Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. If you are offended by descriptions of homosexual acts or man/man relations, please exit this page.

The Inheritance Part 2

I finished up with the dishes and headed to bed.

The next day we got up and ate a quick bite.

Well Brad you ready to get back to framing the cabin.

Yes but I am as sore as I can be my arms are killing me from using the hammer and saw all day.

Me to but I hope I can work the soreness out in a couple of days. We may have to take it a little easier today and not push it so hard.

Well if we can finish the back wall then we should be doing well. Scott how long do you think it will take us to finish it?

I hope we can get it done in a couple of months if we work hard at it. If we had all the power tools we needed we would be done a lot faster but we have to work with what we have.

Three weeks and two days later we had the outer walls up. We planned to start building the trusses the next day. It had been slow going because of the rain we had. I was getting tired of sleeping in the cab of the truck when it rained. I was starting to have wet dreams to from not getting to take care of my needs either. It seemed every three days I was having one. I was used to having sex every day. I was woken up the second week with Scott thrashing around and bumping into me. It seemed he was having a wet dream to I was able to watch him with the light of the moon coming through the windows. It had quit raining but Scott was steaming up the windows. I cracked mine so I could get some fresh air and watch the show. It was exciting watching him he was humping his arm and rubbing his crotch a lot. He would start moaning and rubbing hisself when his hand started pinching his nipple I lost it. I wanted to rip his cloths off and make love to him like it was Chris. His actions reminded me of Chris so much. When he came it was wild he started talking some saying suck it babe. I knew he was thinking about his girl then as he came down from his high the smell of cum permeated the air I was as hard as a rock and played with myself till I cam to. We were starting to get rank to because of not quitting in time to shower and the both of us loosing our loads. I had made up my mind I was going to take a bath the first thing in the morning.

It's been four weeks and I am still thinking that it will never end. We finished putting the roof on the house today. I will be glad when we are finished with it all. The sun has been beating down on us till I think I would melt from the heat Every time I looked over at Scott he was working like it was not affecting him in any way. I will not let him think I can not hold up my end. I had just finished driving the last nail in when I heard Scott.

Are you ready to rest up for the day its four in the afternoon? I think we have gotten a lot done today and I am ready for a little fun.

I hated the way he looked when he smiled at me like he was doing at this time. It made me feel uneasy, like he could see into my thoughts. Sure what do you have in mind?

Well we could go down to the creek and cool off for a few minutes then get the horses out for a ride and check out the area some more. I know the tracks we saw down at the creek were a few days old but I would like to see if the cougars have been back.

Sure that sounds fine Scott just let me feed the chickens and goats while you put the tools up then I will be ready.

I walked out to the old shed to feed the animals, thinking about how good it would feel to cool off in the creek when yeller joined me. Reaching down to scratch behind his ears the way he loved it. We walked out to the shed with yeller leading the way. His tail was wagging like a wind mill ready to pump water. The one thing I knew is this dog was a god send. He would always cheer me up when I felt down. We went into the coop and fed the chickens and looked for eggs like every other day. I was hoping today would be different and there would be some. I missed eggs for breakfast so bad. But as it had been no luck. Brad said when you move hens they stop laying eggs till they feel like they at home again. It's been four weeks and no eggs. I think chicken is going to be on the menu before long if I don't get an egg soon. You would think with a couple of dozen chickens one could lay an egg. Well the goats were glad to be fed. I still have not seen anything any funnier than they could be. The way they but heads and jump on anything to be higher up than the others. I thought I knew everything about farm life but am finding out I was a green horn.

Yeller and I headed to the house to meet Scott. We played fetch along the way and soon were there.

Hey Scott you ready?

Yeah! Just finished putting up the last of the tools!

We headed down to the creek with yeller running ahead of us sniffing the trail for what ever crossed the path before us. Rabbits, lizards or birds yeller didn't care he just love the thought of getting to chase something. A few feet before we got to the creek off he went in pursuit of something that ran in front of us. I never saw what it was but he could care less it was running.

