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The Inheritance part 17

Authors note: Well will they or will they not? You will find out in this part. Thanks again for all the kind words. I hope you can say you still enjoy reading the inheritance. Again I hope you enjoy.

Thanks Doug


"Yes I would ---just look at him he is hot. I have not got any feelings for him but I would like to have sex with him. I told you I would not lie to you Scott."

"If that's what you want then we will do it."

"I think it will be good for you to Scott. This way you will see it is different with other guys. Not every guy is the same in bed."

"Ok But I don't know If I am going to like this or not."

It was not that long after there talk that Sam made it back to the house. He brought them another beer as he joined them in the living room. Scott's mood changed as they started talking he acted like he was nervous. Sam got up and started fixing supper. It seemed weird to Scott to have someone else running around in his kitchen cooking. Oh well it wasn't his kitchen really it belonged to Brad now that his Grandfather was gone. Because it was so hard find men to work out in the middle of nowhere. They were provided housing for free.

Sam cooked some big steaks and baked potatoes. He Brought in a bag and sat it by the front door. Sam let them know that when you leave tonight Brad take this with you. It is a sack of potatoes to help replace the food he had at their place.

The guys ate there steaks with relish. It had been a while since they had had a steak. The conversation was light and all was having a good time. As they finished eating Brad told Sam that they had talked it over and he could watch them have sex. If he felt like experimenting it would be ok. You could have heard a pin drop after that.

Sam finally broke the silence asking when they could do this. He was afraid if they waited to long he would back out.

Brad looked over at Scott and asked if he would like to have sex later. Scott just looked at Brad. He finally told Brad I am always ready to make love to you babe. The guys got up and headed to the living room to.

Brad told the guys he would like for his food to settle a little then they could go have a little fun. By being openly gay so long and experiencing what the world had to offer. Brad was not nervous at all but he could see the tension on the faces of the others. Brad saw a bottle of vodka in a glass front cabinet. He knew the others needed something to help them relax some and the beer was not working.

Brad went over to the cabinet and opened it up. There was a bottle of tequila there also. He grabbed the bottle of tequila and asked the guys if they would like a shot. Neither of them had drunk tequila before so Brad knew this would be easy.

He fixed all of then a shot and gave them a beer to chase it. On three they downed the shots. You could hear the complaints from the burning. Pouring another round Brad made a toast to good friends. He could tell they had all the tequila they wanted. Brad poured one more shot for each of them telling them he wanted to make one more toast. Lifting the shot he made a toast to his lover.

It was not to long till he could feel the tequila starting to hit. He then stood up and put the bottle back where it was. Brad walked back over and took Scotts hand. He helped him to stand then told him he was ready to be made love to.

Scott's eyes darted back and forth between Brad and Sam as he realized he was going to be making love to Brad while someone watched. Brad pulled him along till they got to Sam and grabbed his hand pulling him up. He told the boys to come along and headed to the bedroom.

Scott was almost shaking as Brad tugged him along. He was not nervous at all about making love to Brad. It was just what would Sam think about his love making skills. He knew that Sam had been with a few girls and dated one for a while. He was afraid he would not perform like Sam thought he should.

Sam on the other hand was so nervous that he thought he could hear his own knees shaking. He was scared. Not knowing what to expect at all. When they entered the bedroom Brad told them both to get naked. Now Sam was worried he just wanted to watch some. Brad was taking his clothes off like it was normal. Scott on the other hand did not look very enthused about this.

Brad saw that he was going to have to help things along. When he finished taking every thing off he walked over to Scott and kissed him. It was not the usual kiss he expected from Scott. He kissed him again opening his mouth. Scott started to respond some so Brad reached out and tweaked his nipple. This gave more response so Brad worked Scott up some so he could relax and enjoy it.

Brad finished stripping Scott as they kissed. After he was naked he looked over to see how Sam was doing. Sam was down to his boxers now but he had not removed them as of yet. Brad pulled Scott over to the bed easing him down. He was going to be in charge tonight.

Kissing Scott was always something Brad liked. Scott was a very good kisser. He never opened his mouth to much or tried keep his tongue so hard it felt like a foreign object stuck in your mouth. It was like a ballet with your tongues. It was so gentle as his tongue followed yours or lightly traced the inside of your mouth.

