the fun. Around 11 Greg made his way back over to us.

"You men deserve a break." He said. He looked like he had had a few drinks, but he didn't look drunk. I guess it would take a lot of beer to get him drunk. "Come on now... make way for the Gregmeister." He literally picked me up in one hand, and Kent in the other, lifted us off of our chairs, and put us down. He sat down in the chair I had been sitting in, nearly crushing it. He handed us each a cup, with instructions to `go get tanked'. We gladly accepted the offer and walked over to the keg. Josh and Kyle were both getting a beer. They finished, and I started pouring myself a beer.

Josh did a double take when he noticed me. "Who the hell is taking up money?" He asked. Josh was drunk.

"Greg gave us a break." Kent said, now pouring himself a beer.

"Well, where is the money?" Kyle asked.

"Here." I handed him the wad of bills we had been collecting. It was a fat wad, and not all 5's either.

"How much is it?" Josh asked.

"Over 300, we lost count." Josh and Kyle looked at each other, eyes wide with amazement.

"Go tell Greg to stop taking up money... anybody who gets here now drinks for free." Josh said, looking at me. I took a huge gulp of my beer, finishing it off, and walked back over to Greg.

I got about 10 feet from Greg who was talking loudly with someone, not mad, but happily joking with them. I got a little closer, and some headlights appeared, coming faster than they should. A big black for Expedition came around the corner, lost control, got on two wheels and hit a car. The wrong car. In fact, not a car at all. They hit a van. A big blue van. Greg's van.

Greg forgot about the people he was talking to. He jumped up quickly and ran faster than I thought he could ever run to the driver's side of the expedition, whose alarm was ironically going off.

The big SUV was still upright, and Greg ran right up to the driver's side, and yanked the driver out. The driver looked like a rag doll in Greg's arms as Greg proceeded to beat the shit out of him. By now, the incident had attracted the attention of the party, and people ran over to restrain Greg. At least five people were clinging to his back before they finally got him to stop. He dropped the guy to the ground, and the guy rolled onto his stomach and started spitting blood. Greg threw some people who had attached themselves to him to the side and walked away. Some people were making sure that the driver was alright.

Josh, as drunk as he was took control. The first thing he did was find out if the guy needed to go to the hospital. The guy said he didn't, and they checked him out. He just had some bruises, and the blood he spat up was from his broken lip. He was obviously drunk. Josh left Kyle to take care of him as Josh left to check on Greg. I looked to my left, where Kent was standing, and he wasn't there. I looked around and saw him... standing next to the keg, chugging another beer. As soon as he was done with that one he started re-filling his cup. I walked over to him. By the time I got there, he was done with another one, and he was filling his cup up again.

"What are you doing Kent?" I asked.

"Getting drunk." He said, matter of factly. He killed another beer.

"Come on man... you're going to puke all over the place." I pleaded.

"Alright... I'll stop." He handed me his empty cup and just stood, staring into space, not being able to keep his body from swaying.

I heard Josh yell over the crowd. "Alright everybody go home. The party is over. Thank you for coming. Go home." He was standing on top of his car. He continued to yell as people started heading towards their cars and leave.

Kent wasn't looking too good. He was drunk. Kyle walked over to us.

"Hey man... what's up?" He said, looking at Kent.

"I'm fine." Kent said. "Dandy."

"Alright man... that's enough for you." Kyle said, getting another beer. I filled my cup again and sipped on it. After everybody left, Josh and Greg walked over to us.

"You alright Greg?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah man... where'd that guy go? Is he alright?" The guy's SUV was still there, but there was no sign of him.

"One of his friends took him home... which is good he was in no condition to drive." Josh said.

"For sure." Kyle agreed.

"What's with big man over here?" Greg asked, pointing at Kent. "You gonna be alright?" With that, as if on que, Kent leaned forward and puked. He barked right on the ground in front of us.

When he finished, Kyle grabbed him. "Time to go to bed." He lead him over to his Blazer.

Josh looked at me. "I guess we are taking Kent to his house, and we are going to go down to Grayson's pond to our tent after that. You want to stay at Kent's or in the tent here?"

"I guess I'll stay in the tent here..." I said. It really didn't make a difference to me, now that Kent was out of the picture for the night. "Is Kent going to be alright?"

"Yeah... just drank a little more than he's used to... he'll be fine. Are you going to be alright out here?"

"Yeah... I'll be fine. I'll probably just go straight to bed."

"Hey man... I'll be asleep in the big dented van over there... if you need me." Greg said.

"I'll remember that if I see any ghosts." I said.

Greg chuckled. "Sure... Good night guys." He said, walking towards the van.

"We'll be by in the morning Jim... `night." Josh said as he caught up with Kyle.

