Tag-Alongs 4

First Date

by: Cemokemo

Well, after an overwhelming responce to continue the story, here is chapter 4 of Tag-Alongs. I appreciate everyone who emailed me, and expect at least as many emails about this story. All the usual disclaimers apply. If you shouldn't be reading this, don't. Otherwise... Enjoy!

Josh and Kyle left us alone on the couch, promising to be back soon, and making us swear to not get into any `funny stuff'. We agreed, and were content to sit back in each other's arms. The warmth of Jimmy's body against mine was the best feeling ever.

"When are you're parents getting home?" Jimmy asked me.

"They are out shopping, and the note said they won't be back until late." I said, rubbing my hands on his chest.

"Kent?" Jimmy asked.


"Will you kiss me?"

"Do you need to ask?" He turned his head upwards to mine, and our lips locked, our tounges taking turns exploring each other's mouth. Not soon after we started, we heard something in the distance. It was a high pitched buzzing that was getting closer. I broke the kiss.

"What is it?" Jimmy asked.

"Mike... sounds like he is coming over here." I said. We separated ourselves from each other and waited for Mike. The sound got closer until it reached the front of the house and then it died. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said.

Mike walked in, looked at both of us and sat in the chair opposite the couch.

"What's up guys?" He said.

"Not much, what are you up to?" I said. Man... Mike was cute. Not as cute as Jimmy in my opinion, but he was a very attractive boy.

"Just riding around, making sure everything got worked out after this morning and everything."

"It's all worked out." Jimmy said, giving me a sly look. Mike noticed the look.

"So you guys are..." He said, not wanting to finish the sentence.

"Yep." I said. "Jimmy is my boyfriend." Boy was that strange to hear coming out of my mouth. Mike had a strange look on his face. It wasn't of jealousy, more like dissaproval. "Are you cool with that?"

"I guess so... I just never thought of it like that." He said.

"What do you mean?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, I know that the stuff we do, jacking off and sucking dicks and stuff is... gay, but I never thought of us as being gay, like having boyfriends and stuff."

"Why not?" I asked. "You don't like when we did that stuff?"

"No, it's not that... I love it when we used to do that stuff, I just never thought of it as anything more than getting off."

"Well, if that's all you think of it, then that explains why us being boyfriends is confusing to you. To us it's more than getting off. It's about love." I said.

"Let me ask you something Mike... are you gay?" Jimmy said.

Mike took a long time to answer. He bit his lip in deep concentration. "I never thought about it until now."

"And?" Jimmy and I said in unison.

"I guess I am... I like guys, and I don't think about girls like I do guys." Mike said.

"Well then you probably are... but you are too young to know what love is. Don't worry about it, you're still young and don't worry about labeling yourself now." A voice from behind the couch said.

"Kyle!" I said. He must have snuck up on us. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here, what do you think?" He said, coming around the couch and motioning for Jimmy to get up. "Get up Jimmy, Josh is in the car waiting for you."

"Can't I stay a little longer?" Jimmy pleaded.

"I wouldn't push Josh too much... he's not exactly thrilled that you and Kent are together now."

"Alright..." Jimmy said, he leaned over and gave me a hug good bye. "I'll call you tonight."

"Bye Jimmy"

"Bye Kent."

With that, Jimmy Hustled out the door and raced to Josh's car, which was honking in frustration. Kyle sat on the couch next to me, where Jimmy had just been sitting.

"So bro... what do you think? Is it going to work out?" Kyle asked me, putting a hand on my knee.

"I think so... I feel so good right now... nothing can bring me down." I said, sighing, and sliding in deeper into the couch.

"I wish I could feel like that." Mike said.

"Don't worry, your time will come. I am sure there are tons of boys who would fall in love with you at first site." Kyle said.

"You think?" He said.

"For sure, but it might be a while, you are still young... And I think it's time for you to go home... Kent and I have things we need to discuss, alone."

"Ok.. Bye Kent, see ya around." Mike said getting up and starting for the door.

"See ya Mike." I said as I watched him walk out the door. I turned and looked at Kyle. "What do we have to talk about?" I asked.

"Sex." He said.

"What about it?" I asked, wondering what this was all about.