Brad was getting Scott worked up to the point he was beginning to act normal. Now was the time to see if Sam was going to play. Brad looked at Sam then patted the bed. Sam took one step forward and stopped. Brad asked him to come over and sit. Sam finally made it over to the edge of the bed and sat down.

Brad told Sam to relax he would not make him do anything he did not want to. Turning back to Scott, Brad kissed him again. After breaking that kiss he worked his way to Scott's neck. When he licked behind Scott's ear you could see the goose bumps rise along Scott's arms and legs. This also caused a groan to escape his lips. Brads fingers worked over Scott's skin softly.

Scott body was awakening to every touch. His nerve endings were on red alert as Brad was hitting his hot spots. His groans were also having an effect on Sam. Brad caught him out of the corner of his eye rubbing his cock. Brad broke off his affections from Scott and turned towards Sam.

Brad took the back of his hand and brushed Sam's right nipple with it. Sam jumped as this sent goose bumps across his body. Looking into his eyes Brad leaned in slowly to kiss Sam. When there lips met Sam gasp. Sam wanted to grab Brad and kiss him harder but his hands would not move. Brad returned to Scott and kissed him. There kiss was filled with heat and passion.

When the kiss was broken Scott felt pressure from Brad's hand pushing him towards Sam. He wanted Scott and Sam to kiss. When Scott was in as far as he could lean in Brad done the same with Sam. Placing his hand on Sam's back pressing him towards Scott. It was a tentative kiss but Brad pressed on both of their backs. The kiss became more of a kiss then. When it was broken Brad again kissed Sam. This time he started opening his mouth. Brad let his tongue dance with Sam's. He was in no way as good of a kisser as Scott.

They kept kissing each other for a while then Brad let his hands start roaming over there backs. He kissed Scott on the neck running his tongue behind his ear. This pushed Scott's buttons again. Soon Scott and Sam both had there eyes closed and were kissing deeply. Brad moved a little so he could suckle on Sam's nipples. Sam had larger nipples than Scott but his fur was a little thicker around them.

Had Sam not shaved his chest in gymnastics? Brad would not have thought he was that cute when he was in school. Brad remembered when he thought Scott needed to shave. He would fight anyone who tried to shave it off now

Brad stuck his tongue out to flick Sam's nipple. He did not flinch so Brad did it again. When Sam did not move after the third time Brad started sucking on them. You could tell Sam did not know whether or not he liked this. Brad ran his hand up the inside of Sam's thigh while he nibbled on his nipples. This caused a groan to come out of Sam's mouth. When Scott and Sam broke the kiss Brad moved everyone to different positions.

He told Sam it was time for him to strip and relax. Sam removed his boxers and the guy's got to see Sam's Cock hard. It was almost seven inches long but very thick. Brad was thinking it will be hard to deep throat it. Scott just looked at it. He had never been this close to an uncut cock. The skin looked like it was pulled around the head of Sam's cock. He could just see the piss slit sticking out. Every thing was covered by the extra skin.

Brad had positioned them on their backs side by side. He took his hands and lightly traces the inside of their thighs. He was able to tell the effect he wanted was happening by the way their cocks twitched. He could tell Scott was having a hard time setting back and letting Brad have control. Brad told them to close their eyes and just relax and enjoy.

Brad noticed Sam's legs were hairier than Scotts. He kept the light strokes up for a couple of minutes. When Brad shifted positions his cock was touching Sam's foot. Sam's eyes popped open when he recognized it was Brad's cock touching his foot. He looked down then moved his foot. Brad almost laughed out loud over this. He could stand a guy touching him but he did not want to be touching him. Thinking it was time to take this up a notch Brad started tickling the hairs on their balls with each pass. The first time Scott let out a moan of pleasure. You could tell Sam was trying to stay reserved by not showing reactions. But his cock was telling the truth.

Brad watched as their balls were pulling up against their bodies. Scott had started leaking precum already. He had a nice size pool started. Brad moved between them then and worked more on their balls and cocks. He leaned over and tasted Scott's precum. It was sweet and rich with flavor. Brad knew that cock would be in his ass tonight. He then started dreading the ride home. His ass would be sore and tender bouncing in the saddle.

As brads fingers lightly worked there way up Sam's cock he got his first moan out of him. Both guys cocks moved with there heart beat. Brad wanted this to last so he went to their nipples. He would suck Sam's then go to Scott's. Sam had very small nipples it was hard to even find it and suck it. He got a lot of pleasure from it anyway.