We reached the place in the creek where we had bathed the past few days. It was about waste deep and just cool enough to relax you some. This was to be the first time Scott and I were here together at the same time.

Scott sat on a log and started taking his cloths off as I looked around at the water. I was hoping he would get in first then I could wait till he had his back turned to get in.

Hey Brad you swimming or not.

Yeah Scott just checking the water out to see if any snakes were in it.

Hey they will run when we jump in. I never saw one get close before.

Scott had his shirt and shoes off and was beginning to remove his paints when I turned to walk up the bank. I froze when I saw him. He was built a lot better than I thought.

The four weeks we had been out here I had never seen him without his undershirt on at least. I had never imagined with his chest covered with a fine coating of dark curly hair. His body sculpted by working hard all his life. I was stunned and froze starring at him.

Brad what you staring at never seen a man naked before.

Yes I have seen naked men before in the locker room and at the gym it's just your hairy and I would never have thought that you were.

What's wrong with being hairy all the men in my family are.

Oh nothing it's just a shock to me I guess. I would never have taken you for a man with a hairy chest. It's just that it looks masculine more so than I would have thought. You just don't look the hairy type

And what is the hairy type?

Feeling trapped I just shrugged my shoulders and said: I don't know? I turned away from him because I was turning red and this funny feeling was creeping over me. I was pissed but also turned on some. The mixed emotions were confusing me. I thought maybe it was that I missed Chris after four weeks without sex. Or could it be just seeing a man naked? It could not be Brad because we did not get along well with each other. He was not the man I loved or wanted at night.

I quickly got undressed turning my head around to see if Scott was looking he was about fifteen feet away. Not looking at me I thought now would be a good time to get in the water. I started walking into the edge of the water when Scott asks if I was ready to dam up the creek some so we could have a deeper bathing hole. I look up to see he was staring at my body. This made me uncomfortable and I quickly tried to get in the water to my waist. I stumbled over a slime covered rock and plunged under the water coming up about a foot in front of Scott. Sputtering and wiping my eyes so I could see I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Are you ok Brad? Scott started patting me on my back trying to help me clear my lungs from the water I swallowed. I reached out for something to hold me steady and all I found was Scott's hair covered leg. I wanted to let go but knew if I did it would mean going under the water again

When through coughing and wiping my eyes I looked up to see Scott was just a few inches from me. I had my hand on his chest. The feeling as my hand slid down a few inches was awesome. I had never felt anything like it before; I had never been with a guy that had body hair. I felt my cock start to stir with the blood rushing to it. I stepped back from Scott a couple of steps and said I was ok. Just tripped over a rock back there is all.

That's why I would like to dam this place up a little it will get a lot of rocks off the bottom and when the hot part of summer gets here we can still have water enough to clean up some.

We had been cooling off for a while when Scott walked up to me with his hand out and asked If I felt like pilling up a few rocks.

Again I stared at Scott's chest as I took his hand. I jerked my hand back a little when we touched but felt his hand grip tighter. Amazed at how the water trickled down the hair on his chest, I fought the urge to run my hand down the curly mass of hair. He seemed so masculine and viral looking. The Marlboro Man came to mind as I looked at him. The ruggedness of his face with the two days growth of beard and the hairy chest sent a shiver down my spine as we clasp hands. I felt the tingle of excitement again as the blood raced to my organ. I could not stop it as my cock began to rise It was growing faster than I was coming up out of the water. I knew I had to turn as he helped me up, if I did not then he would see my stiff cock and that was the last thing I wanted to happen. I managed to turn away as I came up glad that Scott did not see my reaction to him. I was not ready to explain to him I was gay. If he had known I am sure he would have been happy for me to have drowned.

It was bad enough that I missed Chris but to have to be with straight man out in the middle of no where was killing me. I missed the sex and the feel of a man against me. I had not had any relief in four weeks and it was taking its toll on me. It seemed like every time I turned around I was springing a boner, it was like I was fifteen again I had no control. I thought as soon as I can get away from Scott I was going to have to take care of my problem.

