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The Inheritance part 12

As Scott went inside he saw that a couple of the chairs had been knocked over. He started putting the cold stuff away. Brad just lay on his cot crying. Scott felt like it was his fault that Brad was upset. He put everything away that he could. It seemed there was going to be some hungry men if they did not find some food else ware. He knew they were to make it off the land but he was not ready for starving. He wished he had known before what to expect they could have cut down on food some stretching it out more.

The last thing to come in was the bed. There were two full size bed frames with only one mattress set. When Scott brought the mattress in Brad sat up. He wiped his eyes and told Scott he was sorry the he should be helping him. Scott told him about having to beds but the last mattress set was on the truck when they left.

Brad wanted Scott to use the bed and he could use the cot. Scott argued that Brad should use the bed and he would use the cot. By the time they had it up they had come to an agreement that they would take turns on the bed. They were both in a better mood by the time it was put into place. They both hoped it would be brought back, so they each had one.

Scott let Brad know about the food being sent each time would lessen. They had to learn to live off the land. By the end they would get salt, flour, corn meal, sugar, oil and coffee.

Now they knew how important the garden would be. They went out to plant the rest of the seeds they had. It was not a bad thing they had not planted them all the first time. At least now it would be coming off in waves instead of all at one time. In just a few days they would be having the first green beans out of the garden. They picked ten plants that would be left for seed. Before the end of summer they wanted to plant some more beans. That way there would be some in early fall. They looked at all of there plants like this. Wanting to make sure they would have seed. They were afraid they would need every thing they could get.

When they had planted everything they headed to the creek to clean up. It was getting late when they had gotten back to the cabin. Brad fixed a simple meal. When they were done eating they headed to bed. Scott slept in the bed the first night. It was unreal how good it felt after the cot for so long. The new sheets and softer mattress let him sleep like a log.

The next morning Brad was up before Scott. He looked over at Scott and saw he was in the same spot as he was when he went to bed. Brad put the coffee on to brew and started breakfast. The one thing the boys had plenty of was eggs. There were six to seven eggs every day right now and they always had a big breakfast when they ate one.

Brad was thinking about what happened yesterday with Chris. It started out real well. Brad could not get at Chris fast enough. He pressed himself against Chris and wanted to rip off his clothes and make love to him. He was so happy to see Chris. He smelt so good. There was a little hesitance in Chris's demeanor though. Chris did not want to do anything with the other guys around. Brad did not understand this because he had never been the shy type before. Brad needed him bad. Why was he acting this way? Chris wanted to talk and Brad needed to hold his lover. He missed him so much and this being the first time he had gotten to see him in twelve weeks. Once again Brad reached out to him to have Chris to turn his back to him.

Then Chris told him he did not have enough money to pay all the bills. Brad knew better because he had always had enough to make it. He always paid the bills first with the interest money he received. The money he made was what they had used to buy the extra stuff they wanted. It also was used to run around on and to have fun with. Chris just blew his on whatever he wanted. Brad started getting mad when he found out they had reposed his truck. Chris told him it was not a big deal he would have enough money to buy what ever he wanted when this was over. Brad kept his calm till he found out three of Chris's friend moved in with Chris till Brad got to come back. When he found out who they were Brad got mad. All three of them Chris had dated before and made no bones about it over how they would like to be with him again.

Brad had had all he could take. It was time for the other shoe to drop. Then he told Chris he had sex with Scott. Chris blew up. They started fighting about Brad's infidelity. Chris yelled at him about this. Then Chris told him they were even because he had slept with Dan that was staying with him one night. He had come home from a party drunk and it just happened. So while he was here he might as well plan on him and Dan to stay together to. If Brad was going to be fucking around he was to.

Brad tried to explain what happened but Chris would not have it. All he cared about was what he had to do without, while Brad played cowboy. Brad had never seen this side of Chris before. He was acting more like his friends than the Chris he knew. Then Brad asked Chris where he went to on his trip he had to take. He told Brad him and Dan went on trip to Canada to a couple of friends they went to high school with. When Brad asked who he went to see Chris told him just some old friends. Brad pressed the issue till Chris told him who it was. Brad really got pissed because it was the two guys that had Chris messed up on drugs for a while. They started yelling a lot then. At the last Brad told Chris to kick his friends out of the house. That's when Chris stormed out of the cabin back to the truck. Brad was on his heels not going to let up. To him it sounded like Chris was out having fun while he was here trying to stay alive. This started Brad following him out to the truck with the two of then going at it. When the truck left it felt like a part of him was leaving also.

