The Inheritance

As I set in the office looking around at the bookcases with law books from floor to ceiling I wondered what was going to happen. My Grand father passed away just five days ago. The will was going to be read today. My future was at stake and I did not know what was going to happen. Just then Mr. Wilson walked in and sat in the big leather desk chair.

Mr. Wilson was my grandfather's attorney and good friend. He was a short balding man that looked like he needed some sun. His pale skin and gray eyes made him look more like he should be working in a morgue. With a stale cigar smell and cheep cologne on that made me sick to my stomach. He stared at me for a minute then started reading the will. Brad as the only living heir to your grandfather's estate you will receive everything he had. The thirty thousand acres, home, the cash and the forty small businesses he owned. I just want you to know there is one stipulation though.

The feeling over whelmed me I was going to be able to do anything I want. I was thinking of Chris just an hour ago making love and how we could be free to go on with our lives without hiding the fact we wanted to be together. Then I heard the words one stipulation and my heart sank. I felt my grandfather knew about me and did not like the fact I was gay. He wanted me to have children so the name would carry on. He had met Chris at my place a few times and stated he was using me for my money. I should find a nice young lady and have children and get over this phase of my life. Maybe I should describe myself I am 24 6' 2 190lbs brown hair green eyes. I am not the best looking thing around just your average joe. I do have a great body from all the work I have done over the years on the ranch. I am proud of the six pack abs and the lean strong muscles I have but I worked for it very hard. Chris on the other hand was the cute little Abercrombie type. With the lean body and blond hair that never seemed out of place.

Brad... Brad I heard Mr. Williams say. Coming out of my thoughts of the fun I had planned. Asking are you ready for the stipulation. I quickly said yes. Pulling a map out of his desk he pointed to a spot circled on it. Your grandfather states you must spend one year learning about the land and how to survive on it using your wits. I burst out a year! Yes Mr. Williams stated he has a place he wants you stay to learn what its like to live and appreciate what the land means to him. You will have a farm hand that will help you build your house and help make sure you are safe. He will be the only one you will have contact with while you serve you time on the land. Any other contact will forfeit what you will get in the end. I stood up and yelled he can't do that! Mr. Williams said he can and you will do as he asks or you will receive five hundred dollars and every thing else will go to the arts. Do you understand what I am saying? Yes I understand. Well you have twenty four hours to pack your personal things and be at the bunkhouse. Twenty four hours. Yes twenty four and don't be late.

I left the attorneys office with my head hung low thinking what I was going to tell Chris. How could I leave him for a year and what would I do without him? How could I live without waking up staring into his eyes every morning?

I returned to the apartment to find Chris asleep on the couch. I stood there looking at him clad only in his boxers. My first thought was to go over and kiss him awake. Make love to him as I ached for him wanting to touch his smooth chest feeling the flatness of his stomach. I pushed that thought out of my mind knowing we had to talk. I gently kissed his closed eyelids.

Chris wake up we need to talk. His eyes fluttered awake looking like deep blue pools of water.

Hi babe what's up? Did you get good news?

Chris I got some good news and some bad news. First you know I am the only family gramps had. He left everything to me.

Brad that's great news, we can now do all the things we ever dreamed of.

Wait Chris there is the bad news. I have to go away for a year before its all mine.

Fuck you Brad you have money now you're through with me. Is that all I have been a piece of ass till you had it made?

Chris wait I have no choice.

What do you mean no choice Brad?

Listen gramps stated that I would have to live off the land for a year. He had a place he talked about when I was little. It is where he started out years ago and said it made him the man he was today. I am to spend the next year there learning what he thinks is important to becoming a man.

And if you don't, what happens then?

I will forfeit it all. Is that what you want me to do? If it is then that's what I will do. You know you are what's important to me?

No Brad I will not be the reason you blame for the rest of your life that you could have had something you really wanted. Then you would hate me and throw it in my face all the time. So tell me what we have to do.

I am to take enough clothes to make it for a year. There is an old hand of Gramps that will be sent with me to make sure I stay a year. He will also help me build the house and be there in case something happens. I can't have friends or the things needed other that what will be provided for me.

So what am I to do while you are gone on your year of playing cowboy?

Chris I have taken my savings and paid the rent up for a year. The rest of it I put in our checking account. If you are careful you should have enough with the part time job you have to make it. There is enough for you classes for the next year and if you get in a bind check on the student loans.

You expect me to get loans like I am poor Brad. What will the others think of me? I can't afford it anymore. Poor Chris now his boyfriends gone and he's poor white trailer trash again. I can't live like that again Brad.

