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The Inheritance part 14

Authors note: I want to thank everyone who has written letting me know they were glad I was feeling better and back to writing. This chapter will let you know what Chris is up to.

Thanks Doug


"Well, Brad there are a few things going on. First the bills are not being paid on time if they are even being paid. Your truck has been sold for a lot less that it was worth. Second you bank account is overdrawn. Chris is going through everything. He even has your savings wiped out. He and his friends are partying a lot. Rumor has it he is on drugs and being a slut while you are away too." Brent said.

"I can't hold his infidelity against him. I have not been an angel either. But I can not believe he has sold my stuff and spent everything. Sure there was not that much in savings but it took me four years to put it back." Brad stated.

"As you lawyer and good friend, Brad, I must advise you to cut you ties with Chris. He is making a fool out of himself and you right now." Brent stated.

"I always wondered how Chris would act if I were not around. He wanted to run around with his friends too much. There were some of them I never did like and they seem to be the ones that he is with. They were always trouble in school and seemed to want someone that was attached. If the guy was single they were not interested in him. It was like it was a challenge to them to bust the couple up." Brad told Brent. 

"Brad, you have to be careful. I also found out one of the guys Chris is messing around with is married. His wife is Chris's boss but she has not found out yet. He will lose his job as soon as she does. His safety may also be an issue with the four brothers she has. They have been known gay bashers before." Brent said. 

"That is Chris's choice to make if he wants to get into something he could get hurt at. Brent, it pisses me off to know Chris could be like this. But at least now I know so this is what I want you to do for me. I want my checking account closed and another one opened with my name only on it for now. Put my trust money in it because I want my bills paid. I will give you my power of attorney till this year is up. I want you to pay the rent till the lease is up next month. It is in my name so I don't want to have problems finding another place. Let the landlord know I will not be renewing my lease but Chris might. Cut off the utilities that are in my name the day the lease is up. Also let Chris know he can have everything but he will have to pay his own bills from now on." Brad stated. 

"Why are you letting him have everything?" Brent asked

"Look, Brent, I want out right now and there is nothing that can not be replaced with time. I will buy whatever I need when this year is up. I should have enough money in my bank account to find a place. Also I should be able to replace what is needed. Without having to pay all the bills it should grow quickly."  

Brent stood up. "Ok then I will be in contact with you when I have completed everything you want done." Brent headed out the door to leave. 

Brent looked around as he took the paperwork to his car and saw the Doug and Scott returning. By the time he had made it back to the front of the cabin they had dismounted. 

"Man, do you ever stink. I don't know if I should let you ride inside or strap you to the hood." Brent said joking.

Doug looked at Brent smiling and said. "Well I was hoping I would have enough time to go for a swim at the creek before we headed back. I need to wash some of this smell off. We pushed the horses kind of hard and made them sweat." 

"A swim sounds like fun!" Brad said.

"I don't have a suit." Brent stated.

"We swim in the buff around here." Scott said.

Feeling himself start to swell at the idea of seeing these guys naked Brent stated, "I have never swum naked before."

Doug blurted out, "The water feels great on your cock. It's like someone is playing with your cock and balls as you swim."

The guy's started laughing at this as they headed to the creek. 

"Well let me get in the water then. Nobody's played with me for a long time." Brent said. 

This started another round of laughter. The closer Brent got to the creek the more he realized that he was getting excited about seeing all the guys naked. He could feel himself swelling at the thought of seeing Brad naked. 

The first time Brent ever saw Brad he wanted him, but Brad was living with Chris. He knew he really liked him and would have to settle for being friends. The hope never died and now that Brad was about to be single again his hopes were high. Brent was worried he would spring a hard on when he saw Brad naked. Brent tried to force these thoughts out of his mind.

When they got down to the creek Doug started to strip. He was excited at the thought of getting another chance to touch another cock again. Being the first naked Doug stood there with his hard cock sticking straight out. 

Brent looked around as the guys were taking their clothes off. He was a little shy about being naked with this group of hot guys. His cock was starting to get hard and he was worried he would get totally hard before he could get in the water.  