After helping me up Brad turned towards where he was wanting to dam up the creek. He stopped a few feet from it and was searching for some rocks.

The first rock I was planning to dig up was the one that tripped me. I would hold my breath and go underwater to dislodge it. It took about four times to get it moving but I finally was able to pick it up. I walked towards Scott taking the big rock with me. As I headed that way I caught myself looking at Scott. His broad back as his muscles played back and forth as he was moving rock around. I asked Scott where he wanted me to put the rock I had. He pointed to an area that had a large bolder on the edge of the bank. I was glad he never looked downward he surly would have noticed my swollen member.

I turned to see Scott picking up a large rock getting my first good look at him in all his glory. I know I stopped for a second as I took him in and shock had to be registered on my face. His body was strained from lifting the heavy rock. He had cuts in his muscles that were standing out under the strain of the heavy rock that I have never seen even at the gym. My eyes shifted down to see his manhood in all its glory. It was semi erect and looked to be about six and a half already. This made me feel a hot flash wash through me and I knew that my own cock would soon be expressing its own wishes. To cover for starring and take my mind off of it I ask Scott if he could use some help hoping he would say no. Dam he said yes! I walked towards him praying and hoping he would not notice the hard dick poking out between my legs. We finally readjusted the rocks weight and moved over to put it in place. Standing up I looked at Scott who busted out laughing. He looked at me and said so I am not the only one who gets turned on by a good workout. I laughed with him for a few seconds and said we better get busy and move some rocks. I was so glad he said that if he only knew it was him that had made me hard this might have ended before the year was up.

We worked about another hour without any problems and then lay in the grass on the bank to dry off. This took about an hour dry and I was thinking about what Chris was doing. Wishing he could be here with me, I missed him so much. I want to hold him and make love to him. I missed his scent and in thinking I could not remember his smell as strong, it was fading some in my mind. This unnerved me I missed him and was in need of a fix; I had his shirt he wore the day I left in my bag.

I ask Scott if he was ready to get on the trail.

Yeah I will saddle them up so we can take off.

I went to relieve myself then we got dressed with our backs facing each other. We climbed on the horses and rode down the bank. There was nothing exciting about the ride today. By letting Scott ride in front I did not have to pay attention to what was going on. My thoughts started drifting to seeing Scott in the nude. We headed back to the house we had been working on. Scott unsaddled the horses while I went to start supper.

When we finished eating we turned in for the night. This was the first night I could not see the stars as I lay down. I tossed and turned replaying the things that happened through the day. Am I missing Chris so much that I am starting to look at Scott different? He does things that rub me the wrong way. Does he know I am gay and that be the reason he can be so hard on me at times? What about me getting excited when I saw him naked? I have never wanted to be with a guy like him. The hair on his chest is a turn off. I just need to forget about it all and get some rest tonight; I can slip off and take care of my needs tomorrow sometime. That has to be it; I am missing Chris and the great sex we always had. Never have I been without sex so long after discovering it.

Scott's Thoughts

Why did I have to agree to take this job it is getting to me? I have not felt like this in a long time. I quit collage because of the attraction to a fellow classmate knowing it to be wrong. I was a good catholic boy who knew it was wrong to feel this way. I talked to my priest a couple of times and was told this would lead me to the road of destruction. I had to move as far away from the temptations as I could.

I was reading a magazine one day and found a job posting for cattle hands and here I am. I don't see anyone for weeks at a time just me and the cattle. My place is only a few miles from here with the closest neighbor being five miles from me. I have lived out here for seven years and never had any thoughts about men again. Even in the summer when the guys from the farm brought hey to the barns. I worked side by side helping unload hey and stack it in the barns. We would take off to the pond to swim afterwards to get the grass off of us to stop the itching. Having seen them naked and never felt anything.