I pulled Chris close and kissed his lips sending shivers down my spine like it did every time I kissed him. Whispering you will never have to go back to that life again babe. Remembering the first time I saw him. The cute boy toy a friend brought to my 21 birthday party. He was scared and supposed to be my birthday present. A 16 year old piece of ass that was paid 200 bucks for all the guys to get there rocks off.

I remember walking into the bedroom late that night seeing him huddled in the corner. I had refused to use him but the others all had there turns some more than once. It was the second time I saw him that night. I had forgotten he was there thinking he had left earlier. His face streaked with tears looking up at me saying please I can't take anymore. That picture will never leave my mind.

That night was uneventful we ate supper in silence. At ten we went to bed and held each other without a word. I awoke the next morning all alone in bed. Rolling over I saw a note on Chris's pillow setting up in bed I read the note.

Brad I cannot bear to say goodbye to your face. I ran as I always have to keep from breaking down. I hope you understand. I love you and hope you want me when you get back.

Love Chris.

I was depressed as I packed my things. Wanting to take off and find Chris but knew as always you could not unless he wanted you to. So as I gathered things up I packed the note and a shirt that I knew he had worn the night before. I could still smell his sent on it. It comforted me knowing I could smell him on it and was using it to help hold him close to me as long as I could. I finished packing and sat down to write him a note.

It was eleven forty five when I reached the ranch. As I pulled up to the house I saw the big white four by four trucked packed to the cab with supplies. I pulled up beside it and stepped out of my jeep. I looked around and could not see anyone so I started putting my things in the back of the truck. As I loaded the last duffel bag to the top of the truck I heard a man ask if he could help. I turned to say I had it when he stuck his hand out to shake. I am Scott and you must be Brad? Shaking his hand I said yes. He looked to be in his late twenties with short curly dark hair. About six two with a nice muscular frame a trim waste and long legs ending in a nice pair of boots. I had thoughts of what a stud he was with the ladies.

So Scott I am to meet a hand of gramps here at noon, would you know where I might find him?

Well I would say he just shook your hand. I am the one you were to meet.

Has there been a change? The guy I was meeting was an older hand of gramps.

Well an old hand I would be I guess as I have been working for the ranch for the last twelve years. I just work on the ranch that we will be staying at for most of the time I have been employed here. I hope you can handle where we will be staying. I know you have had it easy most of your life.

I felt my face turn red with anger. Here was a guy that didn't even know me thinking I was a spoiled brat. I looked Scott in the eye. I have not had it easy all my life. You know nothing about me. I can handle anything you can and more.

Whoa Brad I just meant its rough out there. I was not trying to insult you in any way. It's just that we will have it hard.

I know what you meant. You don't think I will make it. You're like everyone else a rich kid can't rough it. No room service or someone to wait on you. Well I am here to prove all of you wrong. I know it won't be easy but it's what Gramps wanted and I will do it.

Ok let's calm dawn and get on the road.

We climbed in the truck and started out. The silence was deafening as we pulled out of the ranch. We had been on the road for an hour when Scott asked if I would mind if he turned on the radio. I just shook my head as I stared out the window. Looking from telephone pole to telephone as the miles droned on. He turned on the radio and country music was playing. I thought I was in hell. I never could stand that music but was not going to say anything. I thought when I first saw this guy how nice he was but he has turned out to be an ass. This was going to be the year from hell. Having to spend a year with a guy that rubs you the wrong way was going to be tough.

Four hours later we pulled into a Station to refuel the truck. You better get out and stretch you legs we still have three hours more till we reach where we will be staying for a year. I got out of the trucked all stiff legged. I did not realize how tense I had been till I took a few steps. I felt the need to relieve myself so I walked to the station to the men's room. There was Scott standing at the urinal. It was one of the long ones that more than one can use at a time. Not to act like I was intimidated I stepped up to it looking down to unsnap my pants. I glanced out of the corner of my eyes as I had always done. I saw a cock that any man would be proud to call his own. At least four inches of nice man cock was sticking out of Scotts paints. I felt my own cock stir as I realized I was staring. Quickly I looked up to see those dark eyes looking at me. A smile spread across Scotts face. Heat was not the word for it as my face turned deep red. My face felt like it was on fire. I could not look at him. I was pushing as hard as I could to get my stream started to no avail. Scott started shaking his last drops off and threw in a few extra shakes. I think he wanted me to look again. He finally was through stepping over to wash his hands. As the water started running my stream finally broke loose. Scott finished drying his hands and was stepping out the door when I heard him say shy bladder Huh? I felt an overwhelming urge to cry as I stood there shaking the last drop off. I spending a year with a guy that intimidates me every chance he gets. I was beginning to feel a hatred for a guy I barely new.