Scott started to stir some so it brought Brad back to reality. He looked over at Scott thinking he hoped that he had not scared him with the way he had acted. Also why had he not asked about the arguing? This kind of puzzled him.

Scott stirred again kind of stretching as he started to wake up. His morning wood held up a tent as he stretched again. This made Brad think about sex with Scott again. It was great sex but Brad was sore for a couple of days. Now Brad knew what it was to be topped though. Scott had a nice cock on him and for some reason he started looking better all the time. He could not imagine what he would look like with out a hairy chest. Brad was beginning to like the look. He thought about the hair tickling his chest as they made love. How it heighten the senses as it tickled and poked. Brad started feeling the blood rush to his cock at these thoughts.

Brad came out of his daydreams again as Scott said "good morning."

Brad looked Scott with his shit eating grin. He was so sexy laying there against the white sheets. Curly black hair and olive complexion of Scott's against white sheets. Then Scott smiled, with teeth as white as snow. My cock sprang to full size. His blue eyes let me know he saw my hard cock. They did not leave my crotch until I ask Scott how many eggs he wanted.

I had to repeat my question again before he answered me. I know what he was wanting for breakfast but it was not going to happen. Not that I would mind it myself but I needed some answers. I was going to have to find out what was happening with Chris before anything else happened with Scott. I still loved Chris and wanted to spend my life with him. Then there was Scott that would not be so bad to spend your life with.

I had to get some time by myself today. I was feeling the need to get off soon before I did something stupid.

Scott looked over at Brad as he lay there. The bed felt so great and he had rested better than he had in a long time. He just wanted to snuggle back in and go to sleep. His full bladder and the smell of food was the only thing that kept it from happening. As he climbed out of bed he had to stretch again. His muscles were a little sore from being so relaxed in the bed. He realized after he stretched that he had slept naked last night. Quickly he turned looking for his briefs. His cock was pointing straight out as he turned to see Brad staring at his cock.

"Sorry you had to see me like this Brad. It's just I always slept naked in my bed at home. I loved the feeling of hanging free while I slept." Scott told Brad as he put his Jockeys on.

Brad could feel his cock swell as he looked at Scott naked Brad thought this guy had nothing to be ashamed of. Then the thought about messing around on Chris came into his thoughts. As Brad turned away he stated "I like to sleep in the raw to. Chris and I always did." The guilt flooded over him as he became mad at the thought of loosing Chris.

As Scott came in from relieving his bladder Brad was setting the table. They ate there meal doing the normal routine afterwards. When Brad finished with his part of the work he told Scott he was going riding. He needed some time to think and a ride alone was always a good way to think.

Scott thought it would be nice to have a little time alone would be nice to. Scott waited till Brad was saddled up and gone then headed back to the cabin. When he made it back he stripped his clothing off and lay back on the bed. He Ran his hand between his legs pulling his balls so they would hang loose. He ran his fingers over them lightly trying to get that tingling feeling that he enjoyed when he played with them.

Scott closed his eyes as he stroked his cock slowly. He wanted to enjoy this as much as he could. He started thinking about when he had been with Brad. How good it felt when he was sucking his cock. He could feel his balls drawing up as his finger lightly stroked the hairs on his balls. Taking his finger he lightly rubbed the spot right under his balls. This made his asshole draw up. It felt good with all the things he was doing to himself. He remembered Brad eating his ass and how good it felt. All these thoughts were making it hard for him to hold off.

