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The Inheritance part 11

When they had finished eating that night Scott wanted to talk. "Brad I just want to say I am sorry for the way I did you today. A lot of it was from how hot I think you are. You are a special guy that has taught me a lot. I know now after what we shared today it could not be wrong." Scott stated

"Look Scott I am just a normal guy. I just happen to be gay. Now I have created a problem just like every other normal guy. I have a boyfriend and now I have to tell him I cheated on him." replied Brad

"Can we talk later then? There are some things I would like to ask you. Brad"

"Scott you're a great guy that has a lot to offer someone. I will not lie and say I hated what happened. Its just I am in love with a great guy and what I have done is wrong. I regret that it happened this way but do not regret making love to you. If I were single you would have a hard time getting rid of me." Brad told Scott

Scott held his head when the words came out. "Brad you have helped me more today than you can know. I think making love to you today was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. It was my entire fault it happened but I would do it again in a second if I could."

"Scott it was not all your fault because I could have stopped you if I had wanted to. The problem is that I did not. I wanted to make love to you. It was not because I was horny out of my head. I wanted to make love to you. I have a battle going on inside of me right now. I am falling for you" Brad said as he turned and left the cabin.

Scott sat there in shock as he replayed Brad's words over in his head. Brad was falling for him. Scott's heart started fluttering and he had butterflies he wanted to scream. Yes he had found someone that's falling for him and he would go to hell to have this man's love.

All the nights he had lain in the bed thinking about Brad. What would it be like to kiss him? Hold him but never being able to. With the only thing separating them was three feet of air.

Scott sat there waiting for Brad to return. He battled within himself as to whether or not to go find him. He wanted to talk to him. He needed to talk to him. The minutes rolled by at a snails pace. Scott did not want to pressure Brad so he fought the urge. Everything he wanted in life he saw in Brad now. He was in love with this man that in the beginning he thought was a spoiled brat. He found that Brad was a good man that had just as screwed up life as he had. As time went on Scott became worried that Brad was not back yet. He had to get this out of his mind and the only way he could was to go to sleep.

Scott laid there on his cot replaying everything that happened while making love with Brad down by the creek. He berated himself for not doing some of the things that he had fantasized about. He had question about sex that he wanted to know the answers to. There were things that he had thought about but never thought he would have the chance to try.

Soon Scott fell asleep. He had the chance to try everything out that he wanted to in his dreams. He was the happiest he had ever been in his life. Then he saw hid Dad watching him making love to Brad. Scott panicked as his Dad grabbed him by the arm dragging him into a church naked. There in the church were all the people he had known growing up. Starring at him as his Dad drug him to the front to stand at the alter. Trying to cover himself so he would not be naked. Scott stood there while people he knew pointed at him calling him names. He turned to see his Dad in the pulpit pointing at him calling him a sinner. Telling everyone he had slept with a man and would burn in hell. Scott was yelling no Dad I love him. God would not be that way he loved everyone. The people were laughing at him yelling your going to hell. Brad felt like he was a little child now everyone was so much bigger than he was. His Dad had his finger in Scott's face telling him to repent and ask god to forgive him if he would.

Scott felt like he was falling then everything brightened up. He realized he was back home on the farm, down at the creek where he had swam as a kid. He looked around at everything it was different but better than he remembered. Then he saw Mike waving at him. He ran to him and wrapped his arms around him. Mike returned the hug then kissed him on the forehead. Mike looked real good. Older than he was but right for the age he should have been.

Mike smiled at Scott again putting his arm around him. The walked over to the tree they had swing they used to swing out over the water and let go. They sat down under the tree to talk.

"Scott it is so good to see you again. I have wanted to come to you for a long time. You see I am at peace now and you need to be also. I have to tell you that it is not like Dad told us all those years. I have found that God loves us all. I was not killed because I was gay. It was just my time to go. Yes I had bitterness in my heart at first when Dad beat me.

