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The Inheritance part 19

Authors note: For the two of you that are ready for the story to end Brad died. No need to read further. This last chapter would be a good place to stop. For those of you that would like to read more here is part 19 and 20 is soon to follow. I know I said I just wanted to write 20 chapters but I think the story can go a little longer. I hope you enjoy

Thanks Doug


More growling and screaming was followed by another shot. Brad felt Scott curling up in pain. Brad went on instinct flying off the bed onto the man on the floor. He grabbed his hand that had the gun in it twisting it. The gun dropped to the floor and was knocked out of the way. Brads fist started pounding the man on the floor. He had shot the man he loved. It was a while before he came to his senses to find out the man he was hitting was not fighting back.

Brad climbed off to see Yeller was dead and Scott was lying in a pool of blood. Brad crawled to Scott screaming No. He could not see any movement in Scott's chest. He quickly checked Scott over looking for where the bullet had went in. He saw that Scott was shot in the head. Brad was panicking he did not know what to do. He held Scott praying that he would be ok.

The fog started clearing in Brads head. He had to get help. He grabbed a pair of pants and put them on as quickly as he could. Then he tied Reverend Brunner's hands and feet so he could not do any more damage. He could not stand leaving Scott lying there but knew he had to get some help. He ran outside to go for help when he spotted the Reverends car.

Running back inside Brad started searching the pockets of the Reverend Bruner. To his surprise he found a cell phone in one of the pockets. He dialed 911 as quickly as he could. There was not a signal though. He grabbed the key and ran out the door. The only place he could think of was to go to Sam's for help. He knew he had a phone.

As soon as he got the car started he headed to Sam's. He was in a panic and was flying down the road. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there. He knew it was not that far but it seemed like an eternity. When he saw the house coming into sight he felt a little better.

Pulling up to the house he had to slam on the breaks to keep from running into it. Brad jumped out of the car and ran to the door. It was locked so he kicked it in and ran to the phone. Just as he dialed 911 Sam came running down stares with a gun. He had it pointed at Brad and yelled don't move as the operator came on line.

Brad yelled "it's me Sam... Brad"

"What the fuck are you doing busting in my place at this time of night?"

Brad ignored Sam "Operator I need a helicopter to air lift someone to a hospital."

Operator "Sir what is the problem?"

"The problem is my friend has been shot and I need him air lifted out of here".

Operator "Where was your friend shot at"

"He was hit in the head. We had a crazy man break in and shoot him."

Operator "Where is the man that shot him now."

"Look Operator you better send a helicopter now and I will answer all the questions later."

Operator "What address are you at."

Brad handed the phone to Sam "Tell her where to come to. I have to get back to Scott. Be sure she sends a chopper and not an ambulance. He might not live if she doesn't."

Brad ran out to the car and jumped in it and took off to the cabin. He almost lost it on one of the curves but managed to get it back under control. When he got back to the cabin Reverend Brunner was trying to get up. Brad kicked him and hit him till he was lying on the floor again. Then went to check Scott to make sure he was alive. He could feel a weak pulse in his neck. The blood still seeped out of his head but had slowed.

Brad looked over at Reverend Bruner and said "If he dies you die."

It seemed like hours before Brad heard the sounds of a cop car. It had only been forty five minutes though. When the cops came in they had there fire arms in hand. Brad pointed to Reverend Bruner on the floor telling them he was the one that shot Scott. The police stepped over Yellers body to get to Reverend Bruner. Another officer came over to check on Scott then got on the radio calling dispatch. He told Brad the helicopter was on its way. Sam showed up then and tried to get through to Brad. The police stopped him telling him he would have to wait outside.

The police questioned Brad about what happened. By the time he told the story the helicopter was there. The police had taken Reverend Bruner out side so the medic's could take care of Scott. It was not long till Brad overheard one of the medic's tell the other one that if they did not get him to the hospital soon he would not make it. But they needed to check on the other guy to.

Brad started yelling for them to get him to the hospital. It seemed like everything was in slow motion. One of the cops grabbed Brad by the arm to stop him from moving to the chopper. Brad spun around and slugged the cop then yelled at the medics to get him to a fucking Hospital. Brad was coming close to loosing it. The only thing he wanted was for his lover to get the help he needed. The bastard that shot Scott could die for all he cared.

The cop grabbed Brad by the arm again and was ready for him this time. Brad still screamed for them to get Scott to the Hospital. The cop motioned for the Guys to go on and get him to the Hospital. We can call another ambulance for the other guy.