Brad then asked Scott to let Sam move to the center of the bed. So they could both work on his nipples. Sam then said he would just like to watch for a while. He then scooted to the edge of the bed. Brad recognized he was getting scared. He knew if he pushed him at all he would bolt. Brad then moved to Scott and kissed him. He told Sam anytime he wanted to touch or join in he could. They would enjoy his joining in any way he would like to.

Sam sat back watching them make love. He could not believe the passion they had. He had never acted that way with any girl he had been with, even Becky. It was rougher sex more animalistic. They did not have to be tender but at times they were. Sam noticed he had been stroking his dick. He watched them kiss and wished he was kissing them both. About that time Brads hand reached out to Sam. It touched Sam's thigh and started to pull him towards him some.

Sam scooted closer to them to where his knee was touching them. Brad broke the kiss with Scott then pushed Scott to set up some. He put his hand on the back of Sam's head pulling him into a kiss. Sam kissed Brad back this time running his tongue all around the inside of Brad's mouth. It was different more like someone that was hungry, filled with lust. When Brad broke the kiss Sam then felt Scott's hand on the back of his neck pulling him into a kiss.

Sam's mind was spinning after the kisses. Brad and Scott moved around on the bed making a place for Sam. He was beginning to come down from the kisses and get back up. Sam felt Brad and Scotts hands moving him into the middle of the bed. He started to say he wanted up when he felt his dick engulfed to the pubes. All that came out was a garbled mess. He could not make a sentence. Sam had never had anyone suck his dick like this. He was not feeling like he was not even in the bed. Scott was attacking his nipples and Brad was swallowing his dick.

He was on sensory overload and he felt it to late to stop it. He was cumming but not like normal. It felt so good it almost hurt. He tried to warn Brad by shoving on his head to get off of his dick. Brad just shoved his hands away and redoubled his efforts. Sam cum burst out of the end of his dick as his whole body was jerking around. He could not stop it this was the first time he had ever gotten off to someone just sucking his dick. This was not Sam's first blow job by any means. He had never been able to cum with out having to jack his dick to. It also was the first time anyone had ever taken more than three to four inches in there mouth.

It took time for am to cum down from this orgasm. He also noticed Brad was still sucking his dick. It was different that he could stand this. His dick still had not gone down. Brad then kissed Sam. It tasted salty but had a little bitterness to it. He realized then it was his own cum he tasted in Brads mouth. He had been jacking one day with his head back and mouth open. When he started cumming he had shot some in his mouth and it tasted like this. It seemed more natural this time.

Brad asked Sam if he trusted him to which he responded yes. Brad then lifted his legs. When brad had them up to his chest Sam started to resist some. Brad then attacked his balls and the spot right under them. Sam started to relax after he realized Brad was not trying to fuck him. Scott turned to where his cock was in Sam's face. He was getting in the sixty-nine position. Sam did not like Scotts cock in his face so he reached up to move it.

This was the first cock Sam had ever had in his hand that was not his own. It felt soft but so hard all at the same time. He moved the skin back and forth noticing it was not as loose as his own. He felt a mouth engulf the head of his dick. Between Scott sucking him and Brad licking his balls and the spot just below them he was in heaven.

Brad had Scott to shift to hold Sam's legs for him. This brought Sam's ass up and closer to where he wanted it. He started putting more pressure on Sam's balls. This elicited a groan from him. Brad eased closer to Sam's pink ass ring. The next stroke of Brad's tongue grazed Sam's ass. He saw that Sam clenched it when he did this. He them attacked Sam's ass. He started to wiggle then started to relax when he saw that Brad was not trying to stick anything in there. Now Sam realized why the girls liked it when he ate there ass. Brad worked Sam's ass over till it started to relax more and he could get his tongue in.

Sam was still holding Scotts cock and did not realize when he had put the head of it in his mouth. He was caught up in the heat of the moment. Scott realized it though because he had scraped it a few times with his teeth. Scott was acting like a pro and not saying anything yet. He wanted Sam to just enjoy what he was doing. Scott was amazed at how firm Sam was his body was still like a gymnast's body. He was getting turned on by watching Brad rim Sam's ass. He had never been able to watch this before. He was amazed at how his lover was so gentle. He watched as Brad eased a finger in Sam's ass without him knowing it.

