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The Inheritance part 16

Authors note: Well will they or will they not? You tell me what you would like to see happen. Again I hope you enjoy.

Thanks Doug


Brad figured out he had had a wet dream. That would explain why he did not have his boxers on and that he had dried cum in his pubic hair. If he had jacked off he would have wiped it up or caught it on his boxers.

It did not take long till Brad was putting water in the washer for the rinse cycle. You could tell Sam was uncomfortable walking around nude. Brad asked if he would like to go out side and set on the porch. Sam looked a little funny when he said it then realized no one was around. Sure if you want to we can. They headed out to the porch as Scott grabbed a towel and headed to the creek.

"Where is Scott going?" Sam wanted to know

"He is heading down to the creek to clean up. He likes to bathe in the cool water every morning."

"Has he lost it? The water has to be freezing. The sun just now is coming up."

"Sam he does it every morning. He says it makes him feel better the rest of the day. It just makes my cock crawl inside and not come out for a while."

Sam chuckled at Brad's statement. "Do you care if I ask you some questions?"

"Not at all Sam, ask anything you want. The only thing I will not tell you is about Scott and my love life."

"Well it's not about your love life Brad but about sexuality. How did you know you were gay?"

Brads story

That one is kind of easy for me. I have always been attracted to men. I remember when I was little I always wanted to see cocks. They fascinated me. There were all sizes. I always hoped mine would grow to be big like the men I saw. There were a couple of guys pissing at the barn one day. I could not get over how different they looked. Now I know one was uncut and the other cut but back then I didn't. I remember asking the guy who was uncut what was wrong with his. He said nothing that he was uncut. The other guy was laughing. All I wanted to do was examine it closer.

I found out most of the men would go out behind the barn to piss. I would go up in the loft and watch but most of the time you could not see anything. So then I figured out you could go in the last stall and there was a hole you could watch them through.

One day Grandfather had a few stud horses brought out. He had me go in the barn because he was afraid I might get hurt. He took the mares out to see the studs. After a while I heard someone out back.

It was one of the hired hands. I had watched him many times. I watched him piss and noticed his cock seemed a little bigger that day. When he finished he kept it out and was rubbing it between his fingers. It kept growing till it was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

It looked red and hard. Soon he was moving his hand up and down it. I wanted to do that for him. It did not take long till something shot out of his cock. It was white as milk but sticky because it strung out wanting to stick to his cock. He shot five big blobs then licked his fingers making noises like it was candy. He must have felt better because he was not making those faces like he was in pain anymore. He zipped up and headed back around to the horses.

It was not long before a couple of guys walked around to the back of the barn. It was the same two I had watched before. The both pulled their cocks out and started pissing. They were looking around as they pissed. It was like they were trying to find something. Then they started talking. I could hear them for the most part. They were talking about how big the cock was on one of the studs. Then the other one said yeah it was a monster but watching the horses fuck made him horny. He finished pissing and was shaking his dick off when the other guy said yeah I need to cum. It was not long before he was stroking his cock like the other guy had done.

He looked over at his bud and asked him to suck his cock for him. The guy told him fuck off. Then he said you suck my cock. The guy with the big uncut cock told the other I will if you will. He told his buddy that that was queer stuff but he would sure let him suck it if he wanted. The guy looked around then dropped to his knees and was sucking on his cock.

The guy that was getting sucked on was making the same faces as the guy before. It did not take long before he told the other guy he was cumming. The guy quit sucking him and started stroking him like the other man had done. Then he was grunting and saying he was cumming. He had to be in a lot of pain because he was even louder than the other guy. The one on his knees was catching his cum in his mouth. I then noticed he was stroking his own cock while doing his friend.

Why would these guys want to cum if it hurt so badly? Then the guy that cummed in the other ones mouth told him he could suck him off anytime he wanted. That he had the best mouth in town. The guy on his knees stood then and pushed the other one down to his knees. He stuck his cock in his mouth. Then grabbing his head and started moving his butt back and forth shoving his cock in and out. It did not take long before he said he was cumming and he shoved his cock all the way in the guy's mouth. He made more noise than the others. Then I heard my Grandfather yell for the guys. He finally pulled his cock out and put it away. Then they pulled there paints up and they hurried back around to the front of the barn.

It was a few weeks before Grandfather brought the stud horses back. He was going to leave me at home but I threw a fit and he let me go. I wanted to watch the guys cum again. Like the last time I had to stay in the barn. I waited back at my spot to see the guys piss. The first one to come around was Grandfather. He had a bigger cock than the other guys did but when he finished pissing he put it away and hurried back around to the front of the barn.