Scott let go of his cock reaching up to his nipples pinching them lightly. He ran his hands down his chest. He could feel the hairs as it slid by his fingers. This all turn him on more. He closed his eyes picturing Brad as he lay there with his cock sliding in and out of him. He could see Brad's eyes as his cock slid home. This just made Scott want to please him all the more. Scott started stroking himself again. Feeling his balls swing with each stroke slapping the back of his hand. He started pounding his fist harder and harder. He could feel his balls tighten up then force his juices out. The first shot hit Scott on the chin then the second on his face. The others hit his chest as the last one barely came out onto his thumb. He lifted it to his mouth but it was not the same as Brad's. His was sweeter to Scott and he wanted to taste it again.

Scott laid there till the cum melted and ran off his face. He just wanted to cry. Brad was what he wanted in life and he did not know how to make it happen. He also wondered what happened that day when Chris showed up. Brad had not said anything. Scott knew it was his fault. They would not have fought if he had not put Brad in that situation. They had argued about Brad's having sex with Scott. Scott now had to wonder if he would ever have a chance with Brad. He would be the reason they split. It would be my fault. Would you want to see someone that caused you to split up?

Scott fell back to his roots then. He started to pray. He wanted Brad in his life but knew if it was not meant to be it would not happen. He asked god for guidance in what would be best for him. If it was wrong to love another man then he would give up. He would live his life alone. If it was not wrong please let it be Brad. Scott felt it in his heart that he would soon find out.

While Scott was at the cabin Brad had been ridding. He saw the valley in a different light today. There were birds singing in the peaceful valley. It was strange in a lot of ways because the valley seemed like a different world. There it was so green and peaceful. When you were out of the valley it seemed dry and dusty. Not as green with very few trees.

Brad felt free when he was here down towards the bottom. He pulled his horse up near the creek and stripped off to play in the water. There was a cool breeze blowing but you could still feel the suns warmth. Brad laid at the edge of the creek while he dried off in the breeze. He caught himself dozing off a couple of times. Then felt the urge to play with his cock.

Brad stroked his cock wanting to do nothing but blast a load off. He felt if he could do this then there would be less temptation to think about sex. He came not very long after he started. He had not even gotten real hard yet.

Kicking back he fell asleep after a couple of hours he awoke again. This time he had a real hard on. He tried to think about what he was dreaming about. Then it hit him he had been dreaming about Scott fucking him again. He reached between his legs to his hole. It was moist as if he had been sweating. Brad slipped his finger in his hole wiggling it some. This made his cock throb and ooze a big drop of precum. He wondered how he could be horny again so soon. Taking his cock in his hand he stroked it while he fingered his hole. Soon his ass stretched and to get the same feelings he had to stick a second finger in his ass.

Brad kept torturing his hole wanting that feeling again. His fingers were ramming themselves in and out of his hole. He was getting worked up again real fast. He was going to cum again soon and Scott was the one he was thinking about. He remembered what it felt like when Scott was pounding his hole. Brad's nails were rough and it did not feel the same as when Scott was fucking him. Brad was still getting off on the idea of it along with what feeling he was getting. Brad felt the feeling he was looking for he hit his prostrate a few times. Cum was on its way and he had it aimed towards his mouth. In his mind it was Scott unloading on his face. He wanted to feel it hit tasting his own spunk as he roughed up his ass.

He could not believe how good it felt when he was done. He was worn out from it. As Brad lay back he wondered why it was not Chris he was thinking about while he masturbated. Then it dawned on him the last few times it was Scott he thought about. Why not Chris he loved him didn't he. What was happening to him and why did they fight the other day. Brad could not believe Chris had moved in his friends while Brad was out here. What was all of that about?

Did Chris not love him any more? He even cheated on him to. With one of the guys that was staying with him now. One that Brad disliked because of the bad element he represented. Dan was a jerk that always too advantage of everyone that he could. A good friend of Brads knew him real well. Warning Brad to keep away from Dan as much as possible because he steals and doing drugs.

Chris could not be sleeping with Dan could he? But why would he say that if he wasn't. What about the other two guys who was living with him. What was he doing that he could not pay the bills? The money was there every month for them. Brad decided he would write a letter when he got back to the cabin. He just had to figure out how he was going to get it to him soon.