The medics grabbed each end of the gurney and headed to the chopper. The one medic told the other they would have to push the IV if he was going to have a chance of making it. Scott's blood pressure was low and he needed fluids if he was going to live.

When they had Scott loaded Brad tried to get on with him. The medic stopped him and told him he could not go on the helicopter. Brad pleaded with them but the officer told Brad he would have to go later because they had some more questions for him. They had to use a little force to keep Brad from jumping in. It was not long till the helicopter took off.

Brad wanted to know what hospital they were taking Scott to. The police officer told him they would see he got to the hospital after he answered there questions.

Finally Sam made it over to Brad and asked what happened. Brad started telling the story again and answered questions along the way to the house. When they stepped in the front door Yeller was laid out on the floor dead. Brad dropped to his knees and rubbed the spot Yeller always loved. Tears ran down Brads face and dropped into the dark red that was Yellers drying blood.

The cops seemed to ask the same questions over and over. Brad stood up and asked Sam to take him to the Hospital. As Sam stood one of the cops put his hand on Brads shoulder and told him he was not free to leave yet. Brad turned to the cop and said you better hurry because I am going to leave soon and the only way you will stop me is to cuff me. It was three hours before the police finally got through asking questions Brad asked Sam to take him to the hospital to see Scott.

As Brad and Sam walked outside Reverend Bruner started yelling Satan at Brad. Brad was just at the breaking point. As he and Sam walked by him he punched him in the gut shutting him up and doubling him over. Sam accidentally happened to raise his knee at the same time he was doubling over. There was a crunching sound and blood started to pour from the good Reverends nose. They made it to Sam's truck and headed to the hospital.

Brad was driving Sam crazy trying to get him to hurry up. The sun was up by the time they had made it the Hospital. Brad jumped out of the truck before Sam could get it in park. Running to the doors Brad headed straight to the front desk.

The nurse at the desk asked if she could help him. Brad asked what room Scott was in. The nurse typed in the name and let Brad know he was in surgery. Brad paced the waiting room trying to think through what needed to be done.

Sam made a couple of call's making sure the cattle were taken care of. Also he thought Doug and his Dad would like to know what was going on. When Sam was done he told Brad that he had let Doug know. He knew how crazy he was about Scott from the few times he had talked to him.

Brad then thought about Brent. He called Brent to let him know what was going on. Brent was worried that they would not let Brad in to see Scott. Brad had not thought about this. Brent told Brad he would be there as soon as he could. Now Brad began to worry that he could not see Scott. He was talking to Sam about his fears of not being able to see him. Sam then remembered that Scott had an aunt that worked at the diner.

Brad finally found the number for the diner and called. When a woman picked up on the other end Brad asked "Is this Scott Bruner's Aunt?"

"Yes sweetie this is May. Who is this?"

"This is Brad Parker the guy that Scott Bruner is working with."

"What can I do for you sweetie"

"I wanted to let you know Scott has been hurt."

"Hurt... how bad is he?"

"Well he was shot and is in surgery right now."

"Shot... who would shoot him? Who shot him?"

"It would be easier to tell you all about it if you could come to the hospital."

"Do his Mom and Dad know?"

"His Dad does he was there when it happened. So can you come down?"

"Hun I will be there as quick as I can"

As Brad hung up the phone he felt guilty for not telling her his Dad was the one that shot Scott. But in the same moment he did not know how close they were and did not want a big fight when she showed up.

Brad checked with the nurse again to see how Scott was doing. She made a couple of calls and found out he was still in the operating room. It had been a few hours and Brad was climbing the walls to find something out. Brad was wound so tight he was ready to explode. Sam tried talking him into walking down to the cafeteria and getting something to eat. Brad refused telling him he wanted to stay close incase something was needed.

Sam headed on down to get some coffee for the two of them. When he returned he saw that Doug was in the waiting room with Brad. Brad had big tears running down his cheeks while he was telling Doug what happened. Doug also had tears running down his cheeks to.

Sam offered Brad the coffee and asked Doug if he would like a cup to. Doug let Sam know he was ok. Then he told Sam his Dad was taking care of the cattle and would fix his front door. Sam had forgotten all about the door.

Doug let Brad know he had buried Yeller. The cops told him that Yeller had probably saved Scott's life. From what they could see the dog attacked Scott's dad making him miss his target.

Brad had not thought about how Yeller had been killed. It all hit home then. Brad broke down and cried. His body was racked with the release of all the tension and emotion. If it had not have been for Yeller he and Scott would have both been killed. Yeller had been a friend to Brad. He had also been one that had saved both of their lives more than once. Both Sam and Doug had their arms wrapped around Brad.