I sat there for was seemed like a life time before someone came around back. I had seen this pull up with the stud horses. He undid his pants and pulled them to his thighs dropping his boxers with them. He was totally covered in hair. It was all stuck and matted to his body from sweating. It looked nasty to me. He started pissing then and he had the smallest cock I think I ever saw on a grown man. When he held it you could not see anything. He finished and went back around front.

I was just about to give up when the two guys that I watched last time came around. When they pulled their hard cocks out and pissed I waited to see if anything would happen. Sure enough the one guy asks the other if he would suck him off. He told him he would if he could fuck him later in the barn. He told him he could as soon as the horses were loaded back up. The other guy wanted to know where to meet. He told him in the last stall.

I was shocked because I was in the last stall. I kept watching as the one got on his knees and started sucking him off. It was just like the last time. The guy made faces like he was in a lot of pain just before he cummed. When he finally let the guys cock fall out of his mouth it was soft again. He told the other that he had the best nut ever. He could suck him ten times a day if he wanted. The other guy said he just may if his ass was any was any good. They started for the front and I started to look for a way to watch them do this fuck thing.

I looked in the next stall it was full of hey. There was so much that it was even above the wall. Then it dawned on me that I could watch from the other side of the hole. It was a couple more hours before the studs were taken away. Grandfather then went to his office and started his paperwork. I stood away from the barn and waited for the guys to go in. It was not long before one of them did. I wondered if I had missed the other one. I waited another couple of minutes then headed around back. It was kind of grown up back here so I had a place to hide. It took me a couple of minutes to find the hole. When I looked in the guy was pacing around waiting on the other.

It was not that long when he showed up that they started rubbing the front of each others pants. The one asked the other if he was ready to get fucked. The guy told him yeah but he needed rimmed a little first. Both guys started stripping then. I almost gagged when the one guy started licking the other ones ass. I could not believe someone would stick there tongue where shit came out. I don't know why but I could not take my eye off of what was happening.

The one guy getting licked kept telling the other one how good that it felt. He would pull his ass cheeks apart so the one eating could get deeper. I was shocked that the one licking acted like he was enjoying it to. He would make noises like he liked it. I thought if this was fucking I never wanted to do it.

Then the guy getting licked said he was ready. The one licking then stood up and put his cock at the other ones asshole. I was wondering what he was doing when I saw he started shoving it in. The other guy grunted in pain --- his face contorted. When the guy shoving his cock up his ass got it all the way in he started pulling it out.

This made Brads ass draw up. He felt sorry for the guy that was getting the cock shoved in his ass. Brad was even more surprised when the guy getting fucked asked the other one to do it harder. He started pushing fasted and Brad could hear his balls slapping the other guy ass. He had looks of pain on his face but his words were that he was getting pleasure from it.

The guy went at it for at least fifteen minutes before the one getting fucked started cumming. He was yelling for his buddy to pound him. Then he started shooting ropes of cum out of his cock. Brad counted six big ropes then it dribbled on his hand. As he quit cumming the other guy started cumming he quit moving his hips so much and tried to shove his cock in further. He told the guy here it cums. The one that was getting fucked was telling him give it to me baby I want your cum in my ass. Fill me up.

When he was done he pulled his cock from the guy's ass. Then he told the other guy it was so good man I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I love plowing your tight ass. If my wife's pussy was that good you would never see me again. I don't know why having sex with you is so good.

My little cock was hard as a rock from watching those guys that day. I wanted to suck on one and be sucked to see how it felt. The only problem was I was afraid to ask someone. It was not long after that that I met Andy. He and I were playing one day and we both had to pee. When he pulled his cock out I bent over to look. He wanted to see mine to so I showed him.

It was a couple of years before we started playing with each other and longer before we started having sex. I had never looked at a girl and got hard but when I looked at guys I always did. I always wanted to play with them and suck them. Later own after I started having anal sex I wanted to fuck them. I have never been with a girl before so I can not compare it. I tried a couple of times even letting one suck my cock. She was supposed to give the best head in school but she did not know how to give head to me. I could not get it up. She scraped me with her teeth a few times and I told her to stop. I just pulled up my pants and left.

After that I knew I never wanted to be with a girl again. I have some real good friends that are girls but never have they sexually excited me. Even when they tried to I did not find them to be anything sexual.

