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The Inheritance part 15

Authors note: Sorry for taking so long to get this part published. It is a little longer to make up for it. You will be meeting someone new in this chapter that could cause some problems between Brad and Scott. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks Doug


Brent explained to Doug that when he was his age he would have like to explore another mans body. So he could do anything he wanted and I would cooperate unless it would cause pain. He could tell Doug was real nervous now. So he ask Doug what he would like to touch, Polk, prod, lick, suck, or fuck, it was his choice.

Doug almost froze at this then he slowly reached out to touch Brent's cock. When Doug saw Brent was not going to stop him he started to stroke Brent.

Brent knowing how Doug had to feel moaned a couple of times. Giving words of encouragement making Doug feel better. Brent knew he would never cum the way Doug was handling him. He would not want to criticize him at all being his first time. This was for Doug not him.

Doug's face got closer to Brent's cock. Brent thought he was fixing to suck on it but Doug backed off. He just let him stroke him the way he wanted.

Doug thought he was doing a lot for Brent. He was jacking him off. He was excited just to have this big cock in his hand. Once he thought he would suck Brent like he almost did after he got off. He lost his nerve before he got real close. He knew Brent said he could do anything he wanted to. The problem is he did not know what to do or how to do it. His arm was getting tired and Brent did not even act like he was close to cumming. This was not as fun as he thought it would be. Nothing like it was when Brent was sucking him.

Doug finally stopped. He looked at Brent with a disappointed look on his face.

Brent wanted to know what was wrong. After a little while Doug finally told him.

Doug explained he wanted to try all of these different things but did not know how. Sure he knew to suck a dick you had to put it in you mouth but what do you really do. He finally told Brent he just wanted him to make love to him so he could see how to do things. Brent agreed and began his training.

Doug could not believe how good it felt when Brent climbed on top of him. He loved that Brent had a hairy chest. It reminded him of Scott. Doug knew what French kissing was but was not prepared for it. It was a lot better than the other way. They kissed for a few minutes then Brent started kissing his neck. This felt great with the beard sticking him some. Then Brent attacked Doug's ears this almost made him laugh.

After a while it quit tickling and started feeling good. Doug turned his head to offer more of his neck to Brent. Brent felt Doug's hard cock grinding into his stomach. Working his way down Brent attacked his nipples. Being rougher than normal Brent wanted to make Doug's nipples more sensitive. Doug started to squirm as Brent chewed his nipples. It hurt a little but was also sending little electrical sparks to his brain.

Doug had never thought about his nipples being a turn on. He was enjoying this more than he would have expected. When Brent finally started working his way down to his cock Doug smiled at the thought of getting another blow job. This is what he wanted.

Brent licked and kissed his way down Doug's flat stomach. Brent stopped for a second to run his tongue in Doug's belly button. He saw goose bumps rise across Doug's stomach. Brent could feel Doug grinding his cock on his chest. Knowing he what wanted so he moved past Doug's cock to his balls and the sensitive spot between his legs. Brent pushed Doug's legs open. He wanted at his ass. Finally Doug opened up to Brent so he could get at his ass. Brent licked close to Doug's pucker and his legs came back down.

Doug wanted to know how he could almost lick his ass. That was one place that was nasty.

Brent explained rimming to Doug. How much pleasure he could get and how much pleasure it gave him.

Doug could not understand why someone would want to do that. He thought that sticking a cock in it was ok. Just how could anyone enjoy running their tongue over someone's ass? He finally told Brent he could rim him but he made a mental note not to kiss him afterwards.

Brent once again had Doug lift his legs. When he worked his way to Doug's pucker he felt him tense up. Brent slowly licked Doug to relax him. As Doug relaxed more Brent started to really rimming him. It was causing Doug to squirm around as he relaxed and started getting more turned on. Brent hardly felt any resistance as he spread Doug's cheeks more. After a few minutes Brent felt Doug's sphincter muscles relaxing. He looked up and asked Doug if he had ever had a finger in his ass.

Doug told him that a few times he had stuck his finger in his ass while he jacked off. He was afraid if he had told him he had stuck a small object he had made up his ass he would think bad of him. Doug had enjoyed it after he had learned to use some lube.

Brent rimmed Doug a little longer then wet his finger and stuck it in. Doug jumped at first till Brent explained it was his finger. When Brent hit Doug's prostate he jumped and clamped down on Brent's finger. It took a while before he started to relax again.

Doug finally asks Brent to suck his dick again. The whole time he was afraid he would get pissed at him. Doug needed to cum again.

Brent wanted to please Doug. Brent pulled Doug's cock up and ran his tongue on the underside of the beautiful cock. It looked as if it was bigger than before. Brent knew that not a lot was going to happen this time Doug was too new at this. His goal was to make him want more. So setting his mind to it he started giving Doug the best head he had ever gotten. Brent wanted to suck it down his throat and keep it there as long as he could. He turned into a sixty nine position taking Doug all the way down.

Doug was enjoying the masterful sucking he was getting. He even had Brent's cock right in front of him. Reaching out and taking hold of it he slid the skin back and forth over the hard cock. It was hard for him to concentrate because of Brent's administrations. He pulled Brent' cock over to smell it. It had a smell a lot like his own so he decided to taste it. Sticking out his tongue he noticed it really didn't have a taste.