Then this younger man shows up and everything I fought in my past starts rising again. He was preppie and nice looking but not used to being given any type of orders. We started out on the wrong foot and that was my fault. Then I was joking with him and pissed him off more. I know it's because he misses his girlfriend. You can tell by the way he will start daydreaming he gets this glassed over look that he is thinking about her. When he gets this way I try to look at his package and sure enough it starts to bulge. I can understand that it gets real lonely and you wish you had someone to be with. I have never been with anyone and have always wanted someone to give my hart to. It just happens to be a man that I dream of being with. So as my punishment I took this job where I live away from the temptations. So it seems now they are coming after me.

I can not let on that I feel this way towards Brad. This is the only job I ever had and it has kept me same from myself. If he were to find out I would be back to looking for a job and I don't think I would ever find one as safe as this one. Its one year that's all just one year I know I can do it. Its not easy being around him as I thought it would. Like today when we were working on putting the roof on the house I looked over and the sweat was rolling down his face. I wanted to go over and wipe the sweat from his face. He has not learned to pace himself well yet. He throws everything he has into it and causes himself more work. I could tell he was about to burn up so I ask him if he would like to quit for the day and have a little fun.

I watched from the roof as he climbed down and he and yeller went to feed the goats and chickens. He picked up sticks and threw them for yeller to bring back as I watched he would bend over again picking up the sticks. This was making it hard on me watching this because he had such a nice ass and legs. After he was out of site I started rubbing the front of my jeans. Feeling my cock getting harder I pulled it out thinking I would have enough time to finish it off. I saw the first drop of precum forming at the tip. Taking my finger I wiped it off and stuck it in my mouth sucking my entire finger. I was thinking about how Brad would be shoving his cock in my throat begging me to take it all. Faster and faster I rammed my finger in and out of my mouth as I stroked my cock. I took my finger out of my mouth and reached for my balls. I rolled them gently at first through my fingers then started pulling on them to keep them away from my body. I wanted this to last as my balls were screaming for release. They were aching and trying to pull back up close to my body. I ran my middle finger over my anus with each and every pull of my balls. I lost track of time wanting this to last as long as I could. The pressure started reaching the boiling point I was getting close. I looked down at my boots and dug my heels in the shingles so I would not slide off the roof. I was only a few strokes away from spewing what had to be the biggest load in a long time. I was so tense with my toes curled that I had not seen yeller come back around the front of the house till he barked at me. I thought shit he will see me like this and how will I explain it. I was trying to stuff my cock back in my paints when I started sliding. If it had not been for the ladder I would have fallen off the roof. I quickly got my self together and grabbed the tools close by. I had just gotten my hammer when Brad came around the corner. I climbed down the ladder to put the tools up and staying far enough from Brad that he could not see the outline of my cock.

I came out of the house still having not gone down. Brad I will saddle the horses and be back in a few. Just play with yeller till I am done.

Twenty minutes later we were headed to the creek. Yeller was running in front of us looking for whatever he could get to run. He finally found something and he was off giving chase. We rode the last few yards to the creek and dismounted tying the horses where they could eat and drink. The valley we were in had a small spring that flowed most of the year except in the very hottest time of the year for a couple of weeks. The creek bed would not dry up completely but almost would. I had checked it out a lot of times because of the livestock. I had thought about damming it up a few times but did not want to get hurt out here without someone else being here. A man could get hurt and it would be a long time before someone would come looking for you.

I sat on a log and started taking my cloths off wanting to get into the refreshing water and let my cock go down completely. I was the first undressed and in the water. It felt great the water was just cold enough that it felt good after a hot day. I had been in the water a couple of minutes and turned to see that Brad was still not in.

Hey Brad you swimming or not.

Yeah Scott just checking that water out to see if any snakes were in it.

I had just gotten my shirt and shoes off when Brad turned and starred.