I left the restroom and saw a payphone. I had to call Chris I needed to hear his voice to help pull myself back together. I quickly dialed the number. One, two, three, four rings then I heard the answering machine pick up. Chris are you there? Please pick up if you are babe I need to talk to you. A pause then I heard a beep being cut off. God I needed him, I needed to hear his voice. Hanging up the receiver I felt all alone in the world. I needed to feel the arms of the man I loved wrapped around me, telling me to be strong. How much he loved me and what a good man I was. With my head hanging down I walked back to the truck and climbed in.

Brad, Brad Scott's voice was saying we will pull over about a mile up the road to get a bite to eat. It will be the last meal we will be able to get that we will not have to fix for ourselves. With my head still down I said ok. A couple minutes later we pulled in to an old dinner that looked like it had seen its better days. Stepping out of the truck Scott said it looks rough but it's got good food.

We walked in to be greeted by a waitress that looked as tired as the diner itself.

Hey Scott what's your pleasure the usual.

Yeah May and I think my friend would like the same. It will be a long time before we will get food like this again.

We sat at a small table with a worn table cloth that had seen its better days but looked clean. May brought over a couple of coffee cups and poured us a cup each. She looked at Scott and asked are you headed to the valley? Yeah we will be up there for a while so we need something that will sustain us... Well it will be out in a few. I will set the pot here so you can fill your cups when you want it. Thanks May. Brad stated with a smile that would melt most hearts. It was that I was just not in the mood. Still brooding because I did not get to talk to Chris on the phone earlier! All I had on my mind was how bad I missed him.

I sat thinking about the night before the reading of the will. I came home to Chris and he had a romantic dinner fixed. We sat there eating and I was lost in his blue eyes. We finished the meal and headed to the bedroom. As I closed the door I felt his arms go around my waist pressing himself against me. I could feel his hard cock nestled between my ass cheeks. I felt myself getting hard knowing what was in store for me in a few minutes

Chris unbuttoned my shirt and kissed the back of my neck. He knows how this drives me crazy. I turned and pulled his polo shirt over his head latching onto his right nipple. A groan escaped his lips and his knees started to buckle. I caught him and carried him to the bed laying him down gently never letting go of his nipple. His breathing was coming in gasps as he fumbled with the clasp on my pants. I let his nipple go and sat up to take my shoes and socks off. I felt the snap of my pants loosen then as I stood back up slide down. I stepped out of them leaning over kissing Chris while pushing him back on the bed. I kissed him gently on the neck working my way around to the hollow under his chin. Feeling the goose bumps rise I know I am making him tingle. I work my way down his chest finding his right nipple again. I suckle like a baby that was starved feeling his nipple harden. Hearing the guttural groans escaping his lips made me feast all the harder. My hands worked their way down his flat stomach to unfasten his pants to push them down.

Chris ran his fingers through my hair pulling me against his chest as I chewed on his nipple. Grinding his growing member against me I could feel it pulsing to be released. Feeling the pressure of his hands pushing me downwards I ran my tongue down his hard stomach pausing at his navel. I tongue fucked his navel eliciting even more moans from him. I felt his 7 hard inches poking my chin. The most spot in his briefs letting me know he was ready for more. I finely made it to my goal breathing in the smell of the man I loved. I licked the cotton briefs making them wetter with my on saliva. I worked my way up his hard shaft tasting the sweet nectar oozing from him to mix with the cotton brief. His hands were pushing my face into him as he ground his hips into me. My finger tips found the waist band of his briefs pulling them down slowly. My mouth engulfing his cock as it followed the briefs downward till I felt my nose grinding into his pubic hair. Chris's groans became louder as I felt him in my throat. His cock swelled with excitement as I came back up to just leave the tip in then plunging back down. Repeating this several times I could feel his balls drawing up ready to spill their prize. I pulled my self away from his beautiful cock to raise his legs. The pink pucker was the prize I could not wait to taste. I breathed in his scent and it was making me dizzy with lust. I ran my tongue down the crevice that has always given me so much pleasure. My taste buds were exploding with the tangy intoxicating flavor that was Chris. I Heard Chris yelling eat that ass. This was all I needed to make me grind my face in his ass. Shoving my tongue in him as fast as I could to open him up even more so I could get to the sweet inside on the man I loved. I felt like I was crawling inside him and the harder I tried to get in the harder he was pushing back. This caused more moans and a string of cursing that would make a sailor proud. Looking up I could see his contorted face, watching him pant with lust. This spurred me to push my tongue deeper, twisting and turning to lick everything I could reach. I could feel his anus clamping down on my tongue with every spasm he was having. Sliding two fingers in while Chris is so open I take one of his balls in my mouth working it around. This elicits a deep moan from Chris and he starts grinding his ass on my impaled fingers. I let his ball fall from my mouth and start licking my way up the underside of his cock. While flicking my tongue on the underside of his cock head I see a drop of his sweet nectar drip from the tip of his cock to his navel. A puddle has formed there as another drop forms. I reach up engulfing the puddle swishing it around in my mouth. The sweet juice produced form Chris makes me take him in my mouth taking him down to the pubic bone. He lifts his hips off the bed trying to force more down. I start humming knowing the vibrations from this drives him crazy. His cock starts swelling and throbbing. I hear him yell no noooooo Scott I am not ready. His cock swells even larger as the first load empties down my throat. I pull back not wanting to miss the sweet load as I know he always has. He starts filling my mouth with his nectar faster than I can swallow. It pools down the sides of his cock while I try not to loose any more. The sixth shot is the last as he settles his ass back on the bed still jerking as the powerful orgasm starts to calm down. I lick him clean, and then kiss him sharing his sweet cum with him as he wilts down to rest his body

