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The Inheritance part 10

Author's note: Well guys its time to put out or get out. Who's ready for the two guys to be put in the right situation? Will they or not. I hope you enjoy it. In the last Chapter I ask for the ages of my readers. The reason is I wanted an average age for a new person to the story. I plan to add them all together and get the average. This person will come along later in the story. So you will know the average age of my readers. I still have a few writing me with there age and have really enjoyed reading you letters. I love to hear from each of you and get started with the new man.

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The guys sat around that afternoon and read there mail.

Brad was happy as he opened the first letter Chris had sent.

Dear Brad,

I am sorry I was not there to see you off. I could not

take seeing you leave though. I felt like I was loosing

part of myself so I went over to Bill and Ted's. I miss having you hold me at night. I wonder how you are doing there without me. You know I think about you all the time. I do not like being by myself without you here. I have been throwing myself into work. I love you Brad with all my heart. Hoping you miss me as much as I miss you.

I was so depressed the next weekend that some of my friends took me out to one of the clubs. I hated it because you were not with me. I never felt so alone in all my life. I do not know how people do it every weekend. I guess its better than being by yourself all the time. I miss you xoxoxox

Your lover, Chris.

Brad felt better after reading the letter knowing some of their friends were keeping an eye on Chris. He did not want him being alone all the time. There were three more letters from Chris. Brad decided he would read one every day. He put the other three away so he would have something to look forward to. After putting them away Brad went to feedthe stock.

He brought nanny out and milked her. With Doug there, they had used more milk today and needed some more. Yeller stood around waiting for the milk but never got any. Brad put nanny up then gathered the eggs. There were five today but one of the chickens was acting funny as he gathered the eggs. He thought he would ask Scott about that later. He had never seen one clucking like that before with her feathers all ruffled.

He made it up to the cabin where Scott was still looking through his mail. Brad put some water on to heat up for later. He was going through the supplies when he found some seeds. There were tomatoes, corn, squash, peas, and watermelon seeds. He told Scott about what he had found. Well it sounds like they want us to put out a garden then. That might explain why we did not get as many supplies as I though we would. I decided I would start with it in the morning but for now I needed to work on the cabin.

I started cutting some more boards with the hand saw. Scott would hold them while I cut them to the size we needed. We now measured twice before we cut after wasting the other boards. I noticed he was acting a little strange so I decided to ask him what's up. Come to find out he just wondered why Doug seemed so close to me when he left.

I let Scott know that Doug was full of questions about the city. That seemed to satisfy Scott for the moment. We chatted while we worked talking about the day and how nice it was to have a visitor. Getting to hear news about what was going on out in the world. I also said it was nice hearing from home and Scott agreed. He was telling me about the catalogs he had gotten also if I wanted to look at them. I thanked him for asking then I asked the big question.

"Well Scott did you get a letter from you girlfriend".

No Brad I didn't. I don't have a girlfriend to write me. My pop sent me one letting me know how everything was at the old home. But as far as girls go I don't have one to write.

Well I got four from Chris but only read one because I want to read one a day so the suspense will be there.

Scott was quite for a while after that. He would only answer questions that required an answer. I was beginning to think I had hurt his feelings buy asking such personal questions. I made up my mind after we had supper we would talk. Scott's knee was starting to swell again so I told him to rest while I nailed the boards up. I could not believe how fast the wall was coming up. It looked like I was making good progress. We could have walls soon if we kept going like we were. When we were done for the night I put the tools up getting ready to start supper. I fix a simple meal tonight because I wanted time to talk. We sat down after we were through with Scott grabbing a sale bill to look at.

I asked Scott if we could talk. He sat the sale bill down wanting to know what we needed to talk about.

"Scott I want to let you know I was sorry for bringing up the girlfriend up. I just thought you would have one writing you".

"Brad that's ok it did not bother me".

"Well something did Scott. We need to talk about this before it festers again and someone gets hurt".

"Brad it's not your problem it's mine. I am the one that has a problem with gays. Lets just drop it and put it behind us".