After Brad had calmed down some he walked back to the nurse's station to check on Scott again. The nurse made the calls again then informed him they were closing up now. He would be in recovery in an hour. The doctor would be in as soon as he finished letting the family know what was going on.

Brad felt a little relief hearing this. He felt his knees going week and had it not have been for Sam he would have collapsed in the floor. Brad had been awake for over 24 hours and had not eaten in a while.

The nurse came around the desk to check on Brad. When they got him back to a chair she ask Sam what was wrong. He told her what he knew about. She understood why he was checking on Scott so much then. She informed them that she would check every fifteen minutes and keep them filled in on Scott's condition.

Brad sat in the chair while Doug went down to get Brad something to eat. Brad tried to eat the food but could not stomach it. Brad managed to drink the coffee but the caffeine was making him jumpy. Brad hung his head resting it in his palms and had just about dosed off when he heard Doug say hi to May.

May hugged everyone even Brad. She wanted to know how Scott was doing. They told her he was still in surgery but should be out soon. It was not long till the nurse stepped over and informed them Scott was now in recovery. Brad let out a gasp of relief and took the first breath of new hope. They chatted back and forth for a little while waiting on the Doctor to come out.

May ask Brad what had happened and how. Brad went through the story again telling May everything. You could see the anger in May's face as Brad told the story. When he was done telling it May was furious. She told Brad she had sat back and watched her brother's tirades for years. But as far as she knew he had never done and thing like this. She walked over to the phone to call Scott's mom. When she came back she looked like she was about to blow.

Brad asked her if everything was ok. May looked at Brad and told him I hope they both burn in hell. May told Brad of how her brother had always been tough on the boys. Never letting them be normal kids having friends. It was after Mike went off to service that Scott was not allowed around any boys.

May recounted the day she and her son went over to visit after mike was killed. Scott was not allowed to leave the room the adults were in. When she asked if the boys wanted to go out and play. I wanted some time to discuss adult things. Her brother told her Scott was grounded. He could sit in here with the adults or go up stairs to his room alone.

I could not believe Scott was grounded or could have done something so bad that he should be punished at a time like this. Scott just sat there with his head down. My son soon got bored and went outside. He and Scott were the same age and looked a lot alike. I finally asked Scott if he would mind if I spoke to his Mom and Dad alone. He had a look of relief on his face at these words. He headed up to his room but I stopped him long enough to give him a hug. You could tell he really did not want to let go. He had never been any trouble at all while growing up.

When he left the room his father and I had a talk. I told him I thought he was being too tough on Scott. He started yelling he was not going to let the devil have his other son. I then had him explain what he was talking about. I flew off the handle at him telling him he should not take it out on Brad. Mike was a good kid never causing problems. If his experimenting with sex was the only thing he ever done wrong then he should be glad.

You see I did not understand at the time about being gay. I had always heard the bad things about it. Old men abusing young guys and things like that. It was not till after Mike's death that I learned the truth. There was a couple that came by the Diner one night. They looked like they were lost in a way. She started to cry when he had stepped into the restroom. I sat down beside her to see what was wrong.

They had just gotten back from a funeral. When she told me her son committed suicide. He was gay and they could not accept the fact. He never wanted to hurt them so he took the only action he knew. To kill himself and get out of their lives so he could not hurt then as much as he hurt on the inside.

She told May if she had only known he was hurting inside. She did not understand what kids put them selves through but it must be hell. The fear of their parents and friends finding out can be traumatic. They need support and family to make it through a lot of times. They do not want to be different why would anyone want to go through hell they go through.

I found out when the next meeting was. I made it a point to go to it. I was shocked at how many children kill them selves every year because they can not handle the fact they are gay. Parents of gay children that support the fact have a better outlook. They have the support needed. I have known Scott was gay for a few years. He never really looked when young women came into the Diner. Just let a sexy young guy walk in and he was keeping an eye on him every chance he got.

I was glad when he moved out to the ranch so I could see him more. I was hoping that he would find someone. Then when he brought you out that afternoon I saw something in you. I was thinking you would be a good match for him. Then they saw the double doors open.

When the Doctor came out he asked who the family was. Then he addressed May. I am sorry but I do not have good news. The bullet did a lot of damage to Mr. Bruner's Brain. He will look alright on the outside in time but I am afraid he will be a vegetable the rest of his life. Brad let out a sound that would send chills through your bones.