We kiss searching each other mouths for the last remaining drops of cum and finding no more I move to his neck. Starting to nibble on his neck and ears I hear his rasping voice asking me to enter him. Feeling his hands grasping my dick, he points it towards his ass ring. I lift myself so he can spear himself on my cock. The feeling is incredible as it slides home. The velvety inside of his bowels gripping my cock as it slides till my balls rest on his ass. I hold my breath and stop for a second as I regain my composure before I start slowly pulling back out. The feeling is always the same with Chris; his insides grip me like no one ever has before. His moaning spurs me on as I start to speed up. It seems the faster I go the more he grips me. I never last long when he has me worked up like this always wondering if it feels as good to him as it does for me. Never having been on the receiving end I wonder how it could feel any better. My cock is twitching from the feeling it receives from Chris's ass as I start pounding him harder. He whimper's every time I bottom out grinding myself before I pull out to thrust in again. Raising his legs over my shoulders so I can penetrate deeper I feel his prostrate on every entry. He starts getting very verbal again and reaches for his cock stroking to the rhythm I set. I feel my balls starting to draw up with the knowing I am soon to unload my seed deep into his bowels. I speed up my pace driving so hard that with each downward thrust I hear Chris grunting with pleasure. I feel Chris tense up as his ass starts to spasm. His cock erupts coating the two of us with his second load of the night. This makes me start climbing towards my own orgasm the pressure starts to building in my balls. I know I can not last much longer its building and building. My balls start aching to the point I feel pain and they start there climb to tighten up so I can climax.

I feel a hand on my arm shaking me Scott hey Scott are you going to eat. Shaking my head I came out of my day dream pissed thinking why could you not have waited a couple minutes longer so I could have cum too.

Yeah I am going to eat.

Man Scott was you ever in a different world. What were you daydreaming about? You had the biggest shit eaten grin on your face.

Oh nothing just thinking about a friend.

Well I never had a friend put that kind of smile on my face.

Brad just drop it. I just need something to eat and I will be alright. It's just been a long day with leaving home and all. Thinking Brad could fuck up a wet dream with his timing. It was going to be hell with him for a year. If he kept this up I may have to pitch my own tent.

I looked at the plate May dropped off. It had a steak that had to weigh a pound and a half at least with a big baked potato and a garden salad. There was no way I could eat all of this.

Eat up man it will be the last meal we won't have to cook for ourselves and I know I can't cook like this. I just hope you can cook so I won't be the one that kills us.

We ate like we had not eaten all day and as we finished Brad called May over.

Hey May can I get the thermos filled with some fresh coffee for the road please.

Sure Hun I will be right back with a fresh pot. Any desert for you tonight boys?

Yes a couple of pieces of pie to go please.

Brad paid the tab and we headed out to the truck again. I got in and snuggled up to the door again hoping I could finish the thoughts of Chris again. Luck was not with me as we went down the road. It seemed we were lost out here there was not a house in site. We drove for a couple hours before I saw a house coming into site.

Brad spoke then saying this is the edge of the farm. Your grandfather owned this property from here on out. I guess you own it now so welcome home in a way. The house is where the farmer lives that raises hey for the cattle. We won't be that long now about sixty more miles or thirty as the crow fly's. We will have a winding road up ahead. The land where the cattle are is rough and we will have to wind around a lot to get to the spot we will be staying at.