"No Scott I want us to get over this shit and go on with our lives without all the tension. All it will do is cause problems between us".

"Look Brad it's my problem not yours. There's nothing you can do for it".

"Scott I want to help you. Does the problem happen to be because I am gay? Well if it is then that's how god intended me to be".

Scott had fire burning in his eyes over this statement. How could Brad say God made him that way? Why was god not striking him down for saying this? God had taken his brother for that reason.

Scott screamed at Brad. "God did not make you that way it is a choice".

Brad knew now what the problem was. Scott's dad was a preacher when he was growing up. He must have beat into his head about how god hates queers. Brad had been around them before that were taught that. He explained how if it was a choice he would be with a woman. He's tried of all the gay bashing and hate crimes. But would it not be worse living a lie everyday. Telling some woman you loved her when it's a man you would rather have and lust after.

Scott started crying mumbling something about God and his brother. I went over to him so I could better understand him. He was getting so upset that he was shaking all over. I put a hand on his shoulder as a show of support. His tears were running down his face dripping off his chin onto his chest. I walked over to get a towel to help dry his eyes. He took the towel looking up and asks why?

I did not know what he was asking. So I asked him to repeat the question.

Scott looked me in the eyes and said "Then why did God take Mike from me"?

I did not know what to say. I stood there just looking Scott in the eyes. After an awkward silence I asked Scott. "Do you mean your brother Mike"?

"Yes. God took Mike because he was gay" Scott said as tears rolled down his face.

Brad thought a second before he started. "Scott God is the embodiment of love. He does not take people because of who they love. He only takes them when it is their time or man decides to end their life. God loves everyone for who they are. If he never meant for men not to love each other then he would not have let it happen. That is why God gave man free will".

Scott looked at me while I was telling him this. I sat down beside him rubbing his back as I told him. The look on his face was of relief when I was done. I could not help myself as I slid my arms around Scott to embrace him. Scott had no resistance to him as he melted into my embrace. He let out great sobs as he released all the hurt and anger he had felt for years. We sat up long into the night talking about our years growing up.

Over the next few days Scott fell into a little depression. He was fighting he demons inside himself. He would ask a question every one in a while but then go back to silence. We worked on the garden a couple of days then the cabin.

We had gotten three walls done then the rains came. It rained for five days straight with out letting up. We found a couple of places that we had leaks in the roof. We managed to mark them for repairs later. It seemed everything was wet. The rain was blowing in the one side of the house we had not gotten done. Our bedding was wet so we did not get much sleep.

This was not helping with Scott it seemed to make things worse. I was not able to do everything around here by myself. He had to pull out of it. The final straw broke three days after the rains. It was starting to look like rain again and I was determined that I was not going to be wet all the time again. I pulled out the tools to put up some of the last wall. I may not get it all done but I want one corner I could hide in that would stay dry. I was hoping to get enough done to protect the cots so we could sleep dry even if the rains blew in again.

I was trying to cut a board when the saw got stuck. The wood was wet and swollen from the water. It was pinching the saw as I was trying to cut. I did not have anything holding the other end so it was moving on me and that was not helping either. I asked Scott to hold the board for me so I could cut it. He just sat there like I was not talking to him.

That was it I walked over to him and told him. "Look Scott I am willing to help you. But if you're not willing to help with what you can, then I will let you take care of yourself. You can cook your own meals, wash your own clothes. I am tired of doing everything without any help. All you have done for the last few days is lay around. It is time for you to get up and start living again".

I guess this hit home with Scott some and in a way it needed to. He looked over at me asking what he could help me do. He helped with holding the end of the board as I cut a couple. By the time we were through for the day we had one third of the wall done. I was happy that we had gotten as much done as we did. At least if the rain started we would have a place it would not blow in on us.

Over the next couple of days Scott seemed to get better. He started talking some again so I did not feel all alone. His leg was looking better as well as some of his other injuries he had gotten. As with the normal routine I would put water on to heat so he could clean up. Then I would head out to the creek to bathe myself. It seemed like a nice day the sun was out and the mud was drying up. I was hoping that we would soon finish the cabin. It looked more like someone's shop building than a cabin to me. But I was proud of it no matter what it looked like. I had helped build something.