"I know you've had sex ed, and I am sure Dad gave you the `talk', but I don't think that either of those covered what you need to know." He said.

"And you are going to tell me?" I didn't think that Kyle knew too much about gay sex, but I guess he does.

"Yes, but first off I want to say that I don't approve of you and Jimmy having sex. I know that I can't stop you from doing it, but you have to remember that you are young, too young some would say. I just want to make sure that you guys are safe."

So that's how it went, Kyle spent almost an hour telling me all about the intricacies of gay sex, what to do and how to do it safely. He surprised me with how much he knew about the subject. After he finished I only had one question for him.

"Kyle?" I said.


"How do you know all of this stuff?" I asked.

"Hold on..." He said, getting up and walking to the kitchen. He came back with a little scrap of paper with something written on it. He handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's an internet site I want you to look at later." He said. I folded the paper and stuck it into my pocket. "Hopefully, that will explain everything."

"Ok... I have one more question..." I said.


"What is the deal with Josh... why were you guys fighting and why isn't he too keen on me and Jimmy being together?" I asked.

"Ask me tomorrow, after you look at what I just gave you. Now we have to clean out the tool shed."

"Awww Kyle... do we have to?" The tool shed was really dirty and I didn't look forward to cleaning it up.

"Yes, that was the only way Dad would let me have that party, and therefore you owe me, cause I got you and Jimmy together." He said.

That was a cheap shot, but I couldn't disagree. We grabbed some work gloves and headed out to the tool shed. Originally what they call a `buck barn', it was used to cure tobacco that were held in racks. Kyle always said that it is a `bulk barn' and the hicks just say it wrong, but everybody I know calls it a `buck burn'. It was made like a log cabin, although much more crudely that log cabins were made, and the spaces between the logs originally had the red mud tobacco country is famous for stuffed in them. Dad had knocked all that out and filled it with cement a long time ago. The door was small and we had to squeeze in one at a time.

Flipping a switch on the wall turned on the giant floresant light hung from the ceiling and it illuminated the dusty racks of long forgotten tools and pieces of home worker projects strewn everywhere. We started by pulling everything out of the barn and setting it outside. It was a long process and gave us a chance to talk.

"Kyle, do you think I should tell Mom and Dad?" I asked.

"Tell them what?" He said, almost ignoring me while prying apart two boards stuck together.

"That I am gay..." I said.

He set the two boards down and looked at me. "Eventually, I think they deserve to know. But you don't have to do it anytime soon."

"Do you think they'll be mad at me?" I asked.

"Never... They'll love you no matter what. Luckily we have two liberal democrats for parents."

"I don't know what that means... What is a liberal democrat?"

Kyle looked at me again. "It means that they don't have hang-ups about people being black, gay, poor or different. They accept people, and will love you for who you are no matter what."

"That's good. So think I should tell them right away?"

"It's up to you. I think you should wait, at least until you come to terms with it yourself." He said.

"I guess I'll wait then... what about school?"

"What about it?"

"Think they'll find out?" I said.

"Only if you tell them, or give them reason to be suspicious. As long as you and Jimmy keep your hands off of each other in public, nobody will know." He said.

"What if they do find out?" I imagined all kinds of crazy scenarios where the whole school would tease me, maybe even beat me up.

"Well, we'll deal with that if it happens, but don't worry, you have mine and Josh's support, and nobody is going to argue with us."

That was true... worse comes to worse, Kyle and Josh are the most popular kids in school, and Jimmy and I are their little brothers. Hopefully it won't come to that, but it's comforting to have that shield to protect us if it does happen.

We worked all afternoon, cleaning out the barn, throwing the trash away and getting everything back in neatly. It was close to suppertime when we finished. We were dirty and tired when we walked into the house. The phone rang and Kyle picked it up, and walked into the living room, motioning to me to stay in the kitchen. A few minutes later he came back into the kitchen.

"Get a shower and dress up, we are going out." He said.

"Where?" I asked.

"Out to eat, and then to a movie. So dress nice."


"Me, you and Josh and Jimmy."

