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The Inheritance part 13

Authors note: I am sorry for the delay in posting. I have not been well for a few weeks. I posted till I ran out off chapters then had to wait till I felt better. I hope you enjoy part 13. I want to thank everyone who has written and ask about my health. It is not life threatening just have not felt well. I know they were glad to see me back at work. I hope you are glad I am back to writing. I am sorry I have not been able to write every one back and hope you understand.

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Scott hung up the phone and started to cry. Brad stood there not knowing what to do. Finally he walked over to Scott and sat beside him on the arm of the chair. Brad put his arm around Scott's shoulders rubbing them. Scott turned in his chair to bury his face in Brad's chest. Scott was crying so hard that his body was shaking. Brad kept holding Scott in his arms as the tears streamed down his face. Brad spent the next half hour holding Scott as he calmed down.

When Scott released Brad he stood up and asked Brad if he was ready to head back. Brad was surprised by Scott's actions. It was as if nothing happened. Scott was a different person right now--very cold and without emotions.

Brad wanted to make one more quick call. He dialed Brent's Number again. After a few rings the answering machine picked up. Brad listened to the message then, after the tone Brad made the statement, "Brent I need you to get me the information in two weeks if not sooner. Something has come up that I need it as fast as I can get it. So please get it to me as quickly as you can."

Brad hung up the phone and turned towards the door heading out. When he got outside he waited long enough for Scott follow. Then he mounted his horse and headed home to the cabin. The trip home was silent with both guys thinking about what had transpired that day and wondering what would come of it all.

By the time they reached the cabin both boys were hungry. Scott put the horses up while Brad fixed something to eat. It was not a normal evening around the cabin that night. The fun and laughter were absent. Scott's mood had darkened as he sat thinking about his conversation with his dad. He soon excused himself and headed to bed. Brad had a lot to think about to after his conversation with Brent. He also headed to bed soon.

When he climbed into the bed and settled in he could hear Scott was still awake. He was trying to be quiet but Brad could tell that Scott was crying. It bothered Brad that Scott's dad had been so rough on him. He did not know everything said but from what he heard of Scott's side it could not have been easy.

Brad sat up on the edge of the bed and shook Scott. "Are you awake?" Brad asked. Scott stirred, shifting so he could see Brad.

"Scott would you mind, sharing the bed with me tonight? I am not asking for sex but just to have someone to hold and hold me back." Brad asked

Scott sat up in his cot before answering. "Brad, I would love to hold you and really need to be held myself. There is one problem though. I don't know if I could trust myself next to you."

Brad though that might not be a bad thing but answered. "We're both grown men, Scott and that is not why I asked you to come to my bed? Right now I just don't want to be alone."

Scott crawled out of his cot and in next to Brad. He was nervous at first but when Brad put his arm around him all of his fears melted away. Scott laid his arm across Brad's chest; then he put his head on Brad's chest. He felt for the first time all was right with the world.

Brad felt an inner piece come over him. He was in the arms of a man he was falling for. The strength that Scott alluded to was nothing like he had ever been with before. He felt small but protected for the first time since he was young boy being held by his Grandfather. Scott was more than his equal--he was a protector. There was security being held in his arms. Brad placed a kiss on Scott's forehead and said, "Thanks."

There was no sexual tension at all between the guys. It was a bond that neither of them had ever felt before. A peace came over both of them and they rested better than either had in a long time.

Brad laid there the next morning watching Scott sleep. They had not moved all night. Brad could feel Scott's warm breath blow across his nipple each time he exhaled. This was causing thoughts of making love to this man to run through his head. What would it be like to make love to Scott? Brad took his fingertip and drew designs in the hair on Scott's chest. He was falling in love and could not stop his feelings. Much depended on the outcome of the next two weeks.

Scott stirred then looked at Brad with his big blue eyes. Scott placed a kiss on Brad's nipple then looked into Brad's eyes and said, "I love you, Brad." He then pulled away and climbed out of bed. Once on his feet he turned back to the bed and stuck out his hand to Brad. Brad took it and Scott pulled Brad up. They looked at each other standing naked. Neither guy had a hard cock. It was as though each of them understood how their relationship was changing.

There was a feeling of love between them. It was not the raw sex anymore--there was more to it.

Later that morning Scott took off to hunt while Brad worked in the garden. There were a lot of weeds trying to come up in the garden. Brad had a lot of work to do to keep it clean. The corn was three feet tall and still growing. He needed to add a little fertilize today after he was through weeding. The potatoes still had not come up but he was still hoping. There were green beans to pick and squash. Greens needed picking too.