I had taken my bath as I normally did then head back. When I made it back to the cabin Scott was not there. I looked around and saw that the water had not been used. It was still hot but had been turned off so as not to boil dry. I went outside looking for Scott and soon found him out at the goat pen. Oreo was having her baby. I could not help but get excited about it. It hit the ground while I watched. It was nice to have something to feel good about. I do not know why but you can have a baby around and it is cute. We were happy about the new birth it was the excitement we needed. But we did not expect what happened next. A second baby was born we had twins. Yeller was excited about this to. He would bark every time the babies would cry out. He had been protector for the goats for a while now and his herd was growing.

While I was out here I asked Scott to look at the hen that was acting funny the other day. He walked over to the pin with me. She had to be in the hen house. We went in and looked for her. She was still on the nest and ruffled her feathers at me again. Scott told me she was setting but I did not know to explain. He explained when a hen wants to hatch out some chicks she would start setting. I wanted to have some chicks so we saved the eggs for a couple of days to hatch them. I placed twelve eggs under her hoping to have twelve chicks.

Scott and I were becoming very close again. We were finishing the cabin that day and decided we would celebrate that night. We had been out here almost ten weeks now. We were getting low on food and I was looking forward to Doug bringing out more supplies soon. I did not know if we had enough to last. We were going to go fishing tomorrow. We needed the meat because we were running out. I had killed a rabbit one day and that helped but we would need more than a rabbit and a fish to keep from going hungry.

Well we had a good supper that night and were setting out on the porch. There was a good breeze blowing. When Scott asked if we could talk I almost said no because every time we did we had trouble. I told him sure we could. Then he turned his chair to where we were facing each other. I thought this must be serious.

Scott looked at me and said "Brad I did not tell you everything the other night. It might explain more to you if you knew my brother was gay. I was always taught that was the reason why he was killed. My dad hated it so much that he sent my brother into the service. They had a fight because he caught him and his best friend having sex. It was my fault because dad asked me where he was. I knew they had sex but did not know they were still having sex".

"You see Brad"

Brads mind was racing a mile a minute. Had Scott said his brother was gay? He had watched his brother have sex. I understood his hatred for gays now. He had been brain washed by his dad.

"I think I am gay too"

That must really be bad having your dad tell you your brother went to hell. Then he died while he was in the service. Wait what did Scott just say?

"You're what Scott"!

"I think I might be gay to Brad. It is just that I have always been taught it was wrong. I did not want to go to hell. I also see you did not die just because you're gay either. I was always told that was why God took Mike. But I have seen gay people out in public and was so confused about why they were alive and not Mike".

I was in shock at what Scott had told me. I never even thought that Scott might be gay. We had more problems over this than anything else. He had run away from me because I was gay. Then I find out he is gay to. I did not know what to say. I was a little pissed at what he had put me through over this. Then I though about what he had been through all of his life. It had to have been hell being gay with a father making him think he was going to hell all of his life.

Scott wanted to know if he could ask me some questions. I let him and was shocked that they all had to do with love. He never once asked me about sex with another guy. Then he wanted to know how I had met Chris. I told him the whole story not leaving anything out. When I had came out to grandfather and his reactions.

He told me he had met my Grandfather a few times. How he ended up in this job on the ranch. He was running away from his true feelings. We even talked about how some days he would still have a battle raging on the inside.

It was getting late by then so we headed to bed. As we were getting ready for bed I hugged Scott letting him know I would be there for him. If he ever had any questions he could ask. He was a little tense at first then I felt him relax. We then went to bed and slept well for the first time in a while.

Scott seemed to be in a lot better mood the next morning. He was like a little kid in a lot of ways. The playfulness was coming out. His smiles were great to see but a little unsettling to me. I could not put my finger on it but it was different.