Brad pleaded to the Doctor to help Scott. Money did not matter he would pay it. The Doctor then told him money could not fix Scott's problem only God could. Brad broke down and cried his life had been destroyed. The man he loved was left in Gods hands.

Brad wanted to know when he could see Scott and the doctor told him it would be a couple of hours. But the next forty eight hours were very critical. May told the Doctor thanks as he walked off then headed to a chair to sit.

Brad just stood there and cried he felt so helpless. Brent came in at that time and walked up and hugged Brad. It was a little while before Brad pulled himself together enough to tell Brent what happened. In a couple of minutes Brent had everyone headed out the door to get something to eat. Brad refused at first but Brent told him he would go on his own or be carried.

They ate lunch almost in silence. Brad barely touched his food and was looking at his watch all the time. They knew he was counting the minutes before he could see Scott. Brad looked at Brent and told him he wanted another neurologist to look at Scott. Brent said he would have to get the family to ask for it. He could not do that. Brad turned to May asking her to call for another doctor to look at him.

May told him she would do it and keep bringing them is as long as she could afford it. Brad looked at her and told her not to worry about the money. Scott had good insurance and he would take care of the bills. They finished eating and headed back to the hospital. Brad checked with the nurse as soon as they got back.

Brad was told it would be twenty minutes before he would be moved to CICU unit. Then it would be thirty more minutes before he could see him. Brad paced the floor for what seemed to be hours while waiting to see Scott. When the nurse told them he was ready for visitors Brad nearly ran to CICU. Only two at a time were allowed in and May and Brad went first.

Brad nearly lost it when he saw all the tubes connected to Scott. He was still on the ventilator and had bandages covering his head. Brad walked over and Took Scott's hand before placing a kiss on his cheek. Tears rolled down Brad's cheeks as he pulled himself together. Brad started telling Scott to fight he needed him.

May bent over and told Scott that he had someone that loved him very much. She also told Scott he was a keeper so he better get well. May watch Brad stare at Scott lying there in the bed not able to respond. She could tell Brad loved him.

She could not understand why her Brother could have done something like this. The one thing she did know was she was going to go see him after she left here and tell him he deserves everything he gets. The longer she was there watching Brads heart break over what happened the madder she got.

When there time was up Brad reluctantly left the room. There was a nurse stationed right outside Scott's room. That made Brad feel better knowing one was not far from Scott.

When they were back in the lobby May told Brad she would be back later. She had something she had to take care of but would be back before visiting hours. Brad did not really want her to leave in case something happened. May then went to the nurse's desk and told her Brad was family. He would make any decisions needed for Scott's health. Brad hugged her and told her thanks.

May left then with only one thing on her mind. To confront her Brother and she was as mad as an ole wet hen. May then planned to confront her sister-in-law.

Brad finally fell asleep waiting on the next visiting hours. Brent let his rest against his shoulder as they waited. Doug's dad showed up to pick him up after a while. He wanted to check out how Scott was doing also.

When the next visiting hours came round Brent woke Brad so he could go in and see Scott. Brad saw that May had returned like she said she would and went in with him. May stepped out after a couple of minutes so some of the others could see him to. Brad sat there telling Scott how much he loved him and missed him. Brent almost cried from watching the love Brad had for Scott.

When visiting time was over they went out for something to eat. Brent had made reservations at a motel near the hospital. They ate well and went to the motel. Brent told Brad to rest while he could and he would be back to pick him up for visiting hours. He had some business to take care of and would be back.

Brad did not rest well while Brent was gone. It kept playing over and over in his mind about Scott getting shot. He woke up in a cold sweat and looked around for Scott. When he realized where he was he rolled over and cried himself back to sleep.

Brent came in and woke Brad in time to go to the hospital for the last visit of the day. He showered and put on some clothes that Brent had thought to buy him. It did not take Brad long to be ready and off they went.

When they got there May was there along with a guy that almost made Brad's heart stop. He looked so much like Scott that Brad would have bet they were twins. Brad was introduced to Wayne as Scott's lover. They shook hands and Brad looked him over. When he looked hard enough he could tell they were not twins. Wayne looked more like Scotts brother than most brothers like alike. But there were enough differences that you could tell them apart. But they could be mistaken for each other.

Visiting hours this time was like the other's no change. Brad had hoped that he would have been better. The Doctor came by and talked with them again. He explained there had just been too much damage. They would keep him on life support till the swelling went down in the brain. Retest then if there was no change they would remove the life support. Scott had a living will from the last time he was in the hospital on file.