Brad headed back to the cabin to find Scott asleep in the bed naked. He was starting to get hard again then spotted the dried cum flaking off of him. This caused Brad to chuckle to think he done the same thing just a few minutes ago. It was hard to resist but he did not touch his cock. Brad walked over to the bed covering Scott with a sheet. He would rather have left him uncovered to look at but he would have not wanted to be done that way. It did not take long till Scott stirred from the noise Brad was making.

Scott set up and noticed that he was covered buy the sheet. He did not know if Brad did it or he had while asleep. Either way he was glad to be covered. Scott found his jockeys on the floor beside the bed and slipped them on. When he stood he felt some hair pull from the dried cum. This made him hurry to put on the rest of his clothes.

Brad acted as if nothing happened while Scott stripped the bed sheets. He was going to wash them for Brad to sleep on that night. After putting the sheets on to wash Scott went over to try to get some of the dried cum washed off. He was his face removing the days grime also. When he was done washing he went to feed the animals for the night.

Brad fixed a good meal that night now that they had fresh supplies. Brad pealed the last of the potatoes left from the last supply drop off. He noticed there were some sprouts on the peelings and thought he would plant them the next morning. They had not planted any of them and hoped they would grow.

After supper Brad cleaned up the dishes while Scott made the bed. Brad was looking forward to the soft bed that night. He planned on turning in early so he could sleep longer in it. Scott told him he would sleep like a log tonight because the bed felt so great. Brad felt a little guilt over Scott having to sleep on the cot. It was his fault they did not have a second bed.

They both headed to bed that night a little early. Brad asked Scott if it would bother him if he slept in the buff that night. Scott quickly told him not at all. As Brad slipped into bed he was amazed at how good the bed felt. He stretched and moved around in the soft sheets. It felt so good on his skin. Brad had forgotten how nice it was to just lay in a bed. The cot had been fine but you could not move much in it. This bed felt like heaven after the weeks spent in the cot. Now he understood why Scott had looked so peaceful. It did not take long till Brad was asleep. He slept so sound that he did not even hear Scott get up the next morning.

What woke Brad up was the smell of food. Scott had started breakfast already. When Brad looked around he saw he had kicked the sheet off in the night. He was laying there nude with his morning wood sticking up. Quickly he reached for the sheet and covered himself.

Scott chuckled at this and said "there's no need to cover up were both men here. Besides I like what I saw. It's kind of nice looking at a great looking guy naked the first thing in the morning. Besides you saw me pointing at the stars yesterday."

"I know but I feel kind of funny running around naked when I am the only one that way." Brad explained

"Well if it would make you feel better I can strip" Scott said as he laughed

Brad started laughing to then said "I think that's what got us in trouble the last time."

"Well if that's trouble, I would not mind staying in it all the time. Besides it was a tight squeeze getting in and out of that trouble" Scott laughed

"Well it was kind of a sore spot with me for a couple of days." Brad stated

Scott smiled his evil grin then said. "Well I would have rubbed the soreness out for you if you would have let me. It would not have been a problem at all for me. Anytime you need it rubbed just holler"

Brad was beginning to hurt from the laughter. He needed to relieve himself real bad. He jumped out of bed and ran to the porch to pee. Brad could hear Scott really busting out laughing as he went. When he was done he walked back in and Scott was finishing cooking the eggs.

"What was so funny as I was pissing?" Brad asked

Scott started laughing again as he explained. How funny it was watching him run across the floor with his hard cock bobbing up and down. The guys had a good laugh and started their day. After eating Brad went out to the garden. He dug up some more ground and planted the potato peelings he had saved. He did not know if anything would come of them. But if they got a couple of meals out of them it would be worth it. He went over to weed out the rest of the garden. He was about done when he heard Scott yell for him to come.

Brad dropped the hoe and headed that way. Scott looked like he was happy as he could be. When he arrived to where Scott was Scott held out his hand. There was a baby chick in his hand. Brad took the chick. It was so light like there was nothing to it. Brad wanted to know how many they had. Scott let him know there were seven so far. But the hen still had a few eggs under her. Brad was excited about the chicks. When he tried to put it back the hen let him know real quickly she didn't like it. She pecked him four times before he could get his hand back.