We ate and soon went out to work in our little garden some. It was not doing that well for some reason. The plants looked weak and not real green. We had to have some fertilizer that we could put on them. We went out to the horse corral scooped up some and watered it down. In just a couple of days we could tell a difference.

It was getting a lot better around the cabin. Scott and I were getting closer. We had not had a bad word between us. We went down to the creek to try and catch some fish for supper that night. I was glad Scott had a couple of poles in his truck. The water was clear enough you could see if there were any fish in most places. We found a hole that was deeper and had a few fish in it. It seemed like we were not going to catch any thing that day. The lures were not working. We decided we needed something different to try. We did not have anything to dig with so that was out. We finally turned over a few rocks and found different bugs and a few worms. We went through them all with little success. Till we tried grubs that's what the fish were wanted. We caught several fish then decided it was time to clean them.

We headed back to the cabin and cleaned them. There would be enough for at least four meals. I put the fish in the fridge then we headed out to the garden to bury the waste of the fish for more fertilizer around some of the plants.

As Scott walked by me I could smell the fish and sweat on him. I let him know I thought it was time to clean up. I headed back towards the cabin when he stopped me. He wanted to bath at the creek today. His knee had swelled some so he wanted to soak it some. I grabbed the things we needed to clean up and we headed out. We got there and I felt a little funny about it. We had never really bathed around each other. Yes we had swam naked a couple of times but this felt a little different.

Scott started taking off his clothes when I noticed he was using his left arm some. I asked him how it felt. He told me it was a lot better. Another week and he should be able to use it normally. He was down to his jockeys and for some reason I could not take my eyes off of him. He then turned around and saw I was staring at him.

"Well Brad, do you like what you see"? Then he turned around so I could see everything.

"I am sorry Scott I have not really looked at you that much. You are a very nice looking guy. I would have to tell you that you are built very nice to."

"Thanks Brad now strip and give me the same privilege of checking you out to"

This made me laugh so I really put on a show for him. I started humming the song that strippers used. I was really hamming it up trying to be as sexy as I could. I even teased him by pulling down the front of my briefs to show a little hair. I pulled them back up turning placing my hands on my knees. I shook my ass at him then barred my ass. I turned around with my hand covering my crotch. When I turned back there was Scott right in my face.

Scott grabbed both sides of my face a planted a big kiss on my lips. At first I was pulling back then I surrendered to him. He kissed me like no one had ever done before. He was the dominate one. My knees started getting weak as I felt him wrap his arms around me. He laid me on the ground never taking his lips from mine. I was swallowed up in the passion. I started returning the kiss with a hunger of a man deprived of passion. I put my arms around him and started fighting him for dominance. He never gave up though. His was a hunger stronger than mine. Scotts had never been satisfied before and would not be refused any longer. His hands were working there way around my body feeling everything they could. He pinched my right nipple and a moan escaped my lips.

The kiss was broken and he then started kissing my neck. I was getting chills from Scotts beard rubbing my neck as he attacked my ears. It had the growth of a couple of days but it was thick. He was hitting my buttons and my cock was getting hard. I could feel it pressing against Scott's hard stomach. It was different than it was with Chris. The hair was letting it slide rather than stick to his skin. So my cock was able to slid causing new sensations for me.

The hair on his chest was like a million little pins making every nerve awaken on my body. Scott took both my wrist placing them above my head and held them with one hand. He was the aggressor. This was all new to me. I was the one that had always been the aggressive one.

Scott took my right nipple between his lips gently sucking me. I was making sounds I had never made before. Scott started running his tongue from my nipple to my neck. I could feel him grinding his cock in to me. Scott's cock was hot and getting slick from the precum. I tensed the muscles in my stomach so he could grind harder.

Scott let my hands go and started working his way down. I managed to wiggle out from under him so I could lie down beside him. I kissed him on the lips. I was so hot I could not help my self. I searched till I found his nipple in the mass of hair. I could not get over the feeling and smells of masculinity that came from his chest hair. When I located his nipple I latched on like a starved baby. He yelped with pleasure as my tongue worked Scott's nipple over. I then went for his other nipple and soon found it to. His chest was wet with my saliva when I was done.