"YES!" I exclaimed, and ran upstairs to take a shower. A date! Jimmy and I, dinner and a movie! This was great news. It was only Saturday after all, and we still had a weekend night, and what better way to spend it than with Jimmy? I took a quick shower, washing off all the dust and dirt that had made it's way through my clothes and onto my skin. The warm water also serves to ease some of the aching muscles, and I stepped out of the shower refreshed and relieved. I put on my best pair of khaki pants, a white t-shirt and a nice light blue button up shirt tucked into a brown belt finished it off.

Walking into the living room, I saw Kyle. He was dressed similarly, with some nice dark blue jeans and a dark blue shirt tucked into them. He walked over to me and started fixing my collar, like he always does when I dress nice.

"You look good bro... I bet the ladies are all over you." He said, finishing up.

"If only they stood a chance..." I said.

"Exactly... now hurry up, we are going to Josh's and he's going to drive." Kyle quickly left a note for our parents and we climbed into his bronco and drove over to Josh's. We walked up to the door and knocked, Jimmy answered. He had some blue cargo pants on and a really nice blue white t-shirt with blue rings around the neck and sleeves. He looked so cute.

"Come on in, Josh will be down in a second." Jimmy said. We walked in, and he grabbed me and leaned into my ear. "My parents are here, so keep it cool until we get in the car." I nodded, understanding what he meant.

Josh came down a minute or so later dressed much like Kyle, but with a yellow shirt. "Come on guys, we're going to be late if we don't hurry... Bye Mom!" He said, almost rushing out the door.

"Bye guys... be safe!" His mom yelled as we walked out the door to the car.

Josh and Kyle took the front seats, and Jimmy and I climbed into the spacious back seat of Josh's Buick. Before we even left the driveway, Josh laid out some ground rules. "Ok guys, no funny stuff in the back seat there... we'll separate you if we have to." Kyle started to snicker. "What?" Josh said, looking at Kyle.

"No funny stuff? We'll separate you? You sound like our parents." He said, still holding back laughter.

"I just wanted to get things clear before we go." He said, humbled.

"Don't worry dad, we won't do any funny stuff." Jimmy said, which made the rest of us start laughing.

"Good..." Josh said, and he turned up the music in his car. Josh has two big speakers in the trunk of his car, and when he turns them up, you feel the music pumping into you body, as well as bouncing off the walls of your inner ear. One of the benefits of it, is that is makes talking between the front and back seats near impossible. Josh and Kyle were having their own conversation that we couldn't hear, and it allowed Jimmy and I to talk without them listening in.

Jimmy however, didn't want to talk just yet. As soon as we were on the road, he gave me a huge french kiss. Not a long one, so that Josh wouldn't think we were just making out in his back seat, but a good one, to let each other know how much love there was between us. After we broke it, he was the first one to speak up, over the bass punching itself through our chests.

"Do you think we could spend the night at my house?" He asked.

"That would be an awesome ending for our date tonight... Kyle told me a bunch of stuff I can't wait to try out." I said.

"What did Kyle tell you?" He asked.

"Don't worry about it, I'd rather show it to you later." I said with a sly look on my face.

The music was suddenly turned off, and Kyle looked back at us. "Hand check!" He said. We both held both of our hands up, to show him that we weren't doing any `funny stuff'. "Just checking." He said, and he reached over to turn the music back up.

I stopped him. "Wait... Kyle, do you think I could stay at Jimmy's tonight?"

"NO!" Josh said, rather affirmatively.

"Come on Josh... Why not?" Jimmy pleaded.

"I just am not comfortable with that happening in the same house that I am yet." He said.

"Well, then can Jimmy come over to my house?" I asked, trying to make this work.

"Ask me later, I will have to talk to Kyle about that." Josh said, turning the music up. That conversation was over for now. Jimmy and I sat quietly in the back seat holding hands until we got to Hedgefield.

Hedgefield is the big city that we have to go to if we want to do anything. It has the restaurants, the movie theaters and the malls that we lack back in the country. It's intimidating if you aren't used to it. A country boy in the big city doesn't seem to fit in.

The restaurant we went to was `The Barking Dog Bar and Grille'. A nice place with dark wood everywhere, and fireplaces adding to the `ambience' of it. We were seated by a amazingly attractive hostess. If I was into girls, she would defiantly be jack off material. She hit on Kyle a little, but he politely shrugged her off, without offending her.