Brad laughed, thinking back on the first time he fixed greens. He thought he had picked a lot of them. He had filled the biggest pot they had--filled it to the rim and he was afraid they would have to eat greens for days. As he cooked they kept disappearing. The pot was not even half full anymore. By the time they were done there was barely enough for one meal.

Brad worked in the garden as he chuckled about a few things he had learned while out here. For someone who thought they knew it all it was an eye-opener.

A noise pulled Brad from his thoughts. It was the sound of a car coming down the road. Brad looked, thinking it might be Doug coming out to visit. But it wasn't Doug's truck; it was a car. Brad started walking towards the cabin so he could meet whoever it was. When the car pulled up Brad did not recognize who it was.

A man who looked a little familiar stepped out and in a huff asked where Scott was. Brad explained that Scott was out hunting and would be back soon.

"Well he better get here soon!" the stranger stated as he paced around

There was something about this man that Brad did not like. He came off as bossy and very demanding. Finally Brad asked, "Who are you and why are you looking for Scott?"

"If it is any of your business I am his Father." He stated.

That explained why this man looked familiar. He was not the spitting image of Scott, but there was a definite resemblance. Brad went on the defensive. He knew exactly why the man was here now.

"Look I don't know what time he will be back and I have things to do. You can come back later but I don't have time to entertain you." Brad stated flatly.

"I'll wait." The preacher stated.

"I think you need to go and come back at a better time. Scott may be gone all day and I do not wish to speak with you." Brad told him.

"You must be the queer that has corrupted my son. You are sentencing Scott to spend the rest of eternity burning in hell."

"Well let me sentence you too then! Until you can treat him like he should be treated. My sentence to you is for you to get off my property and never step foot on it again till you come to your senses. God loves all men and for you to judge anyone is a sin. Read your Bible for a change. You have committed a lot of sins yourself." Brad yelled at him

"I don't need some queer trying to tell me about the Bible." The preacher said.

"Well let this queer tell you something. You're supposed to be a teacher of God's word not someone who takes verses out of context, twisting them to say what you want them to say."

Scott's father was turning red in the face. "I will not put up with that from the likes of you."

"Then let me make it plain for you. Get the fuck off my land. You may have brainwashed your son by poisoning his mind and many others. But I will not put up with your pompous attitude. Scott's only crime against God is being your son, and that's not his fault. So leave!"

Scott's father raised his hand to strike Brad but before he could, Scott grabbed his wrist. Spinning his father around Scott looked him in the eye.

"Dad you will not strike him or anyone here. I have listened to you all of my life and have been miserable. No matter what you say it will not change who I am." Scott stated.

"I will not lose a second son to Godless acts. I've lost one and would rather take your life than let you go to hell." Scott's father screamed as he pulled a knife from his pocket.

Brad, who had been watching and getting madder every second, saw the knife coming out of the pocket. Using the hoe that was still holding, he lashed out and knocked the knife out of the preacher's hand. Scott's father lost it and lunged towards his son.

The scuffle was brief--Brad and Scott quickly subdued his father. They took him into the cabin and bound him to a chair. This outburst explained to Brad why he had lost his congregation. He was so fanatical that they were afraid of him. It must have been hard growing up with a father like this.

Scott looked his father in the face and said, "Dad, I love you but I will not be treated this way. If you can't accept me for who I am then do not come around me again. I am gay and love God as he loves me. If I am wrong then I will face the consequences."

"Scott, you can not do this to me--it will ruin your reputation." His dad said.

Scott looked at his dad and shook his head. "Dad, let me explain a few things for you as I have come to see them. You see, there are people who say they are Christians. But every chance they get to cut someone else down they do it. There also are folks who will talk behind your back. And you have the ones that tell lies and cheat. Those are the ones God will spew from his mouth according to his word. The only ones that could hurt god are the ones that are close to him, like when good Christians sin.

"As for me, I look at it this way--there will be people who will be nice to my face. Behind my back, they will be the ones who talk about me being a fag, telling lies and talking bad about me. But they can't hurt me because I expect it from them. You see the only ones who can hurt me, I mean really hurt me, are the ones I love. Like you and Mom and my family. You can't be hurt by someone you don't love because you do not expect them to know and love you. It's the ones you trust and love who can hurt you, Dad."