I then moved to his pits and had them soaked to. Scotts scent was strong here but it was an honest smell. My stomach was coated with so much precum from Scott I could feel it run down my side. I wanted to taste it so I rolled Scott onto his back and worked my way down the thick trail to the prize I wanted so bad. I reached his belly button and was rewarded to the sweet taste of precum. This mixed with the salt from his skin was setting brads taste buds alight. I started tweaking his nipples with my fingers while I cleaned every bit of his precum off Scott's stomach.

I was in a lustful state of mind having not had sex in almost three months. My mind was screaming with desire to please this man. I wanted this so bad and could not explain why.

I was in my state of aggression again as Scott let me take over the lead. I worked my way down to his thick bush. Taking in huge breaths of his scent before my lips reached the base of his cock. His cock was one that should be worshipped. It was perfect in every way. Scott's cock was seven and a half inches long and wide enough that my finger tips would meet if I squeezed hard. It was straight with a light brown shaft nestled in his black bush.

As I held it in my hand I moved my mouth to his balls taking first on then the other in. he moaned as I took each one rolling it around in my mouth. I could feel them creeping there way up in his sack trying to get close to his body to release there load. I pulled them back so I could enjoy this longer.

I felt a drop hit my finger looking up I could see a steady stream of precum flowing. I knew he was close to cumming so I backed off long enough to clean him up. As I licked up Scott's precum his hands found my head. He was pushing it towards his cock wanting some relief. I felt it brush against my cheek as he locked his fingers in my hair. I bypassed his cock and I heard a grunt of displeasure escape his lips. He wanted me to take him in my mouth but I had other plans for him. I went back to nibbling his balls then I flicked my tongue below his balls and he yelped. I did this again and again. He was shaking from all the new sensations he was experiencing.

I pushed up on Scott's legs meeting with a little resistance but he finally lifted them. There I saw my true goal. Scott's ass was covered with hair and I was going to be the first to have it. It was the strangest thing to see this much hair on his ass. It was just like the rest of him it held in the musky sent. It was so heady I lost myself and dove right in. Scott was trying to get away from me. He did not know what hit him. He was trying to get me to stop but I was not going to let up. I ran my tongue around the out side of his ass. I could hear him whimpering and this spurred me on. I forced my tongue deeper with him still trying to get away. Soon he stopped with his back against a rock. I was digging with my tongue as hard as I could. He was just about to climb the rock. It was getting to him. Then my tongue broke through his spinster muscle.

"Brad you have to stop I can't handle this. I don't want to cum yet."

The more Scott begged me to stop the more I went after his ass. Brad was going to show Scott who the boss was. Brad knew what he was doing as he kept Scott close to cumming. He was not going to let him off that easy. Brad wanted Scott to stay on the edge as long as he could keep him. Scott soon lost his inhibitions as he relaxed. He started pushing his ass against Brads face. Scott was grinding on Brads tongue to get it in as deep as he could.

Brad almost laughed as Scott started pulling his ass open. Brad had him where he wanted him. Soon Brad would be in that ass and it would be his. He was going to get that cherry ass and make it his.

Scott realized how close to cumming he was. He had to slow down or he may never get this chance again. One final time he pushed his ass back. His head was spinning as Brads tongue was searching his insides. With a roar he turned around to face Brad. Brad looked at Scott. He had the look of a man out of control filled with lust. Scott met Brad with a powerful kiss then pushed him back. He was taking charge again

Scott flipped Brad over and started to nibble on the back of his neck. You could see the chill bumps rising all down his arms and legs. This was a spot that would drive Brad crazy. Scott could feel the moisture in the grass where he and Brad had been lying just a few seconds ago. Taking his rough hands Scott kneaded the flesh between them as he worked his way down Brads back.