I finished my beer, and started walking towards the trail to the other side of the pond. I stopped, because I thought I heard something off in the distance. I didn't hear it very well at first, but soon it became clearer and clearer. It was a high pitched sound of a two stroke four wheeler. Mike.

I had forgotten all about Mike. Soon I saw his headlights shine into the clearing. He pulled directly up to me and cut his four wheeler off.

"Where'd everybody go?" He asked, taking his helmet off.

"Well, someone slammed into Greg's van, and Greg beat the shit out of him, and then everybody went home."

"Where's Kent?"

"Oh... he got really drunk, puked and now Kyle is taking him to his bed."

"That sucks... any beer left?"

"Yeah..." We walked over to the keg and I found him a clean cup. We both got a beer. I was starting to feel the effects of it.

"Too bad about Kent." Mike said.

"Yeah... I don't know why he was drinking like that." I said.

"I do."

"You do? Why?" I asked.

Mike took a slug of his beer. "I don't know if I should tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because... it's about you." He said. "Let's pull those chairs up to the keg." We walked over to get the chairs and brought them back to the keg.

"So what's all this about?" I pryed.

"Well... you have to promise not to tell Kent I told you, and you have to promise to not get mad."

"Ok, I promise."

"Alright... first off... he told me about what you guys did at the cabin." He said.

"What?!?!" I was shocked... He said he didn't remember anything that happened that night. And why did he tell Mike?

"Calm down dude... it's cool... Kent and I have done that before." I calmed down a little bit, but a million things were going through my mind.

"Anyway... he wanted to do it again... well to do a little more if you know what I mean. He figured that the only way he could get the courage to ask, or even to bring it up was to get really drunk, because it worked last time."

"Alright... I got it..." I leaned back and closed my eyes. That made so much sense. That's what I had missed earlier, when Kent said that they wouldn't disturb `us' if we set up the tent on the other side of the pond. Maybe Kent had this planned out all along. He must have ben thinking of me like I have been thinking of him. He's done it with Mike too... that must be amazing. Kent is cute and all... but Mike is a dream. I pictured Mike and Kent...

"So man... you alright with that?" I snapped out of my trance.

"Yeah... it's just I didn't think anybody else would know about what happened at the cabin. We even told each other that we forgot what happened." I said.

"Dude... It's cool... Me and Kent have done all kinds of stuff together." Mike said.

"What kinds of things?" I asked... suddenly interested.

Mike looked at me with those deep beautiful eyes. He smirked... "I can tell you... or I can show you."

My jaw dropped. My penis got hard instantly. I was being seduced by the most beautiful boy I had ever met. "My tent is on the other side of the pond."

Mike finished his beer, stood up and turned to me. "Let's go then."

He hopped on his four wheeler, and I got on behind him. I wrapped my arms around his warm body. He started the engine, and we rode quickly up to the tent. When we got there, he cut off the four wheeler, and hopped off. We both took our shoes off, and hopped into the tent... zipping it shut behind us.

We took our socks off, and before I started unzipping my pants, Mike stopped me. "Let me do it." He unzipped my pants, revealing a bulge poking out of my briefs. I helped him slid my pants and underwear down. He stroked my cock lightly before he did something I didn't expect him to do at all. He put it do his lips, and swallowed it, the whole thing. After the initial shock, I just had to lean back and feel the warmth of his mouth, and the sensations that he was giving me. It didn't take long before I was ready to shoot all down his throat. He sensed I was near, and began to suck as hard as he could. That set me off, and I sprayed hot jizz down his throat and he swallowed it all. He sucked on it until it started to go limp, and he had gotten every bit of juice out of my.

He took his mouth off of my penis, and I pushed him back into Kent's sleeping bag. "My turn." He accepted my advancements, and laid back. His erection was quite obvious, since he only had on his black mesh shorts and a pair of boxers. It took me all of half a second to get those off of him, and to expose his dick, it was very close in size to mine, and just looked perfect. I put my mouth around it, and sucked him off like there was no tomorrow. My head bobbed up and down, and soon he arched his hips up in the air, and shoot his hot load down my throat. I sapped up all I could from him, and licked all over until I was satisfied. Then I crawled up next to him, put my arm around him, and fell asleep.


I awoke to the sound of the zipper being opened from the outside. I quickly pulled my pants up (which were still down) and sat up. Light shown brightly into the tent, and after my eyes adjusted, I saw Kent. I looked beyond Kent, and saw a mangled black object. Greg's van was nowhere to be seen, but the expedition looked like it had gone through a car smasher. Every window was busted, and the framed seemed to have crumpled. This wasn't from the accident... this was from Greg...

When I looked back at Kent, I saw something much more devastated. Mike was still asleep, and still nearly naked, and Kent saw that. He looked me in the eyes, and I saw pain in his face. A tear fell from his eye. He wiped it away as he turned around to walk away.


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