Brent knew he had nothing to be ashamed about because he was well endowed. Then he saw Doug standing there with his hard cock. This made Brent hard. Doug had a great body—well-muscled from hard work on the farm. Brent had always been attracted to younger men.  

Doug was walking around like he still had his clothes on. There was no shame in the way he acted. 

Brent noted that Scott's cock was semi hard too but his eyes were on Brad most of the time. By the time he was down to his jockeys the others were naked and waiting on him.  

Doug saw Brent's cock sticking out of the top of his jockeys and said, "My God! Look at the cock on Brent! How big is that thing?"

This made Brent turn bright red. Being the oldest one in the group at 43 (average age of readers) had already made him feel funny. Brent had nothing to worry about though; he was in good shape. He had a swimmer's build at 6 foot with a nice hairy chest that was just beginning to turn gray. You could tell he worked out some because his body was well-toned for a man of his age. He was an attractive man.  

The guys turned to look at Brent—to see what Doug was talking about. By this time Brent's cock was sticking out of the top of his jockeys by a good three inches.  

"My God, Brent you do have a nice one! Brad commented. "Where in the heck have you been hiding it all of these years?"

"In my pants where no one seems to want to look. It's not that big either. Only nine inches."  

Doug, in his excitement, blurted out, "Man would I like to play with that thing." 

This started another round of laughter. Doug turned red at this but he couldn't take his eyes off of Brent's cock.

Brent pulled down his jockeys, slowly revealing more and more cock. When he pulled them off and stood back up all eyes was focused on him. Or, more accurately, on his cock. Brent felt funny with every one staring at him. But looking at Doug's hard cock, and with the other two getting hard, there was no way his was going down anytime soon—at least not on its own. 

Doug walked over to get a better look at Brent's cock. It was all he could do to keep from reaching out and taking hold of it. He wanted to feel it so bad.  

"Man I bet your wife loves that thing." Doug said.

"Well, for starters, I am gay and single. As you put it, "that thing" has had no attention other than my own, in several years. Nobody wants an old man." Brent said. 

"Old? Man, I think you hot!" Doug said.

"Yeah you're a very attractive man; especially naked." Brad said laughingly.  

"Nice cock on you too." Scott said smiling. 

"You've got that right—he has a great cock. Man, I've never seen one that big. Of all the guys in the locker room I have never seen one come close." Doug said.  

They headed into the water to swim and cool off some. Doug seemed infatuated with Brent. He was around him every chance he got. Brad and Scott swan around some then headed over to a couple of rocks to kick back. The water felt great. It was cool but not cold. 

Doug wanted to play in the water and started splashing Brent. When Brent started splashing back some it turned into a little wrestling. Soon a little grab ass started and Doug got to feel Brent's cock. He was shocked at how big it felt in his hand. This caused Brent to grab Doug. Brent loved the feel of Doug's hard cock it had been a while since he'd felt anyone's but his own. Doug's touch caused Brent to get hard again, and soon as Doug felt it hard for the first time he wanted to suck on it.

Doug worked Brent over to where they were out of site from the others. He grabbed Brent's cock again but did not let it go. Stroking it gently he looked Brent in the eye. Brent didn't know what to do. He pulled away from Doug. 

"Doug, I can't do this. I am too old for you. Are you even eighteen? I don't want to get in trouble." Brent hurriedly said.

"Yeah I just turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago. I really think you're hot and would love to play with you. I just haven't had the chance to be with a man so I do not know what to do." Doug replied.

"Doug, I think you are a very handsome young man and would welcome the opportunity to make love to you. But there is the age thing. I would feel like I was forcing you to do something that you would regret." Brent said. 

Doug looked at Brent, "The only regret I'll have will be if you don't make love to me. I get so tired of having to fantasize about other cocks. You don't know how hard it is to live out here and never be around other gay men." 

"Doug I know how hard it can be to want someone and never having a chance. Besides I would be afraid I would want more from you that you would want to give." Brent explained. 

"That's my problem—I don't know what there is to want. No one has ever given me a chance to find out. I want to try things but don't have any one to try them with." Doug told Brent. 

"Well I do not think this is the place or time to try anything, Doug. You should be where you could enjoy it without having to hurry for your first time." Brent said. 

"Will you teach me, please?" Doug pleaded.