In the big cities, they don't have waiters or waitresses. Those are not very PC terms, so we had a `server'. Her name was Courtney, and I thought she was nuts.

"Welcome to The Barking Dog Bar and Grille, may I interest you in a beverage?" She said, handing out menus. Who talks like that? I was used to waitresses who said `Y'all like a drink?'. I guess that's not good enough for the big city. We ordered drinks, and she ran off to fetch them.

Looking at prices on the menu, I realized I might not have enough money for tonight. Josh must have sensed this. "Tonight is on us fellas, so order what you want. You guys helped us make quite a bit of money at the party last night and this is how we wanted to repay you." He said.

That was a relief. "What's a `Cordon Blue'?" I asked.

"It's swiss cheese with ham wrapped around it, and then a chicken breast wrapped around that, then it's breaded and deep fried, and then finished off in the oven. A tasty dish." Courtney said, bringing us our drinks. "You gents need a little more time or are you ready to order?"

Everyone else folded up their menus and declared that they were ready to order. Josh and I got the Cordon Blue, and Kyle and Jimmy both got steaks. Courtney took up the menus and told us she'd be right back with some dinner rolls and butter.

"Look... over at the bar." Kyle said. Everyone turned and looked.

"What?" Jimmy asked.

"See those two guys, on the left?" Kyle said.

"Yeah... what about them?" Josh said.

"They just gave each other a kiss." Kyle said.

Josh stopped looking. "Don't stare guys... it look weird when you stare." He said.

"I didn't know you could do that in the open..." Jimmy said.

"Well, it's not like there is a rule against it... Remember, this is the big city, and things are different here than they are in the country." Kyle said.

"You think they'd care if Jimmy and I..." I said, but Josh cut me off.

"Yes, they would care, and so would I, so don't think about it." Josh said.

"Oh lighten up there, big boy." Kyle said, making a kidding face a Josh.

"All three of you are incorrigible." He said, and he left it at that.

Courtney came back with our rolls, they were soft and warm, and really good. "Anything else guys?" She said.

"Yeah, tell Jason that Kyle is here." Kyle said.

"Sure thing." She said with a wink, and she walked off.

"Who's Jason?" Josh asked.

"A friend of mine, I met him at the club a while back. He's the night kitchen manager here." Kyle said. Josh looked like he had more to say, but he kept it in.

Our food came about 10 minutes later. Everything looked really good, and we dug in. I was starving. I hadn't really eaten anything all day, and all the work I did gave me a huge appetite. The Cordon Blue was really hot, but when it cooled off, it was really good. The steaks that Jimmy and Kyle ordered were big and they had perfect diamond seared into them. We were about half way through our meal when a guy, who looked about 25 walked over to our table. He had black and white checkered pants on and a white chef coat.

"Hey Jason, this is my best friend Josh, my little brother Kent, and Josh's little brother Jimmy." Kyle said, going around the table.

"Nice to meet you guys." Jason said. He turned to Josh and Kyle. "I am having a party after work tonight, you guys should stop by." He said. I assumed he meant only for Josh and Kyle to stop by.

"We will, you give us some directions?" Josh said. Jason gave him the directions. "As soon as we drop the kids off, we'll be right over." He said.

"What time do you get off?" Kyle asked.

"Not until around 11:30, so the party won't start until right after that." Jason said.

"We'll be there." Kyle said.

"Great, I gotta go back to work, but I look forward to seeing you guys there. Good meeting you guys." Jason said as he headed back towards the kitchen.

"He seems like a nice guy." Jimmy commented.

"Yeah, and he knows how to party... so Josh, you up for it?" Kyle said.

"After last night, it will be nice to just go to someone else's party and have a good time." Josh said.

"What about Jimmy and Kent?" Kyle asked.

"You could drop us of at our house... it's closer to Hedgefield, and then you guys would make it to the party." I said.

"What about it Josh?" Kyle asked.

"I guess so, out of sight and out of mind... Jimmy you have to call Mom and ask though, and Kent, I think you should call also." Josh said.

"There's a pay phone by the restrooms, come on Jimmy, I'll show you where it's at, and Kent, don't worry, I'll call and set it up for you guys." Kyle said. Jimmy and Kyle got up, leaving me with Josh at the table. It was an awkward few minutes before they came back. Josh and I just didn't have anything to say to each other. Sometimes I wonder how Kyle and him get along so well. Kyle and Jimmy came back and sat down.