Brad planned on fucking Sam so he worked his finger in only when he knew Sam would not notice. Scott loved watching this as brad moved his finger along with his tongue so it felt like he was just using his tongue.

Brad worked harder trying to loosen Sam up. He had two fingers in not causing any pain to Sam. Sam's spinster muscle was totally relaxed now. Brad whispered to Scott to suck Sam harder he was fixing to fuck him. Scott doubled his efforts and Sam let out some groans in appreciation. Brad got to his knees leaving his fingers in Sam's ass to keep him open. He spit on his cock to wet it even more.

Brad had enough precum that he did not need anything else but he wanted this to be an easy entry. He took the head of his cock and placed at Sam's opening. He pushed his cock head in as he removed his fingers. The cock head entered along with some of the shaft before Sam even noticed. He tried to say something but most of Scott's dick was in his mouth.

By the time Sam got Scotts dick out of his mouth Brad was all the way in. He felt pain but nothing like he expected. He felt more like he needed to shit. When Brad pulled out it felt like his guts were coming to. The Brad reversed his stroke hitting Sam's prostate. Sam was making noises but you could not tell if they were good or bad ones. Brad hit his prostate again on the in stroke. Sam's ass was turned so that it would hit almost every time he went in.

Sam started to scream for Brad to get his dick out of his ass. Sam felt an electrical shock run up his spine all of a sudden. This made every word come out unrecognizable even to his ears. When Brad pushed back in he felt it again. What was he doing to him? Sam felt like he was going to cum and piss at the same time. It was an overload of feelings and pleasure. Brad kept up the slow pace till he felt Sam relax some more then he sped up some.

Scott turned his head to see what Sam was doing. He was rolling his head left and right. His eyes rolled up till all you saw was the whites of his eyes. When Brad sped up his pace so did the thrashing of Sam's head. All you could hear was grunts and groans coming from Sam. Brad sped up till he was pounding Sam's ass he could not last much longer.

Brad loved the tight feeling of Sam's ass. It had been a while since he had been a top. He missed it he guessed. Brad felt his balls pull up then unload into Sam. When he started slowing down Sam yelled for him to pound harder. Brad told Scott to take over. While holding his legs up Scott and Brad switched places.

Scott slid his cock in easily from Brads cum coating Sam's hole. He soon was pounding away at Sam. Brad watched his lover abuse Sam's hole like he had done his. Scott leaned up to kiss Brad while he rode Sam. When they broke the kiss Brad suckled on Scott's nipples.

Sam did not want them to stop. His hole was getting sore but it felt so good he could not stop. He did not feel like he needed to shit anymore but he felt he needed his ass pounded more. He told Scott he needed pounded harder. When he looked up he saw Brad's ass was only a few inches from his face. He grabbed Brad's hips and pulled backwards on them Brad scooted back with his dick right above Sam's mouth. Sam did not think just swallowed Brads dick. He ran his tongue all around it. Sam thought it tasted different than Scott's. Scott did not have a flavor Brad did then it struck him it was his ass juices and Brad's cum he tasted.

Brad reached down and swallowed Sam till his nose rested on Sam's balls. He had only bobbed up and down a few times when he felt Sam go stiff as a board. Then his body started jerking and shaking. Brad could feel his cock swell in his mouth and start firing thick ropes in his mouth. Brad had to swallow fast because almost every shot Sam made filled his mouth. Brad then heard Scott grunt, letting him know he was filling Sam's ass to. When both of them came down Scott pulled his cock slowly out of Sam's ass. When the head left you could hear a pop sound. Brad saw Scott and his cum leaking out of Sam's ass so he started eating Sam again. Sam loved this and grunted his pleasure.

After a couple of minutes they lay back and the three of then snuggled till the drifted off to sleep. A couple of hours Brad awoke with Sam sucking his cock. When Sam saw Brad was awake he smiled at him and went back to sucking him. Brad asked if he was feeling ok and Sam let him know he felt giddy like it was his first time.

Sam then slipped out of the bed to go pee And Brad soon followed. Brad asked him if he hurt and Sam informed him he felt great but his ass was a little sore. Brad smiled and told him he knew how he felt. Sam and Brad finished peeing and went back into the bedroom. Sam asked Brad if he felt like fucking him again. Brad said he did and had Sam get in a doggie position at the side of the bed. He lubed a finger and slipped it into Sam's ass. Sam flinched and Brad asked if he was ok.