Doug was getting caught up in the feeling. His head was almost spinning from the way Brent was making him feel. Brent was playing with his ass again. He wanted him to stick his finger back in but could not say it. Soon he felt a finger start to rub at the entrance. To make it seem as if it was an accident he started to fuck Brent's mouth. He could feel the finger entering him more and more as he pushed back. He felt the finger enter him all the way. It felt great having it fuck into him as he was getting head. Then it hit his prostate again. It almost sent him over the edge. It was getting harder not to fall into the here and now. He wanted to let go not having to think just feel. When he realized what was going on he had Brent's cock in his mouth nursing on it like a baby.

Doug could not take much in without gagging. He was giving the head of Brent's cock a work out though. Brent started squirming around though. It was too sensitive for him. He stopped long enough to tell Doug to follow his lead. Soon Doug was taking a little more into his mouth. He knew he had scraped Brent a few times with his teeth but he had never said anything. He like sucking Brent there was precum starting to flow. It did not taste awful just different. Doug started jacking the part of Brent's cock he could not get in his mouth. This was as much cock as Doug had to start with.

Brent was beginning to feel himself start to build up. His balls were pulling up. He could feel Doug's hand hitting them every time on the down stroke. He could not tell if it was because Doug was sucking his cock or he was sucking and finger fucking Doug. But he was about to get off. Doug reached around to play with Brent's ass for a second. This was all it took to send him over the edge. Brent felt it climbing to the end of his cock so he let Doug know.

Brent told Doug he was Cumming. Doug wanted to swallow his load. He doubled his efforts on Brent. This made Brent double his efforts too and this was all it took for Doug. Both of them started Cumming Brent just seconds ahead of Doug. After it was over Brent turned to hold Doug. They fell asleep in each others arms.

Scott was the first to wake the next morning. He found that they were still wrapped in each others arms. He needed to relieve his bladder but did not want to wake Brad. He watched Brad sleep for the longest before he finally woke. It was like his heart was pounding, afraid that Brad would say he did not want to be with him again.

The first words said were Brad telling him good morning lover. Tears started to stream down Scott's face at those words. It was like fifty pounds were lifted off of him. Scott bent over to kiss Brad.

Brad felt a little weird kissing Scott without brushing his teeth first. It seemed like it did not matter to Scott though.

After the kiss Scott jumped up letting Brad know he had to relieve him self. Brad followed as they stepped on the porch to do just that. Brad looked over at Scott standing there naked. He was so good looking that he could feel his cock start to stiffen. When Scott turned towards him to cross streams Brad almost laughed. Brads stomach hair was plastered down. Brad had cummed on his stomach so many times smearing it.

Scott wanted to know what was so funny so he told him. Looking down Scott said I guess the first thing I need to do is go clean up.

They both went in and put some water on to boil. Scott wanted to know if he would like to have sex again while the water heated.

Brad let him know he did not know when he would be able to have sex again. His ass was so swollen.

Scott asked Brad about how often two men could have sex. He let him know every day if they wanted.

This caused Scott to sigh with relief. He let Brad know he was afraid by the way he said when they would be able to do it again. It made him think you could not do it very often.

Brad reassured him that you could do it several times a day if you wanted. It was just yesterday was only the second time he had had anal sex. He was always the top. It also took a while to get accustom to bottoming.

Scott was surprised about that. He just figured that it was not a big deal since he had been having sex for so long.

Brad told him that he also wanted to make love to him too. He could see Scott flinch at the thought of getting fucked.

Scott then wanted to know how bad it hurt.

Brad explained to him it did hurt the first time some. It's just more uncomfortable in the beginning than painful. It did start to feel good after a while though. Yesterday was even better though it really did not hurt much. I am sure it would feel better the more you do it. Most bottoms love having a man inside of them. I know I want to make love to you also.

I don't know if I am ready for that yet Brad. I do know I want to try it all. I am real tense about having a guy in my ass though. I think that someday I will want to try it. I would just like to get more experience under my belt before I do that.

I can kind of understand because my asshole is so swollen that I could not do it today. There are other things we could do though. You are just going to have to wash up first.

Brad and Scott had chatted long enough for the water to get hot. Scott pulled out the old galvanized tub while Brad pumped some cold water out of the well to start to heat for the rinse. Scott had the tub set up and brad poured in the hot water. When it was all in, there was only three inches of water. He added some cold water till it was just right. The one thing he missed was a shower. He never expected to have to wash up in a tub when he came out here. The creek was just too cold most of the time though. He was going to ask Brent to see if he could find one of those camping showers the next time he came out. Maybe between Scott and his self they could rig up something.

Scott climbed in the tub to bathe. Brad came over to wash his back. It was not long before something was standing up in the water. There was one just like it standing up outside of the tub. As Scott rinsed his hard cock sticking out was making its presents known. Brad so wanted to drop down and suck him till there was nothing left but a beat soft little cock.

Brad stepped into the tub after Scott stepped out to dry him self off. He did not want to take a long bath but quickly get it done so he could suck Scotts cock. Scott put on some water as Brad bathed so he could rinse off. As Brad bathed the warm water felt good to his abused ass. Reaching down he found out he was still very swollen. It was like he had been turned inside out. The little pucker was gone and in its place was a huge swollen mass. He never saw Chris swell like this the next day so he knew it would go away once he was used to it.

Scott washed Brads back for him after he got more water on to heat. But his main focus was playing with his cock.

Once they were both clean they went over to the bed and had a good sixty nine. It took Brad a lot longer to cum than it did Scott. Once Brad had cum he was able to give Scott pointers on giving head. When they both had gotten off they got dressed and ate breakfast.