"Doug, you are so handsome. How could I refuse you? We just have to figure out a way to meet." Brent explained.

"We could meet at the motel just outside of town. It is on your way back any way. When we leave here we could go there and get a room." Doug told Brent. 

"What will you tell your parents?" Brent asked.

"I'll tell them I am running to town to pick up some aspirin for Brad. Then going by to see a friend." Doug answered. 

"Well as soon as we can leave, let's head out. I have a room there already—it's number twelve. I stayed there last night so I would not have so far to drive today. I will park my car in front of room twelve so just come in. The door will be unlocked. Then we can have some privacy and a bed so we will be comfortable." Brent continued. 

"No problem I am ready now." Doug smiled at Brent and then called to the others in a loud voice, "Hey guy's, I need to be headed back so I can finish my chores for the day."  

Brad and Scott had been relaxing when they heard Doug. They looked around and saw Doug and Brent heading to the bank. They thought it was soon for Doug to want to head back. The chores were something Doug always likes to head out here to avoid.  

Scott looked at Doug. For some reason he thought there was something else going on. When Doug and Brent got out to dry off they both still had hard cocks. This made Scott think they wanted to play around some.

Brad seemed ready for them to leave too. There was something going on that Scott was not privy to. He thought about it and figured he must have missed something at the creek. He would ask Brad about it later.

Scott almost laughed at the way Doug seemed to be in a hurry. Doug was having problems getting dressed because he did not take time to dry off well. Brent seemed equally in a hurry but was taking time to dry off completely. Scott thought about it and figured there was going to be something happen between the two of them. They looked excited about something.

By the time Scott was dressed Brad was ready to head back. They headed to the cabin with Doug and Brent in the lead. The two of them talked in a very low tone as they headed back. Neither Scott nor Brad could make out more than a word or two from them.  

Brad leaned over to Scott telling him he had some good news for him later. Scott thought this was what he had missed down at the creek. He nodded back at Brad. 

When they got to the cabin Brent told Brad that he would be back in a couple of weeks. They hugged with Brad thanking him for his help. Doug hugged Scott and Brad telling them he would see them soon. As goodbyes were said Brent and Doug got in the car and headed out.

After they were out of sight Brad turned to Scott and said, "By the way I am a free man now. So if you would like to see how we work out together I would like to give it a go." 

"Yahoo!" Scott screamed out right before he planted a big kiss on Brad. 

One kiss led to another and another till Brad and Scott both were worked up. Scott was already taking the clothes off Brad as they headed to the cabin door. Brad had just got to the door when Scott ripped his pants down around Brads ankles.  

Brad had his hands on both sides of the door frame to keep from falling. As Scott dropped to his knees he grabbed Brad's ass to spread his cheeks. Scott saw what he knew would drive Brad crazy. He drove his face between Brad's ass cheeks to eat that sweet ass like the last time.

Brad pushed back when Scott's tongue hit his ass ring. This was the feeling he remembered. He could not get enough of Scott's tongue. It sent goose bumps down his back.  

Scott was getting further in Brad's ass as he pushed back. Brad was opening up more and more as Scott tongue fucked him. Scott loved the reactions of Brad's body. He felt Brad quiver when he stuck his tongue in as far as it would go and wiggle it.  

Scott reached down while still eating Brad to remove the pants from one of his legs. When he had his pants free of one leg he slipped his hands between Brad's legs. Reaching up between Brad's legs till he had both arms wrapped around Brad's hips. He could feel Brad's weight resting on his shoulders. As Brad ground his ass in Scott's face, Scott could feel the goose bumps rising on Brad's thighs. This was all Scott needed to urge him on using more force to try to get deeper into Brad's ass. Scott viciously ate Brad's ass and he could tell it was beginning to get tender. It was opened up more than the last time they had sex. Scott was not having any problem getting his tongue in at all now.  

Brad could feel his ass was open with Scott running his tongue all around the inside. There was no resistance to it at all. His ass wanted something bigger. He wanted to be fucked. Not just by anyone—he wanted Scott in his ass. He needed Scott in his ass. Soon he started to beg Scott to fuck him. His ass was getting tender from Scott's teeth and this made him want a cock in his ass. Scott's cock. Brad begged Scott to let him have it.  