I did forgive him when I was in the service. I saw how the real world was and it is a hard life for gay men. I settled in with a good bunch of guys. They treated me with respect keeping it quite. I even met a man there that I fell in love with. But Dad is wrong. Love, kindness and belief are what god asks for. He does not care who you give your heart to. God is not judge us at all for what we are Brad, he loves us for who we are not what people think we are." Mike told Scott

Scott pulled Mike closer to him and felt a lot of fears and anger leave him. He knew his Dad would be upset with him but he had to live his life. He was falling in love with Brad and was happier than he had ever been. That was what he wanted in life. He wanted Brad and to be happy.

Scott woke up and looked around to see if Brad had made it back. He saw him setting at the table writing a letter. Brad looked like he had been crying. Scott's first instinct was to jump up and run to him. Just before he got up he realized he was writing Chris. Scott felt bad that he had hurt Brad in that way but he knew he loved him also. Scott laid there watching Brad write. About two hours later he tore up the letter and just cried. Scott felt so bad he had hurt Brad that he had tears running down his face to.

Brad finally got up and headed to bed to. He looked over at Scott on his cot thinking how beautiful a man he really was. The bad thing was the he wanted to crawl in the cot with him. Make love to Scott. He was fighting a battle inside not knowing what side would win. Brad thought he saw Scott open his eyes but was not for sure. Climbing into the cot brad tossed and turned till he finally fell asleep.

Scott woke first the next morning. He went outside taking care of the animals then tending the garden. It was doing great and soon would be getting fresh vegetables. About the time Scott was done Brad stepped to the door of the cabin.

"Scott have you had anything to eat yet" Brad asked before fixing his breakfast. Scott responded with a nod of his head. Brad turned to go fix something for the two of them. He was still as confused as he was when he was trying to write Chris last night. He loved Chris but he was falling for Scott to. He never would have thought he would have cheated on Chris. He had to get this out of his head for now.

After they had eaten Brad asked Scott what was on the agenda for the day. Scott thought it would do them both some good to get some fresh air. They were going to ride the horses out and see if they could find some game. They were running low on meat and needed to do some hunting. The season was not in for any big game but they should be able to find small game to eat. Brad had wanted to know what season was in but Scott did not know that either. There had been some deer spotted before and quail. There were tails of turkey around but Scott had never seen any.

They took off with Yeller hot on their heels. It was not long before they were down to the bottom of the valley. It was a beautiful place all lush and green. It seemed to be cooler down here to with all the shade. We rode the horses till Yeller jumped a rabbit. We knew it would circle around as it was being chased so we waited. We could tell it was getting close with yeller barking on its trail. The rabbit shot out about twenty yards from where it started. Scott fired a shot sending it end over end then ran over to where the rabbit dropped. He wanted to make sure Yeller did not get it first. Once Yeller was satisfied that the rabbit was gone he followed us again. We had not gone to far when a covey of quail jumped up. We were not ready for this so we both got only one shot each. Between the two of us we hit only one bird.

By the time we made it back to the cabin we hat two quail and three rabbits. We knew we could make four meals out of this but decided we would go fishing the next day. We still had a little over a week before we knew supplies would be here and it was looking a little scarce for food around here. We talked along the way how we were going to have to do more hunting for food that it seemed like we did not get enough food to last two grown men. We had even skipped a few breakfasts when we went to working around the place not wanting to stop to eat. I was afraid something would be said about what had happened about yesterday. I guess neither one of us wanted to approach the subject.

We made it back to the cabin and cleaned the game. We were hungry but needed to clean up. The hair and blood from the rabbits had to come off. Scott was the first one to say anything about going to the creek to clean up. I looked at him wondering if he had other ideas besides cleaning up. I could not handle what happened before to repeat. With trepidation I headed down to the creek with Scott.

It had been a long day and I felt like a cool dip would do me some good. We sat down to undress and there before me was the place where it happened. The grass was still mashed down from or lovemaking the day before. The thoughts running through my mind were causing me to rise some. I glanced over at Scott when he stood to remove his paints and noticed he had the same thing happening. I knew this was going to be a tough one to make it through.

Scott was the first one to make it in the water. I watched as he entered. He ass was so beautiful as it moved when walking. I though about how it felt when I was holding on to it yesterday. I came out of my thoughts when Scott asked me if I was just going to set there all day or what. I realized I had removed everything and sat back down. When I stood up I was fully hard. There was no way I could hide it so I just walked into the water. Scott never took his eyes off of me.