They began there everyday chores. Each one of them would grin when the other would look their way. They were falling deeper in love with each other. Brad went out to feed the chickens and gather the eggs. The hens with the chicks were doing well. The little ones were growing off well and soon would be ready to eat. Another hen was trying to set so Brad had been saving some eggs for it. They already had sixteen chicks so a few more meals of chicken would be nice. Brads only problem was if he could eat something he had raised.

Scott milking the goats as Brad came by from the chicken house. Scott whistled at Brad as he walked up. Brad smiled his best smile back at him. As Scott was bent over milking, Brad took the toe of his boot and rubbed it between Scott's legs. Scott jump knocking over the milk. He was not prepared for that. Brad had never made any advances on him like that before. Scott let him know if he was not going to back it up he better not tease him.

Brad started laughing at this. Then he told Scott he would love to play with his ass for a change. Then Brad turned and headed for the cabin.

Scott picked up the bucket and started to milk the goat again. As he was doing this he started to think that Brad may have been serious about how he felt. Brad did tell him he would have to wait a while before he could fuck him. Maybe he was trying to tell him something. Scott knew he loved Brad. He could also understand that Brad would want to fuck him too. It did seem to be one sided with him always being the top. The more he thought about it the more he knew he would not want to be the bottom all the time. He needed to talk to Brad about this.

Scott saw Brad walk out to the garden to pull weeds and pick what vegetables needed picking. He could not help but get hard watching him. It was a warm day so when he was through he took the milk straight to the fridge to cool down first. If it was not for the garden there would not be much in it.

Scott went out to the garden to help Brad finish up. It did not take long to weed the garden. When they started picking the vegetables they soon found that they needed another bucket. So he sent Brad to the cabin to get it.

Scott was feeling warmer in the sun so he took his shirt off. When Brad returned he walked up behind Scott reached around and felt his chest. Scott leaned back as he did this enjoying Brad paying attention to him. He could feel Brads cock pressing between his cheeks. Again he thought Brad was trying to tell him something.

As they finished up in the garden and took the vegetables in. Scott asked Brad would he like to go for a swim to cool off. Brad liked the idea so they headed out. As they were walking Scott was trying to figure out how to bring up the subject of Brad fucking him. Then he felt Brads hand grasp his. It felt strange to Scott to be holding hands with another man. Scott wondered if Brad was this open in public. He did not think he could walk down the street holding hands.

When they got to the creek Brad kissed Scott then bit his nipple.

Scott backed away because it hurt more than felt good.

"What is the matter did I bite you to hard?"

"Just a little. Brad can we talk?"

"Sure---- What would you like to talk about?"

"Well I have had a lot on my mind today. It has to do with sex"

"Ok. What would you like to know Scott? I will tell you what ever I can."

"I really do not know how to ask some of the things I want to know. I know you loved Chris and you said you had a great sex life."

"Yes we did." Brad replied

"I want us to have a great sex life to. The only thing is--- I don't know how to make love to some one. All I know is just raw animalistic sex that comes with instinct. I want to make love to you and have you make love to me."

"Well Scott sometimes raw animalistic sex is great. But making love is an emotional level that you work to attain. It gets better as you know more about your partner. What makes him tick? I will say you have the animalistic part down. My ass is still sore from that."

"Sorry about that Brad. I would not hurt you for anything. I just change when I am with you. It is like every thing I have denied myself of is with in reach. I just can't control myself when I let go. But that is another subject I want to bring up"

"What subject is that?"

"Your ass being sore! I am really sorry I hurt you."

"Scott you did hot hurt me. It is just I have only bottomed twice now and my body has to adjust. I loved having sex with you and still want to. It will just take time to get used to bottoming. I have always wanted to try it and now with you I have. I would like to have a chance to make love to you some day to."

"That's one of the things I wanted to talk to you about Brad. I want to make you happy to and experience it all with you. It is just I am scared that it will hurt. I know I am a man and suppose to be tough but that scares me."

"Look Scott when the time comes I will be very gentle. I would not want you hurt either. I am just now learning how to relax and enjoy it. No one wants to be hurt. It is all about trust. You have to trust the one you are with does not want to hurt you either. That's where the love part comes in."

"Brad I do trust you. So the next time I want you to make love to me. Not just sex I want you to make love to me."

Brad leaned over and kissed Scott gently on the lips. The passion was evident between them. The embrace was gentle and not hurried. Brad ran his hands across Scott's back and felt the power there. He loved this man. It was different than the other two relationships he had been in. He felt like Scott would be someone that could take care of him if needed. He also felt he would not have to be responsible for everything. Like Scott was on the same level wanting to pull his weight.

Brad broke the kiss and walked into the water. He looked around to see Scott still standing on the bank. His hard cock was sticking straight out. Brad smiled at this thinking how nice it was going to be to be making love to this man.

Scott was entered the water and swam over to Brad. The water was a little cold but not to bad. They swam around a little making sure to wash the sweat off of them.

After they cooled down some Brad and Scott swam over to the rocks where they liked to sit. It was not long before they dozed off.

Both guys jumped as someone was yelling for there attention. Looking around it took a while before they saw anyone. When they spotted him Scott saw it was the hired hand that was taking his place. Scott yelled for Sam to come on down.

As Sam came walking down to where the guys were Brad was checking him out. Sam was some one Brad kind of recognized. Then it dawned on him that he was one of the guys that he went to collage with. Sam had been one of the gymnasts at his school. He had gotten hurt in one of the meets. Brad wondered how he ended up on the farm. He still had the v-shape of a gymnast. At five ten he was the tallest one on the team. He had dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. Always with a smile on his face the girls would never leave him alone.