Brad's finger nails were indenting the wood on the door frame as he worked his way down to where his hands were on the floor. This caused Scott to apply more pressure to Brad's ass. Brad thought Scott was going to suck his ass inside out. Brad finally worked his way out of Scott's arms and ran to the bed, yelling as he went, "Get your ass over here and fuck me!"

Scott kicked his boots off at the door. Then his pants came off as he crossed the room. His cock standing was straight out from his body, swinging with each step Scott took.  

Brad reached around and felt the puffiness of his ass. Slipping in a finger he felt no resistance. It reminded him of times when he had fucked Chris for a long time. Brad jammed his finger in and out of his ass so Scott could see as he walked over to the bed. He wanted Scott to know he was ready. There was enough spit there that he needed nothing but for Scott to ram it in his ass. 

Scott got to the edge of the bed and stopped to watch Brad finger his ass. He was getting so hot from this.  

Finally Brad could not take it any longer. He turned sideways on the bed and hung his head off the edge. He pulled Scott towards him and engulfed his cock down his throat. He then raised his legs and ass in the air. Letting Scott's cock fall from his mouth long enough to tell him to finger his hole. 

Scott pulled his ass up to where he could get at it. Locking his legs under his arms Scott fingered Brad's ass. He slipped two fingers in without a problem so he added more spit and slipped in a third. This made Brad moan and the vibrations from his moaning made Scott start fucking his face. It did not take long before Scott felt his balls pulling up. He started backing off on his thrusts but Brad had his arms wrapped around Scott's thighs. Scott felt Brad pulling him to fuck him faster. Scott could not help it he wanted to cum so he sped back up face fucking Brad. His hand started moving faster to. He felt his fingers hitting Brad's prostate. He focused on this and started putting more pressure on Brad's prostate with every thrust.

Within a short time Scott's balls were pulled so tight against him they only rubbed on Brad's nose. They no longer hung down slapping Brad's forehead. Scott was getting close to cumming and could not stop it. He wanted Brad's cock in his mouth when he climaxed. Bending Brad's cock back so he could get it in his mouth Scott started sucking it too. His fingers started rubbing Brad's prostate hard while he sucked his cock.

Brad's body started shaking and he started moaning. Scott felt a blast of cum in his mouth. Hot sweet cum fired into him. That was it—he could not take anymore either. Scott tightened his grip on Brad more as he started firing his load into Brad's mouth.  

Both of them were having so intense orgasms that Scott could not hold his weight anymore. He did not let go as he had Brad's cock down to his balls down his throat. He shifted so they would be laying on their sides on the bed gently lying down. Both guys were not going to give it up. The pleasure they were feeling was causing them to shake all over. Uncontrollable spasms racked their bodies as each load of cum worked its way into the other. Scott was fighting to hold onto Brad till the spasms slowed down. They just laid there with each other's cocks in their mouths gently sucking.  

After a couple of minutes Scott's cock was hard again. Brad started sucking harder trying to make Scott feel even better. Scott had other ideas though and he pulled his cock free from Brad's lips. He then turned around to where he could kiss Brad. As he broke the kiss he lifted Brad's legs up to where his knees were almost under his arms. As he leaned in to kiss Brad again his cock head entered Brad's ass. 

Brad let out a gasp as his ass was very tender and swollen. He was just about to protest that he could not take it right then when Scott's cock hit his prostate. This sent an electric charge down his spine. When Scott started pulling out Brad felt some relief from the tenderness. This left an empty feeling but was soon feeling that electric charge again. His tender ass ring was sore from being stretched but the more Scott rode it the better it was felt. 

Brad threw his head back and let out a cry. The blood was rushing to his head as it hung over the edge of the bed. He felt this dizzy feeling as it felt like the world was spinning. The only other feeling he had was the fucking he was getting. His body was alive again. Brad felt like he could feel every hair of Scott's body that was touching him. Soon he was in heaven with Scott's cock pounding his ass. Brad's head was bouncing of the side of the bed with the force of Scott pounding his ass. Grunts were coming from Brad every time Scott hit bottom.  