Scott told him they would have to pound some corn for the chicks. We will need them to grow off good so we can have some chicken to eat later own. Brad looked at Scott with a sad look thinking about having to kill them. He did realize it was the way it had to be but was not looking forward to it. Living off of the land was not as fun as it seemed when he realized what had to be done sometimes.

Scott said they would have to build a small pen to put the hen in with her chicks. They would take some of the scrap wood and make one. Then they could move it around as needed. But he did not want to loose any of them while they were so small. The others would fight with the mother hen some. This could cause her to step on them and kill them. But we might as well build two for the other hen would hatch soon to.

Scott started working on the pen while Brad tended the garden. There were enough beans to pick for a light lunch so he picked what was ready. There would be squash in a few more days to. He was getting excited to be eating what he raised. After he was finished in the garden he went to help Scott with the small pens. Scott was almost done when Brad got there. All that was left to do was putting a top on.

When the boys got back to the cabin they fixed lunch. The beans were a big hit being fresh. They wanted to put a can of vegetables back every time they could to save for later. They wanted to go fishing later to see if they could catch anything. The afternoon was a bust. They did not catch anything. It was almost time for supper so it was decided to go clean up for the day.

The boys reached the creek and started stripping. There shyness was starting to go by the way side. Nether one was ashamed to be naked in front of the other anymore. They still looked as often as they could but it was not as big of a deal anymore. The wood would fly if the eyes lingered a little to long. It was just getting to the point the guys didn't care if the other saw it.

Scott still wanted Brad but did not no how to go about it. He watched as Brad climbed out of the water. When Brad dried off he ask if Scott was ready to head back. Scott wanted to hang around a little more. Brad headed back to start supper. He was almost to the cabin when he remembered he had left his watch. It must have fallen off the log.

When Brad turned the corner he saw Scott was laid back stroking his cock. This stopped him in his tracks. Brad was not a peeper but could not bring himself to move or say anything. He started getting hard himself as he watched Scott. He wanted to run over and take Scotts cock in his mouth. How was he going to get his watch with out letting Scott know he seen him.

Brad decided that they both were men and done the same things. So why either one of them should be embarrassed about stroking their meat was beyond him. Brad took a step towards Scott as he got closer he wanted to say something but nothing came out. The only way Brad thought he could keep from embarrassing Scott was to drop to his knees. Brad could not do this though with good conscience. Brad stepped up beside Scott and cleared his throat.

Scott heard Brad and fell over as he tried to get up. He turned red as a tomato and his cock went down fast. When Scott finally got up he dusted himself off. Still naked he stood there looking at Brad in a daring way to say something.

"I thought you went back to the cabin?" Scott asked

"I made it almost there when I saw I had forgotten my watch. So I headed back to get it." Replied Brad

"Well you could have made some kind of noise so I would have known you were coming. Scott stated

"Scott the last thing I expected was to come around the corner and catch you like this. I had a hard enough battle, I fought just wanting to stand there and watch you. It's not like it easy for me either. We are both men and we know we both jack off. So why should we hide it" Brad said

"You just embarrassed me. It's hard to watch you knowing you have someone. All I want is to make love to you Brad. But in my mind when I jack is as close as I will ever get to it happening again. You think it is hard for you. Well you should be in my shoes." Scott told Brad

"Scott I know it is hard for you but it is hard for me to. I have cheated on my boyfriend, possibly screwing up my relationship with him. Then I have feelings for you and that confuses me even more. Do you think I do not want to make love to you? Well if you do your wrong. I look at you and want to take you in my arms all the time." Brad told Scott

"Well do it! Make me happy and see where we could go. I have fought off every thing I was taught as a kid. Pushed it aside so I could show you how much I love you. I would even die for you Brad. I love you Brad and in gods eyes my love is pure for you. I have waited all these years for this. I do not feel any guilt about it either for the first time." Scott said

Scott you have no reason to feel guilt. It has just been pounded into the heads of everyone for years it is wrong. The ones that yell the loudest are the ones that have done the wrongs against others. They yell to cover up what they have done. Be proud of who you are. Just don't rub it in the faces of others and they will like you. This country is changing to. The big cities are changing for the good. We still have the government to battle but that will come in time. The ones that run it now were raised in the time that you hide who you were. In a few more generations it won't be so bad. Very few kids raised now do not know someone who is not gay. They see them as no different as anyone else. So it will end soon." Brad said