Sam let him know he was tender back there but wanted to feel him in him again. Brad worked in the second finger and notices Sam relax. Brad spit on his cock and pressed the head against Sam's ass. It took a couple of tries and Brad telling him to push out like he was going to shit before he got it in. Once in it did not take long to get into a rhythm. Scott woke because the bed was shaking.

He smiled over at Brad then crawled out of bed. Walking around to where he could sit on the floor and watch Brad's cock slide in and out of Sam's ass. It did not take long before he was stroking his cock with the rhythm of there fucking. When Brad came Scott stood and took his place.

Sam could not believe he was getting fucked by both of these hunks again. He loved the way Brad started but liked the way Scott fucked when he wanted to cum. It took another twenty minutes before Scott came. Sam had already cummed but did not want Scott to stop. He was getting worried he was going to have to ask him to when Scott filled his ass again.

They all took a shower after that round and headed for a cold beer. Everyone was quiet for a while till Brad asked how his ass felt. It was not long till Sam was asking all kinds of questions. Brad was able to answer all of them and included Scott when he knew he could answer it for Sam.

After a while Scott said they needed to head back. Good byes were said and they headed back to the cabin.

The chat turned to the sex they had just had. Scott told Brad he was glad he had done it. It was a lot different than it was with just the two of them. Brad explained how this was a good experience and some were bad ones. The two of them focused on Sam more than him having to focus on one of us.

Scott then let Brad know he was a little jealous that Sam got his cherry popped before he did. Then said he understood though but the next time sex was had, his was going to be going, going gone to. Brad chuckled at this and assured the next time Scotts cherry would be gone to.

Scott let Brad know that now he knew how much he cared for him. The way he was able to slip it into Sam without him knowing till it was already in. He was just shocked at how gentle he was.

Brad let Scott know that gentle is always a good way to start. It helps keep you from getting so sore the next day. Once started you could get rough without hurting them so bad.

Scott felt Brad was trying to tell him he needed to slow down and take his time. He just had a hard time doing that with Brad. He wanted him all the time. He had such a problem doing it because when he was with Brad lust took over.

The chat was friendly all the way back. Both boys were glad to be home. The goats were more than ready to be milked. Scott unsaddled and rubbed the horses down while Brad milked the goats.

Once everything had been fed and the eggs gathered they headed back to the cabin to rest. It was beginning to get hotter and the cabin was warm. If rough it meant no air conditioning then this was going to be a long summer.

It was a nice two weeks before anyone else showed up. Brent and Doug came up to deliver news and gifts. There was news that Chris threw a fit when he found out he had to pay the rent or move. The landlord wanted a one year lease. Chris knew that he did not have that kind of income by himself so he was going to have to move. He planned to stay till he was evicted

Once some of Chris's friends found out he was going to move they started looking for someone else to party with. Brent had a little mark under his eye where Chris slugged him. Once he found out the bank account was closed and the money was cut off he hit Brent. Then he cussed at him before kicking him out. He yelled he was keeping everything even Brad's personal things.

Brad let Brent know Chris could have everything. He had never taken anything that mint much to him from his Grandfathers. The only thing was a picture of him and Andy when they were about thirteen.

Brent pulled out the papers he needed Brad to sign. Brent put the papers up after Brad signed them then said it was time for the gifts. He handed Brad a sack with the things he had asked for. Then he handed him another sack. Brad opened the sack and saw that Brent had gotten him some books to read. He did not realize how much he missed reading till then.

Brent had also brought some steaks and fixings along with a small charcoal grill. There were three extra bags of charcoal so the guys could grill when ever they wanted. Brent had thought of everything. He had a cooler with iced down beer also. They grilled the steaks and had a good meal. It was nice to have company come see them and visit.

Brad thought one does not realize that when two people do not see anyone else that conversation almost stops. You get into a routine and do things so often that conversation is not needed. There is very little to talk about. It was nice to hear all the things that was going on in others lives.

They had a good day visiting with each other but it was not long before Brent and Doug said they needed to be on there way. Brad saw the way that Doug and Brent kept looking at each other. He figured they were in a hurry to spend some time together.

That night Brad wanted to try his new shower out. He filled the bag with warm water closing the curtain around his while he stood in there bathing tube. It was so nice to shower but he ran out of water before he was done. Scott filled the bag back up for him so he could finish. Then He and Scott traded places. Scott loved the shower to but did not like having to refill the bag.