"It's all set, but hurry up and eat, we still have a movie to go to." Kyle said.

We all dug in. When we all had finished, and push our plates away, Courtney brought out four pieces of chocolate cake. "Complements of Jason." She said. We were all really full, but we tried to eat the cake, which was really good, but none of us were able to finish it. Josh paid the check, left Courtney a hefty tip and we headed out to the theater.

We saw a crappy martial arts movie, that I, and everyone else thought sucked. Josh and Kyle sat between Jimmy and I, so that no `funny stuff' went on in the theater. The movie wasn't over fast enough, and soon we were on our way back to my house for all the `funny stuff' we could handle.

"Now remember guys... no matter what you do tonight, be safe, and for the love of god... don't let mom and dad find you two in a... suggestive fashion in the morning. At least sleep in different places." Kyle said as we were dropped off at my house.

The house was quiet, my parents were asleep, tired from shopping all day I suppose. "Lets sleep in the basement." I said. We have a finished basement with a sofa that folds into a bed, a TV and most of all, privacy. We made our way downstairs, being quiet and pulled out the bed. We turned on the TV on low volume for some background noise. After making the bed, we both stripped to our underwear and climbed in under the covers. We didn't say a word when he held each other in a tight, warm embrace. Our bodies rubbing against each other, our mouths running over each other. Jimmy was on top, and he slid down my body, stopping to lick at my nipples and bellybutton. He pulled my briefs down, just exposing my pubic hair and he ran his nose through it. I reached down and pulled them all the way off. He stroked my fully erect penis a few times before diving in and swallowing it whole. He sucked while bobbing up and down, twirling his tounge around my head. He pulled out and took some time to put both of my balls in his mouth. Soon he went back to my cock and he sucked even faster this time. My muscles tensed and my hips arched, sending rockets of my sperm down his throat. He swallowed it all eagerly, and squeeze the rest out of my penis, which was remaining hard as a rock.

"My turn!" I said, pulling him up to me, and giving him a hard kiss on the lips, tasting my residue that was left in his mouth. I reached down and cheaply groped him through his briefs. His cock was ready to burst out of his underwear. I rolled on top of him and slid down, pulling his briefs off quickly, and I soon was returning the favor, tasting the soft skin of his boyhood, letting it slide in and out of my mouth. He didn't last as long as I did, and was soon shooting hot jets of cum all over my face. He pulled me up to him, and proceeded to lick his own cum off of my face. That quickly turned into another make-out session. We laid there, more relaxed, kissing each other gently, just feeling each other's presence.

I broke the kiss for a second. "Jimmy, turn over, I want to try something." I said.

"What?" He asked.

"Just trust me." I said, flipping him over and moving head down to his perfect butt. I pulled his cheeks apart, and looked at his hole, puckered, virgin all the way. I kissed it and I could feel his body shiver.

"That feels sooo good..." He said.

"Just wait." I moistened a finger and slide it into his tight hole slowly and gently. First one knuckle, then two, and them all the way. He was shaking with this new sensation. I noticed that he shook most when my finger hit a certain spot. It was a small spot, just behind his genitalia, inside of his hole. I played with it, and he shook uncontrollably. I kept playing with it until he stopped.

"Kent?" He said shyly.

"Yes?" I said.

"I just came." He said, turning over and showing me the mess he had made on the covers.

"No way! Holy shit!" I said. Soon I was on my knees, spreading my cheeks apart. "Do it to me." I said. "Just find a spot right behind my cock, be gently." He licked his finger, and slide it in, slowly. The penetration felt so good that my cock hung at a straight angle towards the bed. He found the spot without a problem, and played with it much like I did him. It was amazing! Better than jacking off, even better than a blowjob. Waves of pleasure washed over my body and soon I was shooting again uncontrollably. When I was done, we both collapsed on each other, exhausted. I forgot all about what Kyle had said and passed out intertwined with my lover, my boyfriend and my best friend. Our bodies kept us warm all night and neither of us woke up until morning.

What woke us up was my mom calling from the top of the stairs... "BREAKFAST! Boys, time to get up... don't make me come down there."

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