Brad was relaxing under the massage from Scott. He could feel the tension just evaporate as Scott worked his fingers into his flesh. Scott saw the scar on Brad's ass where the cougar had cut him. It was larger than it should have been because he busted the stitches trying to save me. I bent over kissing the scar lightly. Remembering how it had felt when Brad had tongued his ass. Scott moved his face to Brad's ass. It had a sweaty musky scent that was not as bad as he thought it would be. He placed his hands on each cheek spreading them. Scott saw Brads pick puckered hole tentatively sticking his tongue out to touch it. It had a salty but acidic taste that was not too bad.

Scott got braver running his tongue around Brads pucker. Brad had never been rimmed before. It was hard to describe the feeling. He had always been the one to rim and that was just to please his partner. Now he knew why he had always liked it. Brad spread his legs more so Scott would have better access. Scott got braver pushing his tongue into Brad's ass.

Brad was enjoying the feelings running through his body. He had always been the dominate one. Scott was making his ass feel so good. The more Scott ate Brad the more he opened up and moaned. Brad was pushing his ass back.

"Eat my ass Scott. Fuck me with that tongue. Damned that feels good eat that ass." Said Brad.

Scott was trying to get as far as he could into Brad. He was pushing his tongue as far as he could to taste the sweet juices of Brad. Then Brad started bucking back to meet Scott's every thrust. He was riding Scott's face and was not planning on getting off that saddle. He had never felt like this before like he wanted something in his ass. He needed something in his ass. Now he knew how Chris felt. He wanted more, he needed it.

Scott stuck a finger in Brads spit slicked hole. Hearing moans escape Brad's lips. He slid it in a little further feeling Brad's sphincter relax and soon was sliding it in and out.

Brad could not believe he had Scott's finger in his ass. It felt so good and did not hurt like he thought it would. He soon was riding back and forth to meet the finger as it entered him. He could feel a slight burn but nothing like he expected. It was beginning to feel real good then he felt pain as Scott's ass took another finger. He was beginning to think this was not for him again.

Scott felt Brad tighten up as he pushed a second finger in. He held it still till he felt him start to relax. Then he started finger fucking him again. Brad jumped as his finger hit a spot in Scott that was hard. But soon he was pushing back for more. The next few times nothing happened. Then he did it again he hit that spot. He tried to do it again and found he could do it every time if he wanted. Scott kept sliding his finger in and out of Brad's ass while he kissed the small of his back.

Brad was having sensations from his ass he had never had before. No one had ever played with his ass before. Before long he was arching his back trying to get Scott's tongue deeper. Then he felt something else trying to enter him. He felt Scotts finger pass his sphincter. There was a slight pain but a feeling he was getting from it was different. Was this what it felt like to get fucked? Then it felt like he was zapped by electricity. It tingled as it ran up his spine. Not an unpleasant feeling but something he wanted to feel again. Then it happened again but there was a pressure feeling. It was like he needed to cum and piss at the same time as the jolt hit him. The feeling was hard to describe but now Scott was hitting it every time. Brad felt himself backing up to meet every thrust. Brad was soon on all fours pushing back harder. He felt a sharp pain as Scott pushed in the second finger. Soon the pain was gone and a feeling of fullness replaced it. Brad soon felt a feeling of need as he sped up his rocking motion to get more of Scot's fingers deeper in side of him.

Scott spit on his fingers again as he felt Brads ass pulling from drying out. He could feel Brad's sphincter muscles clamping on his fingers. He was tight and taking a while to loosen up. The sounds coming from deep in Brad's chest were like an animal. He was in the heat of passion. Scott's tongue replaced his fingers as he removed them. Brad was open and pushing had against Scotts face. Scott was putting as much moisture as he could into Brad. Once again he put his finger into Brad. Pushing and twisting them to loosen him more. Repositioning himself behind Brad, Scott started stroking his cock and balls as he pushed a third finger in. Brad pulled away a little as Scott's third finger entered him. Scott was still stroking Brad's cock as his third finger entered Brad's ass.

Scott felt the precum pour out of Brad's cock when his fingers pushed in. Bending his head down Scott took the head of Brad's cock in his mouth. He could feel the head swell as he sucked the sweet nectar out. Scott milked it for all it was worth. He wanted more he wanted Brads load.