"Brad I know what you're saying and I would stand up to my father now. That does not change the fact of how I feel about you here and now. I want you Brad. I want to make love to you and you make love to me. Here I stand naked before you and beg you to make love to me." Scott pleaded

"Scott If you knew how bad I wanted to say yes you would understand. I am asking you for three weeks. Just give me three weeks to give you my decision. I should know something by then." Explained Brad

"What difference will three weeks make Brad? Come on we live together every day. What could happen, Doug will not even be back by then." Complained Scott

"Look Scott if you love me like you say you do then you will do as I ask. Also I need a favor; I need to get to a phone. Does Doug's house have a phone I can use? Asked Brad

"Yes but there is a Phone at my place to and it is closer." Scott told him

"Your place! You mean you live around here? It never occurred to me." Brad said

"Yes I live not very far from here. We can leave the first thing in the morning and be back by lunch." Scott explained

Brads mind was working overtime. He needed to make sure he asked the right questions. Brent could handle every thing he needed done. The only thing that was distracting him was Scott getting dressed. When Scott pulled on his Jockeys it almost took Brads breath. The bright white sliding up Scotts tanned legs. Then he gasped as the waist band was held down by Scott's still semi hard cock. It lay over the top hanging down till Scott pulled a little harder. Then it popped up against his stomach and disappeared into his shorts. Brads cock went hard instantly.

Shaking his head to get back to what he needed to do. Brad decided on the route he was going to take with this situation. The first person he needed to talk to was Brent. He would be the one to help him with out asking too many questions.

Brad wanted to leave the fist thing in the morning. He headed to his cot as soon as he could so he would be up early. He thought about how good the bed felt the night before. Scott climbed in it as Brad was dropping off to sleep.

Scott looked over at Brad wishing he could have Brad in the Bed with him. He would be happy just to snuggle up with him. Just to hold him in his arms. This thought made Scotts cock get hard again. He never finished taking care of his needs today when Brad walked up on him. Scott was tired of hiding his needs and Brad was supposed to be ok with it. Scott pulled down the sheets and started stroking his cock. He loved the feeling from long slow strokes. Scott stroked it slowly trying to see if Brad was watching out of the corner of his eye.

Scott decided he was going to put on a show for Brad. Stroking his cock slowly he ran his hand through the hair on his chest. Doing this in circles till he came to his nipple. He took his nipple between his fingers pinching and pulling it. This caused him to throw his head back arching his chest forward. Little moans escaped his lips as he pulled his nipple. His strokes quickened while doing this. Scott was so hot he had to slow down or pop. Letting go of his nipple he slowed down his pace on his cock. After a couple of minutes he had calmed down enough to do the next thing he had always liked.

Scott reached down taking his balls in his hand pulling on them. He pulled on them trying to be a little rough with them. This excited him making him shoot larger loads when he had his balls to the point of almost aching. Scott kept going between the two things he liked most. The little gasp turned into moans. Sometimes Scott's back would be so arched he would almost be setting up. His head barely touching the pillow; with his back arched and chest in the air. His moan was not quit this time. He was in the zone and could not stop his moans. His climax building to a point he had not been at in a while. He knew Brad was watching him now and this excited him even more.

Scott wanted Brad to watch him. Scott knew if Brad had any feelings for him this would make him want him even more. Scott planting his feet on the bed shoved upward. Bringing his ass off the bed Scott moved his hand to his ass. Taking his finger he parted ass cheeks to find his hot moist hole. Scott ran his finger across thinking of Brads tongue. His reaction was loud gasps as it was getting to the point he was holding his breath. There was no way to stop it know he was shooting his load. His finger pushing harder into his ass as spasms pulsed around his finger. Five large ropes of cum flew through the air marking him from his ear to his belly button. The first rope was amazing as it shot fort. It looked like you had taken a tube of toothpaste marking him across his chest. The remaining four looked much the same.