What's the matter you never seen a man naked. Or was it that he could see the outline of my cock that had not gone down completely. He had a look of disgust on his face. This helped my cock to go down somewhat thinking this guy thinks I am dud.

He finally made a comment about me being hairy and this pissed me even more. The tone he said it in made me kind of snap back at him in defense. All the men in my family were hairy and so am I. Being hairy is the way I thought all men should be. I wanted to be hairy like my dad when I was little. I only saw my dad naked once and that was when we went fishing and the boat tipped over. We were cold and dad managed to get a fire going to dry our clothes. We dried the outer clothes then swapped them for the outer while they dried. I was amazed at how much hair dad had on his chest and told him so. Then dad said it takes a real man to grow hair. I thought dad was a real man he had hair on his butt and around his dick and all over his legs. I had not been around a lot of naked guys but in school I saw some and most had some hair but not as much as me. Then in collage I saw all kinds of guys some that even shaved their hair off.

I turned away as Brad undressed but planned to see him naked soon. Now he had me curious as to what he looked like naked. I turned when I thought he had enough time to be naked. He was at the edge of the water when I ask him if he was ready to dam the creek. He froze for a second and I got to see his body. He was hot! You could see some definition in his body and then I glance a little further down. Oh my god what a cock he looked as big soft as I do with a Simi hard.

He saw that I was looking and tried to enter the water quicker. I turned because of feeling like a pervert for looking. Then there was a splash and looking around Brad popped up about a foot in front of me. Sputtering and wiping his eyes. I reached out to him to help him stand up. Patting him on the back to help get the water he swallowed out of his lungs

Are you ok Brad?

We were just a few inches apart and he had his hand on my chest letting it slide downwards a little. This had an immediate reaction on me as my cock sprang to life in less time than ever before. I started to lean in for a kiss when he started backing up.

He said he was ok and just tripped over some rocks.

I told him that was the other reason for damming the creek it would remove some of the rocks.

God I wanted him. Just to grab him and plant a kiss on his red lips invading his mouth with my tongue but he is straight and would try to kick my ass for kissing him. I had to turn and go set in the water to soak some of the thoughts from my mind. The more I soaked the calmer I was and the thoughts of damming the water up sounded good.

I stood up and started towards Brad about three feet from him I ask him if he was ready to pile up a few rocks. I offered him my hand as he was still in the water setting down. For some reason he was daydreaming again. He looked at me with this dreamy look in his eyes. I thought it would be nice for him to be thinking about me when he was daydreaming like that. He reached up to take my hand and I felt that shock again like the first time we met. He flinched pulling back a little, I was thinking you may not want a gay man helping you up but by god I am helping you this time. I grabbed hold a little tighter and pulled him up. He twisted as I pulled him up, it may have been the slime on a rock but I think he was just avoiding me. I glanced to see if I could get a better look at his cock but was unable to. The plus side was his ass I thought I was going to cum when I saw it. I got hard quick wanting to feel the round cheeks of his ass. They were what I had masturbated to so many times, I knew this ass it was the ass I had always wanted in my dreams. Like the dreams you have so often and the guy is perfect but you can never see his face. You feel him kiss you and make love to you and end up having mind blowing sex. Then when you look at him you can never see his face. So you never know what he looks like but always want the dream to keep going. It's the one you always have before you wake up and try to go back to sleep so you can do it all over again. Well I was looking at his ass right now. I turned to get away from Brad as fast as I could without looking conspicuous. I had to stay away from him and make him stay away from me.

I started looking for rocks on the bottom of the creek that were big enough to use on the dam. I started loosening some and noticed my cock was still hard so I kept my ass in the water. About that time I herd Brad walking in the water I turned to look. He was coming across with a bigger rock than he should have lifted by his self but what caught my eye was his cock. It was semi erect with the vein on top but not the bulging kind; it was the perfect looking semi. I turned quickly busying myself finding a nice size rock.

Scott where do you want this?

Over buy the big bolder will be fine.