Sam walked over to the edge of the creek so he could talk to the guys. When he looked at them he noticed they did not have anything on. Sam backed up a couple of steps so he would not be starring at them. He asked Scott if he had seen any cattle around.

With a surprise Scott answered he had. He had forgotten about the cows that Doug and he had seen. He explained that yesterday he had been out riding and saw a few and that they were in the valley. He had planed to round them up and take them back to the farm today but it slipped his mind.

Brad saw that Sam was covered in sweat and dirt. From riding around and looking for the missing cattle. Brad thought he looked hot and asked if he thought he had enough time to take a dip.

Sam really wanted to go for a swim but thought he had better not. He needed to find the cattle and get them back before dark.

Scott reassured him that there was no way that he could get them home before dark. He just needed to kick back and take a swim. He could spend the night here and head out with them first thing in the morning. He would even help him drive them home.

Brad liked that Idea. He wanted to help in the drive also. It sounded like so much fun. Almost like the old west days when they had cattle drives.

Sam agreed to wait till the next morning to drive the cattle home. He kept looking at the guys sitting in the water. Wanting to get in but he did not know if he should. He had heard rumors that Brad was gay in school. He had met Scott a few months ago when he came to the ranch to learn what to do. He knew that Scott could not be gay he was as macho as any guy he knew. They had been together for a few months working and he never acted that way.

Brad asked Sam again to come in for a swim. Partly because he wanted to see him naked but also to find out how he ended up here. Brad knew he was a good gymnast in school. Also he was there at the meet when Sam got hurt.

Sam was sweating and getting hotter in the sun. He thought about it for a few seconds more. Then he came to the conclusion that if Scott was in the water with Brad he would be safe to. So Sam started removing his shirt. When he had it over his head both Brad and Scott both let out a quit whoa. Sam still had his gymnast shape but he had quit shaving now. His stomach had a thick coating of hair that ran up to mounds of lightly furry pecks. When he had his shirt off him he saw that both guys were looking at him.

Scott let Sam know he knew that he was build good but never expected that he looked like that.

This made Sam feel a little better at the guys looking at him. He then hurried to get the rest of his clothes off so he could get in the water. When his boxers came down he saw that they were looking at his cock. He was embarrassed because he never had much soft. Being a grower not a shower had always been a thing he hated. His uncut cock soft was only two and a half inches. He had always felt funny in the dressing rooms when naked. The others would walk around with there cocks flopping from side to side. His would just be there poking out never long enough to swing. He had always tried to think of girls before undressing so it would be half hard. It never seemed to work for long though. By the time he finished getting undressed it always seemed to go back to its normal size.

Sam walked into the water so he could hide his cock from their view. When he was out deep enough he went under to cool off. It felt great after a long day riding in the sun. He then swam over to where Scott and Brad were.

Brad started asking questions about how he ended up out here.

Sam explained to him when he got hurt he was told that he would never be able to compete professionally. He had torn his hamstring and the strain of competing could cause more injury. So he made up his mind that he would still practice but go into another field. His Dad had been a veterinarian so he pushed him to do something like that. He had always enjoyed animals so he got his degree in animal husbandry. He worked with his dad for a while after school but really wanted to be on his own. Then he had seen an advertisement in one of the veterinarian magazines for someone to run a cattle farm and here he was. He then asked Brad how he had ended up here.

Brad explained how his Grandfather had passed away. Then he went into all the details of how he ended up out here. By the time he had explained it all to Sam it was getting way past lunch time. He told them he was getting hungry and was going to head back to fix some lunch for them. They should head that way in about thirty minutes or so but to relax and catch up on things.

Sam watched as Brad stepped out of the water. He did not act like he was ashamed at all. He stood there on the bank talking with them as he dried off. He never seemed to try and hide himself at all. Scott had turned to talk to him never seeming to feel funny at looking at a naked guy. Sam would answer Brad but he always diverted his eyes when Brad would look up. He could not believe Brads cock was so long after getting out of the cold water. When he dried his cock it seemed to come to life by growing even longer.

Sam wondered if Brad really was gay like the rumors he had heard. If he was not then he bet girls love to swing on his big ole root.

Sam wished his cock would hang out there like Brads. He bet even Scott had a big cock like that. He remembered when he was working with Scott he always thought he was a real man. The kind man that women would have dreams of. For some reason Sam felt his cock grow. He wondered why but soon pushed it out of his mind.

As he talked to Scott he asked him about where the girls were. He had not met any while he had been here.

Scott let him know he really did not know of where to meet them other than town. There was a bar on the edge of town that he had gone to a couple of times. But he had never picked up anyone there.

Sam let Scott know it was getting very lonely around here and he needed to meet someone. It was getting to the point it did not matter what they looked like.

Scott felt funny at this comment. It made him feel like Sam was hinting that he would like to mess around. Could he tell he was gay? Scott decided it was time to get out and head to the cabin.

Sam looked at Scott as they got out of the water. He never said anything about where to meet girls at. And as soon as he started talking about it he was ready to leave. Maybe he did not like to talk about sex.

Scott was the first one out of the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. Sam got a good look at him then and felt better. Scotts cock was not as big as Brads. Sam had to use Brad's towel to dry off on. It was still a little damp but it had dried some while hanging on the bush. They dressed in silence and soon were headed to the cabin.