As Scott came down from his high he turned to see Brad propped up watching him. Scott could not stand at all right now from the weakness of his orgasm. He looked down to his chest to see his cum setting atop his thickly haired chest. Scott had never shot so much in his life. He reached for his shirt to clean up with but could not reach it. Then he saw Brad rise from his cot. His cock was standing straight out. Scott never knew when Brad had stripped but he was naked. Then Brad returned with a moist towel handing it to Scott before he slipped back into his cot. Scott really wanted him to slip into his bed for the night but it did not happen. Scott cleaned himself up tasting some of his own cum. It did not taste the same as Brads and Scott wondered why. He had to ask Brad about that some day.

Brad turned over after he saw Scott lick some of the cum off his chest. He could not believe the size of the ropes of cum that shot from Scott. They were huge! It was real hard not to reach for Scott when he handed the towel to him. He wanted to jump on top of him and Fuck his brains out. Brad could feel his balls ache from watching Scott. He wanted to throw the cover back and show Scott he could do it to. Brad had to get this off his mind but it was hard with his cock throbbing against his stomach. He could feel every beet of his heart as his cock pulsed.

Scott fell asleep soon after while Brad tossed back and forth. He was worked up about seeing Scott naked and masturbating. Also it did not help knowing what was going to happen soon. It was almost time to get up before Brad fell asleep. When the rooster crowed Brad did not wake up. Scott soon had breakfast ready and woke Brad.

The boys ate quickly and went to saddle the horses. Soon afterwards they headed out to Scott's. They would arrive in less than an hour at the pace they were going. About three miles later they came over a rise and to Brads shock he saw several hundred head of cattle.

"Whose cattle are these" Brad wanted to know.

"They would be yours now." Scott said

"I did not know about these. I knew Grandfather raised some breeding Stock but nothing like this." Brad said in awe

"Well you have two thousand head of cattle here. It was my job to rotate them from pasture to pasture every day. There are six thousand acres here that the cattle are on and every day the cattle are moved. I rotate them at least every twenty four hours. You have one hundred cattle per lot and at least two lots between herds." Scott told Brad

"Man this is all new to me. I knew Grandfather had a few cows but I did not know about this." Brad said

"This is one of three different operations like this. Most of the work comes from up at the barn when the bulls are brought in. Then you have to watch closely when the calving starts." Scott told Brad.

"So who is taking care of all of this while you are gone?" Brad asked

"One of the guys who are in charge of the bulls is watching this place right now. He is a nice man that I have met a few times. He stays at my place while the bulls are here. He helps me to record what cow was breed by what bulls. You see all we raise is breeding stock. Bulls are what we are looking for. The heifers are sorted and sold as breading stock." Scott explained

The boys headed down to Scotts place. When Brad saw it he was surprised at how nice it really looked. As they arrived at the front door a dog that looked a lot like Yeller greeted them. Scott climbed down from his horse and greeted the dog back. He was a litter mate to Yeller that went by the name of Jack..

Scott took Brad inside the house to use the phone. As Brad looked around he saw everything was very simple but very clean. There were a few things on the walls but not cluttered at all. Scott handed Brad the phone and headed to the kitchen. There were no signs of anyone else in the house. Brad made his first call to Brent. It was hard to keep Scott from overhearing what was said. But Brad kept his voice down and did not think he knew Scott heard what he was asking Brent to do. It took about twenty minutes to take care of everything Brad needed Brent to do. Then he next placed a call to his lawyer. This call did not take long at all. After Brad was through with the phone he let Scott know he was ready to leave if he was.

Scott came out of the kitchen with two cold beers and asked Brad if he would like one. Brad took the offered beer as Scott sat next to the phone. Scott picked up the receiver to make a call. Brad got up to go outside to give Scott some privacy. Scott told him he could stay and could he bring him another cold beer.

Brad came in handing Scott the beer.

Scott's phone call

"Hi Dad"

I am doing great.

How are you and mom?

The reason I called is to tell you something.

Well ... I... just wanted to tell you ...I ... met someone

Dad wait...It's not what your thinking.


But it's not a woman.

I met a man... yes a man...and I am gay

I may go to hell but it won't be from loving him.

Dad! Dad, are you there?