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The Inheritance part 18

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Brad wanted to know if anything else was hurt. Scott looked at him and told him the baby goat was gone. You could see a tear forming in Brad's eye. Cleaning Yeller up they found he need a couple of stitches from one gash but there was nothing else but a lot of scratches and loss of blood. Scott got the needle and thread and stitched up the cut. There were a couple of other places Scott added a stitch to just to be on the safe side.

When they cleaned up after fixing up Yeller Brad finished cooking breakfast. The guys ate quickly and headed back out to where the animals were. They looked for signs and found where the cougar had to stop and rest. There was blood but they could not tell if it was the goats or his.

Brad headed back to the cabin to get the guns while Scott saddled the horses. The trail was not that hard to follow because of the goat being dragged. Brad was pissed that the cougar kill the baby goat. It could have been worse if it had killed one of the milk goats. Brad thought if it had been back in the days when his Grandfather was young. They would have gathered some men and dogs to hunt cougars. Tracking down everyone they could find and kill them.

The trail was easy to follow till they hit some rocky spots. The cougar was not able to drag the goat too far even though it was small. They had not gone over a quarter mile when the cougar was spotted. Scott asked Brad if he wanted to shoot it. Brad at first said yes then he had second thoughts. He hated to kill a creature as beautiful as the cougar was. The he thought about how a beauty like this almost killed him. They rode as close as they dared.

The cougar was eating when Brad had him in his sites. He had never killed anything like this before. He had only killed for food. He still had some fear in him from his attack and was breaking out in a cold sweat. Just looking at the cougar brought back memories of the day he was attacked.

Scott's voice woke him out of his trance. Brad eased the trigger back. CRACK The rifle fired and Brad brought the gun down. He did not see the cougar. Did he miss? Then he felt Scotts hand on his shoulder. Brad looked at Scott and asked if he had missed. Scott looked at brad a little funny and told him he had got him. He was on a rock and the shot knocked him off. Brad felt a little sick to his stomach. They walked the distance to where the cougar lay.

When Brad saw it he was sick to his stomach. He was not someone who killed for sport. If he killed he wanted it to be for food only. Understanding why he had to do it was a different story. He knew he had to or loose all the other animals to it. That never made it easy though. Scott picked up the cougar and saw it was a young one and he also had a few scars from Yeller to. He was under weight so that would explain why he had come close to where people were

Scott skinned the cougar and buried the carcasses under some rocks. When the got back to the cabin Brad went to the garden to work while Scott worked on the cougar hide. Brad picked the squash and green beans. The potatoes looked good so he dug a couple of plants. He found only a couple of marble sized potatoes on the vines. Brad made a mental note to add some more manure to these. He was disappointed that they were so small but had hopes that they were just beginning to make. Brad finished by picking the okra. That was the one plant in the garden he hated to pick. It always left his arms itching.

After gathering every thing that needed picked Brad headed in the cabin to clean and put it away. Brad shelled the green beans that were saved for seed and placed them in a jar. The ten plants they saved for seed had produced about all they were going to. They would get a few more off the other plants. Brad planned to plant a couple of more rows of the beans soon. They did not have the things needed to can anything nor the knowledge to do it. They kept the freezer as full as they could but it was not that big of a freezer.

The supplies should be coming the next day. Brad could not believe they will have been here four and a half months. He was beginning to think it felt like a lifetime. So much had happened to him since he had been there. Brad finished putting things away. He then started washing clothes and fixing lunch. There was a surprise for Scott today they were going to have their first potatoes today. They may be marble size but they were the ones they grew.

Scott came in then covered with blood and hair for the cougar pelt. Brad stopped him and told him to head to the creek to clean up. He headed out the door but was grumbling that he could do that later. Brad finished fixing lunch and had it sat on the table when a naked Scott walked in. He had a smile on his face and dirty clothes in his hand. He walked over to the table opening the other hand dropping a few berries on the table.

Brad asked where he had gotten the berries at. Scott let him know that there were a few blackberries that grew along the creek. The only problem was the birds would eat them first if they did not keep them picked. Scott picked all he could find and ate a few but they really needed sugar.

After lunch Brad and Scott dug up some more ground to plant beans and new squash plants in. They hauled out the manure from the stalls and mixed it in the dirt. Also they mixed in some chicken manure that was watered down. In a couple of days they would turn the ground once more before they planted it. Once everything was done they grabbed their fishing poles along with the worms they found while digging the garden and headed out to fish.

It was getting late and the fish were not biting so they decided to take a leisurely swim. The water felt good after the warm day. Brad watched as Scott swam around. He never got tired of looking at Scott naked. As Scott came close Brad felt himself growing. Scott swam right up to Brad and kissed him gently.