Brad could not stand it any longer. His heart was pounding so fast. He had to cum soon. He could not stand all the signals his body was sending to his brain. He felt like he was going to explode. The he felt the warmth from Scott's mouth as he sucked on the head of his cock. He was so close to cumming. He wanted to do more with Scott though. It took every thing he had to pull away some.

"Scott let's try something else. If you keep up what you're doing I am going to cum. I want it to last a lot longer." Said Brad

Without a word Scott let Brads cock drop from his mouth. Scott though it was time then so he eased up behind Brad Lifting his cock up and placing it at Brad entrance before he changed his mind. Giving it a slight push it entered Brad with out much effort. The stretching he had done made it easier to enter him. Placing his weight on Brad's back they went down to the ground.

Brad felt Scott's cock at his ass entrance. He had never bottomed before even though he had wanted to. Brad started pulling away but Scott was coming with him. Brad felt the head of Scotts cock enter him. There was a lot of pressure with some pain. Then Brad was on the ground and Scotts cock started entering him. It was not what he thought it would feel like at all. He felt very full like he needed to go to the restroom. Then he felt that electric shock again but it was softer and gentler. Brad was face down on the ground with Scott's cock buried to the hilt in him. Brad ass was convulsing trying to rid itself of the intrusion.

Brad felt Scott starting to withdraw. The pressure was lessening then. Scott almost pulled himself completely out then pushed back in. On the inward stroke Brad felt him hit his prostrate again. The electric feeling hit him again. So this is what it feels like.

Scott started moving faster and could feel his cock hitting Brad's prostrate. He got a grunt from Brad every time he hit it on the inward stroke. His cock had never felt this great before. It felt like a warm satin glove was gripping his cock. Knowing he was not going to last very long he stopped long enough to turn Brad over. He wanted to see his face as he made love to him.

Brad felt himself being turned over. Ok it was his turn to show Scott how to make love. Brad was setting up when Scott kissed him deeply pushing him back again. When he was back on the ground he felt Scott raise his legs then reinserting his cock. Strange how open he felt when it was out. Now he was feeling full again. Brad looked into Scotts eyes. They were drilling him to his inner soul. The blue was so dark that it penetrated him. Brad felt overcome by what he was seeing. This man had control of him. He could feel Scott relax some as chest rubbed against chest. There again the hair was setting his nerves alight.

Scott started moving his hips again but would not break eye contact with Brad. He had never thought it would have ever felt this good. Scott felt Brad letting go as he started meeting him trust for thrust. Scott dug his toes in the soil so he could use more leverage as he drove into Brad. He could hear the grunts coming from Brad as he forced his cock deeper into him. Brad wrapped his legs around Scott pulling him forward with more force. You could hear the slapping noise of their bodies as Scott bottomed out with each thrust.

Brad felt like he was not even in his body anymore. There was no pain only the electric feeling running throughout his whole body now. He wanted more so he was pulling Scott into him as hard as he could. Scott was pounding his prostrate now and sending Brad over the edge. Brad's balls had pulled as close to his body as they could. He was getting a little pleasurable pain from Scott mashing them between there bodies. Then it started happening. He could feel himself starting to cum. Brad stretched to kiss Scott as he came. Their tongues fighting to be the deepest in each others mouth. Then the first shot hit between Brad and Scott. It was so hot it felt like it was burning as it flows up Brads cock to shoot on them both. Brad had never cum so hard in his life. He and Scott both were covered in cum.

Scott met Brad with a kiss. Then he felt Brad's ass squeezing his cock. Then Brad's cum hitting his stomach and chest. Every time he felt Brad clamp down then he would feel cum cover him. Scotts cock was screaming for release. The effects of Brad's ass squeezing him and warm cum hitting him was too much. Scott was building up fast. He wanted to loose his load to. Brads grip on him was lessening so he speeded up and then felt himself starting to cum. It was so intense he could not move anymore. Brad saw he was cumming to so he started moving his ass for Scott. This was too much for Scott as he tried to get Brad to stop moving. He was shooting the wildest orgasm of his life.