This got Scott to thinking. He was going to see the next time Doug came out if he could bring him a black fifty five gallon drum and a small hand operated pump.

Brad wanted to know what Scott wanted for supper Scott told him he would like fried chicken, gravy, mashed potato's and fresh green beans. Brad told Scott that sounded good except they did not have a chicken to fry.

Scott told him he would go get one and to put some water on to boil. Brad wanted to know why they needed water. Scott told him it was to get the feathers off.

As Scott left Brad developed a lump in his throat. Scott was going to kill one of his chickens. Brad loved watching the chicks as they played. The little fights they had and how they would come running when the hen found a bug for them. He wondered which one Scott was going to kill. All of a sudden Brad didn't want chicken.

About ten minutes Scott came up with one of the young chickens. It did not have a head on it. Scott must have cut it off. Brad was feeling sick to his stomach now. Scott told him he would clean it for him. He brought out a pan of water that had been boiling. Scott dunked the chicken in the scalding water a couple of times. Scott then started pulling out the feathers buy the handful.

Brad got a whiff of the chicken and almost lost it. The smell of the chicken dipped in hot water almost made him through up. The whole process he hated. The chicken even after plucked did not look like a store bought chicken. With stiff legs and feet still on Brad could not deal with it. Scott gutted the chicken and cut it up because Brad would not. Brad did not know if he could eat the chicken or not. The skin felt rubbery to Brad and he could still smell where Scott burnt hair off of it. Brad never knew a chicken had hair on it.

Once Brad started frying it he noticed it even smelt a little different. He finally made it through cooking the meal. As they sat down to eat Brad did not take a piece of chicken. Brad sat watching Scott bite into one of the chicken thighs. Scott told him it reminded him of when he was little and they had chicken dinners. His Mom would kill them on Saturday morning letting them cool till she cooked them on Sunday for lunch.

It always seemed that they had company at Sunday lunch when they had chicken. Scott never remembered getting white meat when he was young. That was always saved for dad and the company. The kids always got the legs and thighs and Mom seemed to eat the necks and backs.

Scott had pleasant memories about Sunday dinners. The fried chicken helped to bring those out. Brad watched as Scott munched away at the chicken. You would have thought it was the best chicken the way he was smiling as he ate it. Brad still did not know if he could eat it.

He finally took one of the wings and nibbled at it. It was a while before he actually bit into the meat. It did not taste the same as what he was used to. It was kind of like the difference in beef and venison. It had a wilder but more flavor than Brad was used to. Brad was only able to eat the wing. It was a good thing he made enough potatoes and gravy.

Brad put the chicken in the refrigerator after the meal. Scott liked it cold as well as he did hot. That way he had something to snack on for tomorrow. It was a good thing for the garden. They were already out of canned vegetables for this time. They would be eating everything they could out of it and save the canned stuff for later after the garden was gone.

If it had not been for the deer meat and fish helping to stretch things out they would have already been out of meat. At least now they have been able to have a variety of meat. They had been eating deer twice a week and fish once. It was time for them to start fishing again too. The freezer was starting to get low. But Brad also knew there will be a food drop in a couple of weeks. The question was just how much food. He hoped he would be able to save all the canned goods for winter. The first time there were a couple of canned hams that would be a good source of meat for later.

It was getting late and they headed to bed. They had gotten to the point of going to bed when the sun went down and rising when it came up. Brad had a surprise for Scott tonight though. They were walking over to the bed when Brad asked Scott how he felt about a little piece of ass tonight. Scott formed a devil of a grin and told Brad he was always game for that.

Brad returned Scotts smile and said good because he had waited for a long time now to fuck Scott's ass. Scotts smile left his face as fast as it had appeared. He had a look of fear cross his face for a second. Then there was look that he was not really going to enjoy this anyway.

Scott was not moving to the bed with his usual excitement. When Brad stood before him he told Scott he did not have to do this. Scott hung his head and let Brad know he had seen how much he had enjoyed being with Sam. That if they were going to be a couple that they both needed to be able to do it.

Brad reached up taking Scott's face in his hands letting him know he would not hurt him.

If it did start to hurt let him know and he would stop. Then he kissed Scott and in a couple of seconds the kiss was returned.