Sam untied his horse when they got to it and led it back with them. He had tied it on the path to the cabin. When they got back Scott helped him unsaddle it and put it in with theirs. Scott fed the animals while Sam rubbed his horse down. When they were done they headed to the cabin.

Brad had lunch done when they arrived. He had fixed some deer with fresh green beans, Squash and okra. Brad smiled as Sam filled his plate full. He must not eat meals. Being single Brad thought he must do a lot of snacking.

The conversation went from what he needed to do on the farm to college days. When the meal was done Sam helped clean up. As they finished cleaning up Sam looked around at the cabin.

It was kind of bare ---there were a couple of stools and a couple of chairs. Besides the benches at the table there was not anywhere else to sit. There were two single bare lights with pull strings in the cabin that he could see. It looked like only one room partitioned off in the corner. He did not see a bathroom at all. Maybe it was behind the partition. To Sam this was very rough living. He thought where he was staying was not much but it looked like the Hilton to him now.

It was warm in the cabin so they went out on the porch to sit. They asked Sam to catch them up on what he knew that was going on in the world. He told them what he knew then talk slowed down.

Sam began to wonder if Scott and Brad was a couple. The way they acted towards each other. They seemed to smile at each other all the time. He was sure Brad was gay even though he did not act it. But Scott never acted that way at all when they were working together. He did not know and it was beginning to bother him. He tried to think of a way to find out.

Sam had thought about it for a while then he came up with an idea. He asked Brad "who he dated while in college." He was not prepared for the openness of Brads answer though.

"I am sure you heard the rumors that I was gay. So I will not pretend you are stupid and tell you a lie. I only dated one person in college. I met Chris in one class and we started dating. It was just a short time till we moved in together. We were together till recently and now have gone our separate ways."

There was a long pause before Sam responded with a "Sorry about that."

Brad accepted the response and let Sam know. "We were just like any other straight couple that goes in different directions. The only difference is we were not married so the split is easier. Now I will have to start over and find someone I hope to spend the rest of my life with."

Brads last statement kind of hurt Scott. He had to find someone? Scott thought he was going to be Brad's partner. Scott stood up and walked away.

Brad watched Scott as he walked away from the cabin. Thinking he had to go and relieve himself. Brad looked over at Sam as he sat there. "Are you seeing anyone?"

"My girlfriend and I split while I was recovering. I will have to admit I was an ass to her. I had problems facing the fact that I would never be able to be a gymnast anymore. I hated myself and everyone else then. She stayed with me for about three months before she could not take it anymore. When I lost her I was glad at first. It was someone else not telling me to give it time or you need to look at another field of major." Sam said

Brad could feel the anger still in his voice as he told him about it. "I bet it was hard going from someone who was very popular to someone who could not get around."

"It was hell for me Brad. Every day I pushed myself to prove them wrong. I even re-injured myself trying to prove everyone wrong. So after the second surgery I was depressed. I knew then I would never be able to be a gymnast again. I hated myself and everyone around me. I withdrew from everyone---- that's when Becky left me."

"How did your family cope with it your depression Sam?"

"At first Mom and Dad waited on me hand and foot. Then they saw it was getting worse. The psychiatrist that was working with me talked to my Mom and Dad. He told them that I had to be shown tough love if I were to improve. I had to want to improve before I would. If I wanted something let me do it on my own. I tested them at first by just staying in bed. I did not eat for two days. Then hunger won out and I left my room to get something to eat. I eventually pulled my head out of my ass to see every one still cared. I went back to school and got a degree and that is how I ended up here."

"I am glad you did Sam. It would have been a waste for someone like you to give up."

It was dark before Scott made it back to the cabin. He had gone out walking trying to figure out why Brad did not tell Sam they were a couple. He at first thought Brad was ashamed of him. Then he got to thinking maybe he wanted to see if Sam was someone he could be interested in. Sam did have a dream body. He was a jock that was very in shape. It started eating at him so he was going to go back and confront Brad about it.

Brad stood up when he saw Scott approached. Scott looked like he was pissed. He walked past the guys on the porch and into the cabin without saying a word. Brad thought this was very rude and let Sam know he would be right back. Brad went into the cabin and shut the door. He went to where Scott stood and asked him "what was going on."

Scott informed him "That was what he wanted to know. Was he to ashamed of him to tell someone else they were seeing each other? Or was it he was just all that was around for the time being?"

Brad looked at Scott and started to chuckle. "Is that what the matter is? Scott you should know by now that I would never out someone unless they gave me permission. I know you worked with Sam and I would never out you. If you want me to tell him we are dating then I would be very happy to tell him or anyone else."

Scott sighed with relief. "I guess it's my fault for jumping to conclusions. I knew you told me you would never out me. I guess I forgot. Can you forgive me I am just a little jealous I guess? I have never had anyone before and that makes me feel vulnerable."

"Babe I have no problem forgiving you. I just think you need to go out and talk to Sam so he feels welcome. He may think you do not want him here the way you walked off"

Scott smiled as he kisses Brad then went out to see Sam. When he got there Sam seemed a little uneasy. Scott went over to where Sam was sitting and sat beside him. They talked for a while about where the cows were that they would be driving back tomorrow. Scott pointed in the general direction as to where they were. Letting him know they were about a mile in the valley. There was plenty of grazing for them and fresh water.

After a while it was time to head to bed if they were going to get an early start in the morning. Scott and Sam walked into the cabin to go to bed. When they saw Brad he was making up one of the cots.