It seemed like it took forever to get there and when we did it was almost dark. We pulled up along side a large stack of building supplies and stopped. We got out of the truck and stretched our legs and I rubbed my ass, it was sore from setting so long. I looked around and asked Brad what was all the lumber for.

Well if you want a roof over your head we will have to build it.

You mean we will really have to build the house.

Yes the only thing done is the well is dug and three sheds. One for the horses, one for the goats and chickens and one that has electric running the fridge, freezer, stove and washer with a couple of sockets for lights with a fuse box.

Well where are we suppose to sleep.

There is a tent in the back of the truck that we can set up for the night. There is a slab that was poured a long time ago by the shed with the electric is where we can set it up on. I will pull the truck around and get the tent out.

I looked at Scott in disbelief thinking he was pulling my leg and would point out the house anytime. He pulled the truck around to shine the lights on an old concrete slab then got out and pulled a tent out of the back of the truck. Walking over to the slab and setting the tent down. Are we really going to sleep in a tent?

Well Brad we don't have many options unless you just want to sleep in a sleeping bag out in the open. We can put the tent up, have the pie we got and turn in for the night. Get up early in the morning and start getting busy with the house so we will have a place to sleep.

About an hour and a half we were in the tent trying to go to sleep. Scott drifted off quickly but the silence was deafening to me and sleep came slow. I do not no when I fell asleep but it seemed like I just had when Scott woke me.

Hey Brad would you like a cup of coffee before breakfast? Eggs should be done in a few so you better stir around.

I made my way out of the tent and looked around for the first time in the daylight. I could not believe it, it was beautiful the valley we an oasis compared to the area around it. Scott handed me a cup of coffee and said how do you like it? Pretty isn't it! Yes I would not have thought there was anything like this around here.

Let's eat then we can saddle the horses and you can have a look around.

Ok Scott fine by me! We ate then Scott took of to saddle the horses while I picked up the few dishes we had mess up. He was back in a few with the horses and we took off to explore the area. By lunch time we were back and Scott showed me around the house area. We put the horses up and fed them and the other animals making sure they had fresh water. It was a haul to get water out to them from the house area but we got it done.

We ate lunch and were cleaning the mess up. When I asked Scott if he had ever built a house before?

No but I have put a few sheds together before. Have you ever built one Brad?

No. Just see a few built from the ground up but never done it myself. Guess we will have to see if we learned anything.

We went looking at all the supplies that were there to build the house with. Finding the wood and nails we started looking for the tools to build it with. After a few minutes Scott hollered that he found a box that had them in it. We looked at everything there and found all we would need to build it but power tools. It looked like we were going to have to do it the hard way. One thing we found was at least there was a bundle of precut studs so that would save some time. We started pulling out what we would need to build the frame and measured off the back wall to the cabin there were windows also so we set out the two by fours and decided we would not put any windows in the back wall. We knew they would be sixteen inches apart and got them ready to start marking the places for the boards to be attached. After we got a few marked Scott started nailing them together and I finished marking the rest. When I finished marking all the boards also I grabbed a hammer and started nailing the top runner on. It was a lot slower than I thought it would be and my wrist started getting sore. We kept at it till time for supper. When we stopped Scott said he was smelling pretty bad and was going down to the creek to clean up and wanted to know if I wanted to go to or stay and start supper. I told him I would start supper and head down when he got back. I wanted to eat as soon as I could and get to bed I was beat. He said he would be back as soon as he could. He took off and I started cooking. We were going to have some kind of beef but I did not know what kind of cut it was. All I knew was it was beef. I cut up some potatoes to be fried and found some corn to cook. The vegetables were done when he got back but the meat was still tough. I told Scott about it and for him to let it cook a while longer.

I took off to where Scott told me the creek was and soon found it. It was not that deep but I could tell that Scott had been here by the wet stones. I quickly got undressed and started washing up. The water was cold but the wind blowing was warm, still and it felt strange being naked out in the open. I finished bathing and dried off putting on some clean clothes. By the time I got back all I wanted to do was go to bed but the growling in my stomach told me I had to eat. I sat down to eat but was not that thrilled with it. It all tasted bland and the meat was real tough. I ate what I could and clean up the mess while Scott finished eating.

He Scott I am heading to bed can you finish the dishes.

Yeah is there still some hot water.

Not yet but I put the pot back on the stove to heat I told him.

Ok Brad I will finish up here, just get you some rest.