Brad undressed Scott slowly kissing his neck. Scott always being the aggressor that he was could not just stand there. He started kissing Brad back in response. Soon it was getting heated and they moved to the bed. Scott was taking charge kissing and sucking Brad's nipples. Brad had a hard time not letting Scott just make love to him. It was not that long till Scott rolled of Brad and told him he was ready. If you are going to do it do it now.

Brad took Scott's face into his hand and once again told him he did not have to do this. Scott told him he wanted to. Brad looked him in the eye then said we will do this the right way then. Scott looked at Brad kind of funny.

Brad crawled up beside Scott and started kissing him gently. He kissed Scott closed eyes the tip of his nose the gently kissed him on the lips. Brad spoke then telling Scott he was going to make love to him.

While kiss Scott gently Brads finger worked there way through the forest of hair on Scott's chest to find his nipple. He tweaked it lightly never breaking the kiss. Scott felt and excitement rising just waiting to see what Brad did next.

Brad took Scott's earlobe into his mouth running his tongue all around it. When he started tonguing the rest of his Scott flinched. Tracing a line with his tongue Brad moved to the other ear stopping only to trace around Scott's adams apple. After a couple of minutes Scott's breathing changed. Brad noticed he was holding his breath some.

Brad then worked his way to Scott's nipple he was not tweaking and sucked it into his mouth. Scott pushed his chest up to meet Brad's mouth. Brad took a beep breath while he had his nose buried between Scott's pecks. Scott was putting off pheromones that were driving Brad crazy. Scott was getting worked up. Brad licked the moisture off that was forming between Scott's pecks. It was slightly salty but also tasted of Scott.

Brad worked his way down tracing the thick trail of hair to Scott's cock. He engulfed Scott's cock in one swift motion that only experience would let you do. Scott arched his back trying to keep from cumming. Brad felt Scott's cock swell in his mouth and knew he had to stop. He let Scott's cock slip from his and focused on his balls bathing each one. Scott's head was rolling back and forth at the new sensations he was getting. Never would he have thought taking you time would have heightened love making.

Brad move Scotts legs up and felt Scott tense up. Brad bathed each of Scott's balls again with his tongue. Scott relaxed some while Brad did this. After sucking each ball into his mouth and massaging each ball with his mouth. Brad let them drop out of his mouth and flicked Scott's ass with his tongue.

Scott automatically drew his ass up when he felt Brads tongue hit it. He knew Braw was going to take his virginity tonight and the thought scared Scott. Scott truly wanted Brad to make love to him but he was afraid of the pain. Scott saw Brad take Sam's cherry and not complain of any pain so why was he afraid of. He just wanted to get it over with. Brad again flicked his ass with his tongue and no matter how hard he tried he could not keep from drawing up. Scott finally reached down with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart. He knew this would give better access to his ass.

Brad could not believe it when Scott opened his ass up for him. Maybe he really did want to be fucked. Brad enjoyed rimming Scott. It took a while for Scott to relax enough for Brad tongue to pass his spinster muscle. Brad started to scrape his teeth on the outside a little. This elicited moans from Scott. Brad had been going at Scott till he felt no resistance at all. It took Scott a few minutes to even notice Brad had his finger in his ass. When he did he clamped down automatically. To his surprise he found out Brad had two fingers in. He tried to relax because he was not feeling any pain. This took a while again.

Brad got Scott to relax again then scooted up to where he could enter Scott. Scott thought he was fixing to be entered and clamped down again. Brad felt Scott's muscles clamp down again. Working his fingers till he was lightly ribbing Scott's prostate. Scott responded to this with little shivers from his body. His cock started getting hard again.

Brad leaned over and engulfed Scott's beautiful cock.

Scott thought he was going to cum soon He caught himself grinding himself on Brads fingers. Somehow brad had worked his knees up under his ass cheeks lifting his ass in the air. He could feel Brad hit his prostate every time he went down on his cock. Scott loved the feeling of the little electric charge. There was a little pain as he felt the third finger enter but it did not last long.

Scott let loose with his feelings and started riding Brad's fingers he wanted more. Brad started sucking harder while Scott trashed in his lap. Scott wanted Brads finger deeper in him he had quit hitting his prostate. Scott sat up and pushed towards Brad. He felt Brad going deeper into him than before. He was filling full then it hit. It was like something sliding along his prostate. Scott looked down and Brad had a hand on each hip. It was his cock that was in him.