Sam had wondered where he was going to be sleeping but had been afraid to ask. When he saw the cot he asked "Is that for me."

Scott was quick to tell Sam that "He and Brad shared a bed now that he was dating Brad. They slept together and did not need the cots."

Sam looked a Scott like he did not believe him.

Scott wanted to have every thing cleared now. "Sam I want to let you know that I am gay too. Brad and I have just begun to share each others bed. We have not been together but just a few weeks but I have fallen in love with him. I have known I was gay most of my life but he is the first guy I have ever been with. So I hope that does not bother you."

"It really doesn't bother me being around gay men Scott. A few of the guys that were gymnast were gay too. It's just I have never been around a coupe that I know of."

"Brad and I are just normal guys that happen to be gay and in love. It is only different because of it being two guys. I will say the sex is better."

Sam turned red at that and did not know how to answer.

Brad saved him by telling Scott it was time to go to bed. Brad told Sam to turn off the lights when he turned in. Then he and Scott headed to bed. As they undressed they kissed and told each other there love for the other.

When they were in bed Scott reached over to hold Brads cock. He felt it instantly getting hard. Brad stopped him by telling him to wait till Sam fell asleep. They lay there holding each other till Sam had time to fall asleep.

Sam was having a hard time falling asleep. He could not get over the fact that Scott was gay. He was so ruggedly handsome and a real man. He did not seem like or acts like any gay man he had met before. But neither did Brad he was not the swishy type either. He acted like a normal guy too. If it had not been for the rumors at school he would not have known about Brad.

Then what was being gay? Was it the fact that it just happens to be a guy you fall in love with. It had to be more than that. You had to be attracted to men didn't you? Sam was getting confused. How do you know if you're Gay? He needed to quit thinking about this.

Sam was about to roll over when he heard a kiss. Here they were less than twenty feet from him and kissing. It continued for a few more minutes then he heard a moan. Sam was trying to figure out why one of them would be moaning. This kept up for a little while longer and was getting a little louder. He could tell that both of them are moaning now.

This had him confused as to what they both could be doing that would make them moan. Then he could tell someone was moving around in the bed. In his mind he was picturing all kinds of painful things happening. Then he heard slurping. That was a noise that he knew. Someone was getting his dick sucked. This continued for a little while then a moan he knew had to come from Scott was heard.

That was kind of a relief for Sam because he could not see Scott sucking a dick. Brad was the one to suck dick and get fucked in the ass. For some reason Sam's dick was hard. He did not understand how this could be happening. Why would his dick get hard by hearing a guy sucking off the other one?

He tried not to listen but then he heard Scott tell Brad he was Cumming. Scott's grunts and moans were louder and more vocal than he ever felt when he came from getting sucked off. The slurping sounds were also loud while Scott came. Brad was not stopping when Scott started to cum. Sam could not believe this he had never had a girl take his load.

You could tell Scott was getting sensitive he was asking Brad to stop. Then there was the sound of movement in bed and a big kiss. Sam was glad it was over now maybe his cock would go down and he could get some sleep. Sam turned on his side. He was ready for rest.

Then he heard slurping sounds again. These were not as quit as the others were. They reminded him of how Becky sounded when sucking his cock. It was a couple of minutes before he heard Brads voice. He was telling Scott how good it felt. Sam just about lost it. Scott was sucking Brad's dick. How could he? Sam would have never thought someone as macho as Scott would ever suck a dick. He would hear Scott slurping and Brad groaning.

Sam was hurting from all of this stimulation. He had not had sex in six months. The last girl he was with was just a quick fuck and gone. It was not even that good she was so drunk.

Sam reached down and started stroking his dick he could tell it would not take but a few strokes before he would blow. He started stroking his dick to cum quick he wanted to get off and go to sleep. He was listening to the guys going at it. He soon noticed he was stroking to the rhythm of Scott's slurping sounds. Sam felt the cum working its way up and knew it would be only a couple more strokes. When he heard Brad telling Scott he was Cumming. Sam and Brad were Cumming at the same time. This was wild he could hear brad grunting every time he shot a load of spunk. Sam was having one of his better orgasms. He did not normally have one like this from stroking his dick. Most of the time he had to be getting sucked off by someone who knew how to suck dick or fucking to cum like this.

Sam pulled his boxers up to soak up the cum he had on him. He just knew he needed to be up before the others so he could get dressed before they saw the cum stains.

Sam had just fallen asleep when he felt something pull on his boxers. When he opened his eyes Scott was there beside him. He looked Sam in the face and smiled. Sam wanted to know what was going on.

That's when Scott told him he wanted to suck his dick. Sam pushed Scott away and told him no. Scott came back at him putting his hand over his mouth. He told Sam if he knew what was good for him he would shut his mouth and lay back and enjoy it. Sam started to protest and that is when Scott shoved a sock in his mouth. Sam struggled but Scott was stronger. Scott had a rope he wrapped around the cot and tied Sam down. When he had his arms tied down Scott scooted down to hold his legs in place so he could get them tied to.

Sam did not know what to do. He could not move his arms or legs. He felt Scott rip his boxers off and stick his nose into his thick bush. Ahhh I smell fresh cum in your bush. Sam felt Scotts hand grasp his dick. He was soft and smaller than he had ever been. When Scott sucked it into his mouth it was not long before he could feel it starting to grow against his will. He fought against it but his dick had a will of its own. Scott's warm mouth felt like velvet wrapped around his dick.