As the guys were having themselves a good time swimming around there was a pair of eyes watching them. In his hands he was rubbing the cold steel of the pistol. As anger the anger continued to grow inside of him.

There love making had improved after the night Brad made love to Scott. Scott had seen it was even better to take it slower and make it last. Scott also learned he like receiving as well as giving. It was now getting to the point that every night they were making love. The little bit of soreness that was left from the night before was worked out the next night. At least that was the way they were looking at it.

Brad stood to get out and dry off when Scott grabbed him by his hard cock pulling him back in. They played around a little trying to see how horny they could make the other. It was not long before Scott lost as his orgasm racked his body. Brad did not want to be left out so a couple of strokes and he joined Scott. Both still basking in the afterglow kissed and held each other.

If looks could kill Brad and Scott would have both been dead at that time. The only comfort was to know that it would not be long before he could act. Revenge would soon be his.

As Brad stepped out of the creek Scott slapped his ass telling him it was his tonight. Brad smiled the smile that he knew would melt Scott's heart and said if I don't get yours first. That was all Scott needed to hear. He told Brad he would just get him now then as he started running to the waters edge. Still naked Brad took off to the cabin with Scott on his heels. Brad made it to the cabin just ahead of Scott.

When they entered Scott grabbed Brad spinning him around. In a loving embrace Scott kissed Brad running his tongue inside to probe his mouth. Scott then picked Brad up and carried him to the bed. Scott's hands roamed over his lover's body. His amazingly smooth skin still made Scott excited every time he felt it.

If either one had looked at the window they would have seen someone watching them. The moonlight cast an outline across the floor.

Scott then made love to Brad. Both Brad and Scott were sweating profusely in the heat. Bodies glistened as they moved against each other. It was like watching a dance as each move was countered by the others. Mouths and tongues licking and kissing every thing they could reach. There stomachs making sucking sounds as they pressed and pushed against each other.

He could not stand to watch anymore. Wanting to burst in and kill them both. It was making him sick watching Scott's cock pounding away at Brad's ass. He felt his anger growing. The only comfort he had was the steel in his hand. With it he could end it all.

Scott nibbled on Brad's right nipple. Brad felt the jolt's to his nipple and arched his ass as much as he could. He wanted his prostate to be hit also as Scott nibble his nipple. Brad let out a groan that could be heard outside the cabin. He started yelling for Scott to pound his ass.

Anger welled up as he saw Scott pound Brads ass. There was enough light that he could see Scotts cock slide in and out of Brad. The stretched ass ring moving with Scott's cock with bloated balls slapping Brad's ass. The way Scott's fur covered ass flexed every time it push that thick cock in. He knew with the force Scott was using Brad had to be in pain but nothing compared to what he was going to be in. In his anger he crossed the porch and busted through the door.

Scott jumped from the noise as someone burst through the door. Yelling "what the fuck" while scrambling to get up. The guys stared as a man moved out of the shadows into the moon light.

He had a gun in his hand. Both guys froze then as the gun was raised and pointed at them.

He spoke then and the words sounded cold as they left his lips. "I see that you two are still playing Queer"


"Don't Dad me you SICK OLE QUEER. I knew for some reason he would still have you doing disgusting things. I bet he screws you in the ass to... the pervert."

"Dad what are you doing here? I told you the last time not to come back if could not accept me for who I am."

"Well I am back and you're going to change or I will finish the job this time"

"Dad I will not change no mater what you say or do. I am gay."

"Maybe if I shoot that queer there you will come to your senses."

Scott jumped in front of Brad. "Dad it is time for you to leave."

"I am not leaving till you ask god for forgiveness."

"Dad just put the gun down"

"Shut up boy and listen to your elders"

"Ok dad just put the gun down"

"Just look at you too running around naked. All day long you have been playing with each other. Putting your cocks in each others holes. I bet you two acts like animals constantly humping each other all the time."

"Dad that is enough I want you to leave."

"Not till I take care of what I came for"

"Dad...listen to me and put the gun down"

"Not till you ask god for forgiveness and that Queer that has molested you is dead."

"No one has ever molested me"

That queer behind you has"

"Brad has never molested me in anyway."

"I saw you performing perverted acts through the window. You sticking you cock in his ass. Do you not think that is a pervert that wants a cock in his ass?"

"I don't think it is any more perverted that sticking my cock in a hole that piss blood and babies have come out of ...DAD."

"You know women were cursed for sinning"

"Yes I know that dad but it was not for loving a man"

"Now move out of the way and let me kill that queer that is making you sin"

"Dad you will have to kill me to then."

"Then so be it." Reverend Bruner then cocked the pistol pointing it towards his own son.

There was the sound of gunfire and growls. Brad felt Scott's body hit his knocking him backwards on the bed. Brad had been silent during this whole thing thinking it was best to let Scott try to calm his dad down.