When Scott finally came down from his high he collapsed on Brad. Brad was still having some constricting in his muscles that sent shivers down both their spines. Then Scott's cocks soften and fell out of Brad's ass. Brad felt the cum spilling out of him and how empty he felt pushing Scott off of the top of him. Brad rolled him over to his side. I kissed Scott one last time before breaking eye contact.

Brad stood up and walked out in the water. He sat down rinsing his ass and stomach. Soon Scott was there beside him. Being in a playful mood for a change Scott splashed Brad. They wrestled around some and soon were back on the bank kissing. Scott was soon hard again and wanting to make love to Brad again.

Brad looked at Scott as the water ran down the hair of his chest. The little rivulets followed the chest hair till they were lost in his thick bush. Brad saw that Scott was getting hard again. He reached down taking his cock in his hand. Scott reached out for Brad's cock turning so he could suck him. Soon Scott had Brad hard too as he sucked him like a baby on a bottle.

Brad was feeling good from Scott sucking him but was not as aroused as before. It was going to take more than this to get him off again. He thought if he showed Scott how it felt he might learn more. Brad turned to where he could take Scotts cock in his mouth . Soon he was doing the same thing Scott was. He followed Scotts lead for a few minutes then decided it was time to show him how a good blow job felt. Brad took Scotts cock all the way down into his throat. When he reached his pubes he started humming. The vibrations made by doing this caused Scott to moan. He felt his cock slip from Scott's lips. He knew he had his attention so he showed him a couple of other things to do while sucking dick.

Scott was amazed at how Brad was sucking him. He noticed that he was being shown a few tricks and paid attention. Then he felt Brad probing between his cheeks with his finger. Scott did not want anything near his ass but then he remembered how it felt when Brad had eaten him before. He released his ass muscles so Brad could have access. He felt Brads finger massage his anal ring. Relaxing as much as he could as Brad loosened him up. He felt some pain as the finger started to enter him. Scott knew he had had more than one finger in him a little while ago. He relaxed more and felt when Brad penetrated him. He was starting to enjoy the feeling when he felt like he was shocked. This must have been what Brad had felt when he was finger fucking him. Brad hit the same spot a few more times. This caused Scott to thrust his cock forward into Brad's mouth.

Scott started getting into it once again and took Brad into his mouth. He was getting into the feeling so much that he did not notice when he started deep throating Brad. Soon he had his finger in Brad's ass . They were pulling at each other so hard that there was not any dick showing. Both men had it all down their throats. If it had not have been for the moans you would have thought they were one.

Soon both guys felt there balls drawing up close to their bodies. Brad knew he had to cum first. If he let Scott cum first then he might loose interest once he came. So Brad slowed down enough to cum first. Brad felt it as cum started to flow through his urethra and warned Scott. He was shocked as Scott started sucking harder. He knew Scott was not going to back off now. He started sucking Scott with renewed enthusiasm. Scott felt the first blast of cum as it entered his mouth. He gagged as it hit the back of his throat. Scott pulled back so that just the head of Brad's dick was in his mouth. He wanted to taste the forbidden fruit.

As Brad fired his last volley he redoubled his efforts. He started massaging Scott's prostrate feeling it get harder. Scott started fucking his cock into Brad's mouth. Brad could feel his cock swell as it started throbbing in his mouth. He started his humming again as Scott was yelling he was cumming. It was taking a lot of effort to keep Scotts cock in his mouth as his body was racked with the spasms. When he had drained the last drop out of Scott he sat up and shared the load in a kiss. Scott was so weak afterwards it was all he could do to return the kiss.

They lay there for a few minutes before getting up to clean themselves up. The cool water felt great on Brad's ass after the fucking he had gotten from Scott. He knew it would be sore later by the way it was swelled to the touch. After finishing up the two of them headed back to the cabin. There was not any conversation taking place as they headed back.

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