He had never had his dick sucked like this. He was like a mad man trying to get to the prize. He felt Scott swallow his whole dick down his throat. He had never had anyone do that before. Then Scott pulled back long enough to run his tongue on the inside of his foreskin. This is what would drive Sam nuts. He loved for them to nibble on and tongue his foreskin.

Sam felt Scott pull back the foreskin and tongued the sensitive spot right under the head of his dick. Sam thought he was going to blow his load. He felt his dick start to throb and started humping at Scott.

Sam felt Scott then let go of his dick and went up to the top of the cot where Sam's head rested. He whispered in Sam ear. Will you be quiet if I take off the gag? Sam shook his head no so Scott went back down to work on Sam's dick some more.

Scott pulled Sam's foreskin stretching it then ran his tongue in the tunnel he created. This was driving Sam crazy. When he let go he started sucking his dick like mad. He was keeping Sam on the edge of Cumming but not letting him cum.

Sam finally worked the gag loose from his mouth. He took in great gasps of air when Scott spotted the gag out. He grabbed the gag and was starting to put it back in when Sam said no. Scott wanted to know if he would be quiet Sam told him yes. Scott let the gag fall to the floor and went back to sucking Sam's dick.

Sam was about to cum again when Scott took his mouth off of his dick and went to his balls. Sam love for his balls to be rolled around in a hot mouth. He started groaning as Scott was getting rough with them. Sam wanted to cum so bad he was in pain. He asked Scott to pull on them and he did he wanted him to get rougher with them so he did.

Scott then straddled the cot with his ass in Sam's face. He told Sam to rim him but he refused. Sam felt Scotts balls resting on his chin. He was afraid to say anything because if he opened his mouth they would be in it. He could smell Scott's ass as it was inches from his face. It had a musty sweaty sent that was manly in every way. Sam took in deep breaths of this smell. It was heady in a way. Like pure man scent in every way.

Scott leaned back a little as he took Sam's dick back into his mouth. He was rocking back and forth on Sam's chest. As he started going deeper he also backed away more. This was grinding Scott's asshole into Sam's nose. He loved this smell and wondered what it would taste like. Sam moved his head around to where he could stick his tongue out and touch Scott's ass when he rocked backwards.

Sam got his first taste as he was trying to figure out if he liked it or not. He kept lapping at Scott's ass while he decided. It was pungent and a little acidic but all man, he liked it. He leaned into it and soon was rimming Scott's ass. Scott praised him as he ground his ass in his face. The noise level increased as the two of them went at it. Scott told Sam he wanted to eat his ass too. All he did was grunt.

Scott untied his legs and pulled them up. He was bowed up so much it was a good thing he was a gymnast. His feet were almost touching the floor as Scott sat back onto his face. Scott dove right in on Sam's ass he was not prepared for this. It felt so good he came all down Scott's chest. He noticed Scotts ass was opened up compared to what it was.

Sam found the ropes were getting loose and was able to get them off. He then grabbed Scott's ass cheeks and parted them. Soon all Sam could see was the pink inside of Scott's ass. He could not believe he was eating Scott's ass. The longer he ate Scott's ass the sweatier it was getting. Then he felt Scott grab his dick with one hand and work magic with it.

It was not long before Scott turned around to face Sam. His dick was resting on Sam's lower lip. Sam opened his mouth to tell Scott he would not suck his dick. When he did Scott shoved his dick in. Sam had no choice as Scott grabbed both sides of his face and started face fucking him.

Sam wanted to gag. He could not believe he had a dick in his mouth. He noticed it did not have any taste but was very soft but hard at the same time. Then something sweet hit his tongue. It was different in a way but still sweet. Scott rode his mouth for a while. Then he tensed up and let out a groan. Sam could feel Scott's dick swell in his mouth. Then something hit the back of his throat. Scott was Cumming in his mouth. Sam tried to get away but Scott held him in place. It was either swallow or choke to death so he swallowed. Scotts cum did not taste bad but it was more of a shock of the warmth hitting the back of his throat.

Scott let his softening dick slide out of his mouth. Then bent to kiss Sam, Sam could not resist and kissed Scott back. After they broke the kiss Scott whispered he wanted Sam to fuck him. Then he slid back to where Sam's hard dick rested on his stomach. He could feel it when his dick was probing at the entrance of Scott's ass. Then he felt it slip in. He could the heat engulfing his dick. Scott's ass was so tight and he could feel it contracting around his dick.

Scott started riding Sam slow at first but he soon picked up the pace. Sam had never felt anything like this before. He had been with a lot of girls in his time and had a girlfriend. It was just this was so different. He could not believe how tight this was. Scott was soon riding him at a pace he knew he would not last very long. He wanted Scott to slow down but he sped up. Sam was grinding back with Scott now. If he was going to cum then he was going to enjoy it. He was right on the edge and was not able to go over. Sam could not believe he could stay this way, this long.

Sam was about to ask Scott to let him get on top when Scott reached out and pinched Sam's nipples. A bolt of electric shock shot through him then. This was all he needed to cum. Sam started blasting load after load of cum in Scotts ass. He could not be quiet as his body was racked with pleasure. He thrust at Scott's ass as hard as he could. Sam could feel load after load of cum fire into Scott's ass. It seemed like the longest orgasm he had ever had in his life.