It was a good thing Brad could not see below the water where Scott was. The instant Brad turned towards Scott he was instantly hard to. The cool water had no effect on either one of the guys. The sexual tension was so strong you could only cut it with a chainsaw. A knife would not have put a dent in it. The guys could not take their eyes off of each other. The silence was adding even more tension to it. Both were afraid to say anything. As time went by both were trying to think of something to say. Scott kept looking at Brad whit this grin on his face that unnerved Brad. It felt like he was having sex with him even though they were ten feet away from each other.

Brad finally got up walking to the bank. It just hit him they had not brought anything to dry off on or clean clothes to put on. He sat on one of the rocks with his back to Scott while he dried off some. He really wanted to run back to the house but did not want to feel that way. The sound of Scott getting out of the water made him turn and look. There he was standing beside with his cock pointing straight out. Brad started to get nervous as he got closer.

Scott reached out putting his hand on Brads shoulder. The word no started to come out of Brad's mouth but was cut short by Scott's kiss. The kiss was incredible. Brad went weak in the knees wrapping Scott with his arms to hold himself up. When Scott broke the kiss he turned heading to the cabin. Brad still on the rock was in shock. He did not even know what just happened. Never had a guy just kissed him without saying a word and walk off.

Was Scott playing with his mind? Brad sat there trying to figure out what just happened. He felt used and thrown away. If he had been able to say no he could understand Scott just walking away.

Brad sat there for another hour trying to figure it out before he headed back to the cabin. When he got there Scott was dressed and starting supper. Why was Scott cooking? He had only cooked when Brad was hurt that time. Brad went out to feed the animals checking to make sure every thing was ok. He checked to make sure the hen that was setting on the eggs was ok. She should be hatching in another week and Brad could not wait. He hoped that all the eggs would hatch. They had plenty of eggs now that most of the hens were laying. He went over and scratched Oreo and the baby on the head. When the baby ran over to an old bush Brad heard the sound of another hen. It sounded like one that was setting. He went over that way and look to where the sound came from. Moving some of the dead limbs back he saw her. It was the hen he had thought something had gotten. Well it looked like there would be more chicks that they had thought.

Brad headed back to the cabin then. When he got there he explained where the nest of the new hen was. Scott smiled at me saying he was glad we did not loose the hen. I sat at the table while he finished supper. Still wondering what we were having to eat. When Scott sat the plate in front of me I still could not figure it out. What ever it was it was covered in gravy. I took a little bite and the gravy was good. It could have used a little pepper but other than that it was good. I cut into the meat still not for sure what it was. Then I noticed the bone. It must be one of the rabbits we had killed today. The meat needed to have cooked a little longer to tender up some but it was still good.

We finished eating and cleaned up the mess. Then I headed to bed to see if sleep would help me. The next day we went fishing catching only a couple of fish. Two times that day Scott caught me off guard with a kiss. He never went any further. Just a deep kiss that made me want to jump up and down and scream. That night at supper I ask him what was going on with the kisses.

Scott looked at Brad and said "I am sorry if it offends you Brad but I can't help myself. I look at you and it happens. There is not a reason for it."

Brad replied "well it unnerves me when you do it."

"Brad I have never been with a guy before so I don't know how they act. All I know is I have fallen in love with you. The few things I know about sex I saw the day I caught my Brother Mike and his lover. Then what you did to me felt so good to me I had to do it to you." Scott explained

"Scott you will make someone a good lover but I am taken. I just hope Chris can forgive me. It was not your fault alone that it happened. I could have stopped you at anytime and should have. But that's in the past and we all live in the now." Brad said

"If you feel about Chris the way I feel about you then I am sorry about what I did. It's just I have never felt about anyone like this before. When I look at you my heart races and I get butterflies. After all of the years I felt like I was going to hell for my thoughts. I feel like I have been set free. I do have problems fighting the feeling I may be wrong. But when I look at you I know I can't be." Said Scott

The boys talked for several hours trying to explain there thoughts to each other. When they finished Scott still did not think Brad knew how much he loved him. Brad on the other hand knew he loved Chris but felt like Scott was very fragile in his new feelings. He still had urges of wanting Scott to.