Scott's dad yelled "your twisting God's words"

"No, Dad, I am telling you my interpretation of God's words. I am going to tell you this one time and if you can not accept it then do not ever come around me again. I am gay and right now I am in love with Brad. I can not have him because he is already seeing someone. Yes it is hard to want someone when you can not have them but that is life. I am just learning to live and want to share it. I am finally at peace with myself, Dad, and I will not go back to hating myself. So I am going to cut you loose. You have a choice to love me for whom I am or walk away from me never to be a part of my life." Scott told his dad.

Scott untied his dad looking him in the eye the whole time. He hoped he was doing the right thing. It was hard to tell what would happen next. As the last of the binding was undone Scott did not know what would happen. Then his father stood, looking him in the eye as a tear slowly slid down his cheek. Scott reached to wipe it from his dad's face but at Scott's touch he turned without a word and walked out. Scott burst into tears as he heard the door slam shut and the car motor start up. If it had been pavement the tires would have squealed their displeasure as their owner tried to get away as fast as he could.

Scott turned to Brad with a look of confusion on his face. The tears streaked down his face as he shook his head. Brad walked over to Scott taking him into his arms trying to soothe him. Scott let go in the comfort of Brad's arms--it seemed like everything was pouring out. Scott's legs were giving out. He was slowly collapsing to the floor but Brad would not let go. He was going to hold him as long as he needed.

Scott cried on Brad's shoulder till he ran out of tears. After a couple of hours Scott started to rise. He looked at Brad and told him, "You don't understand how hard it was growing up. I did not date a girl over two or three times to keep from having her ask for sex. I knew if I did not want to be thought of as gay I had to be tough. So I was in a lot of fights at school. People knew Mike was gay because of Dad. So I had to prove myself all the time."

"I even lied about having sex with girls from the next town. I felt awful about the lies I had to tell. When I went to college it was not as hard without all the kids I grew up with. But it never got easy. Now dad knows and he walked away from me. I hoped he would not act the way he did with Mike. I hoped he would not want to risk going through that again." Scott said.

"I guess I am just another strike against him. His second son that was gay to. Well it's his loss. It just pisses me off that he could turn his back on me so quickly. He keeps pushing everyone away. I will call mom when I get the chance and see how she feels when all of this has had a chance to calm down." Scott stated.

Brad just sat there telling Scott everything would be ok. The guys were so tired they went to bed that night without eating. Scott snuggled against Brad like a little boy would. Brad could not help but to get a little excited from it. After a while they both fell asleep from exhaustion. Scott moved and kicked in his sleep waking Brad every now and then. It did not take long for him to fall back to sleep though.

The next morning both guys woke without saying much. Scott was a little depressed from the day before. They went about there routines waiting for the day to end. There was a little tension in the air but not from anything you could put your finger on. Time was needed to help heal and Brad was going to give Scott all the time he needed.

After a few days everything started to go back to normal. Brad and Scott both began to talk more and both guys felt better. They went hunting a couple of days and bagged a deer on one of them. It was not a large one but still nice sized. The meat they got from this filled up the freezer again. That night they had a good supper with all the meat they could eat. It was nice to be stuffed for a change.

When bedtime rolled around it was nice to snuggle up some. Scott found himself wrapped around Brad the next morning. His hard cock pressed between Brad's cheeks. When he shifted it kind of stuck to Brad's ass. He felt if he worked it just a little he could slip it in. As he moved it to line up with Brad's ass he remembered the promise he had made. That caused him to stop but he did not want to.

Brad stirred as Scott pulled away. He felt the warmth of Scott's body leave his as the cool air came between them. Brad rolled over to look at Scott and smiled. He wanted to kiss him but knew it would start something. He knew he was not ready to pursue as of yet. Scott looked so good in the mornings as if he had not even slept. His curly hair seemed to stay in place. Brad knew his was always sticking up when he awoke.

It had been a little over two weeks and Brad had not heard anything yet. He was getting a little worried. He figured Brent would have been there already. He was getting around after breakfast when they heard a car pull up. Brent was driving and Doug was in the passenger seat. Doug jumped out when he saw Scott walk around the corner. He was glad Brent had made it. He had been worried that something had happened.

Brad asked Scott if he could go riding with Doug while he talked with Brent. Doug was all for it so Scott saddled the horses and rode off together. While they were gone Brent and Brad went inside to talk.

"Brent, what did you find out for me?" Brad asked.