After it was over Scott climbed off and went to bed without saying a word. Sam could not believe what just happened. He felt wet all over like he was in jell-o. It was strange the way he felt. He became conscious that he was in his cot but something was very wet. Sam sat up startled looking around. He felt wet clothing and stood up. His boxers were soaked. Wait what were his boxers doing on Scott had yanked them down. Sam felt the front of them and they were soaked.

Sam ran his hand into his boxers and felt cum he had shot. Had it been a wet dream but it felt so real. Sam looked around anyway just to make sure. He looked for the rope but did not find it and his socks were still in his boots.

Then why did he dream about Scott. Sam was confused. This was the most realistic dream he had ever had. He could smell and taste in this dream. He had never dreamed about a man before or having sex with one. He had joked around in the shower room before. He had told a guy that he knew was openly gay before to suck his dick. Then when the guy got on his knees to suck him he shoved him backwards and laughed.

Sam took off his boxers and cleaned himself as best he could. He looked at his watch to see it was just three am. Then he sat on the edge of the cot replaying the dream in his head. As Sam was going over the dream his dick started got hard again at the part about rimming Scott. It was almost like he could smell and taste Scott again. Sam stood and walked to the door. He stepped out on the porch to clear his head.

He looked up at the stars. It was so clear out here that there were always more stars. He was thinking about how beautiful it was when the door behind him opened.

He turned around to see who it was. Scott stood there before him naked then he realized he was naked to. Sam covered himself by reflex. Then he remembered the dream and his cock started to grow.

"Hey Sam what are you doing up at this time of the night."

"I had a weird dream and I woke up from it deciding I needed some fresh air. So I came out here for a few. What woke you up Scott?"

"I guess it was your dream too. You were very fretful and the cots squeak when you move around much. It woke me up then in a couple of minutes you called out my name. I listened for you to call for me again but you never did. Then I heard you moving around and the door open. I just got untangled from Brad and came on out to see what you wanted."

Sam turned red at Scott's mention of the dream. "Scott I am confused about the dream and I don't know what to do."

"What do you mean you don't know what to do?"

"If I tell you will you promise not to get mad at me?"

"Sure Sam. Why would I get mad at you any way? There is nothing you could have dreamed about that would make me mad."

"Well--- the dream was about you Scott."

"That's fine just spill it. I promise I will not get mad."

"Ok here goes. I dreamed we --- that we --- had sex."

"See Sam that was not so hard."

"You mean it did not piss you off."

"Shoot no. Really Sam it makes me feel good that you would want to have sex with me."

"Scott I really didn't. In my dream you tied me up and had your way with me."

"Sam I want you to know I would never do that to any one. I have never led you to believe I would do that to you did I?"

"No Scott you never have. I never even thought you were gay till you told me. Remember we worked together for three months before and I would have sworn you were not gay. I hope this doesn't offend you but I over heard you and Brad having sex. I have never been curious about gay sex before. But for some reason I am with you and Brad."

"What do you mean Sam? You want to have sex with me and Brad."

"I don't really know Scott. It is just in my dream it was so real. I have always only been interested in girls. Then I heard you and Brad sucking each other off. It was real hard for me to not run in there and jump in the middle."

"So you're saying you want a three way with us."

"No Scott that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is I want to watch and maybe experiment a little."

"Sam this is serious shit. I don't know about all of this. I have never even thought about having sex with anyone but Brad. He is my first. Let me think about it and talk to Brad first to see what he thinks."

"Sorry if I put you in a rough spot. I would never have even entertained this before tonight. I better head back to bed so I can get some sleep. Like you said it will be a long day tomorrow.

The two of them headed back in and went to bed. Scott had problems going to sleep. He could not get it out of his mind that Sam wanted to have sex with them. It was causing his cock to get hard. Sam was a really hot guy rippled in all the right places to be one of the guys that pose for magazines. Scott finally figured out how to bring this up to Brad and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Brad was the first one up. He headed into the kitchen and pumped enough water to wash his face. Once that was done he started breakfast. The smells floating through the cabin woke the others. Scott was the first to rise walking to the kitchen area to get a cup of coffee. Sam sat up to see the others were already awake.

Sam sat on the edge of the cot and reached for his boxers. They were still wet from where he had soaked them the night before. He noticed that Scott was still naked to. He really did not know what to do. Finally Scott asked if he was going to get a cup of coffee or did he have to bring it to him.

Sam finally stood and walked over to get him a cup of coffee. He noticed Brad had on jockeys and he felt a little strange being naked. He walked over to the bench and sat down to drink his cup of coffee while Brad finished breakfast.

Scott came over and sat down too. Sam asked Scott in a low voice when he sat down if there was anyplace he could rinse out his boxers. Scott told him there were a washer and dryer to help himself.

Sam went and gathered his clothes to put in the washer. He was about to start it when Brad stopped him.

Brad let him know you had to add water from the pump and you only used the wash, rinse and spin cycle. So he better let him take care of it. Brad stepped into the area where their bed was and came back with an arm load of clothes.

He pulled Sam's shirt and boxers out and added more jeans. He noticed Sam's boxers were real damp and smelt the tell, tell sign of cum. Now he knew why he needed to wash. There will be two loads so it will take a few minutes he told them.

Brad set the table and had Scott pump up another bucket of water for the washing machine. The guys ate a big breakfast and the jeans were washed by the time they were through. Brad put them in the dryer and then started getting the second load in the washing machine. He asked Sam to bring him some water while Scott filled some pans to heat water to wash dishes. He looked at Sam when he was bringing water over and saw all his pubis hair was matted down with dried cum.