By this time Scott was back from cleaning up at the creek. The sun was up as he walked across the path to the cabin. He was the most handsome man to Brad. His large pecks covered with hair down to his stomach that you could see the outlines of a six pack. The strong muscular legs covered with hair. He was a sight to behold and my cock was starting to show how much I liked it. We stood up to go into the cabin. Looking over I could see that Sam had a simi him self. He was twice the size he was.

Once in the cabin Scott grabbed Brad and kissed him. Brad slapped him on his bare ass and told him to get dressed. The clothes in the dryer were almost dry. Brad pulled out the tub and poured the hot water in it. Once he added enough cold to make the temp bearable he told Sam to jump in. Sam looked at Brad funny. He asked Brad if this was the bathtub and the response was yes.

Sam stepped in and started to wash himself. He felt very naked for some reason while bathing himself in the open. The guys acted like nothing was wrong at all going on about business. Scott said he was going to step out and feed the animals good then milk the goat and saddle the horses.

Brad put on some more water to heat so Sam could rinse. Then Brad checked on the clothes. He told Sam his jeans needed to dry for a few more minutes the pockets were still damp.

Brad told Sam when he was ready to rinse off let him know. He then went to get Sam a towel to dry off with.

While Brad had his back to him Sam scrubbed hi ass and dick. He did not want to do that in front of someone. He just finished when Brad came back. Sam then let Brad know he was ready to rinse. Brad mixed the water and walked over to Sam. He had Sam stand while he poured water over him. After about three buckets he felt like he was clean and started to dry off. Once dry he helped Brad dump the water.

Brad then heated more for himself. He checked the jeans and they were dry. Once he had them out of the way he put the other things in to dry. He then checked the water and it was hot. Brad filled the tub and stripped off his jockeys. He climbed in and started to bathe.

Sam was surprised at the way Brad acted while bathing. It was like he was the only one in the room. He squatted in the tub to wash his ass and dick. He was not ashamed to do this at all in front of Sam. He watched as Brad continued to bathe. The more he watched him the more he noticed that he was a very good looking man. When Brad was wet like he was right now he was dam hot. Sam noticed his dick was getting hard. Why was he all of a sudden getting hard while around guys?

Sam stepped out side so Brad would not see his cock almost hard and ran into Scott bringing in the milk. Scott spilled a little when they bumped that hit Sam right on his cock. Looking at it Scott saw almost five inches of man meat hanging there. Scott automatically reached out to wipe it off. It took Sam a couple of minutes to register what happened.

Noticing Sam's cock was getting hard Scott stopped what he was doing. He quickly said he was sorry and scooted by to put the mike up.

Sam's cock got fully hard. It felt good what Scott did. There had not been anyone else that has touched his dick in so long he could not help but feel a little excitement. Sam turned to the end of the porch hoping his dick would go down.

Sam could hear Scott and Brad talking inside but could not make out anything that was said. He listened for laughter but none ever came.

Scott went over to Brad to tell him what just happened. He had a looked upset. Brad told Scott it was not a big deal that he would have probably done the same thing. It was all right. Then Scott told Brad about Sam's request last night. Brad told Scott that they needed to discuss this long and hard. He let Scott know he had been in threesomes a few times before Chris. Some were good some were bad. But they would talk about this later.

Scott Told Brad he did not know what to say to Sam or how to.

Brad let Scott know he would handle it for him. Now get out there and saddle the horses and send in Sam on his way out.

Scott told Sam that Brad needed him.

Sam turned to go inside his cock had gone down some. He walked inside asking what Brad wanted.

Brad wanted him to help him rinse off. Brad explained what he needed to do. When Brad was rinsed and dried off. Brad let Sam know that Scott and he would think over letting him watch and join in for a night of sex with them.

Sam almost fainted when Brad said this. He would have never thought about talking about it like this. Sputtering because Sam did not know how to respond to this and could not get any words to come out he just shook his head.

Brad let Sam know Scott was new to man on man sex. He had never experienced sex with anyone else but him. Brad thought before they got too far into a relationship it might be good for him to be with someone else. He did not want Scott to fall in love with him because he was just the first guy he had slept with. They just needed to talk about it. Brad would let him know in a couple of weeks. This would also give Sam time to back out and change his mind. Not wanting it to be impulse.

They headed on out after the clothes dried. Scott had the horses saddled and ready. As they headed into the valley Sam was amazed at the difference in the terrain. Every thing seemed greener and larger. The trees were a lot taller and the grasses lush. It took a while to reach the bottom but when they did it looked like a different world. The creek was a lot deeper here and you could see the fish in the clear water. There was a rise off to the right that would make a beautiful place for a home.