Scott was shocked he had all of Brads cock buried in him and it did not hurt. He was high from the feelings his prostrate was sending out to his brain. Scott had Brad lay back so he could ride him. Scott ground his ass on Brad's cock, he felt like he was stirring his own guts. Then he ground it up and down hitting his own prostrate with Brads cock. Scott could not get over the feelings he was getting out of this. He loved the feeling. Scott started bouncing up and down like he had seen a girl do in porn once. The feeling was still different than the others movements he had made. He could mot get enough in deep enough.

Scott wanted to feel how Brad felt when he was plowing him. He asked Brad to change positions. Scott lay back so he could raise his legs. Brad slipped back in with out any trouble. One of the gifts Brant had brought was a bottle of lube. Brad wanted to use with Scott being his first time.

As Brad started moving again Scott felt Brad bumping into his prostate. Scott could not get over the fact that it felt this way. He had tingling sensations running half way up his back. If Scott had not emptied his bladder before they started making love. Scott would have sworn he needed to pee. Scott wanted Brad to speed up his cock was leaking precum like a water facet.

Brad had a hold of Scott's legs right behind his knees. Brad had Scott pinned down with one knee under each armpit. Holding his weight like this Brad started pounding Scott's ass. Scott was grunting and groaning every time Brad hit his prostate. Brad started pounding Scott mercilessly. He had to keep shoving Scott's hand away form his cock to keep him from cumming.

Brad could not believe how Scott was acting. When he reached down grabbed his ass and pulled it open as far as he could. Brad took this as a sign he wanted more. Brad then started pounding so hard he knew he was going to be bruised some. His own orgasm was building to a point he was going to cum soon. Brad was getting tired and breathing hard. Pushing on he wanted to fill Scott full. He pounded away at Scotts prostate feeling his cock hit it every stroke now. It was getting as hard as a rock.

Scott then let out a yell like he was in a fight. Almost shoving Brad off with his legs. Brad felt the first contraction of Scott's ass. Pounding with a little more effort Brad watched as cum flew hitting the wall. The second shot landing just an inch below the other. Two more hit Scott in the chin and the fifth lined across the thick fur of his chest. The last shot filling his belly button.

Brad kept pounding away at Scott trying to reach the peak he was almost at before Scott started cumming. He could not take his eyes away from the site of Scott's climax. He felt Scott clamping down as best he could. Looking up Brad would never forget the look on Scotts face. Brad felt Scott reach around and grab his balls. He started rolling them around in his hand applying pressure. The pain this caused was just enough to send him over the edge. Brad pushed cock as deep as he could in Scott's ass. Scott was giving all that he could with his tired ass muscles. Brads cock was so sensitive that he could not stand any movement. He fired what felt like hot lava in Scott's ass.

Once Brad filled Scott's ass he collapsed on Scott's chest. Looking up Brad saw some cum still under Scott's chin. Taking his tongue he licked all that he could find and whispered to his love how much he loved him. Scott tried to clamp down on Brad's cock one more time but it just pushed him out instead. He felt like his ass was big and empty now. He squeezed Brad and let him know how much he was loved also. Scott could not resist reaching around and feeling his ass. It was swollen and leaking Brad's juices out. They fell asleep after that.

Scott was waking up and it felt like he had a ton of bricks on his chest. Panic struck that he was having a heart attack. Woken up by the panic Scott wondered why he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. Then it occurred to him Brad was still on his chest. He gently rolled over waking Brad as he done so. Scott kissed Brad and thanked him for making love to his so gently.

Brad asked Scott if he was ready to make love to him. Scott felt his cock rise when Brad asked him. When they were through the sun was coming up. Both guys lay there enjoying the afterglow of great sex. Scott had learned how to make love to Brad so that it did not hurt him so much.

As Scott went to relieve himself he felt like his ass was a little swollen. It was sore but he felt like something was missing. Then a warn feeling overtook him as he recognized that it was lovers cock that he missed. He could not wait till they would make love again.

Brad came up to stand beside Scott just as his stream started. Acting like kids they played as if there stream were swords and attacked each others stream. When finished they turned at the same time said I love you. Embracing each other nothing else was said but volumes were spoken. They turned to enter the cabin two hard cocks leading the way.

Brad started breakfast as Scott went out to feed and take care of the animals. When he returned he was carrying Yeller in his arms. He had been mauled by a cougar. Brad put on some water to clean his wounds. He had several places caked with blood.