Over the next few days there seemed to be a wall coming up between the two of them. It was an invisible one but you could feel it. The conversation was becoming very little and some days almost nonexistent.

When Brad would look at Scott sometimes he felt pains of guilt. Then others he felt desire. There were so many mixed emotions flowing.

Scott felt like he was being tortured. The only time he had felt free to be himself was yanked out from under him. He loved Brad more every day and the pain he felt grew. It was eating at him but he was not going to push himself on Brad. Brad had to love him back freely.

Later the next afternoon Scott saw Doug's truck headed towards the cabin. For the first time in a few days he felt a little happy. Scott headed back to the cabin to let Brad know.

Both guys were happy to have Doug coming he was cheerful. They needed someone to lighten up the mood.

As the truck got close they could see someone was with Doug. He had on a cowboy hat and the guys could not make out who it was. When the truck was almost to the cabin Brad's heart skipped a beat. It was Chris that was waving at them. Brad started running to where the truck would stop. As the truck pulled to a stop the passenger door flew open. Chris came out in a hurry to embrace Brad.

Scott saw it was the guy that was in the picture and knew who it was. He turned his head as a tear started running down his cheek. When he looked back he saw Chris giving Brad a big kiss. Scott felt a sharp pain in his chest and was having a problem catching his breath. He would not have believed he could hurt so badly. The one man he wanted most in the world was with the one he loved.

Doug went straight to Scott when he got out of the truck. He saw what looked like a tear on Scott's cheek as he hugged him. The hug Doug got from Scott did not feel genuine either. So he knew something was wrong.

"Can you help me unload the truck?" Doug asked Scott

As the two of them went to the back of the truck Doug yelled at Brad to go have some fun. If Doug had seen the look Scott gave him he would have taken off running. Scott was furious with him right now. When they reached the back of the truck Doug saw Scotts red face.

"What is the matter Scott?" Doug asked

"Boy if you had any since you would not be asking me that right now. Why did you bring him out here anyway?" Scott wanted to know

"He showed up at the diner and May sent him out to the house. He was looking for Brad. Then he told Dad that they lived together and needed to talk to him. I knew he had to be Brad's lover from the city." Doug exclaimed

"How did you know Brad had a lover?" Scott asked

Doug stammered around for a little bit then told Scott "We had a long talk the last time I was here and it came out in the conversation."

"Oh" exclaimed Scott "Brad just came out and told you he was gay I see."

"Well yes in a way but you see he was just trying to be honest with me. So don't go getting mad at him Scott. We were just talking and it came out. It was just as much my fault as it was his." Doug told him

Scott grabbed Doug by the shoulders looking him in the eye. "Well you better tell me the whole story and not leave anything out.

This shook Doug up and he spilled his guts. He even confessed to being gay and loving Scott. This was way more information that Scott expected. He was taken back over what Doug was telling him. Doug had tears running down his face as he told Scott everything.

Scott could not believe his ears. Doug had even been with Brad in a way.

They started unloading the truck then. Scott was in a state of shock and trying to think of a way to handle all of this. They grabbed the boxes of food and headed to the cabin. As they got closer they could hear some shouting. Scott and Doug sat the boxes down and headed back to the truck. Brad and Chris were having a fight to. When the guys made it back to the truck they decided to unload stuff then take it to the cabin. Scott asked why there was less food this time. Doug told him they were given a list of what they could buy from the estate lawyers every six weeks and no more. There are two beds this time though.

When all but one of the beds mattresses was unloaded Chris came running to the truck and yelled for Doug to take him back. Brad was not far behind Doug looked over at Brad nodding his head. Scott did not know what was going on but the sooner Chris left the better it would be.

Doug jumped back into the cab of the truck. He then handed Scott two plates from the diner. He looked at Scott sadly as he started the truck and backed out. When they were down the dusty road a ways Scott turned to look at Brad but he was no where in site. Grabbing some of the supplies Scott headed back to the cabin.