Sam was trying to take it all in but found there was more that he would like to explore. They rode till they reached the end of the valley spotting cows along the way. When they reached the end of the valley they fanned out some and started rounding the cows up.

They worked them into a lush area where they would be in the open. Once they had them together Scott and Brad went looking again. There was one still missing. Sam kept the cows together while the others looked. It took a couple of hours but finally it was found and drove to the others. When they were all together the guys worked them towards home. This was not easy at first. The cows were not used to being herded and would bolt. After they started getting tired the run a ways slowed down.

After a couple of hours Brad told the others that this was not as fun or as easy as the movies made it look. This got a chuckle from the others. Scott then asked others where the Indians or cattle rustlers were. This started a round of joking and time seemed to fly.

Once the cows were close to home Scott was getting nervous. He knew he was going to call home. He just hoped everything had calmed down some.

It took a while to get the cattle back in there pin. It looked like the fence was repaired and would hold. A tree had blown over knocking it down. Once all the cows were settled down Sam went to move the cattle around that needed moved.

Brad and Scott headed to the house. When they got there Doug's dad was there fixing himself some lunch. Jim spoke to the boys as the entered. He asked then if they were hungry. Both boys replied all three of them were. Jim smiled at this knowing how young men could eat. Jim peeled some more potatoes to fry. Along with salmon cakes, spinach and Cornmeal gravy the house started to smell good.

Brad wanted to know what cornmeal gravy was. He soon found out it was made just like flour gravy but was more filling.

Scott went into the other room to make a call while the cooks finished cooking there late lunch. He dialed his parents number and listened while it rang after the forth ring someone picked up. Scott was shaking inside afraid it was his dad that answered. When the voice spoke it was his mom saying hello.

"Mom it's me Scott."

"Scott what happened between you and your father?"

"Mom it is a long story. We will never see eye to eye and you know that."

"Yes Scott I know but when your father returned the other day. He said he had no children. His sons were both disowned and there names were never to be brought up again. He then went off spouting something about burning in hell. What happened?

"Mom let me start by telling you I met someone that I am in love with. I am gay and his name is Brad." Scott could hear crying on the other end of the line. "Mom please don't hate me. I have always known I was gay but never acted on it. I have never been attracted to a woman in my life."

Scott heard the phone go dead on the other end. Tears were running down his face. It felt like something broke inside and died. He went to the bathroom and broke down and cried. Finally pulling himself together he washed his face and headed back out with the others.

Brad saw Scott enter the room. He looked upset but Brad did not want to push him. He went on like nothing happened but he also knew they would talk later.

When Sam entered they had just sat down to eat. He quickly washed up and sat down with the others. They ate like it had been a while since they had a meal. Brad and Scott both told Jim it was a great meal. It had been a while since they had had potatoes.

After eating Sam broke out the beer. After a couple of beers Jim excused himself and went home. They said their goodbyes and went back in for another cold beer. Brad made a couple of calls while Scott and Sam talked. Brent was the first one he called but he did not get an answer.

He called Chris next. When Chris answered and heard Brads voice he started yelling. Brad kept calm and told Chris it was over he could have everything. He also had till the end of the month then he would have to pay the rent if he wanted to stay there. Chris started cursing and Brad hung up on him.

Brad then tried to call Brent's house phone. It rang a few times and he got the answering machine. Brad left a message for him and let him know he was going to try his cell. Brad dialed Brent's cell. After a few rings Brent answered but sounded a little put out. When he found out it was Brad his voice changed. It sounded like Brent mentioned his name rather strangely.

Brad thought he heard someone ask something in the background. He asked Brent if he was to busy to talk but Brent told him he was just sitting around. Next he asked Brent how the drive was last night. Brent paused for a while then said he was so tired after he got back to the motel that he stayed another night.

Brad then recognized the voice he heard in the background then. He told Brent to tell Doug hi for him. This really caused Brent to stammer around. He finally told Brad he was right that Doug spent the night with him. But he had to head home soon.

Brad told him to be careful and not let anyone get hurt. Brad then told Brent he had called Chris and fought with him. Brent advised him not to talk to Chris anymore till everything calmed down. They talked a bout a few other things and he ask Brent to bring him a few things next time he was out.