Brad's ass was on fire; he wanted Scott to stop. But the word coming out of his mouth was "Harder!" He knew his ass was just one big piece of puffy red raw meat. Then Scott changed angles a little and was hitting his prostate every stroke. Brad did not know how but he started cumming. It was so strong that he was almost bucking Scott off. Brad felt Scott's cock completely leave his ass more than once to come crashing down till he felt his balls slam onto his ass cheeks. He could not even feel his ass clamping down on Scott. His muscles were worn out but that just made it feel more like a velvet glove on Scott's cock. 

Brad was exhausted but wanted to feel Scott fill his ass full. Brad tried to clamp down to give Scott more. This made Brad feel like he was going to pee.  

Brad strained to raise his head to kiss Scott. Reaching for Scott's nipples he kissed him deeply as he pulled on them. When they broke the kiss Scott speeded up even more. He was mercilessly pounding away at Brad's ass. When the pain Brad was feeling turned to pleasure again. He was going to cum again from the savage pounding Scott was giving him. Once more the sound came out of his mouth harder and Scott delivered. Brad once again felt his cock explode; it burned and almost hurt.  

Then Scott started grunting. Seeing Brad cum for the second time sent him over the edge. Scott had been pounding Brad's ass for over an hour. His groin area was sore from pounding Brad's ass so hard. Scott fired six volleys into Brad's ass trying to fill it up.  


Scott pulled his cum coated dick out of Brad's ass looking at the tortured hole. A strand of cum followed his cock out of Brad's ass. Looking at it Scott bent down and ran his tongue across the swollen lips. The taste of his load mixed with Brad's juices was more than he could take. Scott started licking Brad's ass like it was filled with candy. He was going to get everything out he could.

Brad started to object to Scott eating his ass again. It just felt so soothing to him he could not stop him. Brad pushed a little and felt something ooze out of his ass. He knew it had to be Scott's cum mixed with his own juice.  

Scott asks Brad to push more of his cum out so Brad did. This was to Scott's delight and soon he had it all cleaned up. He came up to give Brad a kiss. It was a slow lingering kiss. Brad tasted his juices mixed with Scott's cum and ran his tongue around the inside of Scott's mouth trying to get more. 

Holding each other, both men were afraid this was a dream and they would wake up any second. Tired, they fell asleep wrapped in each other. 

At The Motel 

At the motel Brent waited for Doug to show up. He kept going over in his head was he crazy for even entertaining the thought of being with Doug. It had been a couple of hours and Doug had not shown up. As Brent paced back and forth he decided Doug was not going to show. This was a relief in a way but Brent was really disappointed. He could not blame him for not showing up but it really hurt. That he even thought this young man would even want him. A little depressed he made up his mind the Doug was not going to show up.

Brent started packing his things. When he was all packed he sat on the bed feeling sorry for himself. He had waited for a long time to find the right guy. He had not had a real lover in ten years. 

He thought back to his lost love. Wayne was twenty-six when he was killed one night by gay bashers. He had gone out to a bar with a couple of friends and left to come home. Three guys grabbed him and threw him in a car taking him out side the city on a dirt road. There they had beat him so badly that the internal injuries caused him to bleed to death. He was not found till the next morning by a couple headed to town. 

In the investigation Brent learned that they had kicked his lover so many times in the balls that they were mush. They had shoved objects up his rectum and torn him. He had six broken ribs and a broken arm. Five teeth had been kicked out also. Then they left him to die.

During the trial Brent had been removed from the court room and served a night in jail. The judge hated gays and Brent had been loudly objecting to the joke of a trial. That night he decided to finish his degree and become a lawyer. He would defend the rights of gays.

Depressed Brent stood up to leave. He looked around the room again to make sure he had everything. He then headed out the door to drive home. He got in my car to head to the office to check out. As He was getting out of his car to head inside he heard a horn blowing. Looking around to see who it could be he saw Doug waving his arm out of the truck window.

When Brent saw Doug's smiling face, he felt as though the clouds had parted. Doug waved for Brent to follow him as he drove over to room twelve and parked his truck. Brent felt his knees go weak as he watched Doug get out of the truck. He got back in his car and drove over to the room.

Doug was so excited he could not be still as he shifted form one foot to the other. He wanted to run up and hug Brent.