Scott was working his way over to the bolder and I could look at his ass while he was in the shallow water. He had a nice bubble but that looked smooth and firm. He had a few places where the mud from the creek had been smeared on it and for some reason this made it look even better. I wanted this ass to be mine so I could hold it my hands feeling the firm melon shaped globes. When he bent over I saw the pink opening that I wanted to be mine to make love to. My cock was springing back to life again so I stopped looking and busied myself with the rock I found.

He was coming back again as I picked up the rock I found. It was way to big to handle by my self and walk over to the bolder with the slime covered bottom. I was just going to let it drop when Brad asked if I needed some help.

I told him yes and he started walking over. He grabbed the rock helping me over to place it with the others. As we positioned it we were bumping into each other and the body contact was driving me crazy we stood up. I looked at Brad and we booth had hard cocks. I could not help myself; I busted out laughing saying so I'm not the only one that gets turned on by a good workout.

Brad looked and also started laughing and shaking his head two. I felt relief the he fell for that line before I had to defend myself for being turned on.

For the next hour we work getting as many rocks piled up as we could. We had a good couple of layers going when we stopped to clean up. We had been naked long enough around each other that things had calmed down. Mostly because of the hard work we were doing it helped to take our minds off of it. Still I would start to rise a little if I stopped to look at Brad to long.

We went to the bank and lay out on the fresh grass for an hour or so to dry off. It was difficult for me not to think about Brad while I was doing this. He asks if I was ready to leave and I told him I would saddle up the horses so we could be off.

I stood up and got a glimpse of Brad before turning my back to him to get dressed. I could hear him relieving himself so I looked in his direction again. I could not believe I was taking every chance to see him that I could. What if he caught me looking? I wanted this man to explore his body in every way. I shook my head and started getting dressed. When I was done I headed to saddle the horses so we could be on our way.

We rode back talking vary little along the way. Most of the time I was going over in my head what happened in my head. I replayed every scene and how I should have handled it differently. What I could have done to get what I wanted. I had done this so many times that I never noticed when we got back to camp till the horse stopped at the corral. Brad told me he would start supper if I would unsaddle the horses. I told him ok that they needed a good rub down anyway.

Brad started up to the shed by the house we were building the cabin to fix something to eat while I quickly got the horses settled in for the night. My thoughts had been drifting while doing this to seeing Brad naked again. I felt myself starting to rise again so I finished up with the horses and stepped to the side of the shed away from where the house was. I dropped my paints to my ankles and freed my aching cock. My balls were tender from aching for relief all day. The pain you get from wanting to cum but being interrupted after a long session. Well I was fisting my cock like a mad man as my balls swung back and forth hitting my knuckles and my leg. I love the little bit of pain I got from them being slapped around. They were full and needed to empty their contents. I wanted this bad as I squeezed my ass cheeks together to get that extra little pleasure. It was on its way to because my balls were drawing up some but still bouncing around some. I squeezed my ass again and pounded myself faster. The pressure kept building as my legs began to shake. I rubbed my precum soaked thumb over the head of my cock on every up stroke. I started pinching my left nipple with my free hand and it was sending me over the edge. I could feel cum working its way up. It was so hot I felt a little burning sensation as it started to enter my cock. I was cumming and god it was a mother load as I let go of my nipple I braced myself against the shed to keep from falling. My legs were so unsteady I thought they would give out. I felt the hot cum traveling all the way through my cock and busting out being free one, two, and three I quit counting and just let myself go. It was so intense that it hurt; I dropped to my knees because my legs would not hold me up any longer. I felt so weak I just set there to pull myself back together. I looked up and saw cum running down the side of the shed six shots I had fired and all looked to be the same size. There was some on my knuckles and I brought it up to lick clean, the salty sweet taste of my own spunk. Wishing it could have been Brads instead. I think this was the best orgasm I had ever had as I pull myself up from the setting position my legs were still shaky. I walked around a little before heading back for supper trying to pull myself back together before seeing Brad.