After Brad got off the phone he went in to talk to the other guy for a while. Scott was getting pretty looped when Brad walked in then Sam excused himself to use the restroom. Brad asked Scott if he was going to call his aunt May while he had the chance. He looked at Brad and said why so I can have someone else shut the door in my face. It took a few minutes before Brad talked him into it but he finally did.

Scott dialed the number and the phone rang. Someone answered and he asked for May. When she came to the phone Scott asked "Have you talked to mom or dad.

May told him "Your dad had stopped by the other day on his way to see you. Then your mom called this morning."

"So I guess you know then."

"Yes babe I know your dad told me the other day. He almost scared off the customers from yelling so loud."

"I guess you don't want to have anything else to do with me either then." Scott said

"Babe all I have is one question for you. Are you still Scott?"

"What do you mean aunt May?"

"I just want to know if you're still Scott."

"Yes I haven't changed I am still the same person. I just am the real Scott now."

"As long as your happy babe I still love you. I do have a question though. Is the guy that turned your head that cute guy you were with the last time you were in?"

Scott chuckled "Yes it is."

"Good boy. I think he may be a keeper then."

"Aunt May do you really mean what your saying?"

"Yes babe I do. As long as you're happy --- That's all that matters to me. You two are welcome at my house anytime."

"You do not know how much I needed that Aunt May. You are the only one of the family I have been able to talk to."

"Hun don't let that dad of yours make you feel like you don't belong. He may be my brother but I know he goes off on the deep end. I don't care if you marry your dog. I will still love you as long as you don't change."

"Thanks Aunt May you do not know how much better that makes me feel to know that." Scott said his goodbyes and had a smile on his face when he came back into the living room.

Brad noticed right off the bat That Scott's mood had changed. Scott came over and kissed him on the cheek and told him thanks.

As they sat around drinking Sam asked if they would stay for supper. The guys agreed then Sam told them he had a couple of things he needed to do. He would hurry and get back and start supper. As he walked out the door he told them to just kick back and relax until he got back.

Brad was feeling good after the beers he had had. It had been a while since he had drank more than a beer. He could tell it was really having an effect of Scott. Brad decided it would be a good time to bring up Sam's request.

"Scott I want to talk to you about Sam's request about sex. Now I don't want you to get upset about what I am going to say. It's just I think it has its advantages and disadvantages."

"What do you mean advantages and disadvantages?"

"Scott I look at it like this. You have never been sexually active and me being the only guy you have ever been with. I know you will wonder what its like to have sex with other guys. I know I did when I started out. I would look at other guys and wonder what their cock look like and wish I could suck them off. It's a fact that I have just opened a Pandora's Box. "

"But Brad I love you. I don't want anyone else"

`Yes and I love you too Scott. But you can not tell me you did not think about what it would be like to fuck Sam. Now be honest."

"Yes I thought about it but it is you that I love Brad."

"Scott let me put it to you like this. Before we get to the point that we make a lifetime commitment I would rather have you be with someone now than cheat on me later. Right now we are in the very beginning of forming a relationship. I could forgive you easily now but after we commit I don't know if I could. So if you think you would ever wonder what it would be like with another man do it now."

"Why are you doing this Brad? Are you trying to tell me you don't want me?"

"No Scott I am not. I am trying to tell you I do want you. But I want you to have a choice. I do not want you to be with me because I am the only guy around to have sex with. Let me be very honest with you about me being gay Scott. If we were in the city and I had met you and we started dating. No longer than we have been seeing each other and having sex. If Sam approached me to have sex with him I would."

"You mean you would cheat on me Brad?"

"Scott If we were in the city we would only be seeing each other on the weekends some. I would consider that casual dating. If Sam approached me about sex I would be with him in a second. He is very hot and no man in his right mind would turn him down. The big thing is our living situation. So to you it feels like we are a couple living together. We are in the early stages of a relationship and things could change either way. We have not developed the emotional bond that makes you want to stick it out no matter what I do I do to piss you off. That comes with time so I am offering you the chance to be with someone else. Without any repercussions this time, but that is only because we discussed this before it happened."

"Brad I would never cheat on you. Sure I looked at Sam and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. It's just I would not do that to you."

"Scott I am giving you permission to if you want to but never lie to me or do anything like this behind my back. I will not lie to you either. Scott I would like to have sex with Sam. I would like to be with two hot guys. Not that I do not love. In a way I kind of know how Sam feels to. He is curious and would like to experiment. He could be with us or pick someone up that would use him and maybe hurt him."

"So you are saying you want to have sex with Sam?"