Brent got out of his car with a big smile on his face. He let Doug know he thought he had changed his mind.

Doug explained to him that his dad had to have some help getting his truck to the mechanic to be fixed. That caused him to have to go back to the farm to drop him off and that was why he was late.

Brent went over to the door and opened it. Stepping back so Doug could enter the room he almost laughed. Doug slowly stuck his head in and looked around before taking a step to enter. Once inside he looked around the room being the first time in a motel. Brent walked over and put his hand on Doug's shoulder. 

Brent was so nervous being in the same room with Doug. He felt like he should be ashamed because of the age difference. It had been so long since he had even been with a guy. As Doug turned to face him, Brent's cock started growing to its full length. He wanted this young man. It had been so long ago that he had wanted someone other than Brad.

Doug reached out and rubbed the front of Brent's pants. He could feel Brent's hard cock under his palm. He quickly undid Brent's pants. Doug pulled his pants down along with his jockeys to expose Brent's cock. Brent told Doug he needed to slow down and enjoy it.  

Brent then gave Doug a gentle but long kiss. When he broke the kiss he led Doug over to the bed.  

Doug hurriedly started removing his clothes.

Brent reached out telling him he would do that for him. Brent could tell Doug was in a hurry to have sex. He just wanted it to be something for him to remember and not rushed.  

Brent had been rushed his first time. It was not a good experience at all. Nothing but a wham bam thank you! He was not going to let this happen to Doug. He wanted him to enjoy it. 

Brent pulled Doug's tee over his head. This close he could see a light dusting of blond hair on Doug's chest. Brent then took one of Doug's nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on it. He did not get the response he wanted so he gently bit it. This got a response so Brent knew his nipples were not very sensitive yet. With a little work they would be though.

Brent kissed Doug again as he unfastened his pants letting them fall to the floor. Doug stepped out of them while the kiss still went on. He reached for his own jockeys but Brent stopped him. Backing Doug up to sit on the bed Brent pulled his shirt off and stepped out of his pants also.

Brent crawled onto the bed with Doug. He told Doug they could stop anytime he wanted. That he would never force anything on him he did not want. 

Doug looked at Brent telling him he just wanted to hurry and have sex. Doug was as tense as a rubber band about to snap. His cock hurt so badly. It had never been this hard in his life. He wanted to cum and all it would take is a couple of strokes. 

Doug asked Brent to let him cum because his dick was hurting—then they could relax and make love.  

Brent remembered how that was so he pulled down Doug's jockeys. He then thought he would give him a quick nut. Brent took Doug's cock in his hand making sure he did not stroke it at all. He looked at Doug as he bent it towards his mouth. He let Doug know this was going to be a quick blow job to get some relief. He then wanted to make love to him.

Doug shook his head to let him know he understood. As Brent engulfed his cock Doug threw back his head and let out sounds Brent had never heard before. Doug put his hands on Brent's head when he felt his nose hit his pubes. Brent had been sucking Doug for only a minute when Doug let out a groan that could have been heard by anyone in the parking lot. Doug felt like he was dying. He had never in his life felt anything like this. Every time Brent went down on Doug he fired a big shot of cum. Doug lost count of the loads he shot. Even when he knew he was firing blanks he still felt like he was cumming. He had the most intense orgasm he had ever had.

When Doug relaxed Brent finally let his cock slip from his mouth. Even though Doug had cummed he never went down. His cock was still hard as it ever was.

Brent crawled up beside Doug planting a kiss on his lips. Doug just lay there in a daze not responding. Brent was afraid he was repulsed by what just happened. Then Doug started to grin the biggest, goofiest smile Brent had ever seen. Brent just looked at him.

Doug then started laughing uncontrollably he could not believe he had gotten his first blow job. He would have never thought in his life it could have been that incredible. He turned to Brent and straddled him and told him that was better than anything he had ever done to him before.

Doug started working his way to Brent's cock. He was going to suck him off to. He had always wanted to do this to someone who was awake.

Brent almost stopped Doug but when he thought about it he did not. He remembered when he was Doug's age he would have given anything to get to play with a guy like he wanted